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Sunflowers - Daryl Dixon

Anon:Can you write an image where the reader gets jealous because Daryl is talking to another woman and helping her with her aim or something? Thank you

Life’s different now in Alexandria especially with new people all the time. It’s hard trying to adjust when its no longer just you and Daryl.

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You’re grateful, so damn grateful to be in a safe place with other survivors. Being around other people besides your adopted family was such a rare thing that it almost felt like a dream. You couldn’t remember the last time you had an actual shower with running water and not to mention a hot shower. You couldn’t remember the last time you laid in such a comfortable bed and when you closed your eyes you didn’t have to keep your ears open for the moans of the dead. You were safe and happy that you were safe with the person you cared most about, Daryl.

You became his muse and the one who always listened to what he had to say, whether he was angry or not. But eventually a new set of survivors also made Alexandria their home and one female got a little too friendly with your archer. Her name was Jessica and she was a babe.. Her skin was flawless like porcelain and her emerald eyes were as green as the lushest forest. Her smile could blind someone from a mile away and she had the body of an hour glass. To your disgust she immediately took a liking to Daryl and that made your gears grind in the worst of ways. The way she looked at him with lust in her eyes and her tongue as sharp as a spear when she spoke to him; not to mention the way he looked back and smiled. Jessica did not look at Daryl the way you did, you looked at him with caring eyes. Eyes that held your love for him and respect.

“Humph..” you groaned as you patrolled the fences of Alexandria. “Humph..” you groaned angrier and angrier, pacing back and forth it seemed that you were starting a rut in the wood with all the pacing. The sound of gunfire rang through the streets and drew your attention behind you, grabbing out your binoculars you searched for the source. Scoping around you found the source and it made you nauseated. Daryl and Jessica had been practicing shooting; okay that pissed you off. Leaning in closer as if it were to help your sight, Daryl slipped his arms around Jessica’s torso. His arms slinked under hers and over her breasts, his hand over her’s as he held her gun steady. That pushed you over the edge, taking your binoculars, you chucked them over the wall with anger. Balling up your fists you bit into one with your teeth and let out a muffled yell, yelling fuuuuuck in a hushed tone.

“Damn sister, who woulda knew you had an arm.” a sarcastic voice called from bellow you, peering over the edge you saw your ginger friend Abraham. He had been scouting the fences for any breaks or flaws and came upon you and your fit. “Go away Abraham.” you snapped in a harsh tone, the ginger replied with a hearty chuckle. “Someone’s wearing her pissy panties today.” rolling your eyes you ignored his comment. “Say I’ll take the rest of your shift, go calm your self down.” with a simple nod you agreed and climbed down. Abraham patted your back, giving you a thumbs up. You stormed off towards where Daryl and Jessica were practicing shooting, finding a place to hide behind a shed and eavesdrop. “Oh my gosh, you’ve got such good aim.” Jessica laughed obnoxiously. “Thanks. Lotsa practice.” Daryl replied, letting go of her arms. “See ya.” the archer grabbed his bag and left to go back home. As he was coming towards your way you got spooked and tried to play it off as coolly as you could when he bumped into you. “Y/N, what you doin?” he asked with a slight grin. “Nothing. How’s target practice with your girlfriend?” oops…did you just say that?Taken back from your harsh comment Daryl’s face was nothing but confused. “What-who? Jessica…wha?–” you cut him off with an even more harsh comment. “Don’t worry you can have sassy ass over there. Who can’t shoot for shit and will become walker lunch!” you yelled loud enough for her to hear, which she looked over in confusion. Daryl reached out to touch you, which you replied with a big middle finger in his face and stormed away. Jessica walked over and placed a hand on Daryl’s bicep “What’s her problem?” she looked up to Daryl and expected him to walk back with her, but to her surprise he just yanked his arm away and followed you. Jessica standing there in the street after Daryl left her there steamed with anger as she wasn’t the one he wanted.

Daryl found you on the back porch of your home and sitting on a swing. There you had your knees pushed up to your chest and wrapped each arm around them. You were mad, no you were pissed…no you were fucking furious. Your body shook as a mixture of anger and sadness coursed through your veins. The sound of footsteps got your attention but you were too upset to even care who’s they were. Looking down at your boots, you sat there in your own mess of emotions and didn’t realize that someone was holding out a bundle of sunflowers to you. Snapping your neck to the left, your eyes followed the hand up to who’s it was. It was Daryl, “Picked these for you.” with a slight smile, you accepted the gift and held them closely to you. “Jessica, she ain’t nothin’. I dunno why you worryin’ for.” he took a seat next to you and placed his hand on your shoulder. “Y/N. I ain’t good with these things.” your heart began to pump harder. “Me either. Sorry I–I was jealous.” you finally spat out what you felt. “I was jealous cause she’s so pretty and the way she looked at just drove me crazy.” Daryl took your arms and turned you towards him. Looking you deep in your Y/E/C with his blue orbs, “You’re the only one that I ever think about. Night and day, if anything happened to you..I dunno what I’d do..” he stared at you harder “When you said those hurt me an’ I don’t want you to think like that.” he leaned in closer to your face and brushed his lips gently across yours. Finally you had your first kiss with Daryl Dixon, your archer. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, you pulled back and smiled. “You’re perfect Mr. Dixon.” he smiled and hugged you tightly. “But Jessica’s going to be walker food someday..” you chuckled.