cause she is

I love how good of a relationship I have with my english teacher. Like she saw me laughing in the hallway after I made a joke and was like “You’re always so happy Jasper.” And I like scoffed and laughed more before saying “What? No, I just use humor as a means to cope with my crippling depression.” And she didn’t say anything for a few seconds before smiling and saying; “Me too!” And high fiving me. I love her so much

Nail Clipping

Okay so I’ve been working with Sirius and her nails ever since I realized it was going to be a problem. About a week after I got her I decided to start trying to get her used to nail clippers. The plan was to start with just showing them to her and giving her treats when she sniffed it or let me touch her paws with the clippers, no actual nail trims until she was comfortable with the clippers. The problem was though, as soon as I even pulled the nail clippers out she ran from them and refused to come near them, she wouldn’t even sniff them and I have no idea why. So I’ve been working with her every day, trying to get her used to them. She lets me play with her paws/wiggle her toes if I don’t have them out but as soon as she sees the clippers she freaks out and runs away. So far I’ve only been able to cut her nails if shes in a deep enough sleep, but that gets pretty hard, especially because a lot of the time when she sleeps I can’t get to all of her paws because of how she’s laying. Does anyone have any advice for getting her used to nail clippers? I feel like I haven’t been making any progress with her and I really want be able to use the dremel my aunt gave me, but I know there’s no hope for that if she won’t even do regular clippers. Is there something else I can try to get her used the them? So far I’ve been giving her treats and lots of praise every time she sniffs the clippers or gets close to them to try and build some positive association. I don’t want to hold her down and cut her nails, which a lot of my family have been telling me to do to just get it over with, because I feel like that will make it worse and make trimming her nails even harder. Sorry for such a long post, any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Snow storm. Cecile Cambridge was the murderer of a vampire, werewolf, and witch. Stomaching the flood of information she got from Maggie, Joslyn was now at the bar. Drinking, of course, to swallow her nerves and hide them beneath her exterior as she so often did. It wasn’t a tequila fun night, so she ordered a whiskey. Neat. Slamming it back, the burn was welcomed. A second passed and Joslyn turned to the person next to her. “Okay, so what the hell is a hybrid?” If she’d been at the ball, maybe she would’ve noticed something. Instead, Joslyn had been home, noticing the freak snow storm but not caring for it. “What does that mean for us?”

  • You: Oh hey
  • Me: Bodhi Rook died alone and terrified having only just managed to get word out to the rebels he died alone all alone just sitting there after his sigh of relief a fucking space grenade was thrown in front of him and he takes a moment to process what it is and what that means and then he's just gone no one hugged him while he faded no one grabbed his hand as they saw the grenade hit the floor no one locked eyes with him and shared that farewell glance or it's all right nod no one jumped up to shield him in vain he just died. alone.

Ok guys i know we’re all excited about the new pjo official art but please PLEASE don’t harass viria. That means excessive tagging or asks. She hasn’t been in the fandom for many years for her own reasons so please respect that.

She got paid to do this art work, the fact that she did doesn’t mean you should request her to start drawing for us again and expecting her to do so.

I like to think Dipper grew up to be a gangly gigantor, haha!

(Mabel is still 1 cm taller ;D)