cause she fast


Felt like spying on them to see what they’re up to which is work and not thinking about boys.


happy girls!!

The 2ps As Rap Songs

2p! America: I’m the Greatest (FUTURISTIC)

“Double XL, man, I want the cover, there’s no way that I’m not in the conversation.
I don’t have no patience unless it’s patients from playing operation
I’m castrating anybody that’s hating.”

2p! China: Young, Wild and Free (Snoop Dogg& Wiz khalifa ft. Bruno Marz)

“Roll joints bigger than King Kong’s fingers
And smoke them hoes down ’til they stingers
You a class clown and if I skip for the day
I’m with your bitch smokin’ grade A.”

2p! England Nice Clean Rap (Family Guy)

“I respect women when I’m on a date

I’ll take ‘em to the park or maybe the museum

And I only try to kiss 'em if they’re ready

Whoo hoo what what what a what a say what what”

2p! France; Hot Fuck No Love (Clipping ft. Maxi Wild & Cakes Da Killa)

“And so what is love?
It’s just frame of mind
And boxed in by sex
It’s toxic.”

2p Russia: Monster (Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj)

“I still hear fiends scream in my dreams
murder murder in black convertibles
I kill a block I murder the avenues
rape and pillage a village, women and children
everybody wanna know what my Achilles’ heel is
Love I don’t get enough of it.”

2p! Canada: Papaouta (Stromae Angel Haze remix)

“And realized you weren’t in this race

And I ran for the finish line, hand falling to the ground

Sorrow building in my mind, tears nearly had me drowned

How I grew without you is a task never mastered

Tell me what’s a father. What’s a father to a bastard?

How’d you feel when you let me go?”

2p! Italy Tonight (Clipping ft. Gangsta Boo)

“Flashing lights, molly dreams, face down low
DJ screaming “last call”, that liquor dark, that dick gone hard
With visions of her legs up in the air over your face under her ass
And breaking lamps from beating pussy purple cause she like it fast.”

2p! Romano Too Easy (FUTURISTIC) 

“Like a troll flow cold, north pole with it, my clothes so vintage
I make hits like a tennis match
Fucking bitches, only time I ever finish last
In my shows, everybody put they hands up
Like a smart kid in chemistry class, goddamn, it’s too easy.”

2p! Germany: Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)

“Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me, if I fall, they got me
Learn from that failure, gain humility, and then we keep marching,”

2p! Japan: Dream (Clipping)

“Here the sun refracts so much the prisons look like prisms

Rainbow chains ain’t shit but long division

A vision of a suited black man peddling dream logic overlooks a park bench
Kids kaleidoscope into an arc and two by two are Lorax’d off the block”

2p! Prussia: m.A.A.d city (Kendrick Lamar)

“Brace yourself, I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane
This is not a rap on how I’m slinging crack or move cocaine
This is cul-de-sac and plenty Cognac and major pain
Not the drill sergeant, but the stress that weighing on your brain”

2p! Austria: Sweat Pants (Childish Gambino)

“I’m winnin’, yeah, yeah, I’m winnin’ (What?)
I’m winnin’, yeah, yeah, I’m winnin’ (What?)
I’m winnin’, yeah, yeah, I’m winnin’ (What?)
Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain”

laminated-everything replied to your post: 
I never had a tuxedo cat before this one, so i was like meh, but now that i have one i love them so much! My cat is still very young and very fast so even with the white paws it’s still hard to keep track of her~ We called her sonic cause she’s very fast, wheellegged and also not very good at turning



I went and got some ice cream and the girl who was selling them was like “Love your hair! What can I get you???” And my gay ass was like COOKIE DOUGH like I legit said that so fast cause she?? was?? so?? beautiful?? and?? I?? Was?? just?! so?? SHOOK. and I thanked her and said she had nice hair and she winked?? Bitch my GAY ASS is freaking the fuck out and I needs me some ice cream and you’re there winking at me? Anyway story time over- I hope I see her next time I go to the mall.

Okay Dungeon and Dragons classes. They decided to just put themselves in the game as monsters. Alphys and Pap rewrote stats for the game in order to allow this. Sans and Undyne let them do all the work and just get all the snacks. They play the game in Grillby’s basement once a week. They are currently in epic levels.

Papyrus: Homebrew custom Ranger (Spaghetti warrior). Spends hours pouring over recovered edition books so he can be the BEST WARRIOR. Is the party tank and trap detector. Put feats into cooking and that’s how the party makes money by making Pap’s character be a frycook in towns. STR stat is so high he can pull a cart with all the parties crap in it himself.

Sans: Bard. Plays a tuba (cause it’s funny) Put all his points into sleep spells. Somehow has enough feats in order to tuba high level monsters to sleep. Keeps the tuba in a bag of holding. Has almost broke the game a few times because of constant bag of holding abuse. Has almost broke the game a few times exploiting spell effects. Is banned from creating new spells.

Undyne: Paladin. Party leader. Somehow convinced the DM to let her have a killer whale as her divine mount. Spent all her gold getting spells for it so it can fight and float through the air. Then spent all her gold getting armor for it. Constantly hits up Pap’s character for money. Sometimes gets too worked up in game and ends up breaking the table.

Alphys: Druid. Is the party buff/debuffer. Spent all her feats/points on healing things to the point enemies cannot kill her cause of how fast she heals. Spends downtime making an ungodly amount potions which she sells. Is currently the richest player and bought an airship that the party uses. Somehow managed to get a magical girl costume for their character. Like Sans she keeps trying to break the game using physics and magic.

Burgerpants: Dungeon Master. Is constantly fed up with everyone’s shit. Constantly tries to kill the PCs but fails every week. One day he’ll get them. ONE DAY.X

my cat tina has this habbit of making me watch her eat food and i have to be scratching her butt and also i have to be paying attention to her and also i have to be giving her good butt scratches, none of that repeat scratch bs because if i dont do all of these, she lifts her head up and glares at me until i resume

she also snorts when she eats cause she eats so fast