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You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is

im 100% certain y'all don’t give as much of a fuck abt the very real predatory relationships occurring to REAL people but that’s none of my business.

I drew Merlin again because something in me just nEEDed to, and now I shall post it cause i want to collaborate in the fan art world. This was HEAVILY inspired by one of @whimsycatcher’s digital art. She’s amazing like wow x100, so yes if u wanna follow a smooth Merlin fan art account, follow her. Obv mine isn’t as great but still I hope you like it!!

His crush remains a mystery, but the clues begin to make themselves apparent

[other kana stuff]

A Long List of Ninjago Headcanons For the Heart and Soul

- Can’t stop dabbing
- Always warm or hot
- Hair is naturally spiked
- Swears all the time
- Terrified of Christmas elves and gingerbread men (kinda cannon)
- Hates getting in water because it messes up his hair (why he can’t swim)
- Like he always held Nya as a little kid and played with her 25/8
- Smells like a mix of cinnamon and a fireplace
- When he gets angry steam comes up from his head
- Sucks at giving advice
- Kids hate him
- Best subject is history
- He’s obsessed with Hamilton and recites every line at some point or another
- Is actually sweet af
- Doesn’t know when to stop. Ever.

- Picks up pennies on the streets during every mission
- Actually owns a fidget spinner
- Gets yelled at every time he pulls it out
- Smells like paint
- His room is always a f***king mess
- The shortest of everyone (except Nya)
- It makes him so angry
- Has the loudest, most obnoxious laugh
- And once he starts, he can’t stop.
- Lives for cuddles
- Has to cuddle someone or something to go to sleep
- Is literally allergic to everything
- Like in elementary school he was the kid that ruined special treats for everyone because he had so many allergies (poor bean)
- Is the one that gets sick all the time
- Best subject is math (especially algebra)
- Loooves kids and wants a few when he gets older

- Has a name for every cooking utensil in the kitchen and treats them like people
- Tries to treat them all equally
- Is literally a pianist
- Can basically play any piece without looking
- Smells like metal (wonder why) and laundry detergent
- Wins laser tag every time the ninja go play it
- Always uses ‘Delicate Flower’ for his name
- ‘Cause he loves dem flowers
- Heck, the bean loves everything
- Will sometimes randomly beep
- Things get a little turnt on the bounty
- Always comforts everyone when they need it
- Best subject is everything
- Is often nicknamed Tin man, Robocop, and Iron Man

- Is actually the best dancer on the face of the planet
- Does soft shoe around the bounty
- Also great at singing but is too self conscious to do it for anyone
- Knows and can recite parts of every broadway musical
- As a kid his father put him on a major diet for dancing and never let him have sweets (thus why he is so obsessed with cake and food period)
- Loves the taste of cough drops
- Smells like leather and french vanilla
- Everyone loved him in school
- Best subject is english (aye)
- Can’t stand fidget spinners (aye) and tries to get rid of Jay’s every time he sees it
- Everyone’s jealous of that perfect body of his
- Wants a partner that will truly understand and respect him
- The go-to for advice
- Has swearing contests with Kai

- Never really ate too much as a kid
- Loves soft things, so he owns a lot of soft clothing
- Has trouble catching up in learning
- Understands other people well and therefore knows how to treat them
- Hates savory foods
- Has headaches ALL THE TIME :,(
- Smells like cotton candy
- Shy at first but warms up really quick
- Feet are always cold
- So he wears socks. All. The. Time.
- Has a lot of 'friends’ that are girls but is too naive to realize they are all just crushing on him
- Loves taking him some naps
- When he’s not napping he’s probably training

- Usually tries to stay away from the guys because they’re so obnoxious
- Can’t stand swearing
- So she shuns Kai all the time
- Is literally done with everyone’s crap 25/8 (girl same)
- Very friendly and open to everyone but has trouble truly opening up to people
- Is hesitant on cuddling but will if necessary
- Obsessed with lipstick
- Like owns every shade imaginable
- Best subject is foreign language
- Is easily triggered by rude people
- Like she will separate herself from everyone when she’s upset
- Never really cries because she thinks it makes her look weak
- But when she does she will cuddle with Jay (aww)

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There is a thing about fandom mentality that baffles me.
Yes, fandoms change over time and the first big boom slows down. And for haikyuu the first boom definitely has cooled down.
And as I totally get how you can be sad over passed times and be nostalgic about how things were I feel it’s unfair to sit around and mope and complain that the fandom is dead.
I know some of the first big artists and writers have moved on and as said I understand if you miss the exciting times of a new fandom. But if you only look back and look sadly behind you and at the empty spot the artists who have left the fandom have left there you will never see what is happening all around you.
There are still new people coming and creating. There are still new fics and stories and new fanart with a new style.
Some people who have been around for 1 or even 2 years are still around and providing and keeping their stories going and alive.
There are still totally new and very fresh people entering the fandom who haven’t heard or seen any of the stories yet and are excited to get to know all.
But if you only look back and hold on to the old things you won’t be able to see all the new things. You won’t be able to enjoy all the things. And this is sad. And this is what discourage other artists and writers…and in the end I feel this is what makes a fandom dead.

Some of the early haikyuu art and fics are great and they have been important and I value them and I would never talk them down.
But it’s sad to see that they are still held up to such a praise that new things often can’t find their room. Even people who joined the fandom more recently still hold up to the old things.

Go look into the fresh tags. Don’t always look for most notes but for what is new or sounds good.
There are some great artists and writers among us who have been fighting and creating for over a year now but still haven’t found their ground cause you still rather be sad about someone who isn’t in this fandom anymore.

So if you are still motivated and interested in the fandom go out there and have an open mind and search for new blogs to follow and look into newer things! People still creating and posting new stuff every day!! With this a fandom can’t be dead!

Forensic Science: what is it?

WATSON REALIZED SOMETHING IMPORTANT!! And by that she means she was hit with the sudden realization that both Sherls and Watson never covered what Forensic Science is. And given the massive influx of new followers (thank you everyone, you guys are amazing!) Watson thought she should define forensic science and cover the sub-disciplines in the field. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of forensics, Sherls and Watson have a pretty general science background, so don’t be afraid to ask us about anything. 

Forensic science, in the most broad definition, is the application of any science to the court of law (both criminal and civil). Essentially, it is using the scientific method to help with court trials. It’s important to keep the law part in mind, because everything we do in the field, scene processing, evidence collection, evidence analysis, all the tasks are done with a goal in mind: to preserve the integrity of evidence so that it is viable in court. Their third job is to search, find, and collect possible evidence in an efficient manner to ensure fragile evidence isn’t lost, but also in a careful way so that the evidence is preserved properly and not contaminated. With that said, we have a very general knowledge of law, and it mainly pertains to the Criminal Code of Canada, while @scriptlawyer​ is the better person to go to for detailed law knowledge. 

The most publicly know facet of forensic science is crime scene investigation. These are the people that come in a scene in full Protective Personal Equipment/PPEs (bunny suit, gloves, goggles, mask, boot covers, etc.). Their first job is to protect the scene, make sure nothing is tampered with. The second job is to record and document the scene in a thorough manner (photography, video tape, hand written notes), to ensure that the scene can be revisited later in the future. 

Below, in no particular order, are brief synopsis of forensics in a given sub-discipline: 

Pathology – they are the coroners and the medical examiners, performs autopsy and is responsible for determining manner of death, cause of death, and estimating Post Mortem Interval/time of death (PMI) 

Biology/DNA – looks at the biology of the scene, including DNA and any other bodily fluids (blood, semen, saliva, urine, etc), when looking at DNA, will be intimately familiar with a process called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), will also look at hair and fibre samples, botanical material, and soil 

Toxicology – the chemistry side of the science, examines compositions of drugs, glass, paint, explosives, soil, determines presence/absence of drugs and poison, alcohol, uses lots of fun equipment, refer to @scriptchemist​ 

Firearms – looks at firearms (we are hoping that is obvious), discharged bullets, spent cartridge cases, shotgun shells, ammunition, gun shot residue (GSR), approximating how far from the target a weapon was fire 

Fingerprinting – studying minutiae of fingerprint, comparing prints left behind in a crime scene to prints from known origin, there’s actually not a lot of work being done on how accurate fingerprint is, and fingerprinting is under a lot of scrutiny right now for lack of organizational structure (some one should change that) 

Computer/Digital – one of the new emerging fields, basically finding, collection, preserving, and examining data from digital devices (computers, cell phones, etc.) Sherls and Watson do not have enough technological background so we will refer everyone to @scripthacker​ 

Anthropology – deals with skeletal remains, differentiating between human and animal remains, determining approximate gender, age, height, race, and any physical injuries or osteo-diseases 

Entomology – uses insect (mainly flies and necrophilious insects), flies life cycle, and the cycle of arthropod successions to determine long term PMI 

Psychology/Behavioural – this is a subfield of psychology/psychiatry. In criminal cases, work tasks might include determining if a person is fit to stand trial, evaluate for behavioural disorders, looking at behavioural patterns to set up a profile. In civil cases, they might determine if an individual is competent to decide when preparing a will, settling property, or refusing medical treatment. Both of us do not have much experience in this field, and would like to refer you to @scriptshrink 

Documents – document analysis studies handwriting, type-writing, type of paper and ink, tries to authenticate sources, basically anything to do with documents, neither Sherls or Watson has much experience with this 

Odontology – this field looks at dental evidence when the body is unrecognizable. Enamel in the teeth are hardy substances and can last for a long time, identification of the person can be made based of characteristics of the teeth, their alignment of the mouth, the great thing about living is the first world country is that almost every one has a dental record. Bite marks compared to dental cast has also been used as evidence in court (see Ted Bundy), but Sherls and Watson are both leery about this particular field, since there are not a lot of research proving that there is a scientific basis behind the field

Engineering – looks at failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and causes and origins of fires/explosions, mainly looks at the structure sides of things (is there an engineering scripty around? Because Watson would love to see one)

Others Watson found while researching: theres units for polygraph and voiceprint analysis too apparently. We do not know much about these two fields either.

*Phew* We know there is a lot of information on this post, we are planning to break down a few things we mentioned here and go into more detail in future posts. Send us asks if you lovelies have any questions.

Hello, an anon wanted to see my face yeah. I’m the middle picture btw, i found the other two guy pics on google idk who they are :///// WHO TO TAG. YOU SEE, THE MORE PEOPLE I TAG THE MORE PEOPLE WILL SEE THIS WHICH IS A BIG NO NO.

@kim-taeyeon, @jung-jessica, @taeblush, @fantaesy, @candyeon, @ninthwish​, @sonuyhshidae

please read, feed back, help if you can

so I’ve been homeless living out of my backpack on other people’s sofas for about 2 months now? and I’m getting really ill - I have a degree to keep up with and until I stop paying rent in my old place where I can’t live because it was very bad for my mental health I can’t rent somewhere new. 

The problem now is that I need to have a permanent address in order to continue my X3 weekly therapy and I can’t afford to rent somewhere new until probably end of May depending on what my old housemates are doing. 2 month homeless has been really difficult and I don’t know if I can face another 2 month. 

I’m unable to work because I’m physically disabled (fibromyalgia and problems left over from leukima) and have learning disabilities (dyslexia and autism) and have diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder as well as an undiagnosed illness that is causing malnutrition. 

In short I’m in a really tricky situation and I don’t know what to do, I feel really guilty asking people to donate money but I’m in my overdraft and I need money for my hormone prescriptions (I’m trans), a new pair of boots, a dentist appointment, a chiropractor appointment, a new walking stick, and travel seeing as I’m not always staying near my university.

If I made a page where people could make donations it would really help me out. I’m not buying cigarettes and I’m quitting drinking and I’m trying to cut all my spending by doing things like unsubscribing from things like netflix etc. It’s my birthday in 1 week and I’m asking all my family to give me £10 or £20 instead of a present.

If you think you could be willing to donate or help out in another way please respond to this I want to know if this is something I should look into. - it’s going to be £20 to see a dentist and £60 for treatment. My mouth is damaged from a past eating disorder and the illness causing malnutrition is making my gums break down I really need this fixed and I don’t know what to do.

anonymous asked:

internet dad im not passive aggressive i'm depressed about being wrong. im not trying to defend anything. i was wrong i was wrong i was wrong. i should have known already without having to be told. i hate myself for not knowing. thats all. im sorry i said anything. im a worthless shit.

I assume you’re the Reavers anon from this morning?

I never thought you were being passive aggressive, Anon, or defending anything. It seemed like you were hurting or anxious, and I was genuine in my desire to show you that it’s okay a) not to know something and b) to like something even if there are issues with it. I am trying to help you uninstall the idea that you should hate yourself for these things.  

It causes honest concern in me to see stuff like “I shouldn’t like something until someone else has approved it” because that is precisely the toxicity that leads to the fear and anxiety you’re clearly feeling – the idea that you can’t like something unless someone else says it’s okay is going to hurt you all your life unless you can overcome or undermine it. 

You can go back and look through the “sam talks firefly” tag – nowhere in it am I angry at people who didn’t know, or who knew but enjoyed Firefly anyway. I was only ever curt with people who were trying to deny the flaw, because I think it’s important to talk about flaws so they can be fixed. I didn’t think you were doing that either – it’s just that saying “it’s okay to like something flawed” is incomplete without “it’s not okay to deny the flaws when they are harming people” so I felt compelled to include it. That was not aimed at you. 

So I promise you: I’m not angry at you. And even if I were, you’re anonymous; nobody will ever know. I will never know. You are safe, and your worth is intrinsic – nobody can take that from you. What worries me is that you’re denying your worth simply because you didn’t know something, which is the sign of much deeper hurt. 

So do me a favor – take a few deep slow breaths, know that I’m not mad at you, and whenever you can, remind yourself that it’s okay not to know things, and that you get to like the things you like. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a sadist or a salesman. 

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Are you okay with people drawing your ocs? Cause I really want to draw Kazuki, he seems so cool!

I’d be chuffed to bits if you drew him Anon!! please tag me in it or smth if you can :D 

maybe tag the drawing with ‘kurage OC’ - I’ll go looking for it in the tumblr tags! (I’m not sure if tumblr tags still work that way but it’s the only method I know of)

I had a few people tag me to post a selfie before the new year. To be honest I was a bit scared to and put it off… but I’m trying to be more brave this year.

So here you go. This is ME.

Also it’s fancy cause that’s how I roll ;) hehe.

non-negative thoughts about Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Alright so I took a look through the Valerian tag and saw that a lot (most?) people hated the movie/characters and I just thought I would share what I thought of the movie, cause I enjoyed it really *shrugs* 

First off, I am definitely no intense critic, and I can assure you all that I didn’t watch this movie in a critical way. I also haven’t read any of the comics (I really want to now though) so I can’t say whether or not the characters are true to the originals. Possible small spoilers ahead? No major plot spoilers, but just beware. Thoughts under the cut cause it got kinda lengthy ~

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I'm a little disappointed that you are reblogging Call Me By our Name stuff. Any movie that glamorises sex with minors is gross to me and so are the people watching it.

wow, thanks for calling me ‘gross’ - that sure is a good way to start off any discussion!!!

see, the thing is: its perfectly alright to want to stay away from this movie. i get that. there are lots of things that make me uncomfortable too, and i do my best to avoid them. thats how it works; we all have to take responsibility for our own mental health and wellbeing by making sure we dont expose ourselves to potentially upsetting material. 

however: from what i know of cmbyn, its based on a novel that is written from the younger persons perspective. and that makes a massive difference; its about a teenagers feelings, its about being young, about being in love - its not.. exploitative or leering in the way that a lot of people seem to think it is.

but even if that wasnt the case, that wouldnt make it necessarily bad?? people on tumblr seem to think that enjoying a story, a movie, a ship etc. necessarily means that you condone everything that is a part of it. and the thing is: that just isn’t how it works. if you watch a horror movie, does that then mean you approve of people murdering each other? does reading lolita mean you are a p*dophile?? of course not.

art is supposed to explore all aspects of life, and life isn’t always ‘pure’ or ‘unproblematic’. you can enjoy a piece of media that deals with messed up things without that saying anything about your own morals - not that im saying that cmbyn is messed up; i dont know, cause i havent seen it yet. but neither have you. so.

in short: i have no problem with people who wish to avoid this subject matter. i understand, and i will always tag any gifsets or posts dealing with this story. however, if youre going to call me or other people who are looking forward to this movie gross, im going to assume youre just not grown up enough to understand the difference between fiction and reality. but im also going to block you, because i dont have to deal with this bullshit on my own blog. 

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hi I'm new ish to the haikyuu fandom and I was wondering if you have any blog recs. thank you!

OH, YOU’RE NEW! Welcome to your new home for the foreseeable future :)

Blog recs…. OKAY UMM

some of my faves @blackandorange @tinytooru @miss-cigarettes @riseelectric @bringmemyqueen @aquatika @nekokat42 @amalasdraws @suguru @ichigomaniac @pelvic-mochi 

Honestly i’m missing so many aaaaaAAAA i feel bad cause there are SO MANY, but yeah these are just some of the blogs I reblog from most often I guess, I just looked through my last several reblogs and fdshjfkds! Most are artists. There are so many good blogs in the Haikyuu!! fandom, check out the tags and go follow some great people!

since i’ve had this weird break from rp-ing i wanted to compile a list of things that i find weird ( and also cool ) about how people rp now 

  • alright first things first. let me talk about the length of people’s replies… dude back in the day, we used to be like woaaaah 3 lines ? this one is a long one, dude ! but now its like minimum one paragraph. i mean props to everyone who can do that and write that much, but if you’re like me and have no creative juice, i’m over here struggling to write a paragraph within 10 mins… this is mainly why i’m a science major tho whaddup
  • secondly, the aesthetics tags and bolding and italicizing things. it definitely looks pretty and i’ve given into this trend, but damn its some extra werk and honestly a struggle cause i’m a perfectionist and i try to make my tags look hella dope and its hard to find all these resource symbols and what goes with what 
  • i posted like a sentence earlier, but i’m not trying to get bashed on or anything, but i feel like this whole problematic fc business is getting out of hand. like yooo ok people make mistakes. im sure if you go through my old facebook posts i’ll probably be shunned by the rpc. don’t get me wrong, there are some people who did some things that are not right at all, but you gotta give other people some slack, man. everyone makes mistakes and you aren’t going to play the fc ( unless its hollywood/celeb ), you have your own character and you’re just simply using their face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • another thing is people plot way more than they interact. i find this pretty cool cause i’m your #1 couch potato™️, but like i highkey do miss that element of surprise, y’know. i feel like there should be an rp out there that’s completely 2012 style with the gradient, medium-sized gifs and all
  • oh and lastly gifs are getting smaller like 100x100 is dope and cool but i’ve been seeing 80x80 and i feel like i just have bad vision cause unless the gif is zoomed to the person’s face, i really can’t tell who’s in it :~(

okie that was my lil overview of what i think, thank u for letting me get it out , please don’t fight me 

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Wtf is wrong with those ppl in twitter? Like before the winners were announced I saw 1 tweet about Lili being a Nazi cause you know blonde hair/green blueish eyes. 😒 But now I'm seeing a few @ Lili asking her why isn't she with her "fellow white supremacists ". This is getting disgusting.

holy….. shit. are you serious? i’ve seen people say some nasty stuff towards lili but that’s going way too far. i will never understand why people hate her. she has literally done nothing wrong. she’s hands down one of the sweetest, most genuine people alive and people hate on her like it’s a hobby. i remember when the first episode of riverdale came out, i was looking through the tags here on tumblr and people were ALREADY starting to hate on her. it’s so stupid and immature and it’s really sad that people are so pathetic that they would hate on a girl who’s both beautiful inside and out. she was so happy about tonight and now she’s going to be hit with all this hate on twitter and it’s just really heartbreaking.

TEA (lafayette x reader modern AU)

Your head was racing from the verbal beating you were taking. The words coming from the mouths of unknown men seemed to circle around your mind long after they were said. They told you things that made you squirm, and not in a good way. They made you feel like prey.

As you hurried out of the crowd, one seemed to stand out for two reasons. One, they were telling the other men off of you. Two, they had a very thick French accent.

You kept your gaze down and most of the voices dissipated as you hurried on your way down the busy New York street. The one that remained was the one that was slurred with French curses and pleas for you to stop.

Despite his reprimanding, you kept the same pace. He finally caught up to you and stepped in front of you, cutting you off from going any further.

“Madam, I hope you wouldn’t mind me asking, but are you okay?” He hurried out and he looked you over. His gaze, however, didn’t burn. Instead, it was purely out of concern and not greed. This calmed you a bit. His accent did help a little.

When you finally got the nerve to look at the man who you now didn’t see as a threat, you were pleasantly surprised. His large navy blue hoodie made him look huggable. His hair, which he obviously had a lot of, was pulled back into a bun on the back of his head. His facial hair made him look mature but you could tell from his gaze that he was anything but once you got to know him.

He looked at you expectantly and you remembered what he had asked you. With this, you blushed from your neck to your nose.

“I’m fine, really. I’m used to it.” You assured as you referred to the demeaning catcalls of men who couldn’t be told otherwise. Through your life you had tried to stand up to men like them but most often to no avail. They claimed you were asking for it by wearing tight clothes or a skirt that didn’t go down to your knees. This is why you had usually opted to just ignore them and attempt to walk as fast as possible away from them.

It was unusual for someone to try to get them to stop so it came as a bit of a shock that this complete stranger had told them off.

“I’m sorry to hear such a thing. Some men have no respect.” He muttered and looked like he wanted to scold them even though they were nowhere in sight and he had basically already done so. “Would you like to come with me to get a tea? It may calm you down?” The man questioned and you thought about it.

You had never met him before but he was still nicer than most of the men you had ever met. It seemed he had sensed your discomfort with the situation and he added something.

“I will have some friends there too. I was planning on going already but you could tag along. They are all really very nice.” He assured you. His proposition seemed less insane when he said that he would already be there with other people.

“I don’t even know your name.” You stated plainly, but this time with a bit of a smile. He looked appalled at the thought of him not introducing yourself and it caused you to giggle a bit.

“Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette,” He bowed slightly as he introduced himself. Your eyes widened at the name. It was, seemingly, impossible to remember, “but my friends call me Lafayette.” He smiled as he made eye contact with you.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You smiled back and held out your hand. He took it and kissed the back of it. He was quite the gentleman. “I think I would like to go to tea with you, Lafayette.” You grinned and your stomach tingled a bit at the thought of spending more time with this man. You couldn’t wait to meet his friends, but little did you know that you would be in for a surprise.