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Don't touch me with v *^^^**

“do you honestly think I can trust you after this?” you spat at your phone and hung up.

You were livid, the rage inside you could manifest and probably cause mass destruction. Your blood boiled, you clenched your teeth and took a deep breath.

Your phone buzzed, looking down you saw the name of the retched being that hurt you. Kim Taehyung.

Everyone you knew saw him as the best boyfriend material. The cute man with the box like smile, the one with the mesmerising voice.

But what they didn’t know that he was a sinner, an adulterer.

The man cheated on you after three years of good and strong love for each other, but now? You felt like a piece of crap under his shoe, being scraped along the pavement.

When you found out, you felt like you could relate to the phrase of “they got the rug pulled out from underneath them” it was bad.

The physical sense was a raging headache from the non-stop tears. You loved Taehyung so much and he clearly didn’t love you, either that or he did, but not enough to him.

Nauseated, breathe caught, head pounding and the room spinning. This was just the start, you didn’t know what to do.

After the worse of it was over, the grieving began. The denial that he would do something like that, trying to justify it in your head to make sense; because the man who you were devoted to would crush your heart. The anger you soon felt was the portrayal of his betrayal; you wanted to rip open cushions and throw their stuffing’s about, break things and shatter everything.  

You wasn’t a destructive person, you were nothing of the sort. You were pushed to feel such negative emotions- you hated the disgusting slimy feeling all your body, he was a grime that was hard to move.

The sadness that lingered, that would soon hit you like a tidal wave. It niggled away in the back of your mind, why would he do that? Was it you? What did you do wrong? The thought that you wasn’t good enough for him, made you feel like you wasn’t good enough for anyone. It was pure and utterly heart breaking to watch the person you was in your memories, and compare them to the same person that was now a hallow shell of themselves.

But it does get better, you realised this when he tried to come back.

“It was a mistake?” the thickness of Taehyungs voice revealed that he was telling the truth.

“Oh really? Did that stop you?” You snapped. Stopping to take a deep breath, surprised at the acid tone of your voice.

You grabbed the suitcase from under your bed, ripping open the lid. Turning around, you found taehyung stood there waiting for you.

“What?” you snapped.

“Where are you going?” his voice was laced with curiosity and fear.

“To Namjoons” You raised a brow at him, daring him to ask why.

“Why Namjoon hyung’s?” His voiced raised slightly. Ah Perfect, you thought.

“Well I could list the endless reasons why” you reached into the wardrobe, trying to keep your cool.

“Go on then” he urged, desperate to know.

“He was there for me when you wasn’t. He came over when I was lonely, and you were busy” you looked him up and down, “With them” you snickered.

He flinched at your words, you didn’t find solace in it; he knew full well that he deserved it.

“So you’ve been seeing Namjoon Hyung behind my back?” he yelled.

You stopped dead, turning slowly to look at him, and pinned him with a stare. Each step you took forward, he took one back. You seethed with the anger you tried hard to fight down, you seethed with the urge to shout and yell at him and end the relationship nastily. You knew better, so as calm as you could, as menacingly as you could- you spoke.

“How you have the audacity to question my faith and loyalty to you when you was the one who sneaked off every other day to sleep with someone else. You were the one who was unfaithful, You. Not me. I stayed here In hope that you would come home, I stayed here because I was in love with you. I was wrong, I have never been so wrong and now three years of love that I could have given to someone else, say for example, someone like namjoon, who does deserve the love that I could give, instead it was wasted on you. A heartless cheating prick that did nothing but think with his dick. Now, get out of my way” You clenched your teeth, your jaw locked.

He stepped out of the way. shocked from your calm but eery outburst.

“Uh Namjoon? Can you come pick me up, he’s here” you spoke into the phone, immediately snatching the attention of Taehyung.

“What are you doing? Are you going to hook up with him?” he snatched the phone from you and hung up on namjoon.

“No. Not that it’s any of your business, but i’m going to move in with him. He’s my friend” You threw the last of your clothes into the suitcase and zipped it when Taehyung grabbed your arm and spun you around to face him.

“No, i’m not fine with that. That’s my band mate” He snapped. This taehyung wasn’t the taehyung that you grew to love, this man was hateful, full of seething sadness.

“It’s non of you business taehyung. now let go of my arm” He complied, following you to do the door when you heard the car horn downstairs.

“I still love you” he muttered, making your snap head over to him

“You’ll get over it” you spoke with a bored tone, no matter how hard your heart hammered.

“So this is it? We’re over?” he fell onto the couch arm, staring at you before moving towards you and pulled you into an embrace.

You wanted to sink into his warmth, but you pushed him away. Harsher than you intended.

“don’t touch me” you slammed the door.

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Anti Headcannon

So this is a personal head cannon for Anti, it’s based off of a lot of other ones, but y’know.

Physical Appearance:

- Height: 6′5

- Physical: lanky, think, wiry, very strong

- Eye color: black, and they leak when he feels strong emotions

- Teeth: very sharp, and sometimes when he’s angry he’ll pierce his bottom lip with his teeth causing it to bleed. his bottom lip is littered with scars from such incidents

- Hair: ocean waves, super curly, and never gets dirty

- Hands: delicate, dainty, with chewed nails

- Speech: he speaks in a broken kind of Latin, and his voice is sharp and chipped like a broken computer

- Other details: no ears, his ribs stick out, he walks slightly hunched over as if his shoulder bones were growing through his skin, he always looks lost


- Happy: rarely ever, but if he is happy, he’s sitting and observing something small and cute, but with an empty and lost look

- Sad: normal state of being, which leads to him having a consistent frown

- Angry: he screams a lot which sounds like nails on chalkboard, he claws at his own skin and things around him, his eyes leak

- Murderous: he kills with his hands and teeth, believing that knives take away the intimacy of the action, small green dots appear in his eyes, and he shakes a lot

- Other details: he’s snarky when upset, he likes to push Jack, and is just plain rude to lots of people


He was born in another dimension, in a world that is windy and has constant sandstorms. It was originally home to Chaos and Pain, two of which had an affair on that world. Later in life, they came back to the world and died together as a pile of ashes. This Anti was then birthed from those ashes. He wandered the world completely alone, and eventually found a way to get to earth and took Jack as a vessel. Originally he had no hair, no skin, nothing except a black exterior that was much like tar and constantly dripped off him.

(Most of this could change at any point of time, so keep that in mind. Hope this was interesting in some way!)

Which Founding Father You would win in a fight with
  • Aries: James Madison
  • Taurus: John Adams
  • Gemini: Ben Franklin
  • Cancer: Alexander Hamilton
  • Leo: George Washington
  • Virgo: None they all beat you up cause you're a piece of shit
  • Libra: John Adams
  • Scorpio: Alexander Hamilton
  • Sagittarius: James Monroe
  • Capricorn: Thomas Jefferson
  • Aquarius: James Madison
  • Pisces: George Washington

The Basking shark is the second largest shark in the world! This shark lives in cool, temperate waters where there’s a lot of plankton. It swims through the water with its big ol’ mouth wide open; water goes in through the mouth and back out through the gills, but the plankton are strained out by cone-like filters on the gills called “Gill Rakers.” Even though the Basking shark has a massive mouth, it only has a throat about as wide as a grapefruit. So these sharks cause no harm to humans, in fact, they only have teeny tiny teeth! They don’t really care for anything larger than plankton.


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#14. Blake Belladonna + Weiss Schnee

some facts


  • actually assholes
  • gossipers
  • probably laughing at you
  • diet is composed entirely of sugar
  • steals the sound from bells
  • will trip you with invisible thread and go through your pockets for anything shiny

shadow people

  • just chilling
  • very shy
  • doesnt really mean to look that creepy
  • responsible for the absence of that snack you dont remember eating
  • hums lullabies to help you sleep even though you cant hear them


  • always chaotic neutral
  • out of the corner of your eye it looks like theyre grinning but every time you sneak a glance theyre straight faced
  • takes up as many seats as possible on public transport
  • wears polished dress shoes or sneakers that have been falling apart since 1980. nothing in between
  • pickpockets luck & causes minor inconveniences


  • just like regular dogs, only with more fire & teeth
Dark Sea Witchcraft

Many sea witches forget that the ocean is a dark, dangerous place, filled with deadly traps and monsters. This post is a collection of ideas on blending dark witchcraft with sea magick. (Note: I, along with many others, do not believe in the threefold law, so please keep your personal ethics to yourself)

  • Seashells are great for curses, as they can be broken into shards and put in a curse bottle. Research certain shell correspondences if you want a very specific curse.
  • Black sand can be mixed with black salt (or used by itself) for protective or cursing magick.
  • Saltwater gathered on the night of a dark moon makes the water even more potent for dark witchcraft.
  • Fish or turtle bones can be used in curse bottles or for divination. (Please only use bones that you find without actually hurting an animal. If you do sacrifice an animal, don’t be wasteful and please be humane. And definitely don’t sacrifice anything endangered!)
  • Shark teeth can be used for curses to cause fear in someone, or even bring real harm to them if used that way.
  • If you think on a broader scale, you can harness the power of the entire sea. Hurricanes and things like that are incredibly powerful, and are aspects of the sea. They kill many, many people, so I don’t recommend a hurricane curse, as they aren’t specific to who they harm.

Feel free to repost and add on to this!

Welcome back to RWBY Secret Santa!
Last year was quite a success, so here we are again!

For those who don’t know what a secret santa is, here’s how it will work:

  • Those who want to participate will have to fill in this form HERE with their details, such as name/email address and favourite characters and ships, things to help people with ideas for their gift. (If you think something is missing from the form, please let me know ASAP so I can add to it.)

  • After the deadline, you will be given the details of another participant, and you are to make them a gift! And vice versa, you will receive a gift from someone else (it will not be the same person you are gifting to.)

  • If you want to send nice messages in the lead up to Christmas, or subtly ask for more hints as to what the would like to receive, go for it! But make sure to do it anonymously. The person you are gifting must not know you are their secret santa!

  • As there was quite a delay in getting the form posted (my apologies) the deadline for submissions will be December 7th (or if you think you might need longer, please let me know). However I will start pairing up and sending out details to your email from December 1st onwards, this is so people can start working on their gifts as soon as they can, so be sure to check your email
    (gifts can and should be posted between Dec 24th and Jan 3rd)

  • When you are ready to post your gift (fanfic, fanart, edits, etc) make sure you tag your giftee and tag it with #rwbysecretsanta or #rwby secret santa

I’ll be reblogging the gifts to this blog as they are posted!

Please help spread the word about this, even if you don’t plan on participating, I would appreciate it if you could reblog this to boost the event. The more, the merrier!

Thank you!

My petty revenge turned full blown evil

This was 15 years ago now. My brother (Jack) and I are 1.5 years apart. I was always the goofy, annoying ugly older sister and he was the cool, good looking, funny younger brother in school. Obviously there was rivalry.

My brother would do anything he could to get on my nerves. One day he took it too far, and while I was tying his laces he kicked me in the teeth, caused the front one to fall out and me being even more embarrassed at school. My mum chalked it up to an “accident”. He was also regularly sneaking into my room to pee on my floor, something my mum also didn’t believe until she caught him, but he suffered no punishment.

About one week later, I laid in bed. Waiting. Once the clock hit quarter past midnight I crept out onto the landing with a black biro and sketched into the wall “Jack is the best”. I’d been practising his handwriting, formulating this plan for the past week. It looked absolutely perfect. Added to this, the walls had been freshly painted.

In the morning I went downstairs to make my cereal and as I was coming up I see my brother in tears while my parents shout at him, telling him he’s always getting into trouble and this was the last straw. He was grounded for a year and for 6 months even his friends weren’t allowed over.

No regrets.