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My first achievement in Dream Daddy was Bad Daddy :| Was going to continue with Robert cause he was one of my top to start with but the second “date” didn’t go well cause I appreciate undisturbed sleep so ended up with Craig instead ^^ What a cutie!!

Robert next >:D

Does this even count as Man Smut Monday…? I always go for smut and end up with cute fluff and dogs and babies instead…

Guess a man who can take care of a being is sexy to me cause I require a lot of upkeep and snacks

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Okay, but baby stark where she and peter go to Comic-Con and baby stark spoils peter with merch. And Aunt May is like where did you get all that, and he is like, oh just a friend. Cause boi they secretly dating.


  • Two nerds at comic-con, yuss
  • they literally go ham and it’s crazy
  • doctor who and the justice league and disney stuff
  • lovely
  • peter’s like ‘damn i only brought twenty dollars and this poster is twenty two’
  • baby stark just shrugs bc she’s got it don’t worry
  • and that bobble head
  • and that shirt
  • and that hat 
  • and that blanket
  • peter’s like stop it 
  • but baby stark is like nope!! I got it!!! 
  • peter goes home with bags of nerd shit
  • may is like???
  • ‘oh just a friend’
  • ‘ned?’
  • ‘no’
  • oh she knows…. 

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For prompt, Tsukishima is trying to ask delinquent Hinata out but chickens out until Yamaguchi has enough. (Or Tsukishima is already dating Hinata, but sometimes fake sport injuries cause Hinata carries him or tends to his needs.)

Tsukishima leans around the corner, blanches a little, and hurriedly moves back. Yamaguchi stares at him for a long moment, then covers his face with a groan.

It’s been this way for twenty minutes now. Tsukishima had declared during lunch that he would ask Hinata Shouyou, resident deliquent and the only person on the volleyball team who can strike fear into Tsukishima Kei, to go out with him, but afternoon classes had erased his bravery. Yamaguchi has been watching him dance around his feelings for months, and he is sick of it.

“Tsukki, if you don’t go out there, he’s going to leave, and you’re going to miss your chance.” Everyone knew that Hinata disappeared around this time, and everyone thought he was up to no good. No one actually knew where he went, except Tsukishima, though he refused to tell Yamaguchi what he saw.

“I can’t do it,” Tsukishima insists, and Yamaguchi has had enough. His friend needs a date!

“Then I’ll do it for you,” Yamaguchi announces, and he dodges Tsukishima’s panicked hands and marches around the corner to where Hinata is leaning against a wall, staring up at the cloudy sky.

Yamaguchi makes it to ten paces away before Hinata turns his head, fixing Yamaguchi with a scowl. “What?”

Yamaguchi ignores the frission of fear at the intense look on Hinata’s face. Their much shorter teammate is always scowling, even moreso than Kageyama. He takes a deep breath. “Tsukishima –”

“Will do this himself, thanks,” Tsukishima growls, stepping past Yamaguchi and making his way to Hinata, who tilts his head back to take in Tsukishima’s much greater height. Even so, Yamaguchi feels like Hinata is looking down at Tsukishima, somehow.

The two glare at each other. Yamaguchi holds his breath. Then, finally, Tsukishima breaks, blushing a little as he shoves his hands deeper into his pockets.

“Be my boyfriend,” Tsukishima mutters. Yamaguchi covers his face in despair. That’s not how you ask someone out!

A long moment passes, and then Hinata shrugs. “Sure. Want me to kiss you?”

Tsukishima sputters, and Hinata takes that as a yes, catching Tsukishima’s collar and pulling him down. Yamaguchi looks up just long enough to see them kissing, and then he sees a glimpse of tongue, and he has to turn away before his friendship with Tsukishima is forever ruined.

Then Yamaguchi grins. Success!

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Favorite useless lesbian story you've heard.

oh that would be sten’s entire early years, volume 1, age 15-18, or as i like to call it, my denial period, where i thought i was just a REALLY AMAZING friend and didnt know what a crush was. see also, volume 2, age 19-22 dating EVERYONE and causing catastrophes 

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YoI takes place in 2016 though… it really doesn’t relate to real life dates and places cause… fiction. That said they would have competed maybe 1 or 2 years together and then Chris moved up sooner

YoI AIRED in 2016, but takes place in 2015.

  1. The 2016 GPF was in Marseille, France. The 2015 was in Barcelona.
  2. We can still look to that flashback and Chris’s (and Victor’s in ep 10) memory of when they met 10 years earlier. European Championships take place in January. Look forward to January… then we’re in 2016, then go back 10 years to when they met… at the 2006 European Championships in Nice, France. If the show took place in 2016 they would have known each other 11 years, so we’re a full year off there. 

The Barcelona GPF in the show is at the end of 2015. 

That’s an aside though… cause without changing the rules… Chris moved up to seniors the same year Yuri was first eligible to be a junior. I mean I forget exactly how the age rules changed in the 90s, but I think we can all agree that YoI is after the mid-1990s. 



13 is the YOUNGEST a person can be to compete in juniors by ISU rules, and they have to be that age by July 1st. So even if it WAS 2016 (which it’s not) it doesn’t matter cause of the math. 

Chris said it himself, he moved up at 15. And at 13 Yuri would have been in his first year as a junior. There was no overlap year. So unless there was a rule change, it’s not possible. 

EDIT: I know that the European Championships in 2006 is kinda a funny thing, but I MADE the mistake early on of thinking that YoI took place in 2016 too… then I was writing a fic that took place starting 11 years pre-canon. 

And Chris is leaning over the barrier in Nice, having just debuted as a senior… at 14, because his birthday isn’t until February. After Europeans, and definitely after the July cutoff. I had to make a rule change in my fic because I STARTED with the faulty assumption that YoI took place in 2016.  So yeah, I know it’s a funny thing to prove what year it was, but trust me, I made that mistake and had to change the rules to make it fit. 

Man. The reveal of what Joseph actually is both amazes and horrifies me further than what we’ve seen.

Okay, so data-mining revealed that Joseph does have a good ending, but it’s not much different from the bad. He still remains with Mary, but he takes you in as a side-man (AKA, he stays with you to continue an affair on Mary.) It’s not very good either, so I won’t be surprised to see people voice disappointment when they get it.

HOWEVER, data-mining found something even worse in the code. And that is Joseph has a third ending, a secret ending, and potentially, the TRUE ending of not only his route, but the game entirely. This ending has been dubbed “cult ending.”

This ending ended up revealing that Joseph is not at all what he seems. He’s not a man living a broken marriage, forcing himself to stay with an alcoholic and cheating wife to have some semblance of a family life with his kids. No, this family he’s created is simply a facade to hide who he is.

Joseph isn’t human. He some sort of demonic entity that has an ulterior motive. His children aren’t truly his children in the sense that you’d assume, they’re more like broken portions of himself, inhabiting child-like forms. And Mary is a woman who was forced to play a role to paint a picture, an illusion. Something she can’t escape from, because Joseph literally has her wrapped around his finger.

Joseph also is a leader of a cult (Obviously, given the fact that this ending is dubbed “cult end.”) I’m not too knowledgeable about the cult, but apparently it’s a front to rituals and the like. We know Robert was, at one point, a part of the cult, but isn’t any longer.

And finally, we know Joseph is drawing forth energy from other single dads, possibly both sexually and ritualistically, to bring the “Eternal King” back to life. He specifically needs the energy from single dads, and with some sort of dark magic, he lures them to his part of town for ease of access. He also is responsible for causing the events of them all being single. Every single dad, he influenced their destinies to fuel his own ambitions.

And once you find this out, you start noticing shit everywhere! There’s symbols of his cult in practically every part of town. Certain behaviors give an odd feeling. It’s just… it’s shocking to go back in to see this.

The cult end finishes with a man name Saul Graves coming to speak to you, and telling you to try and live your life normally. I’m not sure the entirety of the end, I guess it implies Joseph is on the run now? I don’t know, if anyone can clarify it, let me know.

Now, this was a beyond shocking twist to a lot of people. Especially since the game is so comedic, and the other routes, while they may have poignant moments, it’s nothing completely horrifying. I know I certainly was beyond stunned to discover this, but I honestly had a feeling something would happen like this. Though I wasn’t expecting it to actually be Joseph’s route to cause this; I thought it would’ve been a route where you don’t date any dads!

And I know that there’s some speculation that the “cult end” isn’t truly canon (As in, Joseph isn’t actually in a cult or is a demon, it’s just there for intrigue) and is just a dream end. But the fact you start noticing shit after experiencing the end, imagery and encounters, it just… I really can’t see this as being nothing but the truth. Even if you don’t get the ending where you find out what Joseph truly is, he’s still a demonic entity with dark motives, influencing the town and its people to his goals.

And then there’s something that’s honestly quite saddening to think. It’s because of the fact that, even if you don’t get the cult end, it doesn’t change what Joseph is. He’s using single dads’ energy to summon his King to the world. He SPECIFICALLY needs single dads. He has caused all of the other dads to lose their significant other to further his goals, from divorce to death. He’s the reason they’re single in the first place.

Because of this, you pairing up with a dad doesn’t give me a good feeling. Because he needs the dads to be single to draw their energy. And he doesn’t care about “true love” or “good ends.” He’ll tear you apart to forward his goals.

Joseph doesn’t care if Craig’s ending was the cutest thing anyone’s experienced. Joseph doesn’t care if you truly have a connection to Mat.

He needs you two to be single to feed off of you both. And he knows how to break you two apart without anyone ever expecting a thing.

Basically, the reveal of what Joseph is makes me look in fear at all of the other dads, look in fear of their good ends. Because even if it’s a happy end we experienced in what we saw, it implies it’s not meant to last. Down the road, we’ll either be broken up by Joseph’s influences, or he’ll influence one of our’s deaths.

And we won’t think anything odd about it. We’ll just think it didn’t work out, or that life is a cruel mistress.

This is so sinister, like I both love it for the intrigue, but hate it because I genuinely wanted cute moments, and now knowing what Joseph is, I can’t see them as cute anymore. I can’t see myself being happy with any of the Dad’s routes, because there’s that looming thought that it’ll just end in sadness again.

Fucking christ. I didn’t sign up for Dream Daddy to be this dark.

EDIT: This post really blew up, to the point that people are wondering if I’m making shit up due to lack of sources. I wasn’t intending this to get big, it was a vent/personal post, with at most some theories on implications that I thought would get lost to the various other posts people make. I made a reblog showing links that give more info, but for future people that find the post, here are various links on the info we have on the route.

Here’s some images found that pertain to this ending.

Here’s a transcript of how the route goes, from people descrambling the code. Also contains some more images.

Better quality textures of “Cultist Joseph.”

And finally, here’s how people did the data-mine.


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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.


Well lookie here! I’m finally in another fandom!! Which means “back to sinning”!! Anyways I doubt I’ll make a second part to this….. or maybe?

part 1(here) //  part 2 // part 3 // part 4 // part 5 // part 6 // part 7

They say it’s your birthday 

It’s my birthday too, yeah

We’re gonna have a good time

Lance’s bday soon!!!

Klance week 2017 - Day Seven: Free Day