cause of the date

thomas is like 10 please tell me y’all aren’t looking at real life 10-year-olds saying how hot they’ll look when they’re older and how you’d wait for them to grow up so you could date them like no matter how you put it wanting to date a 10-year-old is gross

like I get it, fiction isn’t reality, but even if he’s a fictional character it’s really weird, especially given this is a dating game

his crush is cute, yours isn’t, little kids have crushes on older people all the time but that doesn’t mean they need to be reciprocated

Jungkook fanfic recommendations

To Be Continued I guess lol.

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there was a bit in the halloween special (spoilers if u haven't seen it?) where jasper said something along the lines of how he's "confined to this island for the rest of eternity. that is, until my physical body can find peace in the living realm, anyway." so i think that says a bit about his "death"

ive seen it hahah it says a bit but not what i wanted to hear >:T

i want the cause of death, date and time dammit

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How about Yukio (AoE) with a crush that flirts with him a lot and one day the crush confessed to him but Yukio thinks that's one of they flirty jokes?

“I’m just saying, we make a good team,” you smiled, winking at the boy beside you.  “Might make a better couple,” you added, sliding up closer to him.

Yukio pushed up his glasses, feeling his face heat up a little.  “Our teamwork could use some improvements,” he replied, trying to ignore how your arms wrapped around his.  “Your reaction time is a little slower than mine which could cause problems.”

“So that’s a no to dating me then?” you asked, slightly annoyed.  His head was always in books and papers.  

“Wait, what?” he asked, his face growing pinker.  “You were being serious about the coupe thing?”

“Yes,” you responded, hands on your hips.  “So, is the answer still no?”

“No, I mean, the answer isn’t no,” Yukio shot back quickly, his face completely covered in a blush as he tried to gather his thoughts.  “I would like to date you very much,” he finally said, calming down a little.  Externally anyway, his heart was still beating a mile a minute.

“Good,” you said, jumping up to give him a quick peck on his lips.  “I’ll see you later then boyfriend,” you said, drawing out the last word as you headed off to class.

Yukio stood there for a minute longer, waiting for his heart to slow down while he tried to figure out if that really just happened.  

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Slow burn/fake dating/enemies to friends: Arin, Dan, Jack. And did I wait till you were online to ask? Yes.

Pffft well i’m here now.

I would Slow Burn Jack, mainly because getting to know him as friends over a few years would be awesome and I think he’d be the best for just hanging out.

Gotta fake date Dan cause oh the idea of us both teasing each other is great and fuckin blushy Dan I need in my life.

Enemies to lovers has to go to Arin, even though I wouldn’t want to be enemies with the sweet boi. But you know, someone’s gotta, and I wouldnt mind some /tension/ ;)


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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.