cause of her shirt

*bangs fist on table* GIVE ME CHALUPA. GIVE HER TO ME PLEASE.

I drew her with the Phoenix Fire gauntlet cause all of these theories surrounding her are gonna make me explode I want them all to happen so bad.

(also gave her the umbrastaff cause why not, also her shirt says babe. I will be doing more taz fanart so follow me if you jive with that)

ALSO when I originally posted this I didn’t know the green skin thing was offensive OR that Taako was canonically a sun elf, so I fixed it. Long live Chalupa. 


Based on the ask

Do you think you could please do a piece for me where he makes out with you while the class you’re supposed to be in and the one he’s supposed to be teaching are like next door. Thanks!

“Class starts in five minutes. You know how I feel about being late,” he mumbled against her lips.

She giggled and he swore he could taste the sweetness of sugar on his tongue. She was absolute magic. “You can stop any time you’d like,” she said running a hand through his hair.

“God, you just make it so hard,” He whispered huskily as his lips pressed against hers. His grip tightened around her waist. Everything he could ever want was right there in his arms. His fingers sneaked underneath her shirt to trail up her spine, causing goosebumps to rise.

The touch made her shiver, “I hate when you do that. It makes me feel like I have a spider on my back.” She said pulling away, scrunching up her nose.

“Yeah? What about when I do this?” His fingers went to her leg and softly traveled up her thigh. His fingernails grazed her skin and soon traveled up to brush just between her legs. She squeaked in response.

“Stop that! Do I need to remind you that the class I’m supposed to be in and you’re supposed to teach is right next door?” She said, taking his naughty hand in hers.

He chuckled, “Excuse me, but I’ve been trying to remind you of that! You just won’t let me go.”

She smiled and pulled him against her to kiss his lips. God, she dreamed everyday of kissing his lips. To think, there was a time she had never experienced how sweet he tasted. Or a time his hands never roamed her body, searching for every little indent, every little mark, and if there wasn’t one, he’d make one. She hated him for it, but now she was an expert at covering up the hickeys he left. On some occasions, she had to cover up the dirty work she left too. He didn’t mind as much as she did though. He loved having a reminder of her imprinted on his skin. 

His lips went to kiss her neck causing her to let out a breathy moan. His heart leaped at the sound. “How about I go in and say I got caught up in a meeting. Then, you walk in five minutes later, I reprimand you for being late, and give you a proper punishment after class.” He smirked, unclean thoughts wandering around in his mind.

She cocked an eyebrow, “You’re an idiot. Get to class.” She pushed herself away from him, and he grabbed his things. He began making his way to door but a slap on the butt made him stop in his tracks, and looked back at the young angel behind him. A smirk was playing at her lips as she shrugged.

“You’ve got the roles reversed, baby. Don’t worry. I’ll show you after class,” He winked and with that he was out the door.

5 & 40 // S.S Drabble // Requested

Originally posted by giif

5)“Please,don’t die.”

40)“Please __, I need you.”

Member: Kat

Pairing(s): Stiles x Older!Sister!Reader

Requested?: Yep

Request: Can I get a drabble with the numbers 5 and 40 with Stiles? - @chasing-dreams5239

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Seulgi smut

Guys I’m so so so sorry for the wait and it’s super short but I hope you guys like it!
Her skin was so soft under your fingertips, that you couldn’t help but to run them along every inch of the pale perfection. Her eyes were half closed, but you knew she was staring at you lustfully. Her breathing was shallow and erratic, even more so when your hands roamed up her shirt.

“Jagiya,” her voice stuttered, causing a smirk to tug at your lips. Her eyes were now squeezed shut, her tiny hands tangling themselves into your hair.

“You taste so good,” you mutter around her swollen lips, which tasted sweet on your tongue. There was no response, only a whimper as you sucked harder.

Taking one of your hands from her shirt, you brought it up underneath your mouth, finding her entrance and slipping two fingers in. She gasped, trying to buck her hips up, but you kept her down.

“Jesus Christ,” she groaned loudly, tugging on your locks harshly. “Just like that,” she added, this time a little quieter.

Taking your other hand from her shirt, you bring it down to your panties, fingering through the wetness fondly. Her moans and whines made your pussy quiver, and as you pumped three fingers in and out of her, you pumped three fingers inside of yourself.

“God that’s so hot,” she said through gritted teeth, noticing your hand down the front side of your panties. You didn’t answer, but instead circled your tongue around her clit, causing her body to shake.

“Baby, I’m gonna c-” she was cut off when your fingers were forced out of her with the force of her orgasm, the cum spraying all over you and anything within three feet of her.

With her now taken care of, you pulled away and laid down on the floor, using all your focus to get yourself off. Soon enough though, your fingers were replaced by hers, her warm, sweet mouth wrapping around your clit.

She ate you out like there was no tomorrow, and soon enough, you orgasmed right onto her face. After cleaning you up as best as she could, she collapsed onto you, where you lay comfortably, running your hands through her hair.


The door to her room suddenly bursts open, causing her to drop the t-shirts she just folded.

“Goddamn it, Octavia! Don’t you know how to knock?”

She kneels and starts to pick them up. Realizing that Octavia still said a word since barging in her room, she glanced up at the brunette. The look that she saw on Octavia’s face sent off alarm bells in her head.

“Octavia?” She stood up and slowly walked over to the wide-eyed girl.

Octavia opened her mouth but no words came out.

“What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breathe, Octavia stared at Lexa’s eyes and her own started to drown with unshed tears.

“It’s Clarke. She … Lexa. She’s dead. Clarke’s dead.”

Draco Malfoy/Jubilee, Secret Relationship

for @phoenix-173

8.  Secret relationship/marriage

“Okay, well thank you for stopping over!”  Draco waved to Theo and Blaise, shutting the door to his flat behind him.  “They’re gone, you can come out!”  

Jubilee opened the closet door, slinking out wearing one of his shirts.  “Took you long enough…”  

“Really?  Well, I hope you’re happy, my mates all think I’ve gone daft…”  He shook his head.  “Why can’t we just tell people?”  

“Because.  I know you think you’re immune in your little wizard community, but there are people after me and I’d kind of rather it if they didn’t know about you.  Something tells me your ‘mates’ aren’t the best at keeping secrets.”  She tilted her head and folded her arms over her middle, causing the shirt to ride up on her thighs and for every intelligent thought to barrel out of Draco’s head.  

imagine the class goes on a trip overseas and have to go by plane

adrien being scared of planes like he thinks its gonna be all ok because he can handle heights as chat noir but once the plane takes off he freaks the hell out

hes sitting on a window seat and marinettes next to him so he gets a death grip on her shirt sleeve

marinette almost passes out cause oh shit her crush is touching her but then she realises hes really freaked out and she tries to calm him down and he ends up falling asleep on her lap with her stroking his hair

(alya takes like a million pictures)

when the plane is landing adrien wakes up completely missing the pilot saying they’re about to land so he feels the plane go down and hes like: aaaHHHHHHH OH SHIT WERE CRASHING and marinette has to try and get him to stop freaking out again

anonymous asked:

Lilly would be someone that you'd pass in the hallway, talking with friends about the latest release of that Marvel Movie you'd been meaning to see, batting her long hair out of her eyes, ones that light up with excitement about her favorite scene. Her panda shirt would cause you to smile slightly to yourself, and when you'd meet her eyes, she'd throw a wave in your direction. Just like that, the moment would vanish, causing you to turn your head beyond your shoulder as she vanished from view...

Awe this is so cute, thank you love xD

Better Than My Favorite Sweater (Pearlet) -taylor

a/n: we received a request for violet riding pearl wearing nothing but one of his tshirts and this is where my mind took it!  i’m not quite to the request yet, but here’s the first part.  it seemed to take on a mind of its own, as i had originally planned on just full out filling the prompt, but here we go! i hope you all like it, and part 2 will be coming soon! - artificialtaylor

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Tunnel - DP

Drabble request: Tunnel


The tunnel was dark and abandoned, with lights spaced out every hundred feet or so.  It stretched on forever into the distance in both directions.

Maddie walked slowly down the emptiness, listening to her breath whisper through her throat and her footsteps echo in the painful abyss. She didn’t know how long she’d been walking – just that she’d been steadily putting one foot before the other for a very long time.

There was something following her.  She caught of hint of green, a swirl of shadow, now and then.  About half way between two of the lights, a cold wind blew down her shirt, causing her to shiver.  She rested her hand on her small ectoweapon, drawing closer to the wall. 

It was not the first time she’d tried to catch the thing following her.  Each time she would stand there and wait, tense and watchful, for what felt like an eternity before giving it up as something brought on by her imagination. 

As her breath swooshed out of her lungs, she slowly let herself relax. Her fingers loosened.  It was just her mind working against her.

A footstep behind her.  A whisper of a breeze.

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A Prodigy

    This is a fanfic I’ve been writing for months, and I’ve decided to end writing it now to publish it. I feel that I’ve ended it at the proper place and have no idea how to move it forward.

I wanted to chronicle Alyssa’s life and I’m happy with what I’ve written. Reblogs are appreciated <3

  The small girl situated on his hip was shaking, gripping onto his upper garments. He wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. How did you take care of a child? Especially one who had recently seen her tribe and mother obliterated in front of her.
      Mot knocked hastily on the office door, and adjusted Alyssa on his hip. Why were children so heavy? His hands were sweating profusely, causing the bat girl to slip easily, but her grip on his shirt was a vice. If she went down, she was going to bring him down, too. Maybe, these meaty baby fists she had would turn into stronger adult fists.

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said i’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt :( tongue tied over three words :( cursed :( running over thoughts that made my feet hurt :( bodies intertwined with her lips :( now shes feeling so low since she went solo :( hole in the middle of my heart like a polo :( and its no joke to me :( so can we do it all over again :(