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1,000 Days in Orbit: MAVEN’s Top 10 Discoveries at Mars

On June 17, our MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission) will celebrate 1,000 Earth days in orbit around the Red Planet.

Since its launch in November 2013 and its orbit insertion in September 2014, MAVEN has been exploring the upper atmosphere of Mars. MAVEN is bringing insight to how the sun stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere, turning a planet once possibly habitable to microbial life into a barren desert world.

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 discoveries from the mission so far:

10. Unprecedented Ultraviolet View of Mars

Revealing dynamic, previously invisible behavior, MAVEN was able to show the ultraviolet glow from the Martian atmosphere in unprecedented detail. Nightside images showed ultraviolet “nightglow” emission from nitric oxide. Nightglow is a common planetary phenomenon in which the sky faintly glows even in the complete absence of eternal light.

9. Key Features on the Loss of Atmosphere

Some particles from the solar wind are able to penetrate unexpectedly deep into the upper atmosphere, rather than being diverted around the planet by the Martian ionosphere. This penetration is allowed by chemical reactions in the ionosphere that turn the charged particles of the solar wind into neutral atoms that are then able to penetrate deeply.

8. Metal Ions

MAVEN made the first direct observations of a layer of metal ions in the Martian ionosphere, resulting from incoming interplanetary dust hitting the atmosphere. This layer is always present, but was enhanced dramatically by the close passage to Mars of Comet Siding Spring in October 2014.

7. Two New Types of Aurora

MAVEN has identified two new types of aurora, termed “diffuse” and “proton” aurora. Unlike how we think of most aurorae on Earth, these aurorae are unrelated to either a global or local magnetic field.

6. Cause of the Aurorae

These aurorae are caused by an influx of particles from the sun ejected by different types of solar storms. When particles from these storms hit the Martian atmosphere, they can also increase the rate of loss of gas to space, by a factor of ten or more.

5. Complex Interactions with Solar Wind

The interactions between the solar wind and the planet are unexpectedly complex. This results due to the lack of an intrinsic Martian magnetic field and the occurrence of small regions of magnetized crust that can affect the incoming solar wind on local and regional scales. The magnetosphere that results from the interactions varies on short timescales and is remarkably “lumpy” as a result.

4. Seasonal Hydrogen

After investigating the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet for a full Martian year, MAVEN determined that the escaping water does not always go gently into space. The spacecraft observed the full seasonal variation of hydrogen in the upper atmosphere, confirming that it varies by a factor of 10 throughout the year. The escape rate peaked when Mars was at its closest point to the sun and dropped off when the planet was farthest from the sun.

3. Gas Lost to Space

MAVEN has used measurements of the isotopes in the upper atmosphere (atoms of the same composition but having different mass) to determine how much gas has been lost through time. These measurements suggest that 2/3 or more of the gas has been lost to space.

2. Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere

MAVEN has measured the rate at which the sun and the solar wind are stripping gas from the top of the atmosphere to space today, along with details of the removal process. Extrapolation of the loss rates into the ancient past – when the solar ultraviolet light and the solar wind were more intense – indicates that large amounts of gas have been lost to space through time.

1. Martian Atmosphere Lost to Space

The Mars atmosphere has been stripped away by the sun and the solar wind over time, changing the climate from a warmer and wetter environment early in history to the cold, dry climate that we see today.

Maven will continue its observations and is now observing a second Martian year, looking at the ways that the seasonal cycles and the solar cycle affect the system.

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A Starry Night of Iceland : On some nights, the sky is the best show in town. On this night, the sky was not only the best show in town, but a composite image of the sky won an international competition for landscape astrophotography. The featured winning image was taken in 2011 over Jkulsrln, the largest glacial lake in Iceland. The photographer combined six exposures to capture not only two green auroral rings, but their reflections off the serene lake. Visible in the distant background sky is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. A powerful coronal mass ejection from the Sun caused auroras to be seen as far south as Wisconsin, USA. Solar activity over the past week has resulted in auroras just over the past few days. via NASA


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Sounding Rocket Science in the Arctic

We sent three suborbital sounding rockets right into the auroras above Alaska on the evening of March 1 local time from the Poker Flat Research Range north of Fairbanks, Alaska.  

Sounding rockets are suborbital rockets that fly up in an arc and immediately come back down, with a total flight time around 20 minutes. 

Though these rockets don’t fly fast enough to get into orbit around Earth, they still give us valuable information about the sun, space, and even Earth itself. Sounding rockets’ low-cost access to space is also ideal for testing instruments for future satellite missions.

Sounding rockets fly above most of Earth’s atmosphere, allowing them to see certain types of light – like extreme ultraviolet and X-rays – that don’t make it all the way to the ground because they are absorbed by the atmosphere. These kinds of light give us a unique view of the sun and processes in space.

The sun seen in extreme ultraviolet light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

Of these three rockets, two were part of the Neutral Jets in Auroral Arcs mission, collecting data on winds influenced by the electric fields related to auroras. Sounding rockets are the perfect vehicle for this type of study, since they can fly directly through auroras – which exist in a region of Earth’s upper atmosphere too high for scientific balloons, but too low for satellites.

The third rocket that launched on March 1 was part of the ISINGLASS mission (short for Ionospheric Structuring: In Situ and Ground-based Low Altitude Studies). ISINGLASS included two rockets designed to launch into two different types of auroras in order to collect detailed data on their structure, with the hope of better understanding the processes that create auroras. The initial ISINGLASS rocket launched a few weeks earlier, on Feb. 22, also from the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska.

Auroras are caused when charged particles trapped in Earth’s vast magnetic field are sent raining down into the atmosphere, usually triggered by events on the sun that propagate out into space. 

Team members at the range had to wait until conditions were just right until they could launch – including winds, weather, and science conditions. Since these rockets were studying aurora, that means they had to wait until the sky was lit up with the Northern Lights.

Regions near the North and South Pole are best for studying the aurora, because the shape of Earth’s magnetic field naturally funnels aurora-causing particles near the poles. 

But launching sensitive instruments near the Arctic Circle in the winter has its own unique challenges. For example, rockets have to be insulated with foam or blankets every time they’re taken outside – including while on the launch pad – because of the extremely low temperatures.

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Times have changed but so have I
I view my life through your eyes

 - Europe Skies, Alexander Rybak

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Just like how Aurora was conscious for a day after Niall died, I think Proko would be too after the events of the Fourth…enter a race against time for the dream pack to convince Ronan and the gangsey to let Proko stay in Cabeswater to stay awake

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Trick or Treat (Retold Fairytales, or Gods & Monsters if you don't have inspiration for the first)

for my sleeping beauty au

eli is a prince and his realm is besieged by a war, and no one can remember what caused it.

aurora is queen, and her land is crippled by a sickness she can’t explain.

human prince philip, lord of the mother tree, and elf king philip, a former servant boy, each think they know someone who can help - each other.


                                    are you the  b r u t a l  h e a r t  that i’ve been looking for
                                  cause if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door

Red - Part 9

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[Note: Poor, poor Aurora. Eric’s mind games have officially escalated to a new level and what in the world is a little Amity transfer to do? 😩All I can say is handle with caution cause this content gets a little hot… 🔥🔥🔥 Tagging @elaacreditava aaaand @dreamingoffandomscenarios!]

Rated: M for Mature (violence, language, and sexual content). Please enjoy!


Amity was a very different place compared to Dauntless. The longer Aurora spent away from it, the more it felt like a different planet altogether or like it never really existed at all. 

In Amity, loyalty was given freely and not bought. Affection was a natural part of life, like growing taller or losing your first tooth. It was easy to laugh and talk with strangers. Abnegation may have been the leading role in selflessness, but anything Amity did, it did out of love. Summers were filled with crackling fires, cheery folk songs, and flower crowns made out of wild daisies. 

At night, when Aurora couldn’t sleep, she could crawl out of bed and pad barefoot down the walk outside of her small cabin to see the stars open up above her. Crickets trilled softly in the grass, and the whispers of the breeze against the tree leaves was a gentle song that always helped to lull her to sleep. She thought she heard a very distant howl once that she swore sounded like the cry of a child, but her father had told her that it was nothing, just her imagination, go back to sleep. 

There were, however, similarities between the two factions as well. 

The bravery that she sucked in through her teeth and filled her chest with had not changed. It still twisted in her gut and replaced the blood in her veins with wildfire. The way her heart pounded then skipped was still the same, and the way she had to stop her voice from shaking when she stood up for herself. 

The sensation of a punch when hard knuckles met the curve of her jaw still felt the same as well. That moment of blind numbness where her senses were scattered and she didn’t quite know what had happened until the sharp ache of pain punched right through the fog cloud, and afterwards her jaw was stiff and hard to move. Sometimes her lip was split and she tasted coppery blood where the edge of her teeth had cut into the flesh of her mouth. 

The first time she had ever been punched, she was five years old. 

When she tried to think back to that time, she couldn’t recall what she had done to deserve it. She couldn’t remember where it had happened, inside her house or in the barn. She didn’t remember what she was wearing or where her brother had been or what time of day it was. 

She things she did remember were still fresh in her mind, years later. The crashing sound of her father storming down the hall towards her. The wooden floorboards had shaken and Aurora had covered her ears with her hands because she thought maybe she would go deaf. The way the door frame splintered when her father kicked it in, and Aurora practically jumped out of her skin. The feral, unhinged anger that flashed through his dark eyes and the way he roared so loud, he spat. The words he said were jumbled with rage, and Aurora never caught exactly what it was that he screamed at her. 

She remembered being pulled up so violently by the collar of her shirt, her head snapped back and her neck was sore for days afterwards. He had hit her so suddenly, she never saw his fist coming and couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when his sharp knuckles made contact with her soft, round face. In fact, she wasn’t even sure what had happened at first. She had never been hit before. She had never been struck by anything at all, ever. Stars had leapt into her vision and she blinked in a total daze. At some point, her father had released her, because suddenly she was lying on the floor, but her legs wouldn’t work. 

Panting with anger, her father had taken a step back and spat once at his own feet before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It wasn’t the realization of what he had done that erased the fury from his face. It wasn’t the fact that he had just lashed out at his own child. It was the fact that Aurora did not cry out. It had happened so fast, maybe she simply didn’t have time to. But even when she grabbed her face and her skin turned bright red and began to swell, her vivid green eyes remained unclouded by tears. Any child would feel betrayed when their guardian hurt them, and even if Aurora didn’t understand why her father struck her, she didn’t seek comfort. Not from him, not from her brother, not from anyone anywhere in Amity. No one would ever know. 

With his steam all used up, he had turned and stomped heavily back down the hall, leaving Aurora behind to pick herself up off the ground. 

That was the first time Aurora had ever been punched. 


Aurora wasn’t sure whether or not she should obey what Eric said to her. 

Every morning, five o’ clock. 

 She told herself not to listen, that he didn’t actually mean that now he required her to meet him before training started. But she had enough doubt in her head to feel uneasy when she considered just staying in bed. She knew that if she disobeyed him, a direct order, that he could punish her any way he pleased. Maybe next time she would not survive a fall into the chasm. 

So it was fear that caused Aurora to shiver and quietly climb out of bed in the dark. Her stomach was twisting with apprehension and she had no idea what to expect from the Dauntless Leader. Half of her hoped that she would be stopped by someone on her way to the gym, maybe someone who would give her a different order or demand for her to go back to the dorm. The other half of her prayed he wouldn’t be there. She would have rather been the butt of a joke- she could tolerate being laughed at for being so gullible. 

But those prayers did no good at all, because Eric was waiting patiently at the wide entrance to the gym, leaning with one foot propped against the wall. When he looked up and saw Aurora bathed in the half light, he had enough grace to be pleasantly surprised for a moment before he donned the cold, hard mask that Aurora was used to. 

“I didn’t think you’d show up,” he said as he pushed off the wall and came to stand in front of her. Aurora passively noticed that he smelled too good to be so mean; freshly showered and dabbed with a cologne that reminded her vaguely of herbs and spices and a sweetness that she couldn’t place. When he spoke, she could smell the faint smoke of cigarettes on his breath. 

“I didn’t think I had a choice,” she said curtly, rubbing her arms a little self consciously. It was difficult to look him in the eyes.  

He smirked. “You didn’t.” 

Aurora chewed her lip and looked around. There was no equipment set out in the gym and she hoped he wouldn’t make her run again. Her legs still ached terribly from yesterday. 

“So what are we doing? Why do I have to train with you? I’m not failing.” 

Eric nodded and wrapped an arm around Aurora’s waist. Her breath froze and she looked up at him anxiously as though it might be a trap. His hand was barely touching her, was not hurting her at all, but she had enough sense to be weary of everything he did. A lion hiding in plain sight. 

“It’s not for your initiation,” he confided, and Aurora couldn’t make sense of it. “I’m taking you somewhere.” With the arm that was wrapped around her, he guided Aurora away from the gym and down a hall she had never been to before. The hair prickled on the back of her neck and she tried to keep her feet coordinated even though a steady trickle of fear was beginning to unsettle her. 

“Where are you taking me?” She asked nervously, trying to memorize the turns they were taking in case she needed to get away. A deer planning for an escape route. 

She felt his rumbling chuckle in her chest. “You can stop worrying, Aurora. If I wanted to hurt you, I could have done it a hundred times already- no offense, but you’re not special enough for me to wake up at four in the morning just to off you.” 

She knew it was meant to make her feel more at ease, but it only stirred up a new cocktail of uncertainty. But if Eric was anything, she didn’t think he was a liar… Well, at least not in this case. 

Aurora allowed him to lead her through twisting corridors and then up steep, uneven steps. Her feet stumbled once on the top of the stairs, but Eric caught her before she could fall. He didn’t laugh at her clumsiness or give away any sign that it bothered him at all, as she would have thought he would. Aurora, however, could barely hear over the pounding of her heart. 

Eric rounded a corner and Aurora was faced with a setting she had never seen before, especially not in Dauntless. 

The spacious room was surprisingly well lit and clean, with barely a single smudge on the shining dark tile floor. There was a long desk situated to the left where a computer monitor sat idle. It looked like the kind of place where one would find a secretary answering phone call after phone call and bustling around to take her boss’ orders. 

To her right, there was a row of chairs against the wall that didn’t look very comfortable. Then again, this place probably wasn’t meant to be. ‘Principal’s office’ came to mind. 

Directly opposite from where Aurora stood, there was a door with a window blocked by blinds. It looked so strange in a compound where most entrances were only rectangular cutouts in the ancient rock. But she supposed this was the most private setting she had seen since transferring here. 

She looked to Eric for an answer, but he only pushed her forward. 

Eric led her directly to the door, that he swiftly unlocked and swung open. Aurora wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was not this… 

It was an office similar to the lobby outside, with matching floors and limited decor. The desk was very similar to the one that Aurora had seen when Four patched up her hands, only newer and better taken care of. There were various folders and papers strewn all over it, and a flatscreen monitor in hibernation mode. 

In front of the desk, were two leather chairs that were of matching condition. The legs of the chairs were scuffed, probably from being moved across the hard floor. 

There was also a small fridge, a filing cabinet, an intercom speaker on the wall, and a bare coat rack in the corner. 

“Is this… your office?” Aurora asked, the words feeling peculiar coming from her mouth. 

“Whose office would it be, if not mine?” Eric closed the door behind them and Aurora startled when she heard him slide the lock. He saw the look in her eyes and removed his arm from her waist. 

“What did I tell you, Aurora?” He reminded her roughly and strode across the room towards the desk. He turned expectantly back to her and rolled his eyes with impatience. “Do I need to pull you over here like a child?” 

Aurora forced her feet to move and she looked around awkwardly, not sure whether to sit or stand or lay on the floor. Her mind was trying to work through the possible reasons for her being summoned here, with him, so early in the morning, but she was drawing blanks. She didn’t understand why any of this was necessary. 

“Sit,” he commanded. Aurora didn’t hesitate to drop herself into the closest seat at the very edge. Her back was rigid with tension and she didn’t remove her eyes from Eric. She probably looked exactly like a kid preparing themselves to be scorned by a teacher for acting up in class… Only it wasn’t detention she was nervous about. 

He turned to face her and hoisted himself up to sit on the desk. His heavy boots thumped against the wood with a hollow thud. Aurora found it strange that he didn’t just sit in the twin chair beside her or behind the desk. This was obviously his office. It smelled just like him. It was also barren, just like his emotional spectrum. Bleak. 

“I didn’t single you out for some spiteful game. I’m not training you to make you better for your initiation. I’m not stupid, Aurora, I already know you’ll pass it.” 

Aurora could only stare at him as his words slowly registered in her brain. She had a bad habit of trying to guess what the outcome would be before it happened, and she supposed that would do her no good now. She didn’t know where all of this was coming from. 

“You won’t be going through your initiation with the other transfers. You’re going to accompany me on a little mission that has been in the works for some weeks now. If you do well, you not only pass, but you’ll get to choose whatever job you want when it’s all finished.” This version of Eric was strictly businesslike, like he were brokering a deal. 

Aurora didn’t answer at first. She did nothing other than stare at him with her confused green eyes. When she continued her silence without any sort of response, he thrummed his fingers against the desk impatiently. 

Eric sighed and hopped down. He pulled Aurora up by her hands and brought her forward to look at the documents stacked all over the place, as though that would straighten everything out in her head. 

“Look,” he said, pointing to the paper on top. Her eyes skimmed over the neatly typed passages, but only a few words could settle in her spiraling mind.

Factionless… Unauthorized weapons… Surveillance… Unrest… 

“For the past few months, groups of Factionless have been gathering just outside the city. Small units have been able to scatter them pretty easily until now. It’s the makings of a revolt, and somehow they’ve managed to get their hands on Dauntless weapons and ammunition… So we need to break up the entire operation before they begin making too much noise.” His finger traced over the document as he spoke, navigating Aurora’s gaze across the pages. 

This was too much information all at once. When she woke up this morning, she didn’t know if she would be back in the hospital or if she was the victim of a cruel joke. The chance of being Factionless by the end of the week had been very real. 

Now the man she feared the most was recruiting her for a mission she had no idea existed- or even had a purpose for existing. 

Aurora backed away and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to give herself a moment to sort through all the information. 

Eric watched her closely, reading every emotion as it flitted across her face. 

“Why do you want me in on this? Choose someone else. You literally have an entire faction to choose from. I just don’t get it,” she finally admitted with a shake of her head. “You’re so confusing. I don’t get you. One moment you hate me, the next you’re trying to team up with me? You don’t make any damn sense, Eric.” His name scraped more harshly out of her mouth than she intended it to. 

His eyes narrowed fractionally and the deep blue color of them darkened. 

Uh oh. Aurora knew that look. He was offended. 

“You should know by now that I get what I want, Aurora. And I want you on this mission.” His voice was low and thick and the ghost of a smile turned the corner of his lips upwards. “You want me to show you how much I want it?” 

Aurora totally blanked. Her pulse quickened and suddenly the air was getting heavy again. 

“W-what?” This had to be a dream. 

 Eric turned on her so quickly, she had no time at all to react. One moment he was just standing there, and the next he was grabbing her and spinning her around and pinning her with his full weight so that she was forced back against the desk with a startled yelp. Her mouth opened reflexively in surprise, and he took complete advantage of it. His tongue traced her bottom lip before catching it with his teeth and pulling it to force her open wider. Her breath hitched and he could taste the surprise on her. 

Unlike the first time that Eric kissed her, this time was not clouded by alcohol. There was no whiskey to make him clumsy, nor to make her slow. His nerve endings were not dulled by the sluggish drink, and he could feel every single inch of her pressed against his body. So fragile, so easy to move, so tempting. 

His hands planted firmly on the desk at Aurora’s sides, gripping the polished edge until his knuckles were white, and blocking off every possible route of escape for the short redheaded girl from Amity. He crushed her against him with his hips, forcing her ass up onto the table where she was eye level and he could deepen the kiss. Her body hadn’t quite caught up to his own yet, and he growled low in the back of his throat with unrestrained fervor. Without moving his hands, he pressed into her and roughly forced her knees apart. Though she was scarcely meeting him halfway, she did not try to free herself as she had with Evan the night Eric found her outside the club. She was tense with inexperience, but her mouth was willing and she gradually conformed to his touch as though fitting herself to him. 

Her legs were so dainty and she was so small compared to him, she could barely wrap her thighs around his waist. 

When Aurora began to gasp for air, Eric broke away from the kiss, dragging his lips to the corner of her mouth, the edge of her jaw, the sensitive skin just below her ear, and down the elegant swoop of her neck. The sound of her panting for breath, her chest fluttering beneath him, her face blushing rosy pink, back arching as her pulse raced… It was enough to drive him wild in a way that he thought no Amity girl ever could. 

He had to touch her. He had to feel her. 

He grabbed the backs of her thighs and roughly pulled her into him, lifting her up off of the table. He hissed through his teeth when she was ground against the erection that was straining against his pants. She whimpered when she felt the size of him against her, separated by far too much fabric that he desperately wanted to rip away. Finally, finally, he felt her arms wrap around his neck, and he smiled darkly into the curve of her throat. 

He traced a path from one shoulder to the other, using his tongue to soothe the flesh that he nipped. He hoped he left bruises, hoped that he would create a trail of where his mouth had been and when she touched those bruises with her fingertips later on, she would remember the feeling of his mouth hot against her skin.. She tasted so sweet, so warm, so fucking delicious. 

Aurora curled her fingers into his hair. Whether it was subconscious or intentional, she used this leverage to increase the friction of him between her thighs. He groaned hoarsely in approval, and responded by grinding himself into her so hard that she moaned. The passionate, breathy sound of it shot an electric tremor straight through him, spurring him on and sending him into a frenzy. 

He wanted to tear her clothes off, wanted to hold her so hard and so tight that the prints of his fingers would be permanently marked on her body. But if he didn’t stop right now, he wasn’t going to be able to keep himself from throwing her down onto the floor and having his way with her in every possible way, and he doubted she had ever been fucked before. And god he wanted to fuck her so hard. 

Eric reluctantly pulled back just enough to look at her while still keeping himself between her legs. Her eyes were bright and unfocused, pupils dilated until her irises were only thin green rings. His breath fanned her face, blowing loose strands of hair that whisped behind her ears. Her lips were already swollen, delicate bruises springing to life down the column of her throat. 

As fast as his heart was beating, hers was thrumming ten times faster. 

“Do you want to stop?” He breathed, hoping the answer would be no. If she didn’t want this, he wouldn’t force her, but the thought of being inside of her was enough to drive him crazy and goddamn he was so fucking hard. 

Aurora hesitated for a fraction of a second while she caught her breath. She didn’t release him, didn’t try to push him away, didn’t try to squirm off of the desk. But he saw the uncertainty pool in her eyes and he knew she wasn’t ready. It was almost as though she realized what was happening for the first time. 

The excited glimmer in her eyes faded into confusion, and then doubt, and then she was pushing him away. She put her hand on his chest and pushed weakly, with hardly more strength than a baby bird. But Eric backed off when she wanted him to, even though he had to grit his teeth to move his feet. His initial reaction was to be angry at the rejection, and he caught himself wanting to tell her to get out then, but no predator ever caught their prey by jumping right in. He was a lion, and lions waited. 

With a deep breath, Eric gave her space to clumsily slide off the desk. Her face was flushed and there were obvious bite marks dusting across her collarbone, but he didn’t point them out to her. Instead, he ran a hand through his short hair, trying to compose himself. It was too early in the morning to be that turned on only to be turned off again. Fuck. 

Aurora didn’t- or couldn’t- look at him. Only at the floor. 

“Um… I-I need to go now,” she stammered, then suddenly seemed to realize who she was talking to. “Er, p-please sir. If that’s all…” 

“Go on then.” He growled it out without meaning for it to be quite so sharp. She recoiled at it though as if he had reached out and physically slapped her. But before he could correct himself, she was lurching forward towards the door as though she might be sick. 

“Aurora!” Eric shouted over his shoulder. He knew she heard him because of the falter in her step, though she didn’t pause. “We leave in three days. You won’t be training with the other initiates. I still have to go over protocol with you and you still need to learn how to shoot properly.” Back to business, as usual, going over lists and priorities in his head. His chest was still heaving but he reigned himself in easily. 

 Aurora slammed the door behind her and Eric was left in the silence of his office. That is, before the phone began to ring.

Enamored | [ PART 3 ]

“I know Luke, and I know that deep down he needs someone like you. I know you’re not talking right now and I also know that I barely know you but I know you can make him stable and help him come out of his shell. You can make him, him again, because he needs that, he really does.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Summary:  Or, the one where in an alternate universe it’s not out of the norm to be buying humans-especially sex slaves-for auction. Luke Hemmings, a very high profiled boss in one of the best selling businesses in the world, just so happens to buy the most cheapest sex slave there is, that makes the media go wild and follow his every move.

Aurora Palvin is the sex slave who has been in the auction since she turned sixteen, thankfully she has been bought by the Luke Hemmings and to say she is scared is an understatement. She has to learn to deal with the pressure of society and Luke’s strict rules.

Now what happens when two different worlds collide? Find out in  Enamored.

part one | part two 

Aurora walked around the house, going into every room that she seen previously before. She let her fingers dance around every piece of furniture, every unusual object that perked her interest or anything shiny that came across her vision. She had wonder everywhere on the first floor; her bare feet gliding amongst the heated wooden floor as she let her eyes continuously trail around the empty space around her.

Her feet carried her towards a window to the left side of foyer where she stared outside, her lips hanging open from the gorgeous view in front of her. Aurora never got a good view of the backyard, she only caught little glimpses of it, and even when she did she knew that it would look beautiful and she wasn’t wrong.

The grass was cut low and a very alluring green colour, there was also a ton of trees that covered the expense of the yard, and enough gave privacy due to the huge windows surrounding the house. Even after the long lean trees it was the swimming pool and hot tub that sparked so much interest in Aurora. It was so beautifully sculptured and stunning that Aurora couldn’t help but feel excited, she couldn’t wait until the day where she would be able to dive into the pool and wonder through the trees as the short grass tickled her feet.  

“Aurora,” A soft voice said in the quiet atmosphere that caused Aurora’s head to turn away from the window and turn towards the voice. The woman that brought her food yesterday night was standing before her with a small smile on her lips.

“So that is your name?” She spoke again before taking a few steps towards her; Aurora let a small smile tug on the ends of her lips as she turned away from the window and twisted her body towards the woman.

“Uh yes, that’s my name,” Aurora said, her head bowing slightly as she turned her head towards the ground, her chestnut hair trailing behind her.

“No need to be shy dear,” The woman said before reaching Aurora, and taking her hand in hers. “My name is Sofia, but you can call me Sophie.” That made Aurora’s smile become wider, her gaze flicked up from off of the around and towards Sophie, a gentle smile was also plastered on her lips.

“Why don’t you come with me,” She said, her head nodding towards the kitchen, which only made Aurora nod her head gently before following Sophie to where she was taking her.

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Both aurora and meteors occur in Earth’s upper atmosphere at altitudes of 100 kilometers or so, but aurora caused by energetic charged particles from the magnetosphere, while meteors are trails of cosmic dust.

“I know this is a problem almost everywhere, but I’m very upset it’s almost impossible to find Disney Princesses t-shirts here in Brazil. One day, I cried tears of joy ‘cause I found an Aurora t-shirt, but then, when I tried it on, it was too right because of my “generous” boobs and I cried tears of sadness. A few days ago I even looked at a little girl at the mall with envy because she was wearing a Belle t-shirt! The only wearable Princesses items I own are Ariel and Aurora slippers.”

Red - Part 1

You Are Here - Part 2

[Note: this is my first ever fic and I spent days trying to figure out how to go about writing it. I really hope you guys enjoy it and I would really appreciate some feedback! It takes place in the world of Divergent, but in an alternate universe where Tris does not exist. The characters and setting are owned by Veronica Roth, but the original characters and plot belong to me.]

Rating: M for Mature (violence, swearing, and eventually sexual content). Please enjoy! <3


Aurora was exhausted after today’s training session. A week of little to no sleep was catching up with her, and by the time Eric finally called for everyone to stop what they were doing, she was sure she might just collapse. Her skin was slick with sweat and she could feel the chill on her scalp where her blood red hair had been dampened by it. At one point she may have been embarrassed at how her legs trembled and her chest heaved, but after almost a month of grueling exercises that stretched well into the late afternoon, she no longer cared how awful she looked.

Eric caught her attention out of the corner of her eye when he crossed his muscular arms over his chest and she saw his jaw flex when his slate grey eyes fell on her and stayed there. The florescent lamp hanging from the high ceiling cast a formidable light onto him, darkening the hollows of his eyes. The intensity of his gaze burned into her as she wiped the palms of her hands off on her black jeans and readjusted the tangled ponytail on the back of her head. Did she really look that bad? She thought she had been getting better bit by bit as her body slowly shed the delicate baby fat on her bones and it was replaced with lean muscle. A little faster, a little stronger, but if his electric gaze had anything to say about it, Aurora guessed that he hated her and knew she would fail. Disgusted, was how he acted. He had never really spoken to her one-on-one, instead picking her out from the class of young men and women and barking orders at her loudly, or criticizing her technique. After only two weeks, Aurora had begun to notice the pattern. Whenever his eyes touched her, his face was an unreadable hard mask. He practically reeked of danger, and Aurora knew better than to seek it from him. So she tried to keep her distance, especially on his bad days when the anger rolled off of him in waves. She had never met anyone so demanding or intimidating. It wasn’t just her that proceeded with caution when he was around either; it seemed like everyone in Dauntless knew not to mess with him or challenge him.

“So Amity, I’ve been wondering,” someone suddenly spoke behind her and she flinched at the unexpected interruption of her thoughts. She turned to look back over her shoulder at Dalton, one of the Candor transfers that also happened to be at the top of the ranks in class. He had a smile on his face, but it wasn’t friendly in the slightest. He was more than a foot taller than her and she had never known him to pay a single compliment to anyone- Dalton wasn’t the type of person who made friends. At least not genuine friends. How anyone could ever enjoy his sarcasm and mocking jabs, Aurora could not even begin to guess.

“Red is such a sexy color… I need to know, does the carpet match the drapes?” He taunted, and his laugh cut straight through her. She immediately felt all the heat in her body flush to her face, but before she could duck away and put distance between herself and him, she felt a stinging pinch on her backside. A memory from her past flashed through her head like a bulb blown out in a burst of glowing light, and she recalled all of the horrible things that had ever been said to her in her life. His immature joke sank right into her, and even though she could not do anything about all the similar things she endured in her childhood, at least now she could stand up for herself. Dauntless had given her the means to sharpen her claws.

Without warning, Aurora suddenly whirled on her heel and lurched forward on the balls of her feet. Her closed fist connected with the corner of his jaw so hard, she felt the jolt echo through her shoulder blade. Her vision blurred and in the next second, Dalton was spread eagle on the ground. An angry red patch was already forming on his face, and she hoped to God she had broken his jaw or at least cracked some teeth. Splintered bones in her hand would have been well worth it.

His eyes flashed furiously and he rolled to his feet before Aurora could gather her senses and leap out of his reach. Painfully strong hands grabbed her arms like iron vices and Dalton shoved her so hard to the ground, her head bounced against the concrete and stars burst into her vision. He was on her in an instant, hands around her throat and a growl ripping from his clenched teeth as though he were some sort of rabid animal.

Only six weeks ago, Aurora would have taken the beating lying down and would have probably been dead in a matter of minutes. She would have cried and whimpered rather than fight back or struggle. But now the fire inside of her that had compelled her to bleed over sizzling red coals at the Choosing Ceremony took ahold of her body and without thinking the action through, she brought her knee up into the space between his thighs and a garbled scream burst from his lips. He doubled over and she used all her strength to push him off of her and scramble to her feet despite the shooting pain that was racking her skull and darkening her vision. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, numbing her to the throbbing ache that she would surely feel later.

Aurora collided with a firm body that felt like a brick wall, and staggered backwards with a gasp.

Eric’s piercing blue eyes bore into hers and suddenly Aurora felt very small, the fight flowing right out of her and replacing the heat in her veins with ice. His jaw was tight and it looked like he was biting back whatever words he was thinking. ‘Angry bear’ came to mind.

An audience had formed a loose ring around Dalton and Aurora, and each initiate was ghostly quiet as they waited to see what the battle-hardened Leader would do. It was always interesting to watch a fight as long as you weren’t the one involved in it. The other initiates reminded Aurora of buzzards that wait for lions to eat their fill before diving in to get some of their own. They practically salivated.

Aurora held her breath until her lungs ached and avoided turning her back on Eric when Dalton groaned and climbed to his feet. She wanted equally to run and hide from Eric’s glare, and to kick Dalton while he was stooped over trying to recover. How satisfying it would have been to spin around and bring the toe of her boot up to finish the job that her fist had started.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, initiates?” Eric demanded in a voice dripping with venom.

Aurora’s brain stuttered for a response, and it was only through sheer willpower that she forced her lips to move at all. Her voice scraped harshly from her bruised throat and she winced despite herself.

“He disrespected me sir.” Somehow it didn’t feel like it was enough, so she added in a stronger tone, “It’s time someone stopped letting him skulk around thinking he’s better than everyone else. He has a big mouth.” She cast a withering look at Dalton and he snarled wordlessly. The edge of his jaw was beginning to swell and a small thrill of victory raced through Aurora when she imagined the giant purple splotch he would be sporting by this time tomorrow.

Eric’s gaze passed between the two of them before he lifted his brow and nodded dismissively, taking Aurora’s defense as enough of a motive without coaxing. “Next time you can throw punches in the ring.” The relief of being let off without public punishment was clouded by the subtle threat Aurora thought she heard beneath his words. A coil of dread curled in her stomach when she realized that she had put herself right in the middle of Eric’s radar despite her efforts to keep low.

“The scene’s over!” He suddenly snapped, causing Aurora to flinch away from his voice. The other initiates quickly scattered and headed back to their dorm to clean up and get ready for dinner, mumbling to one another and glancing back over their shoulders so they wouldn’t miss anything.

As for Aurora and Dalton, Eric had not dismissed them yet and she knew better than to move. Aurora felt more vulnerable now that the crowd of onlookers had vanished. She backed away one inch at a time until she could no longer feel the heat of Eric’s body or see the glimmer of hostility in his eyes.  

“Dalton, get yourself to the infirmary and get an ice pack,” Eric ordered without so much as looking at the teenage boy.

With an angry grimace on his face directed at Aurora, Dalton limped off down a long, narrow hall. Aurora suspected he wouldn’t be in the shape to be pinching asses again any time soon, but on second thought… She put herself in the hairpins of his sights as well. Somehow she sensed that her trouble with Dalton had not even started yet. But she did not regret hitting him. Nothing would make her want to take back that punch.

“Initiate,” Eric’s voice drug her from her thoughts. She looked at him in mild confusion and apprehension; the mask on his face had softened, but only by a bare fraction. His voice was lower too, but Aurora assumed only because he didn’t need to shout to make himself heard.

The space between them felt much smaller and the dread that had unfurled in her gut began to creep into her chest. He was dangerous. She had never been alone with him before, especially not in such a circumstance as this. He intimidated the hell out of her and she felt very much like a rabbit when staring into the jaws of a wolf. Aurora knew that she had thrown the first punch and if he was mad that a fight had broken out between his initiates, she knew she would be the one to catch all the flack for it. Even though it wasn’t her fault… If it was an apology he wanted, he would not get it from her.

Eric stepped towards her, and Aurora took a step back to match it. Her muscles tensed reflexively, waiting for either a physical or verbal reprimand. If he was going to hurt her, she wanted him to just get it over with already. The anxiety was making her sick. She knew from experience that the anticipation of pain was often far worse than the actual pain itself. And right now, all alone in the dim training room and knowing no one would hear anything, the apprehension was agonizing.

But he only studied her silently for a moment, a peculiar glimmer lighting in his normally cold blue eyes. He tilted his head curiously to the side, and reached out with a rough hand to graze the inflamed marks on Aurora’s throat. Her body hardened under his touch even though it was surprisingly gentle for a man of his type. As though knowing she was spooked, his fingers moved with intentional slowness.

“Are you alright, initiate?” He asked huskily, withdrawing his hand once he had traced each red fingerprint. Aurora shivered and swallowed past a very dry throat, her thoughts scattered. Clumsily, she nodded her head, not trusting her voice. Above anything, she was bewildered by the action. She had fully prepared herself to be slapped, or at the very least forced to run laps until she was paralyzed by exhaustion. She didn’t know if this unexpected and uncharacteristic gentleness was better or worse.

In the blink of an eye, Eric pulled the stoic mask back up and moved away, puffing his chest as though he were drawing himself together. “Good, you need to go to the infirmary as well. Make sure you don’t have a concussion,” his voice was hard and flat again, and if anyone had walked in at that moment, they would have thought nothing happened. Aurora wondered if she hadn’t just imagined the entire thing; she did hit her head pretty hard. A pounding ache spread across her brain right on cue, making her grimace.

Aurora awkwardly shuffled past him, her delicate fingers floating around her neck where the ghost of his touch still lingered. She felt his eyes on her back until she turned out of the door and headed for the hospital wing down the hall that was so conveniently close and hoped Dalton would not be there waiting. Her knuckles ached from the force of her punch and her throat was raw from Dalton’s hands constricting her airway. But the flaring pain was nothing compared to the white hot heat of Eric’s fingertips. She had never expected such a surprisingly gentle gesture from him, and as she listened to the thuds of her steps on the concrete floor, she chalked it up to smashing her head much harder than she originally thought she had.


After three years of seeing to the preparation of every new transfer in Dauntless, Eric knew better than to expect anything worthwhile. He had seen it all, from Candors who lied and stole, to Erudites who lacked every bit of common sense, and Abnegations who would sell their friends out in a heartbeat. What he hadn’t seen, however, was a little Amity girl who reminded him of a cornered wildcat. And he was immediately fascinated by it.

He had spotted her instantly when he introduced himself on that first day. Even though she stood silently in the back of the crowd of new initiates and was at least a head shorter than everyone else, her telling reddish orange clothes made her stand out like a neon sign. In a cluster of white, blue, and grey, she was the only spot of sunshine. When his steel blue eyes roamed over her tiny frame and that wavy crimson hair, he couldn’t help smirking and thinking, “You’re going to be so screwed.”

He made a bet with himself right then and there that he would give it two weeks before she either gave up or had the everloving shit beat out of her. But when two weeks passed, she didn’t seem to be cracking at all. He was surprised, but rather than approving of her resilience, instead he saw it as a challenge. Eric was good at breaking people, it was part of his job. And when they didn’t naturally shatter under the pressure, he made it a personal goal to ensure that he would still end up on top when it was all said and done.

So he set to work trying to crack her. When she ran a mile in eight minutes, he forced her to do it again, this time in under six. When her knuckles were bruised and split from pounding away on punching bags that were double her size, he made her start kicking them too until her ankles and shins screamed with pain. When she defeated initiates that she was matched up against, he began pitting her against massive opponents that she could never hope to win against. Though she lasted far longer than he guessed she would, he knew it was only a matter of time before she threw in the towel.

But she didn't… Her legs got faster, her endurance became greater, her punches more powerful, and her fighting technique cleaner. How on god’s great green earth was a pitifully tiny Amity girl able to keep up with all of his demands? He had never met anyone from Amity, male or female, young or old, transfer or native, that could strike someone hard enough to draw blood and not bat an eye. In fact, when he studied her he saw a condensing darkness just below her surface that whispered of a potential he had never suspected and could not predict. When she was especially focused, her green eyes became angry, almost violent. The growl that exposed her white teeth and the flash of her eyes whenever she was cornered was unnatural. Passionate didn’t quite describe it… It was more like an intense burn that refused to be soothed, only instead of being motivational, it was destructive. She responded so intensely to everything that was thrown at her.

Though he would never have admitted it out loud or in his head, Aurora interested him in a twisted way, and that interest grew each day as though she were some sort of science experiment. So when Dalton approached her, Eric was already watching with a kind of possessive gaze, studying her every move. He didn’t quite hear what Dalton said to her when he leaned in close, but he heard the resounding smack of her knuckles against his skin, and the heavy thud of his body hitting the floor. Eric was surprised, and when Dalton lunged at her, he was also angry.

There was no reason why his blood boiled the way it did and he had no clue why he was rushing across the room, ready to pry him off of her if it came down to it. But before he could say anything, Aurora shoved her knee into Dalton’s groin and that was the end of the scuffle.

“Initiates!” He bellowed with rage flooding through him when Aurora stepped into the light and he could see the outline of Dalton’s handprints on her neck. It was almost like Eric had an unspoken claim on Aurora- at least he was the only one who had any idea that his attention was mainly on her- and seeing anyone else touch his little experiment unleashed a toxic madness in him that could barely be restrained. If he wasn’t so skilled at practicing self control, maybe he would have grabbed Dalton from his hair and drug him right over to the edge of the chasm. Watching his body slamming into the bedrock at the bottom would have been so fulfilling.

Eric’s jaw flexed and his eyes pierced into hers, searching for any trace of the shy Amity girl he had pegged her as. Instead, her lips only pressed into a hard line and she eyed Dalton defiantly out of the corner of her vision as he staggered to his feet. It was plain to see that she wasn’t quite finished with him yet. Whatever exchange they had had, Aurora didn’t feel like he had been punished enough.

Before Eric could say or do something he would regret and before Aurora could exacerbate the confrontation, he swiftly ended the ordeal and ordered the other initiates looking on to leave. He still wanted to hurt Dalton as much as he could and drop him into a game that Eric would ensure he lost. But for now Eric did nothing other than command him to seek medical aid. He had to stop himself from sneering and mocking the teenage boy for getting beat up by a girl half his size. And tell him that if he tried something like that again, he would be either dead or Factionless.

When they were alone for the very first time, Eric took his time scrutinizing every detail of her being, down to the way her chest fluttered with nervous breath, to the manic light in her eyes that made her look indefinitely flustered. She was anxious, he knew, but also incredibly feisty. Her eyes were narrow and the muscle in her jaw taut. What a piece of work she was- a piece of work that had been marred by Dalton’s hands. With uncharacteristic gentleness, Eric reached out to inspect her injury, taking a chance to see if Aurora would surprise him yet again as he invaded her personal space without warning. When she didn’t recoil from his touch as he expected her to do, but instead remained firmly planted on the spot, Eric’s suspicions were confirmed. She was no ordinary ray of sunshine. She was no run of the mill transfer.

She was not going to break as easily as he thought she would.

The Originals Kills off all their regular female characters !! (spoilers for s5)

SO they killed off Cami, for klaus’ manpain

After they completely ignored her potential as part of “the human faction” and instead make her whole character revolve around klaus and his problems, after making her whole “being a vampire” an ooc mess just to be a plot device by stealing the white oak causing aurora then lucien to get it

then they kill davina, for marcel’s manpain (and kol)

after making her whole existence about saving kol, after they sabotaged her “being regent” arc to give it to vincent instead, because it was only meant as something temporary to bring back kol/esther, after they take away the “joing the sisters coven” arc to make it all about kol then the ancestors kill her through him and it’s all about marcel getting revenge … for himself by torturing klaus who had nothing to do with it instead of elijah and freya 

(subverted davina is back, but she’s offscreen and it’s all about kolvina being happy so ….)

and now they kill off their own 3rd lead hayley for elijah’s manpain ????? (5x07 spoiler)

after they held her character back, who was so much more than just a trophy for elijah to win over, they compromised her character and her morals for him (like on 3x20 when she barely reacts to marcel who constantly saved her dying and just jumped to defend elijah), then she breaks up with him for good reasons but apparently there’s only so much “feminism” you can ask out of JP

Julie Plec barely got back the originals (last season was lead by narducci) and this is what she does? 

A villain in love, a villain alone

Malora - Villain Kiss for @misslestrange274

I am an Entire Dumpster Fire and this is a Malora Phantom of the Opera AU hahahaha.

It was hard to think down here, in this endless darkness.  Aurora wan’t sure what time it was anymore, even though logically she knew she couldn’t have been here very long.  Where was she when…the opera.  Right.  Third act.  It was late.  Must be midnight by now, yet she didn’t feel tired.  Just…lost.  Confused.  Hazy.

The monster…the Voice…the woman with the mask was pacing.  Agitated. Moreso than usual.  Maybe she, too, had a hard time thinking clearly, hidden away in this labyrinth she’d built for herself.

She had to know someone would come.  Unless she’d come completely unhinged.  But no, she was unhinged already.  That was what everyone said, anyway.  And Aurora could see it.  Had seen it, at first, but it was difficult, sometimes.  Now, even.

So much genius there.  Few tried to deny it when they read her music, and when they did try, they were the ones who sounded foolish.  So much genius, and so much beauty, in the music, in the voice that seemed almost more than the woman that owned it.  She could throw it around as though by magic, she could render it so soft, so sweet that it was almost hypnotic–that it was hypnotic, that was what they told her.  She’d been hypnotized.  Taken in.

That was all.

A dream, nothing more.

Was it only a dream that caused Aurora to feel pity for this strange creature? Was it a naive and foolish heart that felt for her plight, so much that she saw more humanity than there truly was to see?

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