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“I know this is a problem almost everywhere, but I’m very upset it’s almost impossible to find Disney Princesses t-shirts here in Brazil. One day, I cried tears of joy ‘cause I found an Aurora t-shirt, but then, when I tried it on, it was too right because of my “generous” boobs and I cried tears of sadness. A few days ago I even looked at a little girl at the mall with envy because she was wearing a Belle t-shirt! The only wearable Princesses items I own are Ariel and Aurora slippers.”


Princesses + Nicki Minaj lyrics

‘How are these related’ Well, I like Disney Princesses, and I like Nicki Minaj, that’s how.

Times have changed but so have I
I view my life through your eyes

 - Europe Skies, Alexander Rybak

northern lights gif


This is Adiv ( thank @sleepeatdrawrepeat for the name XD )
Personalities: holy crap he’s too shy, he hates talking to others, he likes to be alone, he gets scared easily, he doesn’t like to be touched or bothered at all. Extremely innocent and pure ( just like Sakura XD ) he doesn’t even know what sin means :/

Things he likes: quiet things or animals, being alone, traveling,kittens XD quiet and peaceful universes

Family?: ?????(he can’t remember them cause he lost his memory)

Backstory: Adiv and his little brother papyrus lived,played and enjoyed many laughs together…. Until Papyrus and Adiv became extremely sick by a life threatening virus, Adiv somehow made it alive but he lost his memory. And sadly his little brother didn’t make it.

Friends: Sakura,Everest,aurora ( cause there the only calm ones compared to the boys XD )

Features: he wears a long cloak with white and yellow stars on it, some light blue and gray areas. He wears big black boots and a brown bag to keep his books in. He has a light blue shirt and white pants. He has two stars on his cheeks and light blue eyes.


                                    are you the  b r u t a l  h e a r t  that i’ve been looking for
                                  cause if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door

Icelandic Legends and Aurora : Legends collide in this dramatic vista of land, sea, and sky. The land is Iceland, specifically Vk Mrdal, a southern village known for its beautiful black sand beaches. The sea, the Atlantic Ocean, surrounds Reynisdrangar, a sea stack of eroded basaltic rock pillars that Icelandic folklore tells are the petrified remains of trolls once attempting to drag a three-masted ship onto land. Watching from overhead and shining bright on the upper right is the god of the sky, according to Greek mythology: the planet Jupiter. Also visible in the sky are several other Greek legends encapsulated as constellations, including a lion . One might guess that all of this commotion caused the spectacular aurora pictured but really it was just explosions from the Sun. via NASA

  • Saracen: There's a little secret I want to let you in on. It's called the Rue Schmooze. Three easy steps: smile friendly, physical contact, and flattery. Watch:
  • Saracen: Hey, Aurora! Is your dad Robocop? 'Cause your arms are guns!
  • Aurora: [grins]
  • Gracious: Robocop didn't have guns for arms.
  • Saracen: Oh my god, that's so not the point you nerd.
  • Gracious: I'm just saying.
Whose dream was it anyway?

Oh fuck how slow am I!! I’ve been thinking about the movie Frequency (along with Inception, yes), where due to a freak storm of electromagnetic nature caused by an aurora borealis (northern lights), a homicide detective in 1999 makes contact over radio with his father in 1969.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is, I’m still not clear as to whose drug-induced-or-not dream was this episode. Was it modern Sherlock’s who took drugs? And ended up solving the mystery of Moriarty’s death? Or was it Victorian Holmes’s who was embroiled in in his own demons and solved a case of dead-yet-not-dead wife? Because the end shot of the episode was Holmes wistfully looking out of the window thinking that he was the man out of his time, (something Moftiss have talked about endlessly, just another one of your self-referential scenes :/) since he had imagined a future with jets.

That made me think: it was the dreamscape of both the Holmeses, like the two time streams crossed somehow, and both Holmeses ended up making some sort of contact with each other. Like in the movie Frequency. And this is where I’m being slow:


I realized that there was a diagonal matrix and Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism there earlier, and left it at that without thinking too much of it. (Sleeping is not that boring, ok? It was 5am at this point.) But now that I’ve seen it again, I realized something.

It isn’t JUST any other diagonal matrix. It’s Minkowski metric matrix.

Do you see a circled letter in front of that matrix in the screencap? It has an equality sign buried under it, and the letter pretty much looks like greet eta as in above matrix. Now what is Minkowski metric?

Simply speaking, metric is nothing but a description of how we measure distances. So in our day-to-day life where we use Euclidean geometry, if we know the coordinates of the two points, say (x1, y1, z1) and (x2, y2, z2), then the distance is simply 

Now, that’s a working formula. What do we see? There’re only terms in squares. There’s no wonky cross terms like (x1-x2)*(y1-y2), right? So in abstract maths, this fact would be represented as a Euclidean matrix:

Forget the left hand side. What it means is, if I want the distance between two points, I’m only going to look at where 1′s are. If they are on the diagonal of this arrangement of numbers, I’m only going to consider squares of coordinate difference. If there’s a 1 somewhere else, I’ll have to also consider wonky cross term like above. But fortunately for me, there isn’t any here, so good.

Now when one goes to Special Relativity, the geometry doesn’t remain our day-to-day Euclidean. Because time itself is very much equivalent of space, is relative and has to be considered in measuring distances. Because two events in a this joint space-time geometry are not just separated in space, but also in time, right? Some events may occur at the same place, like me coming to sit in my chair now and going somewhere later, coming back to sit again some time later. It happens in the same place but at different times, so these two ‘events’ have two different coordinates, this time denoted by (t1, x1, y1, z1) and (t2, x2, y2, z2).

When one tries to put in time into the geometry, one needs something different. Such geometry was devised by the Russian mathematician/physicist Minkowski. But when geometry changes, so does the concept of how to measure distances! I mean, you wouldn’t use the same formula for distance in a plane and on the surface of a big ball, would you? (Just trust me, you wouldn’t.) Adding this weird coordinate of time reaaaally screws our usual concept of distance, and we need that Minkowski matrix above! All that it means is, when I’m considering space-time as a continuum and then measuring the separation of ‘events’, I will still use squares of differences like in my daily Euclidean geometry (because there are 1′s on the diagonal of the matrix), but instead of simply adding all those differences, some have to be subtracted.

Coming back to the screencap, there is another thing on that list: Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism. (To be precise, we see 2 out of 4 of Maxwell’s equations.) They basically tell you how light is nothing but an electromagnetic wave, and how it behaves.

Now what the fuck does this have to do with that scrap of list?

I think, and maybe I am over-reading here, the idea of the matrix + Maxwell’s equations is that like in the movie Frequency, due to some weird electromagnetic storm or other such unseen-by-us-free-to-use-our-imagination event, space-time continuum was warped, and two time streams crossed. One paralleling and aiding the other. So it wasn’t just the drug induced dream of modern Sherlock, but also a dreamscape of Victorian Holmes, where both delved deep inside, and connected with each other, paralleling and aiding each other.

A Starry Night of Iceland : On some nights, the sky is the best show in town. On this night, the sky was not only the best show in town, but a composite image of the sky won an international competition for landscape astrophotography. The featured winning image was taken in 2011 over Jkulsrln, the largest glacial lake in Iceland. The photographer combined six exposures to capture not only two green auroral rings, but their reflections off the serene lake. Visible in the distant background sky is the band of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. A powerful coronal mass ejection from the Sun caused auroras to be seen as far south as Wisconsin, USA. Solar activity over the past week has resulted in auroras just over the past few days. via NASA

Unexpected activity on the Moon

The lunar space environment is much more active than previously assumed. The solar wind is reflected from the surface and crustal magnetic fields of the moon which has effects on for instance lunar water levels. This according to a dissertation by Charles Lue at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics and Umeå University in Sweden.

The Swedish space instrument SARA has measured a strong and varied interaction between the Moon and solar wind. The solar wind is a continuous flow of plasma from the Sun which affects the planets in the Solar System and contributes to causing aurora on Earth. The lunar atmosphere, on the other hand, is too thin to show the same phenomenon and the Moon also lacks a global magnetic field to regulate the solar wind. It has, therefore, long been believed that the Moon passively absorbs solar wind without noticeably affecting its surroundings. Now, however, evidence shows that the surface of the Moon, and also local magnetic fields of the lunar crust, reflect some of the solar wind.

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