cause nobody has more love than he does

One thing that has always bugged me a bit, with how it’s handled (or at least, how I’ve seen it handled; I don’t read enough English fics vs doujins to know if it’s still a big thing), is when people writing post-TP works that end in Flowey becoming Asriel again have everyone’s behavior towards him magically change at that moment, and have it be like, the golden ending. I feel that it’s a combination of things that rubs me the wrong way, too.

One is that, I feel like enough of his character development has to be scrapped enough for everyone around him (besides Frisk, and often enough Papyrus) to have a beef with him, because the game shows him being remorseful over the stunts he’s pulled and showing concern over everyone else’s wellbeing while resigning himself to a shitty fate. Plus, (nearly) every monster has fought or even tried to kill Frisk at a point, and yet they’re all willing to forgive, so why is Flowey an outlier, unless you ignore his whole post-TP end speech and also what exactly caused him to get so violent (the mind-numbing repetition of having seen everything underground exacerbated by his reset abuse, which surface life wouldn’t allow)?

And then I kinda feel like, if he became Asriel again and a flip was just switched, where now everyone cares about and loves him because they know just who he is, it would likely just really screw with the kid’s head more than his head has already been screwed with. Like, nobody really gave a damn about him until he physically looked like Asriel again, but now that he does he’s being heaped with love and support all around. I feel like this is handled “better” if you ignore Flowey’s post-TP stuff and backstory and all that and have him acting radically different, but then you still have the issue of doing exactly that to make this work, so it winds up not sitting right with me anyway.