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So like I told you I’m posting a married yousana prompt. It’s 11:20pm as I write this post, almost 6 hours have past since the hideous clip.

I decided to post the fic ‘cause I received more messages telling me to post it than messages telling me not to but since there were people that didn’t want me to post it today I’ve decided to wait several hours to do so.

I will completely understand if you don’t read this because you’re too upset, I’m just trying to bring some happiness and fluff to our yousana hearts.

Also know that I wrote this with all my respect and I really really hope that no one gets upset by it

The prompt was from an anon and said this:

“Hi so I was wondering because Sana and Yousef can’t do anything because Sana is a Muslim can you please write something about Married Yousana ? And thank you.”

I kept it very simple and short, it’s just a taste of what I think a marriage between yousana would feel like. I really hope you like it


She woke up to find an empty space next to her on the bed. She yawned and looked at the clock on her bedside table, it was 8 am. For a moment she thought that maybe Yousef had already left for work but then she remembered that it was Saturday and he didn’t work on Saturdays. Her next thought was that she had fallen asleep and she needed to go to her work. Then she remembered what day it was and that she had asked for a free day so she could spend it with her husband. Not that her husband was anywhere to be seen. She sat on the bed with her back against the wall and yawned again. She tucked her hair behind her ears and was about to get up when the door opened.

“I was hoping you would still be asleep” Yousef said smiling

“I just woke up” she said “Where were you?”

“I was making breakfast for my beautiful wife, we can have it later” he made his way to the bed standing by Sana’s side and leaning closer to her

“Me?” she mouthed raising her eyebrow

He nodded and pressed his lips against hers softly. He placed his right hand on her cheek gently brushing his thumb against her skin.

“Happy anniversary, love” he whispered nuzzling her nose with his.

He smiled widely and before Sana could do something about it he jumped to his side of the bed sorting her and making her almost fall.

“You’re such a kid” she said rolling her eyes but internally smiling.

“But you love me” he said wrapping his arms around her so she could rest her head on his chest.

I do love you” she looked up to him “Happy anniversary”

He leaned down and kissed her again, a longer and deeper kiss this time. She felt goose bumps in all her skin, her heart beating fast in her chest. It still amazed her how, after a year of being married, every single touch, even if it was just a small one, made her feel like she was 17 again. She wondered if it would ever stop feeling like that, and she sure hope it wouldn’t.  

Yousef pulled away from the kiss but kept his face close to Sana’s, taking in all her beauty. Just like Sana, he still had goose bumps every time they touched and he felt butterflies in his stomach every time he looked at her, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, not only on the outside but also on the inside, he admired her kindness and her strength and each day he spent with her, he was grateful for having her by his side. He tucked a curl behind her ear and smiled at her, lost in her eyes.

“Stop looking at me like that” she said blushing, yes she still blushed when he looked at her

“Looking at you like what? Like you’re the love of my life? I can’t stop looking at you like that” he said kissing her nose

“You’re so cheesy” she laughed

“Yes, but again, you love me”

He gave her a smiley peck on her lips.

“And I love you” he added making her smile

“So, what are we going to do today?” she asked

“I was thinking about staying in bed just like this”

“That’s how you want to celebrate our anniversary?”

“With you in my arms? Definitely” he said hugging her tighter

She smiled at him and rested her head once again on his chest

“Besides, in a few months we’re not going to be able to lie here like this, we’ll have other things to do, great, beautiful things to do” he said placing his hand on the small bump in her stomach that was barely noticeable.

She covered his hand with hers smiling to herself.

Fair enough, sounds like a good plan then” she said

“I have a reservation for dinner at your favorite restaurant. I can cancel that if you want…”

“Don’t you dare” she warned him

“Oh, is mommy having a craving?” he joked

“You have no idea” she said “You better not cancel that reservation”

“Your wish is my command” he said kissing the top of her head tenderly. “Oh, I almost forgot something!”

He stood up in spite of Sana’s complains and left the room. Sana sat on the bed and waited for him to come back. He returned with a bouquet of bluebells in his hands. Since that Friday afternoon, years ago, he would spontaneously bring her bluebells as a reminder of his love.

“This is for you my lovely wife” he said giving the bouquet to her.

She took it and smelled the flowers while he returned back to his side on the bed next to her.

“Thank you” she said.

He took one of the flowers from the bouquet and placed it on her hair behind her ear.

“This has been the happiest year of my life” he whispered resting his forehead against hers

“Mine too” she said closing her eyes

“I love you, Sana”

“I love you too, Yousef”


This is it!

I hope that this made you smile even if it was just a little bit

Again I’m sorry if this upsets anyone, it’s not my intention at all

Thank you all for reading♥

And let’s keep our hope that things will get better

Issues- Part Seventeen


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Death, violence, and of course swearing! 

Word count-2,308

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Seventeen

Before I could open the door my body froze which caused Negan to almost knock into me from behind. Not that I would be complaining about that if he did.

Turning around to face him I opened my mouth but quickly shut it again. 

Unable to form the words spinning in my mind. How can I explain that I don’t want him to gloat at what was about to happen. Just because I wasn’t fighting him on it didn’t mean that I agreed with it, that I wanted him to to do it. 

Truth be told I don’t think he really wanted to do it either. I think he just did it because he had to, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be in charge for long and he wouldn’t be protected, he wouldn’t be able to protect all of the people who he does. Including me.

“What is it doll?” His face softened while I was stuck in thought “Just spit it out y/n” he always knows.

Keep reading

ID #67851

Name: Océane
Age: 21
Country: France

Hey everyone!
I’m Océane, I’m a French university student and I’m 21, turning 22 in July.
I’m a very shy and awkward girl, it’s quite difficult for me to talk to new people and make friends but I’m willing to make a huge effort here cause I really want to meet new people!

I speak French and English, and I used to study German and Italian but that was a while ago already. I’d love to talk to people from anywhere because learning new languages and learning about new cultures are things I really enjoy! I am a feminist and part of the LGBT+ community.

Things I like: writing, reading, sushis, Harry Potter, lord of the rings, the hobbit, marvel movies, Dead Poets Society, fanfictions (gay ones, lets be honest), grey’s anatomy (I’m only on season 9 bear with me), friends, ghibli films, Detective Conan, any kind of music really. I love Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and movies by Xavier Dolan (among many many other things)

Preferences: Age, religion, gender and sexuality don’t matter to me, as long as we share some interests!
I just want respectful and open-minded people.

I’d like someone ready to talk through emails and tumblr — I don’t have enough time to write and send full letters.

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Random question but do you think the members are protective of suho?

i think so yes! they’re kinda the type “only i can mess with you him cause he’s my brother, but don’t think you can” lol like one example is when jongdae when on this radio show and he said something like “i heard kyhyun said suho isn’t funny” and kyhyun (who was there) said “even though suho is a good friend, he really isnt funny” and chen back fired “but suho hyung said youre not funny either” LMAO
and also when suho was doing his vapp and he called sehun and sehun was actually watching his vapp and he said something like “i read some weird/mean comments in the chat but you shouldnt read those. dont mind them. do your thing”.
i think they love suho very much and because they’re so close they can obviously joke with him! i think they know how soft and emotional he is really! they adore him :(

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Wait. You write fanfiction? Do you write professionally? Or do you just write junk that the fangirls can cream their pants with while reading? Is it all non-conanical sex fantasy bullshit? Get a real hobby cause this is pathetic. Don't call yourself a writer if this is all you peddle.

Lol. If you’re trying to bait somebody into arguing with you, you came to the wrong person. Now, if you’d like to come off anon and discuss what you think a true writer does with me, and what qualifies somebody as a writer other than putting one sentence in front of the next creatively, we can chat. Otherwise, you’re welcome to your opinion, and I’ll continue writing what I like to write without your permission. Have a lovely day. 

Comebacks and coming out [Peter Parker x Bi!Reader]

Request: Hi, I was wondering if you would write a Peter Parker/Bi!Reader where they’ve been dating for a little bit and the reader is coming out to him as bi but is really nervous and Peter is worried cause she’s normally confident. Could it be fluffy please and thank you. If you don’t want to or don’t know how to go about writing this it’s totally fine and thank you for taking the time to read this. Thanks a ton, love your work!!

Warnings: One swear word, the rest is just fluff

Originally posted by gounderoos

You scanned the cafeteria searching for your boyfriend and Ned. A few seconds later, a hand waving in the air caught your eye. You looked down at its owner and saw a young man, with dark brown hair and eyes that matched the hair. Peter Parker. You smiled and started walking towards your boyfriend when Flash Thompson moved to block your way.

“Hey (Y/N),” he flashed you what you guessed was a smirk, “are you going to see your dorky boyfriend Parker?” he sniggered.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that Thompson?” you retorted with the same confidence you always had.

“Well, wouldn’t you like to eat with me instead?” he smirked again, looking proudly towards his friends.

“You’re joking, right?” you said wittily, “are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when I’m around?” The whole cafeteria was filled with ‘ooh’s and Flash’s face was growing redder by the second, “Leave me alone dolt. I would take a hundred dorks instead of one of you anytime.” You pushed past him and continued to make your way to Peter and Ned.

Before you could reach their table, Flash had finally come up with a remark, “You’re only dating Peter for his brains.”

You rolled your eyes too tired of this. “Listen you blockhead. One, I like Peter for his brains because he actually has a personality in it. Two, if it takes you five minutes to come up with this sad excuse for a comeback, I wonder how long it will take you to obtain a good one. Oh and, by the way, acting like a dick won’t make yours any bigger.” You finished.

Flash had stopped trying to counter you because your arguments were too good. Generally speaking, you were a confident person so publicly shaming Flash Thompson wasn’t any problem to you.

Finally, you reached your table and sat down next to your boyfriend, fist bumping Ned when he raised his fist towards yours.

“Nice job there, babe,” Peter smiled at you, “you really put him down in the dumps, didn’t you?” he nodded his head towards Flash who was exiting the cafeteria with a walk of shame.

“He deserved it.” You said

“Yeah he did.” Peter agreed, placing a soft kiss on your forehead, “Are we still on for tonight?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Yep.” You chirped, kissing his lips both of you grinning.

“PDA! PDA!” Ned yelled, shielding his eyes with his hands. Both of you laughed at your friend’s ridiculousness.

~Time skip to that evening~

You were nervous, for the first time in your life you were nervous. Your mouth was dry, your heart was beating in your ears and your hands were sopping wet due to sweat. This was the first time you felt like you could trust your significant other with your bisexuality. But, it was time, and you were going to suck it up, go see your boyfriend who loves you and that you loved and come out. You had already told your parents, who were very tolerant people, and they immediately understood. Then again, you knew your parents would accept you for who you are and weren’t nervous when the time came to tell them. You were overthinking this, everything was going to be just fine.

Your trembling hand pressed on the doorbell to Peter’s apartment. He opened the door and welcomed you with a big smile.

“Hey,” you said, the nervousness coming back, “before we start off movie night…” you trailed off.

“Yeah?” Peter asked, sitting down on the red sofa.

“I want to tell you something…” you started pacing back and forth across the room.

Peter was starting to get worried. You were usually so confident and right now you were just radiating nervousness. His mind started spiraling into doubtful thoughts like how you were breaking up with him, moving to another country or cheated on him. He was starting to panic, thinking that there would be no possible positive outcome to explain your nervousness. It had to be something bad. Peter’s mind delved into even darker thoughts for example you killed someone or something of the sort.

Then, his thoughts were interrupted by you blurting out, “I’m bisexual!”

Immediately, Peter was relieved. You were only coming out, not something terrible as his thoughts had led him to believe.

“Oh thank God!” he exclaimed.

This time, it was your turn to be confused, “What?”

“I thought you were going to break up with me or something. Listen, (Y/N) (L/N), I love you. And I will keep saying this until you know it. As far as I can see, your sexuality hasn’t changed you. You’re still (Y/N), my beautiful, wonderful girlfriend. I fell in love with you before I knew about your bisexuality and I am still in love with you now. Your sexuality doesn’t change a thing about how I think of you. The only ‘big’ thing that was going to happen today is not me leaving and rejecting you, it’s me learning a new fact about the girl I love. I love you (Y/N) (L/N) and I don’t care if you’re a bisexual because it doesn’t change who you are and I love the whole you. Sexuality and everything else. I love you, don’t forget that.” He said kissing your forehead.

“I love you too Pete.” You replied, hugging him.

Both you and Peter were glad that you opened up about this because it allowed you to feel fully accepted and it made him feel that you really trusted him.

“Now, movie time!” Peter declared, pushing you on the sofa and going to get popcorn. A minute later, Peter came back with a large bowl filled with popcorn and inserted the DVD into the player.

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Can we have a Drabble of just Jen and the reader being best friends, and having inside jokes and they are huddled up together on a couch, one watching Netflix, the other reading a book, and they hook their pinkies together in some kind of silent promise to one another to be there for the other one????

You sat on the couch, flipping through the selection of films that Netflix has. Jen was reading a history book for ‘class’ (she always says that, but she’s honestly just reading it for entertainment). The boys were sitting around, watching you and talking to one another. You came across Aladdin, and looked at her.

She smirked, wiggling her eyebrows. You bit your lip, trying to hold in your laughter. Jen poked your arm.

“Over sideways, and under.” She whispered, causing you to laugh. You dropped the remote. Lafayette looked at you, confused.

“What’s so funny, mon amour?”

You shook your head, still giggling. Jen laid her head on your lap, “It’s an inside joke, Lafayette. Between me and Y/N. You wouldn’t understand.”

You wrapped her curls around your finger. She picked the remote off of the floor, taking over. The boys decided to do something stupid in the room, leaving you and her alone. She finally decided on watching the proposal.

“Ryan Reynolds or James Reynolds? Who would you interview?” You asked her. She glanced up at you, rolling her eyes.

“Is that even a question? Ryan is… an interesting man. James, of course. So many people have interviewed Ryan, and I would be one of the only to interview James. And after, maybe I’d kick his ass for treating his family this way.”

You shook your head, “You would never. You’re too nice to do that.”

She bit her lip, “True. I’m the nicest person you’ve ever known. Okay, so, if we ever get the chance to interview him, promise to stay by my side. I’d honestly freak the fuck out, and probably run in the opposite direction.”

“How about this Jen: I’ll promise to always be there for you, whenever you need me. Okay? Pinky promise me. You can’t break it, and neither can I.”

You held out your pinky, waiting for her to link it with yours. She tilted her head back, and curved her finger, locking it with yours.

“I pinky promise. Oh, and by the way, do you even know what Lafayette is telling you? Mon amour?” She questioned. You shook your head.

“No clue. Willing to tell me?”

“Hell no. I’m not going to interfere on your relationships. I’m rooting for the two of you, you know.”

“Wait, what do you mean by that? Jen? Jen, you’re on my lap, I know you’re listening… Forget it, you asshole.”

She kissed your hand, “I love you too, mon amour,” She teased.

I had fun writing this btw, love jen and the reader together

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hey you mentioned using valerian root, i have some and was considering trying it, anything i want to know first?

I would advise doing a lot of research yourself prior to trying it. Safety is paramount. As I said, it causes heart problems in some dosages for some people. Read up on counter-indications, especially if you take medication of any sort. 

A lot of people say this (but please don’t ignore it!): ask a doctor prior to starting valerian use. I actually had a long talk about it and other herbs with my former psychiatrist back in Ohio, and she helped me choose the ones that were right for me and would not interfere with my normal medications. 

For example, she told me St. John’s wort was off-limits for me, but valerian and kava were fine, and helped me find some books with dosage information in them. 

One rule I have here on my blog, though, is that when mentioning herbs like valerian, I only talk about my own experiences. I specifically avoid giving specific instructions for using them, because I am neither a medical doctor nor a licensed herbalist. 

Everyone is different, and you never know what you might be allergic to, or how a herb (really, some herbs are drugs) will affect you. I just have to emphasize caution. Valerian, especially, is extremely powerful, and my mom has actually seen some overdoses on it brought into the hospital where she works!

If you do decide valerian might be a thing for you, have done your research, and talked to relevant professionals, as well as understanding the risks, here’s some general tips.

A lot of people get it and think they can just pop it in a normal tea and use it that way. The truth is, pouring boiling water over valerian is pointless because the essential components of the plant evaporate in hot water, and drinking it gives you no effects. I myself do cold water infusions of the stuff, and it works well for me.

The big point of valerian, mostly, is to relax you. I have two standardized (for me) recipes that I use with valerian. Both are cold-water infusions. One uses lavender along with the valerian - for relaxation. The other is straight valerian. You’d have to choose dosages with help from a herbalist or doctor, and research and know the risks.

Most often, it is used to induce sleep, though. Given that people usually use it in an infusion, you’ve got to keep, uh, toilet issues in mind. If you drink valerian or another tea, wait a bit before actually settling in to sleep, and do a toilet break just prior to curling up under the blankets. 

If you don’t, you might wake up in the middle of the night and have to head for the washroom, which interrupts your sleep, and makes the whole thing less useful. I mean, as far as I know, interrupted sleep kind of makes the sleep less restful, so why would someone want that? 

A word about the scent. Some people hate the smell of valerian. A lot of people say it smells like old socks. The taste can be unpleasant as well - it’s quite bitter and since smell and taste are very linked, you might feel like you’re drinking or consuming old socks. 

I hated the smell and taste at first, but if valerian is helpful to you, it becomes less awful over time. Basically, your mind begins to associate the smell with the effects, and you don’t mind it as much.

One last thing - the scent itself is powerful, if distasteful. A year back I was working night shift and would sometimes make a brew of valerian before going to bed each morning. 

I had a process for doing this that included a ritualized magical grinding in a mortar and pestle, and often, I’d find myself becoming sleepy just from the grinding. The scent alone can make you relaxed, though it’s awful for a lot of us. 

I apologize for being unable to provide information on non-infusion ways of taking it. I’ve never used valerian tablets, nor tinctures. I made a valerian tincture once, but eloped (yeah - I ran off to Europe and got married!) and had to toss it before it was done infusing. So I can’t really give information on those.

I can’t tell you whether you should try valerian or if it will work safely for you. Be careful and use your better judgment. Know the risks, of course, and I really do strongly urge consulting a medical professional or herbalist before using it. 

With anything that can be termed a drug, it’s my view that the individual is responsible for making the choice themselves, and I realize that while I know how something effects me, I can’t possibly know how it would affect you.

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TBH I REALLY got into Jorge joestar after reading the part about pucci being an astronaut because it's so like, full of that good Random Christian Shit™ I enjoy+ the Kira/diavolo murder mystery part was beautiful, like 3 fuckin time stands intersecting cause Weird Time Shit™ Is another one of my favorite things, but previously I could only find it in homestuck so like thanks for stanning it

You heard it here folks, read Jorge Joestar for the Good Fuck Time Shit.


mariaab2k05  asked:

DADDY I'M SAD, CAN I GET A HUG! So I saw Marco's death in ep 9, and I cried :( ( I read chapter 77 ) and I was disappointed that they didn't show the full flashback, and just parts of it, and that made me think that his death was depicted as insignificant, even though it caused major character development, maybe we might the full flashback in the next epidode, or maybe even after that one...

Of course you can have a hug! 💕 I believe the full flashback will be in the next season, maybe…I think it’s nice that they showed his Death hinted like that. I talked to many people who didn’t read the manga and still had restless nights because they thought Marco was still alife. I think it’s good that they can rest it now and realize that sadly he had to die. Let’s wait and see if we get the full scene soon

anonymous asked:

I have never read something more stupid than your examples lol what do burn wounds even have to do with it?? Also therapy HELPS stop spreading anti-recovery bullshit oh my godd... Ur point still stands but ur examples were baaad. A better one is that since ur not a psych you may not know how slowly to try to change someone's behaviour and you might make them feel even worse by reminding them they can't do certain things.

the question was “how can well-meaning advice cause harm/be dangerous?”. my answer was “well, in this example, someone told me to do something to a physical injury that would have made it worse”. I think that answers the question and was relevant. 

the question was “how can well-meaning advice cause harm/be dangerous”. my answer was “well, in my case, I have trauma related to the psychiatric community and therefore therapy would hurt me, yet people insisted I go to therapy”. I think that answers the question, and as it’s talking about me specifically. actually, I think I said that! let me check – apologies, as I’m sure you read my post thoroughly and so already know this, as it was right in front of your face and as someone with what I’m sure is basic reading comprehension you must have seen it – ah, here we go: “I have negative associations of the psychiatric community and being involved with any aspect of it would have severely worsened my illnesses and set back the progress I was making privately.

I’m not going to talk about instances I have no experience with – that would be ironic, considering what I was talking about. someone asked me how well-meaning advice can cause harm, and I provided three solid examples I have personal experience with, where advice would have caused me harm. I’m not sure why you’re calling them “stupid” when they’re directly relevant, and when you agree with my point. if my examples were that absurd, surely they would have been detrimental to my point? 

I think, personally, you’re just annoyed because you mistakenly thought that I was being anti-recovery, and it angered you. I’m not. if therapy helps you, go for it. but remember that everyone doesn’t have the same associations. you say “therapy HELPS” and yes, for some people it does. but for some it doesn’t, so don’t come to a person with trauma related to psychiatric abuse and yell at him that therapy HELPS, and that he’s full of “anti-recovery bullshit” for saying that in his personal experience, personally, based on personal things that personally happened to him personally, therapy would not help. therapy would harm me, but that’s not to say I don’t fully support others seeking it if they think it will help. it’s just, in my person experience, people talking over me and insisting therapy will help me was well-meaning advice that would have been dangerous. I was never speaking about anyone other than myself there, which I stated. at no point did I tell people not to seek out therapy. also, to draw your attention back to the point where I said “the progress I was making privately” – how is that anti-recovery? I was working towards recovery then and I still am now. just because I’m not doing it through therapy doesn’t mean I’m not taking steps to improve myself and my mental health every day. I have come a very long way over the last few years.

please, read closely and use a little critical thinking before you burst in with opinions. this is exactly what I meant when I talked about context being important. all of this would have been evident if you’d just read closely and thought about what I was saying before you skipped over here to call me stupid and anti-recovery.

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Thanks for making me feel like shit just cause I didn't read the FAQ. You're just like everyone else.

I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, but you have to understand where I’m coming from. I get at least one message a week asking me something very clearly answered in the FAQ, and like 80% of them are “can you diagnose me if I list my symptoms?” It gets really annoying having a blog for 5 years and getting the same questions every day, especially when there’s an FAQ that’s accessible from my blog’s homepage that answers them in detail.

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hi hey I'm sorry I know you're probably not about that and don't want to and all and I'm sorry to be imposing like this but honestly? honestly I'd love to see one of your characters struggling with/recovering from an eating disorder cause finding stories about that that are good and mildly realistic is really hard and you and Sunny are super amazing together and I love your stories and i thought you could just consider it maybe I'm sorry and thank you for reading this mess bye

Ahh no worries suggestions are not a problem!! I wont get detailed but I’ll say its a subject we aren’t strangers from, so it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that sooner or later, something like that would be relevant to one of our characters… maybe even one that already exists, who knows

So basically the ice cream truck story went down like this:

They were asking fan questions and one of the questions was like “What’s one lesson you’ve learned from the band that you use” and he’s like sitting there in silence cause he was like stumped he didn’t know how to answer and he takes a minute and re-reads the question and then goes “…Don’t steal an ice cream truck.” And he wasn’t gonna go into details and everyone was like “What????” And he goes “So when we were at Universal Louis and I stole an ice cream truck and I’m like a passenger driver and I’m telling him to slow down and then we run over someone’s leg. And I’m like …..I told you to slow down” and he shrugs like it was no big deal and everyone’s laughing so hard and hes like “shhhh shhhh” being all sneaky and joking and is like “everyone forget all about this! It.. it was just a dream” and I’m laughing so hard I can’t fucking believe lilo but at the same time I CAN FUCKING BELIEVE THEM LOL


buffyverse + lyrics  |  Slayers + The Sharpest Lives

You’re the one that I need / I’m the one that you loathe

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Hc that Viktor really likes to take pictures. Like he has a really nice camera and albums full of pictures. He has one special album though full of his favorite pictures of Yuuri. When most people hear about it they think it's like Yuuri modeling, but it's just the moments when Yuuri looks happiest. Whether that's laughing so hard he's crying or just reading a book on the couch whatever he's doing Viktor will take a picture cause he thinks Yuuri's beautiful no matter what.


Yesterday I went to the Sarah J. Maas signing in Pennsylvania. I wasn’t able to have anything signed by her, but I still got to see and hear her speak !!!! eeekkk.

So here are some things that she mentioned that I think were worth mentioning

  • Throne of Glass has had multiple ending over the years
    • A Court Of Thons And Roses’ ending hasn’t changed for the most part 
  • If the characters were food Cassian would be Nachos and Azriel would be dark chocolate and wine
  • Yrene has a major POV in Tower of Dawn
  • Tower of Dawn is basically ToG 6
  • Tower of Dawn is basically the same length as EoS and QoS
  • Her advice for perspective authors:
    • Dry shampoo
  • She loves mac & cheese
    • Sometimes baked (mother in law makes it the best) other times with white chetter
    • Mac & Cheese is basiacally a food group in her house
  • If she had to choose a Court it wouldn’t be Summer cause she doesn’t like outdoors so maybe the Autumn Court
    • Cause it’s her favorites season
      • Though she did make note of the people
  • Miryam and Drakon may be one of the “short stories
  • The short stories expand on the world
  • The first short story is set after ACOWAR but some of them might be set before 😉
    • She knows what the first two are about
    • And for the others as well as the length of them, “We’ll see what happens”
  • They sould be published in autumn of 2018 … maybe