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Halsey // Badlands + favourite lyrics

Seriously. In No Sanctuary, Daryl hugged Carol like it was the most important thing ever. More important than fighting cannibals or walkers. More important than anything.

As he held her close and buried his face in her shoulder and breathed her in, his expression was one of pure bliss and happiness. Daryl never looked more like he was in heaven and holding everything good in the world in his arms, than he did when he was holding Carol. That’s the only time his face has ever appeared so overwhelmed with joy and relief and peace.

All because of Carol.


Drew me (like one does) to test something (test worked great!) It was how I was dressed 2/22/2017.

Portal Gun blueprints, regular sized pants rolled up cause I have stubby legs, and Darthvader shoes. Like one wears.

Gold paint in the back.


Local nerd in need of nap not even sure what colour to call his hair at this point other than ‘faded as hell’

@labyrinthofleah  I’M SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG!! (ಥ_ಥ) I seriously did not expect to take 3 months to finish some drawings in return for the lovely fic you wrote for my asktatsuro blog. (´;ω;`) You probably assumed I had forgotten all about it too. Anyways, I hope that you find these pictures worth the wait~