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You are my sen-pais~ Be-lo-ved sen-pais~ You make me ha-ppy - When I've been so down~ I hope you know that- I love your comic~ You make my dark skies go away Also who's the best singer amongst the characters so far?

o//u//o Thank.

Here. I have figured out everyone’s singing abilities sorta…! Might need to discuss some of this with the other two mods but these are my TrashHeadcanons™.

Frisk isn’t technically the best singer, but they can hold a tune, and they have the best enthusiasm when it comes to singing. They sing with reckless abandon. They put their heart and soul into the song even if they’re singing something like Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Frisk will make you BELIEVE that they wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.

Monster Kid is mildly tonedeaf and very aware of this fact.

Toriel has the voice of a Disney Princess but she is extremely humble about this fact. She legitimately does not think she’s a good singer but anyone who’s heard her sing disagrees.

Sans rarely sings and isn’t technically “good” at it, but he does have a remarkable ability to make up lyrics on the fly. As a result he’s probably the most dangerous one to have a rap battle with.

Papyrus is the only one who can rival Frisk’s enthusiasm when it comes to singing. He and Frisk are the best ones to bring to Karaoke Night.

Undyne likes to sing songs that are way out of her alto range. When she encounters a note that’s too high for her, she just screams. Like “Lovin you is easy cause you’re beautiful~! Makin love with you~! Is all I wanna do~! Lalalalala lalalalala lalalalala la la la la~ Do-n-do-n-de-doo~ *HIGH PITCHED SCREAM*

Alphys has memorized the opening themes of at least forty different animes, sometimes in both japanese and english.

Mettaton is great at singing! I mean, you’ve already seen that in his award winning performance of Oh! One True Love!

Asgore would probably be great at singing if he practiced, but as of now he’s too awkward at it to pull it off.

Gaster was classically trained in many types of classical music including opera singing. But he is very out of practice and has no interest in pursuing these things further.

Hermann has already regaled you all with the power of music.

Maverick would be a lot better at singing if he loosened up, stopped trying to sing “good”, and just kinda had fun with it.

Aidrian sucks at singing, but that doesn’t stop her from doing it anyway.

Jason rarely sings because he’s too busy staring in shock at Aidrian singing.