cause like he did all the music himself

Reita and Aoi vs crashing software (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita (reading mail): Aoi-san, Reita-san, good evening. On the theme of anger, me and computers don’t get along, my computer is always freezing and crashing on me. It really annoys me, sometimes I even get a bit angry. I get annoyed even if it’s just slow, but what about you guys? You’re both men who take care of their possessions”

Aoi: *whispering* Yes…

Reita: “So I feel like you would handle your devices well, and they wouldn’t do that to you. Am I right?” …Aoi-san, you tweet about that a lot don’t you? Like, your music software Protools 

Aoi: YES that thing crashes a lot!

(Reita chucklin) 

Aoi: It crashes a lot…

Reita: I wonder why?

Aoi: Hmm, it’s probably uh….that…y’know….uh music software

Reita: Yes

Aoi: Like, the amount of information it’s processing…like, if you put in a lot it will crash

Reita: Yes yes

Aoi: And we’re always pushing it to the max aren’t we

(Reita laughs)

Aoi: Huhu…that’s why it’s always crashing huh

Reita: But it always crashes when I haven’t saved it, you know?!

Aoi: *whispering* Yes…….

Reita: What face do you make when that happens? I stare up at the ceiling. 

(both laugh)


Aoi: (giggling) Really? I click my tongue.

Reita: (laughing) It’s so strange tho…cause if you do save it it doesn’t crash…

Aoi: Well maybe it’s like…you know…with light software…the reason it crashes…

Reita: Ahh….yes…the cause of the crash – yeh I don’t know anything about computers (laughs) (Bless their hearts)

Aoi: I mean, I use Windows a lot at home, and…sometimes it just doesn’t respond, even if you’re not doing anything you know?

Reita: Mhm. 

Aoi: So I’m like, why is it like this…and I looked into it and people were like, you obviously did do something, you know? There must be something you did recently. Like an update or something…you did something like that, that must be why, you know? 

Reita: Yeh

Aoi: And then I thought, yeah actually I had been messing with a lot of stuff…

Reita: Yes, there has to be a cause!

Aoi: I’m like, I didn’t do anything

Reita: “I didn’t do anything all I did was an update!” (laughs)

Aoi: Yeah exactly…so you gotta be careful when you’re updating software.

Reita: Yeah, especially with music software…cause sometimes the plugins aren’t compatible, you know? [I guess if you update you can’t use certain plugins anymore?]

Aoi: Ahh yes yes yes yes ahh yes…

Reita: Yeah Uruha was our human sacrifice for that one 

Aoi: Yes…

Reita: That guy can’t go two seconds without updating…like bro r u ok

(both giggling)

Aoi: He can’t control himself

Reita: He can’t control himself 

moriarticacid  asked:

Give me angst with rfa boys cheating scenaro

Okay, from how this is worded I can’t quite tell who’s cheating on who so I’m assuming you mean them cheating on you so that’s how imma write it. If you wanted this to where MC cheated on them I’m sorry but just send in a request for that. ALSO I’m insanely sorry, this ask has been in here for WEEKS!

And finally, for some pretty dope cheating fics check out @lostintherfa they write brilliantly and I believe they’re doing asks like this now too. ;)))


  • Yoosung had been gaining a pretty good reputation in the veterinary world.
  • He’d been being called into the clinic a lot more often too because of it
  • And although you were happy for him, you were actually really upset about it because he never seemed to have time to spend with you anymore
  • After a particularly long day of yours you’d noticed that he was at the clinic again. It wouldn’t be bad to visit him right? Just a quick visit to see how he was and to plant a kiss on his cheek before heading out
  • Upon your arrival at the clinic you spoke to the receptionist and his assistants asking around for him
  • All of them had said the same thing, he’d left an hour and a half ago.
  • You didn’t worry too much though, he was probably just out getting groceries and might even be home by now so you called him
  • Voicemail.
  • The grocery store always had bad reception though, right? You should just head home and wait for him.
  • When you’d arrived home you saw Yoosung’s car in the driveway, you sighed in relief and swung open the front door only to see your fiance half naked above a woman you knew to be his second in command at the clinic who, might I add was just as naked if not more
  • You couldn’t speak but he’s heard the door bang on the wall and turned around to see you stood there, jaw dropped, in shock
  • Yoosung was climbing off of he girl so fast he actually collapsed on the floor before running to you, the girl trying to cover herself up
  • “MC, wait please!”
  • You didn’t wait though, you were already running back to your car tears blurring your vision
  • He caught you half way though and turned you to face him
  • “Please don’t leave me.”
  • “How long has this been happening?”
  • Yoosung’s heart shattered when he saw your tears, knowing he had been the cause of them
  • “Two months.” Why did he tell you that? He could’ve said this was a one time thing? He’d wanted to lie, just so you’d come back.
  • “Don’t touch me, don’t call me. I never want to see you again.”
  • You ripped from his grasp and left, leaving Yoosung outside without a shirt on looking like the trash he was


  • Technically Zen had to kiss other people all the time due to musicals but he promised you that they meant nothing and you were all he wanted
  • Zen was known for working himself through the night so when he didn’t come home until 1 in the morning some days you were a bit flustered but you knew that he had to work to keep food on the table
  • You actually didn’t question it until he had stopped kissing you, he’d peck your cheek or forehead but he refused to properly kiss you now.
  • Sometimes he refused to even sleep in the same bed as you
  • When you’d asked what was wrong you were sat on the couch and when you had gotten close to him he pushed you away
  • “Hyun…” At his real name you saw Zen’s face contort into that of annoyance and guilt
  • “I’ve been seeing someone else!” You felt your heart break as Zen clamped a hand over his mouth
  • “Who?” It was killing you to see that even though you were falling apart right in front of him he didn’t seem to care, he was looking at his feet but he didn’t seem remotely upset
  • “Do-do you remember Echo Girl?”
  • That’s what truly made you snap. You two had had to publicly humiliate Echo Girl to actually free Zen’s name of being a pervert
  • “You’re a whore.”
  • The shock that flashed on Zen’s face was so gratifying
  • The only thing that made you mad was that you knew he probably felt no remorse, he didn’t show any at least
  • He could whore around all he wanted but you weren’t going to put up with it


  • You’d noticed Jaehee had been very quiet and reserved ever since the RFA’s Christmas party two weeks ago
  • She’s refused your kisses and refused to sleep with you, sometimes she didn’t even sit to have breakfast with you as she normally always would
  • It had been late one night, the two of you simply staying up and enjoying each others company when it had slipped
  • “I slept with Zen at the party.”
  • Your whole body froze, she’d done what??
  • “You were drunk though, you’ve always admired Zen so your mind took it for sexual attraction it’s-”
  • “I wasn’t drunk, I got drunk afterwards because I felt so guilty. I’m so sorry MC.”
  • You stared at the floor, suddenly becoming insanely interested in the different coloration of the wood.
  • Jaehee reached out to you but you jerked away, you had noticed the two had gone missing but you trusted Jaehee enough to know that she wouldn’t sleep with him
  • You guessed you were wrong then…
  • When you finally looked back up at Jaehee you noticed she was crying, you also noticed she was trying to hide the fact that she was
  • “Am I really that awful of a partner that you had to be with Zen? Was I just there to fill in for him until he wanted you?”
  • She immediately began shaking her head but you were laughing hysterically at this point
  • “God! I knew I wasn’t good enough for someone like you Jaehee, but this is such a slap in the face…”
  • “No MC, it’s not like that. Please, you’re too good for me.”
  • Her words were drowned out though because all you could think about was her and Zen together
  • It felt so toxic, you were dry heaving at the thought
  • The next thing you knew you had locked yourself in the bathroom, time was fading in and out as well as your consciousness
  • You felt so worthless and you didn’t quite know what to do
  • So you opened your phone and called the first person that came to mind
  • Jumin picked you up in no less than fifteen minutes


  • Whenever you weren’t busy yourself you’d be sure to go to visit Jumin at work
  • This was one of those days
  • You gave a quick knock before allowing yourself in as you always did
  • But instead of being greeted with sweet words from Jumin you were met with the sounds of a girl yelping in pain as her head banged the back of a desk
  • You also saw your husband hurriedly pulling up his pants and fixing his belt
  • You didn’t wait to see anything else though, you were already running out of the building
  • You wanted to forget everything you had just seen but it stuck with you clear as day
  • For whatever reason you found yourself back at the pent house, packing, even though you knew Jumin would be right on your tail
  • “MC, wait! Please, let me explain.”
  • He was panting as he blocked the door but you just shook your head, shaking with rage
  • “What’s there to explain Jumin? You were obviously enjoying yourself, it didn’t seem you had any problems with that skank blowing you until I came in! You’re worse than your dad.”
  • You actually spat on his she but when you looked up you saw the complete desolation on his face, tears were running down his cheeks and didn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon
  • “I’m nothing like him, not like this.” He was speaking in such a low whisper and God you just wanted to hug him and tell him it would be okay, because you still loved him and you didn’t want him to hurt but no. You wouldn’t console him, not this time
  • “You’d be surprised just how alike you are. I can’t believe I let myself fall in love with you.”
  • “MC, please don’t leave.”
  • With pursed lips you pushed him aside and walked out, your phone already on and dialing Zen, simply ready to leave before you could give in to his pleading


  • He’d been trying to push you away ever since his feelings for you popped up
  • You didn’t deserve him ruining your life
  • You deserved so much better, if only you could see that
  • It physically pained him to even think about doing this to you, but how else were you supposed to see that you deserved better?
  • Saeran was going to beat his ass for this, after you did though of course
  • On a day he knew you’d be home early Seven brought some girl home and just went with it
  • Honestly she was so much more into this than he was, but as soon as he heard you call his name he was acting like this was the best thing that’s happened since well, you
  • You hadn’t received a reply from Seven when you’d called for him so you so you assumed that maybe he’d fallen asleep
  • He needed sleep damn, you couldn’t name the last time he had slept, or ate something that wasn’t honey buddah chips
  • When walking into your shared bedroom though he was definitely not asleep
  • Nor was the girl moaning like a porn star below him
  • You felt your lunch coming up and decided to hide away down the street in the grocery store because you had no where else to go
  • About an hour after the incident your phone began blowing up with calls and texts from Saeran asking where you were
  • Did he know what Seven had been doing? If he did you were going to kill him.
  • You forgot that this boy was also a hacker so when you didn’t answer he found you anyways, or maybe your hiding space was just that obvious
  • “Why aren’t you at home?” He asked slumping next to you, either he did not know or he was being a massive prick
  • “Saeyoung, was,” you choked back a sob, “with some girl, some really pretty girl who is so much better than I am and I didn’t know what to do so I came here.”
  • Saeran went from chill to pissed in 0.02 seconds
  • “I’m gonna beat him into the ground.”
  • You shook your head and pulled him back down onto the shop floor with you the other shoppers looking at the two of you strangely
  • Seven kicked the girl out as soon as he’d heard the front door slam shut, she wasn’t too happy about it but with the look he’d given her she knew to leave without another word
  • Obviously he went to see you, not speak with you or let his presence be known but just to make sure you weren’t doing dumb shit
  • And there he saw you on a shop’s floor curled up into his brother and he felt his heart shatter into hundreds of thousands of pieces because he already knew that you were better off

I’m just gonna say Jaehee and Jumin would never cheat so theirs were kind of hard for me to think of but Zen is 100% the cheater of the RFA, Fight me I dare you, I will forever think Zen is the cheater.

~Love, Peony

remember this?

‘50 Things about Nyongtory’
On Seungri’s birthday, when he was on stage, some fans threw gifts up the stage. Seungri was constantly being hit by the gifts. He was uncomfortable but because of the lack of energy, he didn’t say anything about it. At first, Jiyong was laughing at him but when he realised that Seungri is in pain, he immediately rushed forward to protect him. He cursed softly so many of the fans didn’t hear it. But those who were in front heard him say “싸발” (fuck).
I know of someone who works in the entertainment industry in the security department. Thanks to his high position, he has interacted with a lot of idols/artists. 
He recently called me out to have a drink and I agreed. If I were to tell him about the groups I liked, I would have revealed my identity. So I casually acted as someone who didn’t care much about idols and asked him “Oppa, Recently the group BIGBANG songs are pretty good? You should have met them a couple of times right?” 
He mentioned that they have met quite a bit but he has never really talked to them. It’s just their group talking and chatting casually within themselves.
They were a bit awkward, especially GD and TOP.
He also say that when GD is with someone he doesn’t know, he wouldn’t laugh. His facial expression would become very stoic and he wouldn’t be really friendly.
But when he is with Seungri, even when Seungri says something lame or not interesting at all, he would laugh.
The two of them are also toilet partners.
Oppa mentioned the ‘maknae fellow’ so it should be Seungri. 
Why do they go to the toilet together?
When they are in the departure hall at the airport, even when they announced that BIGBANG is next to board the plane. These two will still go missing and suddenly appear.
GD seems to really lack affection from others.
He always clings on Seungri and Seungri always get impatient/annoyed with him.
Before going up on stage, Seungri greeted this oppa, so he pat Seungri’s shoulder lightly, asking him to do well on stage. Afterwards, while going on stage, Jiyong actually got angry at Seungri for no reason.
My friend is learning makeup.
Her school will sometimes help artists/idols do makeup. Before she even liked BIGBANG, she got a chance to help them do makeup. 
While GD was checking the stage performance, Seungri suddenly rushed over. 
After talking for a bit, GD suddenly dragged Seungri to the toilet and didn’t come out. What did they exactly do in the toilet?
When BIGBANG first debuted, they had a lot of fans which only liked 1 member. During one of the fan signing events, a female fan said mean things to Seungri in front of GD and Seungri. (ADDING: The female fan only liked 1 member but don’t know what happened during the queueing, she was assigned to Seungri so she was very unhappy and said mean things to him) Seungri forced a smile and tried to ignore it, at first, GD also gave a very warm smile to the fan but after this happened, GD chased her off angrily. So after this fan sign, a lot of people criticized GD, saying he doesn’t know to do fanservice and such. 
On that day, GD was really afraid that Seungri was hurt so he kept hugging and asking if he is alright.
This happened before BIGBANG debut, One of SE7EN’s fan was waiting for him outside the YG building and saw a van with the BIGBANG members. At first, she didn’t it was BIGBANG but now she does. She saw the members exit in this order: TOP, TaeYang, Daesung and then GD. Once GD got off, he turned around and said “Seungri, Hand~~~~” Then Seungri took his hand and got off the Van.
Fans who were working at the Skiing resort mentioned that when GD came over to get the equipment, he said this “I’ll help Seungri get his too.”
He only got his own equipment and Seungri’s before going off, they also saw him helping Seungri put on his equipment. 
When they were skiing, Seungri wasn’t really good at it. So GD who was already below waited for him. 
Both of them even exchanged clothes.
The two played around and did things only couple will do. They laughed and rolled all over the floor.
There was a fan who stood in the front row for a concert. When Seungri and TOP did an intimate dance, the fan was looking at GD. He looked really unhappy and spoke through the mic “Ah… I think my hips can shake better.”
Although I’m a TOP fan, I wanted to give a gift to Seungri. So even though TOP and Daesung left, I still waited.
There were 4 fans waiting together.
1 GD fan 2 Seungri fan and me.
When the door opened, the first person to enter was Youngbae. He was on the phone, seemingly chatting with someone.
He sat down on the stairs and Seungri sat down beside him. 
Then GD came out, he kept standing in front of Youngbae and Seungri. Suddenly, I don’t even know if he knows we are there, he grabbed Seungri’s shoulder.
All of us were really shocked and couldn’t recover. 
GD placed his lips on Seungri’s lips, (we could only see their back views, so other than kissing, we don’t know if they did anything else.)
For about 4 seconds, they just stayed in that position.
Youngbae who felt weird just played with the phone beside them. Seungri who was attacked by GD tried to struggle out of his grips. 
After GD move his face away, the 4-second kiss ends there. GD lets out a laugh and uses the back of his hand to clean his lips.
While Seungri took about 2 seconds to recover. 
He then told the innocent Youngbae who was beside him to take a photo with his phone, GD who felt shy/awkward after the incident just started playing with his phone. 
That is when I heard the fans with me say 
“Oh my god, Are they dating?”
When Seungri was on Manwon happiness, he kept singing that he wanted to eat chicken, but his hyungs didn’t pay any attention to him. But GD told Seungri he would buy chicken for him. but after the filming, this conversation was almost forgotten. So he told his hyungs again that he wanted to eat chicken but they didn’t care. I guess Seungri wasn’t that happy either. 
Then afterwards one day, a few boxes of chicken were sent to the dorm, only Jiyong was home that day.
After that, it was revealed that Seungri who ordered the chicken to tease GD. GD still paid for the chickens, not long after that, Seungri came back too. 
Importantly, for a long time, only the two of them were in the dorm. Actually, GD is a really nice person. He doesn’t know if that is a promise or anything else, if it was me I would have acted blur and not pay for the chickens, yet he actually still paid for the chickens. Although you might say that it is important for a celebrity to maintain a good image, I still nyongtory good~
My friend managed to convince the security guard to let her pass a gift to BIGBANG. 
My friend printed some articles to give them and when GD saw it, he asked her “is this a fanfic?” 
My friend shook her head and said no before asking him if he was seen any fanfic before. GD answers her that he has seen 2 fanfics in the past.
My friend then asked him why and what did he read.
He replies that Seungri was dead and that he was the police. Then the security guard came over to ask her to leave.
The fanfic he read was written by a Korean fan named Jojo, the story was name “CUBE” (In the story, they were lovers and Seungri was killed. GD who is a police went crazy trying to find the killer.)
My friend went to BIGBANG’s concert.
Before the concert started, she left the venue for a bit.
Near the venue was something similar to an alley. When she went there, She saw GD and Seungri there. They seemed to be talking about something, so she quietly stood there and tried to listen to what they are saying.
She then heard GD say this:
“You always bottom in fanfic anyway!”
(NOTE: There was another version of a fan standing outside BIGBANG’s dorm and hearing GD saying the same time.)
**I couldn’t quite get this part due to some slangs so I apologize for the missing parts and mistakes
On the 30th, We all know that during Seungri’s musical ‘Sonagi’, all the YG staffs, YG himself and even BIGBANG went to watch it.
Seungri said something**
And GD laughed really hard.
**skipped cause I dont get it:(
This was confirmed by many fans that GD went down again for another 2 times after the 30th. Why did he watch the same performance for 3 times? Did he really liked it so much?
A group of people were given permission to interview the casts of the Musical ‘Sonagi’.
Due to some issues, young Seungri was unable to go to the interview, so we waited for the young female lead.
While waiting, we saw two women, we realized that it was Seungri and GD’s mother. So we thought that we should stand a bit further and not bother them. 
*Skipped this part cause not related.
When Seungri came out, he gave his mum a hug before asking her to sit down somewhere else.
(The main thing is that Seungri and GD’s mother watch the performance together.)
A fan managed to get into the building for the filming of ‘Coffee Prince” because she had relations.
While they were playing, she saw Seungri and GD practicing the their script. She saw GD pushing Seungri against the wall and said TOP’s line. “Whether you are a man or alien, I don’t mind!” after this, was supposed to be a kissing scene.
Yet Seungri took the effort to push him off and said “Aren’t you EunChan? We should change out roles!”
GD then let out a lovingly expression at Seungri. Then he said “Aigoo! So cute!”
A fan managed to get into the broadcasting station through relations and she went to BIGBANG’s waiting room. 
She saw Seungri texting nonstop.
She also GD walking around Seungri and tried to look at his phone before starting to interrogate him about it.
Afterwards, Seungri said that he is thirsty so GD took the bottle of water beside him, removed the cap before passing it to Seungri.
(NOTE: Don’t know if this is from the same person that mentioned that when GD talked to Seungri, Seungri kept giving half-hearted replies (cause he is texting) and GD eventually asked “Who are you texting?” then when he saw the text, he snatch his phone over)
*Skipped non-related parts
My friend bought ‘dunkin donuts’ set for Seungri.
Seungri was also tired from taking all the gifts. (there was a lot)
Then GD who didn’t have any gift looked at the gifts Seungri received and asked him what he has gotten.
He then took all the gift Seungri has on hand, all Seungri did was took out a donut and ate it. 
And previously Seungri took 2 hands to hold all the gifts, but GD only used 1 hand to hold the gifts.
While Seungri was still shaking the hands of the fans, GD got angry and go over to him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, pulling him away.
During an album cover shooting, while Seungri was taking solo shots, GD told Seungri “The right side of your face looks nicer, show that side to the camera.” (Seungri then said his left side looks nicer, rebelling?)
“You are single eyelid so don’t pose like this, raise your jaws so it looks more natural.”
He kept guiding him at the side. 
(Note: Don’t tell me that how Seungri takes picture nowadays is because of GD’s guidance?)
A fan made a board with the following names on it “Seunghyun and Jiyong <3)
When he gave it to GD, He smiled happily and asked, “Is this Seungri and me?” The fan couldn’t answer that it was TOP so she was said ‘yes’ before GD took the board happily.
A fan went to the broadcasting station with an oppa through relations, when that oppa went to the toilet and came back, he asked: “Is GD and Seungri dating? I saw them at the toilet happily brushing their teeth and playing around.”
On the 29th of the Great Concert, because of Seungri’s injured leg, all the fans shouted “Lee Seunghyun Lee Seunghyun!” then GD replied, “Seungri is in pain now.” then tried to hold in his tears.
During their break, Seungri returned back to Gwangju.
During the time Seungri was away, GD changed his Cyworld background music to Deli Spice’s ChauChau, the lyrics were “Can hear your voice.”
Someone asked Seungri “Why don’t you use Cyworld?” 
Seungri just laughed and reply, “It’s okay, I have Jiyong Hyung’s password so I can go in.”
Even in Cyworld, Nyongtory shares a password.
This Seungri fan’s aunt works in the entertainment industry.
So one day, some staffs that knew BIGBANG brought her aunt over to meet BIGBANG. She asked, “Who is Seungri?” someone replied, “I am!” 
she then proceeded to tell him “My niece is your fan.” then this person replied, “Thank you!”
It was after that they realised that this person is GD and during that time, Youngbae and Seungri weren’t around. 
She asked because she wanted to get a signature for her niece, when she asked, GD replied that he is Seungri.
I went to watch a 19 age restricted movie. 
In front of us were a couple of people with masks on. I looked carefully and saw GD, Seungri and someone else.
I saw that Seungri was rejected from watching because he was underage (we are watching the same movie)
(NOTE: Seungri was underage at that time and to add on, he saw NYONGTORY after the movie again)
Someone kept pressing the GOLDEN MOUTH remember? 
MBC Seventh floor corridor has a button that shouts their name for the in DJs.
They then found out it was Seungri and GD.
They were acting like it’s their first time there and pressed the buttons happily before the sound coming out scared both of them, they kept rushing each other to turn it off.
A fan’s aunt had close relation with YG, so they often exchange calls or messages.
Once, while, on the phone, they heard Seungri saying in the background faintly “Jiyong hyung, Why on TV shows they only look for Daesung hyung?” 
Jiyong then replied “Aigoo, My baby.”
(NOTED: This how Jiyong always calls Seungri) it is pronounced as ‘Ae gi’, when translated, it is baby, but it is much intimate than that. People often use it for people they love)
Lee Soo Hyuk is very close with GD right? (Lee Soo Hyuk is an actor and model and also belongs in clique “Nuthang”)
I know of a friend who is related to this clique of people. 
During one of the meetings, while Soohyuk and GD were chatting. Someone called GD and the conversation went something like this. 
“Oh, oh. I’m out meeting with friends.”
“Oh, okay.” 
After the call ended, Soohyuk asked GD who it was.
GD replied that it was “Seungri”
Then Soohyuk told him “Oh, it has been really long since I last saw him, I really want to meet him.” Which result in GD asking him “Why do you want meet him?” They then continued to jokingly talk and chat.
My friend mentions that Soohyuk totally loves Seungri, he takes very good care of Seungri. 
There was once during an NUTHANG meeting, Seungri was originally sitting in front of Soohyuk, then GD purposely sat beside Seungri and did all sorts of intimate stuff with him, the possessive kind.
We all know that Seungri lives together with GD right?
So GD’s mother will often go to their house to either clean up or make some food for them. 
One of these days, a couple of fans was hanging around their house and happened to see GD’s mother exiting the house. They went over and asked if GD, Seungri was home, but his mother replied that the two of them went out together. When asked when they will be back, the mother replies that she isn’t so sure about it. 
They continued chatting and one of the VIPs asked his mother “How is Seungri Oppa?”
The mother then replied “Seungri? That kid is very charming and knows how to get people to love him, just like a daughter.” 
Also, GD’s mother and Seungri’s mother is really close, right? Going overseas together and stuff.
GD’s friend (should be in NUTHANG) asked about Seungri. “Why do you care?” was GD’s reply. Then GD’s friend replied, “I think he is kind of cute.” GD then answered him “Seungri is mine.” Which resulted in the friend saying “Oh, seems like Seungri is very popular.” GD then answered, “That’s why I’m worried.”
I have a friend who is really close to someone in NUTHANG. 
Lets call him A and his friend in NUTHANG B. 
*Skipped cause I didn’t get how relevant it was to Seungri. Sorry~
B usually treated Seungri really well, so whenever they met, B will always GD about Seungri, but GD doesn’t really reveal anything about the BIGBANG members. 
B then told GD “When we he grows up, lets all go out together.” GD which in turn replied “Do we still need to say that?”
During 2007 concert, Seungri had to live in the hospital due to his leg injury. GD also collapsed due to the heavy schedule they have, both of them lived in separate rooms. There were a lot of speculations that GD was actually in the hospital with another member but the hospital confirmed that it was Seungri. (They also mentioned that even though they didn’t live in the same rooms, GD always went over to visit Seungri.)
This by a YG staff who seemed to really love NYONGTORY.
During one of their practices, while they were having their breaks, GD went out.
Seungri then followed GD out as well, the YG staff was curious so he also followed them.
It was at night so it wasn’t really clear.
GD was standing by the car smoking. Seungri told him “Hyung stop smoking.”
Seungri then coughed which in return GD smiled and laughed.
GD then removed one of his earrings and gave it to Seungri who happily accepted it. They then went back in after he finished smoking.
According to the rest of the entry, he noticed that GD’s earrings were usually either both green or both red. but one day, it became one green and one red.

This is more recent, this person helped to build the new YG building. When this person saw Gaho, he asked “Is this G-Dragon’s Dog? Why is he so obedient?” Then someone told him that Gaho actually bit Seungri so GD gave Gaho a strict lecture which made him like this now.
Nyongtory has always been the same. At the broadcasting station, I have seen them sometimes doing this, GD would sometimes bury his face into Seungri’s shoulder or hold his hands, or even call him loving pet names. 
Normally, he would call him Maknae but sometimes he would call him “Ae gi” (baby) or “Jagi” (Honey, usually in the lovers term) 
Everytime there is food, he would give it to Seungri first. 
GD often has a bored or blank look on his face, we don’t know why but he always does. But when Seungri is around, he always seem to be smiling or laughing. Everytime rehearsals end, he would find Seungri first just to take care of him.
During the filming of COFFEE PRINCE, GD fell asleep on the couch so one of the staff’s took a blanket and place it over GD who was sleeping. He then proceeded to kick the blanket off. After awhile, Seungri walked past and saw the blanket on the floor. He picked it up and placed it over GD quietly. GD then slept like baby afterwards without kicking the blanket.
*I skipped a lot of irrelevant stuff (I’m not quite sure why it is relevant to nyongtory ;-;)
My friend: “When is your birthday party?”
GD: “I’m going to attend now.”
My friend: “Why is GD TV not filming then?”
GD: “It has always been filming.”
We were supposed to leave after getting the signatures but I was curious about the rumours of BIGBANG’s dorm being split into two so I asked him about it.
Me: “Ah.. Why is BIGBANG’s dorm split into two?”
GD: “That’s not really true… I just live with Seungri.”
When he answered like that, I was really curious as to what he meant but he eventually answered my doubts.
“Because Seungri is my soulmate.” then laughed and walked towards his car.
I then asked the last question “Is Seungri attending your party?”
Then answered before getting in his car “Of course he is or I’ll torture him.”
Before closing his car door, he told us “I’ll kiss him all over his body to torture him” and then he left.
Leaving me and my friend in shock.
*I shorten a couple of things as this entry is REALLY long and some parts are not really needed.
I am actually a GTOP fan but after seeing GD and Seungri today, I became a Nyongtory fan. 
We saw GD and Seungri going to a smoothie shop and they were really giving out a lovers aura. 
The two of them ordered some bread and smoothies before sitting down to eat.
While Seungri was eating his bread, GD looked at him really lovingly. Just like a mother looking at his own kid. 
Seungri totally ignore GD who was looking at him, he ate his bread then drank his smoothie. Eventually finishing his own smoothie.
GD then gave his own smoothie to Seungri and then took out a tissue paper to give him so he could wipe his own mouth. 
Seungri then asked him “Hyung, aren’t you eating?” because he was chewing his bread, he pronunciation was not correct so it was very cute. GD started laughing very loudly. Honestly speaking, as a fan for 4 years, I have never seen GD laugh so happily before. 
GD lightly pinch his cheek before they started talking again and both of them laughed. 
Both of them observed the people around them before paying and leaving the place. My friend was complaining so I didn’t follow them any further.
After seeing them like this, I really think they are dating. Comparing it to GTOP interactions, GTOP seemed more like close brother. Nyongtory really seem like they are dating, I would never forget seeing them like this.
I saw GD and Seungri eating at a 2 storey restaurant in japan.
They were happily chatting while eating.
I’m not sure what they were talking about but it was nothing serious, just some lame jokes and they started laughing. They even made weird noises, like imitating toys?
After GD finished his bowl of noodles, he drank a few spoons of soup. When he saw that Seungri has some leftover noodles. He took them over and ate it.
I couldn’t see this while they were eating, but they suddenly laughed really loudly and GD almost fell off his chair. After they left, I followed out quietly.
I saw Seungri playing with his phone while GD was smoking. I know this isn’t right but I took my phone out to snap a couple of pictures. But before I could do it, GD’s eyes met mine and he quickly stopped smoking before grabbing Seungri hands and pulling him away.
Remember when BIGBANG performed with little BIGBANG? While they were backstage, GD took a couple of cookies and asked little GD if he wanted them. Little GD said yes, so he told little GD that he needs to kiss little Seungri before he can get them. Little GD then proceeds to kiss little Seungri which GD takes a picture of and shows it to Seungri later.
Seungri really hates the smell smoke has but he lives with GD… One day, when GD was leaning against the wall and smoking, Seungri entered and attempted to grab the stick so he could extinguish the fire. But GD stopped him and told him sternly “Take your hand away. You will get burned, I will extinguish the stick, just take your hand away.”
Q: What is BIGBANG’s hobby/interest?
TOP: I like to collect toys and figurines.
GD: I also like to collect toys and figurines too.. I like them so much that if someone touches them, i will get angry.
TOP: Really? I didn’t know we have the same interest. I have never seen your toys, where do you keep them?
GD: Beside where TOP is sitting. (laughs) - Beside TOP is Seungri
Seungri: GD likes to joke, this is a korean style joke.
GD: If someone touches my belongings, I get very unhappy. Something like toys.
MC: Like dolls?
GD: Yes! If someone touches them, I get pissed off. 
Seungri: What kind of dolls? 
GD: Like the one sitting beside TOP. - Beside TOP is Seungri
Seungri: (laughs) This is Korean style humour.
(There is no such humour in Korea)
MC: Is there anything GD feels hurt/upset about Seungri?
GD: Of course! Even till now, I still feel hurt!
V.I: There shouldn’t be anything. What is it?
GD: It’s always me who takes the initiative to text Seungri first, he never texts me first.
MC: Oh, why doesn’t Seungri take the initiative?
GD: That’s not even the worse, what makes it worse is that he replies really late and so, I asked why he replies so late.
MC: Oh oh! What is his explanation?
GD: He always says that he never expects to me message him.
V.I: I really didn’t expect him to text me! 
GD: When I text him, I always get very nervous so I always hold the phone in my hand, checking if he replies. But it doesn’t seem like this for Seungri.
V.I: It’s not like this. Really.
GD: I always wait for his replies, but Seungri doesn’t. He only replies when he feels like it. I’m very hurt.
This happened on 2011.3.20 
It was rainy and freezing cold.
We waited a really long time before we allowed to go in to see BIGBANG.
Whilst preparing, Seungri sang for us, it was really cute. All of the members laughed, but GD laughed the hardest.
He then told us “Our maknae is cute right? He always makes people love him.”
The other members just looked at him as if he is hopeless.
He then added, “He really makes people go crazy.” This made Seungri blush.
I know of a friend who is close with BIGBANG. One day, when he went drinking with GD and TOP, he noticed that GD kept holding his phone in his hand and looked really worried. This went on for a bit before he decided to ask him what is wrong. GD pretended that nothing is wrong and told him he’s okay. But even after a long time, he was still doing the same thing. So he asked TOP what happened to GD, TOP just replied, “He’s like this because of Seungri.”
GD was playing with Seungri’s hair.
Seungri who allowed him to touch freely said, “I’m nice huh.”
GD then said, “Even though two people are living together, I feel like I live alone.”
He’s trying to say that Seungri like a doll. 
Their relationship seems really good.
This happened during one of their rehearsals while they were having a break. Seungri played Strong Baby and started practicing on his own. GD who was watching him suddenly walked over to him and touched his body. During their practices, they would always play like this but their actions would seem really weird and awkward for a third party. When they are both sweating really badly after practices, they would still dance together, and it look really erotic, it was like that they were at a club, not caring for their surroundings.
When I went into the cafe, I was really tired so I zoned out.
But I suddenly smelled a really strong male’s perfume and turned around to see. I went OMG it’s my nyongtory when I realised it was them. I have seen BIGBANG a few times, but other than on stage, I have only seen nyongtory in public once. I kept observing them but I was quite far away so I couldn’t hear what they have said.
I didn’t hear what they say, but I saw their actions.
Both of them ordered cake? It was the same dessert and they either ordered coffee or hot chocolate, it was something hot. Both of them just sat there and ate their food. 
Seungri didn’t expect the drink to be so hot so he just drank it. When his face started showing the discomfort of drinking such a hot stuff, GD started laughing really hard. He told Seungri something before grabbing a tissue from the waiter and helped him cleaned his mouth. 
While GD was helping Seungri clean, GD said something that made Seungri laughed, Seungri then said something like ‘Ah~ Hyung~” 
Then GD continued helping him clean his mouth.
I think Seungri burned his tongue so GD signalled him to show his tongue and Seungri did. 
It just totally became a nyongtory zone. 
I wanted to take a picture but the people in front of me wasn’t them so I was afraid, I also wanted to go forward to get their signatures, but I was afraid that I would break the nyongtory zone. Thinking back now, I really regretted my decisions. Not taking a picture, Not getting signatures.
Not sure if it’s in August or September.
GD and Seungri went a store to have soup.
They sat in a corner and someone in the store observed them because he thought they looked like Seungri and GD. 
While they were eating, Seungri was burned by how hot the soup was.
He frowned, not knowing what to do. 
GD who noticed grabbed his chin and asked him to show his tongue.
Seungri did and GD blew some air on the tongue.
Seungri showed a disgusted face before saying “Ah~ Why are you like this?” which resulted in GD laughing really loudly.
It was raining and that person was going to cross the road.
He then saw two people, the taller one holding the umbrella and the shorter one just beside him. He then realised it’s GD and Seungri. 
When they were allowed to cross the road, Seungri suddenly snatched the umbrella and ran off. GD just laughed and followed along, being drenched in the rain. 
When this person made eye contact with GD, GD faster walked up to Seungri and he heard this conversation happened between them.
Seungri: Hyung. It’s on the right!
GD: Walk towards the left!
Seungri: Uh. I don’t want to. I want to go to the right!
GD: If we go left, I’ll buy good food for you neh?
GD used this method to hoax Seungri and eventually he agreed before both of them went left.
Seungri and GD went to buy clothes together.
GD didn’t try the clothes on himself and instead place the clothes on Seungri, “This one looks good right?” He started being all happy and excited by himself while Seungri was really calm. In the end, GD bought a bag full of clothes for him and looked really proud.
During the ‘She can’t get enough’ era, female dance partner was the focus.
During their breaks, They would always go out together.
If they were to go buy things, “I am following Seungri to buy it~” before they both disappear. 
GD would give Seungri a back hug and they would leave like that, Seungri would always complain it is hard to walk around in.
GD then let him go and just walked off by himself.
Seungri would feel uneasy and follow him out really quickly.
The members will then joke around saying that they are like a couple.

(translated by @jaylymle ✨)

The Talk - Haytham and Connor

Haytham laid awake, staring at the ceiling. Ziio had drifted off into the in between state of wakefulness and sleep. He, on the other hand, couldn’t find rest. “He never told me.”


“I’m his father and he never told me he was dating!”


“I don’t know what I did wrong, Ziio! I love him and I taught him everything he knows, yet my own son didn’t have the decency to inform me that he was dating… anyone!” Haytham rolled onto his side to stare at his wife’s back. “Did I do something wrong with raising him? Was I at the office too much? We use to have so much fun when he was younger and now he won’t even speak to me!”

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Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Summary: Is it true that love makes one blind? That you only see what you want to see? Does time really mend a broken heart? Bucky may not ever have the answer, seeing as he hid his heart away. Away from the light of day. And all because of you.  

Warnings:  I honestly don’t know what this is. Angst? Slight mention of alcohol, implied smut (because i’m apparently too fucking pure to write it), no sense what so ever. 

Word Count: 5027 (I don’t know what happened.)

A/N: I don’t know. This is horrible. It was supposed to be so sad, and ended up so bad. I did see the movie (mentioned) in the cinema = Based on real events. “No sacrifice, no victory” - Optimus Prime. + Check out the little playlist at the end, just because . It might make this sadder than it really is. 

A part of one-shot wednesdays ™  

Itallics are flashbacks.

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        Anonymous asked:What are the top five Dan roles he made you love?

He has that effect on me for sure. Just when I watching a show or a movie for entertainment I slowly begin to realize that Dan’s done it again. He’s made me care, even love, the character he’s playing. I care about that character in ways that I wouldn’t for a similar type person in another show. I love that character even though if someone else was playing him I’d want to slap his face. I’ve fallen in love with his character to the extent that five years later I’m still mourning him longer than his actual fictional wife!

Sigh… I feel a ramble coming on …

How does he do that??? Great acting dear boy…great acting!

James Harvey/The Ticket– I know that I should not love James Harvey as completely as I do. He left his wife after she had devoted herself to his care while he was blind. He left her to be with a younger, (in his eyes) more attractive woman because he could now get that woman as –with his sight– came an awareness of just how damned handsome he was.

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 At first he said it was for his family–a better car, a better job. But then it drove him to leave, to seek gratification in flashy clothes and other materialistic gains. And then it all went wrong. And he lost everything. His sight. His family. His faith. The prayer became a plea to God who was no longer answering the man who never bought a ticket but won the lottery anyway.  

Originally posted by gwendoline

Dan has said in interviews that James was not a perfect guy while he was blind. He said that prayer more as a man who was unsatisfied with his life but wanted to convince himself otherwise. And when he had the chance to try and change it to what he ‘thought’ he wanted… he did. …to devastating consequences.

I love this movie. It’s flawed… I think Ido Fluk had too much time to tinker and edit the life out of this movie and that’s a shame. It has such quiet moments of perfection. The slow dance between James and Sam as they both know he’s leaving is haunting and beautifully bittersweet. So well done by Dan and Malin it said everything in a wordless pas a deux. 

Originally posted by gwendoline

Ok…I”ll try to be shorter with the others…but you get the idea. Dan takes a character we are not necessarily supposed to like or to sympathize with but we end up doing just that because of the integrity of his acting that character to the best of his abilities.

Nick Guest/The Line of Beauty.  I love Nick in ways I never would have thought possible. I do want to slap some sense into him a la Catherine for so damned often being so willing to go along and bend his morals and his intelligence in the essentially impossible search for the beauty in every single aspect of his life. 

Originally posted by aliceleeeee

The beautiful high…the beautiful boy…the beautiful ogee curve…. He’ll never find it. The way Dan holds the screen with just a look or a glance astonishes me. You’re drawn into Nick’s internal struggle through those looks. You feel along with him.  He conveys everything with those eyes. That unspoken wanting. The knowledge he’ll never get the pure compliments and unconditional love he sought. 

Matthew Crawley/Downton Abbey I’m not going to go into all of it again. He created a full blooded character with flaws we understood and integrity that wasn’t false and a humanity that wasn’t bland or weak. None of that was in the script. It was all Dan. Dan finding the character between the lines in the script and developing him into of the best characters in period drama. I love him.

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David Haller/Legion  I had no idea what to expect from Legion when sitting down to watch other than it was from the Marvel universe and we were warned it would be a bit out there…  and it is. So into doing their own thing it’s either love us or hate us. And I love it. Bring on all the crazy to come in S2. I wasn’t looking for yet another character to love completely…and yet again there is David Haller. So vulnerable. So lost. That scene in Dr. Poole’s office where Dan describes the stars affected me in ways I can’t begin to explain. I knew I liked David before of course… but he was–like Nick–just sitting there open and vulnerable and true to himself (causing unforeseen consequences as a result)… and not the troubled junkie trying to shut out the voices in his head… but real. He did it again.

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Yes you did…

Prince/Beast -- I knew I was going to love Dan’s hard CGI work in Beauty and the Beast. I knew I would love a great musical. But I wasn’t a fan of the animated film. I didn’t have anything invested in these characters. But when his eyes flashed as the pre cursed prince and he flounced and flaunted for all he’s worth I was a goner. Gimme the trash prince.And then the curse…and the gentle giant Beast who’s learned his hard lesson in humility and humanity and thinks Belle’s village is awful and rather read King Arthur and knights and battles and stuff…and gives her the library…SIGH! I love him. 

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And then the transformation to where the prince has become a better man and can joke and dance with Belle and look forward to a happy future. I just love that character. And I love that movie to bits. 

Originally posted by adeles

So there you have it… Dan knows he’s after more than just having viewers admire his acting chops or take comfort in knowing that no matter who he’s playing it’s always him—no. He makes me see the characters he’s playing through his eyes. To sympathize and love the characters he’s playing. That’s a great actor. At least in my book.

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Can you do one like the one you did for Spoby's kid but for Finn? And it would be awesome if grace and lily can be older? Plz?

okay so in my ideal world finn comes first and Grace and Lily come later, but for the sake of this I will stick to canon xx

-so, Lily and Grace are like the most unidentical, identical twins ever. When she was 15 Grace cut her hair short, and bleached it so that she and her sister could be told apart.  It wasn’t because they didn’t get along, she was just sick of being called Lily because a lot her insecurities come from thinking she isn’t as good as her sister. 

-Grace is closer with Ali than she is to Emily, and Lily is closer to Ali than to Em. Obviously, everyone loves everyone equally but Grace often finds that Emily understands her a little better than Ali does, despite the fact that she completely adores her mom. Ali watches over Lily a lot, making sure she makes good choices and uses her popularity for good, not bad. 

-They fight. All. The. Time. They always did, even when they were toddlers they could never agree what programme to have on and one would always start crying as the other settled down. As they grew up fights became less frequent but more meaningful, and sometimes it takes weeks for them to mend the relationship.

-But they always do mend the relationship no matter how long it takes, because neither can consider being happy when they aren’t talking. It’s obvious to everyone when they’re arguing because they won’t make effort with anyone, not even their best friend, Ava Rivers. 

-Okay so also Lily is the studious one and plans plans plans for both them,  every semester she writes them both a study guide which (obviously) Grace doesn’t use but humours her with coloured pens and stickers to make it look like she does. Grace works, and has good grades, but is more likely to cram the week before than prep for months in advance. Their mothers don’t mind either method as long as the grades stay up. 

-While she is the studious one, Lily is also the ‘bad-ass’ of the two. She is fiercely protective of both Grace and Finn and when Finn went through his phase of bullying she shut it down before it became too big a deal. It helped that she was around 18 years old at this point, and was the biggest ‘It’ girl to ever walk the streets of Rosewood. 

-And, while they were best friends as well as sisters, that didn’t always follow throughout school. They didn’t spend every minute together and have very different social circles. Lily was Queen B (the good kind), and Grace was Queen B’s twin sister. But that’s how she liked it, Grace was never one to enjoy the spot light. 

-So, when their 7th birthday rolled around and part of their present was a baby brother, Lily didn’t quite know how to take it. For the most part, she was happy her moms seemed so happy, but she didn’t know what it was like not to have attention on her. 

-Eventually. when he did arrive, she fell in love with him. And she spent every waking moment looking out for him and protecting him since the day he was born. Grace found it harder to adjust, having less attention from Emily as she became more pregnant and then had to deal with a new born. She cried a lot in the beginning, but learnt to love him as much as her sister. 

-As the two of them grew older their love for their brother only became more intense. When the bullying became worse, and he lost strength to keep going, they- along with his moms- were often the only thing to get him out of bed in the morning (but that’s a whole nother fanfic, my friend)

-Finn was neither a Ma’s boy or a Mom’s boy. He spent as much time with his parents as he could, but he also had a particularly special bond with his Uncle Jason. Jason had taught him almost everything he knew about drawing, and they would often spend hours in Jason’s shed playing around with knew techniques and testing each other out. 

-Lily adored her Auntie Hanna, admired her fashion and her elegance and her knowledge, whereas Grace had a closer relationship with her godmother, Spencer. She liked to spend time over at the Cavanguhs, because Spencer was the kind of person she could sit in silence and read with, or sit and discuss anything from the English Civil War to X factor season 7 and still wouldn’t be bored. She also often became fascinated with Toby’s building material, spending hours watching him create things from nothing out in the shed in their back garden. She really admired the pair of them. 

-Out of both of his sisters, Finn gets along better with Lily, mostly because they have a lot in common. They both like to have their opinion heard, and were as stubborn as their mom. It sometimes caused arguments but it mostly just led to hour-long debates. 

-Finn’s dream had always been dancing, singing and performing.  He didn’t know where it came from but, all he could remember was falling in love with musicals and wanting to be in one himself. It caused him some problems along the way. 

-Out of the three, Grace was also the swimmer, which was maybe why Emily and her connected like they did. She couldn’t remember a time where she didn’t swim, and it was her dream one day to make it to the olympics. Her ma, while quietly jealous, was immensely supportive. 

-every wednesday night the 5 of them have an evening in watching movies, eating pizza and playing games. At first the kids fought against it, especially when the girls reached their teens and were still having to spend the night with their 7 year old brother, but secretly it was one of the best parts of their week. 

-Each of them LIVE for Ali’s cooking. Grandma Pam passed along all the top-secret Fields-Family recipes, knowing that Emily would never even want to attempt them, as part of their wedding present and after that, it became the norm for her to cook for them. She loved it. 

-I could go on for so,so,so much more about the Dilaurentis-Fields house but I won’t because I must sleep!! I may add to this in the future, I kinda fell in love<3 hope you liked it too!!

Nookie (Drabble Challenge)

27. “Oh fuck off” + Sehun

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon when you were supposed to be waiting for Sehun to come get you for your evening out. But he was late and hadn’t showed, and jongin was free.
You were having way too much fun, the music blasting and and having a stupid dance contest with Jongin. You were winning because all of his dances looked good, while you managed to succeed in looking dumb while dancing.
Jongin fell onto the floor laughing while you did something that looked like you imitating an elephant to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. The dance party was temporarily suspended while he held his sides and tried to collect himself.
Just when it seemed like he was finally stopping, you crossed your eyes and wrinkled your nose, causing a fresh wave of giggles. You gave him a minute longer before you felt the need to interfere.
‘Jongin, it wasn’t that funny,’ you told him. You tried to get a hold of his hands to pull him up off the floor, but as soon as you thought you had him, Jongin pulled you down with him.
Your own fit of laughter was perfectly timed as Sehun walked through the door, in time to see you and Jongin on the floor.
You knew you were in trouble right away. Sehun’s eyes darkened and his jaw set firmly.
‘What-what’s going on?’ He asked quietly.
Jongin knew too. He got up and brushed himself off, smile included.
‘It’s not what you think, I promise!’ He tried to explain calmly.
‘What do I think it is?’ Sehun replied. ‘Because it definitely looked like you on the floor with your hands all over my girlfriend.’
‘I-I-’ Jongin’s words failed him.
‘Oh fuck off!’ Sehun swore loudly.
Jongin swallowed nervously with wide eyes. He took a step towards him and you knew then that it was time to intervene before he was murdered.
‘Sehun, it’s ok,’ you ran over, stepping in between them and placing a calming hand on Sehun’s chest. ‘Trust me at least, Jongin didn’t mean anything.’
He opened his mouth to say something else, but you shushed him with a finger over his lips.
‘Unless you’re going to apologize, don’t say a word,’ you ordered sternly. Sehun gaped, blinking rapidly. ‘You were an hour late, and you were rude to Jongin,’ you explained.
Then it started. The pout.
‘But, Y/N-ah, he was touching you-’
‘That’s not an apology!’
Sehun, ever the man-child, wrapped his arms around you, leaning down far enough to hide his face in your neck and hair.
‘It’s ok, Y/N, I’ll just go,’ Jongin said quietly, making to go grab his jacket.
‘No, stay!’ you told Jongin. ‘Sehun, you have five seconds to apologize or you won’t get any nookie for a month,’ you threatened.
He groaned and walked over to Jongin.
‘I’m sorry,’ he started sullenly, ‘for catching you touching my girlfriend inappropriately-’
‘Oh Sehun!’
Sehun sighed.
‘I’m sorry for being mean,’ he said sheepishly, scuffing at a mark on the floor.
‘Now hug!’ you demanded loudly. Ok, so maybe you were taking too much joy in your power, but what the hell. If you got it, use it.
Sehun took a sharp inhale of resentment before complying. You winked at Jongin behind his back, a gesture that he immediately returned.
You were really glad that Sehun had listened. Now you didn’t have to wait a whole month for that nookie.

Thoughts When Listening to DEH

The fandom has probably gone over a bunch of this, and I’ve only listened to the soundtrack once so just disregard this.

  • It’s kind of… unnerving how predictable people are in You Will Be Found in how they react to Evan’s speech. It just highlights to me how everyone, or at least a lot of people, feel alone, and yet all we really do about it is share videos online.
  • Evan’s mom thinks that Connor’s family helped Evan, but he helped himself. She is very much letting her insecurities cloud her judgement; she’s human and it’s great.
  • “'Cause mom was all that she had to be” my hearT. He just felt like his mom was smothering him when she was just trying to fill the space his dad left behind,,,,
  • Overall the musical did a fantastic job of painting the parents as people with flaws and motivations as well as the kids it’s so good
  • Words Fail is my favorite song, just because there are so many layers and it’s so well done
  • Evan is such a dynamic (changing) character. It started out that he didn’t even want to go to school because of his anxiety, but then he goes and makes a speech and starts the Connor Project and owns up to his lies and steps into the sun; I’m so proud of him
  • Do we know why Evan has a cast? Because he was talking about falling out of a tree during a story, but I thought that was just a metaphor.
  • After his death everyone molds Connor into what they need him to be; it kind of reminds me of Heather Chandler
  • I’m a complete MBTI nerd, but I have a suspicion this is a very xxFJ-targeted musical. Just the vibe I got.
Just Kenji Things

Part 2/?: Dating

Part 1

What dates he takes you on:

  • Nights at The Grand. MC always hangs out there since they’re also Kenji’s boss, but when he’s got downtime from playing host, they drink and listen to the music and dance. 
    • Like half the time it’s all fun in the club and flirty
    • Or even sweet with the slow songs
    • But then the other half it’s all hot and bothered or slow and grabby and Kenji and MC just need to get a room
    • And yknow they eventually sneak off to that back office Kenji’s got cause he can’t get enough of MC.

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Headcanon: Dancer!Lily
•Lily had been taking dance classes since she was three
•Instead of dance, Petunia had taken piano so it was one of few things that Lily did without her big sister when she was younger, and therefore, one of few things untouched when Lily went to Hogwarts and Petunia stopped speaking with her
•Lily started out doing ballet and tap, did a few years of lyrical but quit the year she turned ten and did pointe instead
•In ballet and pointe she was a turner, like it was amazing she could do like quadruple pirouettes and not even be dizzy
•But she liked tap the most cause she could just zone out and let her feet do whatever step she was practicing at the moment
•When she went to Hogwarts she obviously couldn’t attend class every week but she went in the summer and practiced in abandoned classrooms at school
•James was absolutely amazed by this this redhead who could put her hair in a bun in fifteen seconds flat and cracked her neck like every five minutes
•"I don’t know how she does it Moony, and it’s always so perfect! Do you think Pads would let me try on him?“
•Sirius actually did let him try, cause Sirius loved getting his hair touched, but that’s a whole nother headcanon
•When she’d get up after a particularly long study session she’s lean back and her whole spine would crack at once
•And James always thought cracking knuckles was disgusting but somehow when she stretched like that it was mesmerizing
•She and Remus were friends and she tolerated the other Marauders but Remus was the only one of the group that knew she danced
•Cause he liked the music she used and sometimes when she practiced he’d sit in the classroom and study because it was quiet and Sirius wasn’t around to MUDDY UP HIS NOTES SERIOUSLY HOW DID YOU DO THAT WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT
•And he’d get her books about technique and different styles for Christmas and her birthday because three books on ballet history is not enough for Lily and that’s all that was in the school library
•Sixth year after the Big Fight when James and Lily were starting to make up and even make friends James asked Remus what to get her for Christmas
•And Remus suggested tickets to The Nutcracker cause he knew she loved it
•And James was confused cause he always thought ballets were boring so he asked Remus why she would want that
•"I mean seriously Moony ballets are so mind numbing wouldn’t she rather have some jewelry or something?”
•So Remus told him where she liked to practice and when to go
•But he didn’t say why
•So James shows up at this random classroom right before curfew on a Thursday night and she’s there
•She was in the middle of a tap routine to some kind of jazz music James recognizes from Remus and she doesn’t notice him until she’s done
•His mouth is just wide open like he’s completely shocked that he missed this all these years
•Like srsly the clues were all there she’d practice combinations in Charms sometimes keep up James
•And she’s kind of embarrassed cause she knows she did one too many ball changes right there at the end
•Also how did he find her? Like wtf was he stalking her or something?
•James explains himself over her usual after dance snack of chocolate chip cookies
•And she realizes he has no idea she made a mistake and he probably wouldn’t care anyways
•And then he asks if she’d like to see The Nutcracker with him over break
•And obviously she says yes that’s like her favorite Christmas anything
•Including her mom’s sugar cookies so that’s saying something
•So they go together and James picks her up and her mom is charmed
with this boy that Lily’s been complaining about for years but is now kinda sorta friends with
•And she’s so completely enraptured she doesn’t notice James watching her, equally enraptured
•And he buys one of those signed pointe shoes they sell that have already been worn
•She hangs it in her dorm next to her other shoes and pats it for good luck every morning
•And when they get back from break James Transfigures her a ballet barre because she had had to make do with a stick Remus found in the woods and she charmed up to stay for years because neither she nor Remus could Transfigure for shit
•And he starts giving her foot rubs after she practices
•And she starts to fall in love with this boy who delivers her chocolate chip cookies to her after practice and then talks while massaging her sore feet
•And he’s been in love since the first time she tossed her hair in a bun halfway through brewing a potion in class
•So it’s not that hard for her, after he carries a mirror into her practice room and sheepishly tells her he thought she might like to watch herself practice, to absolutely throw herself at him
•So what her tap shoes gave him bruises up and down his legs, so what she’s covered in sweat, they’re kissing, and it’s better than any dance she’s ever done
•and they all live Happily Ever After with No Betrayal and No Ridiculously Premature Deaths The End

Not that it excuses his actions...

…but let’s look into what we know about Blaine’s past; and why he is the way he is.

  • His father was neglectful both of Blaine and his mother.
  • He didn’t listen/care when Blaine’s mother was suicidal and asked for help.
  • Which led to Blaine’s mother committing suicide, because Angus didn’t bother locking up his gun.
  • You’d expect this would cause him to act/lash out, misbehave… too bad his his nanny was an abusive witch who-
  • Beat him.
  • Made him clean the floor with his tongue
  • Locked him in a fucking dog cage.
  • Killed his dog because he stole a pack of gum.
  • His father knew about all the abuse, but did nothing to stop it. 
  • Blaine found comfort/peace/solace in music, but then his hero Kurt Cobain ended up killing himself… exactly like his mother did.
  • The only person who gave a shit about him, his grandfather, was shuffled off to hospice care under shady circumstances.
  • He actually was smart. He had aspirations; developed widgets and such… but got kicked out of school because he partied.
  • He ended up selling beer/drugs to teens on behalf of Mr. Boss… despite the fact he was a privileged rich kid. It’s not like he needed the money, he probably got sucked into it by his own drug use… which we saw in the pilot.

Blaine is not a good guy, but he’s certainly the lesser evil when we consider the likes of Vaughn and Mr. Boss. I’m not taking up or justifying anything he did, but looking at what he has done…

  • He provides a service to Seattle’s zombies. While he turned many of them, which makes it extortion, we know he didn’t create all of them…
  • He didn’t know about the tainted utopium/wasn’t exactly in control when he scratched Liv/when the boat party shit went down.
  • We never saw Blaine have a vision in season one. I think this is key. I don’t think he ate the brains he sold… don’t you think he’d have some remorse or a moment of weakness where he turned himself in if he ate the brain of a teen who just saw one of his friends die? When he said he missed Zombie!Blaine and Liv called him out on the visions… his reaction was curious. We saw him kill some old running buddies in 1x02… it wouldn’t surprise me if even back then he was taking out the competition/Boss’ underlings. If they influenced his behavior, made him even more homicidal and despicable…
  • Technically we don’t know if Blaine is guilty of murder. He’s certainly an accessory. He ordered and profited off of the killings, but he we never saw Blaine himself kill anyone first hand with the exception of:

-Jerome, who was already dying/escaping from Julien. You could see it as putting him finishing the job and putting him out of his misery. He caught the kid, he wasn’t going to escape… but rather than let him suffer..? I know, this one is reaching.

-Jackie, who killed one of his employees and was a liability.

-Lowell, but it was in self defense…

-His grandfather, though it was euthanasia as much as it was for vengeance against his father.

  • He did try to kill Major, but to be fair Major just shot up his business and all his employees.
  • He had nothing to do with what happened to Liv’s brother, aside from giving him the job in the first place. The person to blame for the explosion was Suzuki.
  • The Zombie Hooker was already a call girl, he didn’t force her into prostitution so much as appointed himself her pimp… which itself is skeevy and gross.
  • Though he wasn’t forthcoming with Peyton, his interest in her seemed sincere; and even when she wanted to resign he tried to talk her out of it. Not for the sake of his moving against Mr. Boss, but her career. He actually seemed to care about her.
  • Though it’s to protect his own bottom line, he is cooperating both with Liv and now Major. His definition of BFF is overstating it, but he’s more of an uneasy ally than he is an enemy
  • He actually seemed to care about some of his employees. While some were/are disposable… see season one; he actually seems to have a fondness for Don E. and Chief. Even Candy, the girl who does his makeup. He gave her the chance to get revenge against his dad. It’s because of him that Angus had the latter two mutilated, but Blaine seemed to compensate them. Chief, the only zombie in Blaine’s employ… that we know of, got time off…

Blaine is not a good dude. Is he tragic and sympathetic? To a degree, but he’s also power-hungry, sadistic and narcissistic. All that said…

Backstabbed by Brand New

Note for the beginning: BNM’s point was actually quite in place since semi-finals and finals happen in front of a really huge audience. It’s understandable San E and VJ eliminated Black Nut instead of Hanhae ‘cause even tho he made a lyrical mistake (due some problems with the beat/music delivery or smth) he’s still able perform perfectly since he’s used to it thanks to Phantom and BNM activities

However, the other stuff they did just makes me sick..

• they made Hanhae feel like a jerk, he was emotionally down for two days but then gathered himself up in order to not let his hyungs and team down again, he worked his ass off just to be eliminated before getting the chance to perform

• BNM bent all rules in their own benefit, suddenly deciding they wanna “revise” their decision due to bad/hazy judgement; such nefarious acting is quite familiar to San E (I actually strongly believe this was rather his idea, but that’s my opinion). Honestly I don’t think it was about favorizing BNM, they just chose what seemed ‘better’ to them, but after the ‘diss battle’ announcement they immediately realized they had thrown away their black horse, their joker (since Black Nut is notoriously known for his disses)

• in a nutshell they were just selfish, they didn’t even consider the other team, they didn’t care about Hanhae’s and Black Nut’s feelings at all

• SMTM is supposed to be fair but after this it really seems that Mnet is just trying to bring the biggest drama possible. They simply shouldn’t allow something like this

• they surprised literally everyone because they did it behind other teams and even their own team members backs… Seriously what they did… it’s just disrespecting towards Hanhae’s effort. He worked hard. He wrote better lyrics, prepared better stage and suddenly, it was all gone. Furthermore they screwed Mino - who was supposed to go against Hanhae - as well. They cut a branch under whole PalJi team and I totally understand why Palo and Zico act so pissed at the end of the episode. Not just them

• Black Nut must felt like an idiot so it was relieving to see how he shoved his lyrics down the BNM’s throat, tho VJ’s reaction made me even more sure it was San E’s idea, after all he’s selfish and arrogant prick (and don’t get me wrong here I love his music but you can clearly see his true character in such situations)

• it just broke my heart when I’d seen Hanhae being on the verge of tears. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? They made him feel like shit, they turned him into some favorized BN’s toy and when he finally got himself together and put everything into that upcoming show San E and Verbal Jint casually decided to “change” their decision… just wth

• the whole thing was hella backstabbing. To Hanhae because either they should have eliminated him right that day of Official song mission or let him finish this job. To Black Nut ‘cause he already accepted being the one who was eliminated, also for being inconsiderate to his phobia/fright. To Mino ‘cos he had to completely change his lyrics in a short period of time + Hanhae is his freakin’ friend. To PalJi team because if Mino screws the diss thanks to that move it also means that whole group will be affected by it. To Zico because Mino and Hanhae are both his friends (fav one mind you) and it definitely wasn’t easy for him

• in case of Verbal Jint I really think he was feeling regretful not about their decision but about Black Nut and Hanhae and the situation they’d put them into just because their mistake/bad decision… and seeing Hanhae in that state of mind (they are from one company and know each other quite well don’t forget that) just made him feel sad/bad and same goes for Black Nut who wasn’t comfortable as well (he said it himself), it was visible he was feeling bad and was regretting it

• on the other hand San E just seemed pissed on Black Nut and his “open” and “straight-forward” lyrics (which were speaking fuckin’ truth)

• Paloalto’s death glare clearly says how’s the team feeling

• furthermore, maybe to make it even better, they didn’t even fuckin’ apologize for causing troubles and shit… like seriously? where are some manners?

• in my opinion Mnet shouldn’t allow it and just let it go the first - official - way, but that wouldn’t be drama right… Just as Brand New even Mnet haven’t considered feelings of other contestants… I mean with this rule-bending we could just bring Seo Chulgu back, right? Since he didn’t follow the rules as well

• btw: remember the first episode and Tablo not letting Crucial Star pass? I know it was kinda different situation but he still COULD do it but he didn’t because Show Me The Money was supposed to be fair. Guess that all was just a small talk…

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Dating I.M would be like / include?? (I love your blog btw 💘)

Thank you bb, I’m glad you like what I do <3

Dating I.M would include

  • You know this kid’s weird, I know this kid’s weird, we all know this kid’s weird
  • But he’s also as loving as he is weird, and that’s a whole lot
  • He’d be very physically affectionate
  • Your cuddle sessions could last for days if the two of you didn’t have jobs
  • Seriously, he’d have to be touching some part of you at all times
  • Like in the morning when he’s shaving and you’re brushing your teeth
  • You’d be standing shoulder to shoulder whether you wanted to or not
  • If you stepped away, he’d follow you
  • And every once in a while he’d jerk his elbow a bit just to fuck with you cause he’s playful like that
  • It’s all fun and games cause lol look at you you’ve got toothpaste on your cheek
  • “You look good with face paint. We should’ve had you in the All In music video.”
  • Well, it’s all fun and games until he accidentally sends your toothbrush up your nose I did something similar to this once to my sister it was hilarious
  • Then you’re aggressively blowing your nose while tossing your toothbrush in the trash and grumbling about how you’d have to get a new one
  • And he’s dropped his razor so he won’t cut himself and he’s bent over clutching his belly because he’s laughing so hard
  • You’re gonna have to wait however long it takes for him to pull himself together for any form of apology
  • Which will probably come in the form of
  • “You’ve got a bit of toothpaste here,” as he tries to stick his finger up your nose
  • Don’t be afraid to smack him, he deserves it
  • But other than being a lil bit of an ass when he’s playing with you, he’d be super sweet
  • Lots of little presents, usually in the form of a small dessert
  • Choco pies are A+
  • He’d want to try to play the pocky game with them
  • Thing is they’re too wide and you’d have to eat them from side to side and you’d just be laughing too hard to kiss at the end of it
  • And as touchy as he’d be, kisses are actually kind of rare
  • He’d just rather be cuddling than kissing, but if you asked for one he’d comply
  • He’d always be sending you stuff that he thought was funny
  • At least 75% of the time it’s a meme
  • You don’t know how many more derp pics of the other members you can take, but you put up with it for him ♥

Oh damn, I really let this one get away from me

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I had no idea that Dallon had to still work regular jobs in order to be in Panic. Considering that Dallon wrote the latest record along with Brendon, thats pretty shitty. The more I learn about the inner workings of Panic, the less respect I have for Brendon. He never talks about Dallons contributions to the record. He doesn't tweet/promote Dallons solo efforts. He just seems too egotistical and awful to work for. It makes me sad.

Yeah it kinda seems that way, doesn’t it? I dunno… I really wish that Brendon was more supportive of his bandmates too, especially Dallon who is still insecure about his place in the band, probably always will be. idk. You’d think they’d make more money, but then again how much of it goes to Pete and his companies or whatever, and how much goes to management and FBR and tour sponsors and all that… we don’t know. All we know for sure is that Brendon’s net worth is $4 million after 10 years of Panic! At The Disco/other side projects… which means he either made about $400,000 a year (false) or more logistically, he made much less when they started out and it slowly built into more and more each year from various projects and CDs and touring and all that. 

But either way, it’s bullshit that Dallon has to work ANY job other than the one he’s known for and supposed to be financially stable because of. Dallon doesn’t have all kinds of other projects like Kenny and Brendon. Dallon doesn’t go in and play bass for Butch Walker in his producing endeavors like Kenny often does on guitar… all Dallon has is Panic! and The Brobecks/solo projects, which make next to nothing in the $$ department. It’s just really upsetting for anyone who cares about Dallon and his happiness and well-being, and his family of course. Like, Spencer’s always getting $100 and up Lego sets for himself and meanwhile Dallon has “dad guilt” if he wants to buy anything for himself because he and Breezy have to split their money between themselves and their kids… I mean, granted, Spencer doesn’t have kids so he doesn’t have to worry about that, but Spencer also has a lot more money just from being with Panic! for so long, so he doesn’t have to work his ass off to survive. He just has to work to survive his addiction, and I’m not putting any shit on Spencer here for buying Legos.. there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just trying to put things in perspective when it comes to Dallon.

Sigh. Anyway, I’m done with my ranting but what I want to say is that I love Brendon… and idk, we don’t know the inner workings of the band from a business standpoint or otherwise, really. We don’t know how close Brendon and Dallon are these days, we don’t know what it’s like when they’re together on tour, we don’t know what it’s like when they’re all home in LA… we just don’t know. We can only make guesses and assumptions based on tweets and vines and pictures. So.. that being said, I wouldn’t put too much of this on Brendon.. not unless we know it’s Brendon making these decisions.. and I don’t think it is. Brendon is the lead singer, not only that but the frontman who’s been keeping the band together and going by himself since Spencer went home. Then again, if Brendon would have just leaned on his OTHER bandmate, and Kenny, then he wouldn’t have had to be keeping it all together by himself. All in all I feel it was a bad move to exclude Dallon from most of the press and music videos after Spencer went home. I understand why they did it, but in the end I feel like it caused a lot more problems and hurt people more than it helped Spencer or anyone else. But anyway, back to Brendon. Brendon’s the only one left from when the band started, so it really is his band now. And since Ryan’s not around anymore to keep Brendon from laying any claim to the band (which he always did), Brendon can finally take possession and feel possessive of the band. And while Dallon’s been playing with them for 5 ½ years now, he’s still the bassist, not the lead singer. He’s still a background face in the band, unfortunately… so it makes sense that he’s paid less, as much as it infuriates me. I don’t know how CD sales work, like who gets what cut from those… cuz if Brendon gets a larger cut of CD sales, especially on Too Weird where Dallon definitely helped write MOST of the songs with Brendon, then that’s really shitty. I dunno, I wish I knew more. I feel like someone with more knowledge of the music industry would be able to lend more insight. Like someoneworthfinding. Do you have any input on this?

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do you think Troye fell in love with the fuckboy Connor?? cause connor wasn't himself back when he met troye. so Troye must've fallen for his Fuckboy attitude?? I really dunno.

Okay two things. First of all, Connor wasn’t really a fuckboy back then. The misconception has become too common and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve watched Connor since 2012, and I never thought he was an actual douchey guy. He dressed the part, but he was still artsy and sensitive and never liked the crude things his friends would say. The only fuckboy-like things he did were post ab photos and like gangster music, which are normal for nice guys to do too.

Secondly, the Connor of 2013 was Troye’s type in 2013.  Back then, Troye seemed into the popular jocks who could make you laugh (that’s why people thought he’d be into dating Tyler). So it made sense for Troye to have a crush on Connor. As they entered 2014, they both started to grow as people fairly rapidly. By the time they were (or appeared to be ;)) a steady couple, both resembled completely different and more mature people. They weren’t each other’s types ANYMORE but suddenly they worked well together. Troye himself has confirmed that he didn’t know what his type was until it took him by surprise. His advice in December 2014 was that “maybe someday someone’s gonna blindside you and not at all be what you expected but they’ll be the exact person that you were looking for without even knowing that you were looking for them”


Hello all! I had such a great time tonight I don’t even know where to begin. I actually really don’t though because I wasn’t able to take notes tonight. So, this post probably won’t be too detailed but I plan to take some notes tomorrow. I’m tempted to say because I don’t have the setlist or other tidbits I saw written down, that this won’t be too long… but we all know that’s not gonna happen. Sunggyu’s my bias after all… we’re talkers lol. More under the cut ^-^

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