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Guys!! Guys, check it out! I’ve come up with an Eddsworld AU that I like to call “Piratesworld”!!! It’s based off “Pirates of the Caribbean” and, well, pirates in general, and I have A TON of ideas for a story for it!! Basically, in this AU Edd is the pirate captain of the “Greenwater”, a ship he bought with the help of his best friend and first mate Matt. Their crew is small, consisting only of Edd, Matt, a witchdoctor/shaman named Tom, and an outlaw named Laurel, but they venture out onto the open seas nonetheless, seeking fame, fortune, and adventure!

If you’re interested in seeing more of it, please let me know and make sure to reblog so I can see just how many people might be interested, considering I don’t exactly have many active followers. ^v^;
Anyways, if this gets enough attention, I kind of really want to make an ask blog or something of the like for it! Although, these are pirates, so it may contain heavy gore some partial nudity, and some sexual references, though they’ll most likely just be sex jokes. :P Nothing too explicit though! And all that mature stuff will be put under “sensitive content” as well, so don’t worry. I really wanna see this get some attention – I’m very proud of it so far!! :33

I forgot that I can’t look Tumblr with the app cause I don’t have a blacklist so I see things I don’t want to see

So I saw the new Black Canary costume… and really I know I might be childish or whatever but I felt like throwing up. Not for the costume or the actress per se. But the words “new” and “Black Canary” and a picture of someone who’s not Katie make me want to smash things.
Cause they killed Laurel cause they didn’t need a Black Canary on Arrow, right? That’s what Marc said. Then he realized that killing Black Canary and firing Katie was a huge mistake so instead of bringing her back and give her what she deserves (I’m talking about Laurel here not Katie) he decided to bring a new and improved version of Black Canary out of nowhere and has Katie back as Black Siren. Kind of like killing two bird with one stone.

He acted like two female characters are replaceable, like Dinah Laurel Lance didn’t matter cause they now have this new woman with a comic book name and it’s fine right? The important things is having a Black Canary, right? No matter who she is, right? Wrong. The only thing I can say right now is something I’ve been saying for the last year and a half. Fuck Arrow.
I have nothing against the actress or the character per se. But duck Arrow. This misogynistic show needs to crash and burn forever. It didn’t deserve a 5th season let alone a 7th.

They killed Laurel for Oliver’s and Quentin’s man pain. They killed her in the most insulting way they could think of. They let her last words be about Oliver’s love life. They disrespected her character in every possible way before, during and after her death. They didn’t give her the Canary Cry cause “no metas in Arrow it’s a show too anchored in reality” and then we had resurrections, magic idols and crap like this. And now they bring this new character who has everything that belonged to Laurel cause bringing her back was too hard? Well again fuck Arrow. This is disgusting. As I always say I’m glad for who’s excited for Black Siren and for this new Black Canary. But for me this show keeps falling and falling and falling and falling. Fuck Arrow So again call me childish but all of this makes me sick and angry and once again fuck Arrow fuck Marc.

For @losfrpw2k17, Day Six - High School/College, Canaryfire.

Summary: Laurel hadn’t expected a relationship to blossom when she agreed to help Mick pass their English Lit class and he to help her pass their shared elective, Mythology 101.

But a relationship did. 


Arrow S4 Appreciation Meme: ~Part 6~
Favorite Scene: Team Arrow (4x02)

Yeah Katie TOTALLY wants to steal Barry from Iris… cause it not like Barry & Laurel are friends in the comics …and Its not like her and Grant are friends or anything. Word of suggestion to the OF/Arrow fandom a lot of people in the WA/Flash fandom have actually read the comics & know that BC & TF isn’t a threat to Westallen and some even actually want katie & laurel on the flash sooo nice try at trying to get a raise out of people but…

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It’s Oliver and Laurel! It’s Lois and Clark!
—  I don’t agree! They are like Clark and Lana for me and only one thing come into my head “GET RID OF”! I don’t hate Katie, truth be told I like her, but I don’t like Laurel and honestly this whole thing “they are canon” make me sick! I don’t see chemistry, I don’t see romantic feelings, I see NOTHING! They can be good friends, but as a couple they are done. And I don’t like that writers try to obtrude their opinion upon people. Don’t do this, you better show us that it’s possible! Right now they can’t show this, that’s why I don’t believe in their romantic feelings. Not because I’m obsessed with Olicity, not because I don’t like Katie (cause I really like her), just because Laurel and Oliver have no chemistry between each other!
Who Does Oliver Need? The Black Canary or Felicity Smoak?

redpenandfern submitted: Hey, on my commute home I had a thought (yes, thinking about Arrow on my commute home, obsessive much?) and would love to get your thoughts being that you’re the “master of meta.” There is a segment that thinks Green Arrow must be with Black Canary because she could fight with him side by side. To me, those people seem to see him as Arrow first, (the superhero) and Oliver second, (just someone he used to be.) Therefore, Arrow’s ideal partner to them would be whoever can fight with him (never mind the fact that he already has people out in the field with him and Felicity is just as much fighting with him from the Arrowcave as anyone, but that’s just me). So I think it is interesting that this is exactly what is being explored this season…who is this person? I find it interesting that he chooses to be Arrow first, but at the end of Ep 2 admits that he doesn’t want to be. He wants a real life. Also, he says to Felicity “I thought I could be me and the Arrow…” acknowledging that he sees himself as Oliver first. The answer will likely be, he can be both. But what will that look like? I think we Oliciters see Oliver as needing Felicity because that’s the side of him we maybe connect with? Feel for? See as needing someone like Felicity. But others may feel GA needs BC. Someone to fight crime with. I don’t know much about the comics, so I could be missing what it really means to be GA. Wondering your thought on that dychotomy.

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