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The thing with steven being like 'no we can't fight back violently that would make us just as bad as them' reminds me a lot of avatar the last airbender - aang finds a way to stop the evil dude without actually killing him. I think su is trying to do something like that but for whatever reason that I can't quite place my finger on it feels so much more crappy and forced than the way it was in atla (maybe because the diamonds are much worse than the villain in atla? Idk)

it’s EXACTLY because the diamonds are much worse. and that’s saying a lot ‘cause jfc was ozai an awful dude in atla. i also think in atla there wasn’t as much emphasis on “but we’d be just as bad as theeeeeem” thing. ‘cause, quite frankly, that is not true for atla or su’s situation. fighting back against your oppressors NEVER makes you “just as bad as them”.

aang knew this and did what he could to defeat ozai. steven just… what IS steven doing to fight the diamonds?? what are the CRYSTAL GEMS doing to fight the diamonds?? 

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Okay so since the Severus Snape tag has just become overrun with loads of hateful comments and reposts and has just become a pretty nasty place for people to search for decent content on him, we’d really appreciate it if you’d start tagging any gifs and edits you make of Snape with: snapeedit.

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“You are not a monster you claim you are to me”

some aus,,,, i just love w all my heart but theres always exactly like 3 in any fandom and i sure as hell cant write for them w/o creating an entirely new online persona for this and it k i l l s m e

Took a little break and doodled a scarf party. ╰(▔∀▔)╯

It all started with Papyrus, that’s why he refuses to wear another scarf.