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Happy Birthday Izuku <3

Originally for @bakudeku-week but it’s one hour from 12 am on the last day, so i think i’m late for the party ;A;


The only thing I’m ashamed of… is that I didn’t do something to save him.

It wasn’t your fault.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i want to ask how to be good in French. I am learning Frensh for few years now and sometime words synomymes or sentence structure and bloody hell 'conjugaison' drive me insane. so can you give me a little help? And thank you.

My advice is to go and try to learn something else because French is the Devil’s second name x_x It’s okay when you’re a native but when you’re someone who tries to learn when older, let’s say you might be very easily discouraged.

Honestly, I have no idea what advice to give you, other than the fact that french sometimes is fancy on purpose to the point where it’s hard to understand, that objects have a gender, that when something is in plural we put “s” at the end of nouns and “ent” that we don’t even pronounce at the end of third plural person conjugated verbs - basically, good luck. :’D


“That’s the worst interpretation of his accent I’ve ever heard…

-also, please stop, I don’t want you to tell me you’re going out to grab cigarettes and I end up eating a special serving of ‘HAWK’ for dinner.”

Matthew Brown joins the escaped serial killer crew <3

He’s going to be a bit of a challenge to put up with  ;]

You know what, working in customer service is sometimes so fucking frustrating.

I get ‘’Are these shoes meant for boys or for girls?’’ all the fucking time.

Like, if your heteronormative blinkers can’t safely take you down the ignorant path of heteronormativity, I sure ain’t gonna fucking help. Bitch.

you know what lowkey fucks me up and i need in future seasons?? alec and magnus casually being in each other’s proximity without even touching?? like consider:

- the Gang hanging out at the loft for either Serious Business or no particular reason, magnus sprawled in one of his comfortable lounge chairs, swirling a drink in his hand and engaged in conversation with the others, while alec just absentmindedly decides to sit on the armrest focused on whatever they are talking about and occasionally contributing, sharing amused looks with magnus whenever simon starts his overly excited rambling

- during a briefing before a very important mission at the institute, which magnus has to attend as well, nobody really cares about seating arrangements because there aren’t enough chairs for all of them anyways so izzy sits on the table with one leg dangling off the side, clary next to her on a chair and jace stands, hunched over a map. magnus sits at one end of the table, legs crossed, making that boring office chair look like his throne and alec stands next to him, one arm draped over the back of the chair (maybe or maybe not playing with his hair occasionally, even if magnus playfully slaps his hand away once in a while because ‘mind you, i spent an hour on my hair this morning, alexander!!’), and nobody makes any teasing comments bc they’re used to it by now

- during a battle, both of them on high alert, back to back, making sure they cover as much ground as possible, twirling gracefully like in a dance, blue flames circling magnus’ fingers and alec’s arms stretching in fluid motions, his bow and quiver an extension of his limbs, communicating without even saying a word, just sensing the other whenever something is wrong and working together to Kick Ass

- them finding each other when they’re in a group setting/room full of people and always ending up standing next to each other, alec’s arms crossed, both sporting unimpressed glares at whoever is talking (probably a clave representative or even alec’s parents), most definitely rolling their eyes in unison and bumping shoulders once in a while, sharing quick amused glances and smiling to themselves, doing their best to keep a serious stance and pretend they are actually paying attention and not just making heart eyes at each other

but yeah anyways casual proximity is what i’m getting at

me: takes a 30 minute shower, nearly floods the whole bathroom in the process but cleans up after myself and mops the fucking floor cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle

my housemate: takes a 5 minute shower right after me but when i walk in the bathroom it looks like hurricane Irma found a new place to hit and Sebastian starts singing Under The Sea in the background