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What happened to Texts Between Gems?

Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing well. A lot of people have been asking where I’ve been. I don’t usually share much personal information online, but I suppose I can spare a little bit.

Full disclosure: I am a college student and I’ve had a very busy semester. These past few months have been full of incredible new opportunities, experiences, and achievements for me in my life away from the internet.

I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to do, but I’m sad that this blog fell to the wayside. I love to write, I love TV and I love engaging with other fans online. I wish I could always have time for that.

That being said, the semester is wrapping up and very soon I will have time. In fact, I fully plan on posting texts along with the new Steven Bomb as it airs on TV this coming week.

I’m excited to be back! Running Texts Between Gems brings me great joy, and I hope that you will share in that joy with me as I become more active again. I appreciate you all. You make being a fan so much fun.

That’s all. Thanks, everyone!


macdennis week
day one: favorite quote

Is that soy veggie health drink supposed to erase the damage you did to your liver last night?

Side quests that are out of character for your PC but give lots of money/exp

The greatness of Allah

Ibn Al-Qayyim (رحمه الله) said:

He governs the affairs of the various kingdoms and He commands and forbids, creates, sustains, gives death, gives life, gives power, strips power (to and from whom He wills) and alternates the night and day. He gives varying fortunes to people and alternates governments (and states), destroying some and bringing some into existence. His Command and Power are dominant in the heavens and their zones, the earth and all that which is on and in it, in the seas and in the air. His Knowledge has encompassed everything and He counted everything. He hears all types of voices and they do not confuse Him. Rather, He hears each voice in its distinct language and need, and no voice will make Him busy from fulfilling the need of another, and no need will ever escape His Perfect Knowledge (and His Power to deliver).

He does not become bored because of the many needs of those who need. His Sight encompasses all that which there is. He sees the movement of a black ant on a barren rock during a dark night. To Him, the Unseen is uncovered end the secret is secret no more,

“Whosoever is in the heavens and on Earth begs of Him (its needs from Him). Every day He has a matter to bring Forth (such as giving honour to some, disgrace to some, life to (some, death to some, etc.).” [Quran 55:29]

He forgives an evil deed, makes depression vanish and brings reprieve from disasters, relief for whoever needs it, wealth for the poor, guidance for the misguided, light for the lost, help for he who is desperate, fullness for the hungry, cover for the barely clothed, cure for the ill and ease for he who suffers. He accepts he who repents, gives reward for he who does good, gives aid for he who was dealt with injustice, destroys an arrogant person, covers mistakes, gives safety after fear end elevates some people and humiliates others.

If those who inhabit His heavens and His earth and all those whom He created, whether mankind or the Jinns, had hearts similar to the most pious heart, His Kingdom will not increase.

If all His creation, whether mankind or the Jinns, had hearts similar to the heart of the most wicked heart, this will not decrease from His Kingdom. Also, if all those who inhabit His heavens and His earth, all mankind and all the Jinns, the dead and the living, stand up on one strip of land and each asks Him for his need, and He then fulfils their needs, this will not decrease from what He has a bit.

He is the First, nothing is before Him, the Last, nothing is after Him, the Most High, nothing is above Him, and the Most Near, nothing is nearer than Him. He, Exalted and Ever High as He is, is the Best Whom one can and should remember, the only One Who deserves to be worshiped and thanked, the Kindest of all those who own and the Most generous of all those who are asked to give.

He is the King Who has no partner, the One Who has no competitor, the Samad (Self-Sufficient) Who has no offspring, and the Ever High, none like unto Him. Everything perishes save His Face and every kingship is bound to perish except His.

He will only be obeyed by His Leave, and His Knowledge uncovers all disobedience to Him. When He is obeyed, He thanks for it, and when He is disobeyed, He grants forgiveness (for those who truly repent to Him). Every punishment from Him is just and every bounty is a grace. He is the Closest Witness and the Nearest One with His Perfect Care. He controls the forelocks of everything and has the full records of all deeds end the books of all ages. The hearts are unmasked to Him and the secret is unveiled. His giving and punishing is merely a Command, “Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, ‘Be, and it is!’” [36:82].

[“The Weakening of Faith - Its Symptoms – Causes & Cure” by Shaykh Muhammad Saleh al-Munajjid]

reasons why shattering homeworld gems isn’t a great thing to do

okay so the crystal gems are fighting for the liberation of their kind form the tyranny of homeworld, and because of this, shattering homeworld soldiers would be against their cause. this is because homeworld soldiers are victims of the same tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against.  these new eps have firmly established the fact that gems are born knowing their purpose, jasper in recent eps is a prime example of this. her purpose is to serve as a loyal solider, as all quartz are supposed to. bismuths are builders, the engineers. the homeworld soldiers are victims of this system because they are simply living out their purpose. they are living the roles that the diamonds had neatly set out for them. bismuth established that rose quartz was able to show gems that they can be more than what they were created for, that they don’t have to conform to the lives that the diamonds gave them, that they can create their own purpose. the majority of the hw soldiers haven’t realized that, and that they don’t have to obey the diamonds forever. loyalty is forced on gems from the moment they are born (this is supported by peridots long lived loyalty for yellow diamond, who literally abandoned her on earth ) except for the probable few that that truly believe in homeworld’s cause,  most of the gems in the war are victims of the system they were created in.

basically, shattering hw gems is killing innocent victims of the tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against, and if you’re harming the same victims that you’re trying to save, then are you really fighting against their oppressors?

anonymous asked:

I may have already told you but seriously Logan and collecting gems will always be my favourite hc. They are comforting and decorative and mean things and its just such a good fit for Logan. And Its also awesome for ships cause they get different stones/gems. Princey is Rubies and Tourmaline and Patton is Sapphire and Aquamarine, Virgil is Amtheyst and also Obsidian and Onyx. Logan is A Crystal cause he see's clearly. And together they make a galaxy opal. Prinxiety is BloodStone.

Whoa this is very well thought of and sounds pretty cool! Yes, I think collecting stuff fits Logan pretty well and gems sound really fitting too!

Tbh I don’t know a lot about them but sounds awesome and 100% Logan

Gem Headcanons

Stevonnie is bigender, prefers they/them pronouns

Amethyst really like purple things, especially grape soda

Lars is a straight trans guy, and Sadie is a bisexual cis woman

Steven grows up to be transfeminine, Connie grows up to be transmasculine

Rose also used fae/faer pronouns (she thought they were cute)

Greg got his facial hair when he kept forgetting to shave for a couple weeks in a row; Rose liked it, so he kept it after she stopped existing

Steven is probably the first in his family to not have a chronic hoarding problem

Steven is panromantic/sexual

Connie is aromantic bisexual

Steven will have a band at some point, one-man or otherwise; his music will be loved by few, but mostly ignored

Connie probably grows up to be a talented author, a dabbling musician, and a casual athlete

Steven ends up living with or near the gems for most of his life, mostly to keep in touch and help with magical things

Peridot secretly just wants to be accepted and be her own boss for once; she eventually joins the Crystal Gems

Jasper and Lapis eventually separate; Lapis joins the Crystal Gems, while Jasper runs off to formulate her revenge, and try to find a way back to Homeworld

Real life malachite releases a toxic gas when submerged in water; the ocean around Beach City is slowly growing deadly, which will eventually cause all its citizens (aside from Steven, Connie, and the Gems) to evacuate, leaving Beach City a ghost town

Sour Cream will go on to developed music for video games and movies

Lion is mostly immortal, as well as a reformed gem-monster (Rose Quartz, as the Rose we know is likely Rose or Pink Diamond)

Centipeetle is Vesuvianite, and will eventually be reformed.

Pearl is autistic, and has OCD

Connie has Social Anxiety Disorder

The giant axe from Rose’s Scabbard belonged to Rhodonite

Alexandrite + Rose Quartz would result in a far more stable fusion

Pearl likes pie, not in the traditional sense, but because she enjoys the aesthetic, process, scent, and concept of pie

Garnet is best mom

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please don't call the gems ladies. they're canonically agender and it's causing dysphoria.

I’m agender too, what a coincidink. 

But it’s important to me to call them ladies, because I don’t get to be agender in my home space, there I’m a lady. Relating to the gems as ‘ladies’ helps make that situation easier for me.

Aside from that, specifically, the lesbian-coded?? depiction of Ruby and Sapphire is very important to me for an irl situation. I see those two specifically as “girls” in my eyes, and would like to keep it. 

Though, me drawing one thing does not mean that it squashes someone else’s things. Agender gems are good. Lady gems are good too. So are mister gems.

Sorry if I blabbed a lot… But fan depictions of things is a discussion I like being more open and fluid.

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So I had this headcanon that Karkat is afraid to show his gem, not cause of like the color or anything, but cause it's just like a rock. Like all the other gems get shiny polished faceted surface, and his is just pure unshaped unpolished, but pure, bloodstone. What do ya think?

p good man