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(( @flower-thorns and I were talking about Aven and Vana in kigarumi’s so I couldn’t not draw them.eve Aventurine has an alligator.:0))

((I also added @ask-team-toleration cause I imagined Beni as a shark.<3))

reasons why shattering homeworld gems isn’t a great thing to do

okay so the crystal gems are fighting for the liberation of their kind form the tyranny of homeworld, and because of this, shattering homeworld soldiers would be against their cause. this is because homeworld soldiers are victims of the same tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against.  these new eps have firmly established the fact that gems are born knowing their purpose, jasper in recent eps is a prime example of this. her purpose is to serve as a loyal solider, as all quartz are supposed to. bismuths are builders, the engineers. the homeworld soldiers are victims of this system because they are simply living out their purpose. they are living the roles that the diamonds had neatly set out for them. bismuth established that rose quartz was able to show gems that they can be more than what they were created for, that they don’t have to conform to the lives that the diamonds gave them, that they can create their own purpose. the majority of the hw soldiers haven’t realized that, and that they don’t have to obey the diamonds forever. loyalty is forced on gems from the moment they are born (this is supported by peridots long lived loyalty for yellow diamond, who literally abandoned her on earth ) except for the probable few that that truly believe in homeworld’s cause,  most of the gems in the war are victims of the system they were created in.

basically, shattering hw gems is killing innocent victims of the tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against, and if you’re harming the same victims that you’re trying to save, then are you really fighting against their oppressors?

I think I’ve pegged exactly what bugs me about Amethyst tossing Peridot’s limbs over the edge in Catch and Release. It’s multifaceted, but here goes.

While we don’t have an obvious, visceral indication- like Peridot not having limbs without them- it’s abundantly clear that those enhancers are some kind of assistive technology that Peridot is dependent on. Consider Homeworld’s mindset of utility, plus the fact that they tend to be kinda bad when it comes to taking care of people: if Peridot did not have a serious “medical” need for those I don’t think she’d have access to them given what her social status seems to be. So first and foremost, it’s the metaphorical equivalent of capturing a wheelchair-bound individual and then kicking their wheelchair into traffic while they aren’t in it. You can argue that the arm pieces at least are a dangerous weapon, but you can’t ignore the fact that the escape pod is practically armed to the teeth and the Crystal Gems methodically kept and stored that.

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Speaking of corrupted Gems, I was thinking about this the other day in regards to my ‘how a Gem can die’ theory. Like, we don’t know what causes Gem corruption, we know its not cracked gems because none of the monsters we’ve seen have cracked gems and the only Gem we’ve seen with a cracked gem was Lapis, who was not a monster.

So now I have a theory on Gem corruption, related to the theory I linked above. Spoilers for the Steven Universe comic #5 under the readmore

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jasperbuffcheetopuff walked in on a contract


 Jamar stabbed the gem monster he was fighting with his energy-enhanced boken. The monster swiped after him, sending him flying. He halted himself in mid air, guiding himself to the ground.  “DIE” Jamaar yelled, flashing forwards and cleaving the monster down the middle, causing it to disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving its gem. “Got it.” He picked up the gem, unaware that he was being watched.