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E/R canon era + magic short prompt?

 The rose appeared suddenly, falling gently between the pages of Enjolras’s book. It was small, not completely bloomed yet, and whiter than any roses Enjolras had seen before, though he rarely paid attention to flowers, to Prouvaire’s great chagrin. Enjolras stared at it for a long moment, thoughtful, before carefully brushing his fingers against it; there was a brief spark of gold, and the rose shivered, its base turning into pale pink. Enjolras’s lips twitched. 

He raised his eyes. Everybody, caught into the febrility of their close victory’s aftermath, seemed restless and busy; Courfeyrac, who could not stay still, spent his days between the Musain and Pontmercy’s family house and was absent right now; Prouvaire had not looked up from his notebooks for days; Bahorel invited men upon men to join them to talk of their expectations, and he and Feuilly were sitting in the back of the room right now, with two respectable-looking gentlemen. Combeferre, carefully sitting as to not hurt his chest even more, was showing moving maps to a quiet but interested Louison. Joly, his cane raised high, was trying to find the ideal temperature for the room. Bossuet, leaning against him, made sure the glasses of everybody stayed full. 

Grantaire, sitting next to them in silence - a rare feat - stared back at Enjolras when his eyes finally fell upon him. His gaze was soft, if slightly troubled, and there was a bit of pink on his cheeks - was it shyness or embarrassment? Neither seemed to belong on his face and yet, Enjolras found he didn’t mind it at all; like the rose, clearly Grantaire’s creation, which was warming up against his skin. 

If Grantaire lacked any subtlety, its magic had always been even worst, somehow - Enjolras had spent years sitting in chairs much too comfortable when Grantaire was around, feeling a breeze of fresh air in summer when there was no wind and everybody was desperate for it, receiving little gifts of sort - a pen when he’d forgotten one, a glass of water when he realized he hadn’t drank in several hours, or a candle when the fire had dimmed too much and he could barely read anymore. Every time, it’d seemed obvious to Enjolras that Grantaire was behind it all - his magic, wild and emotional and generous, was as familiar to him as one of an old friend, despite their difficult relationship. 

Neither of them had ever said a word to each other about this, but perhaps it was time for this to change; perhaps, Enjolras thought, remembering the glint in Grantaire’s eye, two weeks ago, when he loudly pledged himself to their Republic, they’d already took a step toward change without quite realizing it. He gently picked up the flower, and slipped it into his waistcoat’s pocket, still looking at Grantaire. 

They did not smile, and they did not speak; but the rose bloomed fully over Enjolras’s heart and a few soft golden petals fell near Grantaire’s fingers, like a caress. 

i feel like we all, as a fandom, don’t talk about japanese shinee releases enough

college will be so good for adam parrish, though.

even though it will be Private and Expensive like aglionby is Private and Expensive, he’ll be able to wear his scholarship with pride instead of trying to tuck it away out of sight with his bruises. he’ll be able to look at it as proof that he deserves this, he survived and earned it and not a continued reminder of his background, of having to accept scraps and work himself to the ground.

he’ll have a job but he’ll only work twenty hours a week, max, and he’ll remember how much he actually likes putting cars back together while in the rest of his time he’s attending classes that will eventually give him the means to put people back together.

he’ll find people like him among the trust-fund kids, that grew up wanting to be more and having to struggle every step of the way, continually picking themselves up as they were knocked down. he’ll talk to them about how, once he’s done with medical school and found his footing as a doctor, he wants to start a foundation for kids from abusive backgrounds to make damn sure the little adams out there can make it as far as he has.

he’ll go to parties and his stomach will stop clenching up at the smell of alcohol. maybe he’ll even have a beer, now and then. he’ll stop having that brief flare of fear when his shoulder is jostled or someone moves to quickly in his peripheral vision. he’ll be able to laugh it off when he jumps at the sound of a door slamming and mean it.

he’ll make the top of the dean’s list every semester. he’ll have more scholarships and interning opportunities and invitations to this or that thrown at his feet. he’ll get the best mcat score in the nation the year he takes it and he’ll still have gotten enough sleep every night he studies for it.

he’ll have classmates that know him because of him, not his friends, and they’ll like him and, you know what, adam will actually like them back. it won’t ever be the same as what he has with gansey and blue and ronan (and noah), but he’ll learn to open up to more than just his friends, show how huge his heart is and let people care about him.

he’ll be known by his professors as an engaging, passionate student with an incredibly bright mind and he’ll be known by his peers as a stupidly pretty, equally stupidly smart guy with a dry (but nevertheless great) sense of humor and a smile like the sun (and that accent, damn).

he’ll be adam parrish, free of his past and free in his future, desirable even in his flaws and admirable in the ways he overcomes them, healthy and happy and whole and loved and everything he always was, but circumstances wouldn’t let him be.

(college will be good for ronan lynch, too. at least, having adam go to college will be. here is this boy that he loves, that was once a fragile thing cut so deeply that even ronan’s sharp edges couldn’t faze him. this boy that he’d worried would pick up the shards of himself to painstakingly put back together again only to leave something important behind in the process. here is this boy that he loves, grown into a man that is strong, with scars that are fading every. because of ronan, yes, and gansey and blue and noah– but more than anything because of himself. ronan will see adam off to college and he’ll be fiercely proud of all his boyfriend’s accomplished. he won’t worry for a second that adam won’t be back, or he’ll find someone else while he’s away, because he has the utmost faith in what they have, in adam’s love.)

After reading y’all comments and suggestions, I decided:

ITS NEW ART STYLE TIME! (who is surprised?)

This time, I’m going back to a more show-style oriented look, but I’m gonna keep the ears, cause they’re cute. Muzzles will be a bit more rounded and backlegs a bit more pointy that the ‘normal’ style, but I’m not so sure about the legs yet. Also, eyes. They will be this cool variation I just found and fell in love with.

Sadly, this means no more shoulders. =(

Lets see how long I’ll be able to keep this style going till I change it again.

Thanks everyone for your input (and if you have more, shoot it my way!)



Lil thing I noticed

so this is a tiny detail I just noticed in The End Of The Galaxy and may not be a huge thing but…

When Hater’s acting ‘happy’ or in other words ‘not evil’ his irises are green

But when he acts ‘evil’, they turn red

BUUUUT when he goes to chase Wander at the end….

Green! C’mon, this has GOT to be a thing….

that gay pilot promo pic is actually fucking me up cause at first glance for like a millisecond i was like “oh what’s this gay british mid 2000s queer as folk rip off that looks like a mid-budget softe porno” and it’s like dfhshjghfjfd oh wait

ok wrt the mei icons i made i have ones w citrine ana too and they look so good only cause its a really really good shot of ana like

look at that pose. the angle. the expression. i love this woman with my whole heart and with every fiber of my being

anime that isnt appreciated enough:


Mob Psycho 100

Joker Game

91 Days

Sakamoto Desu Ga

Nabari No Ou

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


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