cause it's late

keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 

ethan things to appreciate

~because yes.

  • his super squeaky laugh
  • his poofy hair that looks like blue cotton candy
  • his sweet lil smile !!!
  • when he rambles about weird stuff
  • his EYES
  • beanies!!
  • when he talks in a british accent (or any accent..)
  • any time he get a compliment he acts all cute and just adksjdfnknvfd
  • has a super squishy face
  • plays ukulele
  • and sings amazingly?!?!! I need more??!
  • stays true to himself
  • doesn’t care about what others think of him
  • his love for the community
  • backflips for days
  • pretty much always derpy
  • hIM.

That is all.


Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay


“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.


Two very different kind of evil.


Can we take a moment to realize that Zhan Zheng Xi is such a great friend? I didn’t realize how many times he worries about Jian Yi, takes care of him or shows affection until I made this compilation. Now I’m fucked up, lmao.

He really really loves Jian Yi.

Give me secretly hyper-protective Akaashi who is Set Off by people doing wrong by/talking shit about Bokuto. Spirit-of-vengeance-Akaashi who will plan your murder on the spot.

notsoperfect-sims  asked:

It wouldn't let me send a message so I have to do it in question? Lol. I just wanted to say thank you for showing love to my blog it means a lot since I just started and have no idea what I'm doing! I returned the love back not just because I am very thankful but because your blog is awesome! Thank you so much for sparing your time to look at mine♥

Thank you so much. <3 I usually send a lot of “asks” to people just to message them too so it’s all good. Welcome to the community, I’m loving your posts! Mine looked like poo when I first started posting on here. XD If you ever need anything/help or a question feel free to message me! <3 I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly (I always wonder if people mind) I just feel like more people should check out your posts! They’re awesome. :D