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College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


Jack Zimmermann had a giant crush on Lardo when he first met her


Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed

Bed Time Story

it’s been way too long since i’ve written, so here’s some underfell skelebros fluff! Based pretty much entirely on @stuffedart‘s amazing lil comic, i tried to change it up a bit but their skelefluff is too pure… too good… i can’t really improve it. 

anyways, here’s a short little fic! Papyrus has a nightmare and asks Sans to read for him~

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headcanon that ronan gets gansey very drunk one night and in his alcohol induced stupor, with ronan egging him on, gets giant raven wings tattooed on his upper back in jet black ink, all the way down the back of his arms to his elbows and the words “regis corvi” written vertically between the wings.

i feel like we all, as a fandom, don’t talk about japanese shinee releases enough

You know the Secret Trio thing with Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham, and Jake Long? Yeah. I’ve started adding Adrien Agreste with them. It has become a squad now. Just imagine the head canons!

  • Playing video games together as a bunch of nerds
  • Fighting over what video games they should play together
  • Danny using a ghost portal to take everyone to France just so they can hang out in Adrien’s awesome room (cause it’s the best one)
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over not being able to fly
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over being raised by single parents
  • Adrien constantly messing with Danny’s parents ghost tech and activating it around him
  • The others laughing at Danny covered in goo or being chased by some lasers
  • adrien constantly apologizing even after danny tells him “it’s ok. Happens all the time.”
  • Plagg randomly popping up in someone elses bag and chatting with them
  • Then they have to call adrien whos freaking out cause he can’t find his kwami
  • Contests!
  • Who has the best catchphrase
  • Who has the best transformation
  • Who has the best hair (adrien and jake really get into fights about this)
  • Who has the best quips, puns, and one liners in battle
  • Who is the best at video games
  • The other three finding out about his crush on ladybug
  • The other three teasing him mercilessly about it
  • But they can’t give him any advice because they’re all awkward around girls
  • Jake teaching adrien martial arts
  • Jake teaching adrien how to breakdance
  • Fu and Plagg know each other from a long time ago
  • Fu and Jake helping Adrien find out more about his powers and where it all came from because Plagg is no help
  • Adrien sword fighting with randy
  • The other three accidently revealing his identity as chat noir to nino
  • “Why would you SAY that!?”
  • “All our best friends know! We thought nino did too!”
  • But then the four and their best bros all hanging together and playing video games
  • Adrien randomly cracking ghost puns to which Danny responds with cat puns
  • Everyone around them wanting to bash their heads in because the stupid puns won’t stop
  • Adrien feeling like he doesn’t measure up to his partner, or doesn’t feel like a good enough superhero
  • The other three encouraging him and helping him
  • Adrien randomly buying them gifts they had been wanting for a while
  • Just cause he’s so happy
  • Happy because he found three more friends that know what he’s going through as a superhero

There’s just something about Makoto’s personality (X)


(๑♡3♡๑) JacKen- NO KYS .


ok. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ i saw dah opportunity. AND I TOOK IT. //winky wonk//

don’t touch Kenpai.

btw we’ve not seen him since a while on tumblru. 90% of chance this bear  lost his password / e-mail. Ha ..Ah.(๑꒪▿꒪)*

transgendersam  asked:

hey dude i just finished dirk gently's and i fucked loved it. do you know any shows that are similar to it? like witty but not afraid to go dark, complex tied together plots n stuff. im suffering from withdrawal haha

hey welcome to the fandom!! I’m not sure there’s anything quite like dirk gently but off the top of my head maybe sense8 or humans? they’re both interesting and complex sci fi series. I’ve also had black mirror recommended to me, but haven’t got round to watching it yet! 

anyone else have any other suggestions?


While I was streaming, the topic of how I draw lines came up which then turned into a tutorial on cubes, line weight, and shading. Most of this was just pulled from memory of what I learned in class. I’ll probably do more in the future on perspective, textures, and more.

Please dont point out my spelling errors, I know they’re there ; w;