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literally all of harry's pictures from when he was in middle school are of him being fucking weird and screaming lol people are kidding themselves if they think he's just this chill 2cool4u hipster. especially when it comes to louis. they have such similar personalities it's no wonder they clicked immediately.

from what i see he’s a dork, always has been, not to quote WILAC (well yes did that) but i see him like a “royally spoiled brat” but in a good way you know? cause he has always been the baby, at home, in the band, with Louis!!!!!!, so its all in good nature but people think he is this solemn david bowie reborn in 2017 when he is actually loud, never shuts up,always indulged, dramatic, a bit grandpa a bit jack mcqueen, and the more i see him like this the more i think that with the way Louis is like they must have the MOST fun together, they are so lucky!!!

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How long how have you've been drawing?It seems like a while, and also..Is it ok if you can do tutorials?For people who practice doing anime, you seem like a expert for art,I want to be prepared for my middle school days cause I'm going to art school, its ok but I want to improve a little bit more anime style cause I haven't been able to keep sides even, yea digital art but when drawing a head that goes forward the other side cannot be the same, but its ok, I think I'm asking too much, sorry..

Don’t worry if it’s a long question ^^

Well, I’ve been drawing since I was three years old, but being honest, I don’t consider myself enough a good artist for doing tutorials. Since I learned on my own it’s kinda hard to me trying to explain to others how to draw or animate something, both in Spanish and English. My ways to learn are so weird and less practical to people that are starting to understand something new, and probably other artist can explain it better and easier than I.

The only way I can almost make a tutorial is while I’m streaming, I’m so bad at using words u.u

The key issue is that because our power depends on collective fictions, we are not good in distinguishing between fiction and reality. Humans find it very difficult to know what is real and what is just a fictional story in their own minds, and this causes a lot of disasters, wars and problems.

Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens and Homo Deus

The best test to know whether an entity is real or fictional is the test of suffering. A nation cannot suffer, it cannot feel pain, it cannot feel fear, it has no consciousness. Even if it loses a war, the soldier suffers, the civilians suffer, but the nation cannot suffer. Similarly, a corporation cannot suffer, the pound sterling, when it loses its value, it doesn’t suffer. All these things, they’re fictions. If people bear in mind this distinction, it could improve the way we treat one another and the other animals. It’s not such a good idea to cause suffering to real entities in the service of fictional stories.

This is not animation !
Just some kind of comic… put together in a video.
Maybe I’ll post it in “comic” form later. It might just be a very long post though.

Day 17 : First Kiss
Watch as Peregrïn acts super awkward for one minute and thirty-three seconds.
She isn’t technically making the first move but she motivates him to do it. Cause she’s A LADY (no not really). 

30 Days Challenge

Tmnt time line in ryhme

In in the year 1984

came comic book heros like never before 

teenage mutant ninja turtles by eastmen and laird 

but for the turtles popularity the two men where not prepared 

In 1987  to 1988 

something happend that was really great 

For that was the year of first turtle cartoon series season

it was a big hit and for good reason

1990 was the year 

the turtles where first braught to theater 

as you probable know 

the movie made dow

So the exectuctives did choose 

tmnt 1991: the secret of the ooze 

the sequal was fair

but i wish it stopped there 

cause Tmnt 3 1993

is something that you cannot unsee

meanwhile the turtles series in 1994 

something went wrong for sure 

the art style looked real crude

they fought this weird bug dude 

the art style flipped 

and the writers tripped 

and shredder was barely around

so its likely it was going in the ground

theres no way you can defend

thats where the 80s turtles series ends 

1996 is where we go over seas 

and we have a turtle reboot made by the japanese 

on paper the idea looks swell

but in reality these two things dont mix well

IN 1997 a live action turtles series was made 

sounds good but its a facade 

for you realise soon 

its silllier than the cartoon 

Venus de milo the one the creators call a mistake 

repitiles dont breast feeds so there probable fake 

1998 things go from strange to stranger 

when the turtles go to space with the power rangers 

and that was the last we saw of the franchise 

until it attracter a pair of 4kids eyes 

Than came turtles 2003 

good for you good for me 

the fandom loved it and loved how it went 

as it focused more time on character developement 

the turtles where outrageous 

the fandom was contagious 


never looked better

but it happend as we feard 

2006 things started to get to get weird 

suddenly the turtles are in the future 

splinter gets stuck in a competer 

theres a whole bunch of shredders running around 

 ans theme song with truly evil sound 

2007 theres a film called tmnt 

didnt work out well you see 

the film was made for the 2003 turtles fans

 so the fans of the 80s couldnt under stand 

it made fans of the orginal furios 

and it took itself too seriuos 

the turtles forever in 2009

It went over well and fine 

a crossover of diffrent turtle adaptations 

but sadly the 80s turtles didnt get the best representation 

still to turtles fans thought it was real fun 

thats when people thought it was the end of the turtle run 

for years the franchise had been gatherd dust of the shelf 

that was until nick rebooted it in 2012

and it was definatly worth the wait 

because the show turned out great 

great balance of comedy drama and action 

and the fandom had a great reaction

2014 then the next tmnt movie was invested 

tmnt fans where interested 

you can tell they where probable disapointed 

when found out the which director was appointed 

yes it was micheal bay 

the hack with the nack as they say 

no he only worked on aq few parts 

but you can tell its his by the  farts 

the fandom wasnt found of the turtle designs 

the actor choises made writers look out of there minds 

its a real agitater 

the only good scenes was in the elavator

2016 came out of the shadows 

wasnt exacly by pros 

but the probs are the same i think we already know 

no lets go back to the nicalodean show 

2017  here we reach the final nick turtles season 

i have to admit its pretty pleasing 

the turtle went though space and time 

and they have stopped lots of crime

brotherly love and forgiven mistakes 

gloriuos battles and painfulll heartbreacks 

but theres no need to pretend 

the tmnt 2012 is coming to an end 

But thats no the end of our turtle teen

theres a reboot planned for 2018 

will it be bad? will it be great ?

i dont know well have to wait 

(( hey guys i really enjoyed making this , and i hope you enjoyed reading it if you didnt sorry, if i just talked any junk about an adaptation you liked please know this was a joke, if i got anything wrong let me know too im a big girl i can handle it, okay bye  love you …………..think i need a drink of water ))

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So uh... Every once in a while my computer will glitch. Just a little line of static across the screen usually. It's very brief, and I don't know what causes it... there's no good reason for it to happen. I think it's maybe Anti's way of just saying hi? Cause I also noticed that more often than not, on the nights that it happens, I also end up seeing weird shadows around. Not always. But I did see a full humanlike figure a couple times. Once outside the window, and once standing in the corner.

How often is every once in a while? And how many times have you seen it? That’s…really fuckin’ creepy actually

The new kid part 3



The rest of the week was pretty normal — I mean, I guess I mean normal for the beginning of the school year, ‘cause at the beginning of the school year everything’s always a little bit weird because everyone’s getting used to being back. And it’s weirder this year because it’s a new school with more kids, and because some kids didn’t come back from last year, 'cause either they died 'cause of the Hunger or they moved or switched schools.

They made everyone see a shrink before school began, to make sure nobody was crazy or too sad. I overheard a couple of teachers talking about PTSD, and that sort of thing.

But school’s school. It’s just classes and stuff, and that’s not really different even though we have to move classrooms and there’s more homework. And everyone’s friends are sorta getting decided – Angus is definitely part of our group now, along with a couple of other kids from other elementary schools. Dana even stopped teasing me about liking him, but I think she’s just waiting for a better opportunity.

And I joined the magic club, which is meeting next week for the first time! I’m trying to get Angus to join with me, because Dana and Kelly said they didn’t want to cause it sounded boring, and we already take magic during school, who wants to do more of it during our free time?

Which, I get. But Angus is kind of a nerd, and he likes magic, so I think he’d like it. I joined 'cause I want to be better at magic and in class we’re still doing prestidigitation and talking about spell safety, and we don’t do first-level spells until like, eighth grade. Angus says that in eighth grade honors they’re gonna do second level spells next quarter maybe, and I’m super jealous. I made him promise to show me how to do some first level spells and he said “Okay, sure, but I’m not great at most of them yet,” but Angus has high standards for himself and I bet his not great is perfectly fine.

I’m going to his house tomorrow, so that’s exciting! I’m like, weirdly curious about his parents, 'cause he mentions them a lot. Not a weird amount, but like, more than normal. Like, I never mention my mom unless I have to, but Angus will say something and be like “Oh, my mom/dad/aunt showed me that.” And even after the first day, his lunches are always crazy pretty, and they look really tasty, and he admitted that his “T-dad used to have a cooking show,” which explained thingd. And he knows all sorts of weird stuff — like how to make bombs! and how to carve stuff. And he doesn’t know a lot of other normal stuff, like the newest band that everyone’s listening to, or like, old cartoons everyone watched when they were a kid, and stuff like that.

It’s not bad, though! Just weird. I should probably ask him where he moved from.


Between sixth and seventh period, both me and Angus were getting some books out of our lockers, so I said hi to him, and he said hi to me, and then kind of shifted around and was like 'Uh, Nicky?“

and I was like "Yeah?”

and he was like “Um, you know how I mention my family sometimes? Like I call them dad and mom and stuff?”

and I was like “Yeah?” cause I didn’t know where he was going with this.

He looked really guilty for a moment, which is dumb, because it’s not even like he was really lying and was like “I usually don’t call them that, I’ve just been doing it because I didn’t want people to know who they were at school, but you’re coming to my house tomorrow so I just wanted you to know that, sorry I lied.”

And I was like “Oh, it’s okay,” because it’s not like I minded that Angus was trying to be normal, everyone at school tries to be normal. “Are they famous?”

And he was like, “Um. Define famous.”

But then the bell rang and we had to scramble to get to seventh period. Jeez! For a guy who calls himself a detective, he sure leaves a lot of mysteries behind!


After school, we walked out again together, this time with Dana and Fred, and as soon as we walked out the door there was a dragonborn woman waving at us. I didn’t know who she was, but Angus waved back excitedly, and ran off with a quick “Bye guys, see you tomorrow Nicky!”

“Is that a dragonborn?” Fred said, goggling. “Why does Angus know a dragonborn?”

“Stop being racist, Fred,” Dana said.

“But he’s human?” Fred protested. “I’m just saying it’s weird.”

“Angus can know whoever he wants,” I said, and waved at the two of them.

Then Dana said, “More importantly, Nicky, you’re hanging out with Angus tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying to be cool about it. “I’m going over to his place, and he’s gonna show me how to cast magic missile.”

Dana grinned, and said, “You li-i-i-ike him,” and then I had to hit her in the arm and one of the crossing guards yelled at us for being rowdy.


breakin’ it off here cause it’d get too long if i wrote the actual visit - stay tuned, lmao. 

i know nicky is using pretty myeh language re: mental health, but she’s a kid and not super in tune with the nuances of how to word things in a good way. 

you know how something is super fuckin cool but its also weird and technical behind the scenes and when youre a kid and being forced to do it it succccccks yeah, thats magic. ……teaching middle schoolers magic seems like a bad idea, you know?

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comp het is so crazy. i used to think i was straight and i even had a bf and i just assumed that no one was ever really in love like in the movies and everyone just pretended and this weird numb feeling was all it was ever gonna be and everyone thought about girls the way i did and i thought 'wow must be nice to kiss a girl too bad i can't cause i'm not gay'. but um i have a crush on a girl and i feel All The Feelings™ everything is so much more intense and bright and it's a lot but it's so good

this is gay culture

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I just saw the new mv and it was..... something... I felt very uncomfortable watching it. I did expect it to be like that, but it was still a huge shock. During the vevo live thing, ally started saying how she felt uncomfortable doing that and that she set some rules concerning "all of the touching" and the whole time i was thinking, "girl, i feel weird just watching it, i cant even imagine being in it!". BUT, one other blog made a really good point, they said 1/2

2/2 that the group is trying to drop their younger audience before they start their solo stuff, cause they will propably go for a more mature/explicit image. And it kinda makes sense. It’s not the way i would do it, not even close, but it is a way to do it. Me personally, i will try to enjoy the song, cause its beat is pretty nice, without thinking about the mv too much. PS Dinah’s dancing was impressing though. Hope you’re doing good today sophie!

Well I was doing real good and now no so much, that video really threw me off. The thing is, their younger audience are pretty much 12 to 16 years old, those kids aren’t gonna drop them, they’re gonna want to be them! And that’s what’s scary, that a video like this one is gonna be on tv for very young people to see. Nowadays a 12 year old kid has the knowledge that a 16 had in my time, the internet changed everything! All the much younger audience, under 10, already dropped 5H with 7/27 - so the younger fans (12-16) that are left are still gonna be there, and the only fans they’re gonna lose are fans like me who just don’t want to follow them down that road, cause seriously I can’t stand seeing them like this - maybe they felt comfortable doing it but at some point they also have to think about the message it’s sending to people. 

I get that a lot of people won’t agree with me but this is just my honest opinion about it.

More Dragon AU

Jamie has a weird habit of chewing on rocks when he’s in any sort of negative mood, when he’s hungry, zoned out, or extremely concentrated. His tail is also a huge part of balance for him, considering one of his wings is torn to hell. He likes to clutch onto it with his claws when sitting straight up. (Jamie can also walk on his hind legs when carrying things but doesn’t practice this often as his body wasn’t built for that and it hurts his spine).

Jamie has to be sure the rocks are big enough to hold, because if not he’ll end up letting them go and swallowing them, and that causes him to throw up. (he does utilize this when he’s out hording with hog though, its a good way to carry things for a temporary amount of time, minus the fact its not very healthy probably)

At first Mako was weirded out by it, and once or twice made a snarky comment about how it was the reason Jamie has such terrible fucking teeth (he’s not wrong) but now he finds it kind of cute, scraggly teeth, crunching and all. He usually takes it as a sign that Jamie needs food and cuddles, and hes happy to give both.

Jamie collects flammable or explosive powders/stones and gigantic leaves, he usually crushes the stone forms of the materials on the leaves and shovels the power into his mouth to store it under his tongue, later in battle he’ll spit it out and spit a fire ball/ blow flames to make them twice as volatile. It’s a one time use kind of thing, and he only uses it in dire situations. (he still hoards it like his life depends on it none the less, and stores it in animal skulls tell he plans on going out of the cave)

Mako had once been on the end of this attack and can vouch that it does throw the enemy for a loop and with the right powders can cause temporary deafness and blindness.

Though he isn’t a hatchling (he’s a dragonling currently), he acts like one when its time for bed, he is plenty warm considering he can breath fire, but Jamie still adores sleeping against Mako’s huge, warm, molten filled belly. At first Mako used to shove the little brat away, but eventually he grew soft for it, and now if Jamie doesn’t lay close to him he pulls him in. He also curls around him all protective like and usually doesn’t sleep until he knows for sure Jamie’s not going to wake up. (Jamie looks a quarter of his size when he’s all curled up, as small as he can get himself)

And that there are the boys’ hoarding habits. Jamie, the little oddity he is, doesn’t collect gold or gems (the few he has are gifts from Mako) no, he collects bones, stones, powders, ores, pieces of armor (for making his limb joins), and human tools. Mako used to find this strange and aggravating when the little punk would bring him stones to put in his hoard, useless, grey and boring, not at all shiny. He grew slightly less annoyed by it when Jamie showed him you could crack some of them open and find pretty gems inside, but over the years he found it slowly more and more enduring and, to appease his smaller companion, excepts his bones and stones happily.

Mako on the other hand, has a gigantic pile of gold, swords, a single throne, knights helmets, gems, and jewelry. If it shines, Mako probably wants it, he has pieces of golds and goods from all over the country side, maybe the world even, has things some people in the kingdom have never even heard of yet. He prides himself on his gargantuan gold mound, and often perches on top of it as a sign he wants to be alone. He spends a lot of time brooding up there, sometimes. Though sometimes he likes to lay up there and listen to Jamie chitter form atop his own, much smaller pile.

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One weird thing I've noticed about my ADHD is that, despite the fact that it causes me so many problems and I hate it sometimes, I can't really separate it from other parts of myself that I do like? In a weird way it's kind of linked to my intelligence, resilience and a lot of unusual things I'm good at so I end up feeling like I have a weird brain that's both better and worse than normal. Whereas with anxiety and depression I just think of them as things I have to fight off that are in my way.

I think that makes sense, and is a healthy way to think of it if it helps you. (It’s how I think of it as well, but I don’t think it’s wrong for people to think of it as being separate either.)


WELP this was the only thing I completely finished in the stream!

Other things (like AppleMelon and a Fox X IE kid design) are still in progress!

But I found a blog called @ask-the-candy-skull today and there was the TricksterVirus AU where different UT characters and AU versions of them have been infected by a virus that makes them happy and colorful! (but gosh it’s kinda creepy!)

Then I thought, “I kinda wanna design PJ infected with that…” And HERE IS THIS MONSTROSITY…  (well not true monstrosity I kinda like the design in a weird creepy way?)


I doubt I’ll draw this PJ ever again cause it is just too crazy and bright for me to draw again… But it was super fun to do it! ^^

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hi! i saw that you're demiromantic, and i thought you may be able to help me on this. i'm a young teen, and at school everyone is talking about crushes and shit and it's weird cause i've never had one. i don't really see people as attractive, and sex kinda just makes me feel bored and in fics and whatever i skip it. whenever someone addresses someone else as hot i'm just like "okay??" even movie stars who i know for a fact are good looking. i think i'm ace but honestly idk. please send help?

I’m in no way an expert nor do I speak on the behalf of all A-specs but I will say it definitely sounds like you are on the spectrum. In middle school, I had the hardest time with people because I was like “what do you mean they’re hot you don’t even know them?” and I didn’t realize that most people didn’t need any form of connection to find someone sexually attractive (Don’t get me wrong, I can tell when people are aesthetically pleasing I’m not blind, but I wouldn’t see someone walking down the street and think “give me a piece of that” like I know a lot of my friends do).

And Idk how you personally feel attraction so I’ll list a few different terms and explain them a little.

Asexual: You don’t feel sexual attraction at all/you don’t have an interest in having sex (Keep in mind everyone is different. Some are open to having sex and are willing to have sex to please their partners, and others are sex repulsed and don’t want to ever have sex with anyone).

Demisexual: Only feeling sexual attraction to those you have formed a close emotional bond with (This is the same for demiromantic, but of course about romantic attraction rather than sexual attraction)

Graysexual: A blanket term for the gray area between those that feel sexual attraction and those that don’t, some people who identify as graysexual will also identify as other sexualities along the binary (Pan, Bi, Lesbian, Gay, etc.). For me personally, when I was questioning I used this term because it was a comfortable place to be where I wasn’t necessarily sexual and I also didn’t see myself as completely asexual. If that’s something you think would help you too there’s no harm in using it.

Aceflux: How asexual you feel is fluid and varies from time to time; sometimes you may feel sex repulsed and other times you may not mind the idea of sex at all. 

Autochorissexual: A disconnection between yourself and a sexual target/object of arousal; may involve sexual fantasies or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacking any desire to be a participant in sexual activities. (Basically, you can get aroused by sexual content or from masturbation, however, you wouldn’t want to actually have sex with someone)

And then there are different identities along the Aro (Aromantic) spectrum.

Aromantic: The lack of romantic attraction

Demiromantic: Only feels romantic attraction once a bond has formed

Etc. (there are more but I’m not as familiar with them and don’t want to give out false information)

Again I’m not an expert I just know a majority, however, there is an amazing website called AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) that is built purely to help educate people on what the Ace/Aro spectrum is and it also has forums where you can ask questions or post thoughts and people can respond to you with their personal experiences/opinions/knowledge. 

Link for AVEN (here)

I hope this helped!

sex shouldnt make u uncomfortable, it shouldnt be causing u anxiety, and u DEFINITELY shouldnt have to feel like u need to do it to appease ur partner

sex is supposed to feel good. your supposed to enjoy it, and im not saying it cant be awkward or a little weird at first but u shouldnt be dreading it, or feel obligated to do it

its okay to not be ready, or if its not ur thing

and if ur sexually active and sex makes u feel that way than u should seriously be thinking about why that is and looking critically at ur realtionship with ur sexual partner, because if sex is regularly causing u anxiety, dread, and making u upset than something is wrong and that relationship might not be healthy or entirely consensual

its weird to talk abt but i feel so free since i stopped shaving? like it really helps with gender dysphoria in a way i didnt expect, i only stopped cause i was tired of having to buy razors but like, this is a rlly good feeling i dont think im gonna ever shave again????

BBS Monster Au (Chapter 3)

The setting is Methodist Hospital.

Time is 11:37 am.

Marcel laid in the hospital bed, a oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, tubes all over his body pumped fluids inside him. He laid unconscious, as Lui, Brock, and Brian watched over him, a sorrowful look upon their face. Lui held his gummy worms close to him and tears streamed down his red face. Brock and Brian had their heads down, but looked up when they heard the doctor come in.

“Is he OK, sir?” Brock asked politely.

“He will live, but he is in critical condition-won’t be out in the field for a few months,” the doctor replied, looking through Marcel’s paperwork, “I think it’s best for you men to leave. We have to take him to get his x-rays done in about ten minutes. You can come again tomorrow, though.”

The three nodded, and said their goodbyes. They exited the room, and walked down the hallway to the elevator, Brock carrying Lui the whole time. They didn’t even pay attention to the elevator music, just focused on what would happen to their team without Marcel in it, for the time being. They made their way to their Lamborghini, and laid Lui in the back, Brock and Brian sitting in the front. Brian turned the car on and put it in reverse, leaving the area. He put it in drive and zoomed out, making an exit to the highway. They made their way back to the MHA, in silence. None of them talked, just tears streaming down their face.

When they got into the MHA HQ they were greeted with many worried expressions, and a bunch of questions, concerning Marcel. They stayed silent and just walked to their boss’s office, as they heard their names on the intercom. When they walked into the office, they saw a tall, toned, caramel skin toned man sitting on the boss’s desk. His legs were crossed, and a smirk was plastered on his face.

“ Hello, boys,” the boss said in a gruff voice, “ I’m sorry to hear about what happened to Marcel. May my prayers be in his favor. You three will be missing a teammate for a while, and so I assigned another sector head for your group.” The boss stands up next to the smirking man and put his hand on his shoulder, “this fine young man right here is Head of Sector 13. His name is Arlan, and he’ll be your teammate for the time being.”

Arlan stood up and gave a quick, bright smile, showing his straight, perfect teeth. He grabbed his suitcase and walked towards the three, stopping right in front of them. “ Pleasure to meet you. I cannot wait to start working with you,” he said in a happy tone. The three just looked at him until Brock replied with, “pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Arlan!” The two shook hands and exchanged smiles. The boss smiled and sat back down in his chair with a huff, muttering that he’s getting too old for this job.

After a few minutes, Lui and Brian slightly warmed up to him, and gave them their fair share of greetings and hellos. The four walked out together, with Lui and Brian explaining their rules and how things work with their group.

Setting is now Dimension X.

Time is unknown.

A tall, skinny, pale man sat in front of a ball of pure energy. His white wings draped around his body, causing the energy to stay in one place and not disappear, like it usually does. The man looked into the pure energy, seeing humans scurry around, going on with their daily lives. He suddenly felt a hand, smoothly, run down his back, causing him flinch and go on high defense. His wings moved back and spread to make him look more intimidating. He turned around and saw a certain masked ghoul, smirking at him. He lowered his wings and sighed. Suddenly, the pure energy poofed away from his hand, leaving no trail behind it.

“ Hey there, Birdy-Bryce,” Ohm laughed.

“ Look at what you did, Ohm!” Bryce exclaimed.

Bryce’s face got beet red and his wings twitched, slightly, from anger. He put his hands into fists, and gripped his tight pants, trying to calm down. Ohm, slowly stopped laughing, slicking his hair back for it to just spike back up. He had a cheeky grin on his face, and plopped down onto the multi colored floor. Bryce, calmed himself completely down, and followed Ohm’s actions. They began to talk for a while, discussing how boring life has been for them.

“ Hey Ohm?’

” Yeah?“

” I have a question-how did you get here?“

Ohm pointed to the large crack, about thirty feet above them. It was black and purple, dark energy leaked out of it.

” That’s weird. It was blue and pink when I came through.“

Bryce’s eyes widened and he instantly stood up.

” Oh no no no no. This is not good in the slightest bit,“ Bryce said, forming two silver rapiers.

He flew up towards the crack and looked inside it. Suddenly a thick black mist thrusted its way towards Bryce, pushing him down to the ground. Bryce hit the ground, hard, causing new cracks to form and his rapiers to disintegrate. Ohm grabbed Bryce by his wrist and pulled him out, looking for any blue and pink cracks for them to flee through. More cracks appeared, out-of-the-blew, but they were all black and purple. Bryce laid unconscious in Ohm’s arms, as Ohm looked around frantically. He finally spotted a blue and pink crack. He ran full force to it, but the thick black mist was not far behind. Ohm decided to risk it all and leap towards it, the thick black mist only inches away from him. He made it and watched the room break apart, getting consumed by the dark force.

Ohm hit the carousel and laid there, gasping for air. He set Bryce down, gently, next to him. The sun shined through the thick fog, setting perfectly on the two. Then Ohm suddenly passed out.

The two laid there for a good forty-five minutes, until Cartoonz came a long from the forest and saw the two. He panicked and grabbed the two, dragging his ball and chain with him. He ran into the circus tent and placed them on the raggedy futons in the corner, running over to a sleeping Evan and pushing him off his couch.

” Dude! What the hell!?“ Evan spat out, but calmed down when he saw Cartoonz  pointing at Ohm and Bryce.

Evan ran over to them, and asked Cartoonz to get him a bucket of water and two towels. Within five minutes, Cartoonz had the leaky bucket and dirtied towels for Evan. Evan soaked the towels and placed it on their forehead, trying to stop their body temperature from rising. A black mist came out of Bryce’s body and made it’s way out of the tent without being noticed. Evan stopped when their face stopped getting redder and their bodies stopped shaking. Evan stood up and looked over at Cartoonz, a stern expression on his face. His tail moved back and forth vigorously.

” Cartoonz. Find out what happened to them, and report to me what you find.“

Cartoonz nodded and sank down into the earth, leaving a trail of red smoke behind. Evan moved back to his couch and laid down, looking at the hole filled roof. He let his eyes drop and fell back asleep-his defense on high.

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@moonriv @cerastes I think another good part about Vash was that him refusing to kill anyone had a reason, but it was also the cause of like 98% of his problems. The series went out of its way to show that it was… kinda weird.

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What kind of relationship you think Grim and Ford would Have? after all the shock from their first encounter

Oh I think that shock stays for a while. Ford would have serious misgiving about a death omen shaking its wet fur in the house, it’s in my lab, why is it in my lab- why is it here? Why has it been following Stan for all this time? 

I think it’s just - it’s a puzzle he can’t solve. And he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t want to think about the fact that there are death omens lurking around his brother. If anything I think if it’s around before the weirdmageddon stuff (D8 new idea just cropped up, owowow brain no) then it might actually get them talking quicker? Like Ford would have to ask Stan when he first saw it and he realises all the connotations that comes with the story Stan tells him even though Stan doesn’t seem to get what it all means and it hurts. And maybe they get some of that brotherly connection back ahead of time. So I think after a while - and I mean a while because oh god its a grim - I think Ford might start to look at the dog with fondness.

That and Omen’s a bloody cute pup, he’ll worm his way in to Ford’s heart after awhile.

And Omen? Ford confuses the hell out of the pup. ‘Cause it looks like his human, but it’s not his human and I feel like this weirded him out the first few times. Like, he got over-excited and close to Ford before realising it wasn’t Stan the first few times and backpedalled, ear up and head tilted. Probably whined for good measure because this human is staring at him in horror and his human doesn’t do that- has never done that. And then Stan comes in and Omen scurries over at the comforting smell of his human. And then he looks back at Ford and something about the way he’s standing, something about the way his human talks to the other that makes him growl a bit. (Basically the Stan’s arguments upset the pup). 

So it probably takes awhile for it to work both ways is what I’m saying? They’re both a bit weirded out by the other.

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Chara makes puppets to cure their manipulative urges. They make puppets of their friends too. Cute until you realise that it's another way to torture sans. "Oops, there goes pup paps head" *wheeze*

“Boy, these dolls sure are breakable. These weird gashes in them keep appearing out of nowhere! I don’t know what could have possibly caused these. What do you think, Sans? =)”

true story though, when I was a kid, I tried to curse other kids using voodoo ‘cause I’d watched too much Lilo&Stitch for my own good, imagine Chara doing the same with people that bother them

Frisk walks in on their sib sitting on the floor with these little featureless ragdolls lying around them in a circle and asks them what they’re doing

Chara’s like “I saw that new kid making eyes at MK”

“… So?”

So we get rid of him. Non-fatally.”

“Chara, what are you doing”

“I’m breaking both of his arms, okay!? Maybe then they’ll actually have something in common.”

You’re the most extreme shipper I’ve ever met”

“I’m doing this for you, Frisk.”