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Can you imagine how aliens would react to us eating something that was made not to be eaten? Like peppers.

For those unaware, peppers are filled with Capsaicin, a chemical that causes a burning sensation when in comes in contact with tissue. Its basically Nature’s way of saying DON’T EAT ME!!! Yet we do it anyways. Imagine the conversation that follows.

“Those aren’t good for you”, said Trilli, as she watch her companion ingest strange triangular vegetables. Out of curiosity, she checked them with her scanner, and the results were disturbing.

“What do you mean?”, asked Bob as he was eating raw Jalapeños.

“It’s filled with capsaicin”, answered Trilli holding up a scanner to human Bob’s face.

“So?”, replied Bob, still eating his peppers.

“So, according to the scanner it is literally burning the inside of your mouth, causing immense pain, AND WHY ARE YOU STILL EATING THEM!?”, shouted Trilli, after moving the scanner away from human Bob’s face and realizing, that yes, he was indeed still eating his capsaicin-filled death vegetable.




“…well?”, questioned Trilli.

Bob swallowed, open his mouth, and replied, “I was hungry”.

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literally all of harry's pictures from when he was in middle school are of him being fucking weird and screaming lol people are kidding themselves if they think he's just this chill 2cool4u hipster. especially when it comes to louis. they have such similar personalities it's no wonder they clicked immediately.

from what i see he’s a dork, always has been, not to quote WILAC (well yes did that) but i see him like a “royally spoiled brat” but in a good way you know? cause he has always been the baby, at home, in the band, with Louis!!!!!!, so its all in good nature but people think he is this solemn david bowie reborn in 2017 when he is actually loud, never shuts up,always indulged, dramatic, a bit grandpa a bit jack mcqueen, and the more i see him like this the more i think that with the way Louis is like they must have the MOST fun together, they are so lucky!!!

Tmnt time line in ryhme

In in the year 1984

came comic book heros like never before 

teenage mutant ninja turtles by eastmen and laird 

but for the turtles popularity the two men where not prepared 

In 1987  to 1988 

something happend that was really great 

For that was the year of first turtle cartoon series season

it was a big hit and for good reason

1990 was the year 

the turtles where first braught to theater 

as you probable know 

the movie made dow

So the exectuctives did choose 

tmnt 1991: the secret of the ooze 

the sequal was fair

but i wish it stopped there 

cause Tmnt 3 1993

is something that you cannot unsee

meanwhile the turtles series in 1994 

something went wrong for sure 

the art style looked real crude

they fought this weird bug dude 

the art style flipped 

and the writers tripped 

and shredder was barely around

so its likely it was going in the ground

theres no way you can defend

thats where the 80s turtles series ends 

1996 is where we go over seas 

and we have a turtle reboot made by the japanese 

on paper the idea looks swell

but in reality these two things dont mix well

IN 1997 a live action turtles series was made 

sounds good but its a facade 

for you realise soon 

its silllier than the cartoon 

Venus de milo the one the creators call a mistake 

repitiles dont breast feeds so there probable fake 

1998 things go from strange to stranger 

when the turtles go to space with the power rangers 

and that was the last we saw of the franchise 

until it attracter a pair of 4kids eyes 

Than came turtles 2003 

good for you good for me 

the fandom loved it and loved how it went 

as it focused more time on character developement 

the turtles where outrageous 

the fandom was contagious 


never looked better

but it happend as we feard 

2006 things started to get to get weird 

suddenly the turtles are in the future 

splinter gets stuck in a competer 

theres a whole bunch of shredders running around 

 ans theme song with truly evil sound 

2007 theres a film called tmnt 

didnt work out well you see 

the film was made for the 2003 turtles fans

 so the fans of the 80s couldnt under stand 

it made fans of the orginal furios 

and it took itself too seriuos 

the turtles forever in 2009

It went over well and fine 

a crossover of diffrent turtle adaptations 

but sadly the 80s turtles didnt get the best representation 

still to turtles fans thought it was real fun 

thats when people thought it was the end of the turtle run 

for years the franchise had been gatherd dust of the shelf 

that was until nick rebooted it in 2012

and it was definatly worth the wait 

because the show turned out great 

great balance of comedy drama and action 

and the fandom had a great reaction

2014 then the next tmnt movie was invested 

tmnt fans where interested 

you can tell they where probable disapointed 

when found out the which director was appointed 

yes it was micheal bay 

the hack with the nack as they say 

no he only worked on aq few parts 

but you can tell its his by the  farts 

the fandom wasnt found of the turtle designs 

the actor choises made writers look out of there minds 

its a real agitater 

the only good scenes was in the elavator

2016 came out of the shadows 

wasnt exacly by pros 

but the probs are the same i think we already know 

no lets go back to the nicalodean show 

2017  here we reach the final nick turtles season 

i have to admit its pretty pleasing 

the turtle went though space and time 

and they have stopped lots of crime

brotherly love and forgiven mistakes 

gloriuos battles and painfulll heartbreacks 

but theres no need to pretend 

the tmnt 2012 is coming to an end 

But thats no the end of our turtle teen

theres a reboot planned for 2018 

will it be bad? will it be great ?

i dont know well have to wait 

(( hey guys i really enjoyed making this , and i hope you enjoyed reading it if you didnt sorry, if i just talked any junk about an adaptation you liked please know this was a joke, if i got anything wrong let me know too im a big girl i can handle it, okay bye  love you …………..think i need a drink of water ))

The key issue is that because our power depends on collective fictions, we are not good in distinguishing between fiction and reality. Humans find it very difficult to know what is real and what is just a fictional story in their own minds, and this causes a lot of disasters, wars and problems.

Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens and Homo Deus

The best test to know whether an entity is real or fictional is the test of suffering. A nation cannot suffer, it cannot feel pain, it cannot feel fear, it has no consciousness. Even if it loses a war, the soldier suffers, the civilians suffer, but the nation cannot suffer. Similarly, a corporation cannot suffer, the pound sterling, when it loses its value, it doesn’t suffer. All these things, they’re fictions. If people bear in mind this distinction, it could improve the way we treat one another and the other animals. It’s not such a good idea to cause suffering to real entities in the service of fictional stories.

i think dirkjohn is weird cause like..theyve never interacted? like the way a lot of non canon ships work or are popular is because you see the characters interact and be like.. oh hey theres some potential there, even if its not canon itd be cool to see them in a relationship
and like, hussie does relationships good like, they usually have a good story behind them and how they like got in that relationship (rose and kanaya had a lot of parallels in act 5, were almost… made for each other? dave and karkat realizing being around each other is like, really healthy and they go together super well, etc) but like, i can see the potential for dirkjohn even if hussie hasnt had them interact, instead of going off interactions in canon u gotta speculate their interactions first, then go off that and formulate the Story™, and thats like weird

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So uh... Every once in a while my computer will glitch. Just a little line of static across the screen usually. It's very brief, and I don't know what causes it... there's no good reason for it to happen. I think it's maybe Anti's way of just saying hi? Cause I also noticed that more often than not, on the nights that it happens, I also end up seeing weird shadows around. Not always. But I did see a full humanlike figure a couple times. Once outside the window, and once standing in the corner.

How often is every once in a while? And how many times have you seen it? That’s…really fuckin’ creepy actually

SO, I’ve been working on a comic and I’m really liking it a lot so far! :D

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I'm so confused about my sexuality but I'm so young!! I should really let it go but it kinda stresses me out. I keep pushing my feelings into a corner and ignoring them. Idek anymore.

dont ignore them!!! thats what will cause you the most stress!! the only way you can figure it out is by thinking about it and questioning it, not all the time, dont obsess about it but if it randomly pops up dont push it away think about it and tell yourself its all good no matter what, in the begining its scary and feels weird but the more you reflect the more comfortable you will be. like the thought of being in a relationship with a girl used to freak me out so i would push out the thought immediately but when i actually let myself consider it i started to realise that i actually liked it alot and now i am desperate for a gf tbh. I know its scary to think you might be different but just thinking about it doesnt mean anything, you get to decide what you do with what you find out

WELP this was the only thing I completely finished in the stream!

Other things (like AppleMelon and a Fox X IE kid design) are still in progress!

But I found a blog called @ask-the-candy-skull today and there was the TricksterVirus AU where different UT characters and AU versions of them have been infected by a virus that makes them happy and colorful! (but gosh it’s kinda creepy!)

Then I thought, “I kinda wanna design PJ infected with that…” And HERE IS THIS MONSTROSITY…  (well not true monstrosity I kinda like the design in a weird creepy way?)


I doubt I’ll draw this PJ ever again cause it is just too crazy and bright for me to draw again… But it was super fun to do it! ^^

Anonymous said: Why’s that when I look at the way you draw ya horses they always look like they either had plastic surgery or they wearing heavy makeup

‘cause my shitty fantasy horses still have better eyeliner game than you do ✨

Anonymous said: Your horse looks great tho

Anonymous said: I thought that horse was really good! If I tried to draw a horse (even with references) it’d probably turn out more like a weird dog, so kudos!

hahaha, i appreciate it

honestly i just need to practice animals more in general–cats are difficult for me too, i pull up about five billion references every time i try to do wrinkle-cat mri’kul

i honestly cant help but think guys look weird in lipstick and nail polish :/ i try not to view it that way but i cant help it. it just makes me uncomfortable and imo doesnt look very good. im not sure if its cause its seen as traditionally girly or cause it genuinely doesnt look good to me.

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Do you do any rebelcaptain headcanons?!? If so how about one where everyone survives and like let's say Luke kind of hero worships all of them but he develops a small crush on Jyn!! How does Cassian react? Lol

i absolutely do rebelcaptain headcanons!! feel free to send as many as you want! (under the cut because it got a little bit long, lol)

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i guess i would call myself a democrat but i do not consider all these crazy sjws that have ridiculous ideals about how things should be ones. like obviously the older democrats in government aren't like that. even tho BLM had good intentions, Obama never really supported it besides their right to protest bc he saw what it caused. it's this weird generation that thinks you should feel guilty if you're in any way the majority of some group (race/sexual orientation, etc.) that makes dems look bad

I’m going to be flat out honest and say that a cursory look through history never has the democratic party really as a good party since its fruition. I don’t even like the idea of parties to begin with, even though they make complete sense why they exist (even if the rationalizing behind them is flawed.)

you know i feel like Adam Driver is one of those people who you have to look at a couple of times with interest to realize that he’s actually good looking in a weird sort of way. and then when you see it you cant unsee it. so now every time i see a text post saying that he’s ugly or something it doesn’t even phase me cause i literally cant unsee that man’s beauty. its like, at the beginning i would see some pictures of him and just find them odd or weird at certain angles. now im more attracted to the weird pictures of him that maybe aren’t the most flattering to some but they’re the most interesting and captivating to me. 

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Chara makes puppets to cure their manipulative urges. They make puppets of their friends too. Cute until you realise that it's another way to torture sans. "Oops, there goes pup paps head" *wheeze*

“Boy, these dolls sure are breakable. These weird gashes in them keep appearing out of nowhere! I don’t know what could have possibly caused these. What do you think, Sans? =)”

true story though, when I was a kid, I tried to curse other kids using voodoo ‘cause I’d watched too much Lilo&Stitch for my own good, imagine Chara doing the same with people that bother them

Frisk walks in on their sib sitting on the floor with these little featureless ragdolls lying around them in a circle and asks them what they’re doing

Chara’s like “I saw that new kid making eyes at MK”

“… So?”

So we get rid of him. Non-fatally.”

“Chara, what are you doing”

“I’m breaking both of his arms, okay!? Maybe then they’ll actually have something in common.”

You’re the most extreme shipper I’ve ever met”

“I’m doing this for you, Frisk.”

i des-pies you

(pun very much intended)

summary: two bakers from rival bakeries leave passive aggressive messages for each other on the shops’ outdoor chalkboards (ft. asexual!dan ooo)

an: i haven’t written anything in like a month so this is really rusty. also, you should know i had to give myself a pep talk just to write the end of this #aroproblems. but yeah this is a lame, chilled fic, nothing special, but i hope you enjoy and reblog if you wish!!


It starts with the declaration “Our cakes are the best on the street,” scrawled across Prim’s Bakery’s chalkboard in green chalk, accompanied by a cartoon flower in the corner.

“Oh, we can’t be having that,” Dan remarks, tucking his hands further under his armpits. It’s nearing the end of October, it’s cold, everywhere is cold, but Dan’s taken a break from complaining about this fact. This is serious.

“Having what?” Ollie asks, a crease in his forehead as he looks up from his phone. How his fingers aren’t frozen stiff, Dan doesn’t know. The rising sun is doing no favours for them, a diluted pink worming its way up through the clouds much slower than the incoming breeze, the sun caught behind the building that looms a few streets away. 

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im sad rn and i feel like im dying but i dont wanna kill myself. i just kinda wanna sleep 'til the universe runs its course. do u ever just get a deep sadness inside u that doesn't wanna go away? i guess it's good 'cause im cryin a lot and i've been needing a good cry for a very long time. emotions are weird and i just want cake.

it’s ok. totally cool to feel this way some times. u can’t be euphorically happy or deeply profound all the time. sometimes your mind is exhausted and things well up and ur instinct is to hide. get all the messy emotions out. we aren’t supposed to be consistent models of emotional stability. u gotta smash a couple plates and cry man, maybe eat a whole cake and spend a couple hours wikipedia-ing ghost sightings. energy cannot be destroyed, only move between forms, and i’m saying this 2 let u know u were here before u were human. u have always been here in some form of energy or another, a tree, part of a rhinos respiratory system. u will be here long after u die, a calm lake or a meteor or maybe part of another human. this will pass i promise. get it all out so many people love u and the human experience has a lot left to offer u before u leave :~) 

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What kind of relationship you think Grim and Ford would Have? after all the shock from their first encounter

Oh I think that shock stays for a while. Ford would have serious misgiving about a death omen shaking its wet fur in the house, it’s in my lab, why is it in my lab- why is it here? Why has it been following Stan for all this time? 

I think it’s just - it’s a puzzle he can’t solve. And he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t want to think about the fact that there are death omens lurking around his brother. If anything I think if it’s around before the weirdmageddon stuff (D8 new idea just cropped up, owowow brain no) then it might actually get them talking quicker? Like Ford would have to ask Stan when he first saw it and he realises all the connotations that comes with the story Stan tells him even though Stan doesn’t seem to get what it all means and it hurts. And maybe they get some of that brotherly connection back ahead of time. So I think after a while - and I mean a while because oh god its a grim - I think Ford might start to look at the dog with fondness.

That and Omen’s a bloody cute pup, he’ll worm his way in to Ford’s heart after awhile.

And Omen? Ford confuses the hell out of the pup. ‘Cause it looks like his human, but it’s not his human and I feel like this weirded him out the first few times. Like, he got over-excited and close to Ford before realising it wasn’t Stan the first few times and backpedalled, ear up and head tilted. Probably whined for good measure because this human is staring at him in horror and his human doesn’t do that- has never done that. And then Stan comes in and Omen scurries over at the comforting smell of his human. And then he looks back at Ford and something about the way he’s standing, something about the way his human talks to the other that makes him growl a bit. (Basically the Stan’s arguments upset the pup). 

So it probably takes awhile for it to work both ways is what I’m saying? They’re both a bit weirded out by the other.

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Thought I’d share my opinion on the word queer. I identify as ace bi and I’m also a trans man. Though I’m lucky as my dad’s are gay, it was a lot easier than some of my friends. I have heard them use queer for years, especially in terms of when they talk of when they went to pride parades. Most times they will just say someone’s gay or part of the gay community but they sometimes say queer community. When I joined tumblr a short while ago I saw the arguments against calling people it and I do have quite mixed feelings about it. I mostly agree you should say someone’s queer unless you know it’s okay, but I am all for using it in general. I’m especially for calling the community that, it removes how lacking, or complex, the acronym can be, and you don’t have to worry about mogai, or whatever other versions there are. 

Way I see it its a lot more simple that way. Saying it’s the gay community causes issues as being trans it bothers me, but for everything else I’m, mostly, all good with it being used to explain my identiy (if that makes sense). I’ve read a lot about ace and aro history recently and how to queerphobic cishets we were all the same, there was no difference between someone who was ace, aro, gay, bi etc. People only found a way to completely describe this this century, so saying aces and aros aren’t part of the community because they didn’t face the same discrimination is quite weird to me now. 

On another note, mostly with this ace “discourse” first people who are using that seriously just sound like those anti-sjws “are you triggered?” Though I think there needs to be a balance, allos need to listen to ace problems and not speak over us, non cishet aces who are against cishet aces need to understand by throwing them under the bus you’re devaluing your own identity saying that you being ace isn’t important, so why identify that way? Also I think a lot of things are just misunderstandings people saying ace experience are homophobic/transphobic etc. just don’t understand that people are talking about their own experiences and how it effects them as someone whos ace. There are aces who are hompphobic/transphobic but I also know (knew) people who were gay and transphobic, just because your part of the community doesn’t mean your perfect, but you shouldn’t be attacking someone’s identity and devaluing just because of these, if someone started misgendering me on purpose because I was doing something problematic it wouldn’t be right, would it? 

We just need to understand the way the community works is there’s smaller communities inside of it, some of us are in multiple, some of us share issues but together we’re one big community that needs to stand together!