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so i recently hit 1k followers which is insane! i’ve had this blog for 7 months and in that time everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and i have made some wonderful friends so i’d like to give a little shout out to those amazing blogs i follow that constantly make my experience in this fandom a great one!

before i get into the main follow forever i’d just like to give some love to 3 incredible people who i love with my whole heart. prepare for the goddamn cheesiest shit you’ve ever heard.

@softshumjr marta words can’t describe how much i love you you’re incredible i’m honestly so blessed to call you my friend. you make me laugh every day talking to you makes me so so happy and receiving snaps from you makes my day. your creations are always amazing bless you for giving everyone the harry content we all need. you’re so talented and i love your writing so much seriously wow. you’re also incredibly beautiful (shush okay yes you are fight me)  i love you so so much i can’t wait to build our blanket fort <33

@catharinaloss joanna maria my other half you are amazing and i adore you you’re actually the cutest person alive. i love it when you come screaming in my inbox its like my favourite thing. honestly talking to you has always been so easy we just understand eachother and i know i can talk to you about anything. your creations are all stunning also and those moodboards have shown just how talented you are i love them so much. i’m so happy i have you as a friend i don’t know what i’d do without you i love you so much <33

@alexanderglghtwood eli listen up you nerd i love you okay i’m so so incredibly happy we started talking cause i can’t imagine not talking to you i mean we’re on a 113 day snapstreak dude that’s crazy. you make me so freaking happy every damn day i wanna give you the biggest hug ever. you’ve always been so easy to talk to i don’t know how you put up with me sometimes you’re so wonderful and lovely. also really talented like?? you always kill me with your writing and i am loving your edits so much they’re so great. you just make me the most happy and i love you so much <33

now onto the follow forever mutuals are bolded faves are in italics (under a read more as this got long lmao)

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i haven’t reached a goal or anything, but i just really wanted to thank the lovely mutuals that make bomb-ass edits and just are a blessing to this site. thank you for doing what you do and please keep doing it <3 sorry this isn’t an really any order, but so here we go:

@parkjinyougns / @kimseokwin / @goldsforevers / @kthish / @hobeui / @smilejoonie / @jiminvy / @cinnamonsuga / @seokjintm / @safejimin / @hixtapera / @omfgbts / @junghossok / @yoongiski / @jeonsguke / @springtaes / @taepott / @officerjungguk / @sugamuse / @jinandtonics / @pkjjm / @taetwin / @jeonsjeonguk / @comeherejimin / @pjmksj

Byeonqkwan’s 1 year follow forever! 

Hello hello! It’s me aka. Maja aka. the awkward Byeongkwan stan. 

It’s already been a year (Chan’s birthday 2016) since I made this blog, and I’ve gotten so much happiness from it. I’ve also somehow gotten enough followers for me to say that this is also celebrating 1.9k followers (why do y’all follow me anyways?) 

A lot has happened this past year. The most significant thing has been that A.C.E finally made their debut, and I can’t explain to you all how much their debut means to me. It’s been such an amazing whole year, and even though our boys aren’t together at the moment, I’m sure we’ll see them shine even brighter in the future!! ♥

I’ve made a lot of new friends since I made this blog (mostly because of Xander honestly), and I wanna do a special shoutout to the nasties (who I wanted to mention individually, but I’m way too lazy for that, so please just spread the word). I just wanna thank y’all for being the sweetest people on this website. I love every single one of you!! ♥

Also I want to say thanks to each and every one of the Choices on tumblr. Thank you for letting me see this fandom grow from nothing to what it is now. You’re all amazing and this is the best fandom I’ve been a part of honestly. ♥

Now to the actual follow forever

These are all the blogs I follow for A.C.E stuff, and you should go follow every single one of them as well. They’re all amazing and great!! 

@06pray ; @3junhee ; @1994junhee ; @ace-joon ; @ace-kingdom ; @aceandchoices ; @acejunhee ; @aceschan ; @acestatic ; @aceyoon ; @adventurecallingemotions ; @byeongkwa ; @cacetus ; @calemiel ; @djdonghun ; @dnghn ; @donghxns ; @hynjns ; @infinitblaq ; @inv-ace-sive ; @juhnhee ; @k-seyoon ; @kang-chan; @kim-sehyooned ; @moonkyuns ; @sh-nhyo ; @toewow

Lastly I wanna say thank you to all my followers. Thank you for supporting A.C.E and thank you for following my small blog~ ♥

When I started Felix nearly a year ago, I NEVER thought he’d last as long as he has. Everyone knows me for being the woman who makes blogs and is constantly finding new muses. But Felix… Felix is special to me. Both as a muse and as a person. I started watching Pewdiepie back in 2012 when I was in a very bad time in my life. He really helped me get through those times. And he continues to be there when I need to smile or laugh or to distract me. Yes, I know, a lot of people are like this with their youtube idols. But it’s not only him I turn to when I need those distractions. It’s HERE. To YOU guys. You have no idea how much I love each and every single one of you and how GRATEFUL I am to have been able to be here and talk to you guys. This list took me a good while because, honestly, I wanted to include everyone. But, then it would have been a VERY, VERY long list. So I cut it down to the people who I adore and who impact my life more than they’ll ever know.

First; A note to my Bae

@shxmrxckiisms/ @orangcworld/ @goldcnbcyvav/ @squirrclking ; Honestly, you will never know how much you’ve helped me in these last few months. It’s weird because I never was the type to just, throw myself at people. But something inside me just clicked with you and your writing. And I am so glad that I decided to start talking to you more. You’re always there for me when I’ve needed someone and I will never ever forget that. You are without a doubt, my best friend. And I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. <3

Best Club: AKA, the most awesome people ever.

@jacksepticisms  @mcrkiplicr @charllatan/ @chosenwars/ @starveincd @fclixx/ @kramred @gcldenfool @hxpc/ @kingxfthejungle @righteousmandownunder/ @greensepticpotato/ @fiischbachiisms @daughters-of-insanity @veniials/ @moralsofajackal @cvtiepi/ @heartycu @infelixinferno/ @magnumisms @leviaraelle @theprixrity @bvrnie @markefbach @sortamaliicious @antiscrabbles @marziapic @heartgiven @septicsass @axekickcr @silcncee @bitchspy @feargasem @mcrkiimoo @unglxckllich @sinfultriad @haeist @astralord @thegliitch @superinventor @almostlucilled @dcllfvce @dreamswithin @nctsepticeyed @apocalypsxmaidxn @erodedauthenticity/ @influencedbyfear @mxsesiiisms 

The Personal Blogs I fucking adore
     and will always follow tbh.

@socivil @areyoujelix @pewdiepievevo

Thank you all so much for all your support and love. You all mean a lot to me. And I look forward to moving into the future continuing to write with you all.


hi…..this is my mutual appreciation love post!! its not exactly a follow forever cause that title seems a lil intimidating 2 me…this is a post that is listing my mutuals that i really appreciate and i love interacting with, whether we’re close or not! i didn’t want to bold certain ppl cause i didnt think that would b fair but like..if we interact A LOT like talking or commenting to each other or always liking each others stuff then u know…u have extra love from me jnfdjnfdjdjv also…i follow 500 so im almost certain that i forgot some ppl so im sorry if i did :( i still lov u so much!

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So I thought it was high time to throw one of these together. I’ve got over 7,000+ followers, who are all very beautiful and wonderful in their own special way, and I love them all very much. You’ve all been with me through thick and thin, supporting me through life and all my endeavors, and just being the backbone I need to get over this rocky road of 2016. I thought I’d give back a bit and mention some of my favorite blogs and bloggers, all of who I am incredibly happy to exist.

A - @agermanshepherdpatronus  ● @allisonsgrave  ● @ame-gafuru  ● @amyskhaleesi  ● @armyofghosts  ● @aroseintime  ● @aroseintyme  ● @arthurpendragonns  

B - @bcrningupasun  ● @believeinprongs  ● @bigtardiswolf  ● @bittyblueeyes  ● @bosstoaster  ● @braveten  ● @breeeliss  ● @buffyann23@butteredonions 

C - @captainswaan  ● @chassecroise  ● @chocolatequeennk  

D - @dalekspy  ● @dctrose  ● @doctormuggle  ● @doctorwhoweeoo  ● @dooweeooh 

E-G - @emotionsofink  ● @expelliarmus  ● @fadewithfury  ● @fantasticalsyfy ●   @firedupwings  ● @flusteredkeith  ● @frostedpuffs  ● @galiifreyrose  ● @gallifreyanathearts  ● @ghostwelve  ● @goingtothetardis 

H-J - @heartbreakingtennant  ● @hermitinthetardis  ● @hopping4mylife  ● @imagineoswald  ● @jamespttr  ● @jennacolernan  ● @julibellule  ● @jxmmoriarty  ● @karaolsn  ● @kelkat9  ● @kilodalton  ● @kingtxhalla  ● @ktrosesworld  ● @kvrnsteins

L-N - @ladriened  ● @lastbluetardis  ● @lauraxxtennant  ● @lecompanion  ● @leiasorgana  ● @licieoic  ● @lovelyoswin@lunaseemoony@mahaliciously  ● @megatraven  ● @mercwithamouth  ● @misstardisblue  ● @missysclara  ● @nebulousrose  ● @nerdyten  ● @notgingcr@nottheopera

O-R - @ofpotterandwho  ●  @ofstormsandwolves  ● @oswinsdreams  ● @panda013  ● @perfectlyrose  ● @pocketclara   ● @proffesorlupin  ● @rebeltwelve  ● @reyskeywalker  ● @riversnogs  ● @reyxa  ● @ronweasleyismyking  ● @roseinthevoid  ● @roseoswiins  ● @rows-tighler  ● @rudennotgingr  

S-T - @sadrien  ● @sansapond  ● @scottmcclaws  ● @shutupstrax  ● @skyler10fic  ● @sonicenvy  ● @soufflesforgallifrey  ● @tardisbluerose@tenscupcake  ● @thatexactleaf  ● @thatsthat24  ● @thebadwolf  ● @thedoctorofsteel  ● @thesearchingastronaut  ● @tinyconfusion  ● @travelintimeandspace  ● @travelingrose  ●  @twelvesonic

U-Z- @wandamaixmoff  ● @wintermoth  ● @wizardinrhyme  ● @wndamaxiimof  ● @zenwisterias

hey hey hey I’ve just hit 1.7k on this blog so I thought that since I hadn’t made a ff yet, I would do one now! I would just like to say ty to all of you who follow me, it may not seem like a big number but this is a sideblog for me so it means a lot for this many people to even pay it any attention tbh!! so yeah I’ll carry on and list my top fav blogs that I follow rn~

02unit-png 13lhg 6ium angel-veil angelicvirgin angelsoap babyhearted cecui cottonwool cryingdaughter cryybbby d4rling dakishimetaii dollsofthevalley dollyfrills etherealangels faawning gardenlamb glowb0g haseon jess-woods jinyeowoo kafeikid kittensperm lamb-vomit lambhorns lavender-kei lonesnow lunatress lussekatter mademoiselle-lolita mahou-milk meowneko milkeu milkuei miuqi nekro-koritsi norse-mythology nursejpg nymphwhispers opheliangel plantcosmos poutchild qarconne rich-stepdad rottenlullaby rottinglace sadgiselle schoolgirlnymphet seasidesilk seaymph shishlo soyunaflor starlet-seraph starlightnymph straw8erry timidflower virginlolita virtualvanitas yogvrt


Yes i definely like how this turned out. First of all i want to say thanks, another year pass and this is my secong christmas with this blog; I have met incredible people this year and i still am friends with the ones i talked two years ago when this blog began. 

Oh man, this month i hit 2.5 K followers and they’re all so nice to me i want to cry. You guys are awesome and i don’t know what would i do without your support and nice words and questions and just by reblogging my lame edits you make my life better. 

Before this turns out longer than i intend i want to clarify that i suck at expressing my feelings in both languages cause seriously i really think about too much things to write but they don’t come out as planned and well it’s just a mess. Also i want to say that i’m a loser who just wanted to make a follow foreber because everyone else was doing it too but didn’t know what to do it about.

First i want to say some few words to my friends.

Katie.- even though you’re not here that much as before or we talk for so many hours like we used to, i still love you a lot like you don’t understand. You’re one of the best friends i could have asked for even when you’re so far away, merry christmas katie, hope everything goes well in your life, i love you so so much.

Lelou.- lelooooou, ah lelou if i loved you before i love you even more each day, now that i have actually talked to you outside tumblr asks, you’re still so amazingly sweet and cool and i just love you so much. I mean, i know whe’re not even close to time zones and lately we haven’t talked like at all but you’re one of my dearest friends here and i appreaciate that too much.

Jenn.- MY OFFICIAL WAIFU, oh jenn this year without you wouldn’t have been so fun. I love you, sweetie, you’re amazing and i’m really not sorry for how i treated you but i just want to let you know i’m kidding and i do love u a lot. even if you cheat on me.

Riva.- DUDE YOU AND I NEED TO TALK AGAIN I MISS YOU SO MUCH. yes, even though we don’t talk lately cause of school shit i bloody love you so much. Who would have thought that an asshole like you would be such an amazing friend! 

Mo.- PLEASE COME BACK TO MY LIFE FUCKER! No but seriously momocchi, i miss you, but no matter what i still love you tons, you are one of the best people out there i love you so much and hope everything in your life gets better ♥

Beatriz.- WITHOUT YOU I WOULDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. You have saved me and supported me when no one else has and seriously i love you so much. I’m just waiting for your present to arrive and sorry for sometimes being an asshole you know i do love you a lot. ♥♥

I could continue but this wouldn’t end, hahaha. Now back to the bussiness.

Bold.- people i talk to and friends


@0ikawa@91png@allenswalkers@ackerleviman@ackernam | @akeiji@arkaashi | @akashis | @ayumiko | @ahnteiku | @ayatoh | @aoimine | @aflightlesscrow | @asahiis | @asukie | @bakakawa | @ba-kugo | @bokuaka-s​ | @bohkutos | @bokuroos | @bertholdts | @baiko | @cieled​ | @cibee | @durararas | @dearestsoul | @daughterofsatan | @draagneels | @escarletes | @eyamis | @erehjaeger | @edwarddelrics | @earlphantonhive  


@fudayk | @garekis | @grimaquez | @ginozasnobuchika@gurenichinnose | @gurensex | @guzelcchi | @haiseneko | @hiramaruu | @hharukas | @hiraqi | @hiiragishinyas | @hirragis | @izumou | @ichigo-iichie | @jetzui | @judall | @jyuzuo 


@kanekx | @kadrena | @kamiishiiro | @kanekisx@kannoru | @kairies | @kawaiinohime | @kaxneki | @kahimes | @kazzuma@kirishimma | @killvua | @kiriyato | @kiryuuiins | @kid-shinji | @kenmai | @kkenma | @kjaku | @kohries | @kougaami | @kurooa | @kiuroo​ | @kurogamis | @kurokohs | @kuroona@kryoutas​ | @lisamishhima​ | @masterciell | @mamurasm​ | @muukamii​ | @mmatsuokah​ | @midforde​ | @mihkorin​ | @makotozz​ | @matzsuoka​ | @matsurins​ | @murasakibakas​ | @mabuch-i | @miyamvra


@naruseis​ | @nannaseharu​ | @nanazse​ | @oikawah@quinsdecim​ | @rinsuokah | @rin-chii​ | @rin-mctsuoka​ | @ryugaizaki​ | @ssousuke​ | @suzuyajuzoo​ | @sshiroyasha | @sasukeeuchiha | @sawtsuki | @sarushiko​ | @saeko | @saikata​ | @sandtobio​ | @seiirins​ | @sexuoh​ | @semezukas​ | @seiijuros​ | @sexyzaya​ | @seijuromikoshiba​ | @shhinah​ | @spacekaneki​ | @shinyahiragih​ 


@tsutsui​ | @trafalgar-dlaw​ | @touhhka​ | @touibo​ | @tobio-h​ | @tovru​ | @tsumochis​ | @ukiinas | @uorie​ | @vorick​ | @vakatoshi​ | @wistelias​ | @xkenmax​ | @yattygamis@yamakenz​ | @yatamisakie​ | @yamakuchi​ | @yuikkos​ | @yuuchiroz​ | @yukkie-s​ | @yozoras​ | @yumekibo​ | @zoldickillua


I recently reached 2,000 followers which is absolutely insane????? So I’ve decided to make a follower forever as a way of saying thank you :)

A-D: 666howell, acidhowell, aesthetic-howell, ahoyphan, amazphil, asexualphil, astronautphil, athletichowell, aurorahowell, avidhowell, badbloodsivan, basicallydil, beautiful-lester, blossomphan, bootiphil, bottomboyhowell, boyhowell, cactusphan, cleverlester, cometphan, conconsivan, conniefrannie, cookiephil, crazytronnor, cringe-attacks, cuddlingsivan, cutiepiedan, daisydan, damnhcwell, danhowelll, danstipated, danscrotch, dans-nugget, danthrusts, danthough, dantops, danyphil, digitalphan, dragonhowell, dreamyhowell, drunkhowell

E-H: earthowell, eclipsephan, electriclester, eroticphil, ethereallester, existentialdaniel, ffstroyler, fireworksphan, flannelhowell, flowersivan, flusteredphil, fuck-phil, galaxyphan, giftedphan, gigglyphan, glitteringdan, gothicphil, happylittlehowell, haruphan, hcwell, homoeyeshowell, howellfornia, howellgames, howltrs, httptronnie

I-P: ilysbtronnor, ironicallytronnor, irresistiblester, itmeandyouknowit, jingleshowell, kindhowell, knighthowell, lesterbae, lesterection, lesterish, lilacdan, literallyhowlter, londonhowell, meow-phan, mysticlester, nastyhowell, ohphil, okaydan, okayphan, oktronnor, phanbeans, phanfection, phanizhed, phanicking, phansomniac, phanthusiast, philikesdan, philpickle, philscracker, philsdan, philipllester, philydan, pixelhowells, poetichowell, procrasdanating, pughowell

Q-Z: rudehowell, sarcasticphan, shadowphil, solsticehowell, spaceyhowell, stardustphan, starryeyedhowell, stunninghowell, sweaterlester, tanhowell, thehowlters, thorlester, todanhowell, tokyohowell, trippyhowell, tromellet, tronnorcuddles, tronnorfravan, tronnorsphan, troyesbooty, troyevevo, uhphil, urbanhowell, vaguehowell, weirdhowell, why-phan, whatstroyler, yeezydan

And, of course, a special thanks to danisnotonfire, amazingphil, troyesivan, & connorfranta <3

(sorry if this wasn’t working btw, i kept fucking up and had to redo it)

hi! welcome to my second follow forever :)) it’s been a long time since i made my first one so i just want to shout out all my favorite mutuals and thank u guys for still following me lol. hope u all have a nice rest of the year!! 

# - G

@1in1k-today - @1jonghyun - @5hawol - @ann-jong - @battaery - @beepbeepshinee - @blingest - @bumkeyks-little-freak - @byulrooyah - @chicjb - @choiminnies - @church-of-minho - @coffeeanddonutss - @cosmikitty - @dangerousfx - @deja-roo  - @emmaster - @excusemehotchocolate - @flowercrownshinee 

H - M

@happyshawol - @hitchhikingbaby - @hitori-futari - @holyshmeesus - @jaekyung - @jcngkey - @jeronnamo - @jinchongjin - @jink-ee - @jinkidot - @jinkiminkiki - @jinkis-noona - @jjong-png - @jjonglegs - @jjongrose - @jjongs-lyrical-miracle - @jjongsblinger - @jjongsgorl - @jong-fetti - @jonghyun-kun - @jonghyunn - @jonghyunnie - @jonghyunpng - @jongsandwich - @joohyunsgirl - @k-poppy - @key-legs - @keyissoshinee - @keyslittlelocket - @keytomybum - @kibummys - @kibumy - @kimjongloser - @kindredseoul (ilu lol) - @king-jinki - @kkeybo - @ktshinee - @laziestasitgets - @leejinklies - @lovesickminho - @millklatte - @minho-is-beautiful - @minhosgal - @my-life-tbh 

N - Z

@o-r-g-e-l - @oneews - @onew-kun - @onjinkiri - @oohhhnew - @ovew - @pissedchicken - @praise-jjongsus - @pumpkinspicedlattaes - @queentsatsa - @saintkey - @saoriix - @seo-gay-for-hyun - @seohyunty - @shinee-vanasha - @shineegurl - @shineesluckystar - @shorthyun - @skelletonflower - @sleepyjjong - @sluthyun - @softaegrunge - @spacetaemin - @spicylollipop - @taebadam - @taesdays - @taeshineegirl @taesty-taemin - @teenobcessions - @the-artist-alliance -  @the1907 - @theshineelover - @theultimategaylord - @turn-over-onew-leaf - @ultrakdramamama - @why-so-serious-blinger - @wowsuch-shinee - @xxshiningheartxx - @youobviouslyloveonew


Here’s my updated follow forever:

#-c: 324b21-clone alliehendrix accio-cosima ariml alisonisthegreateststar alisonmotherfuckinghendrix annakendrik agaysongbird buckleupcreampuffs  clevercosima consp1racy clonesbians cosimageekhaus calmorrison clonespiracy cosimahellaniehaus cloneclubcompliments cosimas-glasses  cosimacormier cosimathedork cos-im-a-scientist cheekyniehaus ccosimaa

d-l: del-fin detectivechilds ebrodevo eatingpizzawithcophine eorroxsox echoesofclara felixdawkins fuckyeahcloneclub genetically-identical glassesanddreads helenas-angel happyjacq hellohurricane howrachelduncanstolechristmas i-hate-yoga itsnotalie-itsnotpossible jedimastereverdeen locksleymills lumberdudecal

m-s: monkeykira maslanydaily mslny manniing manning-can mannhaus majesdanes ne0lution natashanegayvanlis originalsarah orphanblack ohtatianamaslany oddly-romantic prettyaveragewhiteshark puppyscientist prolethean ruthbaderginsburg rayraythegaysleigh racheldvncan saruhmannings sapphicscience slufflepuff sanetwin sarahcosima sarahmanning- shes-a-maslaniac

t-z: ttatianamaslany tatianamaslanydaily thecloneclub tatasmaslany tinytmas taylorgetsedgy theypatentedus thingsdrawnonorphanblack theballpitofdenial tatsrathat unknownclone wethecurious yeah-ditto-obvs

SO! I wanted to do something for hitting 2000. Key criteria: that it be something I can do and finish today, because last time I hit a milestone I tried to do TA, and I still owe a lot of you promos from that…..ugh. Spectacular fail, self. (I’m still going to do them - imminently, since this has brought it back to my mind - but I’m incredibly sorry for dropping the ball so bad.) 

Anyway, what I’ve decided to do is a ff for my top 20 blogs. Picking a top 20 was obviously hard, not least because it’s such a generic category - what does ‘top’ signify? The 20 people I talk to most? The ones whose writing I like best? The ones who are friendliest or post the best edits?

In the end I’ve picked blogs that bring the happy to my dash. They’re all positive, friendly, lovely people, and I’ve picked ones that I think will make any of your dashes better. x


  • themegalosaurus ☆ Jess’ tumblr identity was the first one i kind of got to recognise when i first joined (i.e. ‘oh that’s the Sam’s hands girl’) and NOW WE ARE RL BOOZEY FRIENDS so basically we’re Anne Shirley and Diana Barry ok. She’s the giffing queen, I fucking love her writing, and she’s responsible for Hot Professor Sam. NEED I SAY MORE.
  • winchestersandwordprocessors ☆ I don’t totally get the concept of tumblr wives, but if i have one, it’s probably Chris. great writer and just a great fucking person w/ an eye-crossingly smutty mind. i LOVE her. 
  • lipglosskaz ☆ one of my original tumblr crushes and i’m still in the middle of a love affair tbh. her blog is like a glass of orange juice when you’re dying of thirst and need a sugar kick. If you follow anyone, follow kaz!!
  • marrieddorks ☆ our friendship is kind of counter-intuitive b/c I don’t really ship j2 and she really really does. but i looove her. WE’RE LIKE THE ROMEO AND JULIET OF TUMBLR, Kirsten. :)
  • baronsamediswife ☆ rarely have I witnessed, in any context, the level of devotion that Myri holds for Dean/Jensen. :) visiting her blog is like worshipping at a funny, friendly, porny altar of Dean/Jensen feels. she’s incredibly genuine and a goddess of fic - check out her fic rec blog too. 
  • buttheyrebrothers ☆ Sandy’s writing will wreck you five ways to Friday AND she might be an android b/c she is inhuman levels of nice. she’s also my porn-wife: someday we will marry and our relationship will consist largely of exchanging porny fic over breakfast.


  • hidingfrommychildren ☆the Deangirl that I’m working on bringing over to the Sam side of life (it’ll happen, Erin, gaaaaze into the rabbit hole). NICEsT PERSON and ultimate cheerleader. I live for her tags on my stuff.
  • mamapeterson ☆ kind and awesome and lots of quality posting! You will not find a friendlier person on here.
  • deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ☆ ultimate Deangirl! check out her masterlist of reader insert smut (most of it Dean, though almost our first interaction was when I won a fic from her and requested Sam smut :D AH MEMORIES)


  • allsamallthetime ☆ Samgirl extraordinaire and the creator and primary of 70s Vice Cop Sam (visit his digs at sextigersam). 
  • sunshinesamwinchester ☆ Feona is UNFAILINGLY kind and positive, just thinking of her makes me smile. She also makes lovely edits!
  • yaelstiel ☆ AH YAEL. where to start? beautiful gifs that range from episode meta to scientific (OBVS) studies of Sam’s face and hair; kind and open and intelligent and my much younger (ha!) little tumblr-sister. 


  • tipsysam ☆ Hanna is LITERALLY the friendliest person I have ever met. She is one of the first people I very nervously messaged on here and she responded so warmly that I stopped feeling shy at all. Also her tags are the best on tumblr. Really. And…memorable.
  • wellcometothedarkside ☆ Aeren’s edits will knock your socks off and she also does tons of great fic recs.
  • whoaeasytiger ☆ achingly lovely writing and the legit coolest tattoo i’ve ever seen
  • sammichgirl☆ Heather is my real-life goldilocks and basically a literal sun - she glows and casts light and warmth wherever she goes. I’M SERIOUS.
  • zest-wincest ☆ haven’t been following long but stellar posts always and edits that i love!


(couldn’t figure out where to put these, but they’re too great to leave out)

  • canoncanoff ☆ multifandom madness & my smut-writing idol - check out her 100 kinks masterlist. it will change your life. As I’ve said to Sam on more than one occasion, her writing could give me a kink for eggplants or telephone books if she wanted it to. she’s that good.
  • anotherwinchesterfangirl ☆ I don’t even know how to categorise Liz (plus i haven’t known her all that long) but I enjoy literally everything she posts. her tags are gold and i love her writing!
  • fingersinsamshair ☆ uggghhh just read her tags and wallow in her gratuitous and oh-so-bang-on appreciation of the boys. ;) she has some great s1 screencapping going on right now too. 


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I probably forgot so many people cause its late and I’m tired :( but here’s my blogroll just in case!