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look pals i know it’s crazy and frustrating having to wait for the actual release date for the comics and i know spoilers are tempting and very good at the time….but remember this we are owed nothing. if anyone is concerned no one has to give us new content or new stuff. it can just as easily be taken away. so respect the fact that bryke, dark horse, and irene koh have decided to work hard to give us something they deem worthy of for the wait. respect their wishes, respect their hard work. delete spoilers if you have any. don’t share them.

I was thinking earlier today that it’ll probably be Noora that Sana talks to about Yousef (similar to how Isak talked to Jonas about Even) so those messages probably mean a chat tomorrow morning between them, potentially about Yousef and how he’s not a Muslim but Sana likes him. Especially since it was to Noora that Sana said that foreshadowey line to (Muslims can only marry other Muslims)


magnus playing with his rings


i finally had the time to draw but now that I have the time and energy.. i’m reeeeaaaally lacking the skill.. and i updated my compooter so now my lines have deteriorated.. i don’t know how/why but my tablet makes the uglies line work ever ;-;

so to break out of rustytown, i drew @markiplier while watching him play the Joy Of Creation: Story mode! i really liked his reaction when he started peaking all over the place like a cat. heh

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horrible line quality©me


Louis and Harry in New Zealand. (When Liam and Louis went SkyJumping. 20.04.2012).

Dazai and Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs) cheebs I drew a week or two back because I haven’t drawn a lot lately :‘3c

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yees that post about their banter in the ep, is one of the things i love most about them. also how only hearing their voices i could imagine their expressions just for the tone and inflection of their voices. tarjei and henrik really are amazing. i first read the transcript but watching/hearing the scene was totally different. ahh they're so great

I knowwwwwww. I love how playful they are, it’s the best. Love really should be fun and we get to see it is with them. And I agree, I kind of didn’t even miss seeing them?? I could hear Isak back there rolling his eyes. But fondly. ❤

I really love their texts too, they told me so much about them:

Isak: Then I’m afraid I’ll have to break up with you
Even: OK. Thanks for this. It was nice while it lasted
Isak: See you :(
Even: ❤
Isak: ❤

Explaining misophonia to teachers is the worst. Like, how do you say “I can’t sit next to this person because they breathe loudly” without sounding like
A) a special little snowflake, or
B) some kid that is getting REAL creative with their excuses to sit next to their best friends

Even tho the page is missing right now, lets take a moment to appreciate Kirishima for going to work under his personal hero, Red Riot, and put that traitor theory to rest for the night

Edit: There he is with bonus Suneater-sempai

Edit Edit: whoops you guys are right, Red Riot is Kirishima and I now see that mentor is as of yet revealed :p Jeez way too tired and excited for this one (;^_^A 

Not like I could have picked up my bnha copies, right next to me, and checked for myself which is………..RIGHT ON THE TOP OF THE PILE@! Oh wow, I have no excuse (-∧-;) lmao just too excited this time around

  • Me: Leo's are so-
  • Leo (Mars): You just 😡hate😤 us cause you 🙅🏻AINT🙅‍♂️ us 😏 but it's 👌🏻 we won't tell 🤷🏻‍♀️ but 👂🏻listen 🙇🏻‍♀️ you should be so 👑gracious🤴 for us doing so... you should be 🤝thanking🙏🏻 us 😇😇😇 👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻 we're waiting ⌚️⌚️⌚️

fanart for this story

usually i dont go for A/B/O fanfictions because the consent thing really bugs me, but, like, things like this i can fully get behind and support!, i might draw some more for this one later

[Edit] I’ve just realised that my dyslexic ass spelt “level” wrong, it was bound to happen eventually, I am sorry
Tools for Painting Props

Even an expert painter would have trouble leaving a smooth coat if their brushes were garbage. You need to make sure you have the proper gear before you begin painting your prop! Here are some of the basic tools that you’ll need:


For Glue (low-quality)

You’ll go through these fast, so don’t spend a lot of money on them. 

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Sealant (low to moderate quality)

Since sealants harden, these brushes will also need to be replaced at some point. Don’t overspend.

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush

●     A fat-tipped brush

For Paint (high-quality)

●     A thin-tipped brush

●     A medium-tipped brush


Everything Else


This is 100%, irrefutably, totally, non-negotiably crucial to painting. You don’t use primer, your project looks bad. End of story.

Sand paper

You’ll need this for sanding out bumps in the primer.


It doesn’t have to be fancy. Anything that won’t disintegrate and taint your colors will do.


Smock/Apron/Old Clothes

Protective Covers for Your Work Area

Waterproof Sealant

If you don’t use this, than you paint job will bleed, run, and look generally gross.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there aren’t any specific tools listed here. That’s because there are as many kinds of paints as their are materials for construction! This is a checklist to follow when you start painting any kind of project, whether it’s in wood, fabric, Wonderflex, paper mache…you get the idea.

Unpopular Opinion

I hate Gabelena.

It’s so stereotypical it makes me gag.