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The Long Way Home (1/10)

OMG, it’s finally here!  I started this story in 2015, back when I was writing for pleasure with no intention of ever sharing any of my work publicly.  It fell to the wayside when I finally got around to joining the fandom and began writing fic formally, and it wasn’t until the opportunity to do the Captain Swan Big Bang came around that I remembered I had it and decided to try to flesh it out and turn it into a completed work.  7+ months later (after a LOT of consternation and whining and “Why did I ever agree to do this?”) it’s HERE.  And I’m SO relieved that it’s done, LOL.

Special thanks to my beta, @captainstudmuffin, and the amazing @lifeinahole27 for their help and patience with me, to @clockadile for lending her sword fighting experience, to @ladyciaramiggles for her feedback on early drafts, to @phiralovesloki for heading this year’s CSBB and fielding my questions, and to @kmomof4 for always being my cheerleader.  Thanks also to everyone who took my nerdy little survey on nautical terminology in fic (yes, that was for this project), and those of you that sent me words of support about it.

Lastly, deepest thanks to my wonderful CSBB artists, @waiting-for-autumn and @giraffes-ride-swordfishes for giving feedback on early drafts and providing some gorgeous artwork to accompany this fic!  Links to their illustrations of certain scenes (*) will be in the text - please be sure to go show them some love!

Thanks to you all for reading.  I hope you enjoy.  XOXO

Find it on AO3.  Nautical terms glossary here.

Summary:  After an unnaturally long life fraught with personal tragedy, Killian Jones has become known throughout the realms as the infamous Captain Hook, an opportunistic ne’er-do-well and one of the most formidable pirates to ride the waves.  When he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman with no memory of who she is or how she arrived there, he recognizes the chance to claim a monetary reward that will constitute his biggest score yet.  But a journey across the world to get her home leads to a series of adventures that reveal that her value lies in far more than gold and jewels.  A Captain Swan Anastasia AU - sort of.  (Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated E.)

Warnings: Brief but graphic depictions of violence, peripheral character death, and smut.

“Captain! Captain!”  

The sound of pounding feet approaching the door to his quarters causes the gentleman in question to lift a heavy, dark eyebrow, even as his gaze remains on the leather-bound inventory log he’s hunched over with the ship’s quartermaster.  The Jolly Roger is preparing to pull into port at Vicarstown, and he always prefers to finalize the list of supplies they need to acquire at a stop prior to docking.  It would go better without interruption.


He gives a long-suffering sigh and drops his head resignedly, his weight pressed forward on his right hand.  “Yes, Mr. Smee?” he drones.

Having been waiting for permission to enter, his slightly pudgy first mate flings the door open, the bearded man’s features twisted into an anxious grimace.  “Sorry to interrupt, sir, but a ship’s been spotted in port.”

He looks up sharply. “Who?”

Smee swallows and licks his lips nervously.  “Blackbeard.”

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 so my sister and her three kids might be moving in with us in about two months once summer hits. Her husband is nothing but mentally and emotionally controlling and damaging to her, and she has had enough. She managed to get a job teaching kickboxing so she has become very strong minded and independent and wants to leave him now.

 I know he won’t make this easy for her. She needs prayers, y’all. Cause this could get very ugly and I fear for her safety and the safety of my nephews. If he follows them to our house, I fear for my family’s safety as well.

 I need prayers. I may not be here when that day comes. If it comes. I’ll be gone at basic and I won’t be there. I’m stressing about this.

 Please pray for my sister, my nephews, my family, and me, but most importantly please pray for my brother-in-law. He needs it the most right now.

Don't Judge Me

this is a major throwback and if you give me shit for it i’ll find you

Based off Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown i used Somo’s bc it’s pretty

Liam: “I don’t wanna go there. We should never go there. Why you wanna go there? I guess I gotta go there.." 

All he asked for in this relationship was for unwavering trust. All of his previous girlfriends had problems staying faithful, or they only wanted him for the fame and the money, and he just wanted something true. And he thought he found it within you. You’d never hurt him, but you’d come from relationships where they’d all left you for someone else, or cheated on you, so it was hard for you to trust someone that had girls throwing themselves at him constantly. So when the argument came up after a particularly long month of being apart and pictures of him standing a little too close to a fan, you decided to let him know what had been eating you alive for the past few hours. To your surprise, he rolled his eyes and flopped backwards, startling you because Liam was never this agitated with you. Faster than he laid down he shot back up into a sitting position, a look of utter defeat and anger on his face. "Can we not do this? Honestly, it’s been a long day-” “You’ve had a long day? I’ve been worrying if my boyfriend is cheating on me, and you’re the one complaining?” He breathed harshly through his nose, his jaw clenching, but you were nearly shaking with the anger and anxiety of an impending fight. You’d done this so many times before, and it was terrifying knowing Liam could up and leave you. “Fine! Think what you want! I’m not going to sit here and prove myself to you! Goodnight!” He said, and before you could even question what he was doing, the screen to Facetime when blank, and your heart cracked in you chest.

Niall: “You’re hearing rumors about me and you can’t stomach the thought, of someone touching my body when you’re so close to my heart." 

Niall loved you, and it was no secret, but when you started to date exclusively, you noticed that a lot more women flocked to Niall. And he didn’t push them away. At first it didn’t seem like anything to worry about, but when more and more pictures and stories surfaced of Niall out with different girls that you’d never met before, and he wouldn’t tell you about his escapades the morning after he’d gotten home, it started to worry you. You didn’t want to believe that he’d ever be unfaithful, he was such an honorable man, but it made you sick to think of anyone else even being with him. So you brought it up one night in bed while you were visiting him on tour, because he’d been pestering you about why you were so distant and mopey all day. When the question left your mouth–"Have you been loyal to us?”–He was slightly shocked, his pink lips parted and his blue eyes wide. You felt like at any moment you might vomit, so you paced, unable to look at him and suddenly feeling ridiculous. “Baby…” He almost whispered, and you stopped in your tracks, blowing out a shaky breath and playing with the hem of his t-shirt you were wearing while he got out of bed and came over to you, sighing before lifting your face with his palms under your jaw, his forehead coming down to rest on yours. “I love you, and only you, and I only ever want you. No one else, and I would never do that to you. Never. I love you so much, please, just trust me.” He said softly, taking one of your hands in his own as they trailed from your neck, down you shoulders and arms. He placed it over his chest, right above his heartbeat, and you melted into his embrace, nodding your head against his shoulder. 

Louis: “So please don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you. Cause it could get ugly, before it gets beautiful." 

One of the things Louis hated the most was when people never got to know him before they formed opinions on him. He hated that one little thing seemed to cause people to turn their cheek and never even ask him for an explanation, so when you, the girl he thought would never do that, was the one to do it the fastest, he was angrier than he’d ever been. IT didn’t help that because of the fact that the two of you rarely ever fought, when you ended up having a row it escalated quickly and left the two of you in pieces because neither one of you were gentle when it came to confrontation. The whole argument started over the fact that you found messages from his ex-girlfriend in his phone, and when you asked him about it, he got frustrated with your ‘tone’. That then escalated into a full blown screaming fit of him calling you a bitch and you calling him a cheater and a liar, and everything in between, until you were across the room from each other in fear you’d throttle him. "I don’t understand why my own fucking girlfriend can’t even trust me.” He huffed, dropping onto the bed and putting his head in his hands, breathing heavily. “Well maybe that says more about you than it does about me.” You snapped, and he looked to you with his jaw clenched and his hands balled into fists, eyes narrowed. “Maybe I should just leave for the night, then, because this can only get worse and one of us is going to say something we don’t mean and then it’ll never be fixed.” He mumbled, rising from his position and crossing the hotel room without another word, no doubt going to stay the night with Zayn.

Zayn: “Everything I say right now is gonna be used in another fight, and I’ve been through this so many times. Can we change the subject? You’re gonna start asking me questions like: 'Was she attractive?’ 'Was she an actress?’ Baby the fact is…”  

He was sat on the end of the bed with his head hanging, his elbows on his knees as you kept on shouting and shouting at him, trying to get another ounce of fight out of him, but he didn’t have any left. You’d been going at it since before dinner, so about three hours now, and he was just tired and frustrated. He had nothing to say, because what he did was wrong, but you were hurt and you were lashing out at him, but he just wanted you to stop. He flinched when your sentence broke off in your throat from the tears he new were threatening to spill, and silence lapsed over the tension in the room as he stared at the paisley carpet between his dress shoes. “And you don’t even have anything to say,” You nearly sobbed, and that was the last straw for him. He lifted his head, his heart constricting because your makeup was destroyed and you fact was red and puffy, your cheeks tear streaked and your hair a mess of flyaways from you pacing and screaming, and you looked exhausted. He stood and you took a step away from him, and the words nearly died in his throat. “I can’t defend myself because everything that you found was true,” Your frown deepened, but at least you were listening. “But it was weeks before I even met you, Y/N.” He wasn’t finished, but your eyes narrowed and you nearly spat the words at him, “Was she prettier than me? Did she look just like me? Was she a good fuck? I think she was a model thought, right, you met through a party–” Now you were just trying to rile him up, saying the words as if you already knew the answers, lie you were condemning him, and he couldn’t stand it because all it was doing was hurting you. “Stop!” He interrupted, and your mouth snapped shut, the two of you breathing out simultaneously. “Everything you hear now, is a fucking lie. I’ve been nothing but faithful to you since the day I met you, and I would never do anything to hurt you. Never, baby,” You looked away, bu did’t move when he stepped closer. “Especially not with her. She means nothing to me anymore, and she’s in the past. I promise you. But if you keep questioning me, I’m not going to have anything else to say to you to make you stay, and I hate that. But I’ve done this too many times, and I don’t want to lose you, but I’m tired of fighting for you when you just keep trying to leave.” He said, and your glistening eyes looked up at him, and he didn’t know if he’d said the wrong thing or the right thing. But then you covered your face with your hands before stepping forward, your head against his chest, and pieces of him clicked back into place as he wrapped his arms around you. 


A/N: I didn’t do a Harry one bc it makes me sad and I couldn’t bring myself to write it. Okay, well, excuse my mistakes, but I hope you liked it!! :* -Michelle Xx. 

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