cause it almost killed me so

Madonna  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’m like a girl gone wild.”
  • “I’m a sinner. I like it that way.”
  • “Love don’t live here anymore.”
  • “We’re gonna make this better.”
  • “You’re so fine and you’re mine.”
  • “I’ll be yours ‘till the end of time.”
  • “If this is the end, then let it come.”
  • “Is it me… or you that I’m afraid of?”
  • “I don’t want to cause you any pain.”
  • “They can beg and they can plead…”
  • “I wonder how I’m ever gonna hurt you.”
  • “I can give you everything that you want.”
  • “Who am I to decide what should be done?“
  • “Hurt for a while, but I’m finally moving on.”
  • “It almost killed me, but I’m better off alone.”
  • “Something’s happened and I can’t go back.”
  • “Didn’t know how lost I was until I found you.”
  • “What happens now, I know I don’t deserve you.”
  • “So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game.”
  • “I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you.”
  • “What I need right now is some good advice, please.“
  • “In a world that’s changing, I’m a stranger in a strange land.”
  • “We’re scarred and we’re bruised, but our hearts will guide us.”
  • “I made it through the wilderness. Somehow I made it through.”
  • “You know, you never really knew how much your selfish bullshit cost me!”
  • “It might sound like I’m an unapologetic bitch, but sometimes you know I gotta call it like it is.”

-that funky ass beat at the start
-dream kids on the floor looking like they’re spazzing out but actually dancing really well and Jisung slaying his solo dance 

-Jisung spacing out is that cutest damn thing

-CHOREO ON FLEEK (serving kinda that VIXX Error move)


-the footwork is so adorable ogmgmogmogm
-all of them are shook, same tbh 
-“let’s talk about love, let me talk about love, yeah I’m talking ‘bout chu, yeah I’m talking ‘bout chu" 
-the moment they all realized that the cup was open for anyone to grab and they decided the smartest thing to do was run for it 
-okay no but what happened to the cup 
-tell me how many times renjun had to retake this scene cause he kept dropping the broom (?) 


-look it’s haechan swimming in our tears

-look they’re throwing me out the window


-LOOK AT THESE CUTIES THO (no but all of them look so attractive wowowow) 

-Tell me how many times renjun had to retake this scene because he couldn’t slide in the proper direction/almost hit his head on a table 

-not gonna lie, my heart jumped a little at Mark + human anatomy mannequin
-everyone is doing something but Mark and Jisung are just screwing around lmao
-DID THEY JUST DO THAT GRIND ON ME MOVE THO. HOW DID THEY GET THE STRENGTH TO KEEP DOING THAT (I mean they had to retake the video a bunch of times) 

-I’m really loving the amount of solos Jisung has

-it’s like woodwork but they do it with cardboard cause they’re still too young to be in a workshop lmao 


-it would have been so shocking if that dude was one of the other NCT members omg 
-everyone’s so upset but Chenle’s still having the time of his life. “Who cares about her when I have this cardboard car hell yea”  or he’s just smiling thru the pain

-okay but this was cute overall omg kill me


Marinette and Chat Noir stood in silence. She shifted her gaze towards him for just a moment, trying to find the right words to say. She had wanted to ask him about his life. Who he was, to be more precise. It had been bouncing around her mind for some time now, despite what she had said as Ladybug. She wanted to know the boy beneath the mask, really know him. So much to the point she was willing to throw caution to the wind.

She couldn’t say when the curiosity started. Maybe it was sometime through their talks,  when he would rant to her about his day with such vagueness that it almost irked her. She was a naturally curious person, and often it got her into trouble. Especially as Ladybug. Could she ask him? Would he tell her or would he scorn her for asking such a ridiculous question? She sighed, her eyes now looking at the streets below. Chat took notice, his ears twitching in her direction as he looked at her.

“Is everything alright, Princess?” He asked, taking note of her change in mood. He only got a shrug in reply, the corner of his lips tugging down in a frown. “You know you can talk to me, Mari. Right?” This time, she gave a nod,the faintest of smiles gracing her lips. 

“I know, Chat. It’s just something that has been bothering me for some time now. And I’m not sure how to go about it.” She murmured, managing to meet his stunning green eyes that seemed to peer into her very soul. Her breath hitched in her throat, her body seeming to freeze up on her. How could she ask him? Would it affect their current relationship? 

“Well, all my ears are alert and willing to listen.” He gave her one of his softer smiles, one she adored and took comfort in. God how she loved this stray cat. Marinette took a breath, leaning her head against his shoulder. 

“Thank you, Kitty. I suppose that… talking about it would help.”

He lead her to the lounge chair she often used for sunbathing in the summer, and on occasion an extra place for plants, sitting her down with an ease only Chat had. He took the end for himself, crossing his legs and clasping his hands together in his lap. His tail flicked in curiosity behind him. She looked like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. He felt his heart constrict at the look in her eyes. 

“I… Chat, who are you?” She asked tentatively, her bluebell eyes searching his in desperation. He froze. His heart stopped. She had just asked a forbidden question. He tried to speak, opening his mouth, closing it when no words came out. He swallowed hard and took a breath, choosing his words carefully.

“Marinette… you know I can’t answer that.”

“Please, Chat…” She pressed, tears pricking her eyes. She was in love with someone she knew little about, yet so much at the same time. It was almost killing her not to know. “It’s driving me insane. I fell so hard and I hardly know you. Everything late night talk, every stupid, crappy movie we’ve watched, every time you’ve helped me with stupid, senseless little problems. Even helping me with designs, every smile you’ve caused, and I can’t even thank you properly.” Tears dripped down her cheeks now, her fingers gripping her pink sweatpants tightly as she averted her gaze, looking away from him.

He sat there in silence, taking in her words slowly. She loved him? She treasured him so much that she wanted to thank him for things he was happy to do? What do I do? If I tell her, she’ll be in danger, along with everyone she loves… I can’t do that to her. Even if I want nothing more than to show my princess who I really am, her safety trumps my desires. He shook his head, sliding his clawed gloves to either side of her face, thumbs resting on her cheeks as his fingers slid to her neck. 

Marinette blinked, forcing herself to look at him. Once she did, he covered her lips with his own in a tender, sweet kiss. Her face flushed, heat spreading through her body and curling around her heart. Once he pulled away, she dared to meet his eyes. He gave a saddened grin. It was his turn to speak. 

“Mari, Princess… I love you. Everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, the way you tap your foot when you lose patience with my puns, when you crack a pun, the way your eyes light up and sparkle when you get a new idea in your head and just have to sketch it then, when you’re dancing and singing your heart out to Jagged Stone, your baking skills, which could rival the best in the world, that blush you get when I compliment you that blends so beautifully with your freckles, especially your freckles… your eyes, and just your overall personality. I want nothing more than to tell you who I really am, believe me when I say this Marinette, but you mean so much more to me than you can imagine. And telling you would put you in danger. And everyone you care for… everyone you love…” He paused, images filling his mind at all the possibilities that could happen to her. 

A wetness on his cheeks brought him out of his thoughts as he leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes as he cried. “I can’t lose you, Marinette… please understand that. Please…” The emotion in his voice was clear. He was scared, hurt, worried, and so much more. His body shook, his brain trying to chase away the horrid images of a lifeless Marinette just because she knew his identity. “I’m sorry…” He whispered, voice strained as he choked back a sob.

“It’s okay, I understand.” She placed her hands on his wrists, squeezing in an attempt to soothe him as she closed her eyes. 

“I promise you that one day… one day…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, opening his emerald, teary eyes to gaze at her beautiful, yet heartbroken expression. His stomach felt as though it were in knots, guilt filling him as he rejected her request. 

“Yes,” Her grip tightened on him. “One day.” She concluded, her lips curling into a sad, understanding smile. “But not today.” 


Well, that took a while! This was just my idea of what happened in @australet789 Marichat May Day 18: Rejection art found

here . It’s a beautiful piece of work and they have such an amazing talent. This fic was inspired by the art drawn, so please give credit where credit is due!

Capture the Flag

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(Eric x reader)

Requested by: @jasonmccannsgirl8699

Imagine: Being on Eric’s team for capture the flag during initiation…

The train rumbled steadily along the tracks, as the sky outside darkened. Not more than 15 minutes ago, we were being yelled at by Eric to put on vests and jump on the train, with the threat of being cut if we missed ‘war games’. I guessed it was probably a team game or something, with some sort of crazy Dauntless twist. 

“Alright everyone! Listen up!”

“The game is simple, it’s like capture the flag,” Four’s voice boomed through the train compartment, forcing me to turn around and listen. 

I watch as Eric picks a gun, holds it up, and then proceeds to shoot one of the other initiates in the leg, after she had whispered something to her friend. She collapsed to the ground and sweared in an almost comedic way, and I might’ve laughed had I been able to focus on something other than the pain this dart could cause. Were they trying to kill us? 

Eric started to explain the gun, which was designed to ‘simulate the pain of real gunshot’. When he started to explain the rules though, I kind of tuned out. My mind was racing so fast I couldn’t even listen, and I wondered if anyone else could hear my heart, beating with adrenaline. 

“… Two teams, Four and I are captains.”

Before Four could even open his mouth, Eric spoke again.

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Walked In*



You and Joe have been dating for a little over a year now and you have gotten to know Joe’s family quite well in that time. You and Joe had decided spend a few days in Wiltshire to get away from the busy city life of London and spend time with Joe’s family. 

“What do you two have planed for today?” Graham asked as the three of you sat around the table eating breakfast.

“Not sure really, might just have a walk around town, Y/N’s not seen everything yet” Joe answered his dad’s question. 

“That sounds good to me seeing that we go back to London tomorrow.” You said sadly. Joe was right when he said that you were going to love the country side. 

“Hey we’ll make it back more often this year, I promise. I need to take more time away from YouTube sometimes and what better way than coming over to see Daddy Sugg.” Joe said patting his dad on the shoulder. 

“You guys are welcome anytime you know that and who knows maybe next visit you two will be looking at wedding venues” Graham said causing Joe to choke on his drink. 

“You’re just as bad as the subscribers you know that” You laughed as Joe tired his hardest to control his cough. 

“Cheers dad for almost killing me” 

“Hey it could happen” Graham said before taking the plates off the table and walking them over to the sink. 

The day was coming to an end and you and Joe were sat in a small restaurant watching the sun set through the window. 

“Do we have to go back to London?” You said standing and throwing on your coat. 

“I’m afraid so, we both have work on Monday” Joe said reaching for your hand which you gladly excepted and let him lead you out of the restaurant. 

You frowned at Joe’s words as you walked over to his car. You knew he was right, you had to go back to work on Monday and Joe had a ton of meetings. But you also knew that he meant what he said about coming back more often because, whether Joe admitted it or not, he really missed home. 

“Alright love, where are we off to now? Back to dad’s to chill or we can go to a bar.” Joe said once you two got in his car. 

“Home’s fine, I kind of want to relax, we can watch that movie your dad was going on about last night.” you said smiling over at Joe.

The two of your arrived home and quickly changed yourselves out of your clothes and into something more comfortable and then headed back downstairs to find Graham had already set up the movie along with a few snacks. 

You were woken up by a gentle hand moving across your cheek. Blinking your eyes open, you focused them on the tv screen that was now rolling through the end credits. 

“How long was I asleep for?” You said looking up at Joe.

“Awhile, you maybe saw 15 minutes” Joe laughed lightly as you sat up and rubbed the sleep out eyes. 

“Whoops, I guess the day just caught up with me” You said grabbing hold of Joe’s hand so he could help you off the couch. 

“Well then off to bed it is” He said kissing your temple before turning off the tv and following you up the stairs. 

The two of you did your nightly routine, brushing you teeth, washing your face, the usual things you did before you officially called it a night. You tucked yourself into bed when you heard Joe shout goodnight to his dad who was still downstairs before he entered the room and closed the door behind him. Joe climbed in bed and quickly pressed his lips against yours.

“Joe,” You managed to get out between kisses. 

“Hmmm?” Joe hummed against your lips, before he deepened the kiss by pulling you on top of him. 

You let out a small giggle before placing your lips back on Joe’s. “You’re dads awake.” 

“So?” Joe said running his finger tips over the smooth skin of your bare legs. 

“So stop it” you said pushing his hands off your legs. 

Joe quickly moved his hands back, this time moving them higher up your thigh, “You know,” Joe said looking down at his hands on your skin, “I really like it when you sleep in just my t-shirt” 

“Oh?” You raised and eyebrow up at him. 

“Mhmm” he said reaching up to connect his lips with your again. Joe’s hands traveled from your thighs to your bum giving it a small squeeze as the kiss heated. 

Joe fingers moved themselves underneath the lining your panties working their way back to your core. 

“Joe” You said against his lips.

“Shhh, you’re going to have to be quiet love. My dads awake.” He said sliding a finger along your wet slit. You let out a airy moan when he slid a finger in and out slowly. 

Joe flipped you over so you were laying next to him on the bed, your legs spread apart, his hand still inside your panties working at your core. Joe’s fingers slowed when you heard the stairs creak under the weight of his dad as he climbed up them. Joe pulled his fingers out of you and quickly removed your underwear followed by his own before moving himself over you, his weight held up by his hands.

Joe positionsed himself at you entrance and slowly pushed into you, your hand moving over your mouth to muffle your moan. Joe picked up the pace a little but still kept it slow to avoid any unnecessary noise. 

Joe had only been thrusting into you for a few minutes when there was a quiet knock on the door before it opened slowly which caused both you and Joe to panic. Joe rolled himself off of you just as Graham had fully opened the door. 

“Hey Jo-”

“DAD!” Joe said pulling the duvet up and over the two of you.

You tried to conceal your blush and laughter as you watched Graham jump at the sudden outburst and then realize what he had just walked in on. 

“Oh I’m sorry, sorry. I forgot Y/N was here!” Graham said quickly backing out of the room and shutting the door. 

You started laughing which caused Joe to shoot you a look before his attention was drawn to the sound of his phone receiving a text. He picked it up, reading the message quickly before rolling his eyes and jumping out of bed and pulling on some pants. 

Joe left the room, the sound of footsteps up and down the stairs and muffled voices could be heard before Joe finally emerged back into the room. 

He shut the door behind him before undressing himself again and getting back in bed. You looked over at him watching in the dark as he stared up at the ceiling. 

“Umm, you alright?” You asked after a while of silence.

“Yep, dad just needed help finding something. We had a weird talk that I never thought I’d have to experience that ended with ‘I didn’t see anything by the way’.” 

You let out small giggle at the slight fear in Joe’s voice. 

“What?” He said turning to look at you. 

“I told you.” You said, reaching over the bed to grab your underwear that Joe had tossed to the ground. You tugged them on before curling yourself around Joe, kissing his cheek and resting your head on his chest. 

The next morning was weird. As the two of you got ready to head back to London, you could hear Graham rummaging through the kitchen downstairs and could tell Joe was dreading having to go down for breakfast.

“C’mon Joe, we can’t stay up here all day.” You said taking a seat on the made bed as you watched Joe repack his things for the third time. 

“Maybe we can climb out of the window, it doesn’t seem that high up” Joe said moving to the window after zipping his bag up. 

“You can jump out the window, I’ll be downstairs eating breakfast. Don’t call me when you’re hurt” You said moving for the door as you heard Joe groan behind you. 

The two of you marched your way down the stairs and into the kitchen where Graham had been making breakfast. 

“Morning Graham” You said taking a seat at the table watching Joe avoid eye contact with his dad. 

“Morning guys” Graham said placing a plate full of eggs, toast and bacon on the table before taking a seat himself. “So um-”

“Don’t dad, lets just forgot this happened please” Joe said going in for the food. 

You let out another small laugh as you looked over at Graham who looked pretty embarrassed. 

“How are you not freaking out about this?” Joe said looking over at you. 

“I just think it’s funny” You said letting out another laugh. 

“It’s not.” Joe said shaking his head. 

“This clearly hasn’t happened for you before has it?” you asked looking between Joe and Graham. 

“No honestly, you’re the first girl Joe’s ever really brought home and to my knowledge, Zoe’s never had sex here” Graham said trying to remember the past.

“Alright dad enough please.” Joe said looking over at his dad. 

“Hey fine, okay. This never happened.” Graham said putting his hands up in defense. 

“Thank you.” Joe said letting out a sigh and taking a sip of his orange juice. 

“Alright lets talk about something else. So when the wedding?” Graham said causing Joe to yet again choke on his drink.

Olicity 5x19 Drabble

Just me writing down some random thoughts about a scene that I’m hoping will be so worth the wait…

(Gif not mine)

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Walking through their door still made his heart quiver with the thousands of un-shared thoughts and words between them. She stood before the flickering flames of a roaring fire with her arms crossed tensely over her strong but, slender frame. His gaze fell over her weary face, his stomach flipped in unspoken shame when her reflection matched his own. 

“You know why I’m here,” he sighed with his chin hovering over his chest. 

She stood there frozen, her fingers trembled along her upper arms while his own tapped nervously on the kitchen counter. He felt the air around them shift as it became clear they were just Oliver and Felicity now they something more…

“Oliver…” her voice shook over the syllables of his name. 

The sweat along his brow increased, his fingers drummed out evenly over the flat, black surface. “You can’t do this Felicity, you can’t possibly understand how this choice will affect you,” he begged sternly with restrained fear. 

“Don’t presume to tell me what I can and can’t handle,” she rasped flatly as he dared to glance over her icy features. 

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BTS when they come home to a moaning girlfriend


Seokjin came home really late that day, already expecting you to be in bed when he started getting ready for it. What he didn’t expect to hear means from the bedroom.
He got to the bedroom really confused, he knew you weren’t cheating on you cause a) you didn’t have it in you and yoiu guys had an honesty police in place, plus you knew he would be home around this time, and you weren’t stupid enough to cheat on him when you kne whe were almost there!
When he opened the door, what he was meet with was a lot less sexy than expected, instead it was you lying in foster position hold you stomach in pain.

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“oh god are you okay?”
“No my menstrual pains are trying to kill me.”


Let’s be real here. This boy does not know how to stop working we all know this. So when he does come home he basically zombie Yoongi and if he hears anything it really doesn’t register until like 5 mins after he heard it. So as he is walking through the door he absently notes that a loud moan echos through house and recognizes it as your voice. But it wasn’t until he almost reaches the bedroom door it actually processes in his brain. He stops where he is standing and listens through the door and sure enough he hears you moaning again. With his trademark smirk on his face he opens the door to find you… doing squats? What the hell? The confusion was clear on his face as he watched you moving up and down and giving a pitiful sound resembling a moan but was more pitiful than sexy. This was clearly not what he was expecting.

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

“Uh babe. Why the hell are you doing squats… and why does it sound like it hurts?!”


He had been out grocery shopping when he came home arms full of bags. He was humming out Mamma Mia by K.A.R.A and totally did not hear you. He was mid dance/putting up the food in cabinet and the refrigerator when he finally heard it.  A moan. We all know our Hobi as the happy sunshine mood maker of the group but there are times when he is not his confident self. Normally this when he feels like he didn’t do his best on a dance rehearsal or if he feels like he has let the group down somehow. Or when it comes to you. He loves you so much and you are so perfect and amazing that he genuinely worries that someone who actually deserves you will come and sweep you off your feet. So with a heavy heart he walks down the hall to your shared bedroom. He can hear more moans coming quicker and louder. With any warning he opened the door prepared for the worst… Which is not what he saw. In stead you were cross legged on the bed fully dressed typing away at your computer while your phone was playing a porno. What the fuck? Turns out you were writing a sex scene in your book and you needed to see some visuals to get the scene write. 

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“Well this is not what was I was expecting…”


So we all know that Namjoon is a slight pervert, when he came over to visit you much earlier than planned and heard your moans from your bedroom his mind would instantly go to ‘time to get frisky!’ thinking that you were having some fun without him, he had it all planned out in his head!
He would be really sauve about it, with a cheeky smile and witty and sexy comment blow you away, but instead when he opened the door witty comment on his lips what he saw was very different, you half behind your bed trying to push it out, which was a lost battle cause you had needed 3 friends to even get it on the right spot!

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“What are you doing?!”
“My hair tie fell behind the bed and it is the only one I have left!”


Like Hoseok, Jimin has his low days. He has struggled with his self image for most of the time you knew him. He has been working on keeping the toxic thoughts pushed down and with your help he has been successful. Yet there are days when he just is not having a good day. Today was one of those day. So as he walked home from the gym he knew that all he needed was to be in your arms so you can tell him how amazing he is. Unlike Hoseok however he has complete and utter faith in your relationship just by the sheer amount of things you two had gone through. So when he walks in through the door and dropping his gym bag in the entry and he hears the moan? Well his mind goes straight to in appropriate thoughts. He toes off his shoes and nearly runs to the bedroom when he suddenly realizes that… you were not home. He listens again and recognizes the moaning. With a angry jerk he throws the door open so hard it bounces a little. There is Taehyung and his girlfriend having sex. On his and yours bed. 

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Ignore the smile in the gif if you can it was more of the wide “I am going to kill you” eyes that I was going for…


Visions of you in lacy undergarments filled his mind when he walked through the door after voice practice. He had been thinking about you all day and it didn’t help that you told you had a surprise for him when he got home. He was especially worked up and at the very moment you walked into the hallway and heard you moan he hand to physically restrain himself from running into the bedroom and pouncing on you. But you deserved to be wined and dined and wined and dined you will get. He was already planning out the rest of the evening in his head (after a couple of rounds of sex of course) but as entered in the bedroom the predatory smile on his face fell instantly. Why you ask? Because when he walked in he saw you on the floor gripping your ankle and let out another moan that sounded painful. Now that he thinks about it the moans he heard before were  not your normal “happy” sounds. He sigh and kneels beside you carefully feeling along your ankle. He should of known you were going to hurt yourself somehow. You are a walking accident especially in the 3 inch stiletto heels you were wearing with the lacy teddy nightgown. At least you two were on the same brain path before you nearly broke an ankle.

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“How many times are going to nearly snap your neck before you realize that these damn heels are not worth it, Jagi.” 


Jungkook wanted to surprise you since you didn’t even know he was back in Korea! He was so looking forward to it, but when he got into your apartment he heard your moans he couldn’t stop himself from grinning!
He would never think that you were cheating on him, masturbation was a normal and healthy thing to do even if you were in a relationship, he stood outside of your day just listening for a second, feeling how his pants were getting tighter with the thought of what was going on behind the door.
He was thinking over all the things you could be doing, were you using a toy? Would you moan out his name, but then your moans turned a lot more painful and he got worried at his more or less broke open the door, to see you on your toes trying to reaching your spare ps4 controller you were keeping in a box above your bed. Awww… Here he was getting ready for smexxy time.

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“I feel cock blocked.”
“What? Jungkook what are you doing home!? Why do you look so sad?”

Authors note:

This was a combined effort from both of us! Hope you enjoyed!

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I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

7-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through. Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.

Don’t let me go



Au: Grim Reaper,demon


A/n: Let me tell you,I am inspired from Goblin. Watch this drama. Is the holy drama. This is the first part of a little Jungkook series. Also the different religions reading this.I tried to keep the religion matter as neutral as possible. If you believe that this is written with a bad thought in mind or to offend someone it is not. Thank you.


I am the person you are afraid from. I am the one with the skeleton body,black robe and а reaping hook. You mortals thought that I look like a skeleton simply because I deal with the dead. This is soo wrong. I am like the most handsome, funny man ever. You living people think everything that is dead is ugly and rotten. Hell( hell is mine creation actually. Its a piece of art) no. I am,however,prehaps rotten and dead. Inside. Inside the cage of my heart. The muscle which is supposed to pump adrenaline through my body. The muscle giving me life,love and so much more. But no. This place is empty and had been abounded centuries ago. The curse killed me a long time ago.

Things go way back in time.

I once had a wife. A very beautiful woman called Lydia. She was my whole life. I was a simple man. A sheppard. My biggest concern was if I will be able to go home on time to hug her before she closes her eyes to fall in beautiful peaceful sleep.

As always life decided to fuck everything up. God said it was time for war and suddenly my biggest concern became the smallest out of them all. Everything I had,I had to give up. It was my duty to fight for my country as a man. I fought many battles. Those in higher ranks saw potential in me and after eleven battles I became a commander. On the battlefield before what we hoped was the last battle. Ready to fight,not ready to die. I prayed like every other selfish human being that I’ll give up everyone and everything,just God let me live. Those words were the last words some people heard and the ones that left my lips before I shouted “For His majesty.” I killed many people in the battle and almost got killed more times than I can remember. But I survived. The last one to survive. The smell of Death was in the air. My breath was fading away. Youcould barely see it. My eyes started to tear up from the mixture of fear,the feeling of finally letting go and a scared scream from the consequences ahead in time. Suddenly a bright light blinded my swollen from crying eyes. And I met God. A nice man,looking trustworthy,someone who I never thought was actually real. He told me my wife,my parents, my sheeps,they were killed. That I made a choice. That I killed them when I was being selfish. My will for life,killed those who made me want to live. Lost in my fear and regret which were suddenly put upon me,I was ready to pull out the weapon and just kill myself. The man stopped my sword from moving through the flesh and stop my heart. God looked at me and told me “If you leave this Earth and become invisible as if you never existed,I will bring everyone you want back. Your family will live. Lydia will breath. I need a helper. Someone who will deal with the dead and will help them go in the afterlife. You will become the Grim Reaper. My right hand.” I was being offered a choice which wasn’t actually much of a choice. He was offering me to become a ghost. But for the sake of my love I was ready to do anything and everything. “Why are you Sir offering me this? Why me?” “You are a good man. But the sin of being selfish is a strong one. I see in your eyes love. This will be your curse. Love will be your pleasure and curse. The last man standing. The one who will walk this Earth way longer than anyone. Collecting grief and love. At the end of the day you will always be alone.” I became a sinner for wanting to live. I killed everything I believed in. But Immortality didn’t sound all that bad after all. Dealing with the dead also wasn’t a price high enough that I can’t pay for Lydia. The hesitation left me and my hand grabbed his. It was me or Lydia and my family. “Okay. Do this.” Just like that my existence was erased from the face of Earth,my name wasn’t remembered as the last commander alive,the war was doomed a fail and soon there were only the families of the dead and the memories of them to be remembered. Personally I assisted all of them in the after life making them forget the one they had been living in order for a new one to be born. But for the living organisms I was invisible,not existing. A myth surrounded by mystery. There were several cases in which people had been ablen to see me. You usually cab unless you had the vision or you were dead. And so for centuries I have met all kinds of death and people. Helping them go where their souls belong. My face haven’t aged a day since I gave my soul. A twenty years old is what you’ll see if you were able to.


“Jungkook” I heard in the distance waking me from my retrospective daydream. “Yes?” I turned my head nearly hitting my forehead in one of the lamps of the nice white office. “There is something I need to tell you.” It is a full miracle. My boss is usually quiet and doesn’t have the need to see me unless it was something urgent going on in the underworld. I have known him for so many centuries that is almost not imaginable. However today there wasn’t anything special going on in my part of the holy world. “Do you remember when I took you under my wing?” the sudden questoon caught me offguard. So being little surprised the answer rolled of my lips “Of course I do.” how can I forget anyway? My heart will never forget. My Lydia. Her smile,her heart of gold. And my selfish wish which killed us. “There is something I didn’t tell you back then. One day your savior will be born. A person who will reverse the curse you caused on yourself. She will heal your wounds and you will become mortal again. She will give you the chance to live. When you die as a mortal I will give you the choice to either become the Reaper and never be able to find hope again or this time go to Heaven.” Speechless probably would’ve explain it. But it can’t. Hope? Being able to live? I have been living wihout hope so many centuries. Evryday I have been holding on the simple fact that there is hope or happy ending for me. Now after 1000 years he decides to tell me that there is someone on this planet who can cure me. My emotions are too strong. The anger boiled. The fear entered the dusted chamber of my heart. Hope started to creep out of its dungeon somewhere deep inside of me. Why didn’t he told me this earlier? Why was I living without hope all this time? Where is she? How old is she? She can be dead by now.

“Why do you tell me this now?” my voice was deadly low. I was in a position to shout,however I didn’t want to lose all my cool at once. “Was I not good enough to be told this earlier? Was I unloyal? Have I ever done something to make you doubt me? I created Hell and Heaven and made them absolutely perfect. The department of Reapers is so big that I barely have to go out now. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to know the truth.” I admit I did lost my cool. I was shouting and destroying whatever was around me. Angry tears were falling down my sharp cheekbones. “No you were. You finished absolutely mesmerizing job at what you were doing. Jungkook-a, tell me honestly if I had told you centuries ago,you wouldn’t have searched for her. Tell me you would’ve done your job the same way.” although angry,I knew he was right. Nothing ffrom what I’ve created probably wouldn’t have been even an idea in my head. The Earth was going to be small. I would’ve searched under every rock,in every village,city,country and continent. One thing I couldn’t understand was “Why telling me now?” “Because she has been born. The person who is going to bring you back is born. And her name is y/n. The Grim Reaper’s Bride.


"Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” “Wait. Talk to me.” but it disappeared. Good job Y/N. 

The Grim Reapers wife.



I couldn’t change you, but the seasons did.

The thing is, I knew he’d leave. A part of me always knew. He told me from the beginning, he didn’t feel anything. He was a stranger to emotions. And when he left, the pain wasn’t from his absence. In fact, when I think of him now I feel empty, indifferent almost. The hurt is from the time. Over those months and months of forehead kisses and surprised laughter, I wasn’t enough. I couldn’t make you change. My words couldn’t make you change, my touch couldn’t, my banter couldn’t. That small petal of hope I held so carefully in my hand is what killed me. Cause when you said to me “Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore, your feelings will only grow deeper” it permanently shriveled. And so did my smile. 

The Bet (prequel)

‘The Bet’ here

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: The events leading up to Jason and Your relationship being revealed to the rest of the Batfam.

Key: Y/N= your name, E/C= your eye color

You woke up to a dark room. You knew it was morning because your alarm was blaring. You groaned and scratched you head while getting out of bed. You slapped your alarm and began to get ready. You walked through your hall to your bathroom and glanced out your window.

“What the hell?” You stared out the window at the night sky. You then darted to your kitchenette and found the clock flashing 2:43am. “Oh come on!” You began to slink back to your bed.

On your way back, you spotted a darkened figure on your balcony. You froze in your tracks. “No,” you whispered to yourself, “No, no, no! I will not be a chick in a horror flick!”

You quickly snatched a pan from your kitchenette. You quietly opened the door to your balcony. You tip-toed to the figure as quietly as you could, pan raised ready to do some serious wacking.

You began to swing and the figure turned and caught the pan before you finished swinging. “Don’t,” the figure’s deep voice declared.

“P-please tell me you aren’t here to kill me,” you stuttered. The man turned around and you saw he was wearing a helmet and almost all black. “Oh my god, you’re going to kill me.”

Jason had gone out on patrol that night as a favor to Bruce, so no killing. He ended up in a fight and the Batman was little to no help causing Jason to get out of the situation as fast as he could, without killing. He honestly couldn’t care less about what happened after he left. He kicked a little ass, raised a little hell, and made his way to the safety of a roof top.

Except, he didn’t grapple to a roof top. He accidentally grappled to a apartment balcony. Cursing himself, he watched the street, waiting for the brawling to clear up before making his escape.

As he stood, he heard the faint click of a doorknob turning and an almost inaudible squeak of a door-hinge. He stood perfectly still, watching best he could from the corner of his eye. He watched as a petite figure inched closer to him. It began to swing something and he made his move.

“Don’t,” he stated, catching what seemed to be a frying pan. He stared intensely as a girl began to freak out. She was beautiful, stunning. She had dazzling E/C eyes and an alluring essence about her. Wow, he thought, She’s amazing. 

“I’ll take your intimidating silence as a yes and I think I’ll start screaming now.”

“No,” Jason began as he broke free of his trance, “No I’m not here to kill you, I just had to get out of the heat.” He nodded down to the street below. 

She peaked over the edge of the balcony. “So, you’re a vigilante. Like Batman?”

Jason scoffed, “Not like Batman. Nothing like Batman. I’m Red Hood, I’m completely different!”

“Yeah, okay,” she mocked. They stood for a few moments, letting the dead air fall between them. She finally broke the silence. “Would it be weird to offer the guy I thought was here to murder me my apartment as a temporary place to crash?”

Jason chuckled, “It’d only be weird if I didn’t know who you are.”

“I’m such an idiot,” she face-palmed, “I’m Y/N. And is there a name behind the mask, or is a ‘secret identity’ a thing?”

“Well, Y/N, I don’t now if I can trust you with that just yet.”

“Fair enough.” Y/N ushered the hero inside.

Over the next couple weeks, Red Hood seemed to be popping up at your ‘door’ more often than not. He would tell you what was happening and you’d listen and give your advice. Jason loved hearing what you had to say on what was going on, you were a pretty clever girl and almost always had something insightful to say. If it wasn’t insightful, it was usually funny.

There had been a couple of times where you had to calm down Red Hood after he had a fight with Batman. You knew nothing about their relationship, but you had come to know Red Hood, except his actual name, so you were able to get him to chill and talk it over before making some irrational decision. Jason was thankful for this, especially when the problem was something Alfred couldn’t begin to understand. You found a way to figure it all out.

Because the vigilante became such a frequent visitor, you began to leave your balcony door unlocked for him. One night, Jason had hoped to talk to you about a fight he had with Bruce, but when he stepped into your living room, he found you dead asleep on the couch. He chuckled to himself, admiring you.

Then he discovered a small noise coming from the couch. Light and sweet, it was you. You were snoring. That was the tipping point, he could just watch you be adorable anymore. Jason took off his helmet and domino mask, discarding them to the floor. He tapped your shoulder. You jostled awake, rubbing your eyes to focus on what was in front of you.

“Red Hood,” you question sleepily. “Sorry, I must have dozed.”

He grinned, “Jason.”

“What was that?”

“Call me Jason,” he repeated, only smiling bigger.

You stared blankly for a second, processing the information at a snails pace. Finally, the light bulb click and you beamed at him. “Jason.”

In that moment, Jason would never be able to hear his name again, without thinking of your angelic voice.


Summary: you and Hayes break up.

Requested: yep

Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long. I’ve been going through a lot and I’m going to start writing again. Because in a WEEK it’ll be a whole year of OmahaSquad-Queen. I’m so excited for r and I have some special stuff planned.

I was laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram when I came across a picture of Hayes.

It was him with his arm thrown around some girls shoulder while half her body is pressed against him. I roll my eyes at the unnecessary sight in front of me. The caption was “this girl is my favorite😍❤”

Me and Hayes broke up about a few weeks ago. I broke up with him because he wasn’t acting right. He never texted me first and when I finally texted him he only answered half the time. He quit stopping by my apartment after he ran his errands. He didn’t invite me over anymore. If I didn’t ask him if he wanted to do something with me for a date, he wouldn’t have even contacted me.

I confronted him and he just said there was absolutely nothing wrong. So I let it go, but after about a week I couldn’t take anymore. I told him I couldn’t handle him and this new attitude and he just kinda shrugged it off.

So now he’s out, doing Hayes Grier things and posting pictures with girls 24/7. I can’t stand when he tries to make me jealous.

I decide to screen shot a few of the pictures from his Instagram.

I go to my messages and text him.

Y/n: really Hayes?
Read 11:45pm

Y:quit being childish, i just want to have a calm mature conversation.

H:fine what do you want?

Y: quit playing games with my feelings

H:I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you sound crazy. We’ve been broken up for almost a month… let me go.

Y: are you really getting an attitude with me?? And you’re just gonna deny everything?? How typical. I’m just saying this whole posting pics of you and hot girls so that you seem happy cause you’re single is killing me. I know you’re not actually happy Hayes. I know you. And in that interview you did about Top Grier… “sometimes people slip through your fingers and you realize you need them like you need air. So its crucial that you keep what you love close. Girlfriends weren’t meant to be neglected” what the fuck. How am I not supposed to feel some type of way???

H: what your point?

Y:my point, is that you can’t just act like you want to spend all your time with me and you want to do nothing but cherish me and hold me and love me. You can’t do that because just a month ago you couldn’t even send a text or even answer one. So my point is, in order to clear everything up, I need you to tell me what you want. From me, from us, from our relationship, what do you want?

H: I want you back. I want us back. I was an asshole and I’m sorry. I was stressed and didn’t know how to cope. It’s just, Nash and Taylor are so perfect and it was pissing me off, I felt like I couldn’t be as good a boyfriend as Nash was and I felt like shit. I’m really sorry princess… will you come over?

Y:yea, I’ll come over. I love you Benjamin.

H:I don’t know him…

Y:yeaaaaa okayyyyy

I laughed and grabbed the duffel bag I always use when I go over to Hayes’s house. I pack and head over to his house.

Once I get there I knock on the door nervous. What if he acts the same way he used to? What if he breaks my heart again?

My thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open and there stand Hayes. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and some slides, his hair was a mess and his eyes looked dull.

When he realized it was me, his eyes lit up to the blue I’ve always known. I immediately run into his arms and hug him as tight as possible. It’s feels great because his bare skin is warm and soft.

“I’ve missed you so much” I cry into his chest.

“I know baby. And I’m never very leaving again. Ever” he kisses my head as we sway back and forth before he picks up and carries me to his room.

We lay down and talk about how much we missed eachother and how much we love eachother.

“Hayes? Promise me you’ll never act like that again. Please don’t push me away.” I say falling into his ocean eyes.

“I promise y/n” He swears before kissing me.

Peter Fucking Maximoff

Title: Peter Fucking Maximoff

Warnings: Cussing, mention of sex, and mention of death

Originally posted by despairingfever

Running was always your escape. You never had a bike or a car or a real method of transportation. You just ran. You’d run to the mall and run back home a few hours later. You’d run to school and you’d run to the grocery store. You weren’t good at sports, but you were the fastest in the whole school. You could run a mile in 3 minutes.

That was until he came around.




There wasn’t anything wrong with him, at first anyways. He moved and came to your school in the middle of the year.

His silver hair, matching silver clothes, his sense of humor, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think he was cute. Attractive even.

Word goes around fast. Almost fast as you do. And the word was Peter Maximoff was fast. Faster than you. 

That didn’t bother you. You knew you weren’t the fastest person alive.

But he toyed with you.

Recommending music to you, going to the arcade together. Hell, you shared twinkies together! You almost gained feelings for him.

Then one day he wasn’t at school. Apparently, he was out of town. Nobody really knew anything else, and his mom wouldn’t tell you.

The next day at school you saw him. He was talking to some kids who didn’t really like you guys. You didn’t care.

All during class, he hung out with them. Heck, he was even acting all touchy-feely sort of with that one girl who hated you.

Then people started saying they were sorry or giving you a look downed in pity.

Five lockers away were two kids making out.

You only had to look at the hair colors to know who they were.

He didn’t tell you anything! You didn’t know where he was 24 hours before all this shit happened, he ignored you all day, and to top it off he was making out with a girl who hated you.

Hate you

Did he hate you?

You wiped your eyes with your sleeve, and you ran.

You ran faster than before.

You were running not to get somewhere, but to get away.

You kept running, and running, and running.

Until it happened.

You felt a jolt and suddenly you ran faster. Faster than ever before.

You ran so fast, that you tripped over a rock in the ground.

“Ow!” You sat up and looked to see if your knees were scraped.

They were fine, but you decided to just jog for a while, not wanting to trip again.

You jogged by a little shop, seeing your reflection in the window.




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Everything is going to be ok

Anon:  namjoon scenario pweaase where he’s a gang leader and you, his wife get kidnapped and the kidnappers torture you to get the information and namjoon is desperate to find you? make it angsty with good end pleaaase

Hope you like it


Originally posted by jackjacky5

You knew who he was, what he did..but you couldn’t resist him.

There was an inexplicable bond between you two, you called it fate. Like a magnet you were attracted in his world full of danger and lies but you didn’t want to come back because in this world he was like a safe heaven.

Kim Namjoon was the boss of the gang who controlled the Seoul’s district where you were born and grew up, your mother always told you to be aware of Kim family. She told you not to come close to them, to change road if you met them and so you did, for you entire life until that day.

He was like an angel, fallen from the sky to save you when some guys from another gang were bothering you while you were getting home from work. He was so fast you couldn’t understand what was going on, you only could feel his strong arms wrapped around you to turn you away from the guys and his soft voice whispering “Don’t be afraid”.

From that moment Namjoon never left your side, your parents didn’t want you to date him but your love were stronger that all the voices of the people around you; you got married after 13 months in secret, he said it was dangerous if someone found out who you were because you were his weakness and they could easily hurt you to get him.

But they found you

You were getting ready to leave the house when someone knocked at your door, you quickly went to open it when you saw two tall mans in black smiling at you, they took a gun out from their jackets and then covered your eyes, you were lifted and took to a car.

-We got her boss..yes..yes..yes we’ll look for it..yes alive I know

They tied your wrist and putted something in your mouth so you couldn’t talk.

After what felt like an eternity they stopped the car and you were lifted again, they made you sit on a chair, tied you on it and took of the bandage off your eyes.

-He will kill you, all of you

-No he won’t..or we’ll cut you

One of them with a gun in his hand, the other with a knife.

He would have found you, you were sure it was just a matter of time..but what will they do to you until then? You were scared and didn’t understand where out were, you tried to follow the car movements as he told you but it didn’t work.

You were in a big black garage, with some stairs that connected it somewhere else and one door, it was hot.

-So where are all the diamonds that your nice husband has?


Diamonds? He never told you anything of his business because he knew it would have been dangerous, you remember him telling you “Babe, I can’t tell you anything because I love you too much..if someone tries to hurt you to find things out just tell him you know nothing, just convince them..understood?”. That time you thought he was a bit exaggerating but know..know you did understand.

-Where are they?

-I don’t know

-Stop lying

-I am not..why would I??? I don’t want to die for some stupid diam..

The man with the knife slapped you on the right cheek, it was so hard you could taste blood in your mouth

-Stop lying princess

-I am not.. he never tell me anything of his work

He grabbed your hair and put his face near yours

-Why would I trust you?

-Cause that’s your only choice

Another slap, and you could feel your cheeks burning, blood coming out from your mouth

-Princess let’s do it my way then

He grabbed the knife and without hesitation put it on your were never so scared your entire life and you could only think of Joon.

-Don’t..Joon Kim would kill you if you do something to his princess

The other man said, and you thanked God he wasn’t as stupid as the other one

-Just talk, he will never find you

-He will

This time he punched you, in the stomach.. you almost threw up.. the pain was too strong to handle.

You spitted some blood and tears started run from your eyes

The smart one got a call and left the both of you alone and so you started thinking of a plane to escape

-Princess…you really want to die eh?

You looked at him and asked

-I have to go to the bathroom



He sight and started to untie you but you decided that this was your only chance, when your feet was free you punched him as hard as you could and started running away

You reached the door and tried to open it, the man was cursing you on the floor, you opened it but then, in front of you..

You never felt so much pain in your life, every inch of your body hurt and you could do nothing but breathing and that was hard..

-I told you to look after her!

-She punched me in the face!!!

-Cause your stupid

You were again on the chair and you could barely keep your eyes open when you heard your phone ring

-Oppa it’s calling you princess, should we answer?

-Joon- you said almost whispering, not strong enough to complete the sentence

-Hello there, your wifey’s phone!

The man putted him on speaker so you could hear him, you prayed for him to be close, you couldn’t resist anymore

-Where the fuck are you?

-Oppaaaaa are you mad at us?? We wanted to have fun!!

-I’ll kill all of you little fuckers, just let me get you

-I think you better stay calm or your love will be hurt

-Don’t even think of touching her



-She was being a bad girl so we just teached her a lesson, now..where are the diamonds?

-Motherfuckers…I’ll kill you all

-Where are the diamonds?

The man grabbed your hair making you whine in pain, being sure he heard you

-Stop! She know nothing! Let her go!

-Your little princess is tired here, why don’t you just tell us everything?


-Uhh she still talks

-Babe I am on my way

-Woow you guys are so romantic but actually Kim Namjoon you better tell us where the fuck are the diamonds

-Then let her go..and I will give them to you

-How can we trust you?

-You got my wife..

You had no idea of what time it was, you were still tied on the chair, blood on your pinks sweater and your blue jeans. Suddenly the door opened and you saw him.

-Oppa is here princess, are you happy??

-Get away from her

-Uhh someone has an attitude here

The man with the gun looked at you, and smirked at you

-Aish your wife is really strong, and beautiful

Joon looked at you, you could see anger in his eyes

You smiled at him, knowing that now you were safe

-Babe close your eyes

You knew what was going to happened so you did as he said..

Shots and corpse who felt and the ground, that’s all you heard


You felt his hands cupping your face and as you opened your eyes you started crying

-Babe I am so sorry


-I am here ok? Everything is going to be ok

-Joon I am sorry..I .. I

He hugged you and kissed your head softly, trying not to hurt you

-Babe I am so sorry.. I should have protected you from this

-Joon..i love you

-I love yo too Y/N.. I am really sorry ok? But I promise you this will never happen again, ok?

You started to feel your eyes heavy as he was starting to untie you and so you felt asleep.

You woke up in your bed, it was dark outside, you turned around and found him watching you


-Babe are you ok?

-Yes.. I am fine now

-Babe the doctor said you have to rest for a few days


-I am sorry

He looked at you and you saw tears in his eyes

-Joon I am ok, I love you and I know that you did everything to find me as soon as possible.

-I wasn’t fast enough. They hurted you

-And you killed them

You started at him in his eyes and kissed him softly

-You killed them and they will never hurt me again


-I love you Kim Namjoon

-I love you Y/N

Lack Of Sleep

Loki X Reader

Request:  What if there was a insomniac reader and they were a Avenger. She gets along well with everyone except Loki, knowing all the bad things he’s done. But one night when she can’t sleep, he comes to her with a proposal. If she gains mutual respect for him, he will help her sleep. She is doubtful but, she eventually agrees. He then helps her.

A/n: Took me a little while, but it’s done! Yet again i’m trying a bit of a new style of writing. We’ll see how it goes.

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You wandered the dark halls of the huge avengers building, lazily holding out one of your hands as you walked so you could feel the wall on your right. You had lost track of how long you’d been up, but that was normal. For years you’ve had chronic insomnia. Something that you learned to accept and deal with, but at a lot of costs. You couldn’t fall asleep one day, then the next day you couldn’t stay asleep. It seemed like you would always be tired and never satisfied.

“Could you not do that. It’s completely annoying and pointless.” you heard a quiet voice say. Instantly you knew who it was. Constantly annoyed sounding voice? check, lower tone? check. Always sounds like they’re talking down to a person? check. It had to be Loki.

“Oh, it’s you.” you muttered a lazy reply, definitely not wanting to deal with him at the time. You turned on your heels, avoiding to avoid more interaction with him. But of course he appeared in front of you.

“Y/l/n.” he tilted his head.

“What are you doing up this late.” you asked blankly, crossing your arms around your chest. The fact that you hated him was something you didn’t ever hide. Nor did you care to.

“I was going to see if you were alright. But apparently teammates can’t actually be buddies.” His long black hair swayed a bit as he talked. He looked very different in regular clothes. Borderline ridiculous in pjs.

“Tell me the real reason,” you said, trying to keep some of your calm. “And we’re not teammates.”

“I meant it,”


“See I just don’t get why you have a problem with me! All I do is treat you well and you  continue to throw me away like some piece of trash.” He said in a calm manner, but somehow still showing the rage behind it. You had never seen him act like that. Passive aggressive, yes. But upset cause you didn’t love him? Never. It was always a mutual hating. So you couldn’t wrap your head around his anger.

“That’s cause you see trash, Loki. You almost ruined the whole world and not to mention killed people!”

“In the past.” He cocked an eyebrow, giving you a look you could only read as devilish. “And you’ve done some stuff that’s worse than even I could do.”

“Bullshit.” It took you a minute to answer, completely shocked at what he had said. The words repeated in your head a few times.

Of course he wasn’t right… Right.

“Oh, honey, let’s not go down this path.” His almost constant smirk re appeared.

“Can you go away before I make you?” You hissed.

“I’ve come here to make a deal wit you."his sly tone was very un trusting. So much so you thought he was joking.

"A deal to sell my soul I assume?” Loki  laughed at that slightly.

“Haha. A deal to help out your little sleep problem.” You tilted your head, wondering where he was getting at.

“What is this.” You narrowed your eyes at him, looking him up and down to see if he was lying.

“I would help you sleep at night if you started to respect me.”

“No. Absolutely not. I could never trust a pig like you.”

“Okay then. Come to me when you cave.” He walked away, leaving you there slightly stunned and quite perplexed. You had your morals, but how could you not take a thing like that? What you had wanted for years and years. Only for simply being nice to a horrible person.

You called out in the hall, wanting to agree to it before you regretted it. God what were you getting yourself into.

“I have to thank you.” You set your hand down on the table was sitting at, reading the paper and crinkly coffee. Something you never got why he did.

“Is the great y/n y/l/n actually going to admit that I’m only helpful?” He was making you dread your decision automatically. But for once you wanted to put aside your little  feud

“No. But I will admit that you’re okay. That was the best sleep I’ve gotten in years.” “All thanks to you. So I owe you a thank you.”

“Of course. Maybe you should be nice to me like this all the time. You could get great reward.”

“If that means what I think it means then you need to fuck off.”

NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???

Request: Could you please do an imagine where the reader is Sirius’ twin sister and James has a crush on her but Sirius doesn’t like the idea of them together??❤

There was a huge smile on her face as she stepped into the Great Hall, waving to her friend around different house tables, stopping and chatting a bit here and there. James watched her, a cup of pumpkin juice forgotten in his hand, because there she was, leaning above the Ravenclaw table and talking with another girl, smiling, putting a strand of hair behind her ear, which made to take a sharp breath in. Y/N straightened and reached the Gryffindor table quickly – so quickly James didn’t really have time to pull himself together, the girl was already sitting next to him.

“Morning, boys.” -  She looked at Remus, Peter, and her brother, Sirius, all of them saying their good mornings before she smiled at James next to her.

“Hi.” – He said with a high-pitched voice, suddenly raising his hand up for some reason, splitting half of the drink on Y/N’s skirt. She almost jumped up, but stayed in her seat, looking down on herself, smiling. – “Oh, Merlin… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” – He tried to save himself, which was rather amusing. Peter and Remus exchanged a look, grinning, but Sirius let out a not so quiet growl.

“It’s okay.” – She chuckled, but James still looked extremely embarrassed.

“Just… er… let me help.” – He took a napkin from the table, but before he could’ve done anything, Sirius spoke up; his voice not friendly at all.

“Prongs, with all my love… if you touch my sister I’ll cut off your balls.”

“But she’s all wet because of me!” – James cried almost desperately, only making the situation worse, as always when he was nervous. Peter tried to choke back a laugh, unsuccessfully, while Y/N had to hide her mouth behind his palm to suppress his own chuckle. – “I mean…”

“Just shut up.” – Sirius said finally, but still looked at him warningly.

Y/N smiled at James while he gave her the napkin, so she cleaned up herself. After she finished, she shot an angry glance at Sirius, and couldn’t stop herself to say something – even if that conversation had already done between them thousand times before. “Will you ever stop acting like this? I’m not a child, you know.”

Sirius snapped his fork down. “I’m still older than you. Of course I need to protect you.”

“With two minutes!” – She shouted across the table. – “And I can protect myself, thanks.”

She quickly sat up and left the Great Hall, not even looking back. Sirius was a good brother and a great friend to her all in her life, but he was way too overprotective if it comes to boys. No wonder why I’ve never had a normal relationship, she thought, as every time when a guy started to like her, Sirius either embarrassed her or she found the guy, mysteriously, at the hospital wing after a couple of days. As Sirius was popular amongst girls, Y/N was popular amongst boys – but with a bother like him there weren’t much of them who have got enough nerve to ask her out anymore.

But he never behaved like this with his friends. They could gave her piggyback rides or hug her or even fall asleep in one bed with her after a long night with a lots of firewhisky; Sirius never made a scene. It James’ case, it started after they left the Grimmauld Place, going to the first place they could think about – James’ parents. She couldn’t tell now when it exactly started, neither the reasons, but Sirius never let a single minute the two of them to stay alone from that summer.

Even if she told him almost everything, she didn’t talk about with him about her feelings for James. The first reason was because she didn’t wanted to tell James, and the second, his behavior lately.

It was just getting harder, because she noticed maybe James likes her too – his nervous actions gave it away.

But after every little argument with Sirius, she became keener about reveal her feelings – who cares what he says? It isn’t his decision, after all. And this morning was the last straw, she decided; today, after quidditch practice when she could be alone with James, she will tell him.

She knew James always spend more time in the changing room than any other of her teammates – boys or girls. Standing in front of the pitch, she was waiting for the others left the room, watching the giggling girls, all staring at the boys, but most of them were still waiting for the captain. Y/N rolled her eyes, knowing very well though James enjoyed the attention he got, he never truly cared about girls like them.

The keeper left, which meant only James was in there now. Y/N walked in, finding him in front of a mirror, trying to fix – or, better say – mess his hair. She smiled at the sight as he turned around, looking at her with raised eyebrows. “Y/N! What are you doing here?”

She opened her mouth, but suddenly, she was aware of that they haven’t spent a time in private for months. – “I just… just wanted to say that it was a great practice. We’ll totally win the cup.”

But it wasn’t true at all – today’s practice was a disaster. They were a good team, but today, nothing really worked. It was a surprise James was still somehow in a good mood. “I like this optimism. This is exactly what we need.”

He sat down and took on his shoes, and Y/N followed, sitting down next to him. He looked up and smiled at her, but even if Sirius wasn’t there, he could almost hear his voice as he heard so many times in the last months. “Stop staring my sister.” “Don’t touch my sister.” “Mate… she’s my sister.”

Because Sirius found out that James has a crush on her earlier than even he was aware of it; when they left the Grimmauld Place and they were in James room, who comforted the crying Y/N, though he still doesn’t know what he saw. James just hugged her and stroked her back and said calming words to her, but that was all, still Sirius knew.

Y/N’s closeness woke him up from his thoughts, because suddenly, she leaned closer; she was so close he could smell the mild, sweet scent in her hair which stayed there even after the quidditch practice. He could feel her hot breath on his own lips, almost touched with hers, but she stopped. She waited for him, but he was motionless.

“Your brother will kill me.”

“I don’t think so.” – She whispered. – “He’ll just cut off your balls.”

He laughed. “Now I feel myself much better.”

And as she giggled, his lips touched his, which caused James quickly leaning back. “We really shouldn’t…”

She took a deep breath then slowly released it. All that excitement that she felt few seconds ago, when she almost kissed James, just disappeared. “James… you really like me. I know you do.”

Well, that’s an understatement, James thought, avoiding her eyes. – “Sirius wouldn’t be happy.” – He jumped up and left the changing room, leaving the angry Y/N there.

She was standing still for a few seconds, but then shook her head and ran after him. She wanted to say something, but decided on that she won’t. If he’d really like her, he’d do something about it, wouldn’t he? Even if Sirius’ opinion was so bloody important to him, which she still couldn’t understand.

By the time she arrived back to the castle, she was more than angry; at both Sirius and James. Remus was near to the fireplace, reading, so she plopped down next to him, warming up herself next to the fire.

“What’s wrong?” – He asked, peering up from his book. She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. – “Oh…what Sirius has done this time?”

She crossed her arms, opened her mouth to answer, but then just sighed. – “Forget it. It isn’t just him right now.” – Feeling as tears gathered in her eyes, she bit her lower lip and looked up at the ceiling. She heard as Remus closed his book, but before he could’ve started to talk, James appeared in front of them.

James froze for a second, as he couldn’t see Y/N from behind the couch, only now. “Er… Sirius?”

“Still on detention with Peter.” – Remus answered to him before Y/N spoke up.

“Why, do you want to ask his permission to sit down next to me?”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “Y/N, please, I don’t want to…”

But she didn’t wait for him to finish; she jumped and rushed upstairs to her dormitory. It was Sunday; most of the students were either inside around the castle or outside, so thankfully, her dorm was empty too. No one could see her falling in her bed and hear her sobbing into her pillow – at least for a few minutes, before the door opened. She didn’t turn around, but buried her face deeper in the soft pillow.

Until someone sat down next to her, and she felt a hand on her shoulder. He frowned worriedly when Y/N turned, wiping away the last drop of tears from her cheeks. “What are you doing here? And how did you even get in there? The charms…”

He huffed. “It hurts, you know. You really think some thousand years old charms could stop me?”

“Sorry.” – She said, sitting up. – “I almost forget the great James Potter has no boundaries.

He smiled, moving his palm from her shoulder to her cheek. “Are you okay?”

“What is it between you and my brother?” – She asked, ignoring his question.

James’ hand fell off, staring at the ground before he looked up finally, deciding there’s no point to keep secrets anymore. – “He figured out I have feelings for you. And wasn’t really happy about it. I think he’s under the impression my feelings aren’t serious at all, or I’d just using you or something.” – And she knew, he do have boundaries after all, he’d kissed her ages ago.

“You aren’t like that.” – She intertwined her fingers with his, and James looked down at their hands with a sad expression on his face. Her previous low voice  was loud now, speaking angrily and desperately. “He’s a git! I don’t understand how you couldn’t see what he’s doing is so stupid!”

“I know, Y/N, but I can’t just disregard him! He’s my best friend, and completely ignore what he says and wants wouldn’t be really nice of me.” – He cupped her cheeks again, rubbing them with his thumb as he leaned closer. – “I want to be with you. I really, really do. But please, just try to understand it isn’t so easy for me.”

She was gazing deeply in his hazel eyes, and couldn’t help but smile. One part of her was furious for taking Sirius’ words as some kind of law, but the other part of her was amazed by his loyalty. “Have you tried to talk to him? I mean, other than that you blush and tells him you won’t do anything with me.”

“Well… no.”

Y/N sighed. “Listen, I don’t want you to ruin your friendship… I just… it isn’t fair, and he should see it.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her on his chest and started to draw small circles on her back. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you cry.”

She just nodded slightly, and they stayed like this for a couple minutes before James stood up to leave, but stopped at the door. “Talk to him. Please.” – She said, and James said yes, which made her grinning and giving him a hug. He leaned back slowly, pressing a kiss on her cheek, which she returned – on his lips. He closed his eyes and smiled, and the smile remained on his lips while he left.

Because James couldn’t really just forget how Y/N’s soft lips felt on his, even if it was just two seconds. And maybe that was all the determination he needed for finally talking with Sirius, who already returned from detention, and was now talking with Remus, who was still reading – or at least, he was trying.

“What have you done in the girls’ dorm?” – He asked instantly with an amused face.

James took a deep breath. “I was with Y/N. We were just talking!” – He added quickly, seeing his suddenly angry face, but continued. His voice wasn’t apologetically at all anymore. – “Because, you know, she was crying because of you!”

“Because of me?” – He asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. You’re trying to keep her safe so hard from me you haven’t realized you’re the one who hurt her. You don’t care about what I want, and what she wants… because she wants to be with me.” – James voice was loud, almost a shout.

Sirius stood up, but didn’t look at James; he looked over his shoulder, where Y/N was, who just came down a second ago. “Do you really wanna be with him?” – He asked, still in disbelief, whilst James turned around to see her.

“Yes, you idiot. He just can’t even dare to tell me anything properly because he promised you he will leave me alone.”

A light pink colour flooded on James’ cheeks. He really didn’t confess his feelings, he just didn’t deny them. Sirius looked at Remus for help, but he just shrugged. Looking back at her sister and James, he growled. “You know what, do what you want. Just don’t snog in front of me.”

James’ mouth fell open, trying to ask that he was heard it right, but Y/N was faster. “Is that some kind of yes, my dear sister, I’m really happy for the both of you?

“Some kind of.” – He replied, and Y/N ran closer to him, wrapping her arms around him, grinning.

“Thank you.” – And he couldn’t help, but smiling wildly, seeing her sister being so happy.

“Where are you going now?” – Sirius asked after Y/N turned around, grabbed James’ hand and started to drag him out from the common room

“You said no snogging in front of you.”


Hunted {BTS Mafia!au}


Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count:1892

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Summary: Y/N Y/L/N, daughter of the leader of the most reknowned mafia gang has caught the attention of Min Yoongi. Leader of the most feared mafia gangs. Word has spread that M.A.D is after her, will Namjoon be able to complete his task for her father?

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The work-out session

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean, a little bit of Sam.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some kissing, aaand i think that’s it.    

Word Count: 1200-ish

A/N: This is actually my first fanfic EVER, so pleeaaase bear with me if it’s crap. Also it’s not beta’ed. Feedback would be awesome :) Tagging @ thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘cause she requested a fic based on the gif below :)

You hadn’t been on a hunt for almost 2 months now, and though you were happy that there apparently weren’t a lot of people getting killed by things that go bump in the night, you kinda missed it. being locked up in the bunker for so long without much exercise, plus the fact that your food habits hadn’t changed much from the usual junk you ate while working cases, had made you gain more than just a few pounds. You really wanted to do something about it, you did, but you always found it rather hard to lift your butt off the couch to go to the bunker’s gym, and Sam’s rabbit-food didn’t tempt you much either. After a few weeks you started to avoid mirrors, especially the full figure one in your room. Every time you walked past them you let your gaze fall to the floor, too ashamed to look yourself in the eyes. You didn’t think anyone would notice your change in behavior, and nobody did. Except one.

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