cause it ain't happening

Voltron AU where everything is the same except the Blade of Marmora episode is basically the RING OF FIRE!!! scene from Finding Nemo

Kolivan: Brother Antok, proceed.
Antok: Keith! Newcomer of red and white! You have been called forth to the space between spaces to join us in the fraternal bonds of bladehood!
Keith: … huh?
Thace: We want you in our club, kid.

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Hi! Just thought that you should know scottishboop on twitter is trying to pass of your sniper McCree art as her own.

Thanks for letting me know! I dropped a comment on the post in question – although, it looks like it ain’t just my work they’re trying to claim as theirs (which is incredibly dumb of them really, considering the amount of difference between the art styles of each piece). If anyone recognizes any other artists’ works that have been reposted there, it might be an idea to let them know as well. Hopefully it’ll all get resolved soon in any case– shame that the first time I use twitter in months is for such a thing tho, lol

EDIT: not five minutes later, they’ve blocked me! lmao

Imagine catboy!Woozi getting a little annoyed when you pet him but when you start to pull your hand away, he stops you and tells you to continue.

Maisa, the calico, is like, slowly inching forward to lap cuddles. She’s playful and social, but for some damned reason sitting on a lap is foreign to her as fuck.
So, instead she sits on the hand-rest of my chair, slowly moving forwards on my knee, as I tend to sit cross-legged. Atm her best is to get to far enough for her whole rib cage to be on my leg, but her rest is on the arm-rest. She’s relaxed and attentive, if I move, she moves. Its like she wants to cuddle but isn’t sure its okay or wanted.
You can do it child! One day you’ll be a lap-baby, keep strong ¤w¤

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So, ah, @GoT_Tyrion just posted your pictures on Twitter! ...without crediting you.

well i wouldn’t have minded the non-credit as much, since i imagine linking to that exact post on my blog would be very difficult, especially for someone who is so used to reposting

…but they also removed the watermark


Next time! Let me hear you say,

This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

For all those who haven't found 'the one' and want some hope
  • Voldemort: So if I ever had a child, the mother would have to be a pureblood of course. She would have to be beautiful and a talented witch. She would need to have Gringotts gold of her own for the child because I don't have any. If she has a husband, he must keep quiet and not be the bothersome jealous type or I'd have to kill him. In fact if he had a Gringotts vault himself that would be great because I could hide one of my Horcruxes in it. And she must be loyal to me and prepared to do anything for me and not care even if I end up looking like a shrivelled snake. And she must enjoy killing people, that's a given.
  • Voice of Reason: LMAO mate see here, your good looks are disappearing fast, you are a poor half-blooded dangerous murderer with bloodshot eyes hunted down by the whole Ministry of Magic and most of the wizarding world hates you. Any witch would have to be batshit insane to come anywhere near you, and any pureblood would rather have children with her pureblood husband anyway. I think you should just accept you're going to be childless forever or lower your standards, cause that just ain't gonna happen.
  • *Bellatrix arrives in Voldemort's life*
  • Voldemort: You were saying?
  • cis ppl: yuuto is a boy
  • yuuto: i heard that you were talking shit and you didn't think that I would hear it. people hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up. so I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack, gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out. that's right, put your pom-poms downs, getting everybody fired up. a few times I've been around that track so it's not just gonna happen like that 'cause I ain't no hollaback girl! I ain't no hollaback girl!!

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What a nice 24 hrs it's been for Ziam shippers. We get Zayn wearing the Ziam plaid, Liam wearing a hat and shirt Zayn previously wore, and Doniya coming through essentially saying the wedding ain't happening. I'm waiting for the BOOM tomorrow... cause Wednesdays are this fandoms worst nightmare, but in the meantime I'm gonna enjoy these not so subtle Ziam moments.

Ikr? Good things are happening. Today got me like…

LOL That probably makes no sense but somehow that’s an accurate representation how I feel. Hopefully, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming into view. Could it be we’re gonna come out of this stunt with a better 1D and a better fandom? 

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I heard that you were talking shit And you didn't think that I would hear it People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out That's right, put your pom-poms down, getting everybody fired up A few times I've been around that track So it's not just gonna happen like that 'Cause I ain't no hollaback girlI ain't no hollaback girl Oh, this my shit, this my shit So that's right dude, meet me at the blea