cause im sick like that

heavenlyascended  asked:

I've heard of a theory about your hand and your eye/understanding of art developing at different speeds. So maybe you hate your art because your understanding of art is currently higher than your actual skill? Have you considered stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something super new? That might help.

mmm i guess that could be true? the anime-esque style ive been using hasnt really been doing it for me entirely? that might be it but like i said, maybe it’s cause im like actually sick that i cant draw right. but idk. i guess i could try doing more cartoon-y or realistic looking art (though realistic is just….. mm for me) though i never do a more stylish/cartoon-like style for talksprite/art because it’s just a big “norm” in the community to have cartoon/chibi/half-ass talksprites oijaodf so i just didnt do it. though i stopped trying to do like super perfect lineart cause it takes me 3 hours due to my hands being naturally shaky as fuck and it always looks stiff as fuck.

i could probably try something super new and try out a new style?? it just depends. im not gonna ramble on forever but ya……