cause im already shipping it so hard

bennyandthevamps  asked:

so i just found your blog (im super new to the voltron fandom) and first off your art is gr9, but secondly i saw your answer to that what do you ship question and just like...i feel that so hard. like, this show has been around for one year, how on earth is there so much drama already holy canoli????? like idk if everyone is just young and hasn't been in a lot of fandoms, but i am an Old (21) and im already so tired looking for drama free voltron blogs lmao

ah thank you! and yeah i only blatantly tell friends my ships cause even if theyre like “uh i dont like that ship” we’re still friends and nothing rly bad comes from it like what happens here online which is why i keep my art ship free? 

also i dont want people to feel uncomfortable scrolling thru my art like even i got some NOTPs in voltron that r rly popular so i have them blacklisted but i know some ppl are on mobile and cant do that so i try to be considerate. 

but the whole death threats thing? too far and kinda creepy that ppl would go that far like i cant even tell a random person online i think their blog theme is weird cause id be hurting their feelings XD like how do ppl send death threats???

ahhh its so exhausting being in the voltron fandom sometimes but i love lance too much to leave so i just gotta make the best out of it for lance amirite XD