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i got tagged by matt to show my lock/home screen i think!! No Hands Cause im a nerd

i tag no one

A small height/timeline with Jaci and Georgia ! (click for better view)

The story is that they were great childhood friends and hung out constantly. Jaci was the first to grow, but not much. Georgia soon over took her and grew quite large, much to the dismay of Jaci. But she didn’t mind much after awhile.

Georgia was not too self conscious about her height until she was rejected by someone for being “too tall”. She is still self conscious and worried about her height but her friend Jaci is there to help her whatever trouble she has. Currently they are still best friends who have each other’s backs.

chand3lures asked:

confession, for the longest time i thought your url was like ala-spoory-oric instead of alas-poor-yoric and i'm so sorry

Oh my god that is the funniest thing. It sounds like some rare bird you would see in  BBC documentary.

“And now— Leaving the African Plains, we travel the jungle canopy of the Zuzbananza isles, where the colorful Ala Spoory Yoric (known by the natives as the shitty blog bird) sends out it’s shrilling mating call." 


“A shining testament to nature’s beauty.”  



Story time with my ugly face! Screenshot some pictures and tweet them to me!

in chem today,

we learned about molarity

so like

i actually stayed awake this entire class period

cause every time my strangely accented teacher says molarity

sounds exactly like moriarty

so i freaked out a lil bit every two seconds or so..just thought i should inform tumblr..