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i know its like commonly accepted that allison takes neil to get his hair cut bc neil couldn’t give less of a shit abt his hair and he looks like a gd mess (hockey floooowww)

but ok just. andrew cutting neil’s hair (lets turn this into a full hc cause im a nerd)

  • neil’s hair gets fucking loooonggg
  • its like under his shoulder
  • and he’s always pushing it back and it’s driving andrew crazy cause he looks like sex an idiot
  • and neil starts wearing more bandanas. they start appearing outside of practice.. its long enough for him to tie into a lil pony
  • but like a bunch still falls out holy shit he looks so good???
  • andrew’s about to have a stroke this boy
  • during a game once his bandana comes off a lil and some hair slips in front of his face and he cant fix it cause the helmet so he can’t really play and he runs into a wall
  • so andrew’s like…. its gotta go…. it’s gonna hurt but………. someone has to
  • so he just pushes neil into the bathroom the morning after that game and sits him down in the bathtub
  • (after a looooooong make out session in which andrew just ran his fingers through neil’s hair)
  • (no he wasn’t saying goodbye to his hair wtf)
  • andrew dangles the scissors and razor in front of neil’s face 
  • “how short?”
  • neil shrugs “whatever you think looks good”
  • so obv andrew tries to keep it longish at least but neil flinches every time the cold of the scissors touches to back of his neck so andrew gives up on that
  • he turns the buzzer on in front of neil so he doesn’t get scared
  • “okay?”
  • neil runs a hand through his hair
  • “all of it?”
  • (he likes it when andrew pulls on his hair when they make out sue him)
  • andrew tangles his fingers in neil’s hair, making his point clear
  • he fucking loves neil’s hair no way he’s cutting it all off
  • though he’s totally tempted to shave it all off just to spite neil
  • so he doesn’t really know what he’s doing but nicky had rambled for like a thousand years about how great neil would look w an undercut and like andrew doesn’t really listen to nicky when he talks about how hot his boyfriend is but
  • neil would definitely look good w an undercut
  • so he tries
  • it ends up looking good, at least the shaved part
  • he’d kept the buzzer on a pretty long setting so it doesn’t really look shaved but also it does??
  • but the top’s hella fucking long he has to use the scissors but neil’s scared
  • so andrew kneels in front of him and he makes sure neil’s fine the whole time
  • loser has his eyes closed he just likes the feeling of andrew’s fingers running through his hair and pulling on it 
  • andrew’s whole thought process is just ‘fuck this guy’
  • so when he’s managed to cut neil’s hair to an appropriate length he pulls the showerhead down and rinses through neil’s hair to get rid of any lil hairs that stayed
  • and like, maybe neil gets inspired by the positioning and blows andrew then and like
  • maybe he’s alright w the haircut bc it’s still long enough for andrew to pull on it
  • andrew’s also glad about that
  • also now that its significantly shorter it got
  • so much curlier ooooooooh god
  • no one is safe. 
  • nicky collapses. 
  • matt’s sexuality crisis is suddenly resolved?? boys are beautiful. neil is beautiful. dan’s like……. same matt same. 
  • even aaron’s a lil amazed?? 
  • during sparing renee just looks at andrew and she’s like ‘well done w neil’s hair’. 
  • kevin’s pissed that everyone’s so distracted by neil and his stupid hair and his stupid face that they fall behind in practice. listen though. listen. kevin is distracted too. 
  • allison earns like $600. what did she even predict??????
  • everything

I usually don’t post my out there theories, but…

That picture in the background looks like Neo to me. Given, it’s hard to tell and could very easily just be a random image.

But pop idol Neo with a secret criminal double life.

This has been a not serious theory, but also a theory I would totally be on board with if it were true.

So I got the box set of Prima guides for The Legend of Zelda some time ago

It even came with a lettersigned by Aonuma 

But I looked in the Twilight Princess one and saw the bio for Midna



did you guys know that there is more than one leaning tower in italy?? when i was in bologna we went past a tower and my friend was like “this is the highest leaning tower in italy” and i’m like the highest??? how many ARE THERE? cause you only ever hear about the leaning tower in pisa right. so naturally i spent the next two hours reading articles about leaning towers and apparanty there are 10 just in italy 


Bonus from my previous post [x]

Asriel, your gary stu is awesome and all, but I think Chara’s “OC” is more terrifying because they d o n t  n e e d  o n e

It reads right to left btw cause im a nerd that got used to this format

ok, so @strompilto​ and I have just been screaming about this

I’m going to be that person. Regrettable I think Lydia is actually the mole. So Jace is right. But! 

ok so all we know about Lydias past is that she went on a mission in rio that ended in John dying, but we dont know if she was the only survivor. 

So either the real Lydia Branwell died that day too and a circle member has been Glamoured as Lydia since, cause we know that Valentine has made some extremely powerful glamours in the past, and who better to glamour as then a diplomat? 


hildy has left her comfortable home in the dwarven mountains in search of excitement and adventure, and to prove to her father that she’s just as brave and heroic as her 5 older brothers. 

she thinks she has finally found somewhere to begin her journey in cotes d'ambonnay.  rumor has it the town is plagued by ghosts and monsters alike and it sounds like a perfectly good place to start building a reputation for herself.

A small height/timeline with Jaci and Georgia ! (click for better view)

The story is that they were great childhood friends and hung out constantly. Jaci was the first to grow, but not much. Georgia soon over took her and grew quite large, much to the dismay of Jaci. But she didn’t mind much after awhile.

Georgia was not too self conscious about her height until she was rejected by someone for being “too tall”. She is still self conscious and worried about her height but her friend Jaci is there to help her whatever trouble she has. Currently they are still best friends who have each other’s backs.