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Sweet Vicious Fic Recs

I’m pissed that it’s cancelled and if you are too this is for you. I’ve made a list of my favourite sv fanfiction to commemorate the end to this beautiful show. find my other pages here and if you know who wrote any of these please let me know so I can give credit

Are We Dating? (by @mrriggerworld): juphelia - this is the cutest thing, the narration is really well done, everyone is beautifully in character, it’s all cute and good and it’s all fanastic, I love this so much

i found it in the wreckage: juphelia - this is short but truly wonderful, ophelia is beautiful and her emotions are cute and everything is amazing

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk Aboutjuphelia - really good, the dialogue is adorable, this feels right, I love how Jules is written -I feel like this really gets her character right

Pinky Promise (by @opheliamayerswife): juphelia - this is sweet and angsty and it makes me feel all of the things, ophelia broke my heart and everything is beautiful 

Clarity (by @swiftythewriter): juphelia - genuinly feels like it could happen on the show, it’s not the characters -or just the characters but the whole concept the way it’s delivered, I like it a lot

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They sit in the McDonald’s parking lot for a while and eat because Connor’s fries would get cold in the drive back to the studio and McDonald’s fries have this magical ability to get really fucking gross when they’re cold. Zoe cranks her weird music louder as she eats her chicken nuggets, clicking through emails and updating Connor on studio events.

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Requested by artynerd23. I am sorry it’s so late! And I changed the original request slightly. I felt this fit the situation better. 

I moved my body, feeling my legs get caught in the swarms of black blankets on my bed. Even through my bliss, I felt an odd lack of heat to my side. I swung one my hands out in that direction, but was only met with an empty half of the bed.

“Cisco.” I mumbled, sitting up. I brought one of my hands up to my eyes, attempting the wipe the haze of sleep from my orbs. I turned my head towards my boyfriend’s usual side of the bed, and my gaze fell upon his clock.

“5:30? Cisco what the hell?” I asked myself, rising from the bed. My movements were stiff as I marched to the bedroom door. A soft light glowed from underneath the large piece of wood, tempting me to open it. After a moment of decision, I flung the door open, and made my way out into the hall. I soon determined the light was originating from the living room, and I moved to stand in the doorway.  

Sitting on the couch, was Cisco, swaddled in a blanket, and watching an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. I moved quietly to stand behind the couch, before reaching my arms out, enveloping Cisco in a hug from behind.

“Princess? Why are you up?”

“I would like to ask you the same thing.” I moved around the couch to sit next to him. I laid my head against his shoulder, as he brought the blanket around me.

“You’ve been doing this for the past few days Cisco. Are you alright?” My voice was laced with concern, as I stole a glance at Cisco’s face. His features conveyed a sense of calm and peace. It would have fooled me also, if it weren’t for his eyes. They were glassy, clouded over with some kind of weakness I couldn’t describe. 

“I am fine (Y/N). I’m actually gonna go into S.T.A.R. Labs early today. I want you to sleep in though. This whole Zoom situation has taken its toll on you.” He said softly, placing a kiss on my forehead. I felt his chest spasm slightly under my weight, but I foolishly paid no attention as he helped me to my feet.

He didn’t speak as he guided me back to our bedroom. At the door, he tugged me into a quick yet soft kiss, before turning and rushing out of the house without a single word.

As soon as Cisco made it outside, he erupted into fits of coughing, hunching over to try and calm his lungs. A slew of Spanish curse words escaped the man’s lips as he stumbled out to his blue smart car, a fog of sickness clouding his movements.

“God this is getting worse than I thought.”

Maybe 15 minutes later, Cisco stumbled into the laboratories a wheezy, sickly mess. He was able to make it into the cortex, before he collapsed against one of the chairs. Barry was the first to spot him, rushing over to catch Cisco before he hit the floor.

Caitlin rushed over, urging Barry to carry the engineer over to her medical station on the right side of the cortex. Barry laid Cisco in a bed, against his protests.

“Guys, I’m fine. Really. Just a little cold, that’s all.”

“Cisco, this is no cold. I think you have developed pneumonia. How long have you been like this?” Caitlin asked, rushing around to check the man’s vitals. Finally giving into his friends requests, he relaxed against the pillow, allowing his mind to focus on when the symptoms started.

“Maybe a week or so ago.” He responded, a harsh cough following close after. Barry used his speed to retrieve Cisco a glass of water, while Harry stood in the doorway. Caitlin’s shocked expression made Cisco wince slightly, not wanting to meet his friends gaze.

“A week?! Cisco, that’s very dangerous! What were you thinking?” She said, finally moving to grab some medication.

“I didn’t want to make you guys or (Y/N) worry. I didn’t want to lessen our progress with Zoom.” He said, staring up at the ceiling.    

“Well, (Y/N) is going to be pissed.” Harry finally butted in, pulling out his phone and putting it up to his ear. Cisco sat up instantly, panic crossing his features.

“Harry no-!”

It was too late. Harry was already greeting the girl, but explaining the situation. Cisco heard the yell of anger through the phone all the way from his bed, and knew that his girlfriend was pissed. Harry lifted his head from his phone, and nodded at Barry, before he raced out of the cortex. A few minutes later, Barry stood at the entrance of the medical ward, a very pissed (Y/N) at his side.

“(Y/N) I-”

“Shut it Ramon.”

Now Cisco knew he was in a lot of trouble, she only ever called him Ramon when she was angry. She crossed the room quickly to smack her boyfriend upside the head, and begin her rant.

“Pneumonia! Seriously Cisco! You put off a cold to the point of pneumonia! What were you thinking?!” She shouted, earning a ‘That’s what I said!’ from Caitlin. 

 Cisco just hung his head, taking every scream that escaped his girlfriends lips. At a point, she just stopped, and flopped onto the bed next to him. She pressed her head against his shoulder, letting out an exasperated sigh.

 “You said you were okay.” 

“Princess, I’m sorry.” Cisco started, pulling his girlfriend down to lay her head in his lap. He ran one of his hands through his hair, trying to find the words to use.

“I didn’t want to make you worry. We were so close to figuring out a new technique for stopping Zoom, and I didn’t want to burden you all with a stupid illness.”

“Well, it’s too bad, cause after Caitlin finds some medication, you are coming home with me.” (Y/N) said, a sudden glint of determination flashing through the woman’s eyes. Cisco adored that gaze of hers, and if his eyes changed, they’d be in the shape of hearts. 

The next morning, Cisco was a sneezing, coughing mess. (Y/N) got up early that morning to make him soup, and stayed by his side the entire day, just watching movies and cuddling her sickly boyfriend.

“Your nose is red.”

“Yeah. And?”

“It’s cute. You look like Rudolph”

“One, you are a Christmas addict. And two, you find me being sick cute?”

“You know what I mean.”

ramen-noodles-and-doodles  asked:

In that post that you said 'ill never find a lover cause kf my asexualtity' well, im Asexual and Im single *wink wonk and finger guns*

Aaww yeah,

Well, I mean, this is a good time for me to say this.

I don’t hate sex, I just don’t want it 24/7. Sometimes I just wanna cuddle and fall asleep into each other’s arms.

This one time, two of my guy friends who had crushes on me, they individually asked me for sex. I said no because number one, I’m scared to have sex cuz I do not want to get pregnant, so I’m not ready. Number two, even if I did, you are gonna tell everyone and my life is gonna be ruined.

So I told them (individually),
“No…but we can maybe cuddle and such…”
After I said that, they immediately gotten mad at me because they can’t get their dicks wet.

I fucking hate that shit, I swear to you.

Like, dude, I know your hormones are bouncing because you are 15 (like me) and your dicks are raging to get a girl or dude to fuck you, but you seriously need to learn and get that I’m not ready and I don’t want to.

Don’t force me to do the things that I don’t want to do.