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FYI dt appreciation week sets are coming I’m just a day behind because life. I’ve got something really special planned for the hair portion. Stay tuned for that :)

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  • 707: *drying body with towel* MC!
  • MC: *texting from couch* WHAT?
  • 707: MAKE SURE YOU DON'T *whispers* come here 'cause I'm naked.
  • MC: WHAT?!
  • 707: I SAID- *whispers* don't come in here 'cause I'm naked.
  • 707: I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU- *brings out candle and lighter to light candle* don't come in here. that'd be really bad...
  • MC: SEVEN, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAY- *bursts through door* OH MY GOD!
  • 707: What did I tell you?! I told you not to come in here! By the way, can you hand me the lotion? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Okay I don't understand why tf everyone is going crazy about them possibly being in support of BLM. So? I support the BLM movement. Does that mean BLM is responsible for me slamming my car door out of anger? Is the entirety of BLM responsible for me slamming that door because I dropped my groceries? The logic makes zero sense. Those people acted on their own. I'm assuming these people also think that the entire white supremacist group is in no way responsible for ppl like Dylan Roof either👀

Cause they need to find some way to demonize BLM.


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So I'm doing a walk around the lot for trash and I see one of my managers come out the back door looking very intently at her phone. As I watch her, she's heading towards a church and then slowly makes her way up the block. Then it hits me. She's playing Pokemon Go and I start dying but she must have heard me cause I heard a 'shut up' a bit ways up the street. After she got back she showed everyone her pokemon and that was all that happened today.

LOL This made my day. I’m laughing hysterically right now because that is a great way to make a shift a good one. -Abby