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greenblueandblack  asked:

(Unless you already did this C: I prefer the original gender roles) Nordics (+Sealand and maybe Ladonia) morning routine headcannons?

(Sorry this took so long! I may not do Ladonia, but I’ll throw in a lil Sealand for you. Thank you! I really like these morning routine asks.)

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Haaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr. The first thought on his mind is his hair as he wakes up. Well, most of the time. But even if it isn’t his first priority for some reason, it’s a close second. He wakes up early, generally, but doesn’t need an alarm. I wouldn’t call him a morning person, but he doesn’t like to sleep in. On weekdays. On weekends, he could sleep from anywhere between noon and 5:30pm. But monday through Friday, he takes advantage of this, and makes sure his hair is perfect before anything else. He’s got it down to a science by now, and it only takes him about 6 minutes to have a style that doesn’t feel like the equivalent of uncooked ramen, stays in all day, and is relatively bouncy and shiny, but doesn’t look greasy. It really is a talent. After that’s out of the way, he brushes his teeth and puts on his clothes for the day, generally picking out a simple shirt and jeans. Unless the weather is cold, in which case he puts on a sweater or a hoodie. Sometimes though, and this is usually either Wednesday or Thursday since it’s depending on the week he’s having, he’ll just walk downstairs with nothing but his perfectly fixed hair and boxers to eat breakfast, then go back upstairs to finish the rest of his routine. On these days, the rest of his routine usually involves shaving off a little stubble.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino actually likes waking up early. Well no, he hates waking up early, but once he’s had his coffee, he loves mornings! So that’s what he does first. He wakes up, trudges downstairs with an awful grimace, and makes his coffee. It’ll take him a few minutes, but once he’s done he’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed as usual, and already skipping back up the stairs to wake up his little darling Peter. He gently wakes him up with little forehead kisses, then goes off to take care of himself, giving Peter some time to wake up while he brushes his own teeth and combs his hair. He likes to stay in pajamas as long as possible though, and usually does that last. Once Peter’s had some time to sleep, or at least acknowledge the fact that he’ll be on his feet soon, Tino takes him through his little checklist, fussing over his hair, and making sure he brushes his teeth. Sometimes he makes him take a bath or a shower, depending on how long it’s been, but if not this whole ordeal only takes around 20-30 minutes, despite how grumpy and uncooperative Sealand tends to be in the morning.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Ber doesn’t mind waking up early. It isn’t usually ideal, especially after a rough night, but he isn’t against it or anything. You wouldn’t think so, but Ber is actually more talkative when he first wakes up. It’s not that he has more to say or anything, his filter just needs some time to fully come back to him. Tino has suggested that this could be because he has such vivid dreams. It’s true that Ber does have vivid dreams, but he doesn’t really know how that would connect to him being more talkative, so he just shrugs in response. He likes to stay in bed for five-ten minutes before he gets up, to think about things, or maybe just because he’s really comfortable. After he’s brushed his teeth and everything, he’ll go downstairs. He prefers to just wear sweatpants and tees in the morning, if he can. The amount of people trying to use the coffee machine doesn’t bother him, because he actually prefers store bought, pre-made coffee that he can keep in the fridge and pop open whenever. He usually keeps a lot in the fridge at a time. That being said, don’t even think about taking one without asking, he keeps a tally on them, regardless of how many there are at any given time. If you do ask though, chances are he’ll say yes.

Norway/Lukas Thomassen: Mornings are a personal enemy of Lukas’, but you would never know it. He keeps that to himself. He may act a bit more aggressive and (unlike Ber) a little quieter than usual, but it’s nothing you’d pick up on unless you were very close to him. For Lukas, it takes around an hour and a half for him to be fully awake, so he doesn’t tend to schedule morning meetings or appointments unless he really has to. He starts out each morning by getting up and looking out the open window for a bit, usually five to ten minutes. It’s nice and relaxing to him, and gives him the time to think about what his day holds or any dreams he had the night previous. He does typical stuff, y’know, brushing teeth and hair, putting on clothes, etc., and soon after is going for coffee. He tends to get up a bit later than Tino, but occasionally they’ll end up glaring at each other by the coffee machine, nonverbally arguing over who gets to make their cup first. Tino usually wins.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Ah, mornings are fine for him. Calm. He wakes up early, and likes morning time, but doesn’t actually go downstairs for a really long time, giving guests the impression that he’s a late sleeper. The other Nordics get it though. He just likes to take some time for himself in the morning, and they’re okay with that, he gets to have his space. The best part about it is, no one calls him lazy for it, and he can take all the time he needs, though Tino tends to worry a bit after noon. Emil will get up at around Seven or Eight, and brush his teeth in his own little bathroom, or at least the one nearest by, and brush his hair, wash his face, the usual. After that, he’ll go get back in bed and think for a while, or maybe scroll through tumblr for a while, listen to music, stare out the window, really anything you can do to pass time. It’s time he enjoys though, no matter how it’s spent. Even if sometimes he stays in his pajamas the whole time. And while this is important to him, he’ll make exceptions if he knows someone will be making a special breakfast, or if they’re all eating together for some reason.

Sealand/Peter Kirkland: What? What do you mean “Peter’s routine”? No, Peter doesn’t have a routine other than waking up. The rest of his morning, till I’d say about noon, is Mama Tino dragging him around like a zombie to brush his teeth, get his clothes on him, and get him fed, usually with the subtle accompaniment of his favorite cartoons in the background. His hair is always parted just right, and washed and brushed very specifically, and his eyebrows are.. Combed. Throughout the morning, Peter has no understanding of what’s happening, and honestly doesn’t care that much. He just has to lay there like a sleepy ragdoll and let Tino take care of everything for him. Sometimes he doesn’t even remember what happened, and sometimes Tino literally picks him up and carries him. After breakfast though, he’s usually perked up and full of his usual energy.