cause i'll be by your side

  • Santa: um ok bitch, listen up quickly cause i got 12 million more kiddos to go to and I ran out of caffeine so I'm becoming moodier by the second. what do you want for Christmas? your otp to be real or some gay shit like that?
  • Me: You see, that's the kind of bs this world don't need. Why would I wish for something that's already real? Are you stuck in 2014? Jikook ain't one sided. I don't got to wish for Jikook because ITS ALREADY THERE. ALL I'M WISHING FOR IS FOR THESE DUMB LETTUCE HEADS TO REALIZE THAT JUNGKOOK RECORIPATES JIMIN'S FEELINGS. JUNGKOOK IS COMPLETELY HEAD OVER HEELS FOR JIMIN. JUNGKOOK DOESN'T HATE JIMIN. JUNGKOOK LOVES HIM. IT ISN'T ONE SIDED AND IT NEVER HAS BEEN.
  • Santa:
  • Santa: U rite u rite 👏👏

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Sis a Scorpio man doesn't love unless he threatens to kill your non existent side nigga at least 7 times day

Scorpio men ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!! you leave him on read once you got 200 missed calls and him threating to kill you and your non-existent side nigga, you just wanted to take a nap,now you got this dude outside screaming and crying cause he thinks you cheating on him

sudden tag dump !! mostly ship (FINALLY) and some AU/verses ones cause i’m slowly working on verses page lol

Minor Greek Goddesses: E R I S

Eris (Ἔρις) is the Goddess of Discord, Strife and Chaos. She caused the Trojan War with the infamous golden Apple of Discord. During the war, Eris fought by the side of Ares. She is more generally known for the less deadly forms of conflict; political strife, personal contention, rivalry and wrangling but the potential for evoking her deadly nature is ever present. Eris would appear frail and small as she entered the fighting but as she strode through the carnage she would get larger and larger until her head would brush the heavens.The symbols associated with Eris are: a poniard, a hissing adder which she holds in one hand, and a burning torch that she holds in her other hand.

You are worth it!

I just dint choose to become a doctor to save lives, but also to help them discover that they are so freaking beautiful enough to not give up on themselves and to fight back hard. No disease could kill you if you are filled with positivity and self-love. So enlighten that side of yours, ‘cause you are so worth it.

Sherlock’s favorite part of their morning routine has always been watching John make breakfast. Before he would find excuses to be in the kitchen while John went through the motions of getting ready to start the day. Sometimes Sherlock had an experiment that needed tending, sometimes he used his petulant side to his advantage, but he would always position himself for the best view. Now, he doesn’t need an excuse as he watches his lover prepare breakfast. Sherlock watches unabashedly at the rise of the shirt, revealing the low dip at the base of John’s spine, as John reaches for an item Sherlock intentionally set just out of reach. He smiles at the soft sounds John’s bare feet make as he pads around the kitchen, humming to himself as he goes through his routine. John is of course aware of the undivided attention he has. It used to embarrass him, now he just ducks his head and grins at knowing.
Most mornings, Sherlock is able to resist the tug that smile does to him. But some mornings, like today, he can’t. Swiftly he rises from his chair and pulls the mug out of John’s hand, setting it on the counter with a loud thunk. John’s grin widens and he pulls Sherlock into a deep kiss, his hips on Sherlock’s waist. They spend unknown minutes lazily enjoying the feel of each other’s lips, slow kisses, lingering sighs, happily taking the moments in. There’s no case waiting, no need to rush. Eventually, John’s stomach rumbles, reminding them that, yes they do need to actually eat. John pulls back with a giggle and Sherlock smirks at him, before he returns to the table to enjoy his view.


Song Inspired - Golden by Travie McCoy (Feat. Sia)

Cause I am yours; you are mine, you are mine, mine
Not going anywhere, I am standing by your side
I will love you ‘til the end of time, time
I will love you 'til the day we die 

The worst goodbye

“In my opinion, the worst kind of goodbye, is the the sudden goodbye. The one where you’re blind-sided because just yesterday you were holding hands and loving each other unconditionally. Just yesterday you guys were sharing sloppy kisses on the couch, tasting each other’s happiness. And today he’s crushing your heart and tearing out your lungs because his words have caused you to be unable to breathe.“

~J.C. – excerpt from the book I’ll never write #4


“I, Nico di Angelo of the house of Hades, take you both, Will Solace, Jason Grace of the house of Olympus, as my husbands, and vow to stand by your sides until shadows come between us.” With his left hand, he grabbed the scepter and raised it, holding it horizontally, each end pointed at Will and Jason. “Vos semper amabo.”

vous remplissez mes sens (vos semper amabo)// pairing: jason/nico/will (solangelace)// prompt: gods, royals, rebels// warnings: n/a// for the rarepairproject // title is in french ‘cause i haven’t done my french homework yet// i just wanted to draw pretty suits guys

this is (as i am actually noticing now) glaringly different from the actual scene , but, if you choose to maybe ignore that, we can all blissfully pretend this is the wedding ceremony from @talysalankil‘s fic ‘until shadows come between us’.

in other words, i don’t know how scepters or helmets work, fantasy is not my strongest point and i sincerely hope the pretty colours distract you from the obvious faults in anatomy and perspective.

this shit killed me

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