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Daily Rikara Ramblings

I feel I should rename this liveblog occasional Rikara ramblings cause I ain’t so regular anymore. I wasn’t even gonna do them today bur Gauri legit went on a slayage spree and I just couldn’t control myself. Legit watching this episode second time in a row. And I’ll probably even watch the Gauri bits on TV again. What? No one ever accused ke of having a life. Jo bhi thi, Gauri Kumari Sharma has taken over it now. 💜

Also, this is like super low effort but I HAD to do it anyway cause my head was exploding with all them thoughts. LOL.

  • Chennai express ki 2 rs copy hai, but feels k liye saala kuch bhi karega. This scene looks rly nice aesthetically too.
  • Epi start hote hi Queenie has gone on a slayage spree. My wig’s already snatched and it’s been like 2 secs in.
  • I knew Gauri would blame Omkara’s changed behaviour on his guilt. Chalo kahin toh consistency hain. Assuming Omkara’s kindness is out of his guilt is her go to behaviour.
  • Okay, Omkara STFU. Galtiyan maan k koi meherbani nahi ki hain. Itni insult aur disrespect k baad it was legit the least you could do. Matlab do you even have an inkling of the emotional abuse you put her through? These emotional scars won’t heal themselves so fast. I know you have this shadi ki sword hanging over your head but pls, control yourself.
  • Again, with the patni shit. How convenient for you Omkie? Jab woh acceptance k liye mar rahi thi tab yaad nahi aaya? You couldn’t see anything past your hatred then, why expect Gauri to be the bigger person now?
  • YESSSS. Queenie dikhaing him his shakal in the mirror.
  • I hope Omkara’s flashbacking to the time he burnt Gauri’s pictures when he thought she was having an affair. Cause I always thought it was unfair on his part to expect such loyalty from her when he never gave the love and respect she deserved. Love, loyalty, trust, respect, these are the things that are earned. Universal right nahi hai.
  • Lmao, Omkara’s face legit like, “dayum, she got a point”

“ek baat pooche aapse, aapne hamare saath jo jo kiya, humne aapke saath kiya hota toh”

  • Yaaassssss Queen, roast.his.ass.
  • Seriously, if she’d done it to you? Tab kya karta Omkie? I always wanted Omkie to put himself in her shoes and now queenie’s demanding the same. Yessss bitch, yessss.
  • Oh, I’m so glad they’re raising this layak wala issue again. I really wanted Omkara to address her concerns. Matlab sab kuch mil raha hai aajkal. As a Rikarian, I can’t believe my kismat. Wallah, jaldi phootne wali hogi lagta hai.
  • Fuck yar, this lack of love and respect in their relationship that bothered me so much is finally being addressed and I can’t take it. Is it really happening?
  • Gauri’s asking the right questions rn. It doesn’t fucking matter if Omkara didn’t mean to make her feel any less or that now, he wants her. The fact is that he abused her to the point that she lost her self-confidence. What he thought or didn’t think, what he meant or didn’t mean, don’t matter when he’s given her less than humanly treatment for the most part of their relationship.
  • Ugh, I know you think the world of Shivika, Gauri, but can you not compare? Like after RuVya, they’re the most toxic relationship on the show. Sure, NOW Shivaay loves and respects her, but he isn’t that great a guy like you think. Gauri ko shivika puran padhao koi.
  • Lol, but 2 steps ahead toh you've always been when it comes to the relationship Gauri. Poor Omkara’s always catching up. Forgive him, my son’s a late bloomer.
  • Aww, Gauri thinks it’s plain old male ego and jealousy. It’s not true but at least Omkara’s bearing this in silence. Normally, idc about his manpain. But I do feel bad for him. Anyway, Ab pachtaye hot kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet? You should’ve loved her when you had the chance.

“Jaaiye aap yahan se, kyuki ab jo bhi karna hai, hamein hi karna hai”

  • Uff, the dismissal!! Cold, queen. That was so cold!
  • Hey, Bhagwan, she ripped off the dupatta. STONE.COLD. Not even Steve Austin is that cold. But my main bitch has had it till here with Omkara’s chutiyapa. Girl be like, let me deal with this alone, as usual.
  • I love, love, LOVE this scene of Gauri walking away and then stopping to wipe her tears and moving on anyway. Cause this is who she is in a nutshell. She might get hurt, she might break down, but she will ALWAYS get up and keep moving and do what needs to be done, even if she’s dying inside. My Queen’s unstoppable yo!
  • And Omkara looking on haplessly as Gauri breaks down is 👌👌👌. This is the level of damage you’ve inflicted on her. Now, look at the result of your destruction. What you broke isn’t so easily repairable, bitch.
  • Uff, aagya ye psycho Ajay.
  • Okay wtf. Your mom also said yes? Woh na nahi bol sakti thi? What an asshole.
  • Gauri looks like she’s barely holding on. Ek jhaanp me sata dene wali hain isko.
  • Low-key hoping Omkara heard it though. Doesn’t look like it but goddamit, I need someone to know about this blackmail

I know this has nothing to do with Rikara, but bhavya’s rant is so anti-feminist? Honestly, I’d never have expected this from her of all people. Why would you paint women as these illogical, ott, emotional beings with no connection to reality? Esp when you have a job where you have to deal with this casual sexism of men on a daily basis? Stuff like this is what legit stops you from getting promotions? Fuck, I hate this shit so much. I’m not saying you should respect all women, but at least don’t paint all of us with such broad strokes, esp when it has such lasting negative effects on us. We have to deal with this shit from men already, we don’t need women doing this too.

watching the office with luke would be the best like you two would be cuddling while laying in bed in his hotel room and he’d have his laptop resting on his lap, your head laying on his chest as his arm is wrapped around your shoulders. the theme song would come on and you would start clapping along, a wide grin on luke’s face as his fingers tap the beat on your thigh before you see michael scott appear on the screen. you’d be ten minutes into the episode without having said a word, but once jan goes “I can’t stay on top of you 24/7″ luke wouldn’t miss a beat in screaming out “THATS WHAT SHE SAID” in perfect sync with michael scott, causing you both to burst out laughing as you feel luke’s chest vibrate underneath you. you two would spend the rest of the night binge watching the show, you impersonating dwight and luke imitating michael until you both can’t stop yawning and decide it’s time to go to sleep. luke would slowly pull you into his chest before kissing your forehead gently, his voice just above a whisper as he asks “will you be the pam to my jim?”

anonymous asked:

Can you make the gods react to the MC after she got her wisdom teeth taken out? I think it would be funny if they did not know how to really handle her.

Thanks for the request. It’s funny cause around the time I saw this request I had my wisdom teeth taken out for the first time. And I was pretty loopy lol anyway so sorry for the long wait. I got super busy with high school and college preparations, but I’m finally done. Sorry if it’s a bit different than what you’re thinking. Enjoy~ Jo


After being notified that the wisdom teeth extraction was complete by your dentist, he walked to your room only to find you with your eyes half opened, looking all groggy.

Leon chuckled at the sight before him, he would love to look at what he sees a bit longer but it’s time to leave. He shook your shoulder, saying it’s time to go. When you didn’t answer the first time, he tried to tease you for a bit, saying if you don’t move he’ll carry you bridal style. You finally looked up at him, saying ‘Alright, get to it!’ while putting your arms around his neck waiting for him to lift you up. Leon gave you a confused look and before he could say anything, he was quickly interrupted by your demanding yet slurred voice, telling him to hurry up and take you home right now or he’ll have to deal with your fiery rage (as you said). The dentist nearby quickly explained to the confused lion, while trying not to laugh, of what’s going on. After the explanation, Leon understood one thing and that it’s very amusing. He decided to let it slide and carry you back to the mansion, only to let the other gods have a taste of your drowsy, demanding nature.

Scorpio was quick to get all worried seeing you like that but the dentist quickly explained to him that everything will he fine. Also reminding him the change in your behavior. It didn’t take long for Scorpio to figure it out when you grabbed his sleeve in an excited manner with your eyes all sparkly, asking if he was a model. He tried his best to calm you down, telling you the situation you’re in now without getting flustered in front of the dentist. Though, you fully didn’t grasp it and continued to get all touchy feely, asking him a bunch of bizarre questions. Like if he can still see with that one bang covering his eye or if he’s only covering one eye so people won’t find out he’s missing an eye. Scorpio definitely couldn’t handle the energetic you, but tried his best to handle you and taking you home. Though, it didn’t end cause as soon as the two of you arrived to your place, you held onto him and claimed that there’s no way you’re letting a model out of your grasp and stayed that way until your back to your normal state. Scorpio definitely got you back big time when he told you all the silly things you did.

Teorus went up to you, asking you if you were okay in his usual sweet voice. You nodded your head slowly but you had a worried look on your face. Teorus asked you what was the matter, you couldn’t help but look so guilty which made you have trouble making eye contact with him. He looked at you with confusion, with a hint of uneasiness, not being able to take the suspense anymore he asked if there’s anything you want to get off your chest. Even though Teorus was told by the dentist that you might not be your normal self after the removal but he couldn’t help but be curious of why you’re acting like this. You nodded your head and asked him to come close so no one around would hear you. He followed what you said and leaned towards you. Before you revealed what you asked him to promise you that he won’t get mad and he’ll love you no matter what. This made Teorus even more confused and curious, making his brow furrow. Even so, he still promised that he won’t get mad and he’ll love her no matter what. Maybe you weren’t as loopy as the dentist said, he thought. As soon as Teorus made his promise, you went close to his ear and finally revealed what you were going to say. Getting his attention you admitted and said, ‘I killed Mufasa’ and then you passed out. Teorus couldn’t help but let out a laugh and sigh of relief that you weren’t all serious. This was something he never let you live down.

Though Dui never left your side, since he kept on insisting and all, and even witnessed the whole thing and was pretty fascinated. So he knew about the gas and how it worked. Even so, the next thing that happened did take him by surprise. You pointed at Dui and said, in a loud tone, ‘How dare you?! Why did you do this to me??’ The dumbfounded Dui didn’t understand and asked what he did that made you upset with a frightened expression. Since he still hasn’t admitted that he was the one that ate all of her cherry candies. You responded, telling him that it’s his fault that your teeth is gone and it made you really upset because you and your teeth was so close to each other (literally) and were your greatest friends. As soon as he processes of what was going on, Dui tried his best not to laugh and explain to you that it was important for those specific teeth to be removed. You still couldn’t calm down since losing your teeth hurts you emotionally for some reason. Dui tried his best to console you and asked if it will make you feel better if he bought you ice cream. Hearing the word ‘ice cream’ made you perk up but you demanded him to feed you the ice cream as a punishment for making you lose your precious teeth. Of course Dui didn’t mind at all and loved feeding you, but he pretended to be all defeated and tried to hide his smile.

Huedhaut was, of course, knowledgeable about this topic so he pretty much expects your behaviour to have a slight change. Though, what you did after the extraction did catch his attention. Turns out you couldn’t help but flirt with your dentist, completely ignoring your lover that was standing next to you. Huedhaut didn’t want to admit it, but your dentist was a pretty good looking guy. The dentist seemed like he was used to this and simply chuckled, telling you that your real lover was standing next to you. You ignored what he said and boldly grabbed his arm and asked if he had any plans later. This time Huedhaut finally made a move and said that it’s time to go home with a tight smile on his face. He did find it a bit amusing at first but still couldn’t help the jealousy inside him. He quickly apologized to the dentist and carried you home on his back, since you were still pretty drowsy. Despite the drowsiness, you still had some energy in you to say, ‘Dang… I think almost scored.’ Hue rolled his eyes but the next thing you said did surprise him. You told him, ‘You know… you’re much hotter than that dentist guy.’ and patted his head before falling asleep on his back. The tip of ears turned into a light shade of red and his mouth curled into a small smile. When you finally came to, he couldn’t wait to share and tease you about everything of what happened, without adding the part where he was jealous of course.

Ichthys was happy to see you looking alright and not in great pain at all. He carefully gave you a hug to comfort you. As soon as you made eye contact with the fish man, you made eye contact and asked in a serious tone, ‘Are you an Angel?’ Ichthys couldn’t help but freeze and laugh at what you asked him, giving you a response of him saying that he is from the heavens. He decided to have a little fun with this, he knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. After hearing him saying that he’s from the heavens, you gasped with your eyes all bright and sparkly. You made a small victory pose and said ‘I knew it!’, making Ichthys’ sneaky smile grow even wider. After walking outside, you climbed on his back and told him to spread his wings and fly. As much as Ichthys would love to humor you, he didn’t want to he scolded by the guys for flying in broad daylight and also didn’t want you up in the air while you’re still feeling funny. He just didn’t want you to harmed, so he told you that he can’t reveal his true form in public. You immediately understood, and told him that he’s secret is safe with you. Even if he couldn’t fly home, he still continued to carry you home, while listening the many questions you asked him about him being an Angel and how much he looks like one too. In the back of his mind, Ichthys just knows how much he’s gonna have fun with you once you’re back to your old self.