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That’s Not What I Meant...(part 1/?) (Avengers x reader)

This one is going to be so much fun to write!  I’m glad to do a longer fic, because a one-shot just won’t be enough!  I hope you like it!

Request from food-books-and-bed:  A one-shot of Y/N and Steve’s wedding, and all the guy avengers are Steve bestmen, and Nat, Pepper and Wanda are your bridesmaids, and Tony is walking you down the aisle, cause he’s your brother, so you made him your maid of honor, and you made him wear a tie (he turned into a bow tie) that matches their dresses and he’s complaning about it. You can turn it into a story, if you want, I’d love you to, but I don’t want to pressure you, so I said one-shot. THANKS SO MUCH!

“Sweetheart, no expense will be spared!  My baby sister is getting married, and I’m only gonna have one shot to get this right.  I’m gonna be sure that you have the perfect, most beautiful day that you can imagine. If anyone gets in the way, you let big brother Iron Man know.  I will do anything, and I mean anything you want, I promise!”

“Yeah, Tony…about that…”


It had taken Steve no less than four attempts to propose to you.  Well, four attempts that you knew of.  The first failed attempt involved an epically failed home-cooked meal.  He was so mad at himself that he couldn’t imagine how he would feel if you then said no.  He thought with that massive failure, who wouldn’t?  The second attempt involved a complete loss of the ring.  The Captain had frantically called each member of the team, offering a reward to its finder.  Pietro easily defeated the search team, but after the hours of panic he endured, Steve was just too tired to try that day.  On the third attempt, he thought for sure he had it.  Third time’s the charm, right?  Nope.  He had your favorite restaurant reserved, and had planned to propose during a carriage ride thru Central Park under the stars.  He had just straightened his tie for the last time, ready to meet you, when Fury called with an urgent mission that required the team to leave immediately.  You were both gone for two weeks with not a moment alone.

“I’m so excited to finally be home.”  Entering your shared room, you kicked off your boots, let down your hair, and began to remove the spare knives and guns that were hidden in your uniform.  “How about you, Cap?”

With a loud huff, he moved in front of you, planting his feet so you couldn’t move any farther.  “(Y/N), I love you.  I’m pretty sure you love me.  Yes or no?” He was done trying to plan the ‘perfect’ situation.  His frustration had reached its peak, and all he wanted now was an answer and to move forward, one way or another.  He held the small box in front of you, barely breathing as he tried to read your expression. With a wink and a small smirk, you knew there was only one answer.

“What took you so long, Rogers?”


“Ok, so I’ve got Buck on best man, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Tony and Pietro as groomsmen.  Wow, that’s quite the lineup, huh?  What’ve you got?”  

“Nat, Maria, Pep, and Wanda.”  Pausing for a moment, you looked up from your wedding planning, “but you can’t have Tony.”

“Don’t you think he’s gonna be a little mad if he’s not up there with us?  I mean, come on, he threatens us with the suit if we forget to ask him before we order a pizza.”  You smiled at the memory of Iron Man greeting the delivery boy, grabbing the stack of pies and flying off without a word.  No one got dinner that night.

“Of course he’s going to be up there, he’s my brother.  I just want him to be on my side of the aisle, that’s all.”

Steve set down his pen, leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin, giving you a quizzical look.  “I don’t think Tony has the legs for the dress you’ve chosen.”

“I think he could pull it off, with the right shoes.” You laughed when Steve looked at you, unsure if you were joking or not.  “Babe, I’m not even close to serious!”

Clearly relieved, he still wasn’t sure of your plan. “Maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned, but aren’t the gals supposed to be on one side and the fellas on the other?”

“Yeah, you are old fashioned.  But he’s the only family I have on our side.  It’s important that he’s next to me.”  You stood to stretch your legs, knowing there were still hours of details to be worked out.  “Love, you want some coffee?”

“Mmm hmm.”  Steve began drawing a small sketch on his papers, his chin resting on his other hand. As you returned, he invited you to look at his work.  “Hey, (Y/N), what do you think?”

It was Tony.  In your bridesmaid dress.

“Steven Grant Rogers!  What did you do?!”

“What?  You’re the one who put this image in my head!  This is on you.”      

Laughing, you moved to sit on Steve’s lap, leaning in to get a closer view of his artwork.  “You know, he really does pull off that color though.”  

Part 2

The Path Less Travelled (Part 2/2) (Tony Stark x reader)

I’m using this request to do a part 2:  Hey could I request a oneshot where Tony is reader’s dad and he along with the other Avengers suspect that she is being abused by her boyfriend when they see bruises and marks on her. So one night Tony actually sees her boyfriend smack her and he comes to the rescue? :’)

Part 1

It had become a monthly outing for the Avengers, taking a night off from the superhero life to attend one of your shows with Tony.  The night would normally end with the group shutting down a local bar, Steve taking you home because he was the only sober one left, and getting a text from your dad that the group had made it back to the tower without anyone getting arrested, again.  

“Thanks for the walk home, Steve.  Can you make sure dad doesn’t fall asleep in the tub again, please?  I don’t think he wants his legacy to read that Iron Man was lost taking a bath.”  

“You got it.  Have a good night, (Y/N).”  Steve gave you a small kiss on your cheek and pulled your door shut, waiting to hear the click of the lock before he walked away.

“Another late night, I see?”

You were much too tired to deal with this tonight, too tired to deal with your boyfriend and his jealous whining about your friendship with the team.  You had invited him to come along several times, but he always declined, finding some reason to stay home but never allowing you to really enjoy yourself without wondering what was waiting for you at home.  

“Yeah, I’m heading to bed. I’ve got early rehearsals tomorrow.” You turned to head for your room, but he grabbed your arm with enough force to make you wince.  He spun you to look at him, his face close to yours as he spoke with a menacing tone.

“You know, I’m getting really sick of you spending so much time with that Steve guy.  Why does he always walk you home?  Seems like maybe he’s taken too much of an interest in you. Is there something going on there that I should know about?”

Despite your better judgment, you laughed openly at the thought of you and Steve together.  It was absurd, not to mention that your dad would drop dead before he would allow that.  “You’re crazy.  Cap’s just a friend of mine, and a friend of dad’s.  He doesn’t want me walking home alone at night.”  You yanked your arm away from his grip, but he reacted and took your wrist, bending it back until tears formed in your eyes.

“Are you laughing at me, (Y/N)?”

“You might want to re-think what you’re doing.”  You straightened to look him square in the face, trying your best to stay calm even though your nerves were raging inside you.  This wasn’t the first time you had been in this position with him, and deep down, you knew it wouldn’t be the last.

His hand raised to send a resounding slap across your face, but you refused to give him the satisfaction of a response.  “What? Are you gonna run to Steve now? Are you gonna run to your daddy?”

“No,” you whispered, reaching your free hand up to feel the heat building in your cheek from where he connected.  “I’m going to bed.”  You were too tired to have any fight left in you today, and decided it best to just try to walk away.  Your quick refusal to engage surprised him, and he released you without another word. You had learned long ago that he was out for a reaction, looking to dominate and see that he was scaring you.

Unbeknownst to you, Steve was standing on the other side of the door, trying to understand what he thought he may have heard.


“Stark, we need to talk. I think I may have heard something at (Y/N)’s apartment last night, but I’m not sure.”  

Tony looked up with a smirk as Steve entered the lab, still a bit hung over from the experience the night before.  His music was playing much quieter throughout the room than usual, and his work was carelessly strewn across the table.    

“Yeah, well, she doesn’t believe me that the acoustics in her shower are crap, but she insists on going for show-quality karaoke.”

“No,” Steve approached him cautiously, unsure of how to bring this up without causing an immediate panic, “it’s not that.”  He began to pace in front of the workstation, looking at his feet as they shuffled across the floor with a heavy burden in his steps.  “And I may be wrong…I mean, I was on the other side of the door…but I’m pretty sure…”

With a loud huff, Tony dropped his tools on the table and rested his hands on his hips.  “Good god man, spit it out.”

“I think I heard a fight between (Y/N) and her boyfriend.”

Tony let out a small chuckle, “All couples go thru that, Cap.  You might not have much experience in that area, but it will happen from time to time.”

“No, Tony.”  Steve moved quickly to stand in front of him, an urgency in his eyes as he spoke.  “It was more than some lovers quarrel.  I think…I think he put his hands on her.”  His eyes lowered to the ground, replaying the scene in his head, wondering if he should have done more.  You had become very important to him since he had joined the Avengers, and he wouldn’t forgive himself if you needed him and he didn’t protect you.

Tony’s expression hardened and his eyes immediately darkened.  Steve clearly had his full attention now, and he could see Tony’s anxiety and anger building right before him.  “Rogers, if you think that’s what you heard, why didn’t you go in there and stop it?”

“It wasn’t until I was down the hall, and by the time I was back to her door, it was quiet.  I heard her say she was going to bed.  I didn’t want to force my way in there if I had been wrong.”

Tony moved to stand face-to-face with Steve, his posture still rigid, “But what if you were right?”


Tony had been acting strangely around you over the next few days, but you weren’t exactly sure why. He called more often, texted constantly, and showed up at your doorstep unannounced.  When you asked him what was going on, he always made it seem like you were overreacting, but you knew there was something up, and you would have to get it out of him eventually.  You were getting ready to meet him for a quick lunch, so maybe today was the day.

“I’ll be back in a couple hours, I’m going to meet up with dad for lunch.”  

Your boyfriend appeared from the bedroom, looking tired and confused, “when did you plan that?  I thought we were going out today?”

“I told you this just the other day.”  Your voice became irritated, rolling your eyes at how he always forgot what you had told him, “I’m having lunch with dad, then when I get back we can go.  I don’t have a show tonight so we have all kinds of time.”

“No, you told me we had all day.”  It appeared that he perked up at the opportunity to fight with you, moving closer to you now.  “I’m sick of you spending time with everyone but me.”

“Oh, come on, we spend plenty of time together.  I’ll be back in just a couple hours, you’ll be fine.”  You grabbed your purse and began to head for the door.  You were pulled backwards when he snatched the strap of your bag, ripping it from your arm and throwing it forcefully to the ground, spilling its contents everywhere.

You spun around to face him, now more pissed than ever.  As you bent down to gather your belongings, he pushed you onto the floor, leaning over you with his hand raised as if ready to strike you.  Before his arm could move any further, the window of your apartment shattered across the room, sending him diving behind the couch for shelter.

The familiar sounds of the Iron Man suit filled your small home, and your eyes grew wide as your father grabbed your boyfriend by the shirt and held him out the window, fifteen stories above hard pavement.  

“Make your move, asshole.”

“Put me down!”

“Bad move.  Boy, you really are stupid.”  Tony released his grip just enough for him to fall a few stories, but flew down to catch him, still dangling your soon-to-be-ex by his now partially torn shirt.

“Wanna try that again?”

“Please, please could you just set me down?”  You had never heard his voice so full of fear, it almost sounded childlike in a way. You wanted to feel some pity for him, for the situation that you father currently held him in, but you couldn’t find it within you, and all you wanted was for this whole thing to be done and in your past.  Counted as just another one of your bad decisions.

“Dad, it’s okay, just let him go.”  Your words were out before you chose them, and you hurried before he took you literally, “just set him gently on the ground.”

Tony lifted him back into the window of the apartment, just about to set him down but releasing him early so that when his feet hit the floor he lost his balance and fell to his knees. You saw the opportunity and moved in front of him as your dad took his post behind the now tearful man.  You bent down to look him in the eye, holding your face close to his.  You were actually glad to see him feel a little of the fear that he had tried to put on you.

“I told you, you should re-think what you were doing.  How could you possibly think it would be okay to act like that when my dad is Iron Man? I was giving you a chance to do better, to be better.”  You stood again, looking down on him with contempt, glancing up at your dad for support.  “Whatever I saw in you before is gone, and so am I.”    

Grabbing your purse and finally collecting what had spilled out, you opened the door, waving your dad out before you.  “So, that worked up an appetite.  Where should we go?  I suddenly have all the time in the world.”

Part 3