cause i want to read the books so badly

subtle-burning-anger  asked:

So I just finished Tower of Dawn and it was amazing! But gosh darn it, I flipped to the last page and saw the title of the epilogue, and just kind of started freaking out. I was not expecting, nor ready for that. How about you?

Well to be fair I knew it was coming before I read the book cuz spoilers. BUT I WILL TELL YOU WHAT! I was NOT okay when I read it. And then when I finished the book and read it within the book’s context, I was even more unsure.

I want so badly for Aelin to find a way to convince Maeve to join their cause because really this is a story about a lady who left her husband and where he failed to get his wife back his nasty fucking brother stepped in. So I WANT SO BADLY for Maeve to see the light that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and for her to want to work with Aelin and them. And then start down the road to changing her ways. I ain’t gonna hold my breath tho. BAHAHAH.