cause i used a tutorial for the base


someone asked to do a step-by-step for my clexa art, wasnt sure which one exactly but I chose this one cause its my fave. 

Anyway I made a quick gif to show the progress and included my base color palettes for the girls (in case anyone wants a quick reference) as well as the the tattoo files i use. (the arm tattoo quality was decreased for some reason idk)

my overall process is the same as in this guide but shuffled around a bit. i’ll highlight a few differences below:

  • For shading I used the base colors directly from each layer and set it to multiply and changed the opacity as desired (i isolated the shading layer above so everyone can get a better look at it)
  • For Lexa’s tattoos I add them in Photoshop CC and use the warp tool to shape it to her arm
  • For the lettering on Clarke’s jacket I used the same process, I used the text tool (the font is called collegiate,not sure where I got it) and rasterized the layer then used the warp tool to shape it to the folds in the jacket. (here’s a helpful tutorial I came across a while ago that focuses on patterns and the warp tool: )

anyway that’s really it. hope this is informative for someone!