cause i used a tutorial for the base


An anon asked me if I ombred the hair in my icon, and I did not lol. Another anon asked me to make a tutorial for how I made the ombre in the icon, so I am making a tutorial for it for the 3rd time cause the other two times I tried the images broke and i didn’t save them so I had to redo the photoshop process :/ this time I saved them

Step One:

A). Go in game and make your sim. Find the base hair color you want and I recommend downloading some recolors of that hair so that you have more options for the ombre. 

B). Go through some poses and find the one you want, then pause CAS using the ‘cheat’ casclockspeed 0

C). Now find the angle you want for you screenshots. I normally just do the basic front angle. After this, click on the hair and it will zoom you in to the sims face, zoom out to however far you want, but make sure the hair category stays open.

D). Take your first screenshot with the color you want the base/root/natural color of the hair to be. Then (without clicking on anything on the sim) go in the hair category and find the recolor or the other color you want your ombre to be. DO NOT CHANGE ZOOM, CAMERA ANGLE, OR ANYTHING.

E). Select the 2nd color and screenshot, you may want to take a few extra screenshots of a few different colors so you have more options.

I am choosing these two:

Step Two:

A). Open both screenshots together in photoshop, with one layers ontop of the other.

B). Delete the backgrounds and add a new layer on the bottom with anything u want it doesn’t really matter okok:

Step Three:

A). Using the soft eraser tool(with 100% opacity), erase the top of the hair and keep going down until you get to where you want the ombre to stop.

B). (Optional) I turn the opacity down to 20% and go over the area where the ombre needs to fade to give it a slightly more fading effect. But it is fine without it imo

C). Merge the two sim layers and do whatever normal editing you would do to your photos

lol the end

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anonymous asked:

Can I share a thought with you? Beauty Guru Yuri. Like idk he has a youtube channel where he does makeup tutorials and where he vlogs about his days and he makes makeup and clothes haul. And I just want Otabek to get this unhealthy obsession with Yuri's videos and he spends the whole night watching this gorgeous blond teaching youtube about smokey eyes and winged eyeliner.

Anon, I just had to.

“Hey, this is Yuri. Today I’m going to show you how to do a smokey eye. I know there are about a million tutorials of this on Youtube, but it was requested and I figured why the fuck not.”

Otabek snorted.

“So as always, all the products I use are listed in the description. This is not a sponsored video, it’s all my own stuff. But if Urban Decay ever wants to drop me a line, hopefully they’ll know where to find me ‘cause their shit’s really good. Anyway, let’s get started.”

Otabek watched the blond rummage for something in front of him that was just out of sight.

“I already did my base and there’s a whole other video on that, so check that out too, if you’re interested.”

Otabek had already, in fact, checked that out. About a month or so ago he was just casually browsing Youtube, when a thumbnail of something blond and pretty caught his eye in his recommended videos. Follow me around St. Petersburg the video was called. He clicked the link with mild interest to find one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen, strolling through the city, frappucino in hand, making snarky comments at the camera. 

He found out that this guy was named Yuri Plisetsky and his channel consisted mainly of daily vlogs, videos in which he showed stuff he had bought which were apparently called hauls, Otabek had learned, and make up tutorials. Now apart from a smudge of eyeliner during an experimental phase when he had been sixteen, Otabek didn’t touch make up, didn’t particularly care for it. But then there was Yuri, with shiny blond hair that fell messily to his shoulders, high, sharp cheekbones and pouty lips to which he applied a candy pink gloss. His best feature were his eyes, spring green and clear as glass, looking defiantly at the camera even when he had just put on sparkly eye shadow. He had slender fingers and swore like a sailor and in a month Otabek had binge watched all of his videos and as a result knew more about liquid lipsticks than he ever needed to know. Yuri was fascinating. He was duality personified, long limbed and graceful, yet blunt and coarse. Otabek couldn’t look away. 

He had sat through Yuri gleefully holding up crop tops and platform sneakers and leopard printed anything to the camera, Yuri musing about his life in St. Petersburg, his fluffy cat on his lap, telling little stories and bitching about two guys he called Katsudon and The Old Geezer. He looked almost sweet and vulnerable in those moments and it had felt like listening to a friend somehow. Otabek had tried not to stare too hard at the blond in that try-on video in which he wore jean shorts which, quite frankly, looked about two sizes too small on Yuri’s surprisingly plump ass. The tiny see-through top he had been wearing wasn’t helping. Otabek could swear that the blond was eye-fucking the camera sometimes, cocking his eyebrow with a little smirk.

Don’t be a creep, he thought to himself, don’t crush on some random, beautiful guy on the internet. 

Don’t pause the video of him in those jean shorts.

But here he was, eagerly watching Yuri’s latest as soon as he got a notification, like a complete dweeb. 

“Now this look is pretty much suitable for everyone,” Yuri continued, “Looks good with any eye colour.”

Yuri moved closer to the camera. “It’s nice on blue or green, like mine. But I especially like it on brown eyes. It makes them even more smoldering.”

The blond flashed the camera the cutest grin. “I love brown eyes.”

Otabek could feel his pulse in his throat. He groaned. 

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say you improved a lot like a lot this year!! What do you have to say that helped you improve this fast other than drawing everyday? also I wanted to know what program and brush setting do you use for line art and colouring? also can you ever make us a coloring tutorial please?

Holy crap you are the sweetest thing. I just sat here quietly squealing as I read your message~ So thank you!!

I think in the past I never quite knew how I wanted to actually draw.. like the techniques and I was constantly changing my mind on how I should paint until recently. I think I found an actual style that I’m happy with this year and since then I’ve been steadily improving. I’ve also found a lot of artists that inspire me and I’ve tried learning things from them. here’s a few off the top of my head: pigeon666, kelpls, kada-bura, sacetcendre, bwubwuartiguanamouth. Not to mention I’ve been scouring the world and internet for possible art references on architecture and lighting, among other things. It’s always good to use a reference and learn from nature.

Sometimes when I feel like i’m not really progressing I’ll think of something I can add and focus on. Right now I’m focusing on stuff like veins and more realistic eyes and fingernails… and like, light shining through ears. Also I think that drawing what you want to draw is really important. I decided a while back that I wont draw anything unless I actually want to draw it and just have a good feeling about it. And while I do draw almost everyday, I think it is also good to take a break every once in awhile. Play some video games for a few days or go on nature walks or play an instrument or even just take a break from digital drawing and do a few watercolors or sketches or something. Just let your mind rest and do something different for a bit. Get inspiration flowing through your body before you pick up a pencil. I think that’s good.

For the program I use Paint Tool Sai and for the brush settings i’ll do a smol tutorial with a drawing of my smol son  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I start off with a softer brush to do the sketch.

do a quick outline, doesn’t need to be perfect cause I’ll paint over it eventually. I mainly use it for a guide

do base colors on separate layers with a solid brush. I usually lower the opacity on the sketch and outline layers at this point.

do some quick shadows and lighting with an airbrush tool. I like to do the lighting on luminosity

block out some colors and add depth. I like to use colors and not just a ‘lighter and darker’ version of the base color. I usually use purple for shadows and lots of reds and oranges for light.

paint and blend. I lowered the opacity on the outline and sketch layers again so you can barely see them. I also outlined around his eyes with the outline pen.

I got rid of the outline and sketch layers entirely here after I decided I was done painting. I use that water color brush a lot. It’s probably my favorite.

And for the last step I just did a small outline around the places I thought needed it. <3

Thank you for asking!! I think I’ll start posting more progress pictures and maybe tutorials in the future just so ya know!

*Smooches you and then flies into the darkness*

alexdrawings  asked:

Hello😀,I must say some of your art and it looks a amazing,I really want to know how do you draw bodies?

hey there, and thank you!

i usually use the very base of drawing body like male’s like a trophy and female’s like a hourglass. nothing special.

but when it come to kid (little kid actually), their body base looks like a marsmallow. You don’t have to worry about the gender body type cause most of the little kids have same body shape.

well, there also many other type of body, but for now i use this kind of base when drawing body. Sorry if my explanation is confusing, i’m not rlly good at explaining stuff. But hopefully these help you a bit ‘v’)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really like your art style and I was wondering how you learned how to draw. I've been wanting to start learning for years but just recently got time, any tip helps!

how i learned to draw:

through anime and disney.

jk xd. it wasnt always anime and disney, but it did inspire me to draw.

i took art classes for 2 years when i was very young, but i wasnt learning what i wanted to learn so i just quit the classes and learned on my own. 

i learned through looking/searching for tutorials online (tumblr, youtube), referencing anatomy off of other people’s art, using myself/other people as a reference, animations, etc. i didnt really get a lot of professional guidance on art, so its just amateur knowledge, lol. 

all of it was practice. im still flawed in my drawings and im still learning. 

there are various ways to learn how to draw, there is no “right” way to draw, and it depends on if you would prefer to learn in a classroom or on your own. 

tips i could give to you:

when you asked for tips, its very vague and broad bc idk what kind of tips you want to know when drawing (ex: tips on anatomy, perspective, lighting, etc.) so i’ll just list general tips  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • always use references 
  • practice guarantees progress 
  • draw constantly 
  • shapes are your bases and can help you out when drawing
  • search up tutorials on tumblr, youtube, etc. if you’re struggling (other artists can always help you learn smth new) 
  • even when you feel like your art is shit, keep drawing
  • if you truly want to continue drawing as a hobby or as something to turn into a profession, then don’t stop. a years/months loss of practice and progress causes you to be behind on how much you could’ve learned in that gap. (this happened to me and i regret it)
  • don’t make repetitive strokes on whatever you’re drawing. it’ll make your drawing harder to see and it makes ur drawing look stiff 
  • let your strokes run loose (dont make the strokes too short, make it long. idk how to word it, but it will give you a better feel of movement whenever you’re drawing people/animals)
  • dont be afraid to ask for feedback from others/be open to criticism even from yourself
  • dont set low standards for yourself if you truly want to progress when drawing
  • keep in mind that there will always be something that could’ve been done better about your drawing
  • dont be static about your drawings (dont draw the same shit, try something new like different perspective angles that you’ve never done before, different colors, different color palettes, different poses, etc. you’ll learn new stuff by trying to draw different things) 

ofc, there will always be other people who could’ve given better tips than me, so maybe this might’ve helped ya in some way. again, there were plenty of other things i couldve mentioned, but these are general things

reversedreality  asked:

Last ask got me thinking, How do you go about drawing wings? You draw them amazingly, Like holy shit. I got a character with some wings and I struggle drawing the wings at times, Have you already OR have you ever considered making a tutorial on how to draw them? :0

ok so im by no means an expert but here is like… some tips¿¿ 

thats one way to do it that i use, mainly for wings that arent slotted which i dont draw as much
my more usual method is a lot less visual tbh and its.. step one draw a stick step two draw the rest 

additional tips include: wings have a base, if ur wings dont have one and they just look like paddles then ur critter wouldnt be able to fly and much less glide cause the air woudl just slip the fuck out from under the wing (ej, smaug, drogon, monstrous nightmare type wings.)

paintalia  asked:

For a school auction I have to decorate/transform a lamp to sell for charity, and I'm stuck. I have this medium sized table lamp that has a clear base which I wanted to fill up with something, but now I don't know what to put in it. My friend suggested buying a grow crystal kit and growing the crystals inside, but I did some research and it is expensive and not super reliable/fast. Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm going with a "dreamlike" theme cause the shade is a cloud. I have 5 weeks.

Hey, that’s so cool!! When you’re done with it, any chance I can see a photo of it! Seems like such a neat project, I’ve never thought of filling up a lamp base before! 8D

I’ve listed some tutorials that might prove useful to you, if not, feel free to ask for more, I’ll try my best to help out. I really like the crystal growing idea, too! Sucks that it won’t work out.

Anyways, good luck to you! Hope these will help!

DIY Bottled Nebula

This is one of my favourite things ever. It’ll look so cool with the glow of a lamp above it! Hardest part might just be picking colours. You need glitter, cotton (you could always tear an unwanted stuffed animal apart if you’re cold like me), and some food colouring or fabric dye. I think the creator recommended blues, pinks, and purples to work the best. 

And don’t feel too restricted to just adding glitter! 

Head to the dollar store, pick up little plastic toys! Tiny toy dinosaurs or a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars and sprinkle ‘em in (if you want)!

Try experimenting with some plastic water bottles for your colour combo first, so you won’t waste too much time trying with a big lamp base.

DIY Galaxy Glow Jar

This uses glow-in-the-dark fabric paint. Might seem a little counterproductive to paint a lamp with glow-in-the-dark paint, but it looks so cool in light! 

It’s a very clean and airy look if you’re not a fan of the more “heavy” and “clouded” look of the bottle nebula.

And with the paint, you have a little more control over what the result will look like! You can even paint constellations, little dots to shape a star, hearts, the sun, go nuts!

DIY Snow Jar

I’m a fan of how soft and dreamy this looks. If the lamp shade has a busy pattern, this would be perfect to accompany it, as to mellow out the composition.

DIY Paper Boat Vial

This is a video tutorial. I think it looks really sweet and dreamlike. Since the lamp base is probably way larger than these mini jars, you might find it difficult and a little expensive to fill so much of it with resin, BUT! I have an idea. 

Instead of making the “water” fill more than half of the container (you can omit the pebbles) and make a thin layer of “water”, maybe place more than one paper boat (if you want, this is subjective) and suspend cotton fluffs to be clouds from the lid.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

If you enjoy my blog and would like to support me further, my Amazon Wish List is available here!

Hear one step by step for you. Isnt a tutorial cause I really dont think my art is good enough for a tutorial, but someday maybe I will be able to help you with something.  

My steps:

1- position sketh.

2- lineart.

3- base color.

3- shadows and light. 

Of course, using different layers. I am thinking in maybe do a livestream (that is the word?) drawing something you want, what do you guys think? 

Hey! I had the same problem too when I was working with my first long wig.  Styrofoam heads are very light, so they don’t hold well if you’re trying to brush out a wig on the edge of a surface.  There are better heads or stands you can buy to make it easier to work with, but I try to refrain from buying things if there is a cheaper method.

Basically all I do is tape the bottom of the head so that it’s more secure to the table.

Pictures under the cut:

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knightofdoomshelby-deactivated2  asked:

Where/ how do you get arm socks? ((I want to go rp as Aradia later in life, but I don't want to get paint everywhere.

Ya gotta make em! :0 It can take a few hours and it’s a pain in the butt but it’s VERY much worth it. You can hand sew them but if you have a machine then use that cause it’ll save you SO much time.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make them and unless you manage to find the perfect pair of tights somewhere else (Target used to carry gray tights but not anymore) I’d recommend you get your tights from We Love Colors. They also carry gloves if you really don’t want to make them, but I bought a pair and honestly they’re really gross. They’re kinda shiny metallic and the seams are incredibly noticeable (there’s also a seam going around the base of the thumb) and the fingers don’t conform to the shape of your fingers. If you’re fine with that then by all means get them but I’m extremely picky and didn’t like them at all.

Make sure the get the microfiber ones, the normal ones look grody.

Here’s what the microfiber ones look like ^^^

That’s what the normal ones look like ^^^ The microfiber ones look so much better; the normal ones are more see-through and the holes are very obvious.

I use the light gray ones cause it matches my paint perfectly, but if you still have some Ben Nye ghoul gray or something equally as dark laying around then the gray ones will be better. It all depends on your paint

Side by side comparison OF We Love Color’s light gray and dark gray tights 

But yeah the tutorial has everything you need to know. I also waited until my tights were sewn to make the nails because I found that sizing the nails when the tights were on my hands meant having nails that were slightly bigger than what you’d need if you had no tights on. The tights make your fingers wider and having tiny nails on them looks weird so wait to fit your nails. Just shape and paint them how you want and glue em on and you’re ready to go c:

I don’t headcanon troll nails as pointy but they look better on armsocks if they’re pointy to me, so I went ahead and made them pointy. I added gradients (the yellow is nail polish) with the same acrylic paint I use for my horns cause I thought it looked nice. I spent a good while making the tights as snug as possible on my fingers and I also made them when my nails were short. When my nails get long the tights kinda sit on the tips of my fingers weird so keep in mind when making them how long your actual finger nails are.

If you decide to make armsocks then rock on yo (and good luck)

Tutorial: Quick and dirty converting to teens

@simplyimaginarypeople got a few asks on how to convert to teen clothing. So I’m gonna spare her the trouble explaining it every time. So here it is: a quick and dirty way to convert clothing to teens.
Notice: These converted clothing won’t fully match with base game or eps clothing, cause the body is slightly different. Only other (quick and dirty) converted clothing will match. Shoes are not affected by this, both fit.


1. An older version of TSRW
2. Milkshape 3d
3. Mesh toolkit @modthesims
4. a morphed nude teenbody (export one from tsrw or download this one)
5. a bit of knowledge how these programs work

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Open up the file in TSRW you want to convert.
Step 2: Go to the tab ‘Mesh’ and press the export button and save it somewhere on your pc.
Notice: If your mesh has multiple groups, you’ll have to the next steps for every group.

Step 3: Open up Milkshape 3D and import the mesh you exported from TSRW

Step 4: Go to the Group tab and delete every group except the one called: group_base

Step 5: Export the mesh again as a TSRW object ( a .wso file)

Step 6: Open up the Mesh tool kit and go to the tab ‘Auto tools for WSO’ and then to the tab ‘Auto-create Morphs’
Step 7: In the ‘WSO mesh to morph’ you choose the mesh you exported from Milkshape and for the Reference WSO mesh, you pick the ‘FullTeenBodynoPreg.wso’ I gave to you or another a teenbody.
Step 8: Check the ‘Replace existing morphs’ option
Step 9: Press the button and save it.

Step 10: Go back to TSRW and change in the Project tab the age category to Teen. If any pop up comes up, press yes.
Step 11: Better change the title too, or there is a change your item will not show in CAS cause it conflicts with the adult version.

Step 12: Go to the Mesh tab and import your newly morphed mesh. On the pop-ups you press no and then yes.

Step 13: Fiddle with the sliders in the Mesh tab to see if there are gaps on the neck and feet.
Step 14: Go to File <Export the mesh and you’re done!

Your item should be wearable for teens now

Clipping issues

If your converting a top or bottom, there will be a small gap at the belly, cause your morph is slightly different than the base teen body. But if you match your item with another converted item, there will be no gap.
Example of what I mean exactly:

The top here is from the game itself and the pants from LBS I converted to teens. You’ll see a weird gap and it will not match at all. But if you use a top that is converted the same way as the pants then it will match:

anonymous asked:

Okay, I know that using my own legs as a reference is good and all... but I'm a girl with really wide hips and if I want to draw a guys legs it wouldn’t really work out cause he would also have wide hips and large thighs... -_-

I should’ve been more specific–I use my legs as a BASE reference. If you’re going with a more general masculine leg, toning the muscle and widening the calves and thighs is something you can try.

Also, you don’t need to rely on just your actual legs. Looking up photos of legs and practicing sketching them help also! 

im a horrible art tipper

Rose Quartz Dress

Hey everyone! Got 2 asks at the same time, so I’ll answer it all in one post. :)

I made my Rose Quartz dress! But it is not very accurate to her ACTUAL dress because the only photos I had at the time were her portraits in the background. Rose had not shown up in the show so I was taking an educated guess. I opted to make a simple dress with the idea that if it had ruffles or a slit I could alter the dress later. I am fixing the dress to be more accurate for Momocon 2015. So when I start work on that I will update this post. :) Ruffles and cupcake dress-ness here I come!!

Rose before she met the iron of dooooooom.

Here is a link to another post where I talk about the dress pattern. (Which is a discontinued Plus Sized Wedding Dress pattern. Simplicity 5207)  This is a good base for the dress, I just gave it a sweetheart neckline. My dress does NOT have boning in it because I used a thick matte satin so it stays up pretty good. I picked a princess seamed pattern cause it hugs the curves so much better! ^_~

Here is a link to a tutorial I wrote about the star on her tummy. I opted to do an applique instead of a cut out because of the nature of the star shape, I was worried the points would sag or it would be too difficult to stitch down. I was more comfortable with appliques. ^_^

The GEM is held on with Velcro. I sewed Velcro onto the dress, the soft side. then used sticky back Velcro on my gem. (which was a last minute replacement gem because my resin gem did not make it in time for the convention.)
The gem was a half of a Styrofoam ball, beaten with a wooden paintbrush to help compress the foam. I then used a foam covering (that I got at walmart next to the Styrofoam, I can not remember the name of it.) to fill in the holes. I then painted it pink. Hot glued felt on the back  of the ball, then added the sticky Velcro. The gem has a few cracks in it but I’m willing to try again but make it more gem shaped this time. :)
Tiny Floating whale was just poster board on a stick, that I painted. XD


lynzjonesmoved  asked:

Hey Xuu, might you put up your brush settings? The effect looks so pretty wuw Sorry if you already answered this question, I checked your FAQ and couldn't find it!

[This is just how I work and not an actual tutorial]

I mainly use 3-4 tools. Pen, Crayon, Bucket, and Water.

More under the cut if you want to know what I use them for

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