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Mixtapes (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: Both Richie and Eddie are very fond of each other and often tease each other affectionately, especially Richie to Eddie. So Bill and Stan both play cupid, which results in swapping mixtapes for eachother.

Warning(s): Bad language, 13 year olds kissing (don’t read if you think its fucking weird?? bc its not), if you think this is me sexualising these cuties-don’t bother

Richie’s Mixtape to Eddie

Eddie’s Mixtape to Richie

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“Awe, Eds. Look at you.” Richie cooed teasingly, pinching Eddie’s slowly flushing cheek.

Eddie quickly began swatting at Richie’s hand, his eyebrows furrowed heavily and a frown on his lips, “Don’t touch me with your rotten hands, asshole!”

Richie ignored his protests and flinched away from his swats, moving his hand to now over his shoulders and pulling the smaller boys frame into his own side, a grin on his lips.  “You’re such a cutie, Eds.”

“No, No I’m fucking-”

“Both of you, shut up.” Stanley grumbles after rolling his eyes several times at the two.

Richie snapped his eyes at Stan, glaring through his coke bottle glasses, which only enhanced his eye size even more. He held Eddie closer, even with Eddie’s flushed cheeks he still squirmed lightly.

Stan sighs in relief and folds his arms as the group goes back to its usual discussion about the new random comic book of the week. Eddie couldn’t help but allow his heart to beat faster at Richie’s touch against his form, making him feel protected in his stronger grip. He couldn’t help but zone out as Richie begun to bicker that his comic book that he found was better than Stan’s.

Bill tilted his head, analysing Eddie as his eyes would flicker all over the place with his mouth gaping before closing every now and then and gulping. He knew that how he was acting wasn’t the norm for Eddie whenever Richie was like this, something was different. Not to mention that he had stopped struggling against Richie who wasn’t even holding Eddie tightly or forcing him in place.

Bill smiled a bit, as something clicked inside of his head- a plan. But he was going to need Stanley to help out.

That night, on the way home from their adventurous summer day- Bill was walking Eddie home as Stanley had taken Richie to a different route. Bill hummed a tune as he walked alongside his friend, grinning as he turned to look at him.


Eddie looked at Bill, tilting his head, “So?”

“So, and Richie?”

“Yeah?” Eddie was confused, almost disgust in his voice- but Bill could see past the faux disgust.

“I saw how you were t-today, Eddie. Y-you were blushing.”

This again, only caused Eddie to heat up as his form became a flustered mess and he glared at Bill. “You would blush too if someone touched your arm!”

“N-no, I’d only b-blush if Bev touched my arm there.” Bill pointed out, “but in this instance, you blushed when Richie had his arm around you- as well when he pinched your cheek and called you a ‘cutie’, it’s quite obvious.”

Eddie snapped his head away, patting his fanny pack for reassurance for himself. “Whats your point?”

“My point? M=my point is that he’s flirting with you; y-you like him.”

“I don’t like him! And he isn’t flirting with me! He acts like that with everyone-”

Bill cuts Eddie off quickly, “E-Eddie, do you see him pinching any of our cheeks and calling us a ‘cutie’? He doesn’t put his arms a-around us or any of the shit he does for you, not to mention he calls you E-Eds and doesn’t have a nickname for any of us.”

“Okay Bill-”

“N-n..not to mention, he carries an extra i-inhaler around just incase you lose yours.”

Thats when Eddie’s breath hitches, feeling butterflies go crazy in his abdomen, adoration swirling and tugging at his heart strings. He could practically hear his heart in his ears loud and clear.

“He… he does?” Eddie whispers, his voice quivering a bit.

“Yeah, even though he knows that you don’t even need it anymore, because you know, gazebos and your Mom making your illness up and shit but- yeah.” Bill smiles, watching how the young boy was falling more and more in love.

Eddie then quickly holds his wrist, feeling his pulse; resulting his fingertips quivering from feelings how his heart was beating with happiness.

“Oh… I-I never knew that. He’s never told me…”

“That’s b-because you’ve never needed it, but he always has.”

Eddie bites his lip, “What a fucking, what- he’s a fucking dick.” Eddie protests, blushing bright as ever.

“Sure he is,” Bill chuckled, “But l-look, I wanna help you. I know when someone is in love when I see it.”

“How?” Eddie asked, neither denying his feelings or admitting.

“Well.. It i-involves music.”

Meanwhile, Stanley was grumbling to himself in annoyance and cursing Bill’s name for getting him into this situation with Richie Tozier. He didn’t want to do this, but Bill had promised to give him some candy as a reward if it goes well.

“So, Richie. I’m gonna make this quick as possible so I can just go home.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Richie asked with pure confusion, a single eyebrow furrowing and one raising.

“You like Eddie, Eddie likes you.” Stan started, his face full of boredom, “Can you just hurry up and tell him?”

Richie was shocked by his friend’s words at first, before smirking. “Hell yeah I like him, I tell him all the time.”

“I mean genuinely, you asshole.” Stan sighed, “Not as a joke or some shit, literally confess your fucking feelings to him or something.”

Richie rolls his eyes, not being fazed by the situation, “What makes you think I like him seriously? I’m not fucking gay-”

“It’s pretty fucking clear you like girls, after you telling us for the full day about the first time you ‘tickled your pickle’ to a random magazine that had huge boobs all over it. But you like guys too, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Stan spoke with a monotone voice, managing to not let any voice cracks slip.

Richie scoffed, “I don’t like him, he’s a friend and I like to tease him.”

“You tease him by calling him ‘cute’ and you give him a nickname, you don’t do it to anyone else. You like him, just admit it- no one is judging you.” 

Richie frowned, huffing a bit and rolling his eyes. “Well, what if I did? Whats your point and where are you going with this?”

Stan smirked, patting Richie’s back forcefully, causing him to stumble forward.

“What’s your taste in music like?”

The next day, both Richie and Eddie were walking to school together in perfect unison, both of them holding a tape in their pocket that held a variety of songs that the one had imagined for the other.

Richie gulped, for once actually nervous around Eddie. What would Eddie think of him? It was a fucking mixtape, it was Richie’s music taste. Would he even like it? Would he-

“Richie, here. I want you to have this.” Eddie cut off Richie’s thoughts, holding up a tape alike to Richie’s.

Richie blinked twice, stopping in his steps. The tape was all black and what seemed to be painted on with nail polish ‘Sucks to Suck’ on top of the tape. 

“I-it’s a mixtape.” Eddie mumbled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck as he felt flustered.

Richie stayed silent, slowly taking the tape, analysing it with soft eyes before looking up with confusion. He turned over the  mix tape to see ‘to Richie’ painted with the same shade of white but in smaller writing.

“You made one too?” He spoke quietly, his head tilted to the side which caused his dark brown hair to tilt too.


“Look…” Richie dug into his pocket and pulled out his own black tape which had a sticker on it, saying ‘Gimmie head til’ I’m dead!’ on it, with writing scribbled onto the back saying ‘to Eds’ with a cheeky smiley face, “I made one too, here.” He handed it over.

Eddie’s eyes widened, blushing a bit as he took it from the glasses wearing boy and read over it- mentally scoffing at the sticker but he was in awe of the idea that both of them had somehow made a mixtape for the other.

“You too?” Eddie whispered in shock.

“Well, yeah- but it wasn’t my idea.”

“It wasn’t mine either.” 

Richie quickly smirked, rolling his eyes, “They fucking set us up.”

“Who? Bill? Because it was Bill’s idea for me-” Eddie began to ramble on.

“It was Stan’s idea for me.”

Eddie then stopped, sighing with a grin- poking his tongue in his cheek. “Fuck, that makes sense.”

Both look at each other with grins slowly spreading over their chapped lips, soon the two boys were in a fit of giggles due to the realisation of the sweet situation. Both never taking eyes off one another, blushes spreading to their ears and down their necks.

“I, I guess I’ll listen to this tonight?” Richie’s voice broke, still calming down from his fit of giggles.

“Yeah, me too… I-i uh, I picked out the songs carefully and put them in order a certain way, so..” Eddie trailed off, becoming a little ashamed incase Richie would tease him for his effort.

But Richie only felt love swell inside of him at those words, he grabbed Eddie’s hand with his free one and leant forward, bending down slightly, whilst pressing their lips together for the first time. Eddie’s eyes widened in shock, before melting and wrapping his free arm around Richie’s neck with the mixtape in his firm grip. Both merged together in sync and harmony, with their lips swelling and becoming saturated in colour. Richie wrapped his other arm around Eddie’s waist and too held his mix tape tightly as they both kissed in the middle of the street, hand in hand, with no shame at all.

Eddie sat down at his desk, placing his headphones over his head, pressing play as quickly the flood of Richie vibes swirled into his eardrums. Finally, after many aching hours at school he had time to listen to this mixtape.

I don’t want to know your name

Cause’ you don’t look the same

The way you did before

Okay, you think you got a pretty face

But the rest of you is out of place

You looked alright before…

Eddie chuckled at the familiar song, it often played in arcades that the Losers club all went too. It went under the title ‘Fox on the Run’ and it was by ‘The Sweets’.

Fox on the run!

You scream and everybody comes a running!

Take a run and hide yourself away…

Foxy on the run!


Fox on the run…

And hide away!

Eddie listened to every song intensely, capturing the vibe of Richie Tozier perfectly. He had even picked out songs that they both loved and favoured. Eddie really adored Richie’s music taste and everything about it, it perfectly described him as a person and he loved that.

Soon, the last song came on. By the instrumental, Eddie recognised it to be ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ by Elvis Presley. HIs heart hammered quickly.

Wise men say,

Only fools rush in

But I, cant help, falling in love with you…

Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin?

If I can’t help, falling in love with you…

Eddie’s breath hitched in his throat, feeling his pulse echo throughout his system. This was not part of Richie’s vibe at all, but part of Eddie’s. Eddie loved Elvis Presley whilst Richie wasn’t a big fan of him. 

But this song was magical and made for someone special, so Eddie was shocked and swooned. Very much so captivated.

Eddie Kaspbrak was falling in love with Richie Tozier.

Later that night, Richie laid down in bed with his cheap headphones, before plugging them into the mixtape and pressing the button to get the songs going.

The first song started; it was of course one of Richie’s favoured artists as well as Eddie’s. From what he knew, this was one of Eddie’s favourite songs from David Bowie, it was called Heroes and it was a truly beautiful song.

I, I will be king.

And you, you will be queen.

Though nothing, will drive them away

We can beat them, just for one day.

Oh we can be heroes!

Just for one day.

And you, you can be mean.

And I, I drink all the time.

Because we’re lovers, and that is a fact.

Yes we’re lovers, and that is that.

Though nothing, will keep us together

We could steal time, just for one day.

We could be heroes, forever and ever.

What’d you say?

Richie felt his heart pump faster and swell as the mixtape carried on, each song having Eddie’s vibe to it. But Richie could tell that they matched him in a way that made Eddie pick it for him to listen to. Everything was intentional.

After a good 50 minutes, the final song was starting to play. Yet Richie wasn’t prepared for what he was about to hear.

Hey Jude…

Don’t make it bad,

Take a sad song, then make it better.

Remember, to let her into your heart.

Then you can start to make it better.

Richie’s eyes widened as his thoughts wandered back to Eddie’s simple words. ‘I picked out the songs carefully and put them in order a certain way.’ This meant that Eddie had intentionally wanted Richie to hear this song last.

Hey Jude…

Don’t be afraid.

You were made to go out and get her.

The minute you let her under your skin

Then you begin to make it better.

Richie felt the tears prick at his waterline as this was the first time of him being emotional at a song. Eddie was the only person that knew about Richie’s home life, how he was neglected by his parents constantly and was alone. He knew that the reason why Richie was so loud and out there was because he didn’t receive the attention he deserved at home, so he wanted it from friends. He wanted to make people laugh, Eddie knew this.

Eddie’s key words lingered in his brain, as it stuck out to him that this single song revealed that Eddie’s whole mixtape was set up in a way to help Richie throughout dark times or whenever he felt alone, so he could remember that Eddie had cared enough to set up this mixtape in perfect order to make Richie stronger in that given moment.

And anytime you feel the pain,

Hey Jude, refrain

Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.

For well you know that it’s a fool,

Who plays it cool

By making his world a little colder.

Richie’s tears finally fell, making him take his glasses off to refrain any of the tears staining the lenses. Eddie had purposely picked this song as if to say that Richie was in fact his Jude, he wanted Richie to get better and hopefully have a better mindset besides his life at home.

Nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah…

His breaths shook, as he held the mixtape to his chest with the headphones still placed perfectly on his head. He was thankful to have someone like Eddie who would even bother to do this, as something as simple as this with so much thought put into it only made him fall in love with the small boy even more.

Favourite Lyrics of each Divide Song
  • Eraser: The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow
  • Castle On The Hill: Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don't reckon I did it right
  • Dive: I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than 10,000 rocks on the lake
  • Shape Of You: Me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow
  • Perfect: She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm going to put you in a song that I write about a Galway girl and a perfect night
  • Happier: He said something to make you laugh, I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
  • New Man: Every year he goes to Malaga, with all the fellas, drinks beer, but has a six pack, I'm kind of jealous
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • what Do I Know?: You know we are made up of love and hate but both of them are balanced on a razor blade
  • How Would You Feel (Paean): I'm feeling younger, every time that I'm alone with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: Dad always told me don't you cry when you're down, but mum there's a tear every time that I blink
  • Barcelona: Well get up up on the dancefloor tonight, I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: And in the pocket of my jeans are only coins and broken dreams, my heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now
  • Nancy Mulligan: From her snow white streak in her jet black hair, over sixty years I've been loving her.
  • Save Myself: I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain, cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain
I hate you │7

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summary:  You can’t hold back your feelings for the fuckboy and neither can he.
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst
word count: 5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
I hate you Masterlist
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The softness of the blanket hugged your whole body, making you sink deeper into the warm mattress. You didn’t remember the last time your bed felt so comfortable. The feeling was quite strange, but comforting at the same time, helping you forget about what had happened the day before, not that you remembered much of it. You stretched out your body and slowly opened your eyes.

“What the fuck?”-no wonder the bed was so comfy, that’s because it wasn’t yours, just like the blanket you were wrapped up in, or the room you were so happy to wake up in just a few seconds ago. What happened, why were you here, who brought you? All the questions were wandering in your brain, not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time.

“Okay, breathe, Y/N, just breathe”-you tried to calm yourself down, while carefully looking around the room. You didn’t want to make any sound, to make yourself present just in case that someone who brought you here was still in the apartment.

You took off the blanket, causing the sudden shame and embarrassment to stiffen your body, at the sight of the only remaining clothes you were wearing: a black lace underwear and a baggy white T-shirt that didn’t belong to you. You sighed heavily, covering your mouth from shock and once again looked around just to see a glass of water and a piece of paper lying on top of the nightstand:

Take the pill for your headache, I’m gone for the groceries. Don’t leave before I get back, we need to talk-Jungkook

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 4/?)

NOTE: Okay, first of all I apologize it took forever to write this. Second of all I apologize for this being hot mess. I changed the sex part like six times and it’s still not how I wanted it to be. I read it like four times to make sure there aren’t any misspellings but I probably missed some.

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3

“Your place or mine?”, I heard whisper in my ear as I was packing my stuff after the game.

“So you did not forget?”, I asked.

“Hey, Y/N, we made a bet, remem…”, he stopped cause few people wanted to high five him.

He was indeed the star of today’s game. For the first time I saw him not with his typical cocky grin, but with sincere smile, full of joy, and because it wasn’t everyday view I stared at him for a little bit.

“So, how about…”, he started but again someone interrupted.

“Good game, Monty”, some girl stood next to us and literally done hair flip. I rolled my eyes and went back to packing, when she put her hand on Montgomery’s arm. “See you at Bryce’s party tonight?”

“Sure”, he said and eyed her up and down as she walked away.

“I think you don’t have to worry about getting laid for another month”, I said standing next to him.

“I knooow”, he bit his lower lip. “Don’t think it’ll make me forget about our bet. See you at Bryce’s?”

“Umm, no actually. It would be party third week in the row, my mum wouldn’t be too happy about that”

“What about…”, he started protesting.

“I said you gonna get third base”, I said moving closer to him, so no one could hear us, “I didn’t say it’s gonna be tonight.”

“Wait, what?”

“Bye, Monty”, I waved at him as I was walking away.

20 minutes later I was in home. My parents went to the restaurant with Jeff’s parents, as our mums are best friends, but mum still made me pancakes. I took plate and fork, pour some milk to the glass and went to the living room to eat dinner in front of tv. I finished eating, was watching tv, still in my cheerleader suit, when my parent came back.

“Oh, honey, you’re here”, my mum said, she was in very giggly mood.

“I’m your only child, what did you expect?”.

“You’re not going to the party?”, she asked. “Jeff called, he said the game was amazing, they won and that there is party at Bryce’s house”

“Yes, game was great, they won and yes, there is a party, but I’m not coming. Is she drunk?”, I asked my dad.

“What do you mean you’re not coming?”, mum didn’t give him a chance to response.

“Cause, it would be third week in a row? Wouldn’t you be mad at me partying every week?”, I looked at her suspiciously.

“Whaaat? No, go to the party, have fun, show some team spirit”, dad said and punched my arm.

I stared at them for few seconds.

“Oh my God, you’re both drunk!”, I stood up from the couch.

Instead of answering they started getting very touchy.

“Sweetie, you’re going to the party or not? Me and dad can spend one evening alone, don’t you think?”.

“Are you going to… bang?”

They started giggling again.

“Okay, you know what, I’ll go to the party, cause I’m afraid otherwise you’ll have to send me for psychotherapy, just please give me 30 minutes before you start doing another baby”, I said as I went upstairs.

I took a quick shower, made my make up again, did my hair in half bun using hella a lot of dry shampoo and put on some dress and white low converse. I was about to leave, but came back to my wardrobe, and changed my underwear for matching black lacy one.

I came down stairs and went to the door, covering side of my face so I wouldn’t accidentally see what is happening in living room.

“I’m leaving, please don’t do this in my bedroom! Bye”, I said as I grabbed my car keys.

“Someone has to!”, my dad shouted after me when I was closing the door.

“I think I’m gonna throw up”, I mumbled and went to the car.

20 minutes later I parked at Bryce’s driveway, or more on the lawn, cause there were a lot of cars.

One deep breath and I got inside, looking around for any friendly faces.

“Y/N! You came!”, Jessica, already drunk - shocking, threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.

“Yeah, my mum kinda kicked me out of the house for the night”, I chuckled.

“Well, hello, jelly shot?”, Justin came up to us.

“No, thanks, I’m driving”, I shrugged my arms.

“Whaaaat? Girl, you’re killing the party!”, Foley moaned.

“I think I’m gonna live with that”, I patted his arm.

“Y/N, you’re here?”, Jeff gave me bear hug from behind.

“Your parents”, I turned around to face him and pointed at him, “are never going out with my parents again”.

“Why? What happened?”, he asked amused.

“My parents came home wasted and right now they’re probably making another baby.”

“Booo, you’re jealous because your parents have sex life and you don’t”, Justin put his arm around me. “Don’t worry, babe, we’re gonna find you someone to bang”, he started looking around.

“Jess, aren’t you gonna react at your boyfriend’s arm around me?”, I asked.

“No”, she snorted. “You know each other since kindergarten and you’re my friend”.

“Right, but still, this goes here”, I took Justin’s hand and put it on Jessica’s ass. “And I go for something to drink”, I pointed at the kitchen.

“Pour some alcohol in there, you can leave your car here!”, Justin shouted to me.

I went to the kitchen and surprise, surprise, Montgomery was there pouring himself some drink.

“Hey”, I stood next to him.

“Well, looks who’s here”, he smiled. “I knew you would come, you thirsty babygirl”

“Are you drunk? Cause I’m too sober for your weird, specific pick up lines”, I looked at him disgusted.

“Not that much drunk, just in the good mood. You want something?”

“Just coke, I’m driving.”

“Boooooring”, he said while pouring coke to the red cup. “By the way, I’m gonna keep my third base with you for another day, because I made new female friend today“.

I looked around and saw girl across the room, smiling at Monty even though he wasn’t looking at her.

“It’s ok”, I said taking my drink from him. “Me and my matching underwar will find another company”.

He freezed for a moment.

“What did you say?”, he asked.

“What?”, I looked at him innocently.

“The.. The thing about underwear”, he started stuttering.

“Matching. Underwear”, I said clearly. “Yeah, it’s all black and lacy, all because of that dress, you could see every line through it if I wear something different”, I was obviously lying, no lines were visible through that dress.

Didn’t really matter cause he already wasn’t listening to me, just looking at like he wanted to undress me with his vision.

“Have fun with your new friend, bye”, I waved in front of his face and walked away.

I spent next hour walking around, talking to people, glancing at Monty from across the room and walking away as soon as he started going towards me. But I couldn’t hide when he came up to me with Bryce, Zach and Justin.

“We need to ask you for a favour”, they said.

“I’m listening”, I crossed my arms at my chest.

“We need Monty’s shisha”.

“What it has to do with me, I don’t have it”, I looked at them confused.

“We know, silly”, Justin ruffled my hair. “It’s at Monty’s house.Will you please drive him, so he can take it?”

“Please”, they said at the same time.

“Whatever, I can go”, I rolled my eyes. “Come on, Monty”.

We went to the car, he didn’t say anything until we got inside.

“You know where to drive?”, he asked.

“I was at your birthday last year, I know were you live”, I said withdrowing from the driveway.

“Right, you were”, he nodded his head.

“So how’s your new friends?”, I asked.

“She’s okay”, he slowly nodded his head again. “Nothing to brag about, but nothing to be too embarrassed either.”

“Wow, you’re nice”.

I pulled up my dress a little higher when I was scratching my thigh and, on purpose or not, didn’t pull it down after I was down.

“Something itches?”, Monty glanced at my leg. “You know, I’m a great scratcher”.

“Oh I bet you are, but I’m good, thanks”, I patted his leg.

“You enjoy it, don’t you?”, he asked. “Teasing, innuendos…”

“I do innuendos with everyone since I was like fourteen”, I interrupted him.

“Understatements, smirking, glances”, he continued. “You like it”

“I already told you. There might be some tension between us, but you know, it’s that age, hormones and everything, doesn’t mean anything", I said avoiding looking in his direction.

“No, no, no. I want you to admit that you like it”.

“Fine, I like it!”, I admitted not only to him, but also to myself. There was no point in lying. “It’s just… It’s about you”.

“Keep going”, he encouraged me to talking.

“You’re a bully. And an asshole. And a dick sometimes. And I just… I don’t see myself with someone like you. No offence”.

“Jesus, woman”, he rolled his eyes. “I’m not a relationship type. I’m not asking you to marry me, I’m just offering you some fun from time to time.”

“And how exactly would this work?”, I asked. “If I said ‘yes’, I’m not saying, but if I would”.

“Then we’d meet and have sex once in a while. That’s what friends with benefit do”.

I nodded my head without saying anything.

“We’re not really friends, Monty”, I rippled my nose after like a minute. “I mean we sure know each other for I don’t know how many years, but we just hang out with the same people”.

“Does ‘fuck buddies’ describe it better for you?”, he sighed.

“I’m not really hook up type of girl”, I could see he was fed up with all my questions but it definitely didn’t make me wanna stop.

He closed his eyes and grabbed bridge of his nose. “You’re killing me”, he mumbled.

“Thank you! You’re the second person today, who told me that!”, I said with a smile as I stopped car on his driveway. “Okay, go and take what you need”.

“Come on, you’re not gonna sit alone in a car”, he said and got out of the vehicle.

“It’s okay, I’ll wait”, I said bit louder, so he could hear me while he was walking around the car.  “It’s very dark inside”, I noticed no lights inside were on.

“My parents are out of town, there’s nobody inside”, he said and opened my door.

I sighed as I gave up and left the car. I followed him, Monty took the keys out of his pocket and opened the door.

“I’ll be right back”, he said as he turned on the light and went upstairs.

I looked around and saw plenty of photos of Monty all over the place - on the walls, on cabinet, on shelves, above the fireplace. The place was very pretty, it was visible that Monty’s parents have a lot of money, but it still looked cosy.

I realised I felt weird feeling of anticipation in my stomach, probably caused by the fact that lately Montgomery tried to put his hands all over me everytime we were alone and I was actually curious if he’s gonna try this time too.

“Got it!”, he said running down the stairs.

“I was wondering…”, I started and tilted my head to one side. “About this whole fuck  buddies thing…”

“Yeah?”, typical smirk showed up on Monty’s face.

“If we both said ‘yes’ to this, you should know a few things”, I walked by him and went to the kitchen.

“Such as?”, he asked as he leaned  on the wall.

“Well, first of all, it must, stay a secret, we both have reputation, right?”

“Right”, he nodded in agreement not taking his eyes off of me.

“Second”, I said as I sat on the kitchen counter, “I’m not into any weird kinks”.

“Yet to be discovered”, he was slowly taking step after step towards me.

“No hickeys. At least in visible places”.

“I will try my best”, at this point he was standing in front of me, with his hand on my sides.

“I usually don’t wear matching lacy underwear”, he was so close, that I could only look at his lips.

“We don’t even know yet if I like you in lacy underwear”, his hands started rubbing my thighs up and down.

“Are you gonna check if you like it?”, I wrapped my hands around his neck.

“I think I’m again gonna have to make you shut up”, he spreaded my legs and got between them.

“Yes, please”, I said as I pulled his lips to mine. 

Monty’s kisses always were raw, rough, deep with lots of tongue action. There were no place for sweet, innocent kisses because that’s how affection is made and we do not want this. His hand on the back of my neck, his lips were moving sloppily down my jaw.

“One more thing”, I whispered.

“What?”, he said still kissing my neck.

“I’m a sucker for those neck kisses”.

“Yeah, I figured last time”, I could feel smile on his lips against my skin.

I tangled my fingers into his hair while his hands were going all over my back. I wrapped my legs around him and pull myself closer. He grabbed me by the back of my thighs, pulled up a little bit and started walking to the stairs.

“We’re moving this party upstairs”, his hands went higher to my ass. He was slowly carrying me upstairs, kissing for the whole time, while I was pushing my upperbody to him just in case I could get even closer. Finally we got into his room, he closed the door with a kick, turned and pinched me against them.

“Now I’m gonna examine your underwear”, he started pulling up my dress.

“Zipper”, I mumbled under my breath.

Monty took two steps back, put me on the floor, his hands were all over my back again.

“Where the fuck is this shit?”, he turned me to see my back.

“On the left”, I giggled slightly. He unzipped me while kissing my neck.

“It’s very pretty dress, but we don’t need”, he threw it somewhere.

He sat on the bed and I sat on his lap. Monty gently took my hair away from my face and and looked at me up and down.

“It’s really, really nice underwear, but you won’t need in a moment either”, he said kissing my neck.

“It’s really nice shirt”, my hands went down his abs, “ but you definitely don’t need it. Take it off”, I said as a leaned back a little bit, placing my hands on his knees for a support.

He took his shirt off and threw it somewhere near bed, for the whole time he was looking at me with hungry eyes. He grabbed my ass, laid me on my back on his bed. He was hovering over me.

“You want this?”, he asked and sounded tiny bit concerned.

“Monty”, I snorted. “I’m lying under you wearing nothing but my lacy underwear, I think it’s pretty clear”, I said as I was touching his arm.

“I mean… You don’t do this because you feel pushed with all my talk and everything?”

As much as I liked new, caring side of Monty, I didn’t wanna see it that time.

“Can you just shut the fuck up?”, I asked and pulled him closer by his neck.

“Actually… I can’t”, he mumbled between kisses. “Cause this time, we’re doing this shit loud”.

“Fuck”, I mouthed as his kisses were going down my neck, between my breasts and down my stomach.

“Monty?”, I asked to make him a little disctracted.

“Yeah?”, he looked up.

“It’s your third base, why don’t you just enjoy the time?”

I used all my strength, and let’s say I didn’t need much, cause he didn’t really resist, and turned as around so now I was on top. I kissed his lips, his jaw, neck and went down and down whole his hands were all over my body. When my kisses reached his pants I looked up to see his face, eyes closed and biting bottom lip. I pulled up making sure my ass rubbed his thighs very precisesly. I sat on his bulge and make a few circles with my hips, his fingers clenched on me. I pulled myself up a little bit and started unbelting and unzipping his pants painfully slow. As soon as I started bringing them down, Monty quickly kicked them off. I started rubbing inside of his thighs, gently kissed his length through the boxers, I could feel shiver that went down his body.

“Fuck”, he mumbled.

I started kissing his abs, sucked on his collarbone. Suddenly he sat up, put his hand at the back of my neck and left sloppy kiss on my lips.

“I like your pregame, but we don’t really have time for this”, he turned us around and again I was laying on my back and Monty was above me. He kisses me down my neck, started massaging my breasts. “They are beautiful”, he said while leaving kisses on each of them. His kisses went down, he started kissing me through my panties.

“Oh my God”, I moaned.

“I know you like it, I can feel it”, he said while leaving kisses on the inside of my thighs.

“Come here”, I grabbed his neck and pulled him up so he could kiss my lips while I could reach his boxers and slide them down. I put my hand on him and pumped it up and down.

“Fuck, Y/N”, he moaned with his lips at my neck.

His hand reached the nightstand next to bed and took condom. He ripped the wrapping with his teeth and put it on.

“Now I’m going to fuck you”, he said while slowly sliding into me. “And I want to hear you moan.”

I wrapped my legs around his hips, Monty started thrusting into me, first slowly, getting faster and faster.

“God, you feel so good”, he groaned.

I was a groaning mess under him, my hands were scratching all over his back. One of Monty’s hands was squizzing my breast for the whole time, his lips were kissing my neck. Everything felt so good, I bit and sucked his shoulder.

“Monty”, I put my lips to his ear. “Go deeper”.

He quickly grabbed one of my legs and put it over his shoulder.

“Fuck, babe”, he moaned under his heavy breath and started pounding faster.

One of my hands squizzed the sheets, while the second one was tangled in his hair.

“Mont, I’m… fuck…”, I couldn’t even finish a sentence, instead I digged my nails in his back.

Monty put my second leg on his shoulder and that’s when I lost it.

“Babe…”, he moaned.

Unlike Jessica’s bathroom last time, room was full of our heavy breaths and loud moans. I was on the edge, threw my head back with Monty’s name on my lips, my whole body started shaking. I clenched my Kegel muscles, the same moment Monty grabbed bedhead and came undone. Heavy breathing gently took my legs and placed them down, then collapsed next to me.

“You’re amazing”, Monty said trying to calm down his breath.

“You are too”, I whispered. “What time is it?”, I asked as I looked at my watch. “We probably should go”.

We got up, got dressed again, I went to the bathroom to check myself in the mirror, fixed my hair and went downstairs where Monty was already waiting for me.

“Okay, I agree”, I said as I grabbed my car keys and walked by him.

“Do you agree for what I think you agree?”, he asked excited while locking door. “You’ll finally have some fun.”

“Just try to not fall in love with me”, I laughed as I was getting in the car.

Unofficial Firefighter [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by @shortycraft13: “Hey, girlfriend! Congrats on 1,400!!! thats awesome! How about 8. and 14. from the prompt list? Thanks, love you!😘🎉”

A/n: So this was for my 1400 drabble milestone but I ended up making it a full fic because I finally got some inspiration and just wanted to let loose and write. I hope everyone likes it!
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8. “Why are you so jealous?”
14. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.


It was a brisk Gotham evening as you made the trek to your best friend’s apartment. That best friend being Jason Todd, son of the Bat himself. Even though Jason would never openly admit it. You two had been best friends since before he died at the hands of the Joker, since before he met Bruce! You were street kids together, always had the other’s back. But when he came back, it felt like you two picked up right where you left off. It was the dose of normal and stability he needed after something as drastic as what he’d gone through. The man died for goodness sake.

It’s been a couple years since he returned and everything seemed to be more stable in his life. He was on good terms with his family again, you two still were the best of friends, he was even thinking about getting a dog! But that’s beside the point. The only thing missing really was a relationship, and you wished you could fit that bill. His family rooted for you, everyone wanted Jason and you to get together. But, you were too nervous to tell him and risk your friendship.

So, you settled for your movie nights and bar nights the both of you shared. Knocking on his apartment door you waited patiently. However, no sign of life came from the apartment. Had Jason forgotten your movie night? It wouldn’t be the first time he went out on patrol or a big mission early without realizing you two had plans.

Figuring that the case you sighed before heading back out of the building. Night had fallen over the city, thinking it best you called for a cab while sitting on the stairs to Jason’s apartment building. Sighing your chin rested in your palm, watching cars speed down the street in front of you. That was until you heard a girl’s higher pitched laughter and a man’s low chuckle. However, you recognized that chuckle. Standing to see Jason walking toward the building with a girl with bright blonde hair hanging on his arm in a tiny dress.

You had to admit the woman was gorgeous, making you even more aware of the fact you wore a baggy sweatshirt and simple sweat pants. Jason looked up to see you there, “[F/n]? What are you doing here?”

You stared between them, feeling jealousy bubble in your chest. “Movie night. Which you obviously forgot.” A bit of sharpness in your tone. Jason rose an eyebrow at you, not used to such an aggressive presence from you. He asked his date to head inside and that he’d meet her at her door. Meaning she lived there too.

“Why are you so jealous?” He questioned, obviously confused. “I’m not jealous” You spat at him. Jason crossed his arms unconvinced, “Is it because I forgot movie night? I’m sorry, it just completely slipped my mind and this was the only night me and her could –” Rattling off his excuse before you cut him off. “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MOVIE JASON!” Yelling at him, feeling even more jealousy and anger bubble in your heart.

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t” Scoffing as he took a step toward you. “[F/n] what is it I’m not understanding?”

Was he really this oblivious? This out of tune with your emotions? Sick and tired of holding in your feelings, they all just spilled out like a can of paint on the pavement.

“THAT I LOVE YOU DAMMIT! That I love and have loved you since before the pit! Since before Bruce! Fuck, I don’t know how you never noticed!” Yelling at him. All the anger in your chest turning to sadness as he didn’t respond but just stared at you. “I love you Jason.” Shrugging as tears stung your eyes.

Right then the cab pulled up, you looked at it then Jason who didn’t look at you. Just stared at the pavement. Sniffling you wiped your eyes before walking to the cab and opening the door. “Bye Jason” mumbling before climbing in and shutting the door behind you.

After that night you avidly avoided Jason and his family. He tried calling you and texting you but you never had the heart to answer. It hurt like hell to know he didn’t love you back, now you lost your best friend too.

Sitting on your sofa in your run down but cozy apartment. You tapped your finger in your mug thinking. About what happened with him, along with how this was your last sick day usable before you had to return to work. Sighing you took a deep breath, but caught a whiff of something in the air. It smelled like… smoke?

Shooting up from your couch you ran to the door. Pulling it open and looking around the hall. You didn’t see any fire but smoke was bellowing up from the service stairs. People were in the same state as you, currently freaking out because of the sheer amount of smoke and that their was a fire on lower levels. Of course your shit apartment building’s smoke detectors didn’t work.

Hacking and coughing you looked around. Remembering that there were a second set of stairs. Hurriedly you got everyone’s attention and rushed them in the direction. You and another man got all kids and women down into the less smoke filled staircase before the smoke and fire got there. Though the fire had grown to your level and was eating the building like it was nothing. You had just began to hear sirens. Everyone was down before another woman rushed back up to where you and the man stood. “M-my son! He was home alone and I just got back! I can’t find him.”

Your instincts kicked in and the small amount of training Bruce and Jason taught you took over. “What apartment?!” You questioned quickly. “6C, please, please help me!” Looking at the man, “Get her outside!” Ordering before running back into the smoke. “HEY WAIT!” Hearing the deep voice of them man yell before you reached to where the fire had spread.

Pulling your shirt up over your face you ran through the hallway, avoiding flames. Finding the apartment you banged on the door. “HEY! IS ANYONE IN THERE!” Screaming before hacking from the smoke.

“help please!” Hearing a quiet voice on the other side. Throwing your shoulder against the door a few times it but open with the third. Looking around you saw a boy no older than 9 huddled under a table as beams fell around him. Running over you tried to crawl up to him but a beam blocked your way. “Come on buddy, I need you to be strong and come with me” saying before you coughed again. He timidly looked at you, another smouldering piece of wood falling beside him. “I CAN’T” He yelled scared and hid further. “You can do it come on sweetie. I know you can, you’re strong. I’m friends with the Red Hood and I can tell you’re just as strong as him. You can do it.” Encouraging him further. “Really?” He asked.

Nodding at him, he began to crawl to you. “That’s it come on” Beckoning him, he was only a foot away when you heard something snap. Looking up, dry wall came crumbling down. On instinct you launched yourself forward, covering the boy with your body as the smouldering dry wall hit your back. Knocking the wind out of you.

He looked at you concerned but with a burst of adrenaline you shook off the drywall and picked him up. Zipping off your jacket you covered him up with it as you ran out of the apartment and toward the staircase. You maneuvered around debris, and inhaled far too much smoke but you pushed your legs as hard as you could.

Down the stairs you ran to and out the front doors, the burst of cool hair filling your lungs hurt and you hacked and coughed, falling to your knees on the pavement. Clutching the boy to your chest as he coughed too. Paramedics rushed over to you, taking the boy and examining you.

Due to sheer exhaustion you couldn’t get up. Everything felt numb and you just wanted to go to sleep. The paramedics kept yelling at you to stay awake but it was too hard, the last thing you heard was a familiar voice yelling to you.

“Jason?” Mumbling before you lost it all.

You woke up to the sound of beeping and felt something around your face. Your throat and lungs felt like they were on fire as you took a deep breath. Wincing at the pain breathing caused. Your back ached and you could feel the bandages wrapped around you. Opening your eyes, the room was empty, it being completely white except for a few vases of flowers on the window sill. ‘Who would send me flowers? I don’t have any family.’ Thinking before hearing the door open.

Eyes shooting there you saw a familiar mess of black hair and blue eyes staring at you. “You’re awake!” Jason smiled at you before rushing over. “Oh thank god! How do you feel?” He sat down beside you.

You just shook your head, trying to speak but it only came out as a rough noise. Jason poured some water and handed it to you, the cool sensation of it running down your throat feeling amazing. “I-I feel like I swallowed hot coals and got hit in the back by Harley’s baseball bat” Your voice sounding gruff and broken. Though you didn’t look at Jason.

Everything came rushing back to you when you saw him. That night but also the fire. “It’s all gone… Everything.” You whispered to yourself. Jason’s expression softened, “[F/n] I..” He tried to speak but you stopped him. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.“ He blinked at you before smiling and taking your hand. “Why can’t I be both?”

You stared at him shocked, waiting for him to elaborate. “I know I’m an idiot. I don’t know why I went out with that girl. I knew from the beginning she wasn’t for me but I did it anyway. And I don’t know why because I’ve known I’ve loved you since we were kids. I thought you didn’t feel that way about me and I now see how wrong I was. I did it to try and hide my feelings for you, but when you confessed I was shocked and you were gone before I could tell you how I felt. Then you wouldn’t answer my calls and I go to your apartment to see smoke bellowing it from it and news that you ran back inside. I was terrified I’d never get to tell you or see you again.” He explained and caressed your hand with his thumb.

“You love me?” Voice still being a rough whisper. Nodding he smiled at you. “I do.”

Tugging on his hand you pulled him to hug you. Tears welling in your eyes. “I want you to move in with me. I don’t want you in some shabby apartment like that again. I want you where I can keep you safe and from running into burning buildings” He whispered. Your hands gripped his jacket tighter before you nodded, “Thank you.”

“Anything for the one I love.”



I kinda want to do a part two where the reader gets offered a job as a firefighter and she accepts the job and goes to training and Jason is a worried mess. Thoughts?

I want you(Namjoon AMBW Smut)

Ahhhh finally one request down! I’m sorry for such a long wait but after much time here you are @hennessybee I really hope you enjoy this fic, if not I will do it over! 

A light knocking on the wooden door caused you to stir yourself awake as you looked around. Namjoon was laughing at you looking at how your body was draped in one of the styling chairs in the makeup room.

“Noona, you’re going to get a crook in your neck if you keep that up.” He lightly scolded moving to sit in another chair beside you.

“It’s okay.. Really.” You let out a soft huff, lifting your body slightly with a wince, it had been a rough few days since you were always on the move with BTS and sleep was little to none because you were always with them. ALWAYS. “And I told you, don’t say that.” You could feel your cheeks heating up.

Namjoon moved his hand to the back of your neck giving a comforting squeeze that seemed to release all the tension in that spot. “You’re really cute don’t know you know that?” He asked with a light chuckle. “You are our noona, our cordi noona and I’m sorry but even if we were to go through the whole process again you would still be a noona.” Namjoon said dramatically helping you realize your doom. It wasn’t that you disliked the word, it was the fact that coming from him, it made your whole being lit up and you didn’t know how to handle it.

“Right as always Kim Namjoon.” You cooed wagging your finger at him. He rolled his eyes leaning forward to bite your finger gently causing you to still for a moment. A loud yell from the hall caused you both to jump as Taehyung came running into the room to wrap his arms around your neck breaking the moment you and Namjoon were having.

“Come on noona it’s time to go! You’re packed and everything, right?” He questioned sending a devious smirk to Namjoon who just sat back in the chair in disbelief.

“I do have everything I need; can you take my bags for me Taehyunggie? Noona can’t carry everything.” You whined knowing he would give in. Like lighting he took your bags and headed for the door, causing and amused laugh to leave your lips as you stood up.

“You know better..” You started as you grabbed for your face mask seeing the look Namjoon was giving you. He stood up from his chair, towering over you causing you to look up at him. He wasn’t wearing anything too flashy, just black skinny jeans and a button down white shirt that was tucked in, his hair was parted right down the middle to show his forehead like you liked it. He smirked softly seeing how your eyes flickered all over him, opening the mask up he put it on you the correct way seeing the BTS display read brightly against the black mask with white letters as he felt some surge of pride through his system.

“Do I?” He questioned you back, cupping your cheeks he stroked your skin with his thumb and you melted for a split second before you were pulling his hands away before Taehyung came back. Grabbing at the makeup bag that you needed, you allowed Namjoon to walk with you and give you skinship until you got outside of the building where he went to stand with the others. You let his hand go sighing softly behind the mask glad that you could pout without anybody seeing it. You moved to get into one of the vans with the other members of the team. Driving behind the boys towards the airport, you put in ‘Not Today’ trying to give yourself some since of hype but it ended with you passing out with your head against the window, the soft beat earphones cushioning your face.

“This girl.” Namjoon sighed softly but he couldn’t hide the kind smile that was on his lips as he watched you. He crawled into the van as everyone else got out, moving to shake you lightly he didn’t stop until you were opening your tired eyes looking at him.

“Sleeping beauty, let’s go.” He called out for you grabbing at your hand. You didn’t know if it was simply because you were tired or what but you gave him your hand, walking behind him with your fingers laced together as he pulled you through the massive crowds of fans. Namjoon made sure your body was against his becoming almost protective as he kept pushing your head down so that no fan could take good pictures of you. It was too much, the flashing lights, the screams and cheers. It was the reason you opted on staying back for most of the shows but this one was different and they needed all their staff, they needed you because you were very good at your job and becoming well known. The boys’ images had to be top notch for other things to be a success. After a moment of having the flashing light in your face and harsh criticism threw at you by some fans, Jhope and Suga both came to the aid of you and Namjoon pressing against your left side to block any views from you.

“Thank you both.” You said gently looking up at Yoongi who gave a kind smile and like Namjoon pushed your head down gently with the pads of his warm fingers against your forehead.

“Keep your head down, thank me later by making me look good.” Yoongi teased as Jhope gave a chuckle nodding in agreement. Jimin was next to make his move coming to stand in front of you, he smiled and gave the camera aegyo and sex appeal to distract every one of the girl that was in the middle and stealing the attention. Jungkook came to join him walking beside him and Jin was the last to join in walking behind all of you as you went to stand in the airport line. As it moved up and you went to board the plane Namjoon made sure that he was the one sitting beside you when it was called for you all to choose your seats.

You once again fell asleep after putting on your music, moving to lay your head against his shoulders, at least on the plane you two could be able to share some since of closeness. While you were knocked out into dream line, Namjoon was losing his mind. He couldn’t stop looking down at you, he was so in love with you he didn’t know what to do, it was too much for him and he felt not telling you anything was going to break him apart. It was everything about you, your eyes, your full lips. The way you looked so peaceful once you slept. He could feel the harsh thumps of his heart and he wondered how could you be so calm with him. What he didn’t know what that you were dying as well but at least you knew how to hide it from him a little bit better than what he was doing.

Once the plane arrived in the States, Namjoon had fallen asleep with his head resting on top of yours, unknown to you both Hoseok found this endearing posting the pictures to the official twitter, and the Cafe. They had woken you both up to get you off the plane so that you could go to the hotel. The next set of days were a blur between BTS doing interviews and sound checks you were there to give them touch ups but then you, had to go and do other clients that you had promised you would meet while down here. You had also met up with some friends all of you going to the beach to hang out while the boys got ready for their first Wings show. Namjoon had been moping missing you by his side and he was always refreshing his feed when he could just to see what you were up to.

“You’re going to be classified as a stalker if you kept this up.” Yoongi warned patting the male’s shoulder.

“I think it’s too late for that.” Namjoon himself admitted but he tried to let it slide off him. He knew however how serious it was, when he saw a picture of you with some guy who had a modeling gig. It wasn’t the fact that you were with him helping him, it was the fact that he was a ‘friend’ Namjoon knew nothing about and he felt jealous. Even while he was getting ready to go on stage he saw you in the back, and he purposefully avoided you, going to the other Cordi’s to let them help him instead not wanting to be around you until he got his emotions underway. When it was time for him to sing Reflections, you came to stand by the side of the stage looking at him with adoration.

“You two are killing me. Please just get together already.” Yoongi came by your side once he was finished with first love looking at his friend who was pouring his heart out on stage.

“Shut up. He’s doing really good today.” You said softly clasping your hands together in front of yourself wiggling slightly.

“He feels those lyrics strongly today.. Especially since he is hurting.” Yoongi almost whispered the last part, causing you to frown and look at him.

“What happened today while I was gone?” You asked him standing up straight. Yoongi pursed his lips looking between you both before he let out a sigh shaking his head hesitating and going between telling you and keeping his loyalty to his friend.

“Listen, I think you two need to talk this out. But what I will say is, you’re not the only one who has a career at stake here. So, maybe you should be the one to decide as the eldest what’s best for the both of you. And if you decide that you can’t do this. Then be honest with him because he deserves at least that much.” He gave a kind smile walking off to get changed for fire and as Namjoon came off the stage to the side you were at you quickly looked at him reaching for a hug that he gave back tightly.

“We love you!” You chanted back at him causing him to laugh and become flustered. “You did really good. Do you want me to touch up your makeup for fire?” You ask him and he nodded eagerly pulling you backstage with him, buzzing from how well he did he could feel his skin tingling and it made it better that you were here brushing foundation against his forehead lightly, he eyed you looking down and standing close to you causing everyone else in the room to shift and look knowing that there was something there if only you both would act on it.

“Two minutes!” The stage handlers called out trying to get everyone in place, you let him go moving back to your place on side of the stage to watch him.

“The boys are so talented.” Some of the noona’s were talking behind you and you were going to turn around to join in the conversation until you heard the rest.

“I know, it’s just a shame that with money comes sluts trying to take them down.” One spoke out.

“Yeah and then they either want money or their own fame so they use them and it’s such a shame. We all want to be close with them but at least we do it the right way. We don’t go to the limelight.” Another spoke.

“Yup! At least we don’t go around talking to other members from other companies and having our own agenda we are faithful to them.” The part that upset you the most were that they spoke in Korean as if you didn’t know anything that was being said or the fact that you knew these two particular girls were talking about you.

“Don’t worry about them, they are just a bit.. Jealous and dumb.” A girl who was a bit shorter than you came to stand at your side looking out at the stage and dancing a little beside you. She had brown hair that rested at her shoulders and she was a few years older than you. “If anything, you would get their struggles better than us. You have your own reputation and you know the do’s and don’ts.” She started out encouraging you. She was always friendly and nice to you making you feel that you did have at least one friend.

“Thank you for being kind to me.” You said gently bowing your head as fire went off and Fun boys came on.

“No problem, just make sure you don’t push him too head over heels.” She teased you causing you to blush and you were glad that it was dark for the most part.

The concert was a success and from all the screaming fans you knew that the boys were going to be very proud of how well they did. Once the show was over, you had to leave out with them, surprised that so many fans were waiting for them to leave you saw a lot of girls holding up the signs referencing Namjoon to daddy, you tore your eyes away from those signs thinking of something else because the ache between your legs was unbearable and you knew that it was going to take at least two rounds with your hand so that you would at least quench some of the fire that was inside of you. While you were in the van, the boys decided on take out and you were glad, you needed to get to the hotel to change your panties quickly. Tomorrow they wanted to go out for American food and you knew of perfect places to take them to setting your plan in action.

“Did we do good?” Namjoon asked leaning close to whisper against the shell of your ear, his breath tickling your skin causing you to jump as you nodded.

“I was really proud of you love, I am so honored to be a part of your team.” You admitted with a soft smile.

“Trust me, we are glad to have you.” He sighed happily pressing a kiss against your jaw.

“Break it up back there!” Hoseok teased you both and it stayed that way until you got back to the hotel.

Once you arrived, you said your goodnights to the boys as the elevator came to your floor. You decided to get a room a floor under them to keep yourself from becoming and embarrassment and going up to the room Namjoon was in to ask him to talk. You walked to your room and you could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t turn around just lifted your hand up to wave bye to them. You moved into the room, quickly scarfing the food down eating in the most un-lady like manner so that you could get in the shower.

You stayed in there for a good thirty minutes getting yourself off with the shower head and your fingers. Once you were done, you moved to dry off your body after you were done, not wanting to sleep in nothing you crawled under the covers with a bath robe on, laying on your back you rested looking up at the ceiling, thinking about Namjoon you tried to get your thoughts from him considering how loud you had been crying his name.

Namjoon was sitting up in the bed, drying his wet hair with a towel and a very hard problem between his legs, it only took him a few split seconds to think more on it before he was getting up with a key card leaving his room and coming down towards yours. He took the elevator hoping that no one noticed him, walking towards your room, he knocked on your door and you not knowing who it was decided to change your robe to a silk robe instead. You put on the baby blue silk robe that was partially see through, opening the door up you were surprised to see Namjoon standing there on the other side with a white T-shirt and baggy shorts around his waist. He looked down at you, almost speechless as his eyes roamed your body.

“What are you doing here? This is risky.” You groaned softly pressing your hands on his chest as he moved in.

“Exactly but you keeping me out here makes people more suspicious and besides, what if I get taken a picture of?” He asked softly as he pushed inside more to shut the door with a crooked smile.

“What do you want, Namjoon?” You asked softly with a playful roll of your eyes.

“Well. I need you.” Namjoon said simply cupping your cheek to make you look up at him. “You won’t say it so I will. But I am falling for you y/n. I know that it’s a bit too early to say that I love you but I know I’m getting close to it, and I know that if I didn’t even at least try to get to know you and keep you in my life then I would regret it. If you’re scared then let me protect you. I won’t hurt you, we both have reputations and I know what it’s like to need to keep it.” He urged nuzzling his nose with yours. “Just please let me be with you, even if it’s just for a moment that you don’t want later. It would fucking hurt but I could at least be with you and I need you so much.” He whispered as he pressed against you.

“Namjoon.. We can talk about this later. Take me.” You groaned in defeat and he didn’t have to be told twice, he picked you up with his hands under your thighs carrying you towards the bed, he laid you down on the bed, pressing his lips against yours he gave you a breathtaking gentle kiss, his hands moving to roam your body gripping at your hips as the robe fell to bunch around your waist. Namjoon pressed his body flush against yours sliding his tongue into your mouth causing you to release a soft moan. You couldn’t believe this was happening your heart was racing and you were sure he could tell. He sucked on your tongue, letting his tongue explore every ounce of your wet warm cavern. He pulled back after a few moments grabbing at his phone he pressed the outlet into his phone turning on music.

“What-“ You questioned panting as he put on Party Next Door. He leaned down over you pushing you back against the bed, sucking on your neck as he whispered in a deep voice using his English causing his voice to be accented and the right kind of cute and seductive.

“I don’t want everyone hearing how I make you scream.” He sucked on your neck, moving down towards your collarbones and breast to mark you up and make sure that the hickies were not visible. He undid the strings on your robe, pulling back to look down at your curvy body that was wrapped in brown skin.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t let anyone else have you.” He shuddered moving to press his lips against your breast his tongue skittered across your areola on your left breast before he wrapped it around your nipple to suck on it, his hand going over to play with your other nipple grazing and flicking the hardened nub. Namjoon moaned against your skin, sucking harshly onto your breast, his mouth trailed wet kisses towards your other breast as his hand drifted down to ghost across your sensitive clit. You arched your back a sharp gasp leaving your lips as your hips bucked up. Namjoon pulled back from your breast after a while with a wet pop lifting a keen eyebrow.

“I never knew you were so sensitive here.” He teased circling the pads of his thumbs against your clit.

“E-every girl is daddy. It’s not that.. I touched myself twice before you came.” You finally admitted causing him to immediately plunge two fingers inside of your wet pussy. You groaned in slight pain but it didn’t sting too bad, it felt good to have his fingers inside of you thrusting in and out of your pussy. He leaned down to wrap his lips around your clit, sucking on the pink bud he pulled it into his mouth causing your hips to buck up and ride his face as he thrust his fingers in and out of you. Your hands gripped at his hair, pulling on the soft locks you pressed him closer to your body.

“Come on daddy give me more.” You called out softly feeling your wet pussy start to drip against his face as he pulled and pushed his fingers around inside of your, his fingers moving to circle and twist inside of you slipping past the knuckle each time he released your clit to flick his tongue against it quickly watching you and how you seemed to crumple under him, your whole body started to shake, your legs bending as he feasted on you once again, replacing his tongue with his fingers he slapped at your thighs rubbing on your clit quickly, your body was a complete mess, you knew you were close to cumming, and it seemed he did too because he pulled back licking on his fingers and his tongue.

“You’ve cum too many times without me, can’t cum again until I’m buried inside of you.” He smiled standing up and you followed helping him shed his shirt and shorts, he didn’t have on any boxers causing you both to become flustered, he tensed up you gripped his member to stroke him slowly licking up and down his cock slowly. Namjoon moved to push you in the middle of the bed. He pressed his knees down into the bed and you helped him align himself with your entrance. Slowly you pushed your hips up to take him inside of you and he let you move until you were sinking down taking him in inch by inch. His hands crawled up your skin, gripping at your hips he let you take over for a bit, sitting back on his hind legs to let you take over, he rolled his hips forward slightly and your hands moved to press down into the sheets so that you could push your hips back down against his. He kept you like that for a bit before he picked you up and laid on his back, your hands pressed down on his chest as you started to lightly bounce your hips up and down his shaft. You mewled in pleasure rolling your head back gasping lightly as you circled your hips. You could feel Namjoon start to thrust erratically bucking his hips up and you were proud to see how his head rolled back. His head was tipped back his eyes screwed shut as part of his neck veins popped out. He was full of pleasure that you caused and you knew even in this moment you wanted to be the only one with him. He moved his thumb to brush against your clit rubbing it in circles as he tried to get you off, his name rolling from your lips as your warm walls squeezed around his shaft. He slammed you down harder with one hand, your hands moving up to scratched down his chest slowly digging your nails into his skin to make crescent marks.

“Shit, I’m going to cum.” You announced leaning over to grind down against him, your hands moving to grab at the sheets beside his head.

“Will you cum for me baby girl?” He asked in a harsh whisper leaning up to bit your jaw, he continued to slam you down against him your pussy starting to gush with water. Your hips jerked down as you nodded your head giving into him you let a cry out of his name, your pussy clenching tightly around him, the walls clamping down and locking onto his shaft, he wrapped his arms around your waist continuing to slam you down as his hips snapped up to bury himself deep inside of you. His load shot out inside of you while he cried out your name, he let his hips slow down at a steady pace as he rode out your orgasms. Kissing over your face and your body he gave a soft hum nuzzling his nose with yours.

“Fuck, yeah I don’t want to be without you.” You admitted burying your face in his neck. “If you’re ready to try so am I.” You admitted biting on his jaw and kissing his lips.

“Good then, because I want you and though I was a little mad earlier I know I don’t want to be without you.” He admitted nipping on your jaw as the music shifted to a BTS song causing you both to give quiet giggles as he held you and talked.

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine Pt. 2 (Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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Part 2 to a Taste Of Your Own Medicine

WOO does it feel good to finally get something posted!  I have not edited this yet, so sorry if it’s not the best or if they are errors!

You lay in bed that night, reminiscing your victory from earlier.  You were one of the very few people that had ever stood up to Draco Malfoy and actually won.  Funny thing, you actually used to have a crush on him.  That is, when you first saw him.  But pretty quickly you realized he was never going to change his jerk attitude, so you gave up on your fantasy.  

A few minutes later you fell asleep, your last thought being:  well, potions is sure to be quite interesting tomorrow.

*Time skip to potions class*

Being the good student that you were, you got to class before Draco did.  You pulled out your book and set your bag under your chair.  It wasn’t long before you sensed an arrogant ass sliding into the seat next to you.  You glanced over at Draco and smirked.  In response he groaned and rolled his eyes, then proceeding to move his seat as far to the end of table away from you as he possibly could.  

Class went rather smoothly, which was not what you were expecting.  Luckily there was no actual potion-brewing going on that day, so there was no reason that you and Draco would have to work with each other.  All Snape had on that agenda that day was boring old book work and a pop quiz.  

When class was two minutes away from ending for the day, everyone was stuffing their book and quills back into their bags to prepare to switch to their next class.  As you neatly tucked your ink bottle into your bag, you felt a tap on your shoulder.  You looked up in surprise.  It was the last person you expected it to be, Draco.  Great, what does he want?

You sighed, annoyed.  “What do you want, Draco?”

“Uh I-I just want to talk.”

Did he just stutter?

“Well, we can’t do that right now.”

“I know.  Before dinner tonight would you meet me by the Black Lake?”

You thought about this for a second.  What does he want from me?  Does he want to apologize?  That would be crazy.  Eh, might as well.  “As long as you don’t try to kill me or pull some crazy shit, sure.”

He frowned.  “I won’t.”

The rest of the class was too busy packing up their stuff to finally get out of Snape’s class to notice Draco and you talking.  Ten seconds after Draco’s reply, class was dismissed.

You went about the rest of your day thinking of answers as to why Draco would want to talk to you in private.  Maybe he wants to throw me into the lake so I get eaten by mermaids… Or drown… Or he’ll cast some curse on me to make me lose all my hair…   Or maybe he does really just want to apologize.  It may seem a little far fetched, but it’s definitely possible.


Once all your classes were over for the day, you sat in a large armchair in the Hufflepuff common room, deep into reading the newest book you had gotten from the library.  When you had finished four chapters, you glanced at the clock hanging over the fireplace.  It was 5:10pm, and dinner was served at 5:30pm.   Well, I guess I’d better get going to the Black Lake for whatever Draco has in store.

After you had placed your bookmark in your book and placed it in your trunk at the foot of your bed, and then you got your house scarf out.  It was November after all.


You made your way throughout the twisting corridors until you were finally outside on school grounds.  You carefully stepped down to where the Black Lake was located.  In the distance you could see the back of a black cloak with a green and silver scarf at the neck along with platinum-blond hair.

You approached who was obviously Draco, clearly very quietly since he never showed any sign of being aware of your presence.  You tapped his shoulder, causing him to turn around in surprise.  He appeared to be holding a single white rose.

“O-oh–I didn’t see you there.”

You smirked, amused.  “I can tell.”  You took a moment to observe your surroundings, to make sure none of his sly and highly annoying friends were waiting to cover you in rat droppings or anything else that could do you harm.  Thankfully, there was nothing.  “So… why did you want to talk to me?”

Draco sucked in a breath.  “I-I… just wanted to say…” he trailed off and turned his head downward as to not look you in the eye.

You raised your eyebrows in surprise.  “Just wanted to say…?” You said and tapped him on the head.

His head sprung up.  “JustwantedtosayI’msorry.”

Your eyes got large.  “You spoke at the speed of light but I was able to make out the words ‘I’m’ and ‘sorry’.  You’re sorry?”  You were genuinely shocked to hear this.

He defeatedly nodded.  “You heard me.  I’m sorry.”

“Care to emphasize a bit more?”

Draco rolled his eyes, but was impressed by your straightforwardness.  “I’m sorry for everything mean and harsh I’ve ever said to you.  Like insulting Hufflepuff, your friends… your family…  It wasn’t right of me.”  He outstretched his arm to give you the beautiful rose.

With caution, you gently took the rose from his hand, making sure there wasn’t going to be any last-minute pranks.  When nothing happened, you lifted the rose to your nose and inhaled it’s sweet scent.  “Thank you, Draco.”  It was there for only a second, but you could’ve sworn you saw a smile and a red color to his cheeks.  “I appreciate your apology, but you shouldn’t be apologizing to only me.”

Draco slumped his shoulders.  “I know… Listen, how about we make a deal?”

Hearing this you were quite intrigued.  “I’m listening.”

“I’ll apologize to anybody I was ever cruel to, if you’ll go on a date with me this weekend at Hogsmeade.

Holy shit.  Well that was surprising.

You thought for a moment, Draco clearly very nervous for your response.  You nodded.  “‘Alright.  But I think you might have some trouble with apologizing to literally almost every student here,” you said smartly and smiled.

Draco groaned but laughed.  “I’ll write letters.  How about that?”

“Perfect.  But do anything mean this week and that date is off, mister.”

“I know.”

“Well, we should get going to the Great Hall before someone sees us out here.”

“I agree.”

“You do realize that if people see us walk in together and me holding this rose they’ll flip, right?”  You pointed out.

“Who knows, if that date goes well, they’ll be bouncing off the walls,”  Draco agreed as you two started to walk back to the castle.

“Oh–one more thing,” you said and you both stopped walking.  You leaned in and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush deeply.  “Thank you.”


That night you lay awake, a huge smile on your face.  Who knew Draco Malfoy actually could have a change of heart?  If this works out, it could be a whole new start for victims of his bullying.  Merlin, it’ll be a whole new start for Draco himself.  Plus I’ll have a smoking hot boyfriend.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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And The Poets Are Just Kids Who Didn’t Make It

Written for NurseyWeek, prompt Mistake.

Trigger warning for a panic attack

Nursey wasn’t sure where his day had gone to shit. He’d thought it was fine, he had his English Lit class in the morning, which he actually enjoyed, then a poetry workshop early in the afternoon.  Somehow, however, it had got to be too much, and he’d practically sprinted out of his workshop to go to the Haus, hoping for a piece of pie and a Bitty hug. He’d apparently forgotten that Thursdays were when everyone had class in the late afternoon except for him, meaning that he was now alone with his thoughts, which never ended well when he got to be like this.

Dropping to the ground, Nursey leaned against the back of the couch and drew his knees into his chest, closing his eyes and trying to breathe against the overwhelming sensation of everything going on around him and bearing too much weight and too many responsibilities down on him and he wasn’t good enough to deal with any of this and why did he think he possibly could succeed in life and why was he such a fuckup and why was everything he did a mistake-

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So I found this scrolling on my wall. And immediately, the first person I thought who made this was a black man. And I was right. 😐
Then I found out it was some Twitter Nigga who wrote a whole soliloquy on why he took the time to actually make these shirts. 😐
I’m honestly tired of black men. (Y'all niggas better not say “it’s not all of us” because it’s the majority of y'all. So if it doesn’t apply to you, then don’t say shit, cause otherwise you’re telling on yaself). There’s a difference between the hatred coming from the white man or woman, and then the hatred of the one who is the same image of you. Who look like you. Have the same skin as you. Who been through the same history as you. The ones who are suppose to love, cherish and protect you. And it’s funny because black men carry this same mentality. It don’t matter if you’re an athlete, rapper/artist, celebrity, rich, poor, hood, high-class, middle-class, for some reason, black men carry the same coon ass, self-hating mentality. So where is it coming from? Why do black men hate black women so much?
Because I go so hard for my men but it’s honestly tiring getting slandered, degraded, hurt, and betrayed by them.
But then I feel guilt whenever I think about dating outside my race.

Roll Deep (Hyuna Smut)

Rated M for My favorite idol is fucking you scenario.
Dedicated to @capricornyhorny because it’s her birthday and to all the followers of mine who wouldn’t mind fucking a girl because there’s rarely any of that.
Word count: 2,450

You slightly hissed as you felt your arms tied to the wooden chair you sat on, along with your legs which were tied so they could be wide open. You looked over at the woman with the medium length blonde hair, fish net tights, skimpy loose white shirt and tight black shorts. Her eyes were screaming lust as she simply gave you an innocent look. Her black heels caused an echo within the steps she took within the empty room. She walked behind you, double knotting the rope around your wrists.
“Hyuna,” you whispered with your jaws clenched together, “I thought you said you were rewarding me, not torturing me.”
She giggled slightly looking around, “I will,” her left hand gently grasped your shoulder. Her grip tightened as her mouth came closer to your ear, “But it won’t be such a reward without some foreplay. Besides baby, you’ve been teasing me, it’s only fair.”
Your body tensed as her lips came in contact with your ear, gently sucking it while moaning softly.

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harrythestyleslegend  asked:

26? make it sad?

26. Why do you smell like perfume?

Send me a number from this post and I’ll write a blurb off of it!

Harry wasn’t answering his phone. You had tried calling him time and time again but it would give a few short rings and then go to voicemail. You left a couple, asking him to call you but you usually hung up with a huff and typed out a text to him - each getting more and more angry as the calls went unanswered. 

You eventually gave up, ate yourself a lonely dinner and then after aimlessly flipping through channels on the TV, decided to call it a night and headed to bed. You knew he deserved to go out with the guys, he had been working so hard, but he should have at least let you know when he was going to be home. Even a quick text to show he was getting your messages would have been nice. 

It was almost 1 in the morning when you finally hear his boots in the hall. He wasn’t even trying to be quiet and not disturb you. You sit up in bed, flipping on the lamp beside you, when he walks into the bedroom. The two of you make eye contact across the room but say nothing. He eventually shakes his head and heads towards the closet as he begins to unbutton his shirt, kicking off his shoes as he went. 

“Nice of you to call or text and let me know everything was okay.” You stay seated, the blankets pooling on your lap as you watch him rid himself of his clothes. He turns towards you, nothing but his boxers hanging on his hips. His ringed fingers push through his long curls and he actually has a look of anger wash across his face, his green eyes piercing into you. 

“You aren’ my mother. You don’t need to know where I am every second.” He says but as he says it you smell it. It was sweet, too sweet. There was a hint of vanilla to it but you could tell exactly what it was. 

“Why do you smell like perfume?” You question him. He holds eye contact with you and you see the conflict shoot across his face as he thought about whether or not he should be honest or not. “Well?” You push. You stand from the bed then, tossing the covers from your body. “You were with another woman weren’t you?” Your heart was racing, beating a quick rhythm against your ribcage as you wait for his answer. 

“You know wha’…” He starts, his voice quiet. “I fucking was. I was with someone else tonigh’. And it wasn’t the firs’ time I’ve been with her.” He actually sends you a glare and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. 

“You’ve been cheating on me?” You knew the second you smelled the perfume that was the case but now hearing the words from his mouth stopped your entire world. Harry has cheated on you - more than once too. 

“I have. I’ve jus’ been so un-happy, Y/N.” He sighs and begins to pace. “I’ve almos’ broken it off with you so many times bu’ jus’ never do. So I found someone else.” 

“Why have you been un-happy?” You knew Harry had been distant lately but you had just put that down to him being stressed from all the work and promo he had been doing recently but clearly it was because he was too busy with someone else. 

“You jus’ piss me off, you nag on me, you don’ suppor’ me like I need. No’ once have you asked me how the album is going, how the songs are comin’ along. You make me feel so unappreciated and I’m sick of it.” He confesses and you can clearly see it was making him feel good to finally get it all out. 

“So this is my fault?” Your eyes were welling up with tears as you took in his words. “I caused you to cheat, huh?” 

“You did. You make me un-happy so I wen’ to find it somewhere else.” As he spoke these words he made his way back over to the closet and began dressing. 

“Where are you going?” You whisper as he slips into his tight black jeans and tosses on his white Rolling Stones shirt. He pushes back his curls again and actually rolls his eyes. 

“Leavin’, wha’ does it fuckin’ look like?” He pulls a few more things from the closet, grabbing a bag as he does so and filling it. “I think tha’s wha’s best.” 

“Wow,” You felt your heart breaking as you fall back to sit on the bed. “This is bullshit.” You were stunned, your mind was racing and all you knew in that moment was the heartbreak you felt at both the fact he had cheated and now was leaving you. 

“I’ll be back for the rest of my stuff eventually.” He sighs then, his face finally softening a bit as he looked at you. “I’m sorry, bu’ this is wha’s for the best.” You say nothing, instead a sob falls from your lips and you watch as he leaves the room. You don’t chase after him, you do nothing as Harry just walks out of your life.

bagelanjeli  asked:

I find it interesting that you keep saying that Asians in Asia don't see themselves as poc. While you may feel that way, I think it's valid to note that Britain (white people) occupied and conquered what was then India (today India, Pakistan, Bhutan, etc.) There is a big difference between the fair indians and the darker indians. To be light skinned is considered beautful. Therefore, that region of Asia does see itself as poc for they were treated as second class to the gori British.

Hey, I appreciate you writing in! I’ll explain my thinking behind the term here.

I too grew up in a former British colony, so while I did have a concept of whiteness and therefore do not see myself as “white”- I want to emphasise that the term “person of colour” does have different political and cultural implications than “non-European” or perhaps “non-white”. Simply, I do not see myself as “white” because of British colonialism, but I does not mean I see myself as a “person of colour”. I see myself as Han Chinese, East Asian or Asian. “ In general, I believe the term should not be used carelessly outside the US due to different ideas of whiteness between the US and Europe, as well as other countries in the Americas, where race isn’t perceived the exact same way. I don’t believe it should be used at all in the non-Western context.

1. Person of colour is a term that specifically originated in the context of the United States’ system of colourist racism, of Jim Crow, of slavery, where the idea of “white” became a vehicle to confer privilege. I say “vehicle” because whiteness has always been a social construct. in much earlier parts of US history, several light-skinned European ethnic groups were not allowed to access whiteness, like Irish people. Today, they are seen as white. Although the term has been used carelessly by many people on tumblr, “person of colour” is first and foremost a racialised identity taken on to organise against white supremacy- in Western contexts.

2. I don’t believe it should be applied to non-Western contexts firstly, because the history of Asian colourist discrimination has actually long-predated European colonial rule. Further, it doesn’t quite just exist as a marker of racial otherness, but as a class division. Fair skin has been prized in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years due to classism. I believe it is the case with India too- from what I know, it was very much tied to the ancient Indian caste system or other class/regional divisions. That is not to say British rule in India didn’t make it worse (it certainly did) or that Western beauty standards don’t help to reinforce this preference today, but it would be inaccurate for us to ascribe this obsession for light skin all to recent European imperialism. Recognising its ancient roots is crucial: as a light-skinned East Asian, nobody has ever tried to sell me skin-whitening cream, unlike my other Han Chinese friends who were darker-skinned. 

3. As “person of colour” is an organising tool against white supremacy, I do not believe it has much relevance in non-Western contexts because we are no longer under European colonial rule. This is not to say its legacy doesn’t still affect us, but that the fault lines and tensions that matter are very often not going to centre so much around whiteness anymore in day-to-day life. I feel white privilege can be discussed there without us defining ourselves as “persons of colour”. 

  • Primarily, I am against the term because it posits a false illusion of solidarity that erases local oppressor-oppressed dynamics, and centering on whiteness very often becomes a tool of deflection for their own crimes (like in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, when he took ownership of land from white farmers ostensibly to correct the inequality in land ownership suffered by black Zimbabweans. Sounds fair, considering how colonial rule historically stripped people of their land. But the problem is rather than actually giving it to experienced black Zimbabwean farmers or training people to use the land, he mostly gave it to his cronies. Who didn’t utilise the land properly, causing food shortages that eventually hurt thousands of black Zimbabweans and made people worse off.) On another level, I don’t wish to centre around whiteness all the time because I think the fixation on it at the expense of other fault lines is in of itself a perpetuation of Eurocentric/whitecentric history and narratives.
  • To me, the attendant notions of solidarity underpinning the idea of POC have very little relevance when outside the Western world, our oppressive structures and systems of privileges are very often run by other non-Europeans. Whiteness is the “default” in the US, but in mainland China? It’s being Han Chinese. Han Chinese supremacy is the reason for continued racism and Sinicisation of non-Han minorities like Uighur Muslims and Tibetan. And this racism has a history in Chinese imperialism that long-predates European colonialism. To call all of us “POC” flattens the power structure and posits false solidarity between oppressor and victim- it allows the oppressor to wrongly occupy the space as the victim: as if the Han Chinese general is the same as the non-Han people he has captured for human sacrifices to the gods during the Shang Dynasty. You can have groups of people in the Middle-East and North Africa like Kurds, Amazigh who are very often marginalised by Arab supremacy- such as when Saddam Hussein enacted a genocide against Iraqi Kurds in the 1980s, using chemical weapons. The Nigerian government’s slow response to the Boko Haram crisis despite angry protests by Nigerians? The government not caring when people in Northern Nigeria, which is much more impoverished- die. For my own family history, some of the deepest grievances stem from how the Japanese mistreated my grandparents during WW2.

4. Lastly, the term “POC” outside the Western context tends to flatten the power structure between non-Europeans who live in the West or otherwise have a Western background vis a vis people from our ancestral countries. 

  • White privilege can reinforce Western privilege but they are not totally synonymous: Because even people not considered white do benefit from citizenship in a Western country or a Westernised background. When it comes to global economic inequality, we are closer to the centre of the empire, to the position of those who benefit, not the exploited. People like myself benefit from speaking English, from appearing “more European” and generally Westernised. It’s the reason my friend, who is of Indian ancestry, was treated very differently by the immigration officer when his British accent became obvious- compared to Indians from India who were on the same flight as him. There would for example, be a huge power differential between an Arab-American soldier and the other Arab people in say, Iraq. I cannot in good faith say my experiences are the same as the Chinese workers who work long hours in factories, many of whom start working at 16. At 16? I wasn’t done with schooling. It was taken for granted I would get a university education, and so on. 

5. So, the term “person of colour” is meaningless to me in the non-Western context context, and I personally find it actively harmful when people lump us as “POC cultures” because it purports to create an illusion of solidarity that obscures the massive amount of racism and oppression Asians are enacting against each other till today. Further, I see it as a projection of Western race politics on a non-Western context, which is decentering from local dynamics.

In conclusion, I very much see myself as “non-white” in Asia due to growing up in a former European colony. But I do not see myself as a “person of colour” there. I see myself somewhat as a person of colour in Europe, because it is a Western context where light-skinned Europeans are the majority. Still, not entirely- because it is quite an American term and European racism has a lot of ethnicity dimensions. I tend to see myself as a SEAsian Chinese, most specifically.

No Control | Chapter Twenty


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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When we get back to Harry’s home, it’s half six and we’re supposed to be at Grimmy’s party at eight. Harry lets me set up in his bathroom so I can do my hair and makeup while he makes some phone calls. I can hear him in his room, talking in a hushed tone to who I’m assuming is someone from his team. He’s not saying a whole lot, letting the other person talk for longer stretches of time, and when he does respond it’s in short answers and little clips. I don’t even try to listen to what’s being said, minding my own business and continuing to curl my hair into big waves instead of the little kinks that’s its natural state. 

I’m part way through applying my makeup, brush poised over my eyelid, when Harry leans in the doorway of the bathroom, watching me through the mirror. I look up at him with a smile as he watches me, a little quirk to the corner of his lips. When he just continues staring without making a move or saying anything, I chuckle somewhat uncomfortably.

“What?” I ask, going back to swiping on eyeshadow so we don’t just keep staring at each other. 

Harry’s smile widens as he shakes his head a little. “You’re just absolutely stunning, is all. Most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.”

My cheeks begin to heat, making the addition of blush obsolete. “You hang out with models and actresses on the regular, Harry. All of which are much more pretty than me.”

His brow furrows and he shakes his head, walking further into the bathroom. He wraps his arm around my waist. “Micky, I don’t think you see yourself clearly. The first time I saw you, I physically lost my breath. Seeing you was like a kick in the chest, you’re so pretty. Your big round eyes, your plump pouty lips, your soft skin. And then, when I got to know your mind, you just got a million times more beautiful, if that’s even possible.”

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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
-A Short Story-

I was exhausted. I’d spent the day Christmas shopping, the first half shared with my mother up until we stopped for lunch. Then after we parted ways, I continued my hunt for the perfect gifts, checking off my list one by one. By six o’clock, I’d called it a day, pushing my door open with my shoulder as I struggled with enough bags to completely cover the foyer. I set them down with a sigh, shutting the door behind me and tip-toeing around the bags to get to my kitchen where I dropped my purse and keys. I took a gander back at the mess in the hallway, my eyelids heavy with fatigue. Making my way over, I grabbed only one of the bags, leaving the rest to be put away later.

Once in my room, I laid the bag on the bed, removing the dress I’d purchased for myself. It was a pretty deep crimson shade with a simple A-line hem, and it cost almost as much as all the gifts I’d bought put together, but it was totally worth it.

Harry was having a Christmas party.

Harry Styles and I had gone out a handful times. I wasn’t really sure if you could say we were “dating”. How many dates constitutes dating? One? Five? Seventeen? I never really knew the answer to that. He’d taken me to dinner a few times and to a party another, and we had a good time, at least I thought so. I just felt like it was too soon to tell how he felt about me. But I liked him. I liked him a lot.

This wasn’t really a date though. This was a party he was throwing for all his friends and other people he knew. I would just be one of many to attend. Nevertheless, I was excited to be going, and this little red number I hoped would make an impression.

I hung up the dress on the hook that hung on the closet door, pressing my hand along the soft, silky fabric. I smiled to myself as I thought of Harry, the way his green eyes twinkled when he smiled and the way his soft lips felt against mine when he’d kissed me goodnight. I sincerely hoped he would kiss me again. Maybe even under the mistletoe? I chuckled to myself as I made my way back out into the hall, grabbing the rest of my bags and bringing them into the bedroom. Too tired to sort through them at the moment, I left them lined up at the foot of the bed and returned to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. That’s when I heard my cell phone going off in my purse. I smiled when I saw Harry’s name on the screen.

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Impressive-Alfie Solomons Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: violence, sensuality, racial slurs, and language

A/N: I finished writing this yesterday, but my computer shut down before I could save it so I had to write it all over again :(. Also, part of the fight scene is taken from the original Magnificent Seven movie. 

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

  It was love at first sight for Alfie Solomons: he saw Y/N Y/L/N in a pub and he never went to pubs. He had just needed to get away from the bakery for a minute—-he was drowning in work. So, Ollie took him to a local pub where he saw her. She was the most beautiful woman Alfie had ever seen: tall, curvaceous, confident, and tough. However, she was black and that could cause problems with his business. Y/N had intervened in an altercation between a wiry white man and her petite black friend, Annie. It was over some poker game mishap and through his many racial slurs, Mr. Wilson explained that he thought Annie cheated.

   “Well, did you, Annie?” Y/N’s voice was low and soothing.

   “I don’t cheat, Y/N. I just want my money,” Annie huffed, crossing her ankles.

  “Yer lyin’, bloody coon!” Mr. Wilson spat.

  Y/N smirked at him. The amazing thing about Y/N was that she didn’t show anger or frustration on her face, it was in those sharp y/e/c eyes of hers. If Mr. Wilson hadn’t been so drunk or angry at the time, he might’ve noticed the storm brewing within the young woman.

   “Do you consider yourself an honorable man, Mr. Wilson?” Y/N asked.


   “Then you would be open to a parlay? You and Annie would put all your money on one single bet; winner takes all and the loser loses everything. Seeing as you like to take chances, doesn’t that tickle your fancy?” 

   Mr. Wilson smirked coyly. “Sure, what’s the parlay?”

   Annie stood and grabbed Y/N’s wrist. “Y/N, don’t, it’s just money.”

   Y/N ignored her friend, “You and I ‘ll have a draw: you use your gun and I will use this,” Y/N pulled out a pocket knife from the inside pocket of her jacket. 

   “Y/N!” Annie pleaded.

   Mr. Wilson laughed. “Yer willin’ to risk your life for er?”

  “What  can I say? I like playing games.”

   Mr. Wilson eyed Y/N for a moment before shaking on it. Y/N muttered something to Annie before slipping her a few bills and the smaller, posher of the two sat down at the bar, looking anxious. The other people in the bar watched with wide eyes as Y/N called Patrick, an average-height stocky black man, over to her.

   “My friend Patrick’s going to call it, all right?”

   “All right.”

   Y/N smirked and twisted the knife around in her hand. She was beautiful but absolutely mad were Alfie’s first thoughts. Part of him wanted to intervene, but another part of him could tell that she was a lot stronger than she looked. So, he remained at his place and watched Y/N and Mr. Wilson take five paces in the opposite direction. When they pivoted to face each other, Mr. Wilson’s slightly wrinkled face showed nothing but pride and arrogance while Y/N seemed eerily calm. The bar was filled with both tension and excitement as the two opponents eyed each other.

    “Draw!” Patrick called.

    Mr. Wilson grabbed his pistol from his pocket, but didn’t get the chance to fire it at Y/N since her knife had already dug itself into his jugular. He gasped, dropped the gun, and fell to the floor. Y/N stalked over to him, bent down to his level, and took his wallet out of his trouser pocket.

    “Tell the devil that the Head Coon sent you,” Y/N whispered before slowly twisting the knife out of his throat.

    Mr. Wilson’s blood spurted every where but Y/N didn’t flinch as she stood and walked over to Annie, handing her the man’s wallet.

    “What did you just do?” she whispered.

    “I just won a gun fight with a knife.” Y/N sat down. “Eddie and Isaac, take him out back.”

    Two tall men in gray suits stood from their table, grabbed either side of Mr. Wilson, and carried him out back. Things in the bar remained tense for a while until Patrick commanded everyone to go back to normal. Alfie had to talk to this woman.

   “Who is she?” Alfie hissed to Ollie.

   “Y/N Y/L/N? She’s the leader of an up-and-comin’ gang in Camden Town. Her father used to muscle for some mob guys before he got sick. She took over and turned his work into a business. She’s mostly into intimidation and hits,” Ollie said.

    “Why haven’t I heard about her before?” Alfie asked.

    “Well, she comes to pubs a lot and you don’t.”

    Ollie looked stricken with fear when Alfie glanced at him, but he didn’t feel like reprimanding the kid in that moment. He just wanted to talk to Y/N. “I’ll be right back.”

   He didn’t hear Ollie’s reply as he stood and walked over to Y/N. At first, Alfie felt confident: he was one of the biggest gangsters in London and was a threat on his own. Of course, Y/N would be intrigued by him and would probably beg to work with him. It wasn’t until Alfie finally got up to her, that he suddenly felt nervous. How could he let a woman so much younger than him make him feel like he was back in primary school?

   Annie was the first one to notice him since she was facing the cockney Jew and cleared her throat. Y/N turned around and sipped some more vodka.

  “Hello,” she said.

  “ ‘ello. I must say that I am quite impressed with what you did to that bastard,” Alfie said.

  “It was nothin’.”

  “Course it wasn’t, you’ve done a lot worse.” Annie looked at Alfie. “I’m Annie, by the way.”

   “Alfie, Alfie Solomons.”

   Y/N arched an eyebrow. “So, you’re the one with the bakery?”

   Alfie felt a swell of pride that she was familiar with his work. “Yes, I am.”

   “Interestin’. ‘ve heard fine things about your bread but I’ve never been able to slip away and sample some m’self.” Y/N tossed Alfie a cheeky look as she sipped some more vodka.

   “Well, I’d be willin’ to give you a taste if you told me your name.”


   Annie stood and grabbed her purse. “I’ve got to go settle an old bet with Patrick. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Solomons.”

   “And you as well, Annie.” 

   Y/N narrowed her eyes at her meddling, feminine friend as she walked away, but motioned for Alfie to take Annie’s place. Annie wouldn’t admit what she saw brewing between the two gang leaders for months. Besides, she knew a good match when she saw it.

   “Where’d you learn to pull a knife like that?” Alfie asked.

   “My father taught me when I was six. He thought that I wasn’t old enough to learn how to use a gun and didn’t think that I should get into fist fights in order to protect myself. I’ve been using it ever since.” 

   “You ever pull a gun?”

   “Yes, but guns are so cold, knives are much more intimate.” Y/N drank the last of her vodka and leaned towards Alfie. “So, when am I going to get a taste of that bread of yours?”

    “Whenever you like.” 

    That night, Y/N met Ollie and went back to the bakery with him and Alfie. For some reason, Alfie was nervous about her trying the bakery’s rum. He wanted to impress her terribly. When she asked for a loaf for herself, Alfie had to fight the grin trying to work its way onto his face when he told her yes. In a matter of weeks, Alfie had Y/N and her gang working muscle for his bakery and helping intimidate Sabini, his only rival. Alfie and Y/N, of course, had to spend more time together, going over strategies or rather, Y/N explaining her strategies to Alfie. The way Y/N spoke when she explained her battle plans was probably the most attractive non-physical thing about her in Alfie’s eyes. She was serious and it was obvious that she put all of her effort into her plans. However, Y/N had a way of being soft and tough at the same time, especially when she went on rants about one of the men in her gang. She would wave her hands a lot before finally downing a tumbler of rum to help calm her down. Plus, Y/N really liked Alfie’s stories and paid close attention whenever he would tell them. In fact, there were very few things Alfie didn’t like about Y/N: she was beautiful so he nearly cracked a few skulls every day because of the men who looked at her and she could break down at any moment. In fact, Alfie admitted his feelings for her when she lost it.

   It had been a dreary day in London and the sound of rain smacking against the roof of the bakery filled Alfie’s office when Y/N walked in. Her coat was hanging off of her shoulder, her dark short curls were matted against her deep forehead, and she looked drain. Alfie immediately stood, took off her coat, and gestured for her to sit down.

   “F-cking Sabini,” he muttered as he poured her a cup.

   “I’ll drink to that.” Y/N tipped her head back and downed half the rum. 

   “ ‘s not your fault, you know. You were blindsided,” Alfie said.

   “I should’ve given them more guns. Patrick said I should but I thought they would be okay.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she sipped some more rum.


   “Everyone said that I couldn’t do it, that I couldn’t lead a gang because I’m a woman, and a very black one at that, but I thought I could prove them wrong. I thought that I could show ‘em what a bloody force of nature I could be.”

   “No one said that.”

   “Well they thought it!” Y/N glared daggers at Alfie. “They think that I didn’t notice they were whispering about me, saying that I shouldn’t be doin’ a man’s illegal work, mockin’ me because I wore trousers and not skirts. Do they know how difficult it is to beat someone in a skirt? To run in a skirt?” Y/N sighed. “For a while, I thought that I was going to be right, that I was going to rule London or somethin’, but I just got a real reality check.”

   “It could’ve happened to anyone.”

   “Forty of my men are dead. Forty lives are dead because…because I thought that Sabini wouldn’t hit us that hard but he did. Those men had wives and children, families who really loved and cared about them. Those wives hate me, the children cry when they see me, and the mothers, I can’t even begin to talk about them,” Y/N said. “Maybe everyone was right, maybe I am just a psychopath who tried to follow in her father’s footsteps and failed miserably.”

   Y/N sputtered out some curse words before finally bursting into tears. Alfie knew that it had to be hard for her since she hated showing any emotion besides anger or confidence. He had seen her take several bullets and not draw a single tear, but now she couldn’t stop crying or shaking. Alfie stood, walked over to her place, and hugged her. Y/N quickly leaned into him.

   “Don’t say that you failed, men are always replaceable, and their families will come to terms with what’s happened.” Alfie pulled away to hold her at arm’s length. “Now’s not the time to feel sorry for yerself, I mean, you are the same woman who brought a knife to a gun fight and won. You practically built your business up from the bottom and you were willin’ to help an old crow like me book keep.”

   Y/N sniffled. “Yours weren’t too terrible.”

   Alfie chuckled. “You must be feelin’ better to keep feedin’ me lies.”

   “I’m not lying, you aren’t that bad of a book keeper and you aren’t an old crow either.”

   Alfie rolled his eyes. “Now, yer just flatterin’ me.”

  “No, I’ve seen the way the women around here look at you. You are quite a catch.” Y/N bit her bottom lip. “And I don’t blame them.”

   Alfie couldn’t stop his eyes from widening. Y/N thought he was a catch? “What?”

   “I mean, you are handsome in a brutish sort of way, you’re confident, you curse a lot but never towards women as far as I’ve seen, and you can be charming when you want to.”

   “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you fancy me, but I do know better.” Alfie stepped away and walked back to his seat. “Go home and rest, I’ll loan you a few of my men for the time being.”

   Y/N shook her head. “You don’t get to send me away like that.” She walked over to Alfie. “We haven’t finished our conversation.”

   “Ain’t nothin’ else to talk about.”

   “What if I said that I fancied you against my better judgment?”

   Alfie hesitated. “I’d call you a liar.”

  “But,” Y/N slowly straddled his lap, “I’m not. Sure, it’s detestable how well you believe you’re taking care of yourself in compared to reality and it would definitely be hard for me not to be seen as simply the white man’s whore, but I’d be willin’ to deal with it.”

  Before Alfie could really process her words, Y/N pressed her mouth against his. Her plump lips were soft against his and though he was caught off guard, Alfie kissed her back. His hands slid down to rest on her curvy, wide set hips, and he began to unconsciously yank at the back of her shirt. Then, his conscience hit him like a bullet: he couldn’t do this with Y/N, not right then. Even though the rest of his body was screaming at him, Alfie pulled away.

   “You should go,” Alfie said.

   “You don’t mean that.”

   “I do. You’re very emotional right now and we all tend to do stupid things when emotion er runnin’ high. I ain’t takin’ advantage of you like that, no matter how much I would love to take you against that desk.”

   Y/N didn’t look offended or upset, but rather surprise was written all over her face. “Why does it matter to you not to take advantage of me?”

   “Because I f-cking love you and if we were going to do this, we were going to do this right.” Alfie kept his eyes on Y/N as he spoke. “It may sound ridiculous comin’ from me, but I don’t want to f-ck up anything with you. You are the most beautiful thing ‘ve ever seen and the strongest person ‘ve ever seen. And all the people who don’t like me and you together and go f-ck themselves to hell.”

   There, Alfie had poured all of his feelings for Y/N and he wasn’t afraid. At least he had been honest if she didn’t feel the same way. Y/N leaned her forehead against his.

   “I love you too, Alfie,” she whispered. “And this will be bloody continued.”

   Y/N kissed his cheek softly, before standing, finishing her drink, and leaving. That girl was going to be the death of Alfie and he didn’t mind it, not one little bit. 

Faith - Part 3

Request: Hi I was wondering if maybe you could do a rewrite of the episode faith were instead of dean getting Tased the reader does? If not that’s totally fine also.

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,820

Dean’s Age: 26

Sam’s Age: 22

Reader Age: ~16

(A/N): This is a rewrite of episode 12 of season 1, “Faith”.

Part 1

Part 2

“You really think it’s the Grim Reaper? Like, angel of death, collect your soul, the whole deal?” Sam asked, glancing over his computer between you and Dean.

“No no no, not the reaper, a reaper. There’s reaper lore in pretty much every culture on Earth. They go by a hundred different names, it’s possible that there’s more than one of ‘em,” Dean responded, looking up from a stack of papers.

“But Y/N said she saw a dude in a suit,” Sam said, making you roll your eyes.

“What, you think he should’ve been working the whole black robe thing? Look, you said it yourself that the clock stopped, right?” you asked, receiving a nod from Sam. You grabbed the top paper from Dean’s pile and held it up. “Reapers stop time.”

“And, you can only see ‘em when they’re coming at you, which is why Y/N could see it and we couldn’t,” Dean continued, taking the paper back and putting it down rather rough.

“Maybe,” Sam stated skeptically, again making you roll your eyes.

“There’s nothing else it could be, Sam. The question is, how is Roy controlling the damn thing?” you trailed off, scanning through Dean’s papers another time.

“The cross,” Sam said, sitting up slightly. You looked at Dean, confused.


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