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Im not the one who sent the ask, but like. you reblogged something a lil bit ago where an OP said that aces couldn't join their gay demon army thing. I actually had the same reaction until I realized it was you. I'm hoping this doesn't read as confrontational cause like I really like ur blog and think you're neat, I just wanted to explain what I think the anon was thinking, friendo.

heres the thing tho

that was such a bullshit reach? that was so transparent? cos uh

if only ……. there was some ancient dusty button you could click………. 

cos buddy if you have to announce first thing that a post isnt about you, then uhhhh it isnt about you, go make your own post ???? its that easy lmao

dont try to twist this to make a gay dude look acephobic cos he rolled his eyes at an obnoxious person on the internet

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for the bsd servamp au, would Atsushi be Envy and Dazai his Eve? And for Pride ... Ranpo? And Fukuzawa could be his Eve?! sdlkfj and then the idea of servamp bsd au!! That's sounds like a really neat idea! Would Team Melancholy be the Port Mafia? Mafia Melancholy? Haha. xD I will sleep now, good night.


Atsushi as the Servamp of Envy?? Nice~ Omg Dazai as his eve. That’s perfect cause of the way Atsushi and Dazai met, they both saved each other. One from starvation and one from drowning(later on though in this au probably)

Dazai picking up a small black and white striped cat only to discover its a vampire(and a tiger) later on. It’s too good. I think Dazai would give Atsushi a cat bell just like Mahiru did with Kuro:

“Perfect! I’ll call you Atsushi-kun!”

I feel like Dazai would be rather chill about discovering his new cat is actually a vampire. He comes home from work or whatever, “Hmm, I wonder how little Atsushi-kun did on his own today?~” and as he’s looking for his little kitty he finds this guy he doesn’t know making Chazuke in his kitchen(lol like when Mahiru found Kuro watching tv and eating ramen) . Although Atsushi would more likely panic first. Like. 


Dazai’s response is probably.

“oh my god….are you a vampire???? ……..”

“Are you here to kill me???~” :D 

“….excuse me??” 

and blah blah blah eventually they become the new Envy pair and somehow end up in the middle of a vampire war….. 

Atsushi sure is also in for a surprise, to discover his eve is a cheerful suicidal manic. He’s gonna be doing a lot of rescuing that’s for sure. 

“Dazai san, the chain! THE CHAIN! AHHHH! Don’t jump!”


“Are you okay Atsushi-Kun?”

“Yes, but I am immortal. You really need to take better care of yourself Dazai-san!”

Oh boy… These two idiots should not be connected whatsoever. HAHA Dazai dragging his poor Servamp Atsushi everywhere and having to deal with his…. suicidal mischief. He’s a little too eager to get into battles with other vampires.  Also Dazai would offer a little too much blood sometimes.

Omg one of Atsushi’s abilities can be kinda like Kuro’s claw thingys but with his tiger paws instead. YES.

Pride seems perfect for Ranpo actually. XD   Fukuzawa as his eve is pretty awesome actually. Them as the pride pair its perfect.

*Sudden realization* Does this mean Akutagawa can be the forgotten 8th??? Servamp of Melancholy???? OH SNAP. 

His beef with Atsushi is probably he’s mad cause he wants a strong eve like Dazai.  (and upset of course because he’s the forgotten 8th deadly sin *sobs*)

Dazai would be a natural at controlling his Servamp, since Atsushi is the more cooperative type after all. I think they would get along better than the other pairs, just saying. 

Okay okay I am switching gears now. 


I SO need this!!! I’m gonna draw it later ;w; The other things too. 

Now I already imagine Sakuya’s mafia look to be like this outfit he wore in one of the official arts~

I imagine Tsubaki to look like this kinda (but still has his glasses occasionally.)

Also has the long mafia boss jacket that he wears on his shoulders. (like ALL the other mafia characters in bsd) Kinda like the white haori he wears. IT WORKS TO WELL.

Seems like in bsd in order to be in the mafia, you gotta wear a long jacket, preferably on your shoulders and wear dark colors. lol

Also okay okay for this au, also imagine that first scene where Dazai and Atsushi first met 

but with Mahiru and Kuro OMFG. Mahiru saving Kuro from drowning only to discover he didn’t wanna be saved.  

Kuro(quoting Dazai here ha) “I was trying to kill myself… but you just HAD TO interfere….”

Mahiru wouldn’t really appreciate that response I’m sure.


“what a pain…” 

And one thing lead to another and then Mahiru now works at the Armed Detective Agency. haha.(Most likely much more willingly than Atsushi did just saying, Mahiru is also a bit more sure of himself than Atsushi. Mahiru would love to do work that involved protecting people ! :D and doing other dangerous stuff but y'know. ) 

“Guess it can’t be helped….You’re my subordinate now….” I couldn’t resist writing that line. 

Would all the other servamp characters and eves in the bsd au work at the agency too? Would some also be in the mafia????? WHAT ARE EVERYONE’S ABILITIES?!!??  OMGGG I CAN’T STOP THINKING. LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!??! @wonderfulchaos69

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y'know it really sucks? cause like. dang, aesthetically. the birds are my favorite. i think theyre so cute. and i think their little village was neat. but theres just nothing fucking there. give me a rito husband/wife

RIGHT like i was hype about it they looked cool but in reality its like. super boring. there’s like no one there with any personality.

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I recently got the mini Visconti deck from Lo Scarabeo but it just isn't lighting my fire right now!! So I'm thinking about getting its guilded big brother, yknow, ~to round out my collection~! Do you have any guilded decks? 🎉

That’s really neat! I imagine mini decks would be a bit more difficult to read (esp if you have bad eyes) cause it could be hard to look at the picture symbolism, but having a full size deck can help a lot! And I don’t have a gilded deck! Is there anything special about it? @itrainferaligatrs thanks for asking!! :)

Real talk, that Coloring AI is neat and all, but I really fucking hope it doesnt replace actual coloring on the artist’s part. 

Cause if it does, real talk, I think its kinda fucking dumb. Like, it really removes from the artistic process? The art community is always like “I hate how people are like ‘digital art is so easy, the computer does all the work’”. Well this fucking thing does five tenths of the work, and it just makes the assholes who say digital art is easy feel right. it’ll do more to delegitimize digital art than improve it. 

so yeah, from a technological prospective, this thing is pretty fucking cool, but from an actual art perspective, it’s going to fucking hurt art more than it helps.

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I was wondering if you might be interested in writing something with an older reader character? Cause millennials are gonna be in our 70s and 80s when overwatch is recalled and it's kinda fun to think about a bunch of nerds living through the transformation of their reality into the kind of sci fi world they used to read about, getting really excited about robot limbs and moon colonies and etc. like, romantic/platonic/whatev I think it's neat and would be really excited to read your take on it

Oh god I have so many feelings about our generation in the Overwatch timeline. Like, I could ramble for hours about the good and the bad stuff and all the headcanons I have and yeah … just really excited about this topic. 
It took me a while to manage to get something semi-coherent out of all those random ideas I had. Hope you enjoy :)

Requests are open!

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hi friends!! – if you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression caused by changes in seasons) like me, there is a nice little natural sunlight lamp you can buy that can improve your mood and energy! it’s called the happylight and you can buy it online or at drugstores and stores like walmart. it works by simulating natural spectrum sunlight in the darker months, and it’s a really neat little lamp. just thought id share a link! :)

One of the coolest thing about the universe is that life originated from stars. The first time hearing this, I couldn’t believe it. How? The process is actually pretty complex but the gist of it is that stars goes through their hydrogen-helium fusion, but once they run out of hydrogen, they start burning helium which leads to formations of new elements such as oxygen, carbon, sodium, magnesium, and other elements. The bigger stars then start burning these carbon elements once helium is gone and some of these stars that are massive enough will start burning through its iron core. Once it cannot burn anymore of these elements the star explodes, or becomes a supernova! This explosion cause most of the elements you find in the periodic table to travel across the universe. We are made of these elements, thus we are made of star stuff!

Here’s a neat video that explain things in a really fast pace! (:

For Valentine’s Day, CN seems to be having reruns of romantic/relationshippy episodes of most of their shows. They have a ton of SU episodes on the schedule - “Story for Steven”, “Love Letters”, “The Answer”, “Steven’s Birthday”, “Lion 2: the Movie”, “Bubble Buddies”, “An Indirect Kiss”, “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, “Alone Together”, “Island Adventure”, “Sworn to the Sword”, and “We Need to Talk”.

Anyway, I just think its neat ‘cause all these episodes work really well for the holiday (of course, most SU episodes are about relationships so a lot of them would work) and its nice to see CN pay enough attention to the show to pick themed episodes from it for the holiday.

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Hi Yamino! I remember in our classes at SCAD when you were putting together Sister Claire to start as a web comic and quite a few people were telling you that the story wasn't good, it wouldn't sell, etc. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you that you stuck to your guns and kept with it... cause look at it now! You've come so far and it's just really neat to see. You've done so much as an artist and I really admire you for it. ^__^

Aww, thanks!! I think I have a vague idea who you are from stalking your Tumblr just now, but I’m not 100% sure! I’m sure if I saw your face, I would recognize you, those classes weren’t very big!

I did get some flack for the initial concepts of Claire, but those early drafts were also really rough and unpolished, so some of the criticisms were valid. I think the worst I got wasn’t even from peers or teachers, but from Dan Vado of Slave Labor Graphics.  He basically spent half an hour ranting to me about how shitty my idea was and how deep “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” was, and I was just too stupid to understand it.  He also said that webcomics were a “phase” and would never be as profitable as print comics.  When he came back next year for Editor’s Day the and sat next to me, he didn’t even recognize me.  He probably didn’t even remember tearing me a new asshole.  I wanted to tell him how in just a year, I had already gotten an established readership of thousands of fans, but… I didn’t.  

Some people just aren’t worth the time to argue with, you know? His complete trashing and off-hand dismissal of me just furthered my resolve to prove him wrong.  I also realized that I had been trying to write an “edgy” story that editors like him wanted me to write, not something truly authentic that came from me.  That realization was liberating, and since then I decided to only write comics I’d want to read, not what I *think* editors want to see. So… in some small part, I owe a fraction of my motivation to that asshole. lol

But I’m getting way off point! Thank you for watching me and supporting me since the early days, that really means a lot.  <3