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Just a question for interest's sake :) who (in BTS or in Kpop in general) has your favorite chart? Like disregarding or including who you know them to be? Who has a chart that when you look at it you're like, "this person sounds amazing"

Hey, anon! Hmm, to be honest I think all of them have really strong personalities in ways that constantly leave me in awe. Honestly, I don’t wanna sound biased, but they didn’t get to where they are only because of chance, you know? All of their charts have something that make me go “damnnn such talent much skills wow”.

But, if we’re to talk about personal taste… I’ve read many, many charts in my life - of all different kinds of people. So not only because I’m the kind of person that gets bored easily but also because I’ve seen many patterns of how people can grow to be it’s just impossible for me not to be the most interested in charts that show sutff that are… Out of the box, per say. Individuals that have different things combined. I’ll elaborate.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu (Rerun) Tokyo Daisenshuuraku Report (May 8th 2016)


Felicia again!!!
I’m back from watching Haikyuu Stage, Tokyo Daisenshuuraku (last show)!!

Basically I felt too many feelings yesterday, my chest feels so full and I can’t express my feeling last night. I cried and laughed a lot during and at the end of the show. Oh great now I sounds like a teenage girl on her rebellious age who is emotionally unstable ((´д`))

I learned my lesson from watching Haikyuu Stage on Miyagi last December, that it’s better to take a note and NOTE EVERYTHING I SAW on the stage! Because there are sooooo many scenes that are not captured by the camera on the DVD! For example, when the main scene is Karasuno vs Seijo, you can’t see Sugamama & Yamaguchi jumping cutely like 2 cheerleaders on the side of the stage XD 

This time I took my note with me and I’m gonna make this report as detail as possible, so you guys could know the scenes that aren’t captured by the camera!

Beware: This post is gonna be freaking long.

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Hello! So this ones a little different. Alright so say the reason that pans so dark is because there was a girl in the island and they feel in love and everything, but eventually she was killed by pirates or something. And pan would like visit her grave everyday and put flowers down, but the imagine would mainly be based around him visiting her grave after not going for a really long time and it's just rlly sappy and stuff. Idk if it's confusing, but I'm in the mood for a sad imagine lol

    “I believe.” Two little words and yet they changed the world, or at least how Peter Pan saw it. Before he was a lost boy, a leader, a boy living the dream every kid had, to never grow up. He filled his island with lost boys and there is where he spent his time. Playing games and never aging. He would leave the island once a year, just long enough to bring back a new lost boy, and then he would return. This last time was different. He was soaring through the starry London sky when he flew by Kip’s old home and saw his new lost boy’s sister leaning out the window. Her face was turned towards the sky, eyes closed as she repeated the words she heard her beloved brother whisper every night.

   It was not the words that caused Pan to stop, but the girl. Even from his place on the rooftop he could tell she was breathtaking. Her long hair fluttering in the soft night breeze. Her pale skin was turning pink as the wind continued to nip at her. Normally Peter would have ignored her, it was not the first time he stumbled across a Lost Boy’s family member leaning out the window, this time was different. She was different. Everything about her had Pan curious, and that was no easy task. So it was it was heavy sigh and plenty of questioning his own sanity, he flew towards her window. Once he was right in front of her, he cleared his throat, watching as her eyes shot open and a soft gasp leave her lips.

   “Your Peter Pan.” She whispered, her voice barely audible over the sound of the midnight wind. Peter nodded softly, watching as her eyes began to sparkle with hope. “I know you only take boys, but I beg you to bring me. With Kip gone by parents are worse than ever..” Peter raised a hand slowly, waiting until she had trailed off to lower it for her, offering the small girl his hand.

 “For you I am willing to make an exception.” As he said the words Peter began to question himself again, to question the hold the girl had on him. He knew the answer however. He had none it from the moment he paused and watched her. The moment she was in his sight the world became brighter, more beautiful and breath taking than it ever was before. She brought color to a world he was unaware was black and white.

   The memory of how they met tormented him as he walked through the woods towards the place he had made just for her. A place, that if you ask him, should never have been made. She was too good, too pure to have need for such a place. She had the whole world at her fingers tips, so much to see and do, so many peoples lives to make better. By all accounts, she should still be here and yet she wasn’t. It was his fault, even though she used her last breath to swear it wasn’t. It was his fault she was gone, that the world had lost the angle it never knew it had. It was his own fault that his life had returned to black and white, that her smile and laugh were nothing more than a memory that hurt to much to remember. All of this was his fault and Peter Pan despised himself for it.

   “Peter.” She whispered, her eyes blinking back sleep as she turned to him. The sound of her voice was enough to pull him from his own slumber, his arms instantly reaching out to pull the scared girl to his side. He knew without asking that she had dreamed of her father again and that was why she was shaking from fear. She was the strongest girl he had ever met and yet the mention of her father was enough to bring her into state of fear so bad she is unable to move. The sight had Peter in agony and fury. He hated her father more than anything, hated the look in her eyes when ever he was mentioned. It was that look, the one that reminded him of a scolded puppy, that he never mentioned how he had killed the man that she was so fearful of.

   “Hush baby girl.” Peter breathed out, pressing a kiss to her temple as she snuggled closer to his side. “You have nothing to worry about, not now. So long as I am breathing, you will always be safe.” 

   “Do you promise Peter?” She whispered, turning her head so she could see him. The moment her eyes met his green ones, Peter smiled, reaching out so he could brush a finger along her cheek.

   “I promise.” He hummed, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips. his thumb tracing her cheek bone. “I love you, so much beautiful girl, that I will do anything to protect you. As long as you are on Neverland, no one will dare harm you.”

   “I love you Peter.” She breathed out, leaning up to connect their lips again. Once they met his own eyes fluttered shut and he hugged her closer to himself. When she broke the kiss, he was smiling at her with so much love in her eyes it took her breath away.

   “I can promise you sweet girl, I love you more than you could ever love me.” He breathed out, reaching out to push her hair behind her ear. “Now come on, lets go back to bed.”

   “Can we cuddle?”

    “Of course we can. I can never say no to cuddling you.”


  Peter breathed out slowly as he leaned in front of the small make shift cross, marking where she was layed to rest. His hand shook as he placed the flowers, the blue lilies that she had loved so much, against the cross. Once they were resting against it, he let his hand drop to his knees, holding them together as he stared forward.

   “It has been a while, I know. I just couldn’t face you. Beautiful girl your death, it’s changed me. I’m filled with a constant rage, the need to make people feel the way I do. I want, need, for someone other than me to feel like the world is crumbling around them. I knew I could never face you though, not with everything I have done. I have done some horrible things, things I am awfully ashamed of. I know you would hate me for the things I have done, for what I turned the lost boys into. I just, I can’t help it. You made me better and without you, well, without I’m nothing but a angry lost boy.”

   Peter smiled as he watched the boys run around the camp. Their faces were light with happiness, laughter filling the air. It was moment like these, that Peter couldn’t help but adore. He was giving them a chance to be a child without the promise of adulthood looming over them. He gave them a life and beside him was her. Even now, watching the lost boys play, he was drawn to her. Drawn to her laugh at something Felix had said, drawn to her smile and the way she would toss her hair over her shoulder.

   “Alright boys how about we go for a swim.” He laughed, smiling as the lost boys cheered. Within a few moments they were running off, racing towards their huts to get their swim trunks. Once they were gone she moved towards him, wrapping her arm around his waist and snuggling into his chest. Peter chuckled and hugged her tightly, pressing a kiss to her temple. “How about a swim darling.”

   “I think that sounds wonderful.” She giggled, resting her chin on his chest and pressing a kiss to his lips before turning around and running toward their shared hut. Peter watched her with a found smile, loving the way she would turn her head to giggle happily at him ever few seconds. His happiness was short lived however. Before anyone could react pirates were tearing through the camp, slicing everything in their path. It was with horror that Peter watched Killian Jones, the captain of the crew, reach out and run his sword across her stomach.

  “NO!” Peter screamed, running forward and catching her just as she began to slump. “No. No. Baby girl please.” He begged, running his hand through her hair. He knew even as he called out for the lost boys to bring him water from the fountain. Now that they had attacked her, the pirates had stopped fighting, their swords laying at their sides, wicked grins on their faces.

   “She was innocent.” Peter snarled, looking up at the captain as she reached up to cup his face.

   “Peter.” She breathed out, whimpering as she breathed in. “Don’t.” At the same time she was speaking, Killian began to speak once again, his voice drowning out hers.

   “My brother was an innocent and yet he died because of you.” Killian snarled, glaring at the boy and his lover.

  “Your brother was not my fault! I told him, told you both, that the dream shade was poisonous and that magic had it’s price.” Peter screamed, gently move so he could cradle her against him. She moaned out in pain, her hands grasping him weakly, her eyes meeting his.

   “You didn’t tell me he could never leave! I lose my family Pan, you lose yours.” He laughed, waving his hand so the lost boy running towards him was pulled against one of his men, the water that would save his lovers life spilling to the ground.

  “No.” He screamed, hugging her even tighter, tears streaming down her face as she looked up at him. “Baby girl just hang on, please just hang on.”

   “Peter.” She breathed out, smiling softly at him. “It’s okay.”

   “No I promised to protect you, to keep you safe. I failed, I failed you. I’m so sorry. I can’t ever forgive myself for this.”

   “No. No Peter, this is not your fault.” She whimpered, running her thumb over his cheek. “This is not your fault. You did nothing wrong, baby you kept your word, you kept me safe. I love you, don’t you dare blame yourself.”

   Peter blinked back the tears, breathing out slowly as he reached towards the cross. His heart sinking at the thought of her being down there. “I’m going on a suicide mission. I’m taking the evil queens son, playing it off as bid to save the island and to have eternal life. I know they’ll track me down, that they’ll kill me. It’s what I want, it’s my way to be with you again. I tried living without you and I can’t, I just can’t do it any longer. I need you my angel girl and soon we will be together again. Just you and me, together forever, like it should have been.” He took a deep breath before standing up, reaching out to blow a kiss to the cross.

   “I will see you soon angel.”