cause i sure as hell do not know

reasons why monsta x is ACTUALLY the best group to stan ever
  • they ruin their own self images, so u don’t have to worry about the fact that ur embarrassing because i can promise u, they are worse
  • they’re honestly basically in love with like all of their fans. like why would u need a man when u have shownu promising to marry u n stuff. or when minhyuk says you’re the prettiest girl (or boy, hey, mx don’t care) they’ve ever seen !!!!
  • they’re really including of all of their fans. like some other groups only care about girl fans, or about korean fans, or about some other specific type of fan ??? but like monsta x ???? they literally love everyone ?????????? like even ppl who aren’t their fans ????? like they’re the type to see u on the street decked out in some svt merch and still be like “wow she’s so pretty aw i like her sweater i love woozi” ????
  • they’re all super talented. like shownu’s dancing, kihyun’s voice, jooheon’s rap, hyungwon’s modeling,,,, like what can’t this group do ??
  • they all really love each other. they’re not like those groups where u KNOW that they all hate each other on the low. they may want u to think they hate each other sometimes (looking @ u,,, kihyun) but we all know they’re lying
  • honestly the monbebe fandom is so nice ??? so peaceful ?? drama ??? what is that ??/ we don’t know ??? the only drama we have is when other fans of other groups do something against us. but like other than that ???? where the drama @ ???
  • okay,, guys,, WONHO. THAT BOY. HE IS AN ANGEL. LOVE SHIN HOSEOK WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART EVEN IF U AREN’T A MONBEBE. this boy loves EVERYONE. like he LITERALLY SUPPORTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. he has like 485975973287589375 pieces of “for a cause” clothing and jewelry. like he has this necklace against child abuse (i think it was) ??? he panted his pinky green for this charity type thing. like WHEN HAS YOUR FAVE EVER ?? like honestly i can’t think of anything wonho doesn’t support ?? gay marriage ? hell he’d marry a guy if he can cook 4 him. causes against domestic and child violence ?? sign him up !! he wants the world to be a happy and good place. wow. such an angel. wow i love hoseok. love hoseok trust me he will never hurt u.
  • they haven’t done anything dumb yet. like problematic. ya know what i mean. like they’re probably gonna do something that starts a scandal one day,, but like they try REALLY hard to make sure they don’t say things that could hurt ANY of their fans. like they don’t talk about race or get offended when they hear people think they’re gay or anything. the only thing they get offended at is cucumbers apparently ???? like honestly they’re angels ?? they care about us so much they try so hard to not screw up n hurt us. get u a man who ?? (or 7 of them,, i support that too ??)
  • they’re literally ?? so dumb ?? and so funny ?? like they argued over which greek goddess is goddess of victory,, LITERALLY for like 20 mins. they have no lives. their lives revolve around doing dumb things to make us laugh ?? like ?? they stopped caring about their image before they debuted ?? who cares ?? they don’t ?? lets ruin it ourselves ??
  • changkyun’s VERY strong urge to see wonho naked. why. i’m sure a lot of mbb won’t complain. but why changkyun. why are u trying tto give us a naked hoseok every single time we see u ??? what is ur motive ??
  • kihyun is really violent. like i don’t understand how someone who dresses in a hamster onsie regularly can be so angry ?? where does he store it ?? why is he so sinister ?? (or should i say why does he just do stuff to people and then laugh for like 2 months over it bc that’s all he really does. he gave minhyuk a cucumber once actually. he still laughs over it. like yoo kihyun are u 5 ??? why are u hurting minhyuk like this ?)
  • changkyun’s really bad puns. those r another reason to stan. trust me u hate it at first but eventually u can’t go a day without listening to him make some weird and oddly funny pun about a name or smth.
  • shownu. dad. honestly a real dad. like. throwback to every member calling him dad and reminding him to not forget the room key. honest dad figure. i wish hyunwoo was my dad.
  • minhyuk is really happy nd cute and honestly u could probably smile for like 3 hours just after looking at a picture of him smiling. he’s literally the definition of sunshine. we need more people like lee mihyuk in this world.
  • i ran out of thing to think of and it’s 2am but honestly stan monsta x ? like it’s so worth it ? they’re so caring and funny and loving and talented and like ??? the fandom is so including and amazing ?? like there isn’t even tension between k-fans and intl-fans ?? we literally all just love each other ?? like stanning monsta x is such an AMAZING thing like it cleanses ur soul from all the bad things in this world. i swear. it’s like actually confirmed. monsta x is so pure and wow. just stan those cute 7 little boys who dress up in animal onsies and dance to girl group songs just to make their fans smile and laugh
If you think you can save Saeran, you’re wrong.


Ray and MC’s relationship exactly parallels V and Rika’s and it sucks because it means that there is absolutely no way to save Ray 

The Unknown persona is exactly what Rika describes, having a devil inside you. Unknown is Ray’s devil.

If you end up getting Ray’s route, you don’t see the devil in him, so you don’t fall in love with it, even though you would probably end up saying you would (Ray is so reliant on you, how the hell you gonna say you wouldn’t?) but that literally means that eventually, Ray is going to think the same way Rika did. He’ll feel abandoned and hurt, and his devil will come out. 

It also gives you an idea of how much pain Rika is in. If you consider Ray being her metaphor, then when he describes his headaches, that is how she feels when she has on her nice persona. She was actually in pain trying to be who she was before. It’s only when she lets her devil free that she is also free from pain, the same going for Ray 

And if you try to save Ray, just as V did, you’ll end up being hurt. Only, Unknown is violent, rather than malicious. Other than hurting V’s eyes, which was violent yes, but it was a metaphorical violence. She wasn’t hurting him because she gained satisfaction, it was his compliance that fueled her, Rika doesn’t show any violence. Unknown is violent though, and threatens bodily harm. If you and Ray got together, and you tried to ‘take away his devil’ Unknown would end up physically hurting you. Which would KILL Ray inside. Rika’s light has probably been withering in agony at what she’s been doing. 

Ray is the more literal idea of what Rika is, and it’s sad because it promises that Ray and MC cannot be together, at this point anyways. The game insists Rika is beyond repair, therefore so would Ray. And you can’t justify that it’s the medicine. What Ray is showing is literally Multiple Personality Disorder. I don’t know if that can be caused by drugs, but it sure as hell can be caused by trauma, and it can be treated, but it will never go away. Ray had probably had it his whole life. Chertiz doesn’t do a good job at accurately describing (Or using, for that matter) mental illness, but in Ray’s case, I can accept it because it was used as a literary device, rather that a plot point, which actually makes me kind of love it. I don’t like the Rika is mentally ill excuse because that isn’t how mental illness should be showcased, but with Ray, it’s used in a way to get a point across. 

And that point is, MC and Ray can never be happy together. 

Now, one might argue that, in the Deep Route secret ending, Saeran DOES start to get better. But that is a result of Seven, not MC. MC cannot save Saeran, only Saeyoung can, because that is what he needs. Also, in the deep route, Ray is already expelled from Saeran, or he never existed at all. Saeran shows a bit of MPD in deep route, but not as distinct and separated as in V’s route. Which means that Ray had probably been expelled from Saeran at some point, and Unknown had been in charge almost all of the time. Which is why it’s much easier for Saeyoung to get under his skin and eventually help him, because Unknown is stronger and cockier, but just as he made a mistake with his hacking and allowed Seven in, he probably made a ‘mistake’ in deep route and let seven in. 

The only thing going for the idea that MC could save Ray is how reliant he seems to be on her. Even when she chooses V, and even when Unknown comes out, he still relies on her to make him feel better, still wants her around. The only way I can see it working is if Saeran is forced into getting better, just as he was in deep route, but he and MC had already established some sort of bond, like in V’s route. He may still want her to ‘save him from the pain’, but even then, he may reject her care the same way he did to seven, thinking she betrayed him. 

Sorry this got long but I love Saeran a lot and it makes me sad that there is just no way to save him. 

Imagine Dean being jealous of your crush on Bill Skarsgard.

A/N: This is a classic here. Dean being jealous of your crush on someone else is everything to me so of course I had to do this for Bill.

“Sometimes I-” Dean paused, making a face at nobody in particular but just the screen of your computer “Sometimes I seriously don’t understand what’s wrong with you.” he groaned slightly and you giggled, but not entirely at the expression on his face.

“Why are you saying that?” you glanced at him only for a brief second and he rolled his eyes.

“Why am I saying that? The hell (Y/n)?! You’re- you’re a hunter, you hunt monsters, and- and you’re watching a series about- about-”

“Supernatural beings?” you asked with a giggled as he pursed his lips like a stubborn little child “Wow yes Dean, you’re right! That makes absolutely no sense!”

“Don’t- don’t outsass me!” he huffed and you had to keep yourself from laughing at him “I’m serious here! What the hell do you even like in it?!”

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The Like Letter

So. I’m in Bakushima/Kiribaku/WHATEVER-YOU-WANT-TO-CALL-IT (Bakugo x Kirishima from Boku no Hero Academia) hell. And the moment I saw this beautiful picture @siij made (who was also sweet enough to provide the version of it in the fic below), I knew how to break into writing this ship. It is a good ship. I love them.

Cut is for length, not for content.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

Kirishima jumped as he woke up from where he had been dozing on his bed. Bakugo stood over him, waving pieces of paper in his general direction, his cheeks pink around glaring red eyes. At first, Kirishima’s still-sleepy brain thought he was shaking a poor grade at him - no, that wouldn’t make sense, Bakugo didn’t get marks like that. Maybe it was one of Kirishima’s tests?

Then, when he rubbed his eyes, it all started to come into focus. Terrifying, horrible, stomach-twisting clarity.

His handwriting.

A crude little doodle of Bakugo, complete with a huge, angry scowl, spiky hair and a heart.

No way. No way could it be the same… Kirishima’s hands darted in every direction around him, hoping that maybe his heart rate would slow back down once he got a hold of the letters he had been writing before he nodded off. Nothing. Gone. All gone.

No, not gone. They had somehow gotten from the mattress to Bakugo’s room and…ugh, Kaminari. Of course. Not that he would immediately accuse him, but it was hard not to when he tiptoed out of the room behind Bakugo’s back, giving Kirishima a huge smile and two thumbs up. ‘You got this, bro,’ he mouthed, closing the door. Got this?! Kirishima didn’t even have a shirt on! This was the furthest from ‘got this’ you could get!

“Don’t fucking ignore me!”

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The Cat

Title: The Cat

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x fem!reader

Word Count: 1937

Summary: Chica’s acting funny, and when strange things happen, even stranger assumptions are made

Authors Note: This story is told as the reader is female. As alwats, for my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

Ethan Nestor was not a cat person. Sure, he thought they were cute, thought they were soft. Yet, if there was any other type of dog in the room, he would immediately make a b-line for it. He loved Chica to bits, hugging her and petting her as much as possible. In a way, it was his way of remembering his dogs back home. He missed his two best friends, Max and Dexter, more than anything in the world. His love of dogs was something everyone knew. Many times, the team would lose track of Ethan just to find him curled up on the floor cuddling the golden retriever, or even taking her for random walks if she needed it. It was a precious relationship they had. 

Until one day, when Ethan walked through the door, Chica immediately ran up barking loudly. Ethan jumped, surprised by her sudden attack. Never had Chica ever been so hostile with him, so aggressive. A large blush covered his cheeks, embarrassment dusking face and neck. 

 "Chica! China, no! No barking!“ Mark approached Chica, forcefully pulling his dog away from the red faced editor. Amy was quick to rush over, pulling Ethan in the other direction. 

 "Ethan? You okay?” The boy only nodded, quickly brushing himself off as if trying to get rid of something. 

“What happened?” She asked as Mark approached them. 

 "I don’t know. I’ve never seen her act like that before.“ As if coming to a realization, Mark slowly looked to Ethan out of the corner of his eye, who was still rapidly sweeping his hands over his clothes. "The last time she did that, was when Katherine brought her cat home for the first time." Ethan completely froze, a small grimace twitching his lip upwards. "Chica doesn’t take to nicely to cats .” Amy quickly turned to Ethan, her eyes wide. Ethan? With a cat? 

“Ah! See, no. Not what you’re thinking. I was just, uh. When I was walking from my car, a cat came up next to me. I pet it for only like a second. Ha. Wow, Chica has a really strong nose. What a smart dog!” And that was that. 

Ethan immediately threw himself into editing, only talking when absolutely necessary. He fumbled over things, dropped his headphones more than once, and even walked right into a chair. Everyone was concerned. Was he okay? Never had they seen the blue boy act so strange, and that was saying something. Ethan was the first person out the door that day. Granted, he was one of the first to be there, but rarely had anyone seen Ethan leave that fast. He had finished all his work, so why did Mark find his actions suspicious. 

The next day, Ethan was back. He walked in with his usual swagger, greeting Chica with a smile and a pat before plopping down at his desk. He waved hello to his friends, cracked jokes, and even was willing to film a video with Mark and Tyler. Mark couldn’t help exchanging looks with Amy, confusion pushing his eyebrows together. Had yesterday just been an off day? Did he completely imagine it? Despite Ethan acting like his usual self today, Mark couldn’t help the nagging feeling that lingered. 

His confusion only raised as weeks past and Ethan’s behavior only began to get stranger. Somedays, the blue boy would come in with a large smile, happily bouncing all around, nothing fazing him. Others, he would come deflated, like he was upset but no one could figure out why. Well, not everyone. Ethan and Katherine only seemed to get closer as Ethan’s behavior became more sporadic. They would sometimes be found in the small kitchen, whispering quietly to each other, but as soon as anyone entered, they would break apart and continue whatever they were doing silently. Other times, they would leave together, claiming they were carpooling, despite the fact that they lived in complete opposite directions, and brought their cars that day. The rest of the team couldn’t help but get more and more suspicious. It was Pam who suggested maybe they had started dating, but wanted to keep it a secret incase it didn’t work out. Based on what they had seen so far, no one had disagreed, and a pact was made. They would give Katheryn and Ethan as much space as they wished, and no questioning them. They would tell the group when they were ready. 

 Nearly a year had passed, and now Mark was getting angry. If Ethan and Katheryn were actually dating, they would have told them already, surely! He started huffing, pacing back and forth. Amy sat across from him, lounging on his couch. 

 "I just don’t understand. Do they not trust me?“ Mark started pacing faster, rubbing his hand through his hair. Amy sighed lightly. Mark did have a point. Amy thought that Katheryn was her friend, her best friend. They always told each other everything, even the gross stuff that should have been kept to themselves. 

 "I don’t know, Mark. But I trust Katheryn. If she hasn’t told me yet, there has to be a reason. Maybe they want to be super sure before they tell us. It is a big deal after all. Mark sighed, pacing back and forth for a few more seconds before giving up. He plopped himself beside his girlfriend, laying his head in her lap. Sighing one more time, he crossed his arms. 

 "But I wanna knoooooow.” The childish response pulled a laugh out of the blonde woman. Leaning down for a quick kiss, Amy pressed play on the movie they had had queued up a few minutes ago, relaxing into their Sunday night plans. 

 Another month or two passed, the group now settling the idea that Katheryn and Ethan were dating. Now, it was a waiting game. When were they going to tell them? And just like that, the bets began. Tyler had guessed within the next two months. Pam had said within four weeks. Amy had said in the next two. And Mark, ever the optimist, said by the end of the week. 

However, as the week passed, as Friday quickly approached. On the day in question, everyone had gathered in the editing room, passing glances to each other. The only people missing - Katheryn and Ethan. Mark was getting more and more excited. Today was the day. It had to be the day. Mark’s excitement only grew as Kathryn quickly rushed into the room, a bright smile on her face. 

“Guys! Ethan really wants to see you at the front door.” Her smile pushed her cheeks into her eyes, but it didn’t seem to die down, even though it was starting to look painful. She quickly waved her hand, beckoning them to follow her. And they all did, almost too excited. Despite her confusion to their eagerness, she pushed them forward, crowding them into the small entrance way of the office. Ethan was already there, nervously bouncing on his toes. He smiled sheepishly as they finally arrived. 

 "Hey guys.“ He scratched the back of his head, looking to the ground. "Listen. I know I haven’t been the most discrete the last few months, but I have a really good reason." 

 "Ethan. We already know.” It was Tyler who had spoken. Mark was quick to retaliate, shoving his elbow into the taller man. 

 "What? No, no we don’t. Continue, Ethan. You were saying?“ 

 "Wait.” It was Katheryn now who stepped forward. “You know? For how long?” Amy looked at her guiltily. 

“A year." 

 "A year?!?” Ethan shouted in surprise. His stomach twisted into knots. A year. They had known for a year. He could have avoided all of this sneaking around, all the secrecy, for a year. He felt deflated now, but almost relieved. 

“I’m so sorry Ethan!” Amy spoke again, stepping forward. “We really wanted to ask about it, but we wanted you to do it on your own terms.” The genuine smile that crossed his features made the rest of the room smile just as easily. 

 "You guys are the best. Well, not the best. Could have saved all this secrecy and panic, but I’m glad you all know now.“ Ethan smiled again, now more excited than nervous. "I’ve been waiting all year to tell you. I really wanted to do it sooner, but I knew I wanted to be absolutely sure before I introduced you to her.” This caused the room to gain an air of confusion. Meet? But they all knew Katheryn already…unless… 

 "Wait! You’re not dating Katheryn?!?“ Pam practically shouted this, pointing accusingly between the two parties. In an instant, both Ethan and Katheryn had looked at each other for a second before shouting loudly in disgust. 

 "What? No way in hell!" 

 "I mean, no offence to Katheryn, but no way!” Before anyone could get any louder, a single hesitant tap on the door caused the room to fall silent. The disgust that once covered Ethan’s face was replaced with excitement. He wasted no time throwing open the door, a new comer standing just at the threshold. In a very three stooges fashion, the team had all lined themselves up to get a glimpse of this person, the person who was in fact dating Ethan and wasn’t Kathryn. Ethan swopped down with no doubt in his mind, claiming her lips in a sweet kiss. She smiled brightly, returning it quickly before being allowed to step through the door. She smiled at the group, scanning her eyes over one before giving her brightest to the one familiar face in the room. 

 "Hello! It’s very nice to finally meet you all. I’m (Y/N).“ 


 The group was now walking down the street, heading to their favorite lunch spot. (Y/N) followed in tow, her hand clasped tightly in Ethan’s. They were lagging far behind the others, trapped in their own world, occasionally stopping to admire the view, or share another quick kiss. "I just don’t understand.” Amy said, turning her head to look at the shorter brunette. “How do you know (Y/N)? And what was with all the secrecy?” “Oh!” Katheryn almost looked guilty, looking to the floor before meeting her friends eyes. “Remember when we went to see that movie? The really cheesy one with the dead girl?” Amy nodded in recognition. “Well, when I was headed to the bathroom half way through the movie, I spotted Ethan at the ticket booth, hand in hand with that girl. And he saw me too. He quickly panicked, and made me promise not to tell anyone. They both wanted to go slow, didn’t want to be pressured by their friends.” “But that still doesn’t explain why Chica’s was acting weird around him.” Mark said ahead of them, turning to walk backwards to join the conversation. Kathryn laughed lightly. “That’s the day I caught them. That night, Ethan slept over at her house. She has the most adorable cat in the world. Oh my god, you guys need to meet her. She’s so sweet.” And thats how the cast and crew of Markiplier ended up at your house, Chica and your precious cat alternating sitting people’s laps, laughing and getting to know you. You were so lucky your boyfriends friends were so kind. You shared a smile with Ethan, leaning over to give him a sweet kiss. Yep, you were definitely very lucky.

SPN Hunters and Poverty

Ok the Original Post* was getting pretty long and I wanted to go off on a tangent so I’ve started a new one here:

So like, the audience is supposed to think it’s uncomfortable and possibly wrong for people whose job it is to save the world to have a certain level of luxury. Which is less than the one the people making the story have.

Honestly, I always knew they were there, but for the first time I’m actually kinda creeped out by the class issues in SPN (ok, I lie- the prices Creation charges creep me the fuck out, but aside from that. I mean in the actual story). Like, Sam and Dean are not truly poor anymore. But they do still live partially as working poor. They’re still economically insecure; depicted as, in some ways, working poor people who go into mostly middle-class and upper-middle-class communities, do a horrifying vital service, and then disappear. And it’s romantic, heroic. But it’s wrong.

Like, it’s actually a moral wrong that they should be poor. They deserve to be at least as economically stable as their creators.

We talk a lot about romanticizing violence, but what does it mean that the whole structure of the show honestly kinda romanticizes the poverty of the working class? Walmart is not romantic; it just sucks. @chiisana-sukima

Yes, American SPN Hunters are portrayed, generally, as working class (Winchesters, Campbells, Bobby) or middle class (Asa Fox, Jody, Donna). I think it is important to keep in mind that one reason full time hunters often seem poor is that the majority of what they are doing is a) considered criminal and b) needs to stay secret.  So they have to live under/off the radar.  In order to do that, you need to be either VERY, VERY wealthy (and bribe everyone) or you have to commit fraud on a daily basis. Assuming none of our hunters have endless supplies of cash, being cheap helps with the daily committing fraud process. Here’s why/how:

1) Hunters scam credit cards  - because they can’t hold down a real job and hunt, which means they have no means of income (other than technically criminal activity like hustling pool and looting the monster victims). Also, they can’t BE themselves - they cannot afford to be traced - by the authorities OR by the very smart humanoid monsters they hunt. Scammed cards can get detected really fast if you are throwing money around. Also, scammed cards are only as good as their limit (which is likely to be low) - so you want to make them last as long as possible. Lastly, when your card IS caught, skeevy, ethically questionable places are less likely to report it to the police. So Hunters look for cheap, dive places to spend their fake cash. Note: often some of these skeevy places are NOT less expensive than the Holiday In Express - they just ask fewer questions or will rent a room without a credit card or will forget you were there (or are more used to cleaning up blood from sheets).

2) Hunters are con men - they have to pretend to be authority figures/repairmen/teachers/social workers/lost relatives in order to get the information they need. They need to be ‘noticed’ as little as possible and leave almost record of their stay. Using a credit card leaves a trail - so that means using cash in places that won’t notice cash, and eating in places that see (and forget) lots of strangers. They also need to be hard to find when their identity is questioned. Who would look for the FBI in a skeevy hotel? Those two shifty guys in flannel coming out of the dilapidated Inn on rt 20 couldn’t possibly be the nice men we talked to earlier today…[of course the giant black car and hunter’s ridiculously good looks aren’t a problem, but that’s tv land for you].

3) Hunters are rural nomads - Notice that, in general, Hunters try to stay out of cities. While one of the main themes of SPN was supposed to be a focus on ‘heartland America’  - but really, woods monsters hide in rural areas, and (in theory) many human-eating monsters are are nomads, roaming for food. Thus Hunters focus on rural America and move around a lot following the monsters. Rural America is full of very small towns/places with no other option than the 1-2 star hotel (or less). One of my fav personal stories is of staying in the ONE motel in the entire COUNTY in TN - and it was EXACTLY the kind of place a Hunter would stay (right down to the friendly diner next door and the truck stop on the other side).  If you were wealthy and wanted to stay in that area - you rented a whole HOUSE/cabin in the nearby picturesque woods  - which is likely to get VERY noticed - or you stayed 30-50 inconvenient miles away.

US Hunters Evolving: Donna and Jody are an exception to many of the above statements. But they are a different kind of hunter - one that fans feel is an evolution of the American Hunter - the regional protectors. Jody and Donna, both suburban middle class, use their actual positions of authority to learn about and track monsters and also to cover up the evidence. They keep their own gerenal area ‘clean’ and call in “full time” nomadic hunters to deal with scarier stuff or stuff they hear about outside their territories. Their positions and training also make them capable fighters - brave, good with guns, etc.

US Hunters Best of a Broken System: Lastly, remember that the US did have a system more like that of the BMOL - academic magicians in authority directing local hunters to kill problems. What the US has NOW is what developed as a stop gap when the MoL vanished. Hunters like Dorothy and Mr. Ketch (shudder) trained others to keep the monsters at bay. They were focused on the find and kill part - not the administrative outlook of “Hey, if we are smart and make enough $, we can do this job better, faster and more efficiently.”  ‘Cause *I* know I sleep better in nicer hotels and I WORK better if I’m really well rested. Sam and Dean are MACHINES, really, - the stuff they pull off given how crappy they treat their bodies…

In Conclusion: Hell, I’ve lost the thread of where I was really going with this…it has devolved into an examination of WHY the class differences exist between US and British ‘hunter systems’. Not sure I’ve addressed @chiisana-sukima‘s concern about the morality of SPN implying that hunters SHOULD be poor or working class. 

Anyone else?

The Arrangement (Part 14)

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Summary: Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, alcohol consumption (like a lot) (this is not how to cope with feelings, friends), heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, desperation, suspense, cliff-hanger

A/N: Reminder… I love you guys a lot. Like so much. Don’t hate me, it’ll be okay!

Check out the series masterlist HERE

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jump [r.t.]

Originally posted by dailylosersclub

Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader

Summary: You’re not sure why the glasses-wearing trashmouth intrigues you so much. And you sure as hell don’t know why he’s so insistent on getting you to join in his antics.

(this is a short lil thing i wrote bc i don’t wanna do hw)

You sat at the edge of the quarry, swinging your legs softly as you bathed in the sun. You hummed along slightly to a random song, leaning back on your hands as you turned your face to the sun. The humming stopped when you heard voices coming up to join you, causing your eyes to snap open and sending you scrambling to your feet. You rushed to hide, tripping on a stone and landing on the ground, limbs sprawled all about.

You merely huffed and nudged your hair off your face, hearing the loud speaking and laughter coming to an end. 

“Bro,” you heard a whisper. “Why is there a hot babe at our fucking quarry?”

“God, Richie! It’s not our quarry. It’s a goddamn public space,” you heard an irritated voice reply.

“Boys,” a girl interrupted. “Shut up. How about instead of bickering, you help her out?”

You heard a pair of feet rushing towards you and a hand suddenly entered your field of vision. Cautiously, you placed your hand in theirs, abruptly being pulled up. The person had underestimated their strength however, and you were sent flying into them. 

You peered up to meet a set of big brown eyes that were magnified by the thick lenses placed in front of them. You felt your cheeks heat up slightly as you observed the boy in front of you.

He had big, brown doe eyes and unruly curls that framed his face perfectly. Across his face was a smattering of freckles that seemed to form constellations no matter what way you looked at them. He had a semi-surprised look on his face and the longer you stared, the more you couldn’t help but notice that he was so…pretty.

You sprung apart as the sound of someone clearing their throat. You looked up to see Bill Denbrough standing in front of you, the rest of his friends surrounding him as they observed you.

“H-h-hey (Y/N),” Bill stuttered, a knowing smile on his face.

You blushed and spit out a small ‘hello’, noticing the other’s confused faces.

“Everyone,” the girls announced. “This is (Y/N) (L/N). She’s Bill’s neighbor.”

Bill look at her, confused. She shrugged. “What? I’m very observant. Anyways, I’m Beverly Marsh. You know Bill, the one standing dumbly in front of you is Richie Tozier, this is Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom, and Stanley Uris.”

“Richie Tozier,” a voice interrupted your staring. You turned to see Richie holding out his hand. “Otherwise known as the man of your fucking dreams sweetheart.”

You blushed once again, as he raised you hand towards his lips and pressed a light kiss to the back of it. You could vaguely hear Eddie gasp and the rest of the losers chuckle at Richie’s actions. Stan had simply raised an eyebrow.

After that (unbeknownst to you) out-of-character spectacle from Richie, your day had reverted back to normal. The only exception however, was that you found yourself surrounded by seven new friends. 

The rest of the losers had spent their day jumping into the water as you sat back down in the sun. You were finally interrupted, however, when you felt water dripping onto you and looked up to see Richie standing above you. 

“How come you don’t jump in?” Richie asked, genuinely curious.

You hesitated before answering. “It seems pretty frightening.”

Richie smirked. “That’s what everyone says about Eddie’s mom’s vagina.”

You couldn’t help but let out a snort at his words.

“Come on,” Richie continued. “I’ll jump with you.”

You contemplated the offer for a moment before standing up and peeling off your dress, noticing the way that Richie glanced down at the ground as you did so.

“Ready?” he asked, extending his hand.

You slipped your hand into his, admiring his freckles as you did so. “Ready.”



And with those words, you jumped.

You smiled faintly as you thought back on the memory of when you first met the losers. It had been a few weeks ago, near the end of the school year. Since then, you had joined them in all their escapades, growing closer with the glasses-wearing boy who made you blush whenever he opened his mouth.

You had been through it all, the pranks played on Henry Bowers, the retelling of how Mike and Ben and Beverly had joined them, and even talking to Eddie’s mom every once in a while (she actually quite liked you).

Most importantly, you had been there when you had all confessed to having a terrifying encounter with Pennywise. Well, all except Richie. It had appeared to you in the bathroom, just like it had with Beverly. It had assumed the shape of a spider, growing larger and larger the more you tried to get away from it. 

You couldn’t stand to be alone in a bathroom now. 

You had been there when Bill outlined the sewer system for you. You had been the only one to join him on his journey to the house on Neibolt.

You had been the only one (apart from Beverly) brave enough to enter the house, looking for It

As you stood, huddled with Richie, Bill, and Eddie, waiting to enter the abandoned house, you heard someone inhale sharply. 

Not long after, you felt a warm hand slip into your own, sending your stomach into a frenzy as you smiled gently at Richie.

“A-a-alright guys,” Bill spoke. “Let’s d-d-do thi-i-is.”

He went first, closely followed by Eddie. As you took a step forwards, you felt Richie pull you back gently.

“Are you absolutely fucking sure about going in there?” he asked quietly.

“If you go in, I go in,” you replied without hesitation.

Richie gulped. “Together?”

You leaned up and pressed you lips softly to his cheek, causing him to go bright red. “Together.”

As you walked into the derelict house, you felt your heart begin to race, but whether it was from the kiss or from the prospect of facing It once again, you weren’t sure.

“Hey! You can’t just kiss my fucking cheek and walk away! What the actual fuck (Y/N)? At least give me a real one!”

You chuckled as you heard Richie scramble after you, neither one of you expecting the horrors that awaited you inside Neibolt.

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Against the World - Tony Stark x Reader

Request: I completely lost the pure request itself and all the kind things I remember you saying, but this is basically a Tony!YoungReader where he doesn’t like the age difference between them but still loves her!

Warnings: Age difference, (25 year old reader x Tony) kissing.

Words: 2 475

A/N: Sorry for being away for a couple of days! I’ll try and post more next week. Please tell me what you think! (Also I’m sorry for any typos I’m too lazy to read through this one as I’m posting it.)


Originally posted by mamalaz

He took a sip of his coffee, walking down the long, glass-walled, hallway to the lab he had occupied with his current project. He was more than tired. Closer to wrecked. He had slept for three hours in his room at the Tower before he had woken up. Day and night he worked and woke up just as he started falling asleep. It was like he was in a spiral of bad habits and he couldn’t get out-

He lowered the cup from his lips, his jaw dropping and eyes staring into Y/N’s lab where she was sat at a workbench, leaning over her latest project with intense focus. Her dedication to science and tech was something he did not just admire tremendously, but it was insanely attractive. So few women in his life shared his interest with the same amount of passion as he did.

He was so mesmerized by her that he barely noticed her catching him looking and waving at him through the glass wall. He hastily waved back and swallowed harshly, stepping inside the lab he had given her, which was the one as close to his as possible.

“Hey.” He smiled as she took a break from her tinkering. “You’re up early.”

She looked up at the clock on the wall which stood at barely six in the morning. She shrugged, smiling warmly and being much more awake than him. “I went to bed early last night.” She explained and he wished the same would apply to him. It felt as if his body could shut down at any second.

“Oh, likewise.” He huffed, attempting to sound reassuring but only exaggerating his nervousness. “Got some good shuteye and now I’m ready for the day.”

“Really? Those bags under your eyes says otherwise.” She raised a brow and watched the dark and sulking skin under his reddened eyes which were begging for sleep.

He rubbed his free hand up and down his neck, forcing a smile to not let his spirits drag her beautiful soul down. “Okay, so maybe I didn’t get as much as I wanted, but I’m still ready to work.”

She stood up from her seat with a hopeless sigh, walking towards him. Tony froze as she walked around him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

“You need sleep, Tony. You’re always working and it’s taking its toll. I mean, geez, your muscles are ridiculously in need of this right now.” She said and squeezed his shoulders, rubbing her thumbs into the muscles with whatever skill she had learnt from practicing on others.

“Oh yeah, whatever, little to the left.” He said sarcastically whilst putting his coffee down, knowing it’d put a smile on her face.

She chuckled behind him and squeezed a wince out of him by roughing her grip on his shoulders again. “Stop! It’s not funny, okay?” She spoke between her ceasing laughter. “This is about your health and you need to take it more seriously.”

“I am taking it seriously. I’m having you massage my shoulders.” He said just as cockily as before, but this time she didn’t laugh. Instead, she grabbed his shoulders and spun him around to truly lecture him, but the surprisingly close space between them rendered her silent.

Her hands were on his shoulders, her eyes locked onto his lips before moving up to his warm, brown, eyes. He was equally as lost in her. His eyes weren’t able to tear away from her own lips, not even when he noticed how she looked up into his eyes. He was barely in control of his right hand that slowly began to move from her hip and up her side. Her arms reached further and her hands traveled from his shoulders to the back of his neck and he could feel her cautiously pull him down for her but it was there he snapped out of it.

“I’m-” He felt pathetic, tears burning in his eyes and threatening to slip. “I can’t.”

She didn’t know what to say to that.

“You’re-” He didn’t know what to say either. He let his eyes flutter close as if Y/N would go away if he did.

“I’m what?” Her voice broke and his heart ached at her fear of not being good enough for him. If she only knew how opposite their reality was.

“You’re young…” He couldn’t leave her to imagination. He didn’t have the heart. “You’re too young…”

She was at a loss of words at first, but she had always been quick witted, another quality he loved about her amongst the dozens of others. “I’m twenty five, Tony. There’s just…”

“Over two decades between us.” He completed her sentence.

“Why does that matter? Is it because of your own opinion, or because of others?” She retorted instantly. He didn’t want to answer that question. She would end up being right in the end and he would end up torturing himself for submitting.

“Because I’m old enough to be your father-”

“But you’re not.” She closed the space between them again and he couldn’t tear away as she placed one hand over his cheek, using the other one to guide his hand back to her side. “You’re not my father. You’re my coworker, my friend… And I can’t be the only one of us that have felt the electricity between us the past, few months.”

She wasn’t. Every day he would be tortured by her. She felt like the forbidden fruit to him, testing his temptation.

“Please tell me I’m not standing here and you don’t feel a thing for me?“

“God no.” He couldn’t let her continue on that track. “Of course I feel something too, Y/N, but it’s not right. I should know better.”

“You shouldn’t.” She attempted to pull him down to her again and he gave in slightly, causing her lips to practically move over his as she spoke. “Who says this isn’t right? I sure as hell don’t.”

“Well, the rest of the world does…” He sighed, shutting his eyes and inhaling her calming scent.

“Why would you care about the rest of the world? They don’t have anything to do with us…” She stood up on her tiptoes and reached for his lips with her own, but he pulled back once more, no intention of submitting to her again.

“Y/N, please… This is already difficult for me…” He pleaded and she was beginning to feel how much of a fool she was making of herself by continuing to push Tony. “Don’t make it any harder.”

She felt the embarrassment creep up her cheeks, wanting nothing more than to reverse time and tell Tony she was busy as he had came into her workshop. “Sorry…”

That single word had been like a knife through his heart. He wanted to grab her, kiss her like the world depended on it, but he remained still. He watched the hope in her eyes of something more than coworkers vanish gradually until it was gone.

“I’m gonna go now…” She stated as she began to move towards the door out. He was too lost in his own thoughts to do the right thing and leave her alone in her lab. Instead, he watched her leave him, regretting everything he had said and done.

It had been a week of horrid conversations where they would barely exchange a couple of words. The team had noticed since day one and the anxious awkwardness was starting to leave permanent damages. The more time that went by the more it felt as if their relationship would remain like that forever.

He was sat in his private lounge, slowly sipping on some bourbon and watching the landing slide which hovered above the balcony, when the elevator dinged and the doors opened up.

It was Y/N.

“Hi…” She forced a smile, watching Tony hastily put down his drink and get up from the couch, turning towards her.

“Hello…” His lips parted, barely believing she was speaking to him. He glanced down her clothes which were promotional of Stark Industries, yet she looked as good as ever.

“I was just worried since you missed dinner.” She looked behind him to his drink before meeting his eyes again. She could tell how little sleep he must have gotten. He looked awful, like he hadn’t slept for the entire week since their moment in her lab.

“I did?” He questioned, looking down at the watch wrapped around his wrist to see it was nearing midnight to his surprise. “I- I didn’t realize…”

“I was also wondering what we are going to do about this?” She motioned between them. “I can’t live here if this… Cold shoulder, is going to last. I don’t have a problem in moving I could go back to-”

“Don’t.” He warned her, walking up to the elevator where she remained. “Don’t finish that sentence.”

“I’m not joking, Tony, don’t you realize that? I understand that I crossed the line this past weekend and you have every right to ignore me, but I can’t have this in my life. This… Denial, this neglect…”

He looked down her plum lips, feeling the bourbon wander to his mind and cloud his judgment. “Please don’t move…” He begged, taking yet another step closer and becoming just as close as the time where their feelings had begun to reveal.

“Don’t be so cold towards me.” She bargained, hoping he would accept her offer. She looked up at him and saw how he evidently had his stare glued to her lips and not her eyes, her pure reflexes parting her lips which had became Tony’s invitation.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, feeling the sweet taste of white wine from the long dinner she had surely had with the others. He let his right hand rest beneath her ear and his left one at her back, bringing her closer and sighing as she wrapped her arms around his neck, their kiss deepening.

“Tony…” She attempted but was cut off by his lips wrapping around her own. She couldn’t resist him. She wanted her common sense to take action but she had felt something for Tony for too long to deny his incredibly joyful kisses.

She felt his hands inch down, passing over her behind, before resting at her thighs where he launched her up to wrap her legs around his abdomen. She complied and let him carry her to the backless part of the lounge sofa where he laid her down carefully.

“I love you.” He emitted from nowhere, making her hand push him away from her to meet his stare.

“What?” She didn’t want to believe it.

“I love you… I love you, I love you, I love you. I’ll say it a thousand times more because it’s the truth.” His hips moved down to between her legs as he leaned in for another kiss, savoring her lips.

“However much I want to believe this, you’ve been drinking tonight.

“That’s my first glass.” He answered truthfully, although she found that hard to believe. “I swear to you Y/N, this is me talking, not the liquor.”

“Really?” She questioned. “Then hoe come you changed your mind? Last Saturday you sounded pretty clear in what you wanted.”

She allowed him to dip down for yet another kiss and her stomach fluttered as his tongue slid against her gracing lips, sending a shiver through her body which left goosebumps in its wake.

“Because of what you said. Why should I care about the rest of the world? They don’t have a goddamn thing to do with you and I.

“Tony…” She knew he was tipsy, no matter what he said. He kissed her again and she sighed at the sweet sensation. “If you can, without regret, kiss me in the morning? Then we can talk… I don’t want you to do something that you’ll regret.”

He let out a long and deep breath, looking down to where their bodies met as he hovered above her.

He gave in. “Alright. Tomorrow morning.” It sounded almost like a promise.

She heard a knock on her door at seven in the morning. She hurried to get dressed, too newly awoken to have any clear thoughts. She rushed to the door as the third knock erupted and opened it up. In the hallway outside stood Tony, a look of determination on his face.

Just as the silence between them began to grow too long and she was about to break it by saying something, Tony crossed the space between them and kissed her again. She allowed herself to mold into his arms and enjoy the feeling of his gentle lips against hers.

“See?” He said as he broke loose, chest heaving. “No regrets.”

She looked up into his innocent eyes. “Really?” She couldn’t help but question. He had seemed so determined when they first spoke about whatever it was they had between them. To see such a drastic change seemed too good to be true.

“Two hundred… I’m so sorry that I rejected you before, so sorry for the things I said. That’s not how I feel… This is.” He kissed her again and together they stumbled into her bedroom until they backed up against a wall.

She chuckled as they clumsily moved around, her hands holding herself steady on his sturdy shoulders.

He rushed around the car to get the door for her. She rolled her eyes at his hopeless need to be a gentlemen to her at all times, yet smiling as widely as ever at his kind gesture.

Two months had passed since the kiss in her bedroom. Together they had planned and thought of a way to let the team know what was happening, even if most of them had felt the loving warmth that had erupted between one another.

“You ready?” Tony asked as he laced his fingers with hers in front of the five star restaurant he had booked entirely for the team to have a dinner at. She shook her head no but smiled, tightening the grip of his hand which, was as much of a yes as he was going to get.

They walked inside together a few minutes passed the scheduled time to have everyone gathered. As the doors opened up at their arrival, the entire team turned towards them, their eyes lowering to where Tony and Y/N’s hands were connected.

“Sorry we’re late.” Tony apologized as he led Y/N to her seat and pushed the chair in after her before taking his own seat. “Traffic was awful.”

“Like traffic is the thing we want to be talking about right now?” Rhodes said, pulling his head back and raising his brows as he looked between the two.

Can’t Remember to Forget You | vii

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: Language, mentions of blood, death

A/N: you’re all gonna hate me, so feel free to yell at me after you read this || crtfy masterlist

Originally posted by caps-bucky

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Headcannon for Sidon, Teba, Revali and Link having a s/o who lost their memory after taking a blow to their head, how they would help to regain their lost memories and how they react to their s/o gaining their memory back?

S/o loses their memories and how the boys deal with it


  • He is devastated. Just. Devastated.
  • He cannot fathom that you, the love of his life, no longer remember him
  • He does not want to give up and tries to explain who he is
  • But even optimistic as this Prince is, Sidon is hurt when you are apprehensive with his assertive recollections
  • He tries to show you all the special places you two would sneak off together
  • But each time, you shrug your shoulders in response when asked if you remember a thing, he wants to cry
  • He has no choice but to stay strong
  • But as the weeks go by, then months, and nothing has changed, Sidon who tries to show you tidbits of your life together, he is slowly giving up.
  • He is depressed he cannot hold you, to you he is but a stranger. And all he wants to do is hold you in his arms and never let go
  • But one day, when his sorrow overwhelms him he hugs you from behind.
  • He is confused when you lurch forward clutching your head.
  • Tears spill from his eyes when you turn to him, dazed and confused.
  •  “I-I remember you!”
  •  He lets out a sob of happiness, thanking Hylia to the stars and beyond.


  • He does not want to believe it. He thinks it’s just a cruel joke
  •  “How can you not remember me? We’ve been together for years, [Name].”
  •  But when he sees you cower in fear, he torn between being crushed and enraged.
  •  He doesn’t know what to do and spends the first few hours mulling over how this happen
  •  He begins to blame himself and cannot hide his pain. “If I was faster. If I was better then-”
  • He tries not to snap, and keep himself in check but when something that used to mean so much to the two of you, holds no meaning at all now, he wants to flee
  •  But he stays by your side no matter how much it tears him up.
  •  He feels hollow when he takes care of you. He glares as the wound on your head
  • Some night he stays up staring at your sleeping form, wondering what he did to deserve this
  • Other nights he reads up on how to help those with amnesia, but he gets discouraged seeing “Most never regain their memories.”
  •  He stares at you blankly as you stare at him, he loves you so much, but not this blank shell of a person that took you over.
  • The desires and passion you once had is not there. And he does not feel comfortable getting to know the new you.
  • But one day when he walks in his home and sees your face buried in his tunic, he’s concerned and confused
  • When your face rises, and tears are gushing he is in a panic.
  • “Oh, Teba!! I am so sorry!”
  • He doesn’t say anything but bring you into a hug and silently cry.


  • “No. No. No, no, no! [Name], please tell me you remember me? Even just a little?”
  • He will demand any healers, shamans, and what have you to come fix you. But each time they tell him the same thing. “We will have to wait and see.”
  • But he doesn’t want to believe it. “Do not patronize me as if you understand! My [Name] is not here! My [Name] would not forget me!
  • He spends his days working with you, slowly easing you into the routines you used to do, and read stories to you like always.
  • But he can feel himself unraveling, nothing he does works.
  • No clever insult. No puns. No boisterous feats. Nothing that used to get you riled up works.
  • At night he tries not to, but he cries. When he sees your form sleeping at the other end of the house, he just wants to shake you until you can remember.
  • Your mannerism are there, he can tell. Some days your hand wonders to brush his wing, but his heart shrivels when he realized you “made a mistake”.
  • He tells you stories of your adventures together, and there is a bitter-sweetness to his tone.
  • “Heh, but then beast threw you on a cart of coal.” He mumbles under his breath
  • “It wasn’t coal, it was chunks of diamonds.”
  • He is surprised, but so are you.
  • “You- Yeah, you came to my rescue, and I got mad so instead I-”
  • He flings his body on yours and nuzzles his face along yours.


  • He was there when it happened and he felt like the world around him stopped
  • He remembers when he first picked your body up, a deep gash pouring blood
  • When Link had healed you on the battlefield he was concerned caused you did not wake up
  • He never left your side, even when others would tell him to go rest, but he wouldn’t leave, not until you woke up.
  • When you did, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself, but he hugged you
  • But he was so confused when you shoved him off you, looking at him like he was some savage.
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Stay off!”
  • He tried to reason with you, but you cut him off. “I don’t know anything about you! Get out!”
  • His heart shattered and he plopped on the chair behind him.
  • Although you were hostile, he came everyday. He didn’t say a word, but would lay down some trinkets you used to fond over.
  • He didn’t know how to help you, he knew that eventually, if it ever did, your memory would come back.
  • He would have to be patient.
  • He waited years, and was still by your side.
  • He had gotten used to the new person you were, and your hostile attitude melted away by his caring side.
  • One day when the two of you were out for a stroll you tripped and he caught you. Your arms wrapped around him
  • He could hear you inhale his scent before you engulf him in a hug. “Link, you smell like my Link…”
  • A tear slid down his cheek, he knew his patience would pay off one day.
Tainted Love (part 2)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: swearin’

A/N: I’m so glad you guys like Tainted Love so far! Here ya go :) As always, I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning.

After watching Maggie’s routine, Lance claps his hands and turns to the blonde. “Hope. Office. Now.”

With a frustrated sigh, she follows him to the office and shuts the door behind her, waiting for him to rant on about how Maggie can do so much better. But, he didn’t.

“Well, she’s as good as gold. You’re not shit after all Hope.” Lance smiled at her. “Oh wait - you are.”

Hope rolled her eyes. “Shut your whore mouth.” she snapped. “And why did you bring me in here if you were going to tell me that? I thought you were gonna chew my head off or something.”

“I brought you in here because of her.” he nods his head over to you. “Who is she?”

Hope glances back at you, watching as you high five Maggie for doing a good job before starting a conversation with Ben.

“She’s my best friend.” Hope says, turning back to Lance. “Why?”

He shrugs, hoping to play it cool. “Nothin’ I just wanted to know who she was. She seems nice.”

“She is, but she can be a bitch if she needs to be.” Hope tells him and his eyes are now focused on you.

The way you smile, the way you tuck away your hair behind your ear, all make you seem so perfect. It was insane for Lance to be thinking like this because, well, Lance never thought about anyone like that. He had this foreign feeling inside him and he’d never admit it out loud but he kind of liked it.

“Give me her number.” he turns to Hope with a serious look in his eyes.

Hope’s face contorts. “What the fuck, no.”


“Because she’s my best friend and I won’t let her be another notch on your belt, asshat.” she snapped. “She’s too nice of a person to deserve what you’ll do to her.”

“Oh, and what exactly will I do to her?” Lance folds his arms across his chest as he glared at the blonde in front of him.

“You’ll lead her on to believe you actually like her, fuck her, then throw her aside and move on to your next victim. You won’t care about her feelings because all you can care about is yourself. It may not look like it, but she’s a sensitive girl, Lance. And I won’t let you fuck her up.”

Lance watches Hope exit the office and walk towards you and Ben. With a sigh, he gathers his things and exits the office as well.

“Well she’s clear.” he spoke, joining the small group. “I expect great things from you, Maggie.”

The happy brunette smiles and nods before Lance looks at you. “It was nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“Nice meeting you too, Lance.”

He held eye contact with you for a bit and Hope didn’t like it. So, she shoved him. “Leave already, dick breath.”

Lance smirked at her. “Oh, you would know all about what dick breath smells like, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck you.”

“You already did.” Lance chuckled at Hope’s annoyed expression.

With all that being said, he leaves the gym, flustered and with you on his mind. So consumed in his thoughts, he accidentally hits his head while getting into his car.

“Ah, shit.” he groaned, holding a hand to his head, completely unaware that just behind those gym doors, you stood holding your head as well.

3 days. It’s been 3 days and Lance cannot get you out of his head. 3 days and not once have you left his mind. He had to get in contact with you somehow. It was driving him insane.

But how? Hope wouldn’t give him your number. Ben probably had your number as well but being for the fact that Lance had fucked his girlfriend, he doubted that he’d give him it.

With an exasperated sigh, he throws himself down on his couch. He didn’t know anything about you, but he wanted to. When he saw you, it was different from when he’d see other girls but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Why did you have this effect on him?

Getting up from the couch, he decided to ease his mind of you and go out to the bar. Getting shitfaced sounded amazing, he could really use a drink.

Over on your end, Hope dragged you out to the bar. Karaoke night. Every karaoke night the two of you would get completely shitfaced and sing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton because it was in your favorite movie, White Chicks.

While on stage, singing your heart out with Hope by your side, you hadn’t noticed Lance walk through the bar door. At the sight of you, he smiled. Mostly because he got to see you again and you were making a complete fool out of yourself.

Lance took a seat at the bar, ordering a drink as he watched you and Hope finish up the song, followed by loud applauses and hoots and howls. While you were walking off the stage, you had accidentally hit your knee on the speaker box, resulting in both you and Lance to tend to your knees.

Lance’s eyebrows knit together as he rubbed the spot on his knee before looking back at you. Coincidence, right?


Lance never cared about the whole soulmate thing which was why every time his soulmate tried contacting him, he’d either ignore her or tell her to leave him alone. Besides, if he ever met his soulmate, she’d probably want him to settle down with her and that just wasn’t Lance’s style. He didn’t want to be on a leash. He wanted to be free.

Gulping down his drink, he decides to join you at your table with Hope and Ben.

“Hi friends.” he smiled, gathering the attention he wanted from the 3 of you.

“Stalking me? Pfft, that’s low, Tucker. Even for you.”  Hope scoffed, rolling her eyes.

She was way out of it. And by the looks of it, so were you.

“In your dreams, Hope.” Lance responded, adverting his eyes to Ben. “This doesn’t look like your type of scene. What are you doing here?”

“I come to keep an eye out for Hope and Y/N to make sure they don’t do anything too stupid. I also take them home. Well, I take Y/N home, Hope lives with me so-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn’t ask for your life story buddy.” Lance cut him off. “Tell you what, I’ll take Y/N off your hands.”


Lance rolls his eyes. “I’ll take Y/N home so you have one less person to take care of.”

At this, Hope perks up. “No. There’s no way in hell I’d ever let you take my bitch home.”

Main bitch.” you correct, causing Lance to chuckle.

Hope glares at Lance. “I know what you’re capable of and I will not let you take advantage of-”

“Slow your roll,” he spoke up. “Now I know I’m a pig but I wouldn’t go as far as to having my way with a woman when she’s completely shitfaced. I thought you knew me better than that, Hope.”

Lance dramatically pouted and Hope groaned.

“We were having a nice time until you showed up.” she huffed.


“It’s cool if he takes me home, Hope. You know I can defend myself, sober or not.” you insert yourself into the conversation that seemed to be all about you.

“Yeah, she can defend herself, sober or not.” Lance grinned, smacking on his mint gum, knowing how irritated Hope got when he did that.

Hope placed her head in her hands. “Ugh, fucking cut it out before I murder you.”

“Cut what out?” he asked, continuing his actions.

“I’m gonna-” Hope lunges for him but was pulled back by Ben. She struggled to get free from him so that she could fuck Lance up but it was no use.

“I’m ready to go home now.” you announce, deciding to get out of there before Hope literally killed Lance on the spot.

“Good choice, let’s go.”

You gather your stuff and give Ben a hug. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Hopi.”

She threw threats towards Lance as the two of you made your way outside and into his car. And then it hit you. You were in a strangers car. You would never ever do something like this but for some reason, you trusted Lance fully despite only meeting him once. You got a weird feeling when you were with him. Like you two have known each other for years. It was comforting yet weird.

Upon arriving at your house, Lance brought you to your bed and tucked you in, making sure you were comfortable.

“You good? You need anything else?” he asked.

You hummed in response, turning on your side and curling up in a ball. You had muttered out a thank you before soft snores escaped your lips. You were out. Lance let out an exhausted sigh and left your room. He’d usually leave a girls house as soon as possible but he wanted to make sure you were alright in the morning. So, tired as hell, he fell asleep on your couch.

You woke up groaning. The hangover you were experiencing was probably way worse than any of your other ones, and you’ve had many hangovers.Kicking your sheets off your body, you drag yourself into the kitchen, being met with a tired looking Lance.

“Woah, what are you doing here?” you question. “Wait.. We didn’t..”

“No, god no I would never take advantage of you like that.” he groaned. “I took you home last night and it was pretty late and I was tired as hell so I slept on your couch. I meant to leave before you woke up but I guess I slept in.”

You noticed he was massaging his temples, like he had headache and decided to ask him about it. “Do you have a headache?”

“What? Oh, I guess. I just woke up and my head was pounding. I tried looking for some painkillers but..” he trailed off.

“They’re over here.” you say, opening a drawer and pulling out a bottle of painkillers.

“Thank god.” he breathed, walking towards you with his hand out.

You give him two and get two out for yourself as well before putting them away. “Yeah, I needed some too. These hangovers are unbearable.”

At this, Lance looks up at you. His head was hurting, as if he had a hangover. But he only had one drink at the bar and he surely wasn’t a lightweight so he couldn’t possibly gave himself a hangover. Were you his.. Soulmate? No. You couldn’t be. There’s no way!

But was it really that impossible? There’s only one way to find out.

Lance bites his lip and takes a deep breath before pinching his side very hard. You let out a yelp, nearly dropping your glass of water as your hand went flying to your side. The same exact side Lance had pinched.

Coincidence. This had to be a coincidence. Lance tried again, this time pinching his upper arm and you reacted, hissing at the pain and rubbing the spot. He couldn’t believe it. Now it made sense why he felt the way he did when he saw you. You were his soulmate.

Holy shit. You were his soulmate. That means-

“Ah, shit.” you make eye contact with Lance. “My soulmate keeps pinching himself. That or he’s being pinched by someone. Either way it hurts.”

All Lance could do was nod, still not believing what he had just found out.

“Speaking of soulmates,” you continued. “I hate to intrude but have you found yours? I haven’t found mine yet which sucks because everyone around me already knows who their soulmate is.”

Lance gulps. “um.. Yeah.. Yeah I’ve found mine already.”

“Really? Who?” you couldn’t help but ask.

Lance didn’t want to say anything just yet but his mouth moved faster than his brain did. “You.”

His words hit you hard and your head began to spin. “W-What? There’s no way.”

You didn’t want to believe it. Lance Tucker was your soulmate? Pfft, no way!

“I’m telling the truth.” he says. “Think about it, you have a hangover and suddenly my head hurts too.”

“Coincidence?” you wanted to force yourself to believe that.

“Look.” he say, pulling up the sleeve of his jacket. “I apologize in advance.” Lance squeezes his eyes shut as he pinches the skin of his arm harshly, causing you to feel it as well.

“Ow! Stop it!” you shout, holding your as just as he stops.

“Do you believe me now?” he breathed, rubbing the spot on his arm that he had just pinched.

“I-I can’t.. No.. I-” you stumble over your words before making a beeline for your room, shutting and locking the door. You pick up your phone and frantically scroll until you find Hope’s number, calling immediately. She answers on the fifth ring.

“What the fuck Y/N? Why are you calling so damn-”

“Shut the fuck up and listen Hope.” you cut her off.

“Okay, I’m listening. But I don’t know what could be more important than-”

“Lance Tucker is my fucking soulmate.”

Hope went silent.

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They met at a dog park.

Which is weird in and of itself because a) Dean hates driving dogs in his baby; b) it’s not even his dog; and c) He’s still pissed at Sam for skipping out on him and their dad only to come back with a dog sized golden retriever he named Bones of all things. Jesus, Sam, you’d think you’re have a little more imagination considering you hid from one of the best damn trackers for two weeks only to name a dog after something we see every day. 

Dean sighed to himself. All that and he still has somehow found himself on pooch duty in some dog park in the middle of Illinois of all things. 

“He is limping.” Dean turned to the sound of a gruff voice coming from right behind in. 

“Yeah well, he’s old.” His comeback was coming out before he got a good look at the guy he was talking to. 

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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot:  The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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imacrackshipper  asked:

How would the Creepypasta react to their s/o punching someone in the face and knocking them out cold??

Jeff the Killer

“Yell heah! You go babe.” He is just so impressed and proud of them. That’s his (insert appropriate pronoun)! Probably gonna kick their head before wrapping his arms around S/O’s waist. “Let’s go get some celebratory tacos, you deserve ‘em!”


”Hooooo- holy shit… did- Did that just happen?” Ben is just so shocked, that someone drove them to the point of getting THAT physical. Sure, he’s done way worse before but daymn. Probably has the most awkward boner.


“And that is why you do not mess with a me,” he’d straighten out his tie while taunting the unconscious form on the ground. If he actually had a face and was able to convey emotions, he’d have a smug smirk plastered on it. No one messes with the Slenderman without getting hurt, whether it be physically or mentally.


No matter how pissed of he was that day, he’s likely to squeal. It wouldn’t even be subtle either, he’s just over here fan-girling. Grabs the nearest person near him by the shoulders and shouts, “THAT’S MY BABY OVER THERE,” while jumping up and down. Also he’s going to join in and begin kicking the guy’s head over and over again. S/O is probably going to have to drag him away before he goes too far. 


This man is such a dork, probably just runs up to his S/O and pull them into a bone crushing embrace. S/O might have to remind them that they actually need oxygen, which will cause his face to flush a bright pink. He means well, but sometimes he forgets just how strong he actually is. Oh, but he will make it up to them, for weeks on end he’ll do anything and everything they ask.


He is just so impressed and giddy about the whole thing. I mean come on, not only are you gorgeous and have an amazing personality, but you sure as hell know how to pack a punch. Hoodie is going to be cheering you on the entire time, and treat you later on.

Jane the Killer

Such impressed! ! !

      much WOW!! !

Proud lesbian over here! Get over there and claim your prize, a whole bunch of smooches and praise for the rest of the month. 

Eyeless Jack 

Probably blushing like crazy with a blank stare plastered on his face. Like come on, that was not necessary. If violence was needed he would’ve done so already. Not that he isn’t grateful that his S/O did so, plus it was ‘hella cute to him that they had the guts to knock someone out just for him, but next time leave it to the professionals. 

Fears || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:

“You’re going to do great!” You exclaimed, a soft smile settling upon your plump lips. “No, I won’t. W-We practiced…and practiced.. but we still couldn’t seem to get it right. How the hell am I supposed to get it right up here, with loads of people watching me?” The ginger whimpered. Before he could comb his fingers through his fiery locks, you grasped his hand in yours, pressing your lips to his knuckles. “I’m right here. I’m always going to be right here. Alright? Don’t you worry baby. The past is not the present.” You reminded him, peering into his large brown orbs. He shook his head once again, burying his nose into the crook of your neck. Somehow, your scent always seemed to calm him, and in the moment, he really needed it. “It’s just like football, all right? The other team will never know what you’re doing! Now when you sing, just remember that no one else knows the lyrics besides you. Your passion will just show through and hide that fear.” You cooed once again, pulling away to kiss his forehead before he parted to go on stage. “Thank you.” He whispered. “You know where to find me!” You yelled out, hoping to catch his attention. “I always do.”

Jughead Jones:

“What if he rejects it (Y/N)?” The raven-haired boy questioned, swallowing thickly to reveal his deepest fear. “For one Jughead, it’s the least he can do for not being a father figure for most of your life to actually enjoy the novel, and two, it’s an amazing novel. Don’t stress love. You’re an extraordinary author.” You cooed, pressing an idle kiss to his temple. “I poured my heart and soul into this. He’s most likely going to be drunk when he reads it -” “And he’ll think that it’s the best thing ever. Even though he’s not perfect, he is a good father Jughead. He’s trying so hard. So give him a chance. Give him a chance to catch you when you fall. There’s no need to be scared of who’s going to catch you and who’s not because no matter what, I will be here. I will always be here. So give it a chance, because there is no other way to know whether he’s going to like it or not if you don’t give it to him.” You finished your rant, giving him your best doe eyes to soften his grimace, and he finally gave in. “Fine. I’ll give it to him tonight.” He caved, cracking a smile. “That’s my boy. I’m so proud of you.” You giggled, rubbing your nose against his. But yet, there were so many more fears. 

Reggie Mantle:

A million thoughts were rushing through the poor boy’s mind, and he continuously failed to grasp onto one of them.  “Sit down Reggie. Think for a few seconds.” You instructed him, your hands minuscule compared to the sizes of his muscular arms as you attempted to push him back onto your bed. He surprisingly obliged, allowing his head to hit your plush pillows as he tugged on his dark locks. “You’re on Varsity for a reason Reggie.” You mewled from his side, your hands clinging onto the white fabric of his henley that clung to his toned body. “That means nothing! I’m not good enough.” This caused a fire to burn inside of you, and you got mad. “Don’t give me that shit Reginald. You’re an amazing football player! Better than a lot of the upperclassmen and you amaze me every day, and you’re doing so well.”  You whispered, grasping onto his face. “And your grades are going up, don’t forget that. Colleges look at that too. You’re doing so well.” You repeated, giving his body a firm shake so you could get the message across. “I don’t know how you do it. And neither will they. So they’ll have no choice but to accept you.”

Betty Cooper:

“Kill it!” She screeched, jumping onto her perfectly made bed. “What?” You frowned, turning around in your chair to peer at the small insect that made its way towards your girlfriend. “The ant?” You questioned suspiciously, reaching over her desk to grab a tissue. You stood up from your seat, kneeling down to allow the ant to crawl up onto the small piece of tissue. “Yes! It’s disgusting! Throw it away! Murder it! Anything!” She complained, shying away from you and the six-legged creature. “I will put it on this bed so help me god Elizabeth Cooper unless you come over here and get close to it.” You warned, walking dangerously close to the blond. “I swear to god (Y/N)!” Betty whined, closing her eyes before sitting down. Allowing the ant to crawl onto her finger, you made sure she opened her eyes and didn’t kill the tiny insect. Her other hand was quivering mildly and you rolled your eyes. “It’s more scared of you than you are of it, Betty. Get the hell over it because there are bigger things to worry about than fucking bugs.”

Veronica Lodge:

“How am I supposed to know (Y/N?) H-How do I.. attempt to wrap my head around the fact that my father is coming out of prison, that he has the ability to cause so much destruction in this quaint little town after we just fixed it?” Veronica rambled, twisting her fingers nervously. “Ronnie.. babe.” You frowned, setting down your textbook so you could focus in on her. “Your father is getting out of prison. We know that. But because of it, he’s learned. He’s aware of the reasons of why he had to go, and he’s going to change. Or at least he going to try to.” You attempted to soothe her, rubbing your thumbs over her knuckles. She pulled her hands from your grasp to rub her face tiredly, done with all of the drama that was sadly placed upon her. “No, he’s not. That’s what he always says. I love him…but I just need him to stay there for a few more minutes until I can regain all of my thoughts.” “You don’t need to converse with him for so long. Don’t be scared gorgeous, everything is going to be okay. And if any conflicts arise, just remember that for one, you have your mother, and two, you have me. I will always be here. I will beat his ass for you, don’t worry.” The two of you erupted into giggles as you enveloped her in a hug. “I love you.” Veronica smiled. “Oh, how I love you more.”

Cheryl Blossom:

“I can’t do this anymore!” The poor ginger cried, her nimble fingers quickly wiping the black makeup that flowed down her cheeks as she wept. Only just arriving, you quickly placed your purse on their household counter before running over. “Cheryl.” You mewled, reaching out towards her so you could hold her close to your chest. She let the tears cascade this time, wrapping her long arms around your torso. “I’m so scared.” She cried, squeezing you. “Scared of what? Talk to me, baby.” You cooed, combing your fingers through her fiery red hair. “What I’m supposed to do with my life. I-I had it all planned out with Jason, and now what am I supposed to do?” The Blossom choked out, crumbling under your touch. “He was my twin, my best friend, my other half. He was a part of me and now he’s just gone.” “I know he’s gone… I know. But that doesn’t stop you from being who you really are. Jason was your twin, but not you. And you were not him. You have to know that you guys have each other to thank for being who you are, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same person. You’ll be able to survive, and I know you will because I will always be here. Always.” 

Praises (SMUT)

A/N: I dunno why I decided to combine these two… BUT I AM WRECKED AND THIS IS THE BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE. THANK YOU TO THE ANONS WHO REQUESTED FOR THESE. Also, it was difficult to choose a GIF for this so let’s just pretend that the one I chose for this story is him alone, okay? XD

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

Originally posted by undertheniall

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// saeran on a date would be such an awkward lil bean like he’s so cute but he’s never been on a date before save him

- All Saeran wants is to have a nice time– Why does his brother have to tag along? And also insist it’s a ‘date’? It’s not, it’s just some movie MC would like to see. He’s curious as well; nothing more. But yet his brother won’t stop screaming that his “ lil marshmallow ” is finding love. It’s enough to make him gag.

- But he can’t deny what he feels.. It’s like he wants to make MC have a good time. He cares for them a lot.. But he doesn’t know if it’s romantic or not. How would he? It’s new, a bit scary.

- He wears something simple, a black cotton sweater and some dark grey jeans. His brother wears a pink hoodie with white jeans. Side by side; They’re like day and night.

- The whole ride there Saeyoung is lecturing him on the proper way to treat someone on a date– it’s not a date Saeyoung..

But he ignores his twin and continues babbling on. Hold doors open, compliments, pulling out chairs.. It’s a movie theatre for crying out loud. Not a five star venue. But he does secretly take those tips to heart. He’s nervous.. It’s not that big of a deal but his brothers making his anxiety sky rocket. What if MC doesn’t have fun with him? What if he messes something up?

- Saeyoung seems to notice his brothers demeanor and sort of calms down with the overload of information. Changing to topic to go on about how he and Mary Vanderwood went on a date once. And how romantic it was apparently. Saeran just rolls his eyes at his brothers antics.

- He wanted to pick MC up from the apartment– But they insisted they’d meet the two at the theatre. He didn’t mind, but Saeyoung said it was rude at first.. They offered to drive themselves. Not rude at all.

- Once they get there, Saeran can’t wait to get out of that car and away from his brothers bullshit stories about all his dates. There’s no way Saeyoung’s attention span would even allow him to sit down and talk with someone for hours, he’d get bored too fast. Especially on a date with Vanderwood. A board of wood paired with a clown. Guess whose who.

- MC is waiting inside, they’re nervous since the twins were running a bit late. But relieved when the two show up.
Saeran compliments them, earning a wink and eyebrow wiggle from his brother. He just pushes him off, asking about the movie you all were seeing tonight. It was horror, MC picked it. Saerans a bit surprised but happy that they don’t like sappy stuff. He cant stand watching two hours of people gushing over each other on screen. Would rather see blood gushing in some chainsaw massacre. Much more entertaining, even if it’s not real.

- MC is squished between the two boys in the chairs, Saeran didn’t like Saeyoung sitting so close to them but his brother seems to constantly reminds him ’ it’s not a date right? ’ Much to his displeasure. Still.. He felt jealous.

- The movie is cheesy, he dislikes it right away. Has to hold back from screaming at the screen for the people to.. Oh, I don’t know; maybe not go into that dark alleyway? Pick the car? Drive away to safety? MC seems scared whenever something like this happens.. They hug themselves and squint their eyes. Really? It was all silly and fake; Just a movie.. But he felt bad for them. He wanted to protect them from feeling scared. He cant help but blush when they grip his shirt and squish their face against his chest when a man with a chainsaw shows up.

- He doesn’t really know how to react, so Saeyoung from across the chairs grabs his brothers arm and quickly places it over MC’s back– Much to Saerans surprise. He looks over to his twin with confusion, only getting a wink in return. He doesn’t really know how to comfort someone.. So he just rubs his thumb in place while his arm is wrapped around their back. Their breath is hot through his shirt, it feels like there’s butterflies in his stomach. Does he think they’re cute like this? Yes.. He usually finds this annoying when Saeyoung does it, but with MC he likes to feel so protective over them.

- This happens often; every time there’s a ‘scary’ scene. eventually when the movies over MC has to pry themselves away from Saeran. Their neck hurt from cuddling into him for so long, but it was worth it.

- Seven loudly groans and stretches as he stands up, his figure in front of the screen as the credits roll. Saeran stretches a little less obviously, helping MC up out of their chair as well.

- He didn’t think the movie was all that great, but he listens as his brother and MC chat back and forth about different scenes. He still felt weird.. Like his stomach was all messed up. He didn’t like it at all, it felt like anxiety but.. a little warmer.

- Saeyoung excuses himself to the bathroom, clicking his tongue and shooting finger guns towards his brother as he walks backwards towards the restrooms. Saeran had no idea why or how he puts up with this sometimes, but it leaves him and MC alone for a bit. He doesn’t really know what to say.. He feels shy all of a sudden while shuffling his feet.

“ Did you like the movie Saeran? ”
They smile at him excitedly with bright eyes; he smiles softly back to them with a slight nod.
“ It was alright.. ”
He shrugs– biting his lip as he shoves his hands into his pockets. He felt like he should do something but.. He didn’t know what.

“ You’d be amazing in a horror movie Saeran! I bet you’d know exactly what to do. Way better than those people. ”
They motion with their thumb to the theatre, implying him better as the characters on screen.
“ Sure as hell wouldn’t choose an alley over a car, that’s for sure. ”
MC laughs softly, causing Saeran to smile. He liked seeing them light up like that. It was nice..
“ Thanks for being here with me.. I— ah, appreciate it. ”
They barely blush, shuffling their feet as well when Saeran replies with a nod. Both of them felt like they should do something but.. Everything was sort of frozen.

“ I’ll text you tonight, Yeah? ”
MC says and starts to fumble with their car keys, looking up towards Saeran who looked flushed from the cold, His white hair covering bits of his forehead.
“ Yeah; Of course. ”
He nods slightly, this was awkward.. shit.. He felt like a little kid. He wanted to do.. Something– But he felt too embarrassed.
It’s like MC read his mind, because in an instant they lean onto their toes– Placing a second long kiss onto his lips, it was soft and quick but it took Saeran by surprise. Was that okay? Did they mean to do that?
“ Night Saeran.. ”
MC smiles as they move their hand to shoot him a soft wave– Climbing into their car that was parked outside the theatre.
“ Night.. ”
Saeran says basically to himself in shock as he watches them drive away, that was new. He didn’t even have much time to think about it before Saeyoung practically runs out of the theatre, hooking his arm around his brothers shoulder and laughing wildly. Saeran tried to push him off, But he wouldn’t budge.
“ Should I get ordained anytime soon? ”
He wiggles his eyebrows as he shakes Saerans shoulders, “ Shit man– You’re so awkward, I thought you were toast! But MC saved the date! They swooped in– You should have seen your face! ”

Saeran rolls his eyes with a flushed red complexion, muttering ’ stop it, shut up ’ as he breaks out of his brothers grasp and quickly walks towards the car in a huff– Saeyoung following closely behind, still laughing to himself. Why was he just watching? What a creep.

Speaking as a bisexual woman who is female leaning, I love Rooster Teeth. I am so happy for the LBGT pride shirt (even fi I’m broke and can’t buy it) because it’s them recognizing those parts of the audience. Is it pandering? Yeah, they’re a business. They’re gonna take advantage of an opportunity. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about those members of their community. The fact that they are even selling to that part when many companies do not says something. And they announced this at the LGBT panel, which yes that exists and they have a good number of people on it, and that made me really happy,

Which is why seeing the RT/RWBY fandom accuse them of being homophobic angers me. Look, I get it Representation is a HUGE thing. As much as I love RT, they absolutely should include more. Day 5, from what I have seen online cause as a non-First I can’t watch it, has a lesbian main character. Actually I DO know because Josh Flanagan made a journal post explaining how he realized that he should incorporate that. But I still see why one example still angers people, especially on the RWBY end. But does not including more mean homophobic? Hell no it doesn’t.

As I said, RT HAS LGBT employees who, from what I have seen, all enjoy workig there. Kdin (trans), Max (gay), Mica (bi), Patrick (gay), Mariel (lesbian), and I’m pretty sure I missed a few. Various RT employees (Barbara, Michael, Ashley, Burnie) either work and/or have expressed being supportive of those people before. Burnie has even expressed regretting using slurs that cane be offensiv e int he past (I’ve never heard him sue them, but going off early RvB I can believe that he did and eventually realzied that he was wrong to do so and grew up). Burnie, Barbara, and Michael have used female pronouns for Kdin. Michael once corrected Gavin for using male pronouns. Barbara runs Always Open, a podcast that has tried to be LGBT friendly, has Mariel on regularly as Barbara’s co-host, Mica is a semi-regular, and Max and Patrick have also been on a couple times. Ashley has both Mica and Kdin working in her division and from what I’ve seen before, treats them as regular people. Jon Risinger has used correct pronouns for Kdin and has had various LGBT employees (Max and Patrick have been on pretty frequent actually) on On the Spot and treated them as he would anyone else who has been on. At this year’s RTX, a female fan of RWBY expressed how coming out (IDK as what but that’s beside the point) made her family abandon her. Their reaction? Lindsay, Arryn, and Miles (aka the terrible queerbating writer or so fandom likes to say) ran off stage before she was even done talking to hug her with Barbara also following. Kerry was outright crying during it. Tell em that these people are homophobic. Go ahead and tell em that these people are homophobic after that. Just try it.

Again, I understand. Representation is important. More can be done and should be done. We shouldn’t quit asking RT to continue to add more diversity. But they absolutely support and love their LGBT fans and have LGBT hires who from what I can tell, are very happy to be there and all I’ve seen in BtS stuff and podcasts, they are treated like everyone else. We should keep asking for mroe inclusion, but remember to be civil about it, so stop throwing ‘homophobic’ around. Let them grow and evolve to improve more because they are absolute on the right track especially compared to the early days. Heck I only listed ones we know about, RT has over 200 employees we don’t see regularly so there are probably more that we just don’t see. But please, keep telling them to include LGBT representation, but do NOT be an asshole about it. And if you want to show that? But the LGBT shirt. Pandering or not, it will tell them that you want more representation and that will tell them that they should. And than you RT for being a great company and please keep doing what you do best.

Privileged (21/?)

Originally posted by bellamyblvk

“With the remaining Ark citizens lives at stake because of Finn - a few of the 100 become divided. *yn* is forced to go against her friends beliefs and finds herself defending the last person she ever thought she would.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death, little bit of angst 

Notes: Based on 2x08 “Spacewalker” of The 100.

Series Masterlist

“Have you spoken to Raven?”

“No - I’m pretty sure Abby’s got her under constant watch cause of that black eye she gave Byrne.” *yn* spoke sarcastically, crossing her arms in front of her as she spoke.

“I don’t blame her for getting so riled up, those people have no right to decide what happens to Finn. Neither do the grounders for that matter.” Bellamy growled bitterly as he thought about the news the camp had received about Lexa’s demand. 

“Mm.” *yn* hummed, only half listening as she replayed the last few hours events in her mind.

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