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tsukishima x reader

You set yourself down into the bath filled with bath bubbles and hot water. After such a long day, this was absolute heaven. You had woken up late because you stayed up late, studying for the big test today. After realizing what time it was, you hurried to the bus stop only to see it leaving right when it got into your sight. Once you finally got to school, you had missed half of first period. Which meant you had only half the original time to finish the big test you had studied for.

Events only grew more stressful after that. You forgot your book for your next class at home. You didnt realize your library book was due yesterday so the librarian charged you for a late fee when you were returning it. At lunch, the line had gotten unbelievably long that you werent able to get anything good besides sweetened bread and an okay meat bun. But thinking back to how your day was just starting, it didnt measure up to what you saw during lunch. You sunk lower into the bath troubled by how emotional you had been about the situation.

Once you got your “lunch”, you walked to the usual hang out spot to see your two best friends since forever. But once you got there, you were confused as to why it was only Yamaguchi. He saw you walkin up to him and gave you a nervous smile.

“Where’s Kei-chan, Tada-chan?” You looked around confused.

“Ah.. well, a girl came up to us while we were waiting for you, and uhm…” Yamaguchi pointed to behind the building. As you were looking up, you saw Tsukishima come around the corner, lookin as annoyed as ever. He was carrying a clear bag filled with chocolate covered fruits and decorated with little dinosaur drawings.

As Tsukishima gotten closer to you and Yamaguchi, you snickered. “Wooow, middle blocker over here getting noticed by all the girls. You know, your gonna have to return one of their feelings eventually.”

“Shut up, ____” He replied annoyed. “If I dont like them, I cant just return their feelings.”

“Aw why you so mad? Were there not enough dinosaurs on the little baggy for you” you teased Tsukishima playfully. Yamaguchi kept giggling at your humor and Tsukishima only grew more annoyed. He obviously didnt enjoy all the attention on him.

“Because you showed up here again.” He snickered. “Dont you have any other friends? You know, people that actually like you?”

You pouted at his rude comment. You were always confused as to why girls had confessed to him alot recently. Then again, you had wondered alot about Tsukishima lately also. “Tada-chan is my friend, ass wipe.”

“That makes one of us.”

“Tsukki, youre bein mean.” Yamaguchi said timidly. “If you don’t be nice to ____-chan, she really will get new friends.”

“No, I’ll just find new friends to replace Kei-chan. You’ll always be my friend Tada-chan!” you stuck your tongue out at Tsukishima then gave a sweet smile to Yamaguchi. Even though you werent looking at him, you could feel Tsukishima’s annoyed face give off a heavy aura.

Just as Tsukishima was about to walk away from the two of you, the school bell had rang. You all looked towards the direction of the bell then back to each other. “Perfect timing, I didnt want to hang out with you anymore.”

“Tsukki!!” Yamaguchi called out as he walked after his friend. He looked back at you and waved good bye. You smiled back half heatedly. You knew Tsukishima didn’t mean his rude comments. But lately they had caused a little ache in your heart.

You smacked your hands to your cheeks and felt the water sprinkle your face. Then a sudden chill fell down your spine. When did the water get cold? How long have you been in the bath? You sighed to yourself and decided to wash off the bubbles and get out the bath.

Tsukishima had been your friend since as long as you could remember. His older brother and your older brother had been on Karasuno’s volleyball team together. So Aki-kun would come over alot. He would play with you every now and then. Talk about dinosaurs. Exaggerate his stories of being on the volleyball team. The next time he came over, he brought someone with him.

“_____-chan! This is Kei, my little brother! I felt bad about not being able to play with you today since your brother and I have to go back to practice, so I brought my brother!” Akiteru said with the biggest smile. You could see Tsukishima look off to the side all shy and look at you with his cheeks a little red. You looked up at him in wonder.

“Do-domo..” Tsukishima whispered quietly. You looked up at Akiteru then back to Kei. You smiled back and bowed your head. It took a second to realize you werent going to bite him. He bowed back to you and both of you had gone outside to play in your backyard. Since then, he was just always there.

Yamaguchi was introduced to you a few years later by Tsukishima and all of you were just together. Everyone would see you guys walk home together. Do errands for your parents altogether. Hang around Tsukishima’s house to play and learn about dinosaurs from Kei and Akiteru when he was around. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi were your happiness that would always be there when you would fall broken.

But why was Tsukishima much more bigger in your world than before? He was always there. When Yamaguchi and Tsukishima slept over when you were younger and you were having trouble sleeping, he would offer his hand to you to hold until you fell asleep. When studying got hard, he would tease you about how easy it was or you were just dumb, then offer to help you when he was done. When your parents would fight, his house was the place you ran to. When the older girls in middle school would bully you, Tsukishima would scare them off with his stern mean looks while Yamaguchi held your arm to remind you he’s there for you too. And that was the thing, Yamaguchi was there for you just as much as Tsukishima was. So why was Tsukishima in your head.

You grabbed your towel and cursed yourself. You hadnt realized it was a bit smaller than expected. You wrapped the towel around your body, only to feel as though it made no difference. You were still pretty chilly from a lack of the towel being able to cover your wet body. Your breast’s cleavage could easily be seen even if someone was several feet away. The bottom of the towel barely covered your butt cheeks. Good thing your parents and sibling were downstairs. “Today just sucks..”

As you got out the bathroom, you peeked through the hallway to make sure no one was in their rooms. You could hear your little siblings playing downstairs with their toys and your parents talking about what they wanted for dinner. You could hear them choosing between take out or cooking. As you left the bathroom, you could see that your door was a little cracked. “God, my siblings just cant stay o-…”

Your voice trailed off as you opened the door to find someone else in the room. Sitting at your desk with their back towards your, you noticed a tall blonde figure looking through your text books as they wrote their notes down. 

Before being able to get a word out, Tsukishima started turning around to face you and started to ask about your notes. “You know, _____-chan your notes could actually help you in class if you stopped for-…”

He noticed your face was super red. He noticed your hair was still wet, dripping onto the carpet. He noticed how undeniably small your towel was and how it made your legs look long. He noticed the water trailing down from your neck down to your breast and into your cleavage. The more he noticed, the more he got red.”


Before he could get a word out you ran to him and started kicking him out. He kept stuttering a few words while you were pushing him out your room. For some reason, Tsukishima couldnt get his legs to listen when he clearly wanted to walk out the room. His body weigh wasnt helping either, because the more you pushed the harder it was for him to leave. With his back to you, you let go of your towel to be able to push him more. As it fell to the ground you pushed Tsukishima all the way out your room and his face into the hallway wall. You slammed the door behind him, flustered about what just happened. You picked up your towel and shoved it into your face. Why is my luck just so bad today?

Behind the door, you heard Tsukishima talking. “Despite you slamming my face into the wall, I actually came here to apologize.”

You turned around to look at the door. You saw a shadow underneath the doorway. Tsukishima was standing there.

“Apologize? For being mean to me all these years?” you teased him. He heard you giggle, and even though you couldn’t see it, Tsukishima smiled a bit. “Kinda,” he laughed to himself. “It wasn’t the right way to tell you how I feel” You waited for him to finish. Why were you hopin for something you didn’t know was coming? Why were you so excited for him to tell you something? Why were your cheeks so warm?

Suddenly you heard him shift behind the door. “Hurry up, your parents are waiting for us. We’re goin to eat out.”

Just as you heard his footsteps walk away and your little siblings laugh with Tsukishima, you sat at your door. You cupped your face, feeling your cheeks- no, your whole face, hot. In that minute of waiting for Tsukishima to confess nothing, you questioned yourself.

Has he been in my head, in my thoughts more often now… Because I have fallen in love with him?

*later at dinner your family and Tsukishima questioned you why you screamed alone in your room. all you could do was turn red and deny them of their questions.*