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The pic about Mari and Chat wearing each other's color schemes made me think... what if they did this as a class? Everyone comes to school one day dressed in colors/style they associate with someone else in their class? Fun mixing and matching!

That can be fun tho! I imagine Juleka wearing a full pink dress or Mylene with an outfit of a metal band. And Chloé helping Sabrina the day before and taking her to shoping cause “if you are going to dress like me then you need to have the best clothes.”

Abd partial reveal in which Adrien keeps that pink blouse and bowtie and goes like that to the school because he overslept and he is in a hurry and he can be the son of a faous fashion designer but he only wears the same outfit every freakign day so “why the heck not”

Mari is just still internal screaming because 1)adrien what the frick you are weraing 2) omg i kissed adrien 3) ADRIEN WHAT THE FRICK ARE YOU WEARING

Protector (Jason Todd x Reader)

Included an ask from  3waystraffic : “ If you still wanna write and still want my requests (and if it still suits you) would you mind writing a Jason x Reader where she’s very polite nearly like Damian ? It would make such a contrast between him and her, with Jason cursing like a sailor. And again, thank you for last time <3 Have a nice day!”

A/N: Here ya go. ❤  Honestly, I have a real soft spot for Jason so I’d have taken your request regardless but cause it’s Jason: very likely I’ll do it. ;) Fun fact: I worked *something* from the flirting that led to my irl relationship into this. 

An unfamiliar and obviously drunk man approached you, great. As he wobbled towards you, you looked over at the stalls and hoped your friend would be back from the toilet soon. Why did you have to be the one who always ended up waiting for the others outside the party? You reached for the pepperspray in your bag and remembered you had a pocket knife in your bra. This was Gotham, after all.

“ Well *hic* helloooo there pretty.” He reeked of alcohol. 
“ Sir, I’m flattered but could you stand a little less close to me?” 
“ But *hic* you’re hot. You sure could show me a good time, couldn’t you?”
“ I doubt it sir. You’re being far too presumtuous.” You pushed him away but he grabbed your hand and tried to kiss it, you barely pulled it back in time. Some people were starting to look at you, see you were uncomfortable, but didn’t act. 

“ Such a tease.”
“ I can assure you I’m simply not interested. I’d prefer you to leave me alone now.”
“ Hard to get eh? Fine, come here often? ” You opened your mouth again when someone else spoke up from behind you.
“ She’s not going to come back at all if she keeps running into creeps like you.”
“ Get you’re *hic* own girl. This one’s mine.” As the figure who spoke up stepped out of the shadows, the man looked a little intimidated. Anyone could tell he would easily be able to defeat the ‘creep’ in a fight with his hands tied behind his back. You recognized him as the guy you used to be in high school with and couldn’t help but think that he aged very well.
“ She’s not interested jackass. So how about you sleep off the smell and hope there are some brain cells left in there that haven’t drowned in alcohol.” 
The man tried to lunge at him, who just stepped aside and shook his head. “Too fucking easy. ” He looked at you. “You okay y/n?” You nodded, flattered that he still even remembered your name. You had, after all, not seen him in about 5 years. “I’m fine,Jason.”  
He scrambled to get back onto his feet and lunged at your protector once more, barely grazing his face before Jason grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against a wall. “Last time, you son of a bitch. Back off or face the consequences.” He gestured to a gun strapped to his upper body when the man decided to scramble.
“ Fine, have her; She wasn’t hot enough to fuck me anyway.” Jason knocked him out and looked at him on the ground. 

“ And that after the lady has been so polite to you.” 
You looked at him. “ Thank you. I appreciate the help, although i’m not sure that was really necessary.”
He scoffed. “ Questioning my methods? The overpolite thing wasn’t helping you much either.” 
“ I just don’t throw around curse words quite as easily as you do. They rarely lead to a better solution than remaining polite.” 
“ Still such a good girl. He had it coming. These kinds of guys need to be put in their place.”
You arched an eyebrow. “By knocking them out?” He rolled his eyes and and used his foot to move the man to his side.
“ There, so if he throws up he won’t die from suffocation. Better?” 
“ Oh yeah, fantastic.” He grinned at you. 
“ Ah, so you can be sarcastic.”
 Your friend walked up to you. “ Y/n! I’m so sorry, I took the other entrance inside I completely forgot you were waiting for me!” That’s when she noticed  the body on the floor. “ What happened?” 
“ This one couldn’t take a hint, pretty sure he’s not gonna try again though.” Jason couldn’t look any more appalled at the man at his feet. Your friend looked at you. “Yeah, maybe we should get inside again?”
“ Go ahead, I think I’m gonna go home. I’ve had it with this place.”
“ I could take you home.” Your friend shot him a worried look.
“ You sure this is a good idea?” She side-eyed Jason and whispered to you “ Are you sure you can trust him?”
“ Yeah. I know him.” 
“ Fine. I expect a call from you as soon as you’re home.” Jason stepped around and grabbed her cellphone from her. “HEY!” He took a picture of his motorcycle and then one of himself before he handed it back to your friend. He then recited his full name to her.“ So you have something to give the police if she doesn’t call you back in time. I am just gonna drop her off. I promise. “
“ I still don’t trust you.” He shrugged and looked at you.

“ What do you say?” 
“ I say we get the hell outta here.”
Jason grinned at you. “ Already showing signs of my bad influence on you.”
He handed you his helmet and you got on the back of his motorcycle, holding on to him tightly.
When you arrived at your place with him, he asked to lend your phone for a second, and he type in his number in it.
“ In case you need someone to curse for you again. Or someone to pretend being your boyfriend so the washed-up types stay away. “
“ That does include girls no longer hitting on you, you know?”
“ Maybe I don’t care if they stay away. If that means hanging around with you.” He winked at you and told you to call your friend as soon as you got inside your place before he left.  

Maybe you wouldn’t care either if it meant being with him again. 

Let's call a spade a spade. Greys was a hot damn mess this season.

This season was just plot holes and dropped story lines galore. Owen still doesn’t know the real reason Amelia is scared to have a baby. Meredith and Nathan had like no interaction for legit 10 episodes then all of a sudden they’re together and now they’re done? (Telling you now Shonda will have them back together by the end of next season). Jackson and April had that random hook up in that random standalone episode and now they’ve had zero interactions since then? Jackson and Maggie are suddenly a thing? And don’t even get me started on Jolex cause of all the couples on this show Shonda has screwed them the most and dropped the ball on them so many times I’ve lost count. They were supposed to get actual storylines for the last 3 seasons but Shonda keeps dropping the ball. Like they’ve barely interacted all season and look I get that Camilla was pregnant and had to go on maternity leave but do better Shonda. How many women have been pregnant on this show and still managed to have storylines? Hell Arizona was pregnant 3 damn times! And why even bother introducing this stupid storyline with Jo’s husband if it’s not gonna go anywhere? Either end them for good next season or put them back together. Enough of this back and forth limbo nonsense. DeLucca was useless we all know Jo doesn’t want to be with him why is he even still here? Ughhhhhh so many plot holes. This season was literally useless. At least Minnick is gone. Bless the lord for that Arizona who has been ooc since Callie skipped town deserves better. DO BETTER NEXT TIME SHONDA

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settle down around the fire kids cause it’s story time

I feel like sharing this story again. Haven’t in a while.

Long time ago, before SFS Animation was SFS, we were under a different name with a different goal. This was back in 2011.

We’ll just call this former group Project S.

This group was still related to animation, except we were going to make a full on feature length film.

Sounds stupid? It was. This’ll get long, so check below the break.

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How to write a character with humanizing flaws that make them kind of a prick and cause problems in a meaningful way that move the plot forward, while still having redeeming qualities that make them ultimately sympathetic, but not perfect, characters:

How to not do that:

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Hello could maybe get this out there, cause I don't have many followers, so I wouldn't be able to spread this. This past weekend Portugal suffered a horrible fire (which I think is still on going). Over 60 people died, and over 150 wounded, so far, and many people lost their homes, and so many firemen have been working on it relentelessly. So for anyone who would like to help a little there's some money being raised here www(.)justgiving(.)com/crowdfunding/pedrogao-grande Thank you <3


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Not to make you the mental health expert, but IF Even has an episode this season can it be triggered because of stress or is it unpredictable. And can the stress lead to him not taking his meds, which leads to his episode. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant. I'm just curious since everyone is theorizing about him having an episode.

Short answer is: both. Episodes can occur “naturally” (seemingly without any cause) and they can also be triggered by strong emotions (like stress), big life events, changes in routine, etc.

I addressed how I thought Even’s manic episode in season 3 was triggered here.

And here’s my masterpost with all my metas regarding bipolar in SKAM.

As for the pic today and people worrying Even might be having another episode: I personally hope we see him as still bipolar, because that simply doesn’t really go away, but outside of another major episode.
I think episodes were quite covered in s3 and I’m worried that having him have another full blown episode will turn this great representation we got into the usual dramatised depiction we get in TV shows.
I think there’s going to be some troubles between Even and Isak because of the Bakka thing but I also believe they will ultimately overcome and I’d rather Julie doesn’t use Even’s bipolar as a plot point once again.
It made sense in Isak’s season. I don’t see the necessity in Sana’s season.
Also you can still be bipolar and show signs of the disorder without going into full blown episodes. There’s no need to go there if you want to keep showing him as bipolar. There are other ways to do that.

We’ll see.

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So I know a lot of autistics who are really proud to be autistic and I think that's great and I wish I could be like that but I just don't know how. I hate all my autistic traits. I hate that I'm bad at conversation, I hate that I take everything people say seriously, I hate that I never know the right thing to say. I talk about my special interests, which no one cares about, too much. I have barely any friends. Everyone I meet thinks I'm weird. I don't know what to do anymore.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Even I feel this way sometimes. There’s so many things I really kinda hate about being autistic, especially things like my poor concentration, audio processing issues, needing to be given instructions 2, 3, 4, 5 times before I even begin to be able to remember them. Slow reaction times, poor decision making, sensory integration issues. Having absolutely no idea how to help the people I care about when they need me. I could go on and on.

Now, the thing is, though, that even if I didn’t have any of these issues, even if I wasn’t autistic, I’d still find things to hate about myself. Maybe ‘cause I have depression, maybe ‘cause it’s ingrained in people from a very young age that you have to hate yourself otherwise you’ll never improve, or you’re too full of yourself, or you haven’t done anything to deserve to not hate yourself. And these things are ingrained in neurodivergent kids tenfold. That’s why radical self-love is so important to so many of us.

I can guarantee that every single autistic person, even those of us who are super proud of being autistic, has something they hate about themselves, that they wish they could change or get rid of. That’s the human experience. You could take away every single thing you hate about yourself, and all that would happen is you’d find something else to hate.

It sounds super pessimistic, I know. But you are what you are. You can’t change it. You’re stuck with it, no take-backs. What you can change is how accepting you are of yourself. How much you care about other’s perceptions of you versus how much you care about your own perceptions of yourself. What those perceptions of yourself are. That’s something you can change. But you’ve gotta want to.

-Brother Cat

Brother Cat’s right. Even though we’ll sometimes be proud of who we are, we also go through a lot of self-doubt. I’ve dealt with this more than I’d like in the past three years of being unemployed and feeling like either no one understands me or no one wants to hire autistic people like me. I’ve dealt with it all my life in all the bullying and other crap people have thrown at me all my life (even before I knew I was autistic). It sucks. But remember–it’s not your fault you’re autistic. It makes life incredibly difficult, yes, but that’s why you have to keep persisting.

I know this sounds cheesy and trite, but find those good things about yourself. Find the ways that being autistic can benefit you and the people around you, like (for example) thinking outside the box or catching details that others may have missed and making everyone’s lives that much better as a result. That’s what I do, at least.

- Auntie Cat

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RE: Animorphs quotes, will you be doing some of the less happy/funny ones/poignant quotes? Also do you think you'll be doing the Infamous 'do you just hate trashcans' quote from Megamorphs 1?

Probably not on the heavier quotes, just ‘cause this is supposed to be a Happy Fun Times kinda blog, and I generally try to make sure the posts have a comedic tilt. I feel ‘em in my heart, though; those books hooked right into my soul when I was in fourth grade and never let go. I can still feel the way Tobias’ “never trust, never” tore through my heart, like damn. 

The trash cans, though, probably. ;3

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ethan, my baby (i talk loads now)


“Cal!” okay so he’s having a nightmare maybe???? about Cal??? ABOUT GUILT MAYBE??? ALSO if they show his chest and he doesn’t have his scar on it (i mean let’s brush past them forgetting once) i will not be a happy bunny

“Ethan’s grieving-” - charlie to alicia. Damn right he is and damn right if this trailer is anything to go by that’s all we’ll have for the next three months. ethan being v v hurt… so no different from any fanfics then…

they’re holding hands? so everything seems to be going okay between them for the time being but ethan still looks on the verge of tears WOW good on you george rainsford

the rest is in the ‘keep reading’ section because i just realised how annoying this will be to scroll past i am so sorry

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Any tips for smoking for the first time ??

1. You actually have to inhale the smoke, not just suck it into your mouth
2. Don’t let anyone pressure you into smoking/ smoking more if you aren’t ready or you feel like you’re at your limit (I get dizzy and barf when I overdo it, so I take no shit, also good stoner friends won’t try to push you further than your limit or pull the whole “don’t be a little bitch” thing)
3. Have water and your fav snacks around
4. Cottonmouth feels real weird the first few times around, it can even make you feel like your mouth/teeth are chalky
5. If you happen to live with your parents still (assuming you’re 18+ cause that’s the rules for my blog), and they Arent cool with it, don’t be dumb and get stoned in the afternoon/evening knowing you’re gonna have to go home right after. Arrange to stay with your friend or do it early enough in the day to where you can collect yourself before going home cause your first few times, eye drops, breath mints, and perfume won’t save you - you’re gonna look like you’re baked as shit regardless
6. If you feel dizzy, SIT DOWN and have a glass of water or some food. I personally can’t close my eyes or I spin, but whatever works for you - but it helps to ground yourself in a comfy chair
7. It’s okay to cough, or to not be able to take the biggest hit - it’s all about what works for you cause it’s different for everyone.
8. You may or may not feel it the very first time - it’s different for everyone.
9. If you find yourself psyching yourself out or getting paranoid, let your safety friend know (for gods sakes don’t call your mom, even if it’s tempting) and allow them to talk you down/ help you mellow out
I0. Cigarettes can mellow out a good high or intensify a bad one (for me at least) so if you smoke, get to know yourself and how the combo works for you I.e which you should smoke first, whether you should burn a whole cig after a sesh, whether the buzz will make you feel good or bad in combination with the ganj —– also blunts/rillos cause they contain tobacco and can have the same heavy buzz effect on top of the high, which is why I can’t smoke them much anymore. Same general idea for alcohol and crossfading, it can go either way.

That’s the best I got, hopefully none of this scared you off I just think there’s a lot I wasn’t warned about that’s easier to handle if you’re aware of it all ahead of time. Happy smokin anon!!!

eugh, time to figure out how to make 2 weeks worth of food for 6 people for about 120 bucks. 

I should mention that I’m actually a very very good cook, even done it professionally for a while, and I’m pretty decent at budgeting, I know a lot of tricks cause I’ve p much been poor my whole life, we just have a lot of people in the house with varying dietary needs so it’s stressful. 

I gotta feed six people for about 1.50 a day each. Short of going to a restaurant depot it’s really hard.  

Probably gonna get a 5 dozen of eggs from BJs cause that’s like 3.99 and cook it in large batch, cut it into squares and make ‘breakfast sandwhiches’ with that and some cheese. 

Definitely getting rice, we have a rice cooker and we fucking swear by it. 

Frozen meats still taste good and are usually cheaper, especially if you buy in bulk. 

There’s a bakery near by that has a pound of dough for .50 cents, can make bread from that. 

PB&J is always good

Can also get a case of mushrooms from Aldi’s for like 10 bucks, which  with some carrots and celery that we already have, I can make veggie burgers from. 

Five different reasons for saying “I Love You.” (Stalia/Marrish/Scira)

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Warnings:Anti Strdia Relationship, but hey, pro-friendship/brotp! + also it’s 2,000 + words, wasn’t meant to happen by hey, it’s me!

Inspired by the amazing fan art by @lesyablackbirdink I saw it a while back, but now I have a craving to write it!

Dedicated to @celestallison, @trolling-since-chernobyl, @menyc1ty. @facetiious @jobrdais and @danielzharman :)

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For @glyndwrr who sent me this: ok hi, idk if these count as loose or like full prompts or what, but I am a SLUT for proposal fics, but, but, also another thing that I rarely ever see is like. One character thinks the other character is cheating on them or breaking up with them and it causes angst, but they’re not! it was all miscommunication! like, where they’re like ok this is it. the end. they don’t love me anymore and I have no self worth. and the other ones like, no! no i love you! ? do they hate me? idk?? ok sorry bye

Here you go, love! I combined the two prompts in one fic. Hope you like it! I’m not so sure about this, tbh. AO3

There are some mentions of past abuse and Adam Parrish generally being way too fucking hard on himself.

I’m still filled with wonder (you could fool me easily)

The light shining through the thin, white curtains in front of the cracked-open window in the master bedroom at the Barns, falls onto the bed and wakes Adam up. He slowly blinks the sleep out of his eyes and inhales the scent of the light breeze entering and of early mornings, summer, contentment. Next to him, Ronan is lying on his stomach, arms stuffed under the pillow. His face is turned towards Adam. His mouth is slightly open, his long lashes cast shadows across his cheekbones. Ronan doesn’t always look at ease while sleeping, but this is one of the times he does. He looks like it’s the first decent sleep he’s had for a while and Adam tries to push down the overwhelming feeling when he realizes it might very well be because of him.

Adam Parrish is home for the summer after his third year away at college. He’s in love and happy.

He arrived yesterday, his bag is still in the corner, unpacked. Adam dropped it there with the knowledge that he has almost three whole months to put away his stuff if he wants to, but yesterday was not the time. It was the time, however, of hugging Opal, carrying out a blanket and lying down on it with his whimsical family and eat the hotdogs Ronan had made for dinner.

(‘I sure missed your homemade food’, he’d drily remarked upon seeing what Ronan had prepared for his first night back at the Barns.

‘Shut up, asshole. You know you did.’ And God, if it wasn’t the food, he had missed Ronan’s particular kind of pet names, the fuck you’s that sound more like I love you’s.)

It was also the time for kissing, lots of kissing and well, a little more than kissing. After having put Opal to bed and having read her a story like she always requested when he was there, Adam let Ronan take him apart with his hands, his mouth until it felt like he was crumbling, until Ronan had run out of curse words to mix with Adam’s name, until all the air had returned to Adam’s lungs; the kind of oxygen only Ronan can give him.

They’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms, I love you and I missed you mumbled right before the world fell away and made place for his dreams.

Now, he watches Ronan’s back lift in time with his breathing. His tattoo is illuminated too and the stark black creates an almost otherworldly contrast. Adam scoots closer after checking the clock and seeing the red 05:34 flickering. His internal clock is still adjusted to college, but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to it.

Ronan cracks his eyes open when Adam lays closer to him. He gives Adam a lazy smile and turns around so Adam can rest his head on his chest and he can circle his arms around the rest of him.

They get another three and a half hours of sleep.

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[tw: weight loss]
A little over a year ago vs. now - over 10kg lighter and better at posing. 
I lost a lot of weight because I had to change my eating habits after being diagnosed with diabetes, along with an underactive thyroid, a year ago. I was really shocked, and the fact that doctors couldn’t figure out which type I was, wasn’t helping. I love junk food and I had to cut it drastically. I also started working out, cause one of the doctors recommended it. I’m too self-conscious to go to a gym, so I started lifting weights at home and I even came to like the idea of getting stronger. After just 3 months of eating less carbs and cutting sugar drastically I could get off meds. So for now I just have to keep eating well, exercise and monitor my blood sugar. I still eat potato chips and cookies and chocolate and veggie burgers, but not as often as I used to, and in smaller portions. 

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I read your headcanon about Pyro and I admire who is the least corrupted Merc (I'm sure that Pyro and Heavy) and who is the most evil. Maybe a little ranking please:)

Medic: he tricked the devil so hes probably gonna take over hell eventually…

Soldier: out of my hatred of people who are like Soldier i feel like hes pretty evil but not the most… maybe like 70% evil


Demo: also cinnamon bun but also a sin-namon  bun. if you know what i mean. >:3 


Scout: hes not evil, just kind of a fuck boi. a small fuck boi. just needs a cuddle and hed be fine. 

Sniper: i mean, evil is doing shit with the purpose to hurt and since really he doesnt have any care in the world or malicious personal intent hes not really evil… just kind of…. naw hes evil but yet you still love him cause hes only evil sometimes.

Engie: listen. this guy has some dark shit going on in his head. like 60% evil and 40% bacon grease

Pyro: 100% evil, this bitch will tear off your skin and bedazzle that shit. like some kind of pyromaniac buffalo bill. 10/10 doctors do not recommend. 

sooo it’s kind of clear now that hansol isn’t going to be in this comeback. while that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s left, it does mean that i’m going to be waiting even longer for him. 

it’s been really really hard for me but i wana thank everyone for being so nice? all the nice anons who have cheered me up, my lovely friends @hey-uta @nakamottoyuta @iamncttrash @l-etaeyong @nctreacting @pianistjohnny for letting me talk on and on about him and giving me hope when i didn’t believe he was still there. especially @glitterykoreanboyband @cloudytaeyang i talk about him everyday to you guys and you haven’t ditched me yet and i’m really really grateful. and my irl best friend who came over when i asked her to and even tho she doesn’t really like kpop or know who hansol is, she just sat with me while i cried over him and all of this shit.

i know this is sappy and stupid but i have dedicated the past 3 and a half years of my life to him and he means a lot to me. so all of this has been really difficult to deal with but if it wasn’t for you guys i dont think i would have gotten through it.

i thank you all from the bottom of my heart and i love you all very very much xx

Mirror mirror on the wall, what does this reflect on them all??

Mixed feelings all around, almost as many as people/bloggers here. Funny how we all react differently to the same stimulus/incitement or in this case what feels like bait/taunt.
I see disappointment, frustration, anger, lost of respect, sadness, confusion, exhaustion… I see fans giving up on everything Outlander, others trying to explain this new act, some blaming S&C, some giving them an escape… and the crazy thing is I relate to them all and it all.
Stating that from the very beginning none of us knew what the whole truth was, a thousand different scenarios and theories could be made up with all what we were seeing/reading/hearing and what we were being given (note the difference between them both please).
Now, my problem here resides in the fact that such a mess has been made of things that no matter which one of those scenarios turns out to be the real one it won’t come out completely clean from shit and nonsense. It’s all tainted one way or another. I’ll explain myself.
Bear (no pun intended) with me, let’s assume narrative #1 is the real deal and Sam was single, fell for Skipper and they have been together for a year (is it?) now plus Cait had been with that T guy all along. There are some questions to which the answers are NOT PRETTY:
- is that really MM&S’ relationship’s true timing, so close to her having another boyfriend? (stinks, I’m never one to break up another couple)
- why has Skipper/Sam/someone close to them been leaking info and pics about their “private” lives from the very beginning? (stinks even more)
- why let your misogynist bully blue-checked of a “friend” make statements about your love life that you aren’t able/willing to make yourself? what is more, why in the middle of that twitter war and harassment you choose to acknowledge and like and interact with shipper tweets (as easy as it would’ve been to ignore them in the ocean of tweets and mentions you get every freaking minute) (beyond shitty)
- why would you forget/avoid to mention your boyfriend of 3 years in the 2 minute speech you have to give on what was your most important award and achievement to date? (sorry honey, you already know I love you, no need to declare it publicly as other hundreds of celebrities have done and still do each time they win something - again pure bullshit)
- why if you dislike shippers and agree with the big bully that we are all crazy, you go like his tweet then go hurry and unlike it? If those are your true feelings OWN IT woman, you can’t have your cake and eat it too (yep we are disgusting but I’m wearing my Unusual Lady T-shirt as I type this, may help clean my hands of this shit)
- why the rainbow mockery?!?! Yes it now feels like that.
- why if your co-star is your BFF he has been dating a girl for a year and you fail to simply acknowledge her in SM till today? The normal thing would have been to give a follow back the moment she follows you (didn’t happen), or later on when she likes stuff you post (hi there Cait, it’s me!), or later when your BFF retweets her…but no, it wasn’t official enough till today (maybe she’s pregnant and they are in the countdown…you know what’s down? A pile of shit, yeah).
So yes, you get the gist of it, many more bullshit I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Let’s go now with story #2 and that version in which this whole thing has been and still is fuckery to hide the real relationship between Sam&Cait. Okay, they are forced to hide it because of work/industry reasons or/and they want their privacy. Poor them, having to play along and go places they don’t want to go and post and tweet pics they don’t want to, being active part of a farce that results in many of their fans being insulted and bullied, leaving them defenseless and at most saying they ignore (all the while knowing they are in the right). Many people here claim as long as S&C didn’t get directly involved then they couldn’t get blamed by what other people (Shitner, MM, etc) implied so when the “coming out” came it would be clean. Well, after today’s shitshow now this is not possible anymore either. Cait had already wished him a happy birthday, today’s tweet was nonsense.
- why today’s picture with 5 people on a kitchen doing nothing, just posing for the camera no cake no birthday celebration to show whatsoever? And on Cait’s feed and by her own hand. Again notice she HAD ALREADY tweeted him happy birthday.
- why follow the girl back today? Again it would’ve made the narrative more believable if it had happened at the very beginning.

Now we also have the gay scenario #3, in which Sam is in the closet, Cait his BFF willing to cooperate at the beginning but not so much after a while (IFH) enter goldilocks. Well this would be very sad but would make sense from many points of view (why no jealousy from any SO would ever be involved when facing very inappropriate behaviour between costars). Still many games and fuckery being played by al involved and fans paying for them.

Now add a hundred more scenarios apart from those mentioned above and in-between (Sam and Cait did date at the beginning but it was too much, Cait wanted out and he was heartbroken from bimbo to bimbo, they have always been just friends albeit very touchy feely ones)

I guess what I’m trying to say is in the end it doesn’t matter what truth comes out (if/when it does) if in the process there has been all this nasty business of constant fuckery. I don’t like that so I’m reacting the only way I can and that I feel counts: in numbers. As a fan and merely a number, today I’ve unfollowed both S&C in twitter and instagram. I don’t mean to go away cause I still look forward season 3 but I’m gonna be a lurker, no likes no sharing in their stuff anymore.

Of course this is just my POV, coming from my own experiences (funny became a celeb cynical because of Jennifer Aniston, epic let down and since a few weeks ago people here started comparing her and skinny-legs, yes Justin, to Sam and Cait. Fuck my life). Feel free to agree or disagree and share your own opinions if you feel like it and thanks for listening/reading.

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I really wasn't expecting a sex scene in the movie cause lets face it C*rmilla has always been too vanilla for that so Nat confirming it, is like saying ''water is wet'' but somehow it just pisses me off that they've both acted in various things where they've done questionable scenes (even their characters in A* got to have ''sex'' scenes for crying out loud) yet for C*rmilla they're just never willing to go there or do more riskier things and i'm not even talking about nudity

I’m still lowkey waiting for a mild sex scene like act 3.  Mild nudity would’ve been fine.  No offence but stop catering to younger fans lmao.

Cause I have nowhere to share this….and my friends won’t understand….and perhaps no one here will as well….

But I’m happy I brought myself the new Tamagotchi m!x SANRIO VER.

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in….like…..2-3 weeks…….