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Headcanon, Danny has ADHD

Okay, maybe it’s because I have ADHD and I like seeing fictional characters that are like me, but hear me out here.

-He has mild inattentive type, more commonly known as just ADD, (no hyperactivity)
-It’s mild, so he doesn’t NEED medication, but maybe he should. He’s not going to though. I’ll bet he hasn’t even been diagnosed.
-Absent-mindedly touching the inside of a high voltage broken machine while walking in? That’s something I would do.
-Hyper focus would definitely help him while fighting.
-He’s really smart but gets bad grades, even when he studies. He finds studying subjects he doesn’t like to be really hard. See: Teacher of the year
-He seems to overreact to some things and has pretty strong emotions. This doesn’t happen with everyone that has ADHD, but it can be an effect. He screams a lot even when he should be used to what is happening. Call me crazy, but it feels like Tucker and Sam are a lot less vocal in battle than he is.
-I don’t think he means to let Sam and Tucker take a lot of blows and let them take the blame. I think he just has slightly less impulse control than the average person and isn’t good at thinking consequences through.
-ADHD can be hereditary and if you think there is absolutely no possible way that Jack has ADHD or a similar illness then I don’t understand your logic.
-Also there’s that theory floating around that ectoplasm is mildly radioactive and/or Maddie being around it while pregnant could have some kind of effects on her kids. This could have led to Danny having a slightly underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, which is what causes ADHD.
-He’s bad at dodging. I too have spaced out during situations where I should have been dodging and either saw the thing coming at me and for some reason didn’t move or just didn’t think about it and got hit. However, when I’m having a good day I’m really good at it. That’s how Danny can honestly say he’s “a whiz at dodgeball” and still get hit as much as he does.
-He’s really smart but misses obvious things. He also thinks out loud a lot. This is something my brother and a few other people I know who also have ADHD do as well.
-A lot of people with inattentive type (including myself) have a hard time making and keeping friends. Will often have either no friends and a few acquaintances or one or two really close ones.
-If you believe the trans Danny headcanons, that can explain why he hasn’t gotten help yet. It’s a lot harder to recognize and diagnose ADHD in girls and people that were socialized as girls.
-He comes up with puns and insults on the spot. Neurotypicals can do that too, but when you have ADHD, your brain often makes seemingly random connections a lot faster than the average person. This helps with making spur of the moment puns and solving mysteries. Remember how he figured out Spectra was a ghost?

So, yeah. That’s my reasoning. I just honestly think that him having ADHD clears up a lot of things about his character. But, I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m just one guy that has ADD. This is just me speculating.

PSA: Thace has a cute face ^3^

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I wasn’t myself. After that day on the rooftop with Sehun, my behaviour towards everything and everybody had changed. At the beginning I brushed it off, but the longer I ignored it, the bigger the gnawing feeling on my insides got until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

Jay and Baekhyun had both noticed my change in demeanor and there was nothing I could do. Each day felt as if it was a struggle and it’s all my fault. 

The second I accepted this job I had told myself that I would remain professional and just do what was expected of me and go home. That was my plan, which now was slowly falling to pieces. I let Sehun get to me again and this was the result. 

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So another thing about Shiro’s galra arm being the reason why Zarkon keeps finding them:

His arm has his prisoner number information somewhere in there is a tracker.

Can’t let the Champion get away that easy. Can you.

There it is.

I really haven’t seen anyone mentioned this maybe I haven’t looked hard enough.


For @fairyjeons - was gonna submit this to you but then I got too excited when writing it lol

It was a tough day. You’ve been having a hard time at school all day. It was as if all of your teachers have been plotting against you, making sure to make the last days you have left to feel like hell. The argument you had with your best friend at lunch didn’t help and to imagine yourself coming home to your loud and noisy people at your home only causing you to have more headaches.

You made a short stop at a small cafe on your way from school. It was only a block away until you get to your beloved residence but you wanted to come home with a cool head and figured a glass of ice tea might help you out. So there you were, sitting at one table, sipping the cold beverage slowly while gazing out the window. You let your mind to wander in your wild imagination, just to stop them from rewinding all the event that was messing with your mood.

“Excuse me, miss.” You turned your head to see a waitress standing next to your table, smiling gently while placing a small plate of chocolate cake next to your tea. “Here’s your cake. I hope you’ll like it.”

“Um, wait-” you protested, lifting your hand with a confused look on your face. “I’m sorry, you must be mistaken. I didn’t order this.”

She only gave you a smile and a nod. “No, you didn’t. It was ordered for you,” she said, gesturing to the little note which was placed at the edge of the plate before walking away.

You opened the folded piece of paper and read the words that said, ‘You look troubled today. Such a pity, cause I always think that you look prettier when you smile. People said that chocolate can cure sadness, so enjoy the cake. Hopefully it’ll reduced any sadness that is bothering your mind. No questions asked.’

And you did as the note told you to. You ate the delicious cake with your tea though you couldn’t stop wondering who might it be to send you such wonderful desserts which helped enlighten your troubled mind with each bites that you had of it. You looked around at your surroundings to find any suspicious person that might show any hint which indicated who it was, but you failed in the end. You walked to the previous waitress as you finished your dessert and tried to pay for it, only to have your money refused. “It’s already been paid.”

“By who? Is that person still here?”

“No, I’m sorry. He left right after I sent you the cake. But he did left these,” she answered, while handing you another folded note and a small mp3 player.

You opened the note and read it, ‘Did you enjoy the cake? Now listen to the music in this player as you walk home. The music will help you feel good and relaxed. Just remember to not space out while you walk cause I know you need a lot of attention to control your clumsy little legs. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by at the flower shop right at the corner. Tell the nice man with yellow apron your name. Be careful on your way home!’

And once again you followed the words on the note as you left the cafe, listening to the music through the small earphone that it came together with, and - whoever it was that gave you such interesting gift - they were surprisingly right. Not only that the music was soothing, some of them were the songs that you listened to every time you feel down. Who is this person, you couldn’t help to wonder as you paced by on the sidewalks.

You made a stop at the flower shop as instructed, looking through the glass window and between the flowers fully placed on display to look for the man with the yellow apron. It took you a few minutes until you saw him - a middle-aged man with half of his hair turning white, with a very squishy cheeks, a wide smile and friendly eyes, with heights a few inches shorter than you and a bright yellow apron covering his protruded belly - and you smiled at him as he walked out to greet you. 

You pulled off your earphones to be able to speak to him properly. “Hi, my name is Y/N. I was told to visit here. I have no idea why, though,” you said, smiling with a hint of blush on your cheeks.

“Oh!” He exclaimed while clasping his hand together. “Wait here a minute, okay? I’ll be right back,” he said excitedly, waving his hands up to gesture you to stay and he walked back inside, to the counter at the back of the shop and then out again.

He handed to you a small bouquet of white daisies and yellow daffodils which you took in your hands to immediately study as you tried to find any notes attached to it. You found nothing and you bid your goodbye to the kind man, hiding your disappointment for missing any hint of who it was and you continued on to walk home.

You continued to enjoy the music playing softly from the purple mini mp3 player, and you couldn’t stop smiling as you held the bouquet in your hands, occasionally grazing your fingers on each petals as you walked. You felt your footsteps getting lighter and lighter the closer you got to your home, though curiosity still filled your head as the identity of your secret Santa was left unanswered.

You lifted your head as you reached the front of your home, only to see a familiar person - his tall built and lithe body emerged from the shady area of the front of your building as he walked away from the front door to greet you. You took off the earphones and stood in front of him with a smile.

“Taehyung? What are you doing here?”

He gave out his signature boxy grin while you noticed his eyes flickering between at the flowers and mp3 player in your hands and onto your face. “I see you got my presents. I was right, you do look prettier when you smile.”

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Omg so I just started watching voltron and it's pretty good! But I'm curious, do you have any fan characters for it? Your ocs and their designs are always so cool! So I'm really wondering if you've ever drawn a character in the voltron type clothing xD

!!!!! Ahhh, this makes me really happy, like ahhh!! Thank you! I really like designing characters, so this is like the biggest compliment to me~! Thank you!

Actually for Voltron, as much as I love the show, and as much as I love making OC’s, I’ve never actually thought of making any characters for it, But I really like Alteans (cause they’re basically space elves! ^^) So I doodled out a couple, they’re not very good, maybe I’ll revisit them tho XD

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So I'm wondering what might have happened to g/ ost 👻 since there was supposed to be an update on s- me/a one day last week...

Gh/ost is still around.

There hasn’t been anything new really.

I mean how many different ways can the same stuff be said. Gh/ost said some Tom foolery was coming up. I’ve said it myself. Tried to give folks a heads up so they could just laugh it off.

Best thing you can do? Point out the asinine if you want and laugh. Being upset gets a rise and there is truth behind the statement all pr is good even “bad” it gets people talking.

In truth these “productions” have been few and spaced out.

I recommend laughing at the bullshit. Cause trust there will be some whoppers.


I’ve stopped using MyFitnessPal to track my food and workouts and I’m doing it all through my Fitbit mainly cause I ran out of space on my phone so I needed to delete something haha
This is a v gross selfie so forgive me