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Hot For Teacher [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Character: Rick Grimes

Word Count: 4,022

Prompt/Summary: High School/University AU 

Warnings: Smut, Language, Dirty Talk, Taboo Relationship, Unprotected Sex

Note: I’m baaacccckkkk! Sorry, it took me so long to start writing again, this pesky thing called real life kept getting in the way. Anyway, here is some STRAIGHT UP FILTH for @such-a-common-girl ‘s 1K Writing Challenge. Congrats Ana! No one deserves 1K more than you, girl! Enjoy!

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How to add an LGBT+ character

You know it’s very easy for RT to add LGBT+ Characters into R/wby. Seriously you don’t have to make a ship (making a ship would be nice and needed later but not right away if they keep saying they are poor at romance) Like:

-Have a guy flirt with Jaune and Jaune getting flustered and blushing
-Have like Sun said say something about liking men and women
-Have say Ruby say she is not into romance
-Hell have Oscar said if he gets flirted with girls that he likes guys
-Have Emerald turn down a guy but then start gushing over how cute girls are
-If we ever meet Pyrrha’s mom, have her be married to another woman (yeah this is a “ship” but when I mean ship I mean something with the main characters and seeing it become canon)
-Or have a character that uses they/them pronouns

I can’t think of a lot atm cause I’m packing up to go home from college but there are so many ways to add an LGBT+ character without it being a canon ship. Feel free to add if you have any other ideas but will talk back and forth with LGBT+ characters, it’s seriously not that hard to add

Fearful Love Part 2

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,838

Warnings: language 

Tagging: @bovaria, @abaddonwithyall, @pada-ackles, @balthazars-muse, @bookshido, @sincerelysaraahh, @demondean-for-kingofhell, @oriona75, @winchesterenthusiast, @emmy-winchester and @manawhaat

Part 1

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bunny-faced-hoshi  asked:

Seventeen as Starbucks workers

OKAY we’ve been busy with school but now since summer is basically just starting here in canada, we will have a lot more time do these things. i apologize to the people who have been anticipating a post from us. hope you enjoy this~! - dad


  • seungcheol is the lazy manager that sits in the back drinking caramel macchiatos
  • he’s probably the type of manager to help out a lot when its needed
  • when it’s NEEDED
  • chan dropped a customers drink everywhere and he had no choice but to clean it up
  • totally an old man when he has to work
  • these damn kids making me do their job
  • watch it, i give you your paychecks
  • my back hurts sorry
  • i might bust a hip while moving these crates


  • brings customers in when they see him working bc they saw an angel
  • puts his hair up iN A BUN
  • jeonghan gets more money because scoups is a biased lil shit
  • but jeonghan doesn’t care cause bitch betta have my money
  • he’s very concentrated in making the coffee taste perfect
  • it’s a pride thing
  • he gets hit on a lot but doesn’t do much cause he’s here for the pumpkin spice lattes
  • like seriously don’t come to that place during autumn
  • jeonghan is the pumpkin spice queen
  • little pumpkin hair clips to keep his hair in place
  • perfectly placed pumpkins as decorations
  • but seriously if you move those, prepare to die
  • why are we making him a pumpkin fairy


  • employee of the month all year
  • sometimes brings his guitar to work and plays for the customers
  • hums while he works
  • literally the best employee ever??
  • so sweet and makes really good drinks
  • he would go up to customers and ask if they are enjoying their drink or ask if the service was okay
  • always gets peoples names right on the cup


  • flirts with everyone probably
  • gives out free drinks to pretty girls
  • takes far too many breaks
  • s.coups gets really mad over it but jun puts him in his place by reminding him that he once didn’t come to work for 3 days and he’s the manager
  • takes selfies at work while making coffee cause he knows he looks good


  • bops to whatever seungkwan puts on
  • tries to do tricks but ends up dropping 60% of his customers drinks
  • hey chan watch what i can do with the blender!!
  • promoting starbucks 24/7
  • wears starbucks shirts, only drinks out of starbucks mugs, constantly talks about working at starbucks
  • also tries to get his other friends to apply for a job there
  • always gets hyped about the holidays and decorates


  • early to work cause he’s 2 school 4 cool
  • he’s the WON to WOO girls at the cash register  ;)
  • scares people when they drive up to the drive-thru window
  • he sits outside and reads poetry on breaks
  • turtlenecks during fall/winter
  • once wonwoo starts smiling, the customers are like
  • wow it looked like you wanted to kill me 2 seconds go :)”


  • jihoon is basically the manager now because seungcheol does nothing
  • takes the job a lil too seriously
  • probably acts like he’s working for the government or some shit like that
  • even jeonghan is like “dude calm down…..
  • makes killer drinks tho
  • gets mad at joshua for playing the guitar while he’s supposed to be working and takes it away and starts chasing josh around the shop with it#iconic


  • seokmin fools around a lot but is still a very hard worker
  • loves this job so much
  • he just has so much fun all the time
  • it’s to the point where it doesn’t feel like a job to him
  • his smile brights up the room so most of the people are super chill when he’s there
  • friends with a lot of the regulars
  • sparks up a conversation with all the customers
  • makes the customers laugh a lot and jokes around with them


  • some girl took a picture of him and posted it on instagram and was like “look at this handsome oppa working at starbucks~ 😍 😍”
  • after that, there have been many flocks of girls going to that one particular location
  • and mingyu is just really confused
  • until jun brings out his phone and shows him the post
  • so now mingyu is the face of their shop
  • sometimes people request him to be their server
  • his drinks aren’t even that good he’s just really hot


  • this boy has so much chill
  • wants to become employee of the month so bad but joshua always takes that title
  • you would expect someone to be super jealous, but not minghao
  • he really looks up to joshua because of it
  • what a cutie
  • when asshole customers have him and get mad, he continues to be polite as possible because he does not want to lose this job (and he just can’t get angry at anyone)
  • but boo intrudes


  • jihoon made seungkwan in charge of music and he plays girl group songs all the fucking time
  • when the shop isn’t busy or jihoon isn’t there, seokmin, hoshi, and him dance to whatever song is playing while they work
  • his favorite is “give it to me” by sistar
  • seungkwan always stands up for the other boys when customers are being complete dicks to the other boys for no reason cause he’s so protective over them
  • it’s like his other family
  • i’m gonna cry now


  • edgy hipster teen gets job at starbucks
  • wears glasses that he doesn’t even need
  • fucking nerd
  • always mentions the fact that he works at starbucks to seem cool and hip
  • tries to sing along to seungkwan’s girl group songs but everyone is like please stop nooooo
  • fine then, i’ll just start rapping. HEADLINES HEADLINES


  • small child chan is new to this job
  • it’s also his first job
  • always trying his best of course
  • it’s so cute to see him be encouraged by his hyungs
  • whenever one of them says he’s doing a good job his face lights up
  • when he messes up something, no one has the heart to yell or get mad at him
  • lowkey is envious of seungkwan cause jihoon picked him to be in charge of songs when he wants to play michael jackson

- jispoon, pepe, dad

hello and I’m writing this from the comfort of my own room which is a blessing since it means that I’m not warded. The test came back -ve on MERS virus and influenza but the xray showed that I have tracheobronchitis which means bacteria is causing inflammation in the bronchial airways so that’s why I’ve been having this hacking cough.

and thank you for all the well-wishes! doc provided me with very very strong medicine but I can still function okay so lockscreens are on their way now and will sift through the askbox later too!

seriously, you guys are awesome for always cheering me up and reminding me to put my health first and I appreciate it a lot ^^

Terushima Week-Days 4&5

Day 4: Trust/Captain

Day 5: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

I may have decided to skip a few days due to the inability to find motivation, so here’s a make up. This one is a lot longer than the other three I’ve posted. I may or may not have fallen into the endless pit that encompasses Naruto, and, because there can never be enough of my love Genma, so here’s a Naruto au that features very little Haikyuu and a lot of Terushima regretting his choices. And fight scenes cause I’m like ultra weak for that stuff.

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Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Nineteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: Sorry about the delay, I know a lot of people have been wanting more, but my computer would not, for some reason, let me open the folder that I have all the chapters for this in, but I managed to get this one sorted in the end, so enjoy.


“I am not a hound Wilhelm!”

“No, you are not, the hound would know better than to try and get up.” He retorted in frustration. “Seriously Girlie, if I have to tie you to the bed, I will.”

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”It’s people like you that make people not take trans seriously, you’re not a fucking wolf or any shit like that, you are a human. If you wanna be some made up shit, then cool. But don’t go telling people like if it’s normal, cause it’s the most stupid shit that I have ever heard. I wish people that thought they we’re something else then human would shut the fuck up. If your an animal then live like one and go into the wild and never come back. It would make a lot of people happy” -my-unicorn-baby

Really? Because, in my experience, everyone who has knows I am otherkin and knows I am transgender takes me just as seriously as any non-kin, cisgender individual. They certainly don’t seem to take the non-kin transgender individuals around me any differently, either.

No, you know who’s part of the problem? People like you.

People who propagate these ridiculous ideas that a) human beings aren’t animals, which literally goes against our species’ classification and basic biology, b) that spiritual beliefs, something that has existed in our culture for almost as long as our existence, are somehow not “normal” and c) that opinions that don’t inherently involve gender identity somehow, in someway, equate to and harm gender identity. Well, whether you claim to be trans or cis, I hate to be the one to tell you that there is quite a lot more to gender identity than opinions. A lot more. And if someone believes in reincarnation, or souls, or god, well, that’s not making “people not take trans seriously,” as you so eloquently put. That’s someone living their life and holding their beliefs and really not doing much else in this context.


3 away from bingo. Alas!

Happy With You

Hey, guys! So, I decided to write this fic about the omelia dinner party we’re having on 13x02. Basically, it’s what I wanted it to be haha

I based off a little from these anon prompts that were sent here:

“Can someone write about omelia’s dinner party in 1302? :)“

“Imagine if the Omelia dinner party results in Owen burning the cooking because he’s too distracted by Amelia so they order pizza for everyone instead 😍” 

“A fic about a dinner party with people from the LA practice. Charlotte warning Owen he must behave and Sheldon telling Amelia the same” (I changed this one a little bit).

Also, thanks to @jia911 for proofreading it and as always, to @jordan202 for being an amazing friend and for her huge help.

Owen woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. Startled by it, he quickly got his cellphone from the bedside table and turned it off.

“God, why did you set up that stupid thing? It’s freaking Saturday!” Amelia groaned, hiding her face in the crook of Owen’s neck.

“Because it’s already 9 am and we have a bunch of stuff to do. You know that if I didn’t setup the alarm, we would probably wake up at noon.”

“Don’t be dramatic.” She finally lifted up her head to look at her husband, smiling at him. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Owen smiled back and admired her for a few seconds. They had been married for a month and Owen still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and amazing wife, who he knew loved him as much as he loved her. It all still felt like a dream, where they could wake up from their happy bubble at any moment. And the best thing of it all was that Amelia wasn’t freaking out. She didn’t seem to be regretting her decision or anything, like Owen had thought she would. That first month of marriage was all he had hoped for. They had lots of sex in every room of the house, watched a bunch of mundane real estate and reality shows, cooked together - well, Owen cooked, Amelia tried to help - and went to sleep late talking about everything. Owen knew that their whole life wasn’t going to be like that, of course they would argue sometimes, but he was even excited to see what silly little arguments they would get into. “How did you sleep?”

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Okay, I seriously can't take it anymore

As most people who have been following me for a while know I have been living with my mother who is emotionally abusive. This includes, denying my disabilities (i have OCD and ADHD, but according to her it’s all in my head and I need to suck it up and get over it), calling me degrading names (in example and most recent, lazy ass or lazy piece of shit), using and abusing my name and ruining my credit, threatening to kick me out when I wouldn’t give her my card, and many other things. 

Its hard because I love my mother, but I recognize that she treats me horribly and I can’t take it anymore, if I don’t find a way out soon, I don’t know what I’ll do. Here’s the thing, I can’t really do much or go anywhere until I have a car, with all the financial trouble my mom has caused us from getting fired from her job and being in legal trouble, its been hard to save money but I have been putting away 20 dollars every other week if I can spare it. The thing is, I want to save up 2000 dollars to buy a car with. If I have a car, I could live in it, pay off the debts that she caused in my name, build my credit back up and move into my own place. 

I know I’ve been asking for a lot lately but it would mean a lot if you could help me out with this. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog this and signal boost it. If you want to donate, my paypal is

Dustin had never expected to be a teacher of any kind. Not even a casual cooking class that only met a few times a week. It was just something to get a little extra cash in his pocket while he finished up culinary school. He was just making sure all of the kitchen stations were properly stocked to keep himself from getting too nervous when people started coming in one by one which was when he realized something. People were obviously pairing off with people that they wanted to flirt with and they definitely weren’t really  there to learn how to cook. He sighed, but shrugged. He was getting paid regardless. 

He was standing at the front of the room getting ready to start introductions when he saw the one person in the back that seemed to have purposefully kept to himself. Maybe he would actually be serious about the class. He took a deep breath through his nose and gave the class a wave to get their attention. “Howdy, everyone. My name’s Dustin, and I’m gunna be teachin’ y'all to cook.” It was a little odd considering that a lot of the people in the class were older than him, and he was sort of worried that his accent would cause them to not take him as seriously as a chef. “All I wantcha to do today is buddy up with the person you’re sharin’ your station with, and make the best dish thatcha can. Whatever ya wanna cook.” It would be a nice way to gage everyone’s skill level, and it would be fun for the first day so it seemed like a win/win. “I’ll be around in a bit to check up on ya and answer any questions.” He nodded, mentally patting himself on the back for getting through his intoduction. 

Where has I been????? D8  

I sorta took one of them’s unplanned hiatus things I’ve mentioned before. Work got really crazy- in a really good way- but as such just a combination of lots of late nights and creative energy spent and I sorta wound up avoiding my computer and personal work for a couple weeks. I’m slowly easing myself back into where my projects left off though so I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

It was my sisters birthday yesterday too, so I had drawn this for her cause Splatoon is her favorite thing and also it’s super rad if you guys have Wii Us you should totally like buy it like right now seriously it’s the best thing GET IT.

Happy birthday paradoxcomplete ;U; ilu <3

I didn’t make it in time for New Years but oh well! 

Thank you all for a great year! I couldn’t have made it this far without your love and support! Let’s all keep going and do our best this year as well! I’ve met a lot of great people this year and I’m also so fortunate to keep the fantastic friends I already have. You guys are so awesome and I could never put into words how much you all mean to me. From late night league of legends nights to crazy live streams and also the lovely people who commission me! You’re all freaking great and I hope you all have happiness love and joy this year! 

Seriously though give yourselves a pat on the back and a high five cause honestly you did a good job this year. You haven’t given up yet so why start now?

I love you guys! 

Thank YOU!!!!

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150913 - ‘In the Heights’

Hello all! I was able to get tix for Sunggyu and Dongwoo’s musical ‘In the Heights’. And it was their first performance together too! So first of all, the musical itself was all right. I’m a huge musical lover and this one was just okay. It didn’t have the best music and it was kind of hard for me to understand cause they were mixing really fast Korean (with Spanish accents), Spanish and English into the same sentence. So there were times I was just like… whut did that person just say. But anyway, it’s a musical that started off broadway quite a while ago apparently and it had a lot of latin influences and all I could think about was that I wished Woohyun was in this so we could get Nam Latin back again lol. But the boys were seriously AMAZING in this. I think this role was literally made for Dongwoo. It was just like watching Dongwoo be Dongwoo on stage lol. And gyu… omg don’t get me started. Anyway, I wanted to just enjoy the musical so I didn’t take any notes but i did jot down a few things at intermission so I wouldn’t forget the fun stuff. Much much more under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

I love john. And he loved his boys to death, there's no denying that. But technically neglect is a form of abuse, and it has been stated flat-out in the show that he would leave the boys for weeks at a time. Dean had to steal to feed his little brother because their dad wasn't there to look after them. If that's not neglect, i don't know what is. I'm not saying he was never a good parent, because I think he definitely was at times.

Mmm that’s where canon just gets iffy for me. The John from the earlier seasons definitely did not do that. All that stuff you said was kind of shoehorned into the show by the writers in recent seasons for some unknown reason (i feel like it was just to cause unnecessary drama). Even JDM said he didn’t like/agree with what the writers did to John. In an s1 flashback, John was shown to have left them alone for just one night and he had a back up plan (to call I think it was Pastor Jim) if he didn’t come back in time

Yeah I’m definitely not one to just ignore canon but when it completely ignores canon from earlier seasons that’s when I just don’t take it seriously anymore. Sam and Dean love John and they don’t find him abusive at all (and neither do a lot of abusive victims on tumblr if that holds any credibility to you)

Yeah a lot of people like to say he’s not “the best parent in the world” or that he “made mistakes,” but really. You can literally say that about every father in the world. No dad is “father of the year,” no dad has never made mistakes… John is human just like everybody else :)

anonymous asked:

What if Oliver is the one tricking Malcolm? Having Malcolm train Oliver to beat Malcolm. Only the student can defeat the master. Malcolm will always be the true threat to Thea. Oliver is smarter than this!

The problem is, Anon, is that they haven’t shown that.  They haven’t even hinted at that.  Could it be true in the end?  Sure.  I guess.  Maybe.  But if it is, Oliver would very much need to clue his team in unless he’s manipulating on such a grand scale that he’s leaving them utterly clueless because he wants their reactions to be “real."  The problem/danger with that logic is (speaking from a philosophical story structure/building persective) that IF the show doesn’t clue the audience in on this game, we’ll be judging Oliver, too.  Yes, they could go for that shocker ending twist where we realize Oliver had Malcolm’s number all along but that assumes several things:

A. That we care enough & still like Oliver enough during all the pre-reveal episodes, as he lies to, manipulates, angers and hurts his friends for this grand-maybe-scheme, to stick around to see that end result explanation

B. That his explanation, when the time comes, doesn’t ring false, unnecessary and cruel.  Will we still respect Oliver in the morning, or will we look at him and think, "And that was worth all this?  You couldn’t find a better way?  Idiot.”

C. That we don’t conclude, upon balancing the so-called “greater good” argument against the price he’d have forced his friends to live with as a result of those manipulations and lies, that Oliver still isn’t a massive tool 

C. That manipulating Malcolm was worth hurting and losing Felicity and that Oliver would be willing to do that to someone he says he loves because…….?

I’d honestly be shocked at this point if this is how Oliver turning to Malcolm plays out.  I think there are far more twists ahead.  I certainly don’t trust Malcolm & I fully expect him to have a much longer game-plan here than he’s admitting to.  Something about his supposed story doesn’t really add up for me & I have my suspicions.  But Oliver seems to know exactly what he’s getting into bed with, too (the old tale of the scorpion and the frog here). 

Oliver’s willingness to turn to the guy who has done so many evil things and has been, essentially, the cause of every ounce of pain in Oliver life has been set up (so far) as genuine and, to a degree per Tatsu’s advice, even logical.  There’s been no hint of “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.  Play him until…"  Nope.  They gave Oliver a goal (stop Ra’s), a motivation (protect Thea and the city), and external and internal/emotional conflict (stopping Ra’s means siding with the one person Oliver hates most, still not choosing to be with Felicity, and putting Oliver on a dangerous, slippery slope that could lead him to becoming Malcolm Merlyn). 

Framed against all of that, if Oliver whips around at the end to point a finger at Malcolm and be like, "Booyah! I knew all along, sucker!” is that really satisfying enough to excuse what we’d have watched him sacrifice, use, hurt, and mislead for 10+ episodes? For what?  Just to be the smartest guy in the room?  You really run a great risk of ticking your viewers off and setting Oliver back instead of push him a step closer to that hero goal. 

We would have to overlook the fact that he chose to hurt all these relationships instead of cluing them in at any point in time “just cause.”  And that’s a lot to expect your audience to overlook, IMO.  I love Oliver but damn.

I think the main goal here is to just up the conflict for Oliver and everybody around him by bringing the viper into the nest.  I mean, seriously, think of all the stuff Malcolm has done. I’m sure I’ll leave something off the list but…

He sank the Queen’s Gambit.  He “killed” Oliver, Sara, and (essentially) Robert Queen.  He held Walter hostage for months to blackmail Moira into doing his bidding.  He almost killed Oliver during that fight as the Dark Archer.  He almost killed Diggle.  He almost led to Oliver’s death again (arrow through the chest in their final fight S1).  He leveled half the Glades.  He murdered over 500 people and that’s not even counting all the people he killed before the finale.  He manipulated Thea so he could train her to be a killer, then drugged her, brainwashed her (so aptly called ‘mind-rape’ by a lot of people), and made her kill someone just so he could use that to manipulate Oliver into fighting a duel against the most dangerous man in the world all to what?  Save his own ass? *scoff*

Oliver climbing into bed with this guy and doing it willing, while totally motivated and supported from a story perspective still makes my skin crawl.  I get it. I’m not saying I don’t get his motivation.  It’s just.. ugh.  It’s Malcolm Merlyn!

Now the question is: are the writers going to use this to “redeem” Malcolm enough so they don’t feel he’s boxed into a corner and needs to be killed (Ahem.  Moira. yeah, I’m not bitter about that. Whatever)?  Do they use this to make Oliver confront ethical, slippery slopes & have him have to make the choice about what he really is: A hero or something else?  Do they pull a twist and have Malcolm remain a villain of even bigger proportions?  What’s their goal?  There’s lots of ways this can go.  But Oliver as being some sage guru who knows all and sees all and is playing both sides against the middle?  Ehhhhhhh.  You better hope the writing used to justify that is superior enough that your audience will find that “shock twist” a big enough payoff when weighed against Oliver hurting everybody around him, betraying their trust and loyalty and faith, and losing the woman.

Yeah, that better be one hell of a payoff.


I’m back! I tried to write this up last night after my line tips post, but then I had to sleep for a decade and shower for a year because I SLEPT ON THE GODDAMN STREET. Anyway:

  • Tuesday was my birthday and I really wanted to get in that day, but alas, it was not to be. We were #7 in the line after the evening show’s tickets were all taken and some people went home rather than staying the night. I knew if we could keep that #7 spot, we had really good odds of seeing the show on Wednesday, since there are two performances, so I ended up staying overnight.
  • I didn’t think I could do it! But I did, and seeing the musical was my #1 birthday wish, so having to wait an extra 20 hours or so was worth it. The sleep deprivation did start catching up to me during the second act and I got the beginnings of a migraine, but I still enjoyed every bit of it and I cried my eyes out.
  • I couldn’t have done this without my amazing mom. She held my place in line, brought me BIRTHDAY CAKE IN LINE, brought me stuff to help me sleep once I decided to stay overnight, and made friends with like everyone in the line. I’m thrilled that I got to see it with her!
  • This sounds like an award acceptance speech or something, but I would also like to thank the other people in line for being awesome, supportive, and friendly. When I didn’t think I could sleep on the street overnight, their enthusiasm and excitement gave me a second wind. A+ humans.
  • On Sunday when we first waited for tickets, I was still hoping to get in without paying the premium price for really good seats–but then I realized how hard it is to get tickets for under $1000 AT ALL, so I decided I was willing to pay for the premium seats, especially since this was probably my only chance to see the OBC, and to see Lin in the title role before he leaves in July. So we got SIXTH ROW TICKETS, goddamn.

As for the show itself, it was just as amazing as I knew it would be.

  • UNDERSTUDIES! We had 3: Alysha Deslorieux as Peggy/Maria, Andrew Chappelle as Laurens/Philip, and Carleigh Bettiol as Eliza. I was a bit disappointed not to see ~the originals~, but also intrigued as to how the musical would change with different actors.
  • I felt bad for the understudies because every time an original cast member came out there were GIANT CHEERS. Lin, Leslie, Chris Jackson, Daveed, and Oak all got cheered during the opening number, while the understudies got nothing. They’re probably used to that, but still.
  • Alysha Deslorieux has a slightly less smoky, but still sultry, voice compared to Jasmine. She did a great job, and her “And Peggy”s had the crowd cracking up. Apparently she’s a standby for all three women, which has to be exciting.
  • Similarly, Andrew Chappelle is an understudy for five different people. It was a little jarring to see him instead of Anthony Ramos as Laurens–Ramos seems to have more of an endearing, sweet quality to him, while Chappelle is more, I don’t know, wacky?–but he was really funny, and my mom, who didn’t have any preconceptions about the role, thought he was great. (I didn’t notice as much chemistry as I was expecting/hoping between him and Lin, but that could just be my lams shippiness giving me unrealistic expectations.) He was hilarious as Philip, too.
  • Carleigh Bettiol was note-perfect as Eliza. Voice-wise especially, it was hard to tell the difference! She also had a great emotive face, especially during the “everyone cries forever” parts. Her face just crumpled up and I was like NOOOOOO.
  • I’d still love to see the three originals in these roles and hopefully I will once they FINALLY RELEASE A FILM OF THE GODDAMN SHOW, but the understudies were great too. The whole company is phenomenal!
  • Some actors apparently put their twitter and instagram handles in their Playbill bios now. What a time to be alive.
  • Speaking of which, Oak’s bio starts with “My name is Oak. I have done things,” and ends with “Shake and bake.”
  • Daveed Diggs omg. It’s almost a cliche to say so at this point, but he was amazing, and hilarious, especially as Jefferson. He milked that role for all it was worth and knew exactly how to charm the audience. His facial expressions alone! Also, I don’t know how he manages to be so tall and long-limbed and still bounce around the stage like an overexcited puppy. He’s such a star.
  • Also, there was an interview with Daveed in Playbill where he said his favorite part to perform isn’t any of his own songs–it’s the backup singing for “Wait for It,” because he loves how Leslie sings it and getting to be a part of that. <3
  • SPEAKING OF LESLIE ODOM JR. What a fan-fucking-tastic performance. He’s got this coiled energy throughout the whole show, and you keep expecting it to burst out of him, but he stands stock-still for almost all of “Wait for It” (cause u gotta wait for it, I guess) and it isn’t until “The Room Where It Happens” that he really lets it out. And he really makes you feel for Burr. All the little moments where Burr is insulted or ignored are so much more intense when you see Leslie act them out, especially at the end when Hamilton endorses Jefferson and then Jefferson refuses to work with him. It’s just heartbreaking. He’s the Smile More guy, but Leslie plays him so you can tell that often he’s smiling to conceal his disappointment and despair.
  • DAT CHOREOGRAPHY THO. I loved it so much, especially… well, especially all of it, but it gave me a new appreciation for “Hurricane,” which I’m usually meh about. While Lin is in the middle singing, the company raises various pieces of furniture and stuff in the air and dances around him really slowly, so it looks like he really is standing in the middle of a hurricane in slow-motion. I liked that a lot.
  • My other favorite bits were mostly where the whole ensemble was onstage/singing at the same time–the first ~omg chills~ moment is when they sing “you never learned to take your time” in the opening number, but there were a bunch of them. They also form a lot of excellent tableaus, like during Washington’s “check it / can I be real a second” rap. And the lighting was awesome throughout. I’m just so glad I got to see it on stage.
  • Also, the rotating bits of the stage were used to great effect. Sometimes really simple stuff, like Maria walking down the “street” while the stage turned underneath her so she took more steps than the actual distance she traveled. I think all three duels were done while the stage was turning, and I especially liked one bit near the end where Burr says the line “they row him back across the Hudson” and two ensemble members sit down next to Lin and “row” him across the stage.
  • One of my favorite moments that I wasn’t expecting was when Angelica and Hamilton first meet, during the exchange “My name is Angelica Schuyler”/“Alexander Hamilton”/“Where’s your family from,” the two of them are standing REALLY CLOSE, like they’re about to kiss, but then of course they don’t. It just gives the scene this sexually charged quality that doesn’t come across on the OBCR. Then during “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” they’re standing close again, but this time because she’s angry at him for hurting Eliza. It’s a great echo.
  • Renée-Elise Goldsberry reminded me why “Satisfied” and Angelica were both instant favorites of mine. 
  • We saw a #ham4ham! It’s one of the company members, Daniel J. Watts, performing a tribute poem to Muhammad Ali. Of course it’s already up on YouTube. There’s audience participation!
  • Rory O’Malley is doing King George III right now, and he’s adorable. I sometimes skip the King George songs on the OBCR because they’re kind of repetitive once you’ve heard them all multiple times, but watching them onstage is a treat, because he hams it the fuck up and makes everybody laugh.
  • The staging of “Farmer Refuted” is really funny. Seabury gets up on a box to speak, and during the “if you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream” part Hamilton jumps right up there with him and gets in his face, practically pushing him off the box. Thayne Jasperson is adorable btw. [heart eyes]
  • OMG, Chris Jackson freestyle singing (whatever that’s called) at the end of “One Last Time.” Brought the house down. So many showstoppers in this show, it’s a wonder it ever gets to the end! (Get it, cause… showstoppers… stop… the show… no but seriously everyone clapped a lot)
  • I could probably think of more things to say but long post is long and I don’t want to just end up repeating things others have said in their write-ups. You all know about the missing scenes, the mic drop, someone giving Alex Lacamoire a Reynolds Pamphlet, etc. And if you don’t, go spelunking in the Hamilton tag!
  • ONE MORE THING THO: That moment when Leslie stands on a table, jumps, and WHILE HE’S IN THE AIR someone PULLS THE TABLECLOTH OUT FROM UNDER HIM BEFORE HE LANDS BACK ON THE TABLE AGAIN omg how many times did they have to practice that and how many times did Leslie end up on the floor

This is my first drabble, I suppose it’s an introductory sort of one. If you’d like something written please don’t hesitate to send in some requests, my inbox is open!! The ending is pretty week but this is something I wrote mainly for me. Neither of them have had children in this. But Klaus still has moved to New Orleans, however Hayley is pretty much non-existent. But enjoy!!

Caroline didn’t have a direction of where she was going. All she knew was that she couldn’t take being stuck in mystic falls any longer. She’d always promised herself that she’d get out, explore the world. After all she was a vampire, being in one town and not doing anything with her immortal life seemed ridiculous. And unfair to those who only got to be mortal. She was now 77 and what did she have to show for it? Matt was dead, a happy life he had lived but he was only human. Jeremy was in a retirement home, Bonnie had died younger than she should have. The spell was just too powerful for her. And Caroline realized that her relationship with Stefan, her friendship with Elena and Damon was all forced from her teen years. The only one she would keep in contact with was Enzo.

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anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering, it seems like you're happy takashi is gone. is there a reason why? i don't know if there's something wrong with them or what tbh i haven't seen anything bad from them

Well, I don’t think he’s actually gone. I guess the blog was shadow banned or something. Eh.

Tak is an anti. Used to be a chill one that was able to make good points in debate. After the Zamii thing he changed up and started going on crusades to “drag out the assholes and punish them” (his words, paraphrased; referring to anyone he believed was responsible for or somehow involved in Zamii’s suicide attempt) which basically meant caps-lock raging and tossing a bunch of insults at people (generally telling them that they’re subhuman scum) and whatnot. Like… more often than not, it seemed like it was all the damn time. To what looked like fucking anyone. Just got very aggressive and spiteful near the end.

But… my personal thing with him is I feel like he uses people’s suicides as a way of generating attention for himself. Maybe it was genuine the first time but at this point, to me, it was just looking like he wanted to be seen as like…a hero. Some noble saint that always and forever will drop what they’re doing to rally an army to spam someone positive messages when theyre feeling sad. (This is further explained in a rant I wrote about him btw, won’t get into it too much but im js incase this is being misunderstood as “i didnt like him for spreading positivity”, not what im tying to say.) It just seemed like it was a show, more about looking all caring than just wanting to be helpful. I think thats really low. And i only came to that conclusion because of his tactics. See, the point is he was going out of his way to go against the bullies who harassed Zamii and anyone else he was in the process of saving… He would go against the bullies by being a bully, all while screeching about being down with hate. While being as hateful as possible to anyone he deemed unworthy of his respect because “they didn’t care how X felt when they were harassing them so why should I care how they feel”? Yknow just shit that sounds very sjw-ey and mad, bitter. I just don’t get how you can be trying to present yourself as this Down With Hate spokesperson but your way of tackling the hate is to be hateful? So.. that’s why I said it’s a show, yknow, actions were speaking louder than words and I’m like, it has to be an act or your actions would line up more with what you supposedly stand for. Ya feel? So from there my opinion of him just… exploded.

Forgive me, trying to cover the bases here before people come yelling at me again tbh. He’s got a decent amount of supporters… I just think his blog going down is a good thing cause tbh then people on here don’t have to deal with his tantrums for a min, and I seriously think he needs a break from all this shit. Maybe some time off will help him get back to how he was before…

Other people have their complaints, prob a lot of receipts floating around of him flipping shit on people. I’m not good for the “well on the 4th of Sept he said xyz to this person and it was racist” shit but I’m sure those will be popping up soon, masterposts of the stuff he’s said and whatnot…. but for the people defending him tbh, I’m kind of disappointed. Don’t justify his crazy ass behavior man. If you’re the kind of person that says “shitty behavior is shitty behavior no matter who’s doing it” when you’re in debate against racists and feminists, then don’t go and throw that out the window… even if you don’t agree with me about his show, don’t pretend he wasn’t damn near foaming at the mouth at the end there, not even making points anymore and just straight going after people for the fuck of it. “He’s fed up and rightfully so” just really sounds a lot like “we have a right to be angry at our oppressors”… ijs. You’re still trying to exscuse shitty behavior. Again… ijs.

Tl:Dr Tak is an anti who was great once upon a time but pretty much became a prime example of the horse shoe theory. From where I’m sitting, he deff turned into the raving lunatic sjw he claimed to be fighting against.