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Keys to My Heart

Summary: We’ve all wanted Dan to get his piano fixed forever. But when a cute repair guy shows up and causes trouble, can a simple song played on the piano fix things? Well, that and a long overdue discussion of the past.

Word Count:  4765 

Warnings: tempers, a hickey, and lots of angst and feels

Notes: My first fic of 2017! Just a little oneshot because I wanted to write about Dan’s piano skills, which have been off to war apparently. This fic was edited by one of my new betas, the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts!:)

I hope you guys like this! If you do feel free to leave some feedback in my ask; you know I live for it:P

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A Pale Boy

I walked with confidence down the street of NYC. That’s the most important thing a girl can do ‘round here. Confidence is the key. My ears twitches at the sound of a loud, piercing simultaneous chant. Must be the Second Salamers, bigger pests than the rats running around. It bothers me really, being a witch and all. I want to live in peace with No-Majs but they want to burn me.

I was about to cross the street so I didn’t have to struggle through the protesters until I saw two cars had collided, not anything bad at all—I could have popped the dent back in myself— but the two drivers were yellin’ anyway. One of the cars was a nice Breezer and the other wasn’t quit as nice but it was no surprise the Breezer was the one to cause the accident. Rolling my eyes I am forced to brave my way through the crowd. Squeezing through, holding tight onto my purse, I got stuck dead smack in the middle. The crowd got rowdier as the leader-lady got more fiery so the only hope I had was to brave the storm out and stay in the crowd. Good thing I had no place to be.

“You, friend, what brings you to our meeting?” the lady asked me all noble, locking eyes intensely. I smiled and raised my eyebrows playfully at her.

“First time, actually,” I replied with a smile. A smile fake as friends. She smiled back excitedly. I’m just plucking her strings here to have some fun now.

“Wonderful! I’m glad you’ve joined the cause! Please, take a leaflet,” she exclaimed excitedly and motioned for the boy a few steps behind her to hand me the paper. I didn’t even notice the boy before. He was very pale and he shrunk into himself, all sad like. The sight of him made my heart feel goofy.

He walked quickly up to me, like he was scared or something, and the lady kept on talking about “exposure” or some crap. He shyly handed me the leaflet and when I went to take it, having it in my clutch, he goes to turn away.

“Hey,” I said, grabbing his wrist softly. He flinched away at my touch, breaking my heart a little.

“S-sorry,” he murmured softly in a quiet voice. He was looking at the ground but he turned to face me. He was absolutely adorable.

“No, Mister. I shouldn’t have startled you like that,” I smiled at him, a burning feeling growing in my heart wanting to do everything in my power to make him smile. He looked up for a second at me then quickly back down. It wasn’t as if he was shorter than me, he wasn’t he was much taller, but he eyes went straight to the ground. I sighed a little knowing this wasn’t goin’ to be so easy.

“So you work for her, Mister?” I asked, the lady still droning on to the crowd. He nodded stiffly. I let out a small chuckle of pity, causing him to give me another glance.

“She’s my mother,” he whispered, then fiddled with his hands. Poor thing, shes crazy. I looked at his hands to notice his scars. I slowly put my hand on his and traced one. He stiffened under my touch but sort of relaxed after a moment. His eyes met mine and my whole soul practically ached for this boy.

“I’m real sorry, Mister. She’s real crazy,” I said, letting go of his hand. A little smile formed on his lips as his eyes went back to the ground. I pondered for a moment. I now have a strong desire to be his friend, and when I put my mind to something I get it done.

“Hmm. Hey Mister, you wanna hang out after this?” I asked him. Figure he can’t leave during or else his mother would be mad. His cheeks turned a slight pink and he got all flabbergasted.

“I…I can’t. Ma wi-” he began but I interrupted him.

“Leave her to me. You can come to see i’m very convincing,” I explained happily. He looked up at me warily. His eyes meeting my large smile. He stayed scilence for a moment, guess he was arguing with himself about something. “So what do you say. You wanna hang out, Mister?” I interrupted his train of thought. He thought for another moment.

“Yes, thank you,” he agreed quietly. He seemed nervous still, but, he had a ghost of a smile of his face. He timidly looked at me then turned away to his original spot behind his mother.

After the meeting was over and the crowd dispensed, I stayed in my spot, swaying my hips a little to kill boredom, waiting for the lady to be free to talk. When the last rallyer was done talking with her I approached my prey.

“Hi Mrs…?” I asked her and she responded quickly.

“Ms. Barebone. How may I help you?” she asked in her self-righteous tone.

“I just wanted to further talk about your cause, a very fine one I may add, and how I could help out,” I explained to her, buttering her right up. Barebone’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas. The boy, who I foolishly never got his name, watched sketchily in the background. I winked at him when the lady turned her head.

“Oh yes, you’re our newest recruit,” she began in an excited tone. It made me disgusted that someone could get so excited about killing people. But, if I wanted to hang out with my boy over there then I had to play along.

She went on for about five minutes in a big rant. I almost yawned but I caught myself before it was too late. I mimicked her facial expressions to show interest and asked some questions here and there. When she was over it was finally to put the last part of the plan in action.

“Maybe I can borrow your son, we could hand out the leaflets. I now all the best spots in the city!” I injected excitedly and her face lit up at the thought of a young person who wants to help the cause. Wish I could have taken a picture.

“Of course!” she answered happliy, grabbing some leaflets from a box and shoving them into her son’s hands. “Go and help the pretty girl,” she turned and demanded in a harsh whispered I just managed to hear to him. He looked up and I gave him a sad smile. He nodded to his mom and walked next to me, still timid as ever.

“Thank you, Ms. Barebone,” I said with a polite smile. She waved her hands around.

“No, please, call me MaryLou,” she explained. I smiled one more time and turned to walk with the guy.

“See. Told ya I’d handle your Mom,” I said with a wink once we were out of reach from MaryLou. He nodded.

“Yes, you did,” he said quietly.

“So what’s your name, Mister?” I asked because I never got it before. He seemed taken back.


“Well Credence, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m (Y/N)!” I smiled widely at him, happy to get a conversation going. We turned the block and I took the leaflets from his hands and threw them in the garbage. His eyes went wide with surprise.

“You think I’m actually handing that crap out. I could tell you didn’t agree with her, I don’t either,” I explained. A small smile formed on his face. His little smile made my heart light up.

“W-why did you want to hang out with me?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know. Something about you, I like you,” I explained, pointing a finger at him.

“Really?” he asked in an insecure voice. I laughed at him.

“Of course really! I wouldn’t go out of my way for just anyone, you know,” I winked at him. His cheeks turning a dusty pink. I smirk and kept on walking. I could practically feel Credence thinking and fighting with himself in his head. But before I asked him about it, he grabbed my hand softly and I laced my fingers together with his. I think I could handle that horrible women to live this moment again.


Hey my first imagine!!! If there are any mistakes feel absolutely free to tell me so I can fix them! If you have any requests drop them in my ask box. Thanks for reading!


Omegaverse AU [Part 2/?]: In which Eggsy doesn’t really know when to keep his mouth shut or stop looking in the mouths of gift horses. This, however, does not seem to deter Harry who, it seems, has not selected just any Omega.

(Also known as, I actually came up with a sort of plot for this, so let’s see where that goes.)

Part 1:

Be the person Phil Lester would want you to be.
—  Toomanyshipsxx

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The tags you wrote about Felicity being killable...I didn't really consider it until this season, but they have introduced characters to conceivably replace her attributes (tech genius, nerdy comic relief, love interest, etc.) and the similarities to LL's storyline/fate are a little disconcerting. The writers haven't figured out how to not have characters be interchangeable/balance storylines and it is frustrating.

On one hand, I don’t really think they would go there. 

But on the other – it is in their M.O. and they are despicable enough in the way they write and conceive of a woman’s place in the narrative, that I wouldn’t rule it out completely either. Why would I? What proof do I have that once they think Felicity is replaceable, they won’t kill her (women don’t get the dignified ‘written out’ alternative in Arrow. Women are just as valuable dead as they were alive because their stories were never about them in the first place.) And she feels replaceable because… idk, it’s how she’s been written as lately. Like a shade of herself. (or so it was in 5a. now it a wee bit better. wee bit)

The portion of the fandom that is invested in Felicity and Olicity is – or rather, seems to be – bigger than the one that was invested in Laurel-Oliver, but that is the only difference I see. And I don’t want to be one of the weirdoes that go around saying ‘olicity fandom has power and can make things happen blab la bla’ because that notion is ridiculous, but… not entirely without truth, if only as far as buzz goes. They’d have to think very carefully before considering killing Felicity Smoak – but its not like they haven’t made stupid decisions in the past. Arrow specializes in stupid.

(it is good for the soul to remember that Arrow’s writing is inherently sexist, racist, ableist. It is. Lets not mince around this. It’s how they build their stories)

It’s mostly bitterness at how sidelined and silenced Felicity has become as a character, that makes me say what I said in the tags. (Realistically, I don’t think they would be that daft – she is one of their most popular characters. If not the most, as proved by several polls through time.) But to be quite honest, this diminishing is not a new trend. It’s been around a long time; it ran rampant in season 3 and 4 (it was just more excusable then ‘cause even though Felicity’s voice was fucked over, it was okay as long as there was a decent does of ‘awww Olicity’ even though it was at the expense of her characterization).

And now, aside from that, they are also writing her like she is just the ‘funny girl’ more times than not, without much consideration for what her character needs; they go with what the plot needs. They try to sell her suffering from PTSD but nothing in the execution seems to reflect it with any kind of awareness (im gonna scream if anyone tells me it’s in the details. Arrow is not a fucking subtle show ffs. Its not in the details. That is called ‘seeing what you want to see’ it’s just not there at all). They give her a boyfriend so Oliver can shoot him. The moment of the aftermath is entirely about Oliver. 

Episode on gun violence - Felicity doesnt even get to say ‘No, I don’t wanna talk about it’ (good way to make room for the POVs of people who should be heard first, to make a point - because theyre always spoken over - without sidelining her as a victim of gun violence. but felicity’s pain doesnt matter when it doesnt serve Oliver’s story). Oliver talks about people he has lost in the context of gun violence and forgets that his friend-for-five-years, confidante, partner and ex fiancé was the only one of the people he mentioned that was actually shot down and paralyzed because of it???? 

(the first up there could be because of stupidity or sexist storytelling; the second is utterly deliberate erasure of history. it feels so to me. and isn’t karma a bitch - that’s what they happily used to do with Oliver and Laurel)

Im very, VERY here for exploring, through this new storyline for her, the effect that Felicity’s trauma has had on her psyche, her motivation, her thought-process, but I know they won’t go that deep. It’s not in their pattern to devote that much time and effort to women. And you cant tell me this emotional exploration is not three years overdue in every way. That’s not coincidence. And it’s similar to Laurel’s story because these writers are confined by their genre, but also, by the belief, i think, that their audience is stupid and so it needs to be served stories that they have seen a thousand times before, regardless or whether or not the  character requires it.

I don’t know what to say about where she could end up in. Truth is, anything I say about Arrow has to be taken with a grain of salt because I have been erasing/headcanoning-into-sense/rationalizing what I don’t like for 3 seasons now. I take what I like and what I need. The rest stays in the garbage where it belongs.

this girl i was crazy about, yeeeaaahh!! she don’t want me no more, so i’m thinkin’ bout catchin’ me a freight train, just ‘cause i’m feelin’ blue. roll it all the way down the end of the line, only thinkin’ of yoo-o-o-u-uuu!!!

So I wanted to share cause this art is way too gorgeous not to share. I’m screaming I’m so happy I love this so much THANK YOU SO MUCH @esakris !!!! Everyone please commission this sweetheart their art is amazing!

This is my sweet daughter Anastasia Trevelyan and her fiance Cullen ( peep the ring ) all cute after their engagement party!

Obi-Wan: “No, no, Rey, we don’t offer the Dark Side our biscuits! That would be… uncivilized.”

Part 1, now with Part 2! :D

AKA in other news, Kylo Ren has joined the gang in front of my computer keyboard! Reylo, of course, immediately ensued. ;) (Along with protective!grandpa!Obi-Wan, ‘cause that’s just the way I roll. ;) )