cause i really did not enjoy this girl

Lets talk BLOCK B in London

First off, if you weren’t a B-Bomb stan before that concert, its pretty safe to say if you were sat anywhere within the vicinity of my seat, you damn well are now! That boy has some serious fan service that ropes you in without telling you! From his effortless beauty that shines the minute he steps on stage, to his favourite English food of Cottage Pie (Who taught him that?), to the intense stares he was giving the entire left hand side of the balcony which, might i just say, are literally soul-sucking whenever his eyes land on you! Its safe to say, i’d give my entire life’s earnings to see B-Bomb smile at me again. O.O

But i digress.

To be honest, i probably owe everyone an apology for being a little too excited the entire hour we were seated leading up to the beginning of the show, so if there was a girl by you with deely boppers and grey/purple hair that was shouting and dancing too much to the sound system, I apologize for any inconvenience i caused you!  (I was just trying to make everyone a little more hype!) ;)

But its safe to say, the minute the lights went down and the VCR began, i could not stop screaming. And the moment they all came out, skipping onto stage whooping, Zico going above and beyond the level of hype i expected- I was gone, im pretty sure the scream that left me was long and continuous and did not stop for the entirety of the concert.

But shall we get onto the bit, that i know you’re all here for?

Block B, when seen with your very own eyes, are the epitome of beauty, and in the strangest sense, when you see them, reality comes squeezing in around you, and you’re forced to realize in that moment that their little feet start dancing around the stage, that they are in fact ACTUAL human beings. 

Along with this, the most prominent understanding you are forced to come to, is that, that Taeil that you’ve always seen on screen and in pictures, is LITERALLY JUST AS CUTE AND SMOL as he is in real life. I could not stop staring at how adorable he is- regardless of how manly he might actually see himself as. 

I was also forced to accept the true herculean form of Kim Yukwon’s thighs, and the reality of exactly why he’s got a girlfriend and has had her since debut and beyond- the boy is GORGEOUS. 

I had to confront myself about the reality that Jaehyo really is an extremely tall Ahjumma crossed with Adonis. And i cannot tell you the enjoyment i got watching him get to the end of the 3rd song, before seeing his face start to show the pain of exercise and dancing whilst all his other members were still happily bouncing away (because SAME). And by the half way mark, he had almost completely given up and had began to piss about with U-Kwon, who continuously tried to jab him in the ribs.

And then came Kyung. Now, im not the biggest Kyung stan as im sure most are aware. HOWEVER, i cannot deny him the fact that he is incredibly cute in his gestures, and he was SO HYPE to be in London! I swear to God he didn’t stop smiling the entire time, and i think that is one of the main memories that i will take away from that experience, is the huge arm heart that Kyung kept showing to the 2nd level- plus, when he smiles AS HES LOOKING AT YOU, you’re sure to go home happy. Although, can we just also talk about his miniature English q&a session (because he was all too aware he is the most fluent in English out of all of them), in which he asked the members about their favourite British foods, (hence B-Bomb and cottage pie) and he tried to rip into them for their adorable simplistic answers? Quick run down:

B-Bomb - Cottage Pie (proud of himself)
Jaehyo - burger and fries? (I think, was very shy and awkward when he said it xD)
U-Kwon - five guys (also pretty enthusiastic) 
Zico - fish and chips (very VERY enthusiastic, could be the new mascot for fish and chips tbh)
Taeil - (i feel like it was something generically English but i cant remember, my bad) 
Kyung - just giggled the whole time.

Now, lets move onto Zico. That boy, was LIVING for being in London. Before i got there, i got the feeling he was pretty excited to be here through his insta posts, but he could not stop going on about it the whole time, exceedingly smiley and energetic through the entire first half (and second half to be honest) but after Conduct for Zero (when he filled in for P.O- I was sad, but it was a lit stage) he just seemed so happy to be there, and seemed to genuinely be having the time of his life. He was ALL TOO HAPPY to speak English for pretty much the entire time, and just seemed so proud of himself to be able to do so, which was so adorable i cannot tell you! But after seeing Block B live, you can really understand what kind of a group leader he is; efficient, compassionate, and just BAWSE!! 

One of the songs which was a game changer for me, was the heavy rock version of Very Good they played!! Like holey moley, that was LIT TO HIGH HEAVENS!! (i’ll upload a video clip in a mo). But also NICE DAY WAS INSANE! And Taeil carried it SOOO well- if you ever do anything in your life, see Lee Taeil sing them high notes live man!! It is WORTH IT! But tbh, the highlight of that night, despite the lacking of P.O’s presence- which i think i would have legitimately fainted at- was Zero For Conduct. I’ve always been a HUGE Bastarz fan!…but seeing that live, has changed my life! Sincerely.

And also, you might be thinking, but how did the other members feel? Zico and Kyung were happily chatting away in English, but what about the others? However, despite wondering this myself, when the ‘thank you’-esq time came around, they had such a good translation system working, and although i initially thought it would be awkward, the minute the crowd started responding to what the translator was saying after the boys had spoken, it just became such a beautiful and warming atmosphere, because i dont know about everyone else, but i was soo happy to know how the boys felt about London, and the end of their Europe tour in general. And after Zico took his hat off for us like he said he would if we genuinely impressed him, i can honestly say, any normal band will never live up to the experience of a block b/kpop concert in general.

And on a final note, lets just talk about the fan service again, cause i still cant get over B-Bomb and i dont think i ever will. He is Apollo, he is sunshine on a rainy day, he is a tragically beautiful painting, and for as long as i live i will never forget the entire 5-6 times i locked eyes with that man and shared in his smile. Because even though I got to wave at Taeil who was waving and pulling many a sad/funny face at the second floor area, and even though Kyung may have shot a heart in my direction, and coupled it with the cheesiest grin i ever did see, neither of them for some reason compare to the utter, graceless beauty, that is B-Bomb’s smile when directed specifically at you.

I’d say more about Zico, but his attention was mostly on the front row and the standing crowd, and im not entirely sure he could see the balcony seats and up well- but he was having a grand time regardless. Jaehyo was smiling throughout, but i got the sense from him, that despite the fact he was having a good time, he was tired from the end of tour. And U-kwon was really just playing with the girls hearts in the front row the entire night- so if you were down there, r.i.p after Kim Yukwon.

And alas, here i sit. Crying over remembering all the little details of the show, that as soon as it started seemed like it only took 5 minutes before it was ending, cause i was simply enjoying myself so much. The Post-concert blues are real, and i think that concert truly did change my entire life, but if there is one bit of advice i’d give anyone who was thinking of going to a kpop concert, or any concert in general in the future…its simply to take a moment to take it in, it wont ever be enough, but as long as you take a moment for yourself to realize that what you’re experiencing is real, then it’ll all be okay.

P.S. imma probs do another post tomorrow with everything i’ve forgotten from this one, but for now, enjoy my reliving of ‘Blockbuster in London’. <3

Jealous Lover

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word count: 1,052
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Cuss word or two. 
Rough sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Could you please do a possessive smut  Balthazar fic where he gets jealous because Charlie kisses the reader (female) when she confesses that she’s never kissed a girl during spinning bottle or something like that?

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noxumbre  asked:

what do you think of Emilie Autumn?

I used to love her and look up to her so much that if you look at old photos of me from around 2007 to 2009, you’ll find a little heart under my eye and striped stockings in every photo. Then a lot of drama happened with her and the fans and her book and it felt like her personality and image took importance over the music and then I kind of lost interest. I didn’t really enjoy Fight Like A Girl either, though I did go see her on tour after the album came out and I’m happy that I did.

I still listen to everything she’s done up til FLAG, but I don’t really follow what she does or look up to her anymore. From what I can figure the drama’s toned down and she’s doing better in general, so I’m happy for that cause obviously Opheliac was born out of very dark things. I still definitely have a soft spot for the Opheliac-or-so-era Emilie and always will, her style around that time was a big part of my life for a while and a lot of the photoshoots she did back then are gorgeous. And now I really feel like listening to Organ Grinder…

(Funnily enough, when I was looking for burlesque pictures some months back I came across Veronica Varlow’s blog where she’d used a picture I took of her in one of her posts! I think I’m friends with Contessa on Facebook as well.)

Cause I'm Lying (Dok2 x Reader)

First off, I know I dissapeared, sorry I had exams and as I wrote this scenario it got deleted and I had to write it all over again. This was requested by @hiybbprqag who is now one of my online friends. Here you go girl, enjoy!

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You weren’t something phenomenal. You were just a youtuber, no one really expected a relationship between a youtuber and a rapper, you had a fair amount of fans but looking through so many others that have tons of fame and power, you were just tiny in front of them. You did a lot of things, from vlogs and skits to reaction videos, mostly for khiphop but also some kpop.

You were reacting to dok2’s and the quiett’s new m/v ‘beverly ills’ when you said that if this video hits a specific amount of likes, you will try to do a video with them. Surprisingly your fans loved that idea and hit that number in just a few days, having you in excitement but also in fear, since you just now realised what you signed up for.

When dok2 replied to your message, it had you jumping through the roof. You were acting like a pure fangirl and you could not wait for the day of shooting.

Likely, they were just as chill as they seemed and had each other in a very comfortable level when you turned on the camera.

“What’s up guys, it’s me again. But today I am not alone, I am joined by two of the most influential men in khiphop, please welcome dok2 and the quiett”

You said as you started clapping by yourself and they said hello.

“I’m going to start being honest and let you know that I never thought you would reply to my message”

“when I first saw it I didn’t really think about it, but we were with Jay park at the time and he had seen you before so he told us to look you up, we did and here we are”

This time the quiett said. His reply made you give a very creepy comedic smile

“jay watches my videos, jay I see you baby. Call me”

You turned to the camera and did the basic phone gesture with your hand and winked to the camera, wiggling your eyebrows after and making the duo laugh.

Joon kyung had to admit that he was very quickly developing a crush on you. He had the chance to talk to you before the cameras started rolling and he had already started noticing things, your energy, your smile, your compassion, your comedic personality. Everything was making him more attracted to you as the seconds passed by.

“So that’s it for today. Thank you for watching and leave a like and subscribe to my channel cause hey! I had these two do random stuff with me in a video…. content! Bye”

you got up giggling at your self to turn off the camera, as they got up to stretch and move around a bit.

“Thank you guys so much, it really was an honor”

“Don’t mention it. Actually we were wondering if you wanted to come to the our studio tomorrow, maybe do a vlog of yours”


And that is how your relationship with joon kyung started. It felt like it was meant to be, he slowly started to appear in more of your videos and you became a regular at his studio.

You were lucky enough to be one step ahead from the media and actually be the one to announce your relationship.

The tabloids had already suspected something but it was not until you posted a vlog with him shopping and calling him “babe and him calling you “baby girl”, the highlight was a kiss on the cheek and had everyone tripping balls.

You mostly stayed under the radar, you didn’t share a lot of skinship or anything like that. Not only it was not your cup of tea, what was also not helping was that your man was on the spotlight and everyone would love to see some skinship, most of them wanted it so they can judge you for it. So you both agreed on keeping that behind closed doors.

“ So what is so important that could not wait”

You said as you hugged joon kyung’s cat cash, well now that you had a house together it became ore of your cat, although rollie stayed loyal to his original owner.

“you know the show infinity challenge? they asked me to be in one of their episodes”

“oh I love the infinity challenge”

You were struggling to stay awake. Joon kyung pretty much demanded for you to stay awake for some “special news”

“They want me to do a house tour, and I want you to be with me”

“I will be in it if they want me to”

“I told them I won’t do it unless you are there”

You slowly turned your head to look at him with a glare that could kill a man.

“you’re slipping on the couch”



You were the one to open the door for the crew to come in, with your boyfriend right beside you. Your profession might be around cameras but right now you were having a mini heart attack.

You smiled politely and greeted the MC with a warm smile. Acting like having multiple cameras and microphones on your house and recording every second was normal.

“this is your house? Wow it’s beautiful”

“yeah y/n did the decoration”

You knew very well this was Joon kyung’s way to get to your good side. You just smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder

“if I left it up to him it would be all gold and we would have no money”

You joked but there was some truth in it. Joon kyung is kind of extreme and he has an addiction to gold.

“should we take a look around the house?”

“Sure, let’s do it”

“And this is the last room which we call it ‘chill time’ ”

You opened the door and then the light. Here it was the bade of the things you both liked to do in your spare time.

“Wow, you got a lot of history comics”

“don’t get fooled. He has not finished half of them, he always picks new ones and leaves them to catch dust”

“hey, I will finish them”

“you have some of them before you even met me”

“woah, she is feisty”

the MC butted in, as he tried to control his giggle.

“she is right though, I promise i will finish them”

“why don’t I believe you?”

“cause i’m lying”

anonymous asked:

Mind if I be honest here? I don't ship Charioce x Nina. I mean it's cute but like ??? Nina doesn't love him. At all. The person who Nina loves is Charioce's persona "Chris". To her, he's that hot guy she beat in a wrestling match, the guy who helped her out with those slave owners and the guy she had a festival date with. Not the guy who kills and allows demons be turned into slaves.

Yes, I totally agree with you. Nina don’t like the king Charioce. Even last episode proved it as she said she comes for a parade, not for king. She was very angry as she saw how he treated Azazel and demon-hostages in episode 4.

But this girl is falling in love with “Chris” person. He is like a prince Charming for her. “Chris” was really nice with Nina I don’t argue. They enjoy this festival together. I like that it was shown that Charioce isn’t evil 24/7.

Why I personally can’t ship them? Cause I don’t see for now that Charioce will sacrifice his life goal aka humanity domination for Nina. He already did too much for it. He hesitated sometimes, he knew that blood is on his hands, but the end justifies the mean.

Nina will never understand this side of him. If Charioce’ll not try to find compromise she will be never by his side.

There’re too many things that already make their future relationship not light. Charioce wants to kill Mugaro in front of Jeanne’s eyes. Nina’ll protect her beloved Mugaro at any cost. And clearly will be a friend of his mother. Charioce will torture/keep in prison Azazel. Nina still see Azazel as her friend. And the most important! Why Nina herself will be in prison? Sorry, I can’t imagine that it happens without Charioce’s will.

Ok, if our king will change, if he get a good written redemption arc, I’ll change my views too. For now I admire his purposefulness, I think that he really did a lot for humanity, but… His attitude towards other races is terrible. And Nina will never approve it.

Why we love SKAM or why SKAM is not "just a teenage drama show"

I’ve been asked by my friends “why do you like SKAM?”, and all I could say was that I didn’t really know why. I just liked it. So I just thought for a while, why did I actually like SKAM, and it came to me.

So, the thing is, it all started for me with SKAM, when I read so many people’s posts about being SO excited about the show. So I was like, ok, let me see what’s the fuss all about. And, because the fuss itself was about namely season 3, I decided to watch season 3 directly, skipping the first two seasons. (Which is a HUGE exception for me, since I am a perfectionist and like keeping things perfect. TBH, I still don’t know why I watched season 3 at once, and the fact that I watched it all, cause it’s hard to persuade me to start ANY new series whatsoever).

And so, I watched the third season, and, man, did I like it. I just fell in love with the characters! Not just the actors (but them too, cause you know our sweeties). I loved the plot, the concept, all… I didn’t realisr at the time, how MASSIVE it all was. And since I hadn’t watched the first two seasons at the time, I still absolutely loved it.

None of my friends watched it, or even knew about it. First, I didn’t really want them to know about it and watch. I wanted to keep it all to myself. But then I started ‘advertising’ it to them and even made them start watching it. But how big my disappointment was when I found out they didn’t really like it! I hadn’t expectex it at all. One of them told me her friend said it was similar to Skins and Gossip Girl, while the other one asked me wht I actually liked it, and then told me she didn’t really enjoy it.

Ok, yes, let’s sort something out. Yes, after watching season 3, the first two seasons impressed me on a much lesser scale. But still, they did. And how can they mislike the teen drama it’s supposed to be, if they themselves watch Gossip Girl? (I am not trying to say Gossip Girl is not interesting, though I didn’t really get into it after watching a few episodes).

And now, finally, I come to the part, where it all began. Why do I (and all of us, fans) REALLY love SKAM for?

Cause it’s not just the 'hotties’, the drama, the twists.

It’s also the spirit.

SKAM raises SO many socially important questions, and all of the teen drama is just a background.

In the first season it was about what true friendship was (both Eva and her old friend story, and our bus squad with all of their disagreements, Jonas and Isak), it was betrayal (Jonas, Eva, Isak), and what a true relationship was (Eva, her friend and Jonas, Chris and his girlfriend), about standing up for yourself (like Vilde tried, and how Noora did it for her), about having problems with parents (Noora and Isak), about being smart (Sana), and of course, about finding yourself, about understanding what YOU is, what your opinion is, and what does it matter (Eva’s story was all about it). And don’t forget the small things and the “intro” at the very beginning in the first episode of every season. Remember the speech Jonas wrote? However casually they might be talking about it, it still makes you think about what is really happening in the world right now, about what we should really be thinking about.

The second season not only continues some of the topics of the first season, but introduces new ones. It’s got friendship, relationships, family (William’s brother), stereotypes (about William being a jerk), standing up for your friends (not just for Vilde, but for Jonas and Chris), what is justice (William and Noora even argued because of it), what is violence (because of this too), what is war and how it affects our lives (the whole immigrant thing), it partially introduces the topics of homosexuality, depression, being pregnant at a young age and even patriotism. And again, don’t forget the small things matter!

In season 3 it’s a whole new story. Homosexuality is obviously the central theme here, getting out of the closet (cause it really does take a LOT of courage), friendship, parent problems, bipolarity, religion, particularly Islam, faith in yourself and in the people around you, finding, discovering yourself, understanding people’s motives and why they lie or do certain things, love! (it really does get into Isak, does it?)

And now we’ve got season 4 which has even a broader range of topics, some of them SO important in our days. Islam is the main theme, slavery, homosexuality, the way spiritually raised people can restrict themselves, or rather choose not to do certain things, because (as Sana said yet in season 3), “I just feel that my faith is more important to me, than drinking or having sex.” And even though her faith is more important to Sana, she is still a human, so she loves and lives, though she leads a Muslim lifestyle anyway. And she manages to have norwegian friends, while doing everything her religion expects her to do. And she doesn’t feel bad about it (well, most of the time, cause her mom, and that hint of some chemistry between Noora and Younas, and I think this inner fight of Sana’s will also be important.) We only have almost two episodes and there’s already so much to them!

And did I mention the fact that the show, by taking different characters every season and making the central problems different and spending so much time on the media enhancement (youtube, instagram, chat snaps), literally puts us into the shoes of these characters and makes us think of the problems we encounter DAILY nowadays? All of these topics are important someway in the world we live in right now, and I am really happy there is a show that tries to spread the word to all people. Make them think.

So, once again, why is it better than Skins and Gossip Girl? Cause it deals with so many common life problems and not just high school teen drama. (By the way, they are all mostly broke, or don’t have enough money which is one more thing teenagers encounter on a daily basis.)

So, to some up, SKAM is a wonderful TV-show, and I am so thankful to the people who made this, because they are definitely considerate ones. SKAM deals with so many daily-life social problems, and if you watched SKAM and didn’t like it, you just probably didn’t notice all of these themes. Just rewatch again and I hope you’ll see.

(P.S. The coolest thing is the music literally. I’ve never come upon a show that had such accurate choice of music. Songs play just at the perfect moment!)

Not Dead Yet (Part 22)

*Why did this take me so long to write? Ah well it’s up now. Thanks for all the love! <3*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: mild language

After Peter and I had stopped making out things got uncomfortably quiet. We sort of just stood there catching our breath and avoiding eye contact. What were we supposed to do now? Should I leave? Should I say something? What exactly is the protocol to what to do after you make out with your friend/leader?

“Well,” Peter broke the silence, “I’m just gonna say it. I enjoyed that immensely.”

“Oh my god,” I muttered, “Peter, really?”

“What? You didn’t?” he cocked an eyebrow up at me. “Certainly seemed like you were enjoying yourself.”

“I’m not saying I didn’t cause I did but this is weird, isn’t it?” All my nervous energy was bouncing about.

He shrugged, “It’s only weird if you make it weird, Lost Girl.”

“So what now? We forget this ever happened and move on with our lives?”

“Why would we do that?”

“Why wouldn’t we?”

“I thought we just agreed we both liked it.”

“Yes, so what?”

“So,” he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, “Shouldn’t two attractive people that are great kissers take advantage of that?”

“What are you proposing?”

“Simple. We go about our normal lives. In front of the boys you and I are as we always have been. If either one of us gets a craving then we sneak off behind some tree and make out until we can’t breathe.”

“You have some real intimacy addiction don’t you?” I rolled my eyes at him, “I can see the benefit though. Just so long as you understand that if I do do this it is only going to be a cheeky snog against a tree. I will not have sex with you.”

He let out a disappointed groan. “Fine. But if you change your mind–” I elbowed him hard in the stomach. “You are so abusive.”

“Stop being disgusting and maybe I won’t find a reason to hit you.” I smoothed out my appearance. “If we understand each other then I’m going to head back to camp.”

“Yes, yes,” he grabbed me again, “Seal it with a kiss?”

“You have a problem.” I gave him a quick peck that seemed to disappoint him before leaving.

From then on things weren’t that different. I mean things are definitely different seeing as how I spend my evenings making out with Peter but besides that things were the same at camp. Any of the boys that tried to give me grief about Peter’s rumour were quickly dealt with. Poor Carlos lost a foot due to his constant disgusting remarks. It was an accident anyways, all I meant to do was break it and ended up crushing it completely to the point we had to chop it off. After that the teasing from the others cooled down. It is amazing how many times I have to make these boys scared of me to get them to respect me. C’est la vie.

I will admit that things with Peter are awkward in a sense. I don’t take it upon myself to initiate anything. With all the boys around and the fact that I didn’t really crave kisses I never approached him about it. Peter on the other hand…

If I could count on anything it was that Peter has an addiction to a certain level of physical intimacy. I mean I already knew that considering his little night time visits to the other realms but that was sex. He’d leave maybe once or twice a month or so for a fix. With our arrangement though that was amplified by ten.

There I was just walking along in the jungle when someone pulled on my arm and I was pressed into a body. “Good morning,” he murmured in my ear.

“Morning,” I relaxed, “You know there are other ways to get my attention right?”

“What fun are those?” he pulled me closer, “We made our agreement a while ago but you’ve been giving me the cold shoulder since. I would have thought from how often you couldn’t keep your hands off me before that–”

With a roll of my eyes I pulled him down for a kiss. “Was that what you wanted?”

“You make teasing you a lot less fun when you just give me what I want.” he sighed.

“First you complain that I haven’t been hanging off you and now you’re complaining that I am? And you call me a paradox.”

“You know about that?”

“I do now.” I smirked at him and he returned the cheeky grin. “You act like you’re the first person to think as much. The amount of times Devin’s made fun of me for being the human embodiment of an anomaly are too many to count.”

“Well you have to admit you do do things that don’t make a whole lot of sense.” he flicked my nose, “Are you sure you’re not from Wonderland?”

“Seeing as how I don’t even know where you’re talking about I’m gonna go ahead and say no.” I looped my arms around his neck, “Now did you really come here just to tell me how strange I am?”

“I suppose not.” he pressed me closer and kissed me hard.

As weird as this was for me to accept I did enjoy kissing him a lot. My skin gets all tingly and my heart starts pounding and this strangely satisfying twist curls up in my stomach. Pressed together, mouths connected, hot breath passing back and forth. Not to mention the noises. Peter made a lot of little noises. Mainly little groans and a hushed whisper that never quite reached my ears. Every time we made out I understood a little better why girls wanted to sleep with him if kissing was half as good. It almost made me want to consider it but that was a temptation to tackle another day.

His hands skirted at the edge of my shirt before slipping under rubbing the bare skin of my back. I pulled back earning a disgruntled groan. “What?”

“You know what, watch where you’re putting those.”

“You are determined to make this as boring as possible, aren’t you?”

“Boring? Me?”

“Yeah, you can’t take things being a little frisky. That’s half the fun of making out.”

“Well then,” I pushed him so we both collapsed to the ground with my legs resting along either side of him. I ran one hand up under his shirt while leaning down toward his neck kissing lightly up to his ear. I raked my fingers back down his torso and gave his ear a playful nip. I sat back up and took in his blushing bewildered face. “Was that better?”

“Are you sure you’re a virgin?” he ran his hands up along my thighs.

“Just another thing that makes me a paradox, huh?” I chuckled, “And unless that’s your dagger I’m feeling I’d say that’s what you really like about me.”

His eyes widened even more as I stood up. I could feel my own face heating up after my bold little act and the fact that I was a hundred percent sure I knew what was really pressing against my thigh. Still it was satisfying to know that I could affect him like that so easily.

“Where are you going?” he sat up, “I think you should finish what you started.”

“Only in your dreams, Petey. I’m heading to training.” I picked up my club and hoisted it over my shoulder. “See ya!”

“Don’t call me Petey!”

“I make out with you, I got you hard, I’ll call you whatever the goddamn hell I want!” I called back, “If you got a problem with that then fight me. You know where I’ll be.”

When I got to training most of the boys were hard at work. What was I gonna do today? I didn’t need anymore training with my club and spear and sword wielding were a breeze. If I want to be a good recruit then I should master all forms including stupid archery.

“Hey, Nick,” I tapped him on the shoulder, “Lend me a bow?”

“You’re gonna try archery? Really?”

“I know I stink but there’s only one way to get better right?” I took the bow and notched an arrow. I let go and watched it fly. It hit the target but supremely poorly. Some of the more accomplished archers sniggered at me. Whatever, so they could shoot pointy sticks, I could crush their skulls with one swing of my club. Who really had the more power?

“Y/N,” Nick came up behind me and corrected my stance, “You’re too tense. Good form is the strength without compromising the ease. Keep a strong base and steady arm but keep your movements fluid.”

“Like this?” I pulled back another arrow and let it fly. It fell short of the target by a foot.

“Almost, you were being a little too loose. Let me show you,” He guided my arm from behind and this time when the arrow flew it hit close to the center of the target.

I shot off a few more arrows some doing better than others and Nick giving me some help and constructive criticism from time to time. By an accident that was in no way my fault one of the arrows somehow got aimed right at Nick’s foot at one point. It didn’t hit him but the little jumping dance he made as he tried to avoid it was one that made me laugh out loud.

“Great, I think I got it!” I took in a deep breath as I pulled back my last arrow. I got this. Keep my movements fluid and my stance strong and I should–

“AROO AROO!” the sudden crow made me fumble and I shot the arrow into the dirt.

“Dammit!” I turned around to see what was going on. Peter had finally made his way to training with a confident swagger that could only mean one thing. We were about to play a game.

“I have some great news everyone!” he shouted to everyone, “We have some new guests on the island.”

New guests? Now this was a first. In all the years I’ve been here the only guests we’ve ever had were the new Lost Boys. Judging by how only an hour ago I had Peter pinned to the ground I would seriously doubt he had gone and gotten a new boy. That meant that our guests were actually, for lack of a better word, trespassers. Ooh, this was sounding like fun.

“So, who’s stopped by our little realm?” one of the boys asked.

“A grand ship by the looks of it.” Peter told us, “If memory serves I’ve seen this ship before except they were running royal colors the last time I saw them.”

“Who are they? Navy? Explorers?” another boy spoke up.

“Much more exciting than goody-two shoes navy men or empty-headed explorers.” his smirk twisted into a devilish smile, “Boys and Y/N, we have pirates at our shore.”

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anonymous asked:

Girl I feel bad, do you ever sit and enjoy any of the performances without filming? It makes me sad that you can't just chill and relax, I know what its like to film things and not be able to really watch them in the moment you know?

Okay I literally cracked a joke at SOI and said that I might as well be their actual camera operator cause I never put the camera down. However, my camera did die halfway through at SOI so I was able to watch the second half and it was glorious until Elvis fell and scared the shit out of me. I can tell you I don’t think I actually watched anything for myself at Nats, almost everything was filmed. I forfeit myself watching so other people can watch.

anonymous asked:

Do you mind sharing your coming out experience?

Oh gosh! It’s hard to remember cause it was quite a bit ago…and my crushes on girls were painfully obvious since I was little, so I think everyone expected it to happen. (My dad certainly did, lmao.) I’ve shared it behind the cut cause it’s kinda long. ^^

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g2mdluffy  asked:

Sighing to herself, Marinette pulled up the texting app on her phone, slowly typing in the words of defeat: Marinette: Alya, you are the all-knowing queen of my life, and I am in serious trouble. I need your guidance. For a brief moment, Marinette allowed herself to hope that Alya wasn’t awake yet, that this was one of those rare days she allowed herself to sleep in— No such luck: within seconds, three dots appeared on the screen. Alya: FUCK

[cackling inTENSIFIES]

And here we have the rare sight of me fucking with Marinette for a change. XD

Did y'all like the pay off on that particular foreshadowing? ‘Cause I enjoyed the hell out of it. >;D

Alya’s reaction at the end makes my life; as much as she’s ready to get her hands dirty for her girl, she was secretly hoping this really wouldn’t turn into an issue like Marinette said; she was hoping her bluff would be called for once. But nope; it was more fun this way. XD

  • Day 1: Please take some time to Introduce yourself! Share any information about yourself you’d like to!

Hi!! I’m Cassy Darko (okay that’s not my real name, my real name is Becky but hey, Cassy suits me better) I’m a 18 year old bi cis girl with BPD, HPD, psychosis, IBS, and derma! I really enjoy horror, psychology, giving advice, naps, and noodles ^.^ I ID as Donnie Darko, and have some other kins too!

  • Day 2: When did you first begin to be aware of your BPD? How did you feel then vs now?

It was back in 2014; my friend @steampunk-medusa who has BPD itself told me showed symptoms. Back then- I rejected it and put off researching it cause it was scary. Now, I’m glad i found it. It explains so much of my life and give me something to work on; rather than just being a mess and not knowing why

  • Day 3: Do you have any consistent coping habits? What are they and what do they help with?


  1. Distraction. Watching youtube, anything. This gets my mind of emotional stress and stress over things I can’t handle
  2. Naps and daydreaming. Give me a safe hour or 2 to just relax. Helps with any stress

Pregnancy Series - Part 8 - Just Listen

A/N: It’s been so long since I’ve updated omg, But I am back on track with my life so I will be updating more frequently!! Let me know what you think!! xx

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

Part Five

Part Six
Part Seven

*22 weeks*

“Honey,” Mia pants as she attempts to pull down the sheets on her side of the bed, a task that both of you have been trying to do for the past 20 minutes “I don’t think your old sheets will fit, you’re gonna have to get new ones.”

“Oh my God,” You moan dramatically, letting go of the sheets and throwing yourself backwards on your new bed, “I knew this was a bad idea. I knew it from the start, the sheets not fitting is just a big ol’ fuck you from the universe.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Mia scoffs, taking a seat on the bed besides your head, “Is this a hormone thing, ‘cause if it is I’ll go get Harry.”

“Shut up,” You groan loudly, slapping her arm before covering your face with both of your hands, “This has nothing to do with my hormones, but it has everything to do with Harry. I mean, what the hell is wrong with me? Who moves in with their baby daddy if she’s not even dating him?”

“Okay, you need to breathe,” She says as you continue to make inhuman noises under your hands, “This is supposed to be a good thing, isn’t it? Harry wants to be there for you, that’s good, right?”

“No, it’s not,” You snap, pushing yourself up so you’re half sitting up, resting on the palms of your hands, “What happens when he meets someone and starts dating, huh? What happens when he falls in love and wants her to move in with him? What happens then, Mia? I know…I get thrown to the side like I’m nothing, again.”

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Fun Songs for Every Type

So I tried to find songs that could complement all of the types’ personalities, or that the types might find interesting somehow.  All of these are on the goofy/fun side, but I can do a more serious post later.  Caution: there is some strong language and mature content in this post.  This is meant to be humorous and not offensive.   

ISTJ- “That’s Not My Name,” The Ting Tings

Best Line: They call me ‘hell’ / They call me 'Stacey’ / They call me 'her’ / They call me 'Jane’ / That’s not my name

ISFJ- “Never Gonna Let You Go,” Esthero

Best Line: Baby, I don’t wanna break your legs, / But I do what I gotta do just to make you stay, / You know I’ll hunt you down if you ever run away from me.

INFJ- “Roses”

Best Line: Caroline! See she’s the reason for the word “bitch” / I hope she’s speeding on the way to the club / Trying to hurry up to get to some / Baller or singer or somebody like that / And try to put on her makeup in the mirror / And crash, crash, crash into a ditch! (just playing!)

INTJ- “No Scrubs,” TLC

Best Line: A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly / And is also known as a buster / Always talkin’ about what he wants / And just sits on his broke ass

ISTP- “It Was’t Me,” Shaggy

Best Line: But she caught me on the counter (It wasn’t me) / Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)

ISFP- “Drug Dealer Girl,” Mike Posner

Best Line: You may never be on a Maybelline commercial / But you always let me know when you got some purple

INFP- “Fuck You,” Lily Allen

Best Line: Do you really enjoy living a life that’s so hateful? / 'Cause there’s a hole where your soul should be / You’re losing control of it and it’s really distasteful

INTP- “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)

Best Line: I growled and I roared and my rabbi did as well / it was a rocking werewolf zoo at Temple Beth-Emmanuel

ESTP- “The New Workout Plan,” Kanye West

Best Line: That’s right, put in work, move your ass, go berserk / Eat your salad, no dessert, get that man you deserve

ESFP- “Shots,” LMFAO

Best Line: If you not drunk ladies & gentlemen / Get ready to get fucked up / Let’s do it, Ha Ha

ENFP- “31 Flavors,” Little Jackie

Best Line: I just wont settle for a carrot sticks / when I can have a chocolate cake  / I’ll bake you up and make you mine  / lick you up a thousand times

ENTP- “Super Rich Kids,” Frank Ocean

Best Line: Too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar / Too many white lies and white lines / Super rich kids with nothing but loose ends / Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

ESTJ- “All I Do is Win,” DJ Khaled

Best Line: All I do is win win win no matter what / Got money on my mind I can never get enough / And every time I step up in the buildin’ / Everybody hands go up

ESFJ- “Hollaback Girl,” Gwen Stefani

Best Line: So I’m gonna fight, gonna give it my all / Gonna make you fall, gonna sock it to you / That’s right I’m the last one standing, another one bites the dust

ENFJ- “Best I Ever Had,” Drake

Best Line: Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on / That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong

ENTJ- “Glamorous,” Fergie

Best Line: Wear them gold and diamonds rings / All them things don’t mean a thing / Chaperons and limousines / Shopping for expensive things

You're the Only One for Me

Summary: Punk Louis, you dont know if he really loves you, so he shows you. (Smut) 

I hope you like it, if you have any ideas, tell me and feedback wuld be great. Thanks for reading. 

I thought we were good for each other, but sometimes almost is not enough, he could’ve just told me. If he wanted out he could’ve talked to me but no, i just had to see him, see him with her like that touching each other, i feel sick.

I sighed, and walked out of the party, i couldn’t get them out of my head, his hands all over her. I loved him with everything i had and now i cant even look at him, without that sight, i just need to get out of there.

i walked in the front door and locked it, i leaned my head on the door, i wanted to cry, but i don’t think its worth it.

I understand who he is, and how he acts even when i say ‘i love you’ i knew that he felt the same way but never i thought that he would do this and that girl. His ex, honestly i don’t know what to think. i walked into my bedroom, everyone told me that ‘he will break your heart one day’ and that ‘he is bad for you, you’ll just get hurt’ i didn’t believe them.

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Third Time's a Charm

Fic Request: Whenever Lydia gets jealous she turns super-possessive and practically attacks Stiles with her lips to show people he’s hers. Stiles confused as to why she’s doing it, but is not complaining. And every time it happens someone from the pack is with them and has to witness their PDA, until one of them had enough and tells Lydia to stop being so jealous all the time.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Established Relationship, Jealous!Lydia

Author: stydiafate

Author’s Notes: I did it a little bit differently cause I felt like there were a lot of fanfics that had the same type of storyline, so I tried something else. It turned out shorter than I though but, I hope you still enjoy it.

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skeleky  asked:

1, 2, 5, 11, 13, 17, 23, 26, 28, 31, 36, 40, 50, 53, 58 B), 59

Well, thankfully you didn’t say all, and yes i noticed the cheeky face you made
1. Selfie
Needed to go to FB cause my selfies are kind of limited

2.  what would you name your future kids? 
Hmmm great question…. for boys Teigan or Kevin, Girls maybe kyara (key-are-ah) , jasmine, or destiny? That or go with something really unique :)

5.  is there anyone who can always make you smile?
Yup! Typically closest friends, especially when they tell me something they did that was dumb, OR MY BABY JACOBBBBBBBBBB (my dog)

11.  are you listening to music right now? 
For once i’m not, still kind of sleepy and waking up still, so enjoying the silence ( currently 8:38am)

13. Kind of sleepppyyy, and calm. But also stressed cause I leave for an intensive residency course on sunday, and i have too much stuff i need to get done before I leave

17.  opinion on insecurities.
THEY SUCK AND I WISH PEOPLE DIDN’T HAVE THEM. All you can really do is try to gain confidence, or take people’s advice/compliments that deny the insecurities, because the way we think is mostly likely not how others see it. Given, sometimes they are accurate, which just may be something to work on :)

23.  fear(s)
Well, kind of really scared of bears and cougars, especially when they are becoming more common these days to see. Oh, and heights…yeah that is always a fun time, there are others but i dont feel  like posting them or you already know them ~~~

26.  idol(s)
SHANIA. FREAKING. TWAIN. Oh my goodness she has been through so much, and has done great with her life. Then there is Suga(yoongi) from bts for his amazing piano skills, and his ability to produce great music. Anddd Kevin Woo, cause he is a wonderful human being! :) AND MY DADDDDD

28.  i’ll love you if…
If you have a great sense of humour, reliable, go on adventures with me, IF YOU BRING ME/BUY FOOD, love me for how weird I am, have similar interests to me, I find you absolutely adorable and dote on you ( i’m looking at you @sashakitten), AND FINALLY IF YOU HAVE CUTE ANIMALS THAT LOVE MEEEEE, or cute animals at least. I have a problem. 

31.  3 random facts
1. Cherry blossoms are my favourite flower, and it makes me very sad that they are always here for a short amount of time
2. Quite a few of my joints hyper extend/are double jointed

36.  3 dreams you want to fulfill?
1. Travelling, mainly going to Japan, Korea, Austrailia, Hawaii, Disneyland, and Greece
2. Do something meaningful with my life/have a job I love/ have my education pay off once im done hell
3. Have a pet fox

40.  favourite memory
First time I got to leave the country, which was a couple of years ago for my cousins wedding. The surprise party that mama and @skeleky planned for me, when @skeleky and I went to butchart gardens for the first time in the winter and to hunt for the infamous tin man, first time going to van with @skeleky AND SEEING SHANIA TWAIN WITH HER OH BOY SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED ON THAT TRIP. Fishing with Dad/camping with fam. Finally, @sashakitten and I going to butterfly gardens last minute and chasing butterflies and almost getting attacked by a demon parrot. 

50.  favourite picture of your idol

I’ll post 3 pics of the ones I previously mentioned, minus my dad 

53.  5 things that make me happy
2. my animals
3. sweets
4. The ocean
5. Getting lost in my own thoughts/ imagination

58.  description of my best friend
hm. Well there is loser mcgee, sunshine bunny, steph, and @thenerdykingdom, AND YES I HAVE MORE THAN ONE I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH.  
@skeleky aka loser mcgee, my opposite, we are sope.yoonseok, she’s the jhope. Met this loser in middle school, she knows too much now so we kimd of need to remain friends. No backing out now…Really passionate about topics, love videos games, giant cute nerd. Like literally giant she is 5′9 ½ hence she is a giraffe. Loves music, gets highkey angry when defending friends. Have you seen Ouran highschool host club or magi? Tamaki or Sinbad sound familiar? Or hunter x hunter and seen leorio?Well there ya go that is ky. She;s also a leo, so hear her roar. Did I forget to mention she is cute as heck, and has rad purple hair. You know what would be better, dying it electric blue like I have been trying to convince you for the last 3-4 years.

THEN THERE IS MY LIL SUNSHINE BUNNY @sashakitten. Hella cute. Smarty, who also loves smarties, and hi chew. The person who is the most similar to me, but more quiet and introverted. If it’s late a night and she wants me to come over, she always bribes me with food, and my favourite games…this method has a 95% success rate.  SUPER SMART. A+ cutie as well (yes i typed it twice). Also a giant nerd. Calm, loving, GOES ON FOOD ADVENTURES WITH ME, we are slowly tackling the list. Equivalent of Tohru from fruits basket. I dote on her too much, but I have accepted that by now and roll with it. I may or may not go into extreme defensive mode when people aren’t being nice to her…

Steph is one of the few friends I stay connected with from my first program in college. She is also similar to me, but in the more sassy and sarcastic way. I love her, she also cute. AND FUNNY. 

@thenerdykingdom MY OTHER OPPOSITEEEE, who I met in high school. She cute as well. Yes there is a common theme here. She is also witty, and gets annoyed when I am being witty back /sarcastic cause she can’t always thing of a response right away. THIS HUMAN IS DEDICATED TO THINGS SHE WANTS TO ACCOMPLISH AND THAT IS SOMETHING I LOOK UP TO. Funny, could probably find a way to destroy people and not get caught. A+ quality in my books. ALWAYS THERE IS IF I NEED TO VENT OR TO GIVE ENCOURAGING WORDS, THANKS FRIENDERINO. School takes a toll on both of us a lot, actually all of us in this post. BUT YE SHE COOL AND SMART.

59.  why i joined tumblr
Honestly, the same reason I got instagram, for cute asian boys :’)


anonymous asked:

Can you please do one where the boys are attracted to a thick girl? I really need this about now 'cause I'm feeling a little self conscious today :(

I hope you’re feeling better my friend! You are beautiful no matter what. Hope you enjoy!

“I mean, did you see how gorgeous she is?” Eric mutters under his breath, careful not to let other people in the crowded hall overhear. Dylan shakes his head yes in bewilderment, a dreamy expression glazing over his face.
“She’s beautiful,” Dylan agrees, stopping at his locker to retrieve a textbook for class. He fumbles with the lock for a moment as Eric leans against the wal beside him, crossing his arms.

“Not to mention, she has a nice ass,” Eric smirks, nodding his head up and down in approval. Dylan shoots him a cold stare, which breaks Eric from his daze.
“She has more to offer,” Dylan reminds him, pulling out his calculus textbook and tucking it underneath his arm.

“I know, but I still just can’t get over her beauty,” Eric responds, standing up from the locker. The two stand in silence for a moment, as Dylan fumbles around with a notebook for a moment.
“We should invite her to come hang out with us tonight,” Eric suggests, giving Dylan a playful nudge in the ribs.

“Man, a girl like her would never hang out with us,” Dylan retorts, turning to look down at Eric in dispproval. A devious smile spreads across Eric’s face once he notices you at your own locker. Dylan’s gaze follows Eric’s
transfixed stare, realizing what he’s about to do.

“Eric, do not-” Dylan warns, tugging and pulling on his shoulder. Eric breaks free from his grip, and begins striding across the hall to where you stand.

“Hey, Y/n!” He calls out, while simultaneously walking up to you. You turn around swiftly, your eyes scanning around for the person who shouted your name. Your muscles relax once you see Eric’s radiant smile beaming at you, watching as he steps closer to you and your locker.

“Hey Eric,” you smile sheepishly at him, closing the locker door shut behind you. “Anything I can help you with?” You add, wondering why he randomly confronted you in the hall.
“I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me, Dylan, and a few of our friends tonight,” Eric suggests, shoving his hands into his pockets. You grin at his invite, feeling appreciated that he wants you to join.

“I would love to,” you beam, nodding your head fervently. “What are we doing?” You inquire, gazing up at him with wonder.
“I’d figure we’d all go for a night swim, our buddy has a pool and It’s usually pretty fun,” Eric shrugs, giving you a small smile.

“Oh,” you mutter back, feeling self conscious when thinking about wearing a swimming suit. You look at the floor nervously, biting your lower lip lost in thought.
“Is there something wrong with that?” Eric asks puzzled, not understanding your crestfallen expression. You shake your head abruptly, not wanting to admit what you’re thinking.

“It’s nothing,” you assure, looking up at him with a  smile. “I’ll be there tonight,” you add, your stomach churning in anticipation.
Eric smiles and laughs, pleased with his smoothness.
“Great, I’ll see you later then,” he says, waving at you before turning on his heel to walk over to Dylan. You lean back against the lockers, wondering exactly what you got yourself into.

“I can’t go out like this,” you mutter in horror, looking in the full length body mirror in front of you, turning around in circles. The contents of your dresser drawers are strung around the room, different articles of clothing scattered on the floor.

Shit,” you grumble, looking at the alarm clock on your nightstand, the time flashing back in bold red. It’s time to leave and you’re still in panic mode, trying to figure out what to wear.
“This will have to do,” you sigh, shrugging your shoulders in defeat. You pick up a pair of shorts and a shirt from the floor and slide them on in a rush, barreling out of the door.

You pull up into the driveway, immediately seeing the soft glow of the lights from the pool outside, as people run around, shrieking and laughing. You slide out of your car, looking over the short white picket fence at Eric who waves in your direction.

“Just come in through the gate!” He shouts, pointing at a latch on the fence. You walk over and let yourself in, looking around at everyone’s smiling faces.
“Glad you could make it,” Dylan smiles, coming over to where you stand, his hair and body dripping with water from the pool.

“Thanks,” you smile lightly, feeling a little out of place.
“How about a game of chicken?” Eric suggests, floating on his back in the water. Everyone pipes up in agreement, already beginning to make teams.

“Oh, I don’t know-” you begin, looking around for a moment. Dylan looks down at you confusion, detecting a hint of uncertainty in your voice.
“What’s wrong?” He asks genuinely, stepping closer to you with concern. You look at the pool, everyone laughing and playing around, not paying attention to you.

“I just feel a little self conscious,” you mutter, looking down at your feet for a moment. Dylan looks at you sympathetically before bending down to talk quietly to you.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he reassures, not wanting to pressure you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with. “But, if it’s any consolation, you are the most beautiful girl here.” He adds, a smile
tugging at his lips.

You look up at him in disbelief, unsure of what to say next.
“Are you guys going to get in the pool or what?” Eric complains, splashing Dylan with water.
“Uh, yeah!” Dylan calls out, giving you a reassuring stare before jogging over to the side of the pool. You laugh and watch as he tumbles in, his hair completely soaked and matted down. You begin to remove the shirt and shorts you have on, feeling confident after Dylan’s genuine comment.

You walk over to the edge of the pool, sliding in next to the boys, Eric looking you up and down with interest.
“Y/n’s on my team!” Dylan declares, draping an arm around your shoulder.
Not fair!” Eric responds, slapping his hands against the water. You laugh at their bickering, thankful you have the two in your life.

Reaction: When you’re being jealous but refuse to show/admit it


“c’mon i mean i know that girl probably fell in love with me at first sight but you know i only love you right??”

Junhoe would be kind of happy over the fact that you are jealous and probably tease you about it at first, saying stuff like that of course the girl fell in love with him because he is so handsome (although he really thinks that) so he can see your cute reaction just getting more jealous but end up laughing and pull you close to give you a passionate kiss to show you that you shouldn’t be jealous at all cause he loves you that much.


“yahh, you are jealous aren’t you? i know you are.” *laughs*

Bobby would poke your body and tickle you till you admit that you’re jealous. He really enjoys seeing you being jealous because that shows that you really do love and care about him, so instead of pretending not to be jealous, he rather sees you jealous because it’s cute. At the end when you admitted it in an upset tone, he would say something sweet to make up for all the teasing.


“i mean that girl had gorgeous eyes and sweet smile, and damn did you look at her hair– i am just kidding” *mehrong*

Yunhyeong would love to tease you for a short moment but just in a sarcastic, over-dramatic tone because there is no reason to be jealous at all. He would make you admit your jealousy with words and laugh when you admitted it because he knew you’d gave in. He thinks it’s cute though and would reassure you with lots of cuddles and sweet kisses that you don’t have to be jealous at all.

You are love anon ♥

- moyo

Becoming Villains (Part 2.)
Request; “hii i was wondering if you could do a full imagine about pan succeeding in turning you evil? like how it happened and what happened after?”

“Already finished it… hehe, I liked this one a lot. Hope you will enjoy it too. <3” - Tiger Lily

Becoming Villains

Don’t say goodbye

Peter played the game and you watched. You came with ideas of course, like how Peter should call Emma a lost girl. It really did something and you couldn’t help but feel satisfied and relieved that the pain you had felt for so long, was now coming over to the one who had been causing it. Peter came back to you and told you about the stuff he did, and after that he kissed you. You couldn’t help but feel powerful, so one day, you decided to walk out on your own.

That was the moment you passed by the cage and found Neal inside of it. Peter told you about whom he was and you went over and crouched down beside the cage. He was sleeping, so you decided to hit onto the side of it with a stick to wake him up. Neal released a yelp of surprise and his eyes locked with your gaze. You smiled shortly. “So you came back. How surprising.”

  “Y/N?” Neal gawped. “You’re still here?”

You looked at him, like it was such a surprise? “Where would I be? You didn’t bring me with you.”

  “I’m sorry, Y/N… I’m so sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye.” He said and gripped the bars.

  “Nobody gets to say goodbye.” You said and shrugged. “Not my parents, not Emma and you neither.”

Neal looked at you as he slowly realized what you had become. “You know about Pan… that he’s evil?”

  “We’re all evil.” You bit back. “You’re evil, Emma’s evil, I’m evil, Pan’s evil. It’s a matter of who’s the first one to be evil.”

  “Y/N…” Neal spoke with teary eyes.

  “Villains are just good people that have finally broken and turned insane.” You finished with a smile ironically and clapped at your thigh before standing up. You started walking.

  “Y/N.” Neal called. “Y/N!” But you vanished between bushes and trees, not to return.

You found Emma sitting alone and thinking. She had a sword in her hand which she stabbed in the ground and you felt yourself hesitate before going into the clearing. “Sweety, my dear, why are you looking so troubled?”

Emma looked up with widened eyes and she gawped at you as you came walking in. “Y/N?”

  “Well, people do seem to remember me, how flattering.” You stopped walking and turned around to face Emma. “Didn’t expect you to remember, actually.” You said and leaned forward, hands in your pockets. You were older than Emma when she left, and now she looked much older than you who were still locked in your teenage form.

  “Of course I remember…” Emma said, the corner of her mouth quivering. “I’m-” she started out, but her voice broke. “I’m so sorry, I was too young.”

You grimaced. “Too young to say goodbye?” You looked at her with a cocked brow. “Like your parents ever did that, you are a real favorite child, aren’t you?”

Emma just looked at you, a tear falling from her eye. “How long..?”

  “Since you left.” You said and turned towards her. “Now I… have met your boyfriend or… past boyfriend, whatever. And he seems very cute in a cage I must admit.”

  “What?” Emma gawped.

  “Not gonna say more, it’ll ruin the surprise.” You quickly said and waved her off. “But deary, your dear son. Would you mind if I become his friend?”

  “You’re with Henry?” Emma stood immediately.

  “I’m with Pan who has Henry, yes.”

Emma’s jaw dropped. “You’re with Pan?!”

You eyed her. “What’s so wrong about Pan, like you’re any better.”

  “He’s a trickster! He lies and play games with you!”

You shook your head. “Not with me. I know the truth.”

  “Tell me. Help me, Y/N. Please!”

Your eyes widened. “Like I would ever in my right mind help you. A lost girl.” You walked off.

  “You’re lost too!” Emma yelled.

  “You’re wrong Emma.” You said as you stopped right before going into the bushes. “I know exactly where I am.” And then you left.

Henry seemed to like it here. You and he spoke together, but you made sure not to reveal your identity as a girl. The time was coming close. Peter had to go soon. The funniest thing about it all is that, when the camp was attacked, you shot an arrow that hit this tall guy. Which proved to be Emma’s father. He hadn’t told her anything. Seems like the thing of lying was a family thing.

It was then when you ran into Rumplestilskin when your end neared. You stopped when you two collided. You didn’t budge and didn’t try to flee, you just watched him. “Who are you?” You asked.

Rumple eyed you. “The matter is more likely, who are you, deary?”

You rolled your eyes. “I’m Y/N.” You said and shrugged. “Your turn.”

Rumple tapped his chin. “You remind me of someone. By the way, I’m Rumplestilskin or Mr. Gold. Whatever you like.”

  “Alright… Rumple.” You spoke a little hesitantly. “What brings you here? Emma? Neal? Henry?”

Rumple’s eyes widened. “Who are you?”

  “Just one who lives here and observes stuff.” You shrugged.

Rumple frowned. “Are you a friend of Pan?”

  “Why?” You asked with raised brows.

  “No you’re… you’re a girl?” Rumple gasped. “Pan never mentioned you… nobody mentioned you.”

  “Because I just li-”

  “Pan controls this island, if you’re here he wants you here.” Rumple continued.

  “Listen I-”

It was quick. Rumple took out his sword and stabbed you. Your breath was caught in your throat and you leaned forward. In the same moment appeared  Pan and Rumplestilskin hurried away. The ground shook beneath your feet and you heard Pan roar. You fell to the ground and Peter ran over to you, eyes wide and hands trying to hold you.

  “I-” You tried to say, but the pain that had embraced you were too much. “I’m sorry.” You managed.

Peter shook his head. “Don’t be…”

  “I’m leaving you Peter…” You gasped. “I want to say go-”

  “No…” Peter shook his head once again. “I can save you.” He sniffled and tried to lift you up. “Don’t say goodbye, Y/N, goodbye means going away and that means forgetting.” Peter teleported to the very top of the mountain. “I will never forget you, Y/N.”

  “Peter…” You whispered, eyes closing. Peter laid you down and prepared himself to go in and get water from the fountain. “Goodbye…”
Pan spun around. “No!” He gasped and threw himself to his knees beside you, gripping your shoulders and shaking you. “You shouldn’t have said it…” He cried. “You shouldn’t have said it…”

  “That’s why they never said it… They would meet you again…”
You were gone. Forever.


;A; I literally felt like: “Noooooooooo!” Until I realized I had written this myself. I just thought.. to make it fit with the original, you would have to die, because or else Peter would have to kill you to create the curse. (Felix.. </3) Please like if you enjoyed and remember you can always request or ask me questions. ^^

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