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Hey! I’m doing a quick commission sale!

So I have basically no money to my name and i would like to save enough money to go to driving school so i can get to and from my job since i wont have transportation for a year. (which basically means i need $300 by June 19th which is another yike)

but basically!

its $10 for lineart busts (top)


$20 for colored busts! (Bottom)

Though i do have to put some restrictions

-cant draw robots

-cant draw furries

-and id rather not draw sexual things

If youre interested please email me at with [Busty Commission] so i know what its about!

Make sure you have a reference if its an OC!!!

Thank you!!!

Wild concept: You don’t have to choose just one gay ship. You can actually ship several and not settle for a ship that is bad rep.

To Hilly:

Today I want to curtsy until my knees go weak, I want to bow so deep that my head touches the floor. I want to cry until I’m out of tears, I want to applaud you until my hands are blistered, I want to scream until my throat is sore. Cause, I love you! Because of you, I am happy. I want to feel like this, rejoice like this, all day every day for the rest of my existence. I will treasure this, be grateful for YOU, for all eternity, Always! ROD- DAMN is echoing in my head. Cause girl, you’re amazing. Keep on keeping on. Thank you, from now until infinity and beyond. I want to bear hug you like there’s no tomorrow. But most importantly, I need you to know: your words of encouragement heal me like nothing else, your smile lights up the world. Your laugh would make an atheists believe. You make us all want to be better. Because: my darling, you are LOVE! So Hillary, thank you! Thank you for being you. I thank you from now until.. my last breath!

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With the recent FF7R new, do you think the game will come out in 3-4 years?

Nomura needs to be fired honestly

Every single game he works on gets stuck in this development hell cause he’s a fucking abysmal director, it’s why every Kingdom Hearts game has a development cycle of like 7 years

I still think FF7R has a better chance of coming out sooner than anything else cause CyberConnect is making it

super snow thoughts

That being said about super snow leopard geckos, I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate to call tumblr breeders working with them “torture breeders” or that it’s okay to start a witch hunt about it. Super snow is not like enigma, not ALL super snows have issues. I’ve seen no evidence that a neuro issue is linked to super snow in the same way as it is in other genes. (I honestly think the neuro symptoms are caused by the weird skull deformities that ss sometimes have)

Unless you have proof of someone breeding super snows that have DEFINITE issues (skeletal deformities, neuro issues, etc) or are producing super snow hatchlings with issues and marketing them as breeder quality, there’s no need to not support them. Hatchling issues can pop up in any morph as well. Most of the breeders on tumblr I’ve personally interacted with have been very dedicated to producing the most robust hatchlings possible and are working to better their lines, not make a quick buck.

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Lestat, what's your biggest regret of your immortal life? Or mortal life?

♛There are many regrets, so many to choose from. You like to cut to the quick, don’t you, anonyme? Alright, here’s some blood for you.

Of both, it would be Nicolas. Not being what he needed. Not really understanding him. I could have. Should have done more… I should’ve told him what I was from the beginning, when it happened, I should have had those conversations that would have hurt, but would have been less than the hurt I caused him. I’ll always remember him and regret the way that went. If not for this, the later regrets might not have ever happened. And yet, if not for this, the later joys might not have happened, either. We make hard choices. It is what it is.

[^fanart by @garama]

Please do not come to me or my brothers saying you are related to splinter. The only person related is KARAI! Also don’t come to us either saying you are related to April either. From what we know, she is an only child. If your character has a decent backstory then we can discuss it, but always run to karai and april first about it. Running to me and my brothers is very rude and causes us and the group distress. Also don’t make a big scene if we refuse your characters relations to any of us. It’s forceful and harassing and we will not hesitate to block you if it gets out of hand. You do not need to be related to us gain our approval. So please treat us with respect and we will give you respect in return.

P.S- please also do not come to us claiming you are related to both april and splinter. There is only one way that’s possible and I do not want to discuss it on dash. Thank you,

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Out of curiosity, does Australian law allows you(or other vets) to do phone consulations (i.e. DVM would get records and they would make recommedantions solely based on those records)? More specifically, can a DVM do pro-bono consulations or does a monetary exchange need to happen before a doctor/client relation can happen? I'm just curious cause at the ER clinic I work for (based on US) we have a non-client that one of our specialist is consulting with over the phone/email with no charge.

Sort of.

You don’t have to charge money to give advice or have a doctor/client relationship, but you do have to keep a medical record.

You can’t dispense prescription medication for an animal you’ve never examined, or have not examined recently enough.

Specialists often give advice to other veterinarians about patients they have not yet seen, but they cannot provide a prescription and they’re not making a diagnosis, just a suggestion. Some non-specialists who have a particular interest do that too, but they need to be registered for whichever state they are giving that advice in.

An important distinction is that a vet is neither making a diagnosis nor prescribing treatment for a patient they have not seen. The vet liaising between the patient and the specialist’s advice does that.

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Two types of people: dancers and people who don't dance. I guess, do you read my sugar cube Yondu as being a dancer? I have no doubt in my mind he'd love watching his lady dance (not even in an overtly sexual way, like, when she's getting ready for the day) but I need to know if he'd join her. Like, he walks up behind her, places his hand on her hips, pull her close, and sways along with her music. Sensual and soft AF. MMM.

OOOOOOH SENSUAL AND SOFT FOR SURE HE’D JOIN FOR A SLOW SESSION LIKE THAT *FANS SELF OMG* BUT if reader decides to jam out and look like a big silly idiot and all laughing, he’d look at her weird at first to “try” and stop her, making comments like “WTH YOU DOIN’ CUT IT OUT” BUT ONLY cause he thinks you’re too cute to do it in front of everyone XD HE THEN ENDS UP JOINING THE MOMENT YOU’D COAX HIM ENOUGH AND PULL HIM TO YOU

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A character I'm writing suffers from severe panic attacks as a result of his trauma. Is it possible for a severe panic attack to hinder someone's breathing or cause them to stop breathing temporarily? A primary part of his trauma involved extreme shortness of breath/not being able to breathe.

A common symptom of panic attacks is shortness of breath/hyperventilation. So it can definitely make it difficult to breathe. They don’t actually stop breathing though- suffocation, while a common fear, isn’t possible.


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what placements would cause somebody then need to be beautiful. i have a really strong urge for people to look at me and think "wow she's gorgeous" but my face just doesn't make the cut and I actually cry about it. It sounds really conceited I know...but I just really want to be beautiful. I have a leo moon that might contribute..

Libra and Leo placements 

Replaced? - Steve Rogers x Reader

Requested by @taxesareallthatsurroundus

Request: Steve starts to replace you with Sharon. The last straw is when the team needs to go on a mission but when you’re ready to go he stops you and is like “actually Sharon’s gonna come on this one, enjoy the 2 weeks off…” When the team comes back, you confront him with a big speech kinda like “why are you doing this?? Am I not good enough??” But then he makes a big speech like “I’ve only been doing it cause I live u” SUPER ANGSTY and then fluffy //can you make it longer than usual please? Thanks

Warnings: angst, swearing, kissing, fluff

A/N: I really hope you like this! The request was awesome!

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Ego said Yondu brought all his other children to him so I need to see Yondu x children ASAP. Imagine they're call scared and crying and he's trying his best to comfort them but only making it worse. The only thing that calms them down is watching him fly his arrow.


Ohhh it says Sherlocked UK is returning this year?  Well hell.  I’m gonna ask the hub if he’d want to go, because, I need to be able to meet Amanda Abbington.  He was going to go with me to Sherlocked USA but their studio’s about to drop their huge ass game, so they’re swamped.  

So sorry I’ve been so quiet here lately.  With all the drama in the news though, sometimes I need to hole up in my house like a snail.  Also my health is always up and down. I am having a small surgery next week to remove a uterine polyp (benign, thank God) that might be the culprit of my heavy periods, which in turn are causing me to be severely anemic.  It’s so bad that just walking across the room while talking can make me short of breath.  I’m also getting an IUD to see if that helps. If not, I get to ablate that f*cker right out.  KILL IT WITH FIRE.

I’m also going through some rather intense therapy right now called EMDR.  It’s specifically for PTSD sufferers.  It’s very, very wild, and very, very hard.  But, I do think it’s helping me a lot.  Any fellow mental health sufferers out there, I highly suggest looking into it.  It’s like bench-pressing with your sadness in order to rewrite chunks of your brain to work properly again.  Hard af but well worth it.  I come out of there bawlin’ and sweatin’, but understanding myself a lot better, able to process stress in much more effective ways.  Should have done this 20 years ago….  I’d still have a lot of people in my life. :(

ANYWAYS, I’m sorry, I just wanted to let people know I’m not ignoring you or dropping off the planet, I’m just trying to keep afloat.  I hope to be treading less water soon.  Thank you to y’all who’ve stuck around with me, despite me being a temperamental weirdo with flighty interests and spotty art production. I’m doing my best to become a better me, it just takes forever, dang.  

Off to the Sherlocked USA nerd-o-rama!

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I argued on twitter with someone if keith is wearing lance's jacket when i saw the pictures myself i was utterly confused cause like i dont see it. :/ I mean its okay if people wants make reaches, thats is totally okay. But this fandom needs to chill, cause the person i talked to got angry at me for not sharing their sentiment i'm starting to get so stressed out from everything this fandom keeps doing and i feel like the only way i'll be able to get out of this is if i leave the fandom for good

I know, being apart of our fandom is very stressful sometimes but you shouldn’t leave it. In my point of view, it’s fine to have your own opinions and preferences, but it’s usually best (especially when it comes to our fandom) to keep it to yourself, so people don’t get angry or want to argue with you and make you feel stressed or like you’re not valid (that’s what I’m trying to do at least.)

There are definitely going to be people who think Keith was wearing Lance’s jacket in the pic and some people who won’t, and that’s fine, but we shouldn’t argue about who’s right or wrong especially since none of us know for sure. 

Don’t leave the fandom because a few people make you angry, because it’s bound to happen unfortunately (I’ve had experience, trust me.) Just enjoy it for what it is, don’t doubt what you think, and try to stay away from the people who’ll challenge what you believe in, then it’ll make things a bit better.

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Still a salty Bruins fan I see. Pathetic. Bruins fans are the worst they make the team hard to watch cause all their fans are bias and salty af. Keep in mind they're missing the playoffs next season

believe it or not, i didn’t have a change of heart and start loving the sens, isn’t that wild?
it’s really too bad that the bruins will only get worse from here and not make the playoffs next year cause they don’t have incredibly talented young players like mcavoy and carlo and pastrnak. no bright future for them!
also i literally know who you are and i like you so idk why you feel the need to send me shit like this?


❝ i now know love, and i’m stronger for it ❞

happy victuuri week!