cause i missed these idiots

I finished it! It was so good! And totally worth waiting for! 

Things I loved about it! Beware; it’s long. 

- The gang felt like actual friends. They teased, talked, fought with each other but this season, especially, it was clear that they all really love each other. 

- Snotlouts anxiety. This was heartbreaking but so important for his character development.

- Ruff and Tuff getting sh’t done. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb but I enjoyed seeing them do things instead of just saying funny things. Especially when Ruf didn’t buy their cousins stories or when Tuff went after the map instead of Macy. 

- Heather and Dagur. I don’t particularly like Heather that much. I feel like the previous seasons were too focused on her. And she kinda bored me. But It was nice to see them together, finally. 

- Hiccstrid! I mean duh! And no, it’s not because it’s all that matters in this series. But mostly because it’s canon in the movies and it shouldn’t have happened this late but I’m glad we finally got it!

- Speaking of, I love Hiccstrid because how they are as a couple. They actually talk to each other! (Imagine that) They don’t have this fairy tale love ( nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see something different), they’re warriors and their relationship feels so real. I loved in “Blindsided” when they argued like an old married couple and I love the sneaky touches they share when they think no ones’ watching. It’s those little things. And I LOVE THAT THEY’RE FINALLY OFFICIAL AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL STOICK!  

- The midnight sun episode had me cracking up and deserves its own spot on this list. I loved drunk Astrid, paranoid Fishlegs and Mood swing Snotlout. Cracked me up.

- “Blindsided” This is not about Hiccup and Astrid (this time) But about Astrid. Even though she went blind she totally kicked ass. It was sad to see how sad she was when she agreed to sit out but it wouldn’t be Astrid if she did so she found a way to fight despite it. I loved it and I love her!

- “It will always be Hiccup and Astird.” omg.

- Snotlout saying “Hiccstrid.” I mean… of course he did.

- “This changes everything” at the end. So pure. 

- Toothless and Hiccup under water had me crying. I ‘m glad that we got some more Toothless this season. I hope for a full episode of only Hiccup and Toothless next season because we haven’t had that in a while. But Hiccups. “I wouldn’t leave you either” broke my heart.

- Stoick and Hiccups relationship. 

- Overall I feel like this season had the characters more connected to each other. They talked, joked more than they have done before. That is what makes this show, because it’s the characters that does it. 

- I’ve been a little bothered over the fact that Hiccup seems to have lost his sarcasm. But this season it didn’t bother me as much because the poor dude is under a lot of stress and it wouldn’t be strange if he changed a little during this season. He’s a little more serious cause more is at stake. He did have some funny lines this season but I understand if they wanted him more serious. (But bring it back next season cause I miss my sarcastic little idiot!)

- Wow, this is long. But I loved this season so much. 

- Ruff and Tuff’s morning show. I mean, obviously. 

Deal (Nessian Fluff) [Modern Day AU]

Cause I miss these two idiots so much and I want them to be canon

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Modern Day AU.

“Wake up, baby.”

Nesta smiled to herself against her pillow, burying her face deeper as she felt her boyfriend’s kisses trail up her bare spine. She loved waking up like this. She practically lived for these moments.

“Cassian,” she whispered, turning her head to rest her cheek against the soft silk covers of the pillow with her eyes still closed, “I’m still sleepy.”

He only replied with a soft hum as he started leaving small kisses on her neck from behind. His large hands rubbed her sides softly, willing her to wake up just a little more. She could feel the heat radiating of his naked chest against her bare back, the soft cotton of his pajama shorts brushing against the back of her thighs and her lace panties.

“I made breakfast,” he coaxed her, his voice coming out in whispers as he tried to savour the most of the comfortable morning they were having.

Nesta bit her bottom lip playfully as she opened her eyes to see her boyfriend’s face right beside her. She leaned up, leaving a soft kiss on his cheek before resting back to her previous position.

“That depends, what did you make?”

“Pancakes, waffles, a few eggs, bacon,” he mumbled, all the while leaving kisses around her neck. Nesta moaned quietly, a small smile etching onto her face as she tilted more to the side. Cassian took the advantage as he buried his face all together in her neck, breathing her in as he collapsed on top of her like a dog.

Nesta gasped from his sudden weight as she writhed underneath him.

“Cassian! Get off!”

“Will you give me kisses?”

“Yes, yes! Now, get off!”

He laughed before rolling over to his empty side of the bed, laying on his back so his built body was on display. Nesta couldn’t help but stare before tossing a glare at Cassian.

“You had to ruin the peace.”

He pouted playfully, turning on his side and resting his cheek on the palm of his hand from his bent elbow. He reached out with his free hand, pushing away the strands of Nesta’s hair that had fallen onto her face before stroking her cheek softly with his knuckle.

“I had to. Sorry, love.”

She sighed but a smile crept onto her face either way. She shifted closer to her boyfriend until their fronts were touching before burying her face in his chest. Cassian leaned back once more to rest on his back as he tucked Nesta closer into his side. He buried his hand into her hair while the other rested on his stomach. They stayed that way, the only sound coming from the rustling of the leaves outside their window and their soft breathing.

“What about those kisses?”

“I dont think you deserve any, Cass.”

“But, Nesta,” he whined, giving her the puppy dog look, “Please?”

She laughed, leaning up and pressing her lips with his. She felt his arms wrap around her, tightening as he opened her mouth for their kiss. Their tongues moved together, their kiss lazy as their bodies were only waking up. One of Nesta’s hands reached up and buried itself in his hair while the other rested under his chin. She pulled him closer to her by his chin, a soft moan leaving his mouth from her action.

“Well, good morning, Nesta.” he whispered, leaning his forehead against her’s with a small smile.

“Morning, Cass.”

“Care for breakfast?”

“You read my mind,” she grinned.

Nesta watched as he sat up before she was pulled up to sit between his legs, his chin nestled onto her chin and his long hair brushing her cheek. She didn’t waste time taking the tray from the bedside and settling it onto her lap. Nesta dug into the food, occasionally feeding Cassian a forkful of waffles before eating for herself once more. Cassian didn’t mind the way he was positioned, he loved it in fact as he left soft kisses all over her bare shoulder.

At this point, Nesta didn’t care that she was eating breakfast with only her panties on. She’s become so use to it with Cassian that should could be naked and she wouldn’t care. As long as he was there.

Cassian suddenly groaned quietly as his hands trailed up her bare stomach before cupping one of her breasts in his hands.

“I love these in the morning,” he mumbled, nipping on her neck as he playfully squeezed her breast.

“Only in the morning?”

“You know my answer, love.”

Nesta laughed quietly, setting the tray aside before nestling further into the warm heat of her boyfriend. She laughed a little harder when she felt both his hands cup her breasts, squeezing them as a groan left his lips.

“Oh God, I love these so much.” he muttered, moving to bury his face in her hair.

“So, you’re just using me?”

“You know it, baby.”

Nesta rolled her eyes as Cassian laughed, his chest vibrating, leaving goosebumps all over her body.

“You know I love you, Nesta.” he kissed her temple softly, his words said softer than any he’s said all morning.

“You sure?”

He grinned, “It’s the one thing I’m most sure of.”

“Good. Cause I love you too.” she whispered before leaning up and kissing his lips once more. His hands trailed back down to rest on her waist, squeezing her lightly. He knew he was going to leave a mark there from how pale her skin was.

“I’m still hungry, by the way, Cass.” she muttered softly against his lips, a smile curving her lips.

“I’ll make you more if you don’t get dressed for the rest of the day.”