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You Bring Me Home

Alex had been told his entire life that when a person is about to die, their whole life flashes before their eyes.  But in that instance, that wasn’t the case. 

As he reached up, grasping at the black water and cursing the life vest that was doing nothing for him in this moment, he remembers thinking of her.

tw: I guess any tw that goes with the film (drowning mention, death, war, etc etc)  PTSD.


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park woojin - demigod!au; hermes

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  • when he was younger, he was a master at pick pocketing 
  • in middle school, he wouldn’t stand up for kid being bullied but rather go to the bully and pick pocket back the lunch money 
  • he wouldn’t really hand back to them, he’d just put it on their desk, underneath their pencil bag or inside it
  • constantly transferred schools too, which meant constant new encounters, and he hated it 
  • he was sick of change, he just wanted something permanent
  • one friend, one home, one school, one setting 
  • he was always alone since he just kept leaving 
  • so when he made it to camp half blood, he was shook 
  • he wasn’t used to the atmosphere but he was immediately claimed by hermes 
  • he was quickly engulfed by a crowd, his siblings and they were are all so jolly, happy, snarky but also welcoming 
  • at first he was really reserved and shy but when head counselor taehyun introduced him to everyone, he was overjoyed 
  • overtime he came out his shell 
  • he was the master mind of plastic wrapping all the chariots together
  • is known for being very mischievous and silly 
  • very bro
  • is the type to blame it on someone else 
  • works half of time cause he’s good at playing innocent
  • “woojin it was you wasn’t it”
  • “what? me? why would i ever? no way!!!”
  • honestly, he does it for shits and giggles and never has intentions to ever hurt or anger someone
  • he’s really good at hand to hand combat (aka flipping people) 
  • he carries around a simple celestial bronze knife but rarely uses it 
  • is really talented 
  • raps and dances he’s pretty cool my dude
  • the apollo cabin doesn’t really see him as all that talented though they’re to busy thinking they’re better than everyone else 
  • you on the other hand, were constantly getting kicked out of schools because of your “problematic” behavior
  • it wasn’t your fault that people always listened to whatever you said
  • even if you had asked to cut in lines, get a’s or to skip class, it’s their fault for listening to you
  • at camp half blood, you were known to be quite fiery 
  • it was hard for anyone to believe you were an aphrodite child honestly 
  • you stand for what u believe in, you’re straight forward, and you have no problem with casting permanent make up on anyone 
  • one time, at the dining hall, someone tried to mess with your sibling’s food by placing a magnetic force around it so the food can never sit on the plate 
  • you immediately flung around to the giggling hermes cabin 
  • and this time woojin was out of the loop he doesn’t commit such petty pranks uhm hello??
  • “okay who did it?” you glared at all of them, honestly this happens everyday and normally you’d ignore it but honestly it was gettin out of hand 
  • “WOOJIN!” a hermes cabin kid screamed 
  • and everyone snickered 
  • he’s just there with a piece of bread of his mouth, puppy dog eyes, lost, looking up you 
  • “huh?” 
  • and you glared at the one who yelled his name and you casted the permanent make up on him and everyone else who laughed got ugly outfits with neon colors 
  • and all the other tables are doing obnoxious ‘OOoooOOOOoooooOOOOOOOooooooOOoOOH shiTTTTTT”  
  • the hermes kids now think you have a bratty princess attitude
  • but did you care????????
  • no 
  • and the next time woojin sees you, he kinda wavers around you, and you don’t recognize him at first
  • as you’re setting up your weapons for capture the flag (i love ctp okay im sorry if your’e sick of it omg) he just opens his mouth 
  • “sorry about my brothers and sisters yesterday…” 
  • at first you were like ??? oooOOOOHHH 
  • “hahahahHAHAHA no its no probleM!!” 
  • are you nervous ?? is he that cute ?? is it just me omg
  • he’s a little flustered, mainly cause he just feels bad 
  • may or may not have avoided playing pranks on you or just the entire aphordite cabin tbh 
  • he was gonna say something again but chiron calls for the teams to shake hands and you two are on different teams 
  • and so you had the found the flag, but your back up was taking forever
  • no one was on guard though, and the flag was just out and exposed in the creek
  • you wanted to go for it, seriously, your blood was chasing through your veins, it was getting hard to hold your back you impulsiveness. 
  • and suddenly there was cheering behind you 
  • and when you walked out of your hiding spot, you saw woojin being thrown in the air,
  • your team flag in his hand 
  • and you were chill, i mean it wasn’t the first time you lost
  • but what really bugged you was when hermes cabin wouldn’t stop reminding you 
  • this happened almost every time you lose 
  • and when you’re in greek history class, they were just at and you were trying so hard not to explode 
  • and just when you’re about to, woojin clears his through
  • “hyungs, please shut the fuck up, i’m trying to read here” 
  • everyone is shooketh
  • cause he isn’t that straight forward and he’s normally a witness rather an unpstander 
  • after class you thank him and he just shrugs it off like no big deal 
  • inside he’s all squishy and warm cause aw you thanked him ?? you thank people ??? 
  • and you’re blushy because aw he cared ?? 
  • and tbh you guys stay in this weird phase for a while 
  • very small talk, short glances
  • but nothing more
  • it was awkward for the both of you 
  • it was the first time to feel this warm in the inside 
  • you both knew there was something more there
  • there’s no way you two are just friends 
  • ya’ll both squishes for each other 
  • but you’re both convinced otherwise 
  • all of woojin’s siblings tell him to not for fall an aphordite kid 
  • they tried to convince him that he was just falling for your stupid but blessed love charms and looks
  • “they’re all heart breakers !! don’t know you know about their little game” 
  • yea, your cabin loved doing this point system thing 
  • each time they “won” a person, a point 
  • and whoever got the least amount of points got the shoes of shame 
  • you H A T E D it 
  • you’re cabin was trying to explain to you that you weren’t falling for some “disgusting, annoying dumb, hermes kid”
  • “no way !!! you have to date one of the hot apollo kids, or the ares kids, but cMON, not a hermes kid. don’t be silly!”
  • and it just makes you want woojin more
  • he started getting bolder though 
  • but hes still shy 
  • your little talks became conversations, you glances became eye contact 
  • then the conversations would last through the lunches and he would even walk you to your next activity or back to the cabin 
  • his eyes not only lingered but he would also flash his cute little canine at you or even make silly faces when chiron is teaching 
  • and you were complaining about your cabin with him one day during your shared free hour together 
  • “i just don’t understand them at times, i really don’t think i fit in that cabin a at all” 
  • “well i think you do”
  • you’re laughing as you look over at him but he aint laughin
  • “i think you fit in that cabin perfectly. you’re really genuine, kind to everyone but you’re definitely not a push over. you know that the inside personality is what is important, not the outside. everyone thinks that you’re just being mean, but i think it’s because you base your attitude on personality.” 
  • and at first his explanation doesn’t make sense
  • he thought he was being weird and he freaks out 
  • “oh my go-god,i-uh- i ig-ignore what i just said hah ha ha hahahah” he would utter out, redfaced and looking away 
  • “no please explain what you mean woojin” and you place your hand on his shoulder
  • “i-it’s just like how your siblings are with looks! not to say that they’re aLL vain!! i-i i mean li-like if they’re ‘ugly’ they would kin-kinda isolate them ya know?? and when they’re pretty they date them. you’re kinda the same, but with per-personality.”
  • you’re speechless and his eyes are glued to the grass 
  • “y-you just share beauty in a different way, that’s all, and i like that, a lot” he chuckles as he palms his neck nervously 
  • “t-thanks” you mumbled out and he’s grinning to himself cause you’re so cute
  • and the feelings are just floating in the air 
  • since he’s all shy and awkward and doesn’t know what to do
  • “i like you too” you smiled back 
  • and yall slowly and slowly become more comfortable 
  • you like watching him pick out the food you don’t like in your pasta
  • honestly he’s the cutest when he eats
  • his checks are puffed out and you can see the way he’s chewing and he’s just fluffy omg 
  • and he would catch you staring and have his confused mouse face 
  • how could you not want to feed him at that point 
  • but slowly he would start getting flirtier and flirtier 
  • he would run up to you and wrap his arms from behind 
  • omg imagine his cabin is so surprised and they cannot believe he swooped an aphordite child 
  • “brurhruhrhruhr you hella scored omg hooow???” 
  • “well i mean, i just told them i liked them ?? and they happened to like me back ??” and he’s blushing, lookin down and a small grin on his face
  • they all watch you both in amazed 
  • like you guys are laughing and smiling, arms linked, walking towards the mess hall and they’re just watching all wide eyed and jaws dropped 
  • “that’s so unfair” they’d all pout 
  • he secretly enjoys them being jealous
  • imagine him look all aggressive and hot while playing capture the flag 
  • you can’t even play properly ???? how can you function ???? 
  • like you’re suppose to be his back up but you’re so distracted 
  • you’re teammates know to never put you guys in the same team/group ever again
  • but he doesn’t realize you’re distracted by him,
  • he’s all sweaty and puppy like comin to you 
  • “babe are you sick ?? are you tired ??? you don’t look okay ..” 
  • “nO woojin i’m fine hahahha!!! don’t worry !!!” awkward laughter 
  • “ookay..” is still slightly worried 
  • the next day he comes by with cookies and he’s such a nervous mess cause omg your sibling opened the door 
  • ya’ll exposed af, all you’re siblings are watching the gesture 
  • and you slam the door on their face LOL 
  • “woojin what are you doing ??” 
  • “i was just worried, and i knew you liked jinyoung’s cookies so i got some for you cause you didn’t look well yesterday” and he’s all flustered 
  • one hand in the pocket, the other palming the back of his neck nervously 
  • he’s such a pup omg help the cutie out 
  • but all you could do is stutter a thanks out
  • your siblings on the other side are just giggling
  • jihoon, your half brother thinks you two are disgusting 
  • especially cause 2park is lyfe and you don’t in 2park
  • but overall, he’s very sweet and loving 
  • he maybe shy at times even though he’s wild with his siblings 
  • it’s just cause you make him nervous
  • you guys prove stereotypes wrong and people lOVE it 

i’m so sorry this took so long lmao, thanks 4 waiting  !!! esp the anon who asked for woojin a long long time ago


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s the second part to Vegas! You know that part in a concert where all the music just stops mid-song, and then it resumes after a couple of moments and it’s super awesome and amazing? Yeah, that’s what I tried to describe in this fic, but I don’t think I did it that well. Oh well. I did my best.

Word Count: 2782

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT, car sex, the usual bad language

“No.” Daveed said for the third time.

“Why not?” You asked, groaning a bit.

“Because I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come. It’s dangerous for you. Shows can get out of hand sometimes.”

Tonight, clipping. was scheduled for a pop-up show at a local bar and you were trying to convince Daveed to take you with him. The both of you had become friends with benefits after he ‘broke your curse’ of not being able to orgasm during sex with anyone else. You both satisfied each other’s needs when it was necessary, and you enjoyed this relationship that you both had, but there were certain things that you didn’t enjoy: he was overprotective.

“C’mon, D. I’m a grown woman, I can handle myself. You don’t have to treat me like a damsel in distress all the time.” You said, leaning against the counter. He wasn’t going to make you bring out the puppy dog eyes, was he?

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{ virgins have more fun | erwin smith x reader }

A/N: A Erwin Smith x Virgin!Reader lemon.
Warnings: unprotected sex. Erwin being too sexy for his own good.
Word count: 1654

“Why are you still standing?” Erwin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You realized that he had been sitting on the edge of his bed and you were left standing with your arms wrapped around your mid section.
“I um-”
“Come closer.” Erwin requested. You took a few steps forward until you were standing directly in front of him. He  looked up at you with a warm smile and rested his large hands on your hips.

“Your body language tells me that you’re nervous.” If there was one thing Erwin could do it was read your body language. It could be his super power easily. He always knew when you were upset.
“And may I ask for what?” He asked. You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you looked down at him.
“I don’t feel as well as I did earlier is all.” You gave a halfhearted smile and pushed your fingers through his soft blonde hair.

Your hands were on both sides of his face when you gave him a light chaste kiss on the lips. All of a sudden, Erwin wrapped his arms around you and playfully slammed you onto the bed taking you by surprise. His hands traveled up and down your sides tickling you as you laughed in pure joy.  The biggest mistake was telling Erwin you were ticklish because he took advantage of it every time.

The tickling eventually stopped leaving your cheeks flushed and your breathing a tiny bit uneven. Erwin smiled as he took your beauty in. His heart seemed to flutter when he noticed the silver diamond necklace he gave you on your very 1 year anniversary. It was simple but yet very beautiful. You have yet to remove it.

“I love you..” Erwin said in what seemed like a whisper. You smiled and brought your hand to his cheek grazing your thumb over it gently.
“I love you too.” You smiled softly. He looked into your eyes deeply searching for something. Maybe a sign that told him that you were ready. He wanted to take your relationship to the next level.
“I want to show you how much I love you.” Erwin said never breaking eye contact. You were a little shocked but deep down you knew this was going to happen eventually and you were completely fine with that. You wanted him to be your first and your only.

You opened your mouth to say something but you slowly closed it and nodded your head. Erwin leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss that was filled with love and tenderness. His hands slowly but surely explored your body. Feeling on your breasts and massaging them through your shirt. The feeling was new but it felt amazing. Erwin lifted up your shirt to where your bra was completely exposed and noticed your hardened buds through your bra. He felt himself twitch in his pants.

Erwin finished taking your clothes by unhooking your bra and gently tossed it to the side. You felt your cheeks heat up as his eyes explored your body. The cold air hit your sensitive buds making them aroused. Erwin pecked your lips and started to suck on your neck, attacking your sweet spot the was just under your ear and you let out a breathy moan.

His warm hand found its way to your breast and started to massage it while playing with your hardened nipples in between his fingertips. You blushed even more as you felt his hard member against your inner thigh. You slowly started to rub your leg against his member earning a very deep groan of pleasure from him.

Erwin’s hand found their way to your pants and unbuttoned them before taking them off completely. Erwin took a finger and grazed it over your underwear, right over your clit. A jolt of pleasure went through your body causing your hips to buck.

“You’re so sensitive, doll. I barely touched you.” Erwin said and a blush appeared on your cheeks.
“Don’t tease me.” You pouted.

Erwin chuckled and lifted himself up from you then discarded all of his clothes but leaving on his boxers. His member was extremely prominent through the thin fabric of his underwear. His size was very impressive, it was bigger than you imagined. He left a trail of kisses from your lips to your belly button and all the way until he met the lining of your panties.

He looked up at you from confirmation to continue and you gave him a small nod. He soon pulled down your panties and out them to the side. He smiled to himself as he spotted your hardened bud and took a finger then started to rub circles around it. Your hips bucked at the new sensation but Erwin kept your hip pinned down to the bed forcing you to take it.

“W-wait, Erwin-” You whimpered at the feeling.

He wasted little time and attacked your womanhood with his mouth. His tongue did amazing things to your clit, flicking it up and down and drawing shapes and patterns around it. He inserted a long finger into your awaiting hole earning him a deep arc in the back from you. You felt something in the pit of your stomach form and you just had to release it.

Your orgasm took the breath out of you and made your body shake uncontrollably. Erwin kept your hips pinned down firmly enjoying watching your orgasm attack your frame so hard.
“Hm, already?” He smiled to himself. His fingers parted your lips then kissed your sensitive clit.
“Can you teach me?” You asked in a sweet voice.
“Teach you what?” Erwin asked looking up at you with curiosity in his eyes.
“How to make you feel good.” You said propping up on your elbows.


Erwin was now laid on his back with you playing with the elastic lining of his boxers.
“Take it out for me, dove.” He ordered you in a soft voice. You pulled down his boxers revealing his cock that had sprang up and hit his stomach.
“It’s very big, Erwin.” You said in awe making Erwin chuckle at your cuteness.
“Grab it then I want you to start stroking it.” You followed his directions precisely then looked up at him for a reaction. He threw his head back and a small moan escaped his lips.

He continued to guide you until you wanted to try something different so you licked the underside of his cock in one long swipe. Erwin took in a sharp breath and his eyes averted to you. Getting the reaction you wanted from him, you began to kiss and lick the tip of his manhood until you eventually took what you could fit in your mouth.

“Am I doing it right?” You asked looking up at him through your eyelashes stroking his manhood slowly.
“Y-yes. You’re doing so well, doll.” He tried to compose himself.
“I want to feel it inside me.” You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but you were growing very anxious for him to take you.


“Just ease down on it slowly, okay?” Erwin said and positioned his cock right at your wet hole. You nodded and took a deep breath as you eased down on his cock. The both of your reactions were completely different. Erwin moaned out loudly in pleasure as he felt your tightness surround his manhood and you cried out in pain from his manhood stretching your hole to what seemed like it’s limit. Tears escaped your eyes as he finally filled you up fully. You rested your hands on his chest and had your head slumped as you shut your eyes tightly.

Erwin lifted himself up and wrapped his arms around you drawing light patterns into your naked back. You rested your head in the crook of his neck.
“We can stop if you’d like.” He whispered into your ear lovingly. You sniffed and shook your head.
“No, I want this.” You said.
“I don’t want to cause you any more pain.” Erwin said, the same caring tone never leaving his lips.

Without warning you started to kiss on his neck and grind onto him. The feeling of pain was becoming very faint as the new feeling of pleasure overcoming you. You felt his cock poke you in all the right places making you feel very dizzy. Erwin laid back down his hands attaching to your hips.

“Take me, Erwin.” You whispered. It took him very little time to start thrusting up inside you. The feeling of us cock slamming up into you was enough to put you over the edge.
“You’re so tight..” Erwin moaned in pleasure. He took his thumb and started to rub your clit you felt yourself tighten around his member. Your orgasm took you by surprise but nonetheless it was extremely powerful.

“I-I” You tried to get the words out by you just couldn’t. You leaned over and rested your head onto Erwin’s shoulder. He didn’t stop pumping into you though. You noticed his breathing started to become very uneven and you could feel him twitching inside of you.
“Cum inside me please.” You pleaded and if on cue, Erwin released his seed deep inside of you. You felt the thick hot ropes of his cum shoot up inside you as you let out a whimper of pleasure.
Dear god, (Name)..” Erwin moaned.

You both stayed like this for a few more moments until you got off of him laying beside him resting your head on his chest. Erwin wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Did I do good?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes.
“You did amazing.” He said with a reassuring smile.

bring that fire, babe (tom holland imagine/oneshot)

a/n: based on “kiss me”by olly murs.

I got this idea when Tom was asked to sing electricity in that one interview with Peter Travers (?) and he got all shy and flustered. I know he doesn’t sing in public anymore (unless bribed with popcorn ;)) but I liked imagining him liking someone so much he would force himself to get over that fear and sing anyways.



If you guys wanna send me requests, please feel free!

xx NK

p.s. thank you for all the support on my other imagines. More of my stories are on my wattpad account: norcula. Masterlist also in my bio. 


The cold wind of New York City bit into my skin as I clutched my coat closer to my body. Even with Harrison walking beside me and the rest of the Hoco gang swarming around me, I was chilled to the bone.


I think I nodded when Haz asked. But I’m not too sure.

Tom turned back to look at the two of us. His eyes glazed over me for a moment before he looked to Harrison for confirmation of something. Confused, I watched his jaw clench and he turned back once again.

What’s his problem?

The gang filed in through a door one after the other as I watched Zendaya holler. Tom looked positively horrified, which was both entertaining and concerning. Haz held the door open for me and I followed behind them-only to realise why Tom had reacted the way he had.

It was a karaoke bar.

“Nope! Nope! I’m leaving! Goodbye!”

I bolted back towards the door but Haz got a hold of me. With the biggest shit eating grin, his hands moved from my shoulders to my arms as he quite literally revolved me around to face the stage.

Tom and I exchanged a look of mutual horror.

It was one of the things we had bonded over when we first met. Granted, I had barely known the guy. But he had opened up to me almost immediately. That coupled with the fact we were friends with the same people, more or less living on the set of the same movie, was it really surprise I liked him more immensely than I should have?

Zendaya’s enthusiasm broke me out of my almost panic attack. I noticed Haz’s hands were still on me and when he realised it too, he moved them away quickly.

“Who’s first?”

She had a microphone in her hand that Jacob quickly grabbed. The rest of the gang broke out into applause as we took a seat at the table closest to the stage. He bowed several times and performed a great version of “Uptown Funk”. Returning to the table, he was greeted with high-fives and “YASS bro”.

I swallowed hard.

Zendaya was next. She did what she did best-worked what little crowd there was with “Yoncé”, dishing out moves akin to Queen B herself. Everyone in that dark, dingy hole in the ground honoured her with a standing ovation worthy of the Oscars ceremony.

As one by one took a turn, sometimes offering me or Tom to take a turn first, my anxiety just got worse and worse. I turned to Tom, who looked much the same.

In the dim lighting of the bar, his hair was so many shades of dark and light, it was hard to pinpoint on any exact one. He ran a hand through it, making me question what shampoo he used because it looked so soft. His eyes raked up and down the floor as he fidgeted with his fingers. I was surprised to see myself doing almost the same thing.

When his eyes turned to me, I froze though.

Unaware of what I should do, I quickly turned away to Harrison. He was on his feet, flashing me his signature smirk. He passed me to quickly whisper something into Tom’s ear. His eyes widened. But otherwise, he didn’t react.

He looked to me once from across the table and then looked back to the stage.

What the hell is going on?

“Hello people of New York City!”

Harrison said loudly, sounding like a baseball commentator. His voice actually boomed so loud, static floated through the air nearly deafening us all.

“Sorry about that.”

He almost whispered. I laughed a little, rubbing my hands on my trousers. My foot tapped to its own accord as he leaned in a little closer to speak once more.

“Unfortunately, you shan’t be blessed with my vocals right now.”

The gang and I exchanged looks of confusion. It seemed like no one knew what the actual hell was going on.

“Instead, give it up for my best mate, Thong-ass!”

I heard myself laughing at the nickname he’d given his friend after a little incident where Tom had to be scanned for the Spider-man suit wearing just a thong, revealing most of his ass.

But I could also see Haz almost literally pull Tom from his seat at the table. Jacob helped push him forward too until he found himself standing on stage.

He stood still, looking completely scared out of his mind.

I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed.

He closed his eyes and exhaled, looking like he had to do this or die trying.

Tom gripped the microphone in his hand as the opening notes began to play.

And I recognised them instantly.


I looked to my left to see Haz smirking. Dumbfounded by what was happening, Tom opened his mouth. And the room filled with a clear, accented voice singing the lyrics to one of my favourite songs of all time- “kiss me” by Olly Murs.

I was transfixed by the way he seemed to be just singing to me-making eye contact, reaching his hand out as if to touch me. I watched in awe as he not only hit every note but carried himself so well on stage it no longer surprised me that he once led a musical on the West End. He moved around effortlessly, emphasizing just where he had to and hitting that sweet high note near the end like a pro.

The song ended and I felt myself getting to my feet and clapping like a seal trapped in the body of a mad woman. At least, that’s what Haz told me later that night.

Tom looked shyly at his feet and then joined us back again. I felt myself floating towards him. But instead of offering my heartiest congratulations, I stood by and stared.

I stared because I was so wildly attracted to him.

I mean, who wouldn’t be?

He was smart and charismatic. He danced and acted and apparently sang like an angel. He was the perfect combination of humble and a narcissistic twat. That and he looked like a leading man out of a Jane Austen novel.

Even surrounded by our friends and their attention, his eyes found mine. He sidestepped to stand right in front of me-so close that I could feel his breath in my hairline. I could smell his cologne in the air between us. I could feel my heart beat like a freight train getting ready to run itself off track.

“You were great. That was a great song choice…..and uh, you were just….you were amazing.”

I managed to stutter out. Embarrassed by how tongue-tied I was, I looked up to see him licking his lips. Gone was the stuttering mess of a man who was just talking to our friends a minute ago. Now, there was this confident looking man with darkening eyes, wearing just a hint of shyness and apprehension.

“Glad you thought so. It was all for you.”

My heart quite literally stopped. Despite my instincts to fall back or run away, I looked up at him. And found not one trace of insincerity in his eyes. His fingers laced with mine as he closed the distance between us.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been flirting with you-have been all year.”

I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck to lower his face to my level.

“And you’ve been shit at it.”

I teased.


He asked. I nodded. He smirked and pulled me so close our bodies were pressed together. Then he kissed me so hard, I thought we were both going to be knocked down. Our lips moved together until the clearing of voices and not-so-subtle sneezing and other noises caused us to separate.

Tom smiled at our friends and turned back to me to say.

“How about now?”

“S’okay. It’ll get better with practice though.”

“Yeah? You offering?”

He asked, smirking like no tomorrow. But I could see the glimmer of hope and excitement in his eyes too.

“Yeah-I am.”

alictf  asked:

Fic prompt: "Hiraeth" Caskett learns it's twins. Or Kate tells Castle ... Am I doing this right? ;)

Ahh, you did it! Well done. ;)

And here’s your fill, as promised:


Castle is there when she wakes, tracing circles on her stomach, tickling her skin with the barely there touch of his fingertips to her navel. She fell asleep waiting for him to return from Lily’s taekwondo class, swims slowly into consciousness now at the caress of his hand warm and heavy across her abdomen. 

Kate sighs, blinks the last of the nap from her eyes, and reaches for his wandering hand. His gaze lifts along with his smile as their eyes meet.

“Hey, good nap?” Castle murmurs, flipping his palm up atop the swell of her stomach. 

“Yeah,” she rasps, sliding her hand into his, twining their fingers. She shifts in the bed, tries to alleviate the discomfort of remaining in the same position for too long. 

She’s barely five months, but feels so much bigger than she was during this period of her first pregnancy. This is different from her time carrying Lily, so much more… strenuous. 

She should have known.

“Lily’s lesson?”

Castle’s eyes light up with that gleaming blue pride that overcomes his gaze anytime he talks about their daughter.

“She’s amazing. Such a great little fighter,” he grins, squeezing her hand. “She’s upstairs now, taking a quick shower.”

“Mm, I need to go next time. Love to watch her,” Kate murmurs, sitting up to prop her back against the headboard. Rick remains on his side, head supported by the stab of his elbow to the mattress, his hand slipping to curve over her thigh. 

“How was the ultrasound?” he asks next, the curiosity bright in his eyes. He hates missing anything, even the tiniest moments, but the appointment with her OBGYN conflicted with Lily’s lesson today and rescheduling wasn’t an option for either. 

Her husband has been fascinated by her pregnancy, mesmerized by the bump of her belly, never likes to stray far from it. She knows his hesitation is natural, that he’s a brilliant father, an incredible man, and wants to be a part of this pregnancy just as much as he was for Alexis’s, wanted to be for Lily’s. But he was robbed of experiencing Lily’s, missed the time she spent in Kate’s stomach, missed her birth, missed the first six years of her life. And she doesn’t think he will ever stop living with the guilt of that. 

She doesn’t think he’ll ever stop missing all that he lost. Even after getting most of it back. 

“Good,” Kate promises him, combing her fingers through his hair. “Everybody’s good.”

“Is our avocado developing okay?”

She huffs a laugh, furrows her fingers through the baby fine hairs at the base of his skull. She’s eighteen weeks pregnant and Castle has been tracking the size of the baby by a fruit and vegetable chart he found online. 

First the baby was the size of a blueberry, then a  kumquat, and now, an avocado. 

“There have definitely been some developments,” she hedges, biting her lip.  Castle glances up, a flash of concern immediately rippling through his gaze. She curves her palm at the back of his neck, presses her thumb to the sensitive spot behind his ear. “No, nothing bad. Just… unexpected.”

Rick sobers and sits up beside her, his hand remaining solid and reassuring along the muscle of her thigh.

He squeezes. “Tell me.”

She sucks in a shallow breath, already knows he would never be upset over the news. His reaction will be the opposite of unaccepting, but it’s just… a lot. A lot more than either of them were prepared for. 

“What would you think if I told you there were two avocados in there?”

He blinks, confusion chasing away the concern from his features, before realization sets in. 

His eyes go wide.

“Two… you mean twins? Are you - are you pregnant with twins?” he whispers, looking so amazed that she can’t help the smile that spills across her lips. Castle surges forward, his hands already cupping her face before he presses his smile to hers. 

Her spine seals against the headboard, but arches to meet him, her fingers clutching at the back of his neck. Their teeth clash and his laughter, the breathless sound of joy he releases, causes their kiss to fall apart. 

“The doctor - she’s sure?” he gets out, his thumbs stroking her cheeks, as if they just can’t stay still. Too much energy, excitement rushing through him.

Kate nods, calms his hands on her face with the cover of hers, drawing them down to tangle with hers atop her stomach once more. 

“Yeah, trust me, I made her check more than once,” she chuckles, watching his gaze flicker down. And if she thought he looked awed by the proof of life growing inside of her before… he looks absolutely blown away now. 

“Did she say what they are? Do we know the gender?” he whispers, his expression so soft, boyish with delight.

“No, she told me she could tell, but I didn’t want to know. Not when you weren’t there,” she admits. 

He leans in to kiss her again, smile still in place, but a little gentler this time, reverent. 

“We’re having twins,” he breathes, dropping his forehead to rest against hers. “What are we going to do with twins, Kate?” 

She laughs, shakes her head. “I have no idea. But we’ll make it work.”

“Lily’s going to be so excited.”

“Think so?” she murmurs, bumping his nose with hers. 

“She’s dying to be a big sister, thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world.”

“Thanks to Alexis,” Kate grins, circling her thumb over one of his knuckles. “I’m… I’m so glad you’re here for this, Rick.”

She lowers her eyes to their hands. 

“I never knew it could be so much… fun.”

“Kate,” he whispers, the sorrow seeping into his tone, but no, she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want to feed that eternal guilt that surrounds the topic of her first pregnancy. She just wants him to know how much better he makes this experience, how much better her life is when he’s in it. 

“I was excited for Lily too,” she assures him, because she was. Despite his absence, the fear that he was never coming back to her, she always had the small seed of hope, the bright spot, that was their daughter developing inside of her. “It’s just so much better having you here to share it all with.”

“The feeling is definitely mutual,” he murmurs, tilting his chin to brush his lips between her brows, to her forehead, the line of her hair. “I’m not missing anything anymore.”

She wants to reassure him that she knows, that he’s proven it since the moment he found his way back to her, to their family, over three years ago. But instead, she slips her hands free from the twine of his, laces her arms around his neck. She can hear the shower cut off upstairs, the thump of Lily’s feet as she trots into her room to change into her pajamas. 

Kate sighs against his chin, lifts her head to murmur the word against his lips. 


lesbianrain  asked:

Okay, but how did Shiro and Keith start dating? And how did the camp find out? (Or did everyone just know because "Come on, it's obvious" and Lance's jaw is on the floor)

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Betting Pool Gods Version)

How Shiro and Keith Started Dating.

Ever since Shiro and Keith met, Keith had always been drawn towards the son of Zeus. He couldn’t really pinpoint what exactly it was, but he just knew he was comfortable when he was by Shiro’s side, he felt safe—despite the fact they battled way too many monsters than any other demigods should’ve before they get to camp, simply because they were apparently BOTH children of The Big Three. 

Being a child of Zeus and child of Hades made them more delicious (Keith cringed at the term but there was no other way to put it) also because they were very rare. The gods made a law that The Big Three: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, not to have anymore children with mortals because they tend to be really powerful and destructive, they have the ability to destroy the world and the gods would like to prevent that. All the World Wars were caused by children of The Big Three fighting. Keith would’ve found it amazing but he couldn’t imagine starting World War IV if he and Shiro would have an argument. 

Keith made his way to forest since Shiro told him to meet him there. He saw his best friend’s back sitting on a tree branch. Sensing his presence, Shiro turned around and waved at Keith. Keith smiled back. It must be Shiro’s friendly aura, his caring personality or the way he simply smiles softly at Keith. 

Shiro summoned the winds to lift Keith up to the tree so he could sit beside him. “Thanks,” Keith muttered as he sat properly, holding onto the branch. “So what’s up?”

“I got you a cake,” Shiro pulled out a slice of cake from his picnic basket and handed it to Keith. “Well, Hunk baked it cause you know how awful I am at things like this.”

It startled him, to be honest but he smiled and accepted it. “What’s the occasion? Not that eating cake on a normal day is bad.”

Shiro frowned. “You don’t remember.” A fact, not a question. Keith shook his head as he took a bite, seeing Shiro getting a slice of his own. “It’s your birthday, you silly goob.” 

Keith gaped. His birthday? “What? My birthday?”

“Yeah, Happy 18th Birthday, Keith!” Shiro chuckled and then softly stared at Keith who seemed to have a hard time processing it. He took the son of Hades’ hand and started caressing it softly, an obvious attempt to bring Keith back to the present. 

Keith’s heart was beating so fast and before he could stop himself, Keith grabbed Shiro’s shirt and pulled him close so he could give him a peck on the lips. It was really brief but Keith felt like he could’ve died, so when he realized what he did, he quickly detached himself and noticed that Shiro had his eyes wide open in surprise.

“What was that all about?” Shiro whispered, still not taking his eyes off Keith.

Oh gods. Keith felt terrible and absolutely awful. He let his feelings get the better of him and now… “I… I’ve always been meaning to tell you before my 18th birthday without realizing I was running out of time and oh gods. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same way, Shiro.” Keith forced a laugh. “Think of it as like, uh, my um… birthday gift? Selfish birthday wish gift.” Keith was blabbering, he knew that as he stared at his hands that were clenched on top of his thighs. His hands started to shake and then suddenly his plate started to slip and he couldn’t process what happened next but…

1. His plate fell. He went to grab it out of reflex.
2. He fell off the branch with no such grace.
3. Shiro panicked and summoned the winds.

And that was how Keith found himself holding his now empty plate, floating in front of Shiro who just gave him a very amused smile.

“It’s not funny,” Keith grumbled, fist still clenched. “Put me down.”

Shiro shook his head and cupped Keith’s face to return the favor: a soft peck on Keith’s lips. “Now we’re even.”

If his eyeballs could only pop out of his eye sockets, they probably would’ve done it now because what the hell just happened?

“Keith?” Shiro asked worriedly.

“D-do that again,” Keith squeaked.

Shiro laughed and Keith could’ve sworn he saw the clouds parting, giving ways to the rays of the sun to shine down on Shiro, providing him the golden halo that Keith knew was always there. He reached out for Shiro who gladly pulled him and Keith hugged him really tight. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he buried his face into Shiro’s neck. 

“What did you say?” Shiro asked.

“I said this is the best birthday ever,” Keith leaned away for a second to look at Shiro. “Also, you are allowed to hold my hand in public whenever we walk side by side.”

“Oh, thank the gods. Cause that’s what I’ve always been dreaming of if I ever got myself a boyfriend.” Shiro sarcastically said then he softened and kissed Keith on the cheek. “I’d love to hold your hand in public, Keith.”

That was how the camp found out because they went back to the dining pavilion, holding hands.

“Oh thank the gods it worked,” Hunk sighed in relief as he saw the new couple passing by. “I hope they enjoyed my cake.”

“WHAT?” Lance screamed. “Are you seeing this?!” he pointed at Shiro and Keith dramatically. “What the heck? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?? I?? WHAT?”

“C’mon it’s so obvious, Lance,” Pidge rolled his eyes.

“OBVIOUS? OBVIOUS???!” Lance raised an eyebrow. “I THINK NOT! Since when did Shiro go for guys? AND KEITH OF ALL PEOPLE???”

“Lance, close your mouth. Your jaw could reach the floor,” Shiro commented as they went past his table. 

There were a lot of groans and devastated cries because not only was the son of Zeus no longer available, even the son of Hades! Even worse! They just started dating each other.

Closer, Pet -- The Mix CD

Here it is, FINALLY! I made a playlist for @chokemedaddyclown‘s amazing one-shot fic “Closer, Pet”!

(Here’s the link to the wonderfully beautiful fic she made!)

Below I’ve included a description of the playlist, the track list (in the order it’s supposed to be played in, since Spotify likes to shuffle songs), and some of the lyrics that I thought were the best for the songs.

I hope you guys like it!

Like any mix cd, the songs tend to be random and from different genres. Mix cds can be thrown together spur of the moment, a random collection of songs that you’ve been meaning to compile until you had enough to fill up a whole disc. They can be tributes: to someone you love, to a time that has past, to nostalgic memories. They can also be well thought out, meticulously so. You’ve arranged the songs in the perfect order with the intent of telling a story, or painting a picture.

That is what this mix cd is. It’s one thing throwing random songs together, knowing that there’s some common theme or element. But, to accurately tell the story, the songs have to be in order. They have to show progression of some kind… leading up to something. And this mix cd does just that.

It tells a story of the reader. While doing such a mundane task as cleaning her room, she throws in one of her dozens upon dozens of mix cds. She has no idea what’s on this cd; it’s not labeled, so she has no idea if this is one she made while still in high school, or just last week. Its sole purpose at the moment: background music to entertain her as she tidy’s up.

But there’s more to the cd than this. The lyrics of all the songs slowly seep into the reader’s mind, stirring up feelings and emotions in her subconscious. Thoughts and memories… seeing the first red balloon, him finding her and realizing it wasn’t her fear that he was sensing, smelling… looking at her body in the mirror and seeing scratches and bite marks all over her skin after their first time… The words he growled to her and she shuddered against him, “You’re mine”.

Just as the songs progress in their intensity and meaning, so does her subconscious arousal.

Something can sense it… someone. And it won’t be long before he’s there.

1. Hands All Over – Maroon 5

Love is a game, you say. Play me and put me away. Put your hands all over me.

2. Desire For Need – Seether

You wear out, and lay claim to my mind. Get out, I’m begging you please. You’re so excited to bleed. You’ve got me on my knees. Betray desire for need, but I’m giving up. Yeah I’m giving up.

3. Mercy – Duffy

My moral’s got me on my knees, I’m begging please stop playing games. I don’t know what this is, but you got me good, just like you knew you would. I don’t know what you do, but you do it well. I’m under your spell. You’ve got me begging you for mercy. Why won’t you release me?

4. Love Addict – Family Force 5

I’m blessed, I must confess. My heart is pounding in my chest, cause this love’s the best. I’m just a love addict.

5. Bad Things (Club Mix) – Jace Everett

When you came in, the air went out. And every shadow filled up with doubt. I don’t know who you think you are, but before this night is through I wanna do bad things with you.

6. Replay – Zendaya

But don’t stop, don’t move. Just keep it there. Keep it right there. I wanna put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go… Beating, beating so loud you can feel it. Beating, beating for you.

7. Paralyzer – Finger Eleven

Well, I am imagining a dark lit place, or your place or my place. Well I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you. I wanna make you move, cause you’re standing still. If your body matches what your eyes can do, you’ll probably move right through me on my way to you.

8. Teeth – Lady Gaga

Tell me something that’ll save me. I need a man who makes me alright. Tell me something that’ll change me. I’m gonna love you with my hands tied. Show me your teeth.

9. Her Kiss – In This Moment

I feel you growing closer. I feel you in the air, and I call. I know you hear the voices. I know you’re drawing near, and I’m waiting.

10. ET – Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil, could you be an angel? Your touch, magnetizing. Feels like I’m floating, leaves my body glowing… Kiss me, kiss me. Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. Take me, take me. Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction.

11. Haunted – Beyonce

It’s where we go. It’s where we’ll be. I know if I’m onto you, I’m onto you. Onto you, you must be onto me. My haunted lungs, ghost in the sheets. I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.

12. System – Chester Bennington

Why won’t you die? Your blood in mine. We’ll be fine. Then your body will be mine.

13. Tag, You’re It – Melanie Martinez

Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn’t stop. Tag, you’re it. Tag, tag, you’re it. Grabbed my hand, pushed me down, took the words right out my mouth, Tag, you’re it. Tag, tag, you’re it.

14. Control – Halsey

I’m bigger than my body, I’m colder than this home. I’m meaner than my demons, I’m bigger than these bones. And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”. I can’t help this awful energy. God damn right, you should be scared of me. Who is in control?

15. Not Myself Tonight – Christina Aguilera

I’m out of character. I’m in rare form. And if you really know me, you know that’s not the norm. Cause I’m doing things that I normally won’t do… I’m not myself tonight. Tonight I’m not the same girl.

16. Flesh – Simon Curtis

The feelings deep inside of me, this spark of black that I seem to love. We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun. Don’t even try to hold it back. Just let go. Tie me up and take me over till you’re done, till I’m done… Push up to by body, sink your teeth into my flesh.

17. Oh Lord – In This Moment

Oh lord, please forgive me for what I’m about to do. Oh lord, won’t you believe me. I’ll burn in hell for you… Oh God, have mercy on me. Hold me down under holy water. I fear I’ve been lying with the devil.

18. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

You let me violate you. You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you. You let me complicate you… I wanna fuck you like an animal. I wanna feel you from the inside. I wanna fuck you like an animal. My whole existence is flawed. You get me closer to God.

19. Pet – A Perfect Circle

Don’t fret precious, I’m here. Step away from the window. Go back to sleep… Pay mind what other voices say. They don’t care about you, like I do. Like I do. Safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils. See, they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do. Just stay with me, safe and ignorant. Go back to sleep.

answering asks

chap 4 screamin, cheating??, wagner twins!, mmy insta, hen hc, pokemon, gender au, mitch is ugly, my day job, aaaaand “long exposure” title!

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of written feelings and words with meaning

Summary: Recently, Dan’s become addicted to this writing blog. He’s so addicted to it in fact, that he might as well be in love with it. The writer seems to say exactly how it feels and he finds himself wishing he had someone who was so deeply in love with him to write for him like that. Little does he know that there is already someone doing that and he’s closer than he thought.

Phil, on the other hand, has his own feelings and secrets to keep.

Excerpt:  For he was more than happy to stand at the shore, watching the tide roll than to submerge himself into the water, get whisked away by the waves, and before he knew it, he’d be too lost to find his way back.

Words: 5k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst (??)

A/N: FOUR DAYS. THIS TOOK ME FOUR DAYS. Anyyas, this was a whole lot of fun to write and I guess this is my year-end gift as well as my HOLY SHIT GUYS THANKS FOR 1.4K YA’LL ARE AMAZING GIFT.

“his laugh was a work of magic
filling my lungs with fresh air
he brought colour to a life so tragic
and held a heart with utmost care

yet he was a hero who didn’t know he was one
a knight saving people he couldn’t see
i would gladly give him the sun
even if he wouldn’t know it was me

oh what a cruel god rules my life
i write for a man who doesn’t know
and despite it, i hold unto the knife
cause i’ve planted a seed that has grown

so, i sit back and watch him live
because many say we met through fate
and bit by bit my heart i give
although i won’t get it back, ‘till kingdom come i’ll wait”

Dan’s eyes were focused on the addicting blue of the screen (he could think of a blue that looked much better than that), scrolling mindlessly, occasionally breathing out through his nose as a desperate attempt of a laugh when he came across the poem. With text posts, he’d normally read it then just scroll on. However, this one managed to hold him captive, a whisper of his mind told him to pay it more attention.

And so he did.

The brunet clicked on the poem’s original poster. Immediately, he was greeted by a monochrome theme with the title Words Written with Feeling in Search of a Meaning and he must admit, it took a while for his sleep-deprived mind to understand it.

For hours, Dan read this writer’s words. From what he could gather, the writer was a man and most of what he’s written was so tragically beautiful. His way with words was astonishing. They made you feel as if you were the one who felt his emotions.

Granted, most of his writing was in first person but despite that, the way he described his thoughts danced on the line of vague and descriptive. It was symbolic. His words made you think of their meaning enough to get a grasp on the complications that were his feelings.

Besides, he found it ironic that the blog was monochrome for the words of the writer were so colourful. Iridescent hues lacing between the curves of every letter. Splashes of colour highlighting every word.

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                    i’ve had this blog for what    ╾╾    three to four days    ╾╾    and there’s already 100+ of you little  (    yet wonderful   )  shits following this blog ?    so many amazingly talented people ???    following my good    made to shitpost    motherly blog ???    aw hell to the no !    y’all gotta get outta here !!!    I’M KIDDING,    i’m kidding !    i love and appreciate every last one of you,    even if we may not speak ooc or have a thread going yet.    trust me,    it’s a scientifically proven fact.    but anyways,    enough of my rambling !    it’s time to    ╾╾    kick katsuki out of my god damn house    ╾╾    i mean,    roll out the red carpet !

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Hey, look. First Thranduil one-shot, inspired by Satisfied

It’s so… me. Learning how to swim with the assistance of some arm-floaties. 

This seems to be a… series in the making. I’m sort of into it. 

Also, it took me a long time to find an imagine that resembled the plot of this, so if it’s a little not like the imagine… that’s why. Loosely based on it, I suppose. Very loosely.

Word Count: 1794

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So, I normally don’t share much about my OCs but I have to give the BIGGEST SHOUT OUT TO @mormoc!!!

Who is the most incredible artist I have ever come to know and the sweetest bean ever!!! Not only is she an amazing artist (IF YOU COULDN’T TELL UP ABOVE), she listened to my ridiculous detail requests with flawlessness and with more creativity than I even have. 


Thank you SO SO MUCH MAY!! For all your incredible work and patience!! You have brought my babies to life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of at the time! ONE DAY I WILL DO MORE WITH THESE BABIES, I SWEAR!!!

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An Idea

Alexa Bliss/AJ Styles/OC- Alexa and reader want to get with AJ and he wants to get with them. One idea changed everything for them.

Warnings:I have no chill, light spanking, light hair pulling, this is a threesome, female on female

I don’t know who wants to be tagged in this because I don’t know which of y'all are freaky but I know someone who wants to be tagged @llowkeys

If you want to be tagged in future male/female/female things let me know.

“Pay attention to me.” Alexa dragged out her words as she twirled the straw of her drink around.

I was stuck looking at AJ who was across the room talking to Baron. As I saw the jeans he was wearing my mind traveled to a naughty place. As I heard Alexa’s plea I slowly turned towards her smiling, “Hey do you ever think about AJ?” I asked as I leaned closer to her. 

Alexa looked at me with a confused face, “We are on the same brand. So yeah I think about him when I have to.” Alexa grabbed her drink and looked towards AJ. When she saw the way his jeans fit him and how tight his shirt was around his arms, she gasped, “wait you don’t mean like “think about him” right?“ Alexa asked as she put air quotations around her words.

I smiled and looked down at the table, "I mean yeah. Do you ever think about him in a sexual way? Is that weird that I do?” I looked up at Alexa to see her holding back a laugh.

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Homecoming Feelings

Word Count: 2122

    A/N: this was requested by DezzyisFab. This was an adorable request and I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope it’s what you wanted!

Originally posted by feeltheweirdeness

    Homecoming was coming up, and the core five were buzzing with excitement. Well mostly all of them were, the one who wasn’t too excited was Jughead of course. Dances just weren’t Jugheads thing, a ton of sweaty, horny teenagers shoved into a gym with spiked punch and god awful dance moves, yeah no thanks. He would much rather spend his night in Pops and continue to write his novel like he did most nights.

    “So Y/N,” Veronica’s voice snapped Jughead out of his thoughts, and he turned his attention to the (y/h/c) girl sitting beside him. “Who are you going to the dance with?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at the girl, and the rest of the table listened in, including Jughead.

    “Oh, well um… no one. I don’t even think I’m going to go.” she said shyly, stirring her straw around in her milkshake.

    “Awe, why not? You sounded like you were excited just a few days ago.” Betty asked.

    “Well, I don’t exactly want to go without a date and I don’t have anyone to go with. I just might stay in that night, do some homework, read a-”

    “I’ll take you.” Jughead quickly said, and Y/N turned wide eyed and surprised to the boy sitting beside her.

    “You will?” she asked.

    “Yeah, you will?” Archie asked as well, also very surprised by the raven haired boys offer. Jughead looked around the table to find everyone staring at him, and he rolled his eyes.

    “Of course I will, why are you all so surprised?” he asked.

    “I just never took you for a person who liked dances.” Veronica said, sipping her milkshake.

    “I don’t, I hate them.” Jughead stated harshly. “But, if Y/N wants to go then I’ll suck it up for one night.” Y/N leaned her head on Jugheads shoulder and smiled up at him, causing him to tense up. Veronica and Betty looked at eachother and smirked knowingly at Jughead, and he avoided eye contact with them.

    “You’re the sweetest Juggie!” Y/N exclaimed. “But I don’t want to drag you there if you hate dances.”

    “It’s just one night, don’t worry about it.” Jughead assured her, and she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, and he turned crimson.

    “How’d I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” she gushed. Before he could answer Y/Ns phone then vibrated, and she picked it up at looked at her messages.

    “Oh fuck…” she mumbled, standing from the booth. “I uh- I gotta go. I just remembered I have a paper due by 11:59 tonight or its late and I can’t get anything below an 80% on this or I’ll most likely jump off a bridge.” she said, taking money out of her wallet and throwing it on the table.

    “What’s that for?” Archie asked as she put her wallet in her backpack.

    “My milkshake.” she answered, and Archie picked up the $5 and tried to hand it back.

    “No, take it. Tonight is my treat to everyone.” he said and she rolled her eyes.

    “Archie, you know I hate when people buy me things, I feel like I’m in their debt. Just take it please.” she begged and he rolled his eyes and set it back down. “Thank you! Okay I’ll catch up with you guys later!” she said, walking toward the door. “Much love!” she called, blowing a kiss to the table as she walked out the door.

    “So.” Veronica said, turning her attention back to Jughead who sat looking out the window, watching Y/N as she disappeared into the darkness outside. “You’re totally into her, aren’t you Juggie?” she asked, causing Jughead to turn his attention to her.

    “What? No, absolutely-”

    “Yeah, he is. He told me.” Archie laughed, and Jughead shot him a look.

    “What the hell man?”

    “I knew it!” Betty squealed. “You have to tell her.”

     "I don’t have to do anything except for live and die, everything else is an option.“ Jughead retorted and Veronica rolled her eyes.

    "Just tell her how you feel Jughead, she obviously feels the same!” Betty and Archie nodded their heads.

    “Tell her during the dance!” Betty exclaimed,and Veronica smiled big.

    “Yes! Do it!” she yelled. “It would be so cute, you two would be slow dancing, her arms wrapped around you neck and yours her waist-” Veronica started to ramble.

     "You looking lovingly down at her and she stared up at you!“ Betty added. "And at the end of the slow song, you can smile down at her and just tell her how you feel!” Jughead collected his things and rolled his eyes.

    “I’m leaving.” he said, and the girls just sighed. Jughead stood up from his seat and started for the door.

    “If you don’t tell her, we will!” Archie called and Jughead turned around.

    “Like hell you will Arch, just remember, me and you share a room and I know where the shavers are.” Archie ran his hand through his hair worryingly, and the girls giggled.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t actually shave your head.” Betty said.

    “God I hope not, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from you two.” Archie teased. Veronica took a sip from her milkshake and smiled.

     "Damn straight.“ she said.

                                 • • •

    "Y/N! Come down here, we want to see how you look!” Veronica called, sitting with her mother, Betty, Kevin, and Archie.

    “Coming!” she yelled. Y/N rounded the corner and came down the steps. There she was in a simple but beautiful strapless emerald green dress that was tight and glittery up top but fanned out around her waist and ended a little below mid thigh. Her makeup was simple except for her signature cat eye, and her hair was done nicely as well.

    “Oh my god.” Betty whispered as she made her way down the steps.

    “Oh my god is right, Y/N you look amazing!” Veronica yelled, making her way to the (y/h/c) girl. Y/N smiled and blushed.

    “Awe thank you, but not nearly as beautiful as you and Betty.” she gushed.

    “You are seriously slaying me right now!” Kevin said, walking over to her and examining her dress. “Green is most definitely your colour!”

    “Jughead definitely got lucky with you as his date tonight.” Archie said, walking over to Y/N. “just wait until he gets a look at you!”

    “You guys are actually the sweetest!” she blushed, giving them all hugs.

    “Are you guys ready to go?” Hermione asked, and they all nodded their heads.

    “I believe so.” Veronica said. “I love you mom, I’ll see you soon.” She called as they all walked to the door. They all jumped into Archie’s car and drove to the school. The car was filled to the brim and electric with excitement.

    “Jughead said he’d meet us at the entrance of the school.” Betty said, turning off her phone and putting it in her purse. Archie parked the car and they all filed out.

    “Look how pretty her dress sparkles!” Kevin said, and Veronica grabbed his arm and rolled her eyes.

    “I’m your date Kev, spend some time gushing over me.” she laughed.

    “Veronica, you look absolutely stunning as always, my love.” Kevin said and Veronica smiled big.

    “Thank you.” Y/N noticed Jughead standing by the entrance, staring down at his phone. He was in a suit, which she had no idea he even owned and his grey beanie still adorned his head. Butterflies filled her stomach all the sudden, and she continued to walk towards him nervously.

    “Jughead!” Betty yelled.

    “Look at your hot ass date!” Kevin yelled as well, and Jughead looked up at Y/N. He froze in place as she walked up to him, and he swallowed hard.

    “Well aren’t you going to say something?” Veronica asked, and Jughead shook from his trance.

    “I-uh. I mean, you look absolutely beautiful Y/N.” he stammered and she looked at the ground, trying to hide her deep crimson blush.

    “Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself.” she smiled, and it was Jugheads turn to blush.

    “Yeah okay, you guys are hot and all that. Now let’s go inside!” Veronica said, pulling Kevin towards the door. Archie took Betty’s arm, and Jughead held his hand out for Y/N, and she took it. They all made their way to the gym and slowly separated, Kevin and Veronica going straight for the punch, Archie and Betty going right to the dance floor, and Y/N and Jughead towards the side of the gym.

    “Thank you for being my date.” Y/N said and Jughead smiled.

    “It was no problem, honestly.”

    “But you don’t like dances usually, so I don’t want to force you into something you don’t like.” she said.

    “Really, don’t worry about it. I’m actually having fun.” He assured her, and she nodded.

    “Well good.” she smiled. They sat there for awhile, talking and laughing, completely unaware that they were being watched by the rest of the crew.

    “Do you think he’s told her yet?” Veronica asked.

    “No, I don’t think so. They aren’t acting any different.” Archie said.

    “What do you mean?” Betty asked.

    “He isn’t overly happy like one would be if they found out their crush liked them back, and he isn’t completely crushed like one would be if they didn’t.”

    “Makes sense.” Kevin nodded his head, taking a sip of his punch.

    “Well he better tell her soon, the dance is going to be over in an hour.” Betty sighed, watching as Y/N laughed hard at something Jughead said.

    “He’s not that funny, she definitely likes him.” Veronica said, rolling her eyes and earning a laugh from Kevin.

    “Well those two have the same sarcastic, dry sense of humor, so whatever he said was probably funny to her.” Archie commented, and Betty nodded. Just then, a slow dance came on throughout the gym, and they watched as Jughead held his hand out to Y/N.

    “Oh my god, he just asked her to dance!” Betty said excitedly.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled. The four of them got into their pairs and started dancing, and watched as Jughead and Y/N awkwardly started to as well.

    “Hey Y/N, you’re looking good!” Reggie yelled, and everyone’s attention turned to her and Jughead. “When you want to dance with a real man, you’re always welcome to come dance with me.”

    “Don’t worry about him, Juggie.” Y/N whispered, looking up at him. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed.

    “He’s probably right, you’d have more fun with him anyways.” he said.

    “Absolutely not!” Y/N said. “There is no one I’d rather be here with.” She smiled up at him, and he smiled back down at her.

    “Y/N, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Jughead said, the words spilling from his mouth before he even had a chance to realize what he was saying.

    “What’s up?” she asked. Jughead took a deep breath, deciding it was now or never.

    “I really like you Y/N, more than a best friend.” he said, looking down at her. He carefully read her facial expressions, and watched as a smile grew on her face and her eyes lit up.

    “I really like you too, Juggie.”

    “You do?” he asked, very surprised.

    “Of course!” she nodded and laughed.

    “Well that’s a relief, I was worried I was going to lose you.” Jughead sighed, and she giggled.

    “You could never lose me, I’m here to stay.” she smiled up at him. Jughead smiled down at her as well, and he slowly leaned down. Y/N met his lips, and smiled in the kiss.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled, walking up to the two of them. They quickly pulled apart and blushed furiously. “You two were killing us, honestly. We were worried because we thought Jughead wasn’t going to tell you tonight.”

     "Well I’m happy he did.“ Y/N said, smiling.

    "Trust me, we all are. By the way, we were all invited to Cheryl’s place after the dance and we are all going, so be ready.” Veronica said, making her way back to Kevin.

    “I don’t think we have a choice on whether we get to go or not,” Y/N joked and Jughead nodded his head.

    “I think you’re right.”

    “ well maybe we’ll have fun.” Y/ said, trying her best to be optimistic about it.

    “As long as you’re there, I’ll have fun.” Jughead said and Y/N giggled.

    “So cheesy, but cute.” she said.

    “Yeah, but you know you like it.” Jughead said, grabbing her hands. Again they started to dance, enjoying the rest of their night.

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Holland Manor- Tom Holland One Shot (Hogwarts AU)

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: (Requested by anonymous) Hi! I LIVE FOR YOUR TOM HOLLAND (HARRY POTTER) IMAGINES. They are the best! Can I request one? Like reader and Tom are both purebloods, so their parents decide to engage them, reader (Ravenclaw) likes Tom (Griffyndor) , but he doesn’t cause she isn’t very curvy. And he makes fun of her name because she’s called Raven and the house has quite the same name. But they end up together in the end. Hope this made sense. YOU ARE AMAZING THANK YOU

Word Count: 5100 (longest one as of now)

A/N: This actually loosely followed that request, so I’m sorry. I got really into this and drew inspiration from all sorts of things. I hope this works and I hope this doesn’t make anyone set their standards for me super high (b/c it’s super long).

WARNINGS: SELF-IMAGE ISSUES (brief discussions of the reader having self-image issues). Don’t listen to the Prince’s Tale from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or you’re gonna cry because I almost did as I wrote this (the climax is very emotional).

*Unedited and formatting will most likely be off (posted via computer, not phone)

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Chance and Choice (Part 2 of 10)

Summary: Reader has just about given up on love. A gag trip to a psychic reveals the supposed name of her soulmate. Will she ever find him?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha x Steve, Wanda x Vision

Word Count: 1,157 (got carried away)

Warnings: psychic shenanigans, language

A/N: This is a drabble series I’m trying out. It’s my second thing ever posted.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

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Summary: You and Credence celebrate your one year anniversary and decide you are ready to be intimate for the first time. Fluff ensues.

COMBINED these requests:

  1. Can you do a credence smut where it’s his and the readers anniversary and he finally wants to be intimate with her?
  2. Can you do a credence smut where it’s both of their first times, and they don’t know what to do but they figure it out and it’s really sweet? 
  3. Hi! Can I request a fem!reader smut where it’s both of their first times (ever, not just w/each other) & Credence is ready, but super nervous & she’s calming him down like, its okay, neither of us really know what we’re doing… & they’re both in love & blushy & curious etc…
  4. Could you maybe do an imagine where the reader and Credence have been together a while and he proposes? Thank you!😚

Warnings: Unprotected sex, mentions of scars

Word Count: 2,054

It had been a year—a year of smiles, of laughter, of bad nights, of comfort—all spent with Credence. You hadn’t always been sure you two would make it here, not for lack of love and care, but because neither of you had ever really had romantic relationships before, which led to you both spending many nights figuring things out together. It was a slow process of learning how to trust and what you each were comfortable with, and really, you two were the better for it. The level of communication you had established brought you to this night, exactly a year after deciding to give life a shot together, finally coming home from a night out to a peaceful dinner.

Credence’s hands seemed shakier than normal as he turned the key to open the apartment you shared with him and led you inside, gripping your hand something fierce. You followed him wordlessly because you knew that this kind of behavior generally meant he wanted to talk to you about something, so you kept quiet as you sat close to him on the couch, still holding his hand gently. You took the time to observe him while he looked to the floor, brows furrowed, and couldn’t help the swell of pride in your chest as you noticed how he had corrected his posture over the year and no longer hunched in on himself. He let himself take up the appropriate amount of space, and before, he would have been afraid of the silence stretching between you; now, he let it, taking time to figure out how to say what he wanted. You couldn’t believe the difference a year could make, and it had been all Credence—you had simply held his hand while he rebuilt himself into the compassionate, strong young man who had now turned completely to face you on the couch. “I want to…be intimate with you. I feel like I’m ready, but I…want to know if you’re ready.”

His soft voice took you by surprise, and you felt yourself blush deeply at the implication—well, the direct suggestion. Since neither of you had had romantic relationships before, neither of you had had the opportunity to have sex with anyone else either, so this was a conversation you had had with Credence many times. It had never felt like the right time, and neither of you had felt completely ready; but now, here, sitting next to him and holding his hands in yours on your one year anniversary… You had to admit that you shared Credence’s feelings—of readiness and of general desire. You felt heat already growing between your legs and twisted them together against the thought. “I…think I’m ready too. I just worry that—that I won’t really know what to do.” Your blush deepened at your admission.

Credence smiled softly back at you before squeezing your hands firmly. “I don’t really know what to do either, Y/N. This is just…something else we’ll figure out together. Like everything else before.”

You looked directly at him then, the slight pink of his cheeks at his own words and the way his eyes lit up as they looked at you, and you knew it would be okay. You trusted him, and you just knew it would be okay. So you leaned forward and pressed your mouth to his like you had done hundreds of times before. Credence’s hand went straight to your face, brushing his thumb across your cheekbone, and you could feel the familiar bumps of his scars against your skin. You moved closer to him and allowed the kiss to deepen, shuddering against the feeling of his tongue against yours as if you’d never kissed him like this before—and honestly, you hadn’t. No other kiss had meant what this one did.

Eventually, Credence began to pepper soft kisses along your jaw and the down your neck, and you couldn’t help a breathy moan at the feeling of his lips dragging against sensitive skin. “Is this okay?” His soft breath against your bare shoulder sent a shiver down your spine as you nodded enthusiastically, blushing in embarrassment when one of your hands involuntarily went to his hair, tangling your fingers there, probably harsher than you normally would have. He continued to kiss gentle paths across your skin though, not calling attention to your movements, so you relaxed again as he gently pulled your dress over your head. Again, you could feel your blush, but this time, you knew it was extending down your shoulders and across your chest. It’s not like he had never seen you before—you did live together and change in the same room—but this was an entirely new situation (in the best way), and you couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious. You hadn’t really thought your body was something to be desired, but the way he was looking at you now had you smiling bashfully back at the awe filling his eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

And no one but Credence could make words sound like truth—so you laid down gently against the couch, feeling every bit as beautiful as his eyes seemed to convey you were. You reached shaky hands out to unbutton his shirt, and then to remove his pants, and all he could do was watch you—the way your fingers moved and the concentration on your face and the adoration in your eyes when you looked up to him. So when you finished, it was all he could do not to pounce on top of you to kiss you again. Instead, he pressed himself carefully between your thighs to lie gently on top of you, kissing your forehead and your nose and then your mouth, letting the familiar slide of lips enrapture him again. He was fighting the instinctive shame as he felt his erection grow and press, unavoidably present, between your bodies, and as you pulled away to whisper “It’s okay” before kissing him again, he suddenly realized that this was you and that it was okay, that you wanted this as much as he did.

You continued like that for a while—kissing and exploring each other’s bodies—before you couldn’t help the shift of your hips across his erection, causing you to groan and him to press his hips forward more firmly against yours and moan as he pressed his forehead into your shoulder. He gasped in surprise as the moment passed, pulling instantly away from you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I…”

At the familiar panic touching his soft voice, you simply pressed your lips to his temple and said, “Credence, it’s okay… I’m still ready for this. You didn’t upset me.” Credence looked skeptical, so you took the moment to remove your undergarments and straddle him on the couch. You weren’t sure what to do from there, but you wanted him to know that you still wanted this—to be close to him, and that you just wanted him in general. He was looking up at you through long, dark eyelashes, lips slightly parted and cheeks pink, as he brought his hands to grip your hips. “You can…touch me too, Credence.”

He smiled softly when he noticed the color rising in your cheeks again and suddenly felt much more grounded knowing that you were as unsure—but also as ready—as him. So he kissed your throat and trailed a path to your breasts, causing a shaky breath to push its way past your lips, and eventually he let his hips roll the way he wanted them to up against your center, which caused you to let out low, long moans as you pressed your forehead against his and began to pant as you moved your hips sloppily back against his. It was unpracticed and new and felt absolutely amazing. “This is okay?” Credence’s soft voice sounded strained, and you had to fight an embarrassing moan as you nodded softly, continuing to roll your hips against his.

You didn’t know how to ask how to move this along, but you knew you had to—heat was building in your stomach at an alarming rate, and you weren’t sure how long you’d last, so you hooked a finger under the elastic of his underwear and looked into his eyes, a silent question between the two of you. He nodded slightly, unwilling to speak and break the moment, as he gently pushed you onto your back on the couch and stood to remove his last article of clothing. He stood in front of you, blush spreading across his shoulders and moving his hands to cover himself before you pulled his hands away gently. “Beautiful. You’re so beautiful, Credence. Please, come here, come to me, please.” You couldn’t help the haphazard way your words were stringing together because, in that moment, all you could think about was how much you wanted him.

And it didn’t seem to bother him either as he grinned joyously down at you—a rare grin indeed—before sliding between your legs again, causing you to moan at the sensation of him rubbing against where you wanted him most. It didn’t take much for him to slide inside of you, and even less still to get you both to your climax. Neither of you had known such pleasure in so explicit a way, so the new sensations only took a few moments—he pressed back into you a few times as you rolled your hips experimentally, and both of you seemed to falter simultaneously before you each came, curling around one another and gripping fiercely to the other as you did so. You would have been embarrassed, and so would he, but the intimacy and pleasure had been as overwhelming as it had been mutual—so you both inherently knew that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

So you two just laid there on the couch, where you had shifted to lie on top of him, for a while before you could feel how thirsty you were. You looked up to him and asked, “Are you thirsty? I’m going to get some water.” Maybe, you felt, you should have said something about what you had finally done with him, but you also felt that it may somehow detract from it—from how normal and right it had all felt. So you admired his soft smile silently and got up at his nod to get water for the both of you.

As you reached the refrigerator, however, you heard Credence say something, too softly for you to hear from that distance. You looked up, holding the two bottles in your hand, and saw Credence, kneeling on the couch and leaning over the back of it to look at you with so much adoration you were nearly knocked off your feet. You smiled back at him and leaned on the door of the refrigerator absentmindedly before asking, “Did you say something, Credence?”

He perked up a little, straightening his back, and, with nervousness written all over his face, offered again: “Marry me.”

At that, your mouth felt impossibly dryer as it dropped open. “W-What?” You didn’t mean to sound incredulous, but you and Credence talked about everything; and you definitely hadn’t talked about this. To say you were caught off-guard was a total understatement. But you also felt excitement blooming fiercely in your chest.

“I…don’t have a ring right now. I hadn’t meant… It just… I love you, and I…never want to stop loving you. So this makes sense to me. If it makes sense to you, I want to get married.”

You dropped the water bottles as you strode quickly to him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders over the top of the couch and ignoring how sticky your bodies still were from sweat, and exclaimed, “Yes! Of course that makes sense to me, I love you!”

You could feel Credence’s answering smile against your skin as he wrapped his arms firmly around you and buried his face into the crook of your neck. Standing there, in that moment, engaged and completely happy, felt like your entire life had led up to it, like you and Credence had been inevitable from the start of everything.

And it all only made sense.


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Our First and Last (Ch. 3)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 |

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 4,112
  • Description: “The next time he is born and ages up, and you are old and start aging down, it will have been like the glitch never happened as the cycle starts anew, and the thread of time realigns.” Namjoon’s voice is steady and even. He seems to be reading an important passage from the book in front of him as he answers your question. “You’ll forget meeting him in the Yin dimension and he’ll forget meeting you in the Yang dimension, meaning both of you will lose all the traces of the memories you had of each other.”

“He’s a genius”

“I heard he’s the one who uncovered most of the information we know about dimensional universes.”

“He published an book on space-time when he was 23 and got tenured as a professor in the university’s theoretical physics department at age 25.”

“That’s crazy!”

“I also heard he’s still single”

“Gross, you know students can’t…”

You stop listening once the girls began talking about things you weren’t really interested in. You were sitting on a bench by the fountain at your college campus, when you overheard some girls talking about the most famous professor at your university. Could this be the guy Jungkook was talking about? You think to yourself, as you pretend to flip through the pages of your textbook while eavesdropping.

The endless search for this so-called “guy who will tell you everything you need to know” has continued in vain since Jungkook had brought it up the day before he left. It’s been months and you had no luck in this quest to find answers. That is, until now.

You quickly run to the university’s information desk and look up this so-called genius professor in the university staff catalog.

Professor Kim Namjoon

Theoretical Physics Department

Building W-52 Room #701

Office Hours: 6am-6pm

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A Night of Bliss and Beauty (A Lysaedion Oneshot)

Lysandra was terrified.

Not of the idea of giving birth; no, she’d been through much worse. Nor of the idea of becoming a mother. She already loved the child fiercely and has waited anxiously for its arrival since the day she found out she was pregnant. But, Lysandra has seen the horrors of this world in the form of her mother, Arobynn Hamel, and Madame Clarrisse. In the form of every man, every monster, that has ever killed someone she has cared for. In the form of the former King of Adarlan, who had once banished magic from her homeland. Who had trapped her in a body that came from others, overpowering the memory of the one she was born with.

“I hope the baby looks like you,” she mentioned to Aedion the night before.

He hovered over her, trailing kisses from her forehead, to her lips, to her throat, her chest, her stomach. He paused then, resting his forehead against her abdomen. The baby kicked, forcing a laugh from its mother and a grunt of approval from its father.

“I think she’s telling you to move,” Lysandra grinned, raking her fingers through the golden hair of her husband. “She likes her space.”

He propped himself up on his elbows. “She?”

Lysandra shrugged. “A mother knows.”

“Well,” Aedion began, “I hope she looks like my beautiful wife.”

His beautiful wife frowned, a crease forming between her eyebrows. Lysandra was afraid of just that. She couldn’t remember the color of her eyes. She couldn’t remember the color of her hair, or if she had freckles. She couldn’t remember the natural structure of her face, her shoulders, her legs. She remembered being plain. She remembered not being good enough. She remembered piecing together the perfect appearance, one that would gain attention from those who sold the goods she needed to survive. One that would catch the attention of the king of the Assassins.

She wasn’t afraid she would not find the child beautiful- she would think the child beautiful no matter how it looked, and would strive to make that known to the child. She would never want it to feel as she did- plain, not good enough, less. But, she feared her child would look like her, and she was afraid all she would see is a small, fragile stranger.

Or worse, she was afraid she’d see her mother. She was afraid she’d remember all too much.  

Aedion didn’t notice her discomfort. His focus was elsewhere, singing lullabies to their unborn miracle.

She pictured the baby often, with golden hair and turquoise eyes ringed with gold. With Aedion’s smile, the same smile that caused her knees to go weak and her heart to break free from its chamber.

The smile that made her fall in love, and that scared away the terror she had of being in love, and being loved in return.

She prayed to whichever gods were listening that the baby looked like him.

Now, one night later, she lies in the bed she shares with her husband every night, holding the hand of the Queen of Terrasen.

The sun had sunk behind the hills of Terrasen, and the moon and the stars are all that offer the land any light. Inside, the fire is blazing in the fireplace on the far wall and candles are lit by the bedside.

Lysandra lies propped against a series of pillows, drenched in sweat, a cold rag resting on her forehead, hoping this will all be over soon.

“How’s he doing?” Lysandra asks her Queen, breathless from the toll of labor.

“He’s anxious,” Aelin Galathynius grins. “He’s still just outside the door. Waiting, somewhat patiently. He doesn’t want to risk missing it. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” she answers, plainly. “But I told him to- oh!”

Another contraction occurs, forcing a cry from the mother. The midwife hurries over, lifting Lysandra'a gown to see if progress has been made. She feels as if she’s been doing this for hours. For days, even.

“Lady Lysandra,” the midwife smiles. “It’s time. If you want your hus-“

As if he’s been listening the whole time, which she’s sure he has, Aedion storms through the door, rushing to his wife’s side. "What can I do? Tell me what I need to do. What can I do?”

“Staying calm would be helpful,” Aelin mutters, walking around the side of the bed to her friend’s other side.

Aedion narrows his eyes at his cousin. “I am calm. I’m calm.”

“Hold my hand,” Lysandra breathes, nervously, halting the bickering that rarely seems to ease between the two of them. “Both of you.”

Then, with the love of her life on one side and the woman who was once an enemy on the other, a child is brought into the world and a mother is born.

For a moment, everything seems to move in slow motion. The midwife, who was just seconds ago empty handed, holds up a miracle, smaller than Lysandra imagined. She worries she’ll break it. She worries it won’t respond well to her. Do children naturally hate their parents? Oh, gods.

It cries, and the midwife says not to worry, that only means she’s healthy.


Aedion kisses his wife’s forehead, tears silently rolling down his cheeks and into her hair. Tears of joy. Pure, utter joy.

Aelin assists the midwife, setting her apart from most queens and reminding Lysandra why she loves her so much. The queen picks up a bucket of warm water and a washrag, cleansing the baby as the midwife holds the newborn over a small tub.

Aelin glances at the door, and Rowan strolls in with a small, ivory blanket, and hands it to Aedion, who swaddles the baby and cradles her, gently, in his arms. She stops crying, instantly, as her father carries her over to the bed. He sits, and for a moment, Lysandra doesn’t look.

“She’s beautiful,” Aedion whispers.

Lysandra looks to her husband, whose turquoise eyes hold awe and amazement and joy and beauty.

Then, she looks to the small bundle in his arms and everything is forgotten in an instant. Aedion hands the baby to his wife, resting his forehead against hers as the new mother takes in her firstborn.

She does not see Aedion. She doesn’t see his eyes, or his golden hair, or his tanned skin tone. She doesn’t see the shape of his lips or his chin, or how his nose tilts upward, ever so slightly.

Her breathing halts as she sees the hazel eyes, and the light, brown, fuzzy hair that has just been washed. The baby’s skin is lighter than both hers and Aedion’s, porcelain and soft beneath her touch. She sees, for only a second, in her mind, the little girl she used to be.

She remembers.

“She looks like me,” she cries, softly, uncontrollably.

Lysandra breathes in her daughter, who does not look like a stranger at all, but like everything she has gained in this life that begun so poorly. She looks like hope, courage, strength, integrity. She looks like the love she found in her husband, a love she never thought she could have. She looks radiant, like her Queen, her friend, her sister. She thinks of Evangeline and wishes the girl she loved so dearly were here to see this.

“She is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” Aedion says, gazing into the eyes of his wife.

Lysandra looks to Aelin, who is shedding tears of her own, leaning into the chest of her king. “What’s her name?”

“Lillian,” she smiles. “Lillian Evangeline Ashryver.”