cause i love this quote

  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.

All you’ve been talking about since Jace arrived was becoming parabatai.


The power in my hand was gained for her sake.


Miles: “I really wanted to be a frontman at that time [with The Rascals]. I hadn’t been a frontman. I had a hard-on for that.”

Alex: “Still have.”

Wow!!! We hit 11k today! Thank you all so much! We’re all super appreciative. I honestly never even considered 10k. I told my roomies, who are now the two other mods, that I’d upload a video of me playing History Maker on guitar if I ever achieved 10k. That’s how impossible it seemed to me, back in October when we got our first thousand.

You guys are all so amazing. I still can’t believe some of you guys have made art related to this silly blog. You’re all just so lovely and talented. I love Yuri on Ice so much and I’m so happy to be able to share that love with all of you.

I’ll spare you my bad guitar playing, but if we get 15k, I’m considering a Yuri on Ice tattoo…

Lots of love and yummy katsudon!
Mod Star

Dear friend who always has to ask:

No, I’m not in love with anyone and No, I’m not dating anyone.

Just to be clear: I wrote that love quote as my status  ‘cause I’m fangirling over my OTP.


i’m not sure what love is, but i think it’s hearing her say, “you’re an asshole,” while her smile betrays the words that just came out of her mouth. it’s getting a facetime call at eight in the morning so she can show you her outfit, because she thinks she looks really cute that day. i think love is blurting out exactly how you feel about her when she asks you why you’re looking at her “like that.” it’s unplanned and sloppy, the exact opposite of how you wanted it to happen; but the smile on her face tells you that it was perfect in its own way. love is being afraid to let her know about certain parts of yourself, but telling her anyways. it’s making breakfast with her in the morning, dancing with her despite your two left feet, and passionately singing the wrong lyrics just to hear her laugh.i’m not sure what love is, but it just might be magic.