cause i love this quote


“When you lose sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart.”

Happy Birthday, Hope! @kamuisyato

I wonder if I’m ever on your mind, cause I can’t seem to get you off mine.
—  Tenari Ioapo

Dear friend who always has to ask:

No, I’m not in love with anyone and No, I’m not dating anyone.

Just to be clear: I wrote that love quote as my status  ‘cause I’m fangirling over my OTP.

anonymous asked:

I cannot believe. You made me love a duck. Goose. Whatever the heck Gladstone is. ;v; Just saw your comic and looked up a bunch of stuff and I never even liked the Ducks before this fml-

well that’s a victory if ever there was one, more love for ducks is only ever a good thing!

  • Victor: happy birthday, lyubov moya!
  • Yuuri: oh, you found out?
  • Victor: Phichit texted me last night because he had the feeling you'd conveniently forget to mention it...
  • Yuuri: I didn't want you to think you had to do anything special, you already do so much for me...
  • Victor: well, since I didn't have time to go shopping, I made you a present instead.
  • Yuuri: ... what are these?
  • Victor: favors! Whenever you want me to kiss you or something, you just give me the slip that says-
  • Yuuri: *grabs Victor by the collar* you think I need an "I owe you"? If I want a kiss, I'll take it.
  • Victor: ... please do.